Why get into commercial?

Restrictions and pressure on residential property investors keeps growing and many investors are looking for possible solutions: commercial property is one such option.

Friday, September 23rd 2016, 9:00AM

by The Landlord

Run your eye over New Zealand’s rich list and you’ll soon notice that property is the star performer when it comes to making, and growing, a multi-million dollar fortune.

Even those wealthy individuals who made money in other spheres put that money into property.

But it’s not residential property – commercial property is the outstanding favourite when it comes to asset classes.

Sir Bob Jones, the Chow Brothers, the Manson family: commercial property attracts serious money and serious investors.

For many ambitious residential property investors, the ultimate aim is to move across into commercial investment.

In the September issue of NZ Property Investor magazine, our journalist explores whether you, too, could capitalise on the power of commercial property.

The idea of stepping into the realm of the commercial landlord is daunting.

Christchurch investor Aaron Shurmer told our journalist commercial property investment is more opaque than residential.

That “scares the hell out of people – the huge learning curve puts them off”, he said.

"But the cash flow is massively better, the margins are better and the tenants are the biggest difference."

This article is the first instalment in NZ Property Investor magazine's new commercial property investment series.

It looks at the attractions of commercial property investment, as well as how to get started in commercial property.

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