Time running out to get tax credit

The FSC is reminding KiwiSaver members they have less than a fortnight to top up their accounts to get the maximum member tax credit this year.

Wednesday, June 17th 2015, 7:44PM

Those who put at least $1042 in their accounts each year to the end of June receive the maximum $521 credit from the Government.

FSC chief executive Peter Neilson said there would be no other savings vehicle that would offer that 50% rate of return.

"$521 a year may not sound like much but over 45 years and then earning interest on the interest reinvested it could mean over $100,000 more in your retirement nest egg at age 65."

The FSC estimates that about 460,000 New Zealanders earning less than $35,000 will probably leave money on the table because they have not contributed enough to pick up the full $521.

Those on a contribution holiday will similarly miss out on the $521. 

Neilson said he was going to top up his daughter's KiwiSaver account because her part-time earnings while studying would not get her to the $1042 saving threshold.

He said: "With 2.5 million KiwiSaver members already enrolled it is the most successful savings innovation in the last century.  All KiwiSavers should have June 1 marked in their diary each year to remind them to check their KiwiSaver balance, whether their level of contributions will get them the full $521 tax credit, whether they are in the best investment style for them and if the current tax rate is  being applied to their fund.  Getting these settings right can mean the difference of $100,000s more in your retirement nest egg at 65.  It pays to keep an eye on your KiwiSaver account to check it is working  hard to you."

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