Partners Life takes out Us Advice

New life insurance company Partners Life has acquired advisory firm Us Advice to help ensure the company keeps up its business levels.

Thursday, September 1st 2011, 7:03AM 2 Comments

Both companies were formed by Naomi Ballantyne, however she withdrew from Us Advice when Partners Life was established and that business is now run by her brother.

Ballantyne says she is very pleased with the support Partners Life has received since it launched  and current business volumes continue to grow at a rapid pace.

"Sustaining growth over the long term will require further strategic initiatives. "

She says Us Advice was an early and significant supporter of Partners Life because its life products products rank highest on their independent research.

While Us Advice has always acted completely impartially of product providers, including Partners Life - basing their recommendations solely on the outcomes of their sophisticated product research tool; both product providers and other independent advisers have at times questioned that impartiality, given Ballantyne‘s involvement with both companies.

"This incorrect ‘perception' has caused both parties some discomfort over the past few months," Ballantyne says.

"By bringing the two companies together, the significant value that Us Advice has created will be used to benefit the wider base of Partners Life advisers whilst also removing a potential competitor to those advisers. 

Us Advice will now cease selling products to clients and will instead be transformed into the Partners Life team dedicated to providing added value services to all Partners Life advisers.

"By utilising the tools, intellectual property, sales resources and client bases owned by Us Advice for the benefit of all Partners Life Advisers, the value of Partners Life can be enhanced significantly over time creating a true win, win, win outcome for Us Advice, Partners Life and their supporting advisers. 

"In addition Us Advice has a very strong team of people who will bring significant value to the Partners Life team by way of experience, professionalism and enthusiasm.

Ballantyne they have started the integration of the Us Advice business into Partners Life with the creation of our new Adviser Services function which will offer a significant number of added value services to our advisers in the very near future.

"This is an extremely exciting development for Partners Life and we are looking forward to assisting our advisers to grow their businesses through their choice of our wide selection of tools and services.  If their businesses grow through use of these offerings and if we continue to earn our share of those growing business, then we will all benefit magnificently."

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Comments from our readers

On 1 September 2011 at 9:30 am Mac said:
"... Us Advice has always acted completely impartially ... their recommendations solely on the outcomes of their sophisticated product research tool".

If it smells like BS, it is BS. The only legitimate research is objective independent research.
On 2 September 2011 at 9:53 am dwal104 said:
Im actually excited about this, Partners offer is only gonna get stronger and this will be great for advisers.

Sorry Mac but i think you may have been watching paint dry in the bowl for too long.
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