Long-time insurance adviser remembered

Long-time insurance adviser Cam Bailey is being remembered by the industry.

Tuesday, January 22nd 2019, 6:00AM 2 Comments

Bailey has died after a brief illness, aged 73.

He was director of Mainstay, which he had operated since 2009. Before that, he ran Bailey Financial Solutions, which he started in 1967.

Fidelity Life general manager of retail sales and key partnerships Craig Winterburn said in a statement to advisers that Bailey had been one of the first advisers to set up in Christchurch and had been working with Fidelity since the early 1980s.

“Over the years Cam earned his place as an institution in our industry. He became a highly regarded business insurance specialist and a noted speaker on all things related to insurance.”

Bailey was known as an authority on succession and shareholder issues facing small-business owners.

He was a member of the Liberty Advisers network.


Brian Klee's obituary to Cam

Cam Bailey – 1945-2019
I am saddened to learn of Cam’s passing this week.  In 1972, it was Cam who encouraged me to change careers, when he was a District Sales Manager for Amev Life.  He managed an exciting team of us here in Wellington and it was fun times in those early years.

He was hugely influential in my survival, impressing on me that industry and product knowledge was the key.  Being a huge supporter, he immediately insisted I become a member of Life Underwriters Association (LUA) and to strive to become a MDRT member. 

Even though I couldn’t afford it at the time, he insisted I become one of the sponsors to fund the visit from USA of one of MDRT’s current icons, Marshall Wopler.  This seminar and mixing with many of the top advisers in those days, further convinced me I had to become a member of MDRT.

Cam left Amev soon after this and much later moved to Christchurch, but we continued our professional relationship through our involvement with LUA and mutual passion for greater technical knowledge.  He always strived to be the best he could be in this business and was respected for his business insurance knowledge.

RIP, Cameron D

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Comments from our readers

On 22 January 2019 at 8:38 am Bernard McCrea said:
Wow this is sad news to hear. Cam was certainty one of the Advisers who had an absolute passion for his clients, his business, his Liberty group and the insurance companies he dealt with. When I as GM @ AIA he was someone I often called to talk through things with Cam and check what his opinion was, as he always had one and would be keen to let you know your opinion needed to be corrected. He was always wanting to help you and did a lot of product and system testing for us as it was something he loved doing for you. His standards were exemplary and the systems and processes he used were at the top end of the market right through his business career. Just an all round great guy and will be missed by many.
On 22 January 2019 at 7:20 pm Cyril said:
A gentleman. An adviser that knew how to deal with business owners and their accountants.

Proud owner of the Sov001 agency number making him the first adviser that agreed to support Ian Hendry and Chris Coon in the South Island when they started Sovereign all those years ago.

Always did what was best for his clients. Not swayed by commission levels or overseas trips.

An excellent example for other advisers to follow. Goodbye good broker.

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