Fisher Funds donates $500k to mental health charities

Investment management firm Fisher Funds has donated half a million dollars to two New Zealand charities to help combat the rise in mental health problems among young people.

Friday, July 30th 2021, 6:33AM 1 Comment

by Matthew Martin

Fisher Funds' Bruce McLachlan (left) with Mike King.

Fisher Funds chief executive Bruce McLachlan says the firm has donated the money to Mike King's I Am Hope charity and to Youthline to help both charities reach more of the nation's vulnerable youth.

"We’ve had a successful year at Fisher Funds, and are in the fortunate position to be able to give back to New Zealand and support some of the Kiwis most in need," McLachlan says.

"We know that New Zealand is facing a youth mental health crisis and Covid-19 has worsened the trend over the last 18 months.

"As the number of young Kiwis who need help increases, mental health services are stretched to breaking point and in need of support like never before."

He says Fisher Funds and many of its clients are deeply concerned about the issue and are passionate about doing their part to make a difference and provide meaningful support that allows mental health services to help more young Kiwis.

He says the one-off donation will make a real difference to the support both organisations can provide on the ground.

"For Youthline, it will enable them to support 37,000 extra contacts from young people in need through their 24/7 helpline service, expand their Helpline Webchat services so that it is available from 10am to 10pm every day and provide 1,154 free one-hour counselling sessions to young people across New Zealand in need of longer-term support.

"For I Am Hope it will allow them to double the number of youth ambassadors they have running their in-school programme from two to four, meaning they can reach thousands more young people across the country over the next year."

McLachlan says the charities were chosen due to their national reach, the acute need for additional support of youth mental health services and the widespread impact that mental health issues have in the community.

"Our support is a start and we hope that it will encourage other private and public sector organisations around New Zealand to get in behind the great work these charities do in any way they can."

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