ASSET - Doing the distribution reshuffle

The financial advisory industry is moving to a faster beat this year with the number of takeovers and JVs accelerating. David Chaplin finds out what's behind the latest dance craze.

Monday, June 9th 2008, 4:22PM
There are several features in ASSET this month, including the ability for advisers to earn CPD credits. To do this all you have to do is read the selected articles and then answer a set of questions online at

Features this month include:

Special Report: Responsible investing gains new momentum
There's a new name for investing responsibly and it seems there's also a new wave of interest in these sorts of funds. The term ethical investing, or socially responsible investing (SRI), appears to be declining and is being replaced with a simpler, less loaded term - responsible investing (RI).

Profile: How Newpark leapt off the scale
Newpark Financial Services is a big player in the insurance distribution game. The network's founder, Darren Gannon, tells David Chaplin how he made the team of advisers a force to be reckoned with.

Insurance: Conference confirms the LBA way
More than half the 150-odd members of the Life Brokers Association (LBA) turned up in Nelson last month for the group's annual conference for the usual dose of professional upgrades, challenging thoughts and intense networking.

MFS Moratorium: Put up or shut up
Last month investors in the barely-breathing company formerly known as MFS Pacific Finance voted to put it on life support - hoping for a miracle recovery rather than a relatively painless, quick death. David Chaplin studies the case notes.

Practice Management
ASSET has a strong practice management section with articles designed to help advisers grow their businesses.

This month we have:
How to stay in control with advice in the driver's seat
Rotorua-based firm RMS Software is pushing needs analysis to the maximum with its latest offering.

Don't be a Possum - Why advisers should get on (or off) the road
These are undoubtedly tough times for financial advisers up and down NZ but, according to Mike Moore, it is also and era of opportunity and growth for those committed to the long-haul.

ASSET brings you some great columnists each month. PAA chief executive Dave McMillan always has interesting ideas for advisers; economist Donal Curtin puts the mundane economic matters into words everyone understands; AMP's Anthony Edmonds delves into the tax files, and Russell Hutchinson provides an insight into issues impacting on advisers' businesses.

Our book review this month is
A Bull in China by Jim Rogers $40.95

ASSET also contains the latest fund performance data from FundSource.

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