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Articles tagged with 'KiwiSaver'

Govt moves to allow early KiwiSaver withdrawal

14 December 2018 - Government is exploring its options to allow people with life-shortening conditions to access their KiwiSaver money earlier.

What contribution rate should I have in order to retire?

13 December 2018 - More specific guidance is needed from advisers if clients are to have the income they require in retirement. 

FMA scores own goal with KiwiSaver tracker: Booster

13 December 2018 - [UPDATED] If the Financial Markets Authority's KiwiSaver Tracker was designed to make investors wary of higher-fee funds, it is not achieving its goal, one fund manager says.

30 Years in business

12 December 2018 - Why Asset Allocation and Advice beat everything else?

Knowledge still lacking on KiwiSaver

10 December 2018 - New Zealanders still have a lot of unanswered questions about KiwiSaver, a new survey shows.

SuperRatings ranks KiwiSaver schemes

5 November 2018 - SuperRatings has released its top rated KiwiSaver schemes for 2019, and an analysis of the schemes that provide the highest value on a net benefit basis.

Retirement decisions based on science not spin

29 October 2018 - KiwiSaver is rapidly proving as much of a bonanza for the marketing industry as it is for the wealth management industry

Advisers hang back from KiwiSaver

10 October 2018 - If the financial services sector wants financial advisers to deal in KiwiSaver, it will have to make it pay, one fund manager says.

Advice makes key difference to KiwiSaver

9 October 2018 - Financial Markets Authority's latest report highlights importance of engagement with members - and their $450m fees bill.

Advisers face challenging decade

4 October 2018 - As the end of the decade draws closer, independent advisers face a dual threat: further regulation and lower returns.

Tax working group wants help for low-income investors

24 September 2018 - Incentives are needed to make saving for retirement a compelling option, the Tax Working Group says.

Fund managers angry at poor grades

21 September 2018 - Fund managers have hit out at a new KiwiSaver switching platform, which has awarded them dismal grades for their ESG work.

Fund managers hypocritical on RI: Stubbs

20 September 2018 - Fund managers that offer both “ethical” and “normal” investment strategies to clients are “hypocritical” in their approach to responsible investing, according to the managing director of KiwiSaver provider Simplicity.

Animal cruelty top of investors' worries

18 September 2018 - Fund managers might be dropping investments in ammunitions and pornography, carbon and gambling – but new research suggest it’s animal welfare that they should be most concerned about.

AFA concerns on back-burner for now

27 August 2018 - Financial advisers who raised concerns about KiwiSaver have been told a review of default provider arrangements will consider those issues – but not until next year.

Wealth business highlight for Kiwibank boss

25 August 2018 - Newly-appointed Kiwibank chief executive Steve Jurkovich says the banks wealth management business was the star performer in the 12 months to June 30. The...

Lower long-term rates predicted

17 August 2018 - Advisers and economists have predicted lower interest rates for longer, after Westpac slashed its five year fixed rate by 60 basis points.

Simplicity in the black after two years

8 August 2018 - New not-for-profit fund manager Simplicity is in positive cashflow territory about 18 months ahead of schedule, founder Sam Stubbs says.

A breach of trust? Private asset ownership in KiwiSaver

6 August 2018 - The recent announcement that the NZ Super Fund was considering investing in the Government’s proposed Auckland light rail networks has re-ignited calls for KiwiSaver to be used to fund local infrastructure investments.

Advisers need to take stand in industry: Cliffe

30 July 2018 - An adviser behind a scathing letter about problems with KiwiSaver says it’s the job of independent financial advisers to make a stand in the market.

No clear reason for KiwiSaver success

30 July 2018 - Morningstar says there’s no clear differentiating factor that makes high-performing KiwiSaver funds stand out.

Pie Funds joins KiwiSaver market with low fee model

24 July 2018 - Pie Funds is set to launch a low-fee, actively managed KiwiSaver scheme using Netflix and Spotify pricing models.

Bank fund managers 'conflicted on exclusions'

23 July 2018 - KiwiSaver provider Simplicity has hit back at claims that sector exclusions are not the best way to manage investments responsibly, saying banks have a conflict of interest that stops them achieving the best outcomes in New Zealand.

