PAA hands out gongs, but not to lenders

The PAA handed out its excellence awards, designed to recognise the passion, pride, professionalism and general excellence in the mortgage advice industry.

Friday, August 4th 2017, 3:21PM 1 Comment

Mortgage adviser of the year was David Windler, of the Mortgage Supply Co.

The judges said he was known for believing that advisers were like coaches, empowering, educating and leading their clients.

Cameron Marcroft was named new mortgage adviser of the year. “He is a strong advocate of his peers as well as the mortgage industry as a whole,” the judges said.

The PAA also gave awards to product provider representatives.

"The importance of great relationships, superb communication, innovation and a commitment to working collaboratively can’t be understated," chief executive Rod Severn said.

Tania Ropati at Westpac won the lender product provider representative for bank.

The non-bank award was shared between Julia Winterbottom from Avanti Finance and Nick Russell at Sovereign Home Loans.

The PAA did not present lender of the year awards as it has done previously.

It says, in a statement, "when reviewing the award categories earlier this year, the PAA decided that it would like to recognise and highlight the contribution of individuals in their lending roles. The PAA viewed this changes as a way to celebrate the person and their contribution, and of course as an extension, the lender they represent."


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On 6 August 2017 at 11:38 am Barry Read said:
They also recognised the representatives from insurance and investment providers and not the companies themselves, so this wasn't a bank thing.

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