[The Wrap] Staying in tune during the lockdown

What do you do in a four-week lockdown? Build a playlist. (And compare health apps.)

Monday, April 20th 2020, 6:49PM

by Philip Macalister

Mint Asset Management head of sales and marketing David Boyle has done just that putting together the Music to beat the Covid-19 blues playlist on Spotify.

It's 113 tunes long and has been made up with contributions from across the financial services industry.

"I have kicked it off, with one of my all-time greatest feel-good songs Mr Blue Sky by ELO," Boylee, as he's known, said. "And no I did not steal it off Guardians of the Galaxy they stole it from me."

There's lots of well-known numbers and others you've probably never heard of. 

FMA chief executive Rob Everett went for Make Me Smile (Come up and See Me), by Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel. I'm not sure many advisers will be racing to see him, however I can picture Everett listening to the tune with a nice craft beer in hand.

He did "agonise over whether my beloved Led Zepp are sufficiently 'cheerful' for this sort of collection". Hence, Make Me Smile, as it "always gets me in a good mood".

Sam Stubbs, was also keen on a bit of Led Zepp, Whole Lotta Love, but went for the cheerful Jefferson Airplane number, Somebody to Love.

In the new-to-my-ears category was Richard Klipin's Wintergreen, by The East Pointers; like Klipin it's Australian.

Another Australian band to make the list, and a surprise was a hip hop number from the Hilltop Hoods, called 1995.

Charlotte Lockhart, CEO of The 4 Day Week said: "For that slow dancing if you are isolating with the one you love. Or sharing a dance over Zoom if you are apart, go with Van, the Man, Morrison's Crazy Love. "Remembering to keep the romance."

Being in lockdown it was little surprise to see: Fool to Cry by the Stones. Just accept your KiwiSaver has had a hammering. Keep calm and keep contributing.

Or of course you could take the great Kenny Rogers number, The Gambler and pile back into the market.

What's Going On, by Marvin Gaye, is definitely a question we've all been asking.

Some cheeky bugger put Fleetwood Mac's Tusk on there as, apparently, there is a baby boom due in nine months. (It is a great track though.)

And it's nice to see a regulatory professional, Gareth Bostock, opt for Always Look on the Bright Side of Life by Monty Python.

While Boylee put together his playlist, it was a bit of health checking for me.

Fidelity Life has launched its Sharecare app. I wanted to see what it was like compared to AIA's Vitality app. I've always been miffed Vitality puts me much closer to retirement age and getting the pension, compared to my real age! That's even though I am pretty active.

Sharecare asked lots of questions, but maybe it was worth it as I came out 13 months younger than my real age!

I still prefer what Garmin tells me ... my fitness age is 44, even though it's been lazy lockdown, listening to Boylee's tunes.

Here's a link to the playlist. Tune in here

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