New advisers at Mortgage Link

National mortgage advisory group Mortgage Link has announced two new advisers have joined existing businesses in Otago and in the Wairarapa.

Monday, May 16th 2011, 2:53PM

Beth Aporo has joined Mortgage Link Wairarapa, based in Masterton, and Penelope Jagger has joined Mortgage Link Otago.

Both are completing the Mortgage Link accreditation process and are registered as RFAs.

Mortgage Link chief executive Rod Templeton said, "Our license structure is all about our business owners planning and expanding - the new appointments in Masterton and Dunedin reflect this and we congratulate our business owners for the investments they are making."

The company is working on new strategies for its business owners in the wake of challenges and opportunities arising from the current environment, including the new regulatory regime.

"Our National Conference in Queenstown in May is an important date in our calendar," said Templeton.

"This year we are excited about our new initiatives for meeting our clients insurance needs and also increasing all our advisers competency standards. It is also a great time to be welcoming the new members to the Mortgage Link teams."

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