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Investors looking to pivot out of direct ownership while still maintaining a strong property portfolio managed by a hands-on team of directors may have found the light at the end of their tunnel with First Light Capital.

Thursday, July 15th 2021, 12:55PM

Director of First Light Capital, Toby Hunn says that the company was founded after its diverse team of directors saw “a space in the market for a smaller property funds management business where there is a personal touch, and where investors can invest alongside the founding partners.”

Hunn says that the team at First Light Capital comes from a range of different backgrounds that all contribute to the diverse experience. “We come from a varied background. There are four founding partners. Three of them come from an accounting company called VCFO, and myself who comes from a property syndication background.”

The four founding partners are Toby Hunn, Randolph van der Burgh, Roger Hatrick- Smith, and Andy Archer.

The fact that First Light Capital is a smaller business allows them to do things that the big players cannot do, says Hunn. “The fact that we are a smaller business works in our favour. We are not the size of some of the other unlisted property funds out there which can be real machines. We are a bespoke company that can have a direct relationship with all of our investors.”

The main offering from the group is the First Light Capital Property Fund. Hunn says that this fund is a “dividend yielding investment whereby investors will see a regular monthly return on their investment. It is a commercial and industrial property fund looking to provide good returns from within a conservative fund structure.”

“We aren’t going to be chasing yield for the sake of it. We want to have a conservative investment where investor’s capital is preserved and will grow over time, providing them with a steady stream of income.”

The fund at the moment includes one commercial property returning for investors a monthly 6.5% cash return.

The goal for First Light Capital is to provide for their investors a steady income stream in uncertain times. Hunn says that “it is really an investment product for people to pivot out of direct ownership and into passive income play.”

“Some people like investing in property but maybe are at the age of their life where they don’t want the hassle of managing their own property. This fund provides exposure to the commercial property market without all of the day to day hassles.”

For those seeking a passive income and exposure to New Zealand’s commercial property sector, please visit or contact Toby Hunn at 027 574 8477 or email him at to receive details on all upcoming listings.

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