AMP Capital rearranges investment team

AMP Capital Investors (AMPCI) head of investment strategy Jason Wong has had his role disestablished and investment analyst Lydia Hwang will relocate to Sydney as the company restructures its Multi Asset Group model.

Thursday, September 9th 2010, 2:14AM

by Jenha White

David Kiddie, head of AMPCI's Multi Asset Group based in Sydney has made a change to centralise his team in Sydney.  

AMPCI communications manager Sue Ryan says Wong's role was seen to be duplicated in Sydney so the decision was made to disestablish the New Zealand based one.

She says the structural changes in the New Zealand business are part of ongoing reorganisation to create efficiencies while making extensive use of the wealth of experience and expertise in AMP Capital's wider Multi Asset Group.

"David has made it very clear that as the head of the Multi Asset Group he is extremely focused on efficiently delivering performance from the funds he is responsible for and is moving to this centralised model for this very reason."

Ryan says the investment process remains unchanged and the key differences are the location and people delivering the process.

"The team Kiddie leads will work together in the Sydney office sharing insights and working in a focused fashion to deliver performance to our business."

Ryan says this model is entirely consistent with the AMPCI approach to its global business.

Wong finishes at the end of the month and says he does not have any plans but he is looking forward to playing more tennis and golf.

Hwhang will move to join the Sydney Multi Asset Group later this month.

Jenha is a TPL staff reporter.

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