Fundraising for Christchurch Mortgage Advisers

The NZ Mortgage Brokers Association along with some industry participants have joined forces to raise funds to help brokers in Christchurch.

Wednesday, April 6th 2011, 2:57PM

The NZMBA recently announced initiatives (including the waver of 2011 annual membership subscriptions) to assist Mortgage Brokers in Canterbury adversely affected by the earthquake. Jim Fitchett (ANZ/National Bank) and Geoff Bawden (Prosper Group) announced today that they are joining forces with the NZMBA to provide a combined Industry initiative, with the aim of raising up to $180,000 over the next two months. Funds raised will be distributed, upon application, to those in need.

A simple qualifying criteria is in the process of being developed but essentially it is expected that those applying for assistance will be existing NZMBA members or will successfully apply for NZMBA membership before 31st May. They will also need to be registered with the Companies Office as a Financial Services Provider and will demonstrate that prior to the quake their primary source of income was derived from Mortgage Broking.

In announcing this initiative it is understood that there are a number of fundraising initiatives of a general nature in place already. This initiative however is specifically for Mortgage Brokers' whose ability to generate income in the coming months is likely to be severely tested. It is hoped that assistance provided can be by way of a supplementary income lasting several weeks.

Geoff Bawden and Jim Fitchett have agreed to be the joint trustees along with NZMBA board member Brian Greer for this initiative and will administer proceedings. A bank account to receive funds pledged or donated has been set up with National Bank and a website is being used to collect donations and advise the levels of money raised.   The website is

There are a number of ways you can help. Firstly we are asking Mortgage Brokers to pledge the sum of $100 per month for the next three months. If 300 mortgage brokers make this pledge that would raise $90,000.

The trustees and the NZMBA will also be making a formal approach to interested Business partners with a view to raising further lump sum contributions. We believe that this, together with an NZMBA contribution could raise a further substantial amount.

Finally, an approach will be made to other high profile Mortgage Brokers' who will be asked to initiate / co ordinate other fund raising initiatives in their local communities.

It is hoped that the Trustees will be in a position to commence distributing funds early July.

If you would like to assist with this Industry initiative you can in the first instance contact any of the following:

Jim Fitchett Mobile: 021 895 125;Email:

Geoff Bawden; Mobile: 021 837 003; Email

Darren Pratley; Mobile: 021 740 040; Email:

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