Findex seeds fund launch

Monday, December 2nd 2019, 10:41AM

MFS Investment Management has launched the MFS Global Opportunistic Fixed Income Trust, a flexible instrument designed to generate returns from diverse sources of alpha in a variety of market conditions.

The launch follows demand from Findex, an integrated financial advisory and accounting services.

It is available to institutional and wholesale clients in Australia and New Zealand.

The trust takes an integrated research approach, striving to identify inefficiencies in global fixed income markets. It seeks out a broad range of opportunities to add value, including those involving global sector allocation, security selection, duration and currency management over a full market cycle.

The trust focuses on issuers located in developed markets but may also invest in the emerging markets. It invests in corporate and government issuers and mortgage-backed and other asset-backed securities, as well as investment-grade and below-investment-grade debt instruments. Through this global opportunity set, the fund aims to allocate risk where it is most attractively priced in order to generate returns.

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