Introducing AIA Vitality ambassador: Ian Jones

In a career that spanned some 11 years, Ian Jones played over 100 games for the mighty All Blacks – 79 of those test matches.

Thursday, November 14th 2019, 9:28AM

What’s more, Ian scored 14 tries and made 38 appearances in the early years of Super Rugby where he captained the Chiefs. At the time of his retirement, Ian was the second most capped All Black to have ever played. A true sporting legend, Ian is also someone that understands what it’s like to balance the struggle of health and wellbeing.

After Ian retired from professional rugby, he found that his physical and mental health declined: “I thought I’d take some time out but that didn’t work so well for me. My body started to ache, my mental state wasn’t so good, and I wasn’t that fun to be around.” Ian decided that he needed to continue his health journey, so he got involved in adventure and multisport racing. 

In March 2017, a few short weeks before his 50th birthday, Ian completed the Taupo Ironman, one of the most gruelling multisport events in the world. “Little by little, step by step, if you do the small things … you can achieve great results.”

A Sky Sports commentator and busy husband and father, it’s impressive he still finds the time for events like this. “I’ve played at the very top of elite sport. But for me, my sport has never defined me. My family is what defines me. Being a father and a husband helps to put things in perspective.”

Ian also finds time to give back to the community through philanthropy. Alongside his wife, he set up "Eddie’s Meals", a community food kitchen they host every Friday night with free food, where everyone is welcome.

Initially they imagined providing for the homeless or those short of food, which of course they do, but soon realised those in need come in many different guises. "A lot of the people in the room can afford a meal at home, but many are simply lonely and need company and interaction with other people – basically a reason to come out," says Ian.

It’s Ian’s holistic approach to his own lifestyle and his family’s that makes him such a wonderful ambassador for AIA Vitality, understanding the importance of eating well, exercising, thinking well and planning for a healthy life.

AIA Vitality: Know your health, improve your health and enjoy the rewards 

AIA Vitality is AIA’s scientifically-backed health and wellbeing programme that supports your clients to make healthier lifestyle choices. AIA Vitality's approach will take your clients on a journey to better health, where they get to know their health, improve it and enjoy the rewards for doing so.

AIA Vitality is available with an eligible AIA insurance policy. For more information please visit or talk to your AIA Business Development Manager.

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