Tower alters premiums

Tower Health & Life has lowered the majority of its Stand Alone Trauma and Permanent Disability premiums as part of a drive to provide affordable living insurance to New Zealanders. Premiums for some ages and sums insured have decreased by more than 50%.

Friday, August 3rd 2007, 2:14PM
Steve Boomert, TOWER Health & Life Chief Executive said, "Survival after a serious illness or injury is becoming more common and the financial burden can linger long after the event. We are determined to assist New Zealanders through these difficult periods and make living insurance more affordable. Both new and existing Life and Business 360 customers will benefit from the changes."

In addition TOWER has announced enhancements to their Business 360 Key Person cover. Partial disability cover has been introduced to assist key employees to return to work and the maximum cover has been increased to 150% of salary. These improvements mean that the policy remains an important cover for key employees in small businesses.

Boomert said, "We're delighted to be able to introduce these enhancements which ensure TOWER continues to be at the market forefront with competitive offerings."

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