ANZ backs group of AFAs

19 July 2018 - ANZ has come out in support of an initiative by a group of financial advisers to move KiwiSavers in default schemes from conservative to higher growth funds.

Advisers wouldn't get away with it

18 July 2018 - Financial adviser Alistair Bean said he signed a letter calling for action on KiwiSaver because there was “a definite rort” that had occurred – and if it had been financial advisers involved they would have been accused of mistreating their clients.

Group of AFAs tackles KiwiSaver problems

17 July 2018 - A group of financial advisers says big banks are using KiwiSaver to line their pockets - and they should disclose how much money is invested in their own products.

The employer’s conundrum

2 July 2018 - Why have so few employers chosen a preferred provider scheme?

Law changes offer greater KiwiSaver flexibility

2 July 2018 - Proposed changes to KiwiSaver will allow over 65s to join the scheme and introduce new contribution rates.

Mercer gets RI tick

28 June 2018 - Mercer's funds have been certified by the world’s first certification programme for responsible investment products. Launched in 2005, the programme...

Advisers set clients on right investment path

22 June 2018 - Investors who work with advisers are on track to achieve better outcomes in their KiwiSaver accounts.

What New Zealanders want from KiwiSaver may surprise you

20 June 2018 - NZ Funds has conducted some research on what people like and what motivates their decisions when making KiwiSaver decisions. It makes for interesting reading.

Housing affordability down in major cities

13 June 2018 - The government’s latest data on housing affordability reveals a growing number of first time buyers have “below average income” after housing costs.

KiwiSaver must change, providers say

13 June 2018 - Product-based commission should be banned for financial advisers offering advice on KiwiSaver, Milford Asset Management chief executive Troy Swann has told an event in Auckland.

Advisers welcome more detailed projections

13 June 2018 - New Zealand's financial advice sector is cautiously optimistic about plans for KiwiSaver annual statements to show members what their projected balances could produce in income.

KiwiSaver boosts first home market: ANZ

11 June 2018 - ANZ has seen a near five-fold increase in the number of borrowers using KiwiSaver funds for a home deposit.

KiwiSaver incentives 'don't help those who need it most'

8 June 2018 - Concerns about KiwiSaver creating inequity in the retired population would be better tackled by abolishing the scheme entirely than introducing new tax incentives to get people saving more, the working group considering the future of tax policy has been told.

Is more better, or just confusing?

6 June 2018 - In our new KiwiSaver column NZ Funds CIO Michael Lang asks whether we have too many KiwiSaver fund options available to investors.

Conservative attitude a bigger problem than fees: McLachlan

25 May 2018 - New Zealand's fund management industry should do more to help shake Kiwis out of their too-conservative approach to investing, one KiwiSaver manager suggests.

KiwiSaver rules for MPs - even if their scheme doesn't exist any more

18 May 2018 - MPs including the Commerce Minister claim to be part of a scheme that was wound up five years ago. Good Returns checks out the latest register of pecuniary interests to find out where MPs have their money.

Older KiwiSaver members prompted to switch

15 May 2018 - New research shows older KiwiSavers tend to turn to online tools rather than seek human advice on their investments. An FMA, MBIE and Industry trial tested...

Call for KiwiSaver tax changes

3 May 2018 - Tax changes to KiwiSaver are needed to encourage New Zealanders to start saving enough for their retirements, an AFA has told the Tax Working Group.

Tough quarter for KiwiSaver

1 May 2018 - Most KiwiSaver funds reported a negative return for the first three months of this year.

[GRTV] Special Episode: Minister discusses adviser reforms, commission and KiwiSaver

16 April 2018 - Good Returns TV is pleased to bring you an extended interview with the Minister of Commerce Kris Faafoi. In it he discusses issues with the Code Working Group, the future of commissions, KiwiSaver and churn in the life insurance sector.

Smartshares offers new KiwiSaver fee solution

2 April 2018 - Smartshares is launching a new KiwiSaver structure today that allows advisers to set the fee their clients pay for their advice - and have the manager collect it for them from client accounts.

