TAP into everything you need for your FAP

TAP are 100% behind the independent adviser market and believe, with the right support, advice firms of any size can operate their own FAP with confidence.

Wednesday, May 19th 2021, 9:20AM

All TAP members have access to our market-leading “FAP-in-a-Box” solution:

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Q: Can I run my own FAP with TAP?

A: Yes, TAP provides everything a business needs to run its own FAP and receive the top commissions available to you. 

Q: What does it cost to become a TAP Member and access the services?
A: Nothing at all. It is FREE to be a TAP member and you get 100% of the commission you are entitled to including payments like the FAPO.

Q: Can I get PI cover via the TAP scheme if I am a solo adviser FAP?
A: Yes, our group scheme can accommodate single adviser FAPs.

Q: Is there a cost for my admin staff to use the CRM?
A: No, there is no cost for your support staff to use the CRM. 

Q: How often do I need to pay for a file audit?
A: File audits are optional and you can choose how often you want them.

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