Book explains tax changes

ABN Amro Craigs chief investment office Cameron Watson has produced a book outlining what all the recent tax changes mean for investors.

Wednesday, October 31st 2007, 6:37AM
He says there has been "a swath of tax changes in the investment area such as the much-debated Fair Dividend Rate (FDR) regime, as well as Kiwisaver and the new rules for managed funds under the Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) regime."

His 54-page book, investment TAX FACTS, helps readers come to grips with all of these changes.

The book has 11 chapters and along with sections on the new rules - FDR, PIE and Kiwisaver – there are also chapters on fixed income, local shares, property and a number of other investment topics.

"The wording is general and the emphasis is on explaining how the tax rules work in practice, rather than on providing a dissertation on the intricacies of tax legislation. Jargon and technical detail has been kept to a minimum," Watson says.

"It is aimed at personal investors," he says. "(We make) no apology for prioritising clarity ahead of exactness.

At the end of each section are some investment comments that provide a view on the key investment issues investors should consider under each topic.

"The four keys to successfully achieving long-term investment objectives are prudent diversification, investing in high quality investments, minimising fees and investing in a tax efficient manner," Watson says. "Tax is therefore an important issue for investors."

ABN AMRO Craigs chief executive Frank Aldridge says "tax is such a pervasive issue for investors that we believe it is appropriate for firms like ours that provide investment advice to be able to provide general information to investors about tax. We believe investment advisory firms have an important role in education and in providing guidance and information for personal investors that is straightforward and helps build understanding of markets and the investment process."

To buy a copy of the book ($29.95), or buy copies for your clients, please email your details here
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