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The new investment advice disclosure rules come into play this month. David Chaplin discovers the game is about to get serious.

Tuesday, February 12th 2008, 12:19PM
There are several features in ASSET Magazine this month, including the ability for advisers to earn CPD credits. To do this all you have to do is read several selected articles and then answer a set of questions online at

Other features this month include:

Insurance: Taking care of business
A new health insurer stirred up the New Zealand market with its launch late last year. David Chaplin discovers the creation of Accuro was as much to do with self-preservation as the lure of new customers.

Profile: On the level with Rob Flanagan
Flanagan has the job of settling down a company that has been through a few nervous years. David Chaplin talks to the man the the top of Tower.

Practice Management
ASSET has a strong practice management section with articles designed to help advisers grow their businesses.

This month we have:
Security Commission turns on the power
From February 29 the Securities Commission will assume a much more hands-on role in the lives of financial advisers. Liam Mason, Securities Commission general counsel, explains how the regulator will police tough new disclosure rules.

ASSET brings you some great columnists each month. PAA chief executive always has interesting ideas for advisers, economist Donal Curtin puts the mundane economic matters into words everyone understands, AMP's Anthony Edmonds delves into the tax files, and Russell Hutchinson provides an insight into issues impacting on advisers' businesses.

ASSET also contains the latest fund performance data from FundSource.

To get your own copy of ASSET, either call Amy on 0800-345675, or you can subscribe online here.
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