It's specials time

Thursday, October 13th 2011, 10:14PM

In a sign banks are starting to be a little more competitive in the home loan space we have "non-carded" specials from ANZ/National Bank and Kiwibank.

ANZ National are offering a 12 month rate at 5.50%. However its carded 12 month rate is 5.95%. When you sort our rates table on one-year terms it is clear that this offer is the best in the market. Have a look here.

We also have something we haven't seen for a while and that is a special offer with what we call a hybrid term. That is a rate with a non-standard term. Kiwibank is the player here offering a 30-month rate at 5.99%.

To see how competitive that is you need to look at two year and three year rates. The lowest rates here are from HSBC at 6.10% and 6.50% respectively. On that basis the Kiwibank offer is attractive.


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Special Offers

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