AMLHUB integrates with RealMe to fight money laundering

Online platform AMLHUB has integrated with RealMe to help businesses comply with New Zealand’s stringent anti-money laundering rules.

Friday, September 24th 2021, 9:33AM

AMLHUB has completed a year-long integration with the government’s RealMe verified identity service, making it possible for users to onboard customers quickly and securely using RealMe.

AMLHUB managing director Richard Manthel believes the platform itself, and its recent integration with RealMe, is a game changer for key sectors such as law, accountancy, banking and real estate, grappling with the AML/CFT customer verification requirements and record keeping.

“RealMe is the country’s gold standard identity verification service. These days, it’s much quicker and easier to use. It helps businesses reduce risk by removing the need to store and protect their clients’ personal information. For Kiwis, once you’re RealMe verified, you can instantly and remotely prove who you are, saving both time and worry,” says Manthel.

Today AMLHUB hosts more than 10,000 users, including lawyers, accountants, real estate agents and compliance officers from other AML/CFT reporting entities.

Manthel says: “AMLHUB is the first private sector host to integrate with the government’s RealMe verified identity service. We’re delighted to be at this point, particularly as so much business is now done online and the need to trade safely and securely online has never been more urgent.

“Knowing who your clients are and verifying their identity is simply part of playing your part in the fight against money laundering and doing good business. It’s something all our clients can now do quickly and easily using our platform and the government’s RealMe verified identity service.”

AMLHUB product head Andrew Freeman-Greene says there’s never been a better time for New Zealanders to sign up to the government’s RealMe verified identity service.

“So many Kiwis are fed up with the constant need to identify ourselves. Once you have created a RealMe verified identity, the AMLHUB enables you to share that information quickly and securely with any reporting entity on the platform. There is no need to store or provide your passport, credit card or utility and rate bill data to less secure private sector databases. We think this is the future for Kiwis.”

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