Advisers: Fee move will make little difference

28 March 2018 - KiwiSaver investors will soon see the fees they pay displayed in dollar terms - but advisers are not convinced it will have any effect.

Private equity, not govt mandates, KiwiSaver's future: Managers

27 March 2018 - New Zealanders' KiwiSaver savings would do more for the country if they were used in private equity deals, fund managers say.

Roboadvice changes open door to new KiwiSaver player

26 March 2018 - The newest player in the KiwiSaver market is due to launch its offering in two weeks' time.

Tax breaks needed to boost savings: Milford

19 March 2018 - One fund manager is calling for tax breaks to boost New Zealand's savings rate.

KiwiSaver fee drop 'missed the mark'

5 March 2018 - Small reductions to KiwiSaver fund managers’ fees are nothing to be celebrated, an adviser says.

'Information gap' harming KiwiSaver outcomes

26 February 2018 - KiwiSaver investors still lack the knowledge required to make good choices about the investments, ASB’s latest KiwiSaver survey shows.

Market wobble highlights value of advice

9 February 2018 - Share market volatility this week caused little concern for KiwiSaver members – and that could be down to financial advisers doing their job.

Time's up for admin fees: Morningstar

1 February 2018 - KiwiSaver providers should drop their dollar-based annual administration fees, Morningstar says.

'Business as usual' despite correction fears

22 January 2018 - Fund managers are being told a shift to alternative assets could be a good move if they expect a downturn in 2018.

Getting to Know: Mary Potter

19 January 2018 - ANZ Investments northern business development manager Mary Potter says the people she has worked with have been one of the highlights of her career.

KiwiSaver 'shouldn't be only scheme with perks'

19 January 2018 - The Government should think about offering other tax-advantaged investment vehicles if it wants to break New Zealanders' focus on residential property, says Rebecca Thomas, chief executive of Mint Asset Management.

Client first 'means responsible investment'

18 January 2018 - New Zealand advisers and fund managers need to consider clients’ desire for responsible investment of their money if they are to meet their duty to act in clients’ best interests, the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia says.

Savers may be better off with govt fund: Treasury

21 December 2017 - Savers would be better off in a government-run KiwiSaver scheme, new data suggests.

More consultation on Minister's to-do list

19 December 2017 - The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment wants to see consultation papers on the regulation of financial advice issued within the first 100 days of this government's term.

ANZ Investments' profit drop

18 December 2017 - ANZ New Zealand Investments has reported a profit fall in its most recent financial year. The fund manager reported $141.6 million in fee income for the...

KiwiFund could have unfair advantage

18 December 2017 - A Government-run KiwiSaver scheme would have an unfair disadvantage that could push other providers out of business.

Getting to Know: Paul Sewell

15 December 2017 - After a stint in banking, it was a newspaper article that prompted Paul Sewell into financial advice.

KiwiSaver should invest more in NZ: Gaynor

15 December 2017 - New Zealanders have missed out on KiwiSaver returns because of their lack of exposure to the local share market, one manager says.

KiwiSaver tax breaks mooted

12 December 2017 - Michael Cullen chairing the new government's tax working group could be a boon to the KiwiSaver industry, it has been predicted.

FMA preparing for advice changes

11 December 2017 - The Financial Markets Authority has told incoming Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Kris Faafoi that it is working through its preparations for the new financial advice regime.

Few takers for advice - but retirees rue missed opportunity

7 December 2017 - Many retirees regret not taking financial advice, but it’s not easy to get people who need it to take an interest, data shows.

Nikko plots KiwiSaver launch

6 December 2017 - Nikko Asset Management is to launch a KiwiSaver fund offered via roboadvice.

FMA tool ignites fee debate

28 November 2017 - The Financial Markets Authority is being told its KiwiSaver Fund Tracker tool needs a longer timeframe than five years if it is going to make meaningful statements about funds’ performance.

New minister gets into client first debate

27 November 2017 - New Commerce Minister Kris Faafoi says he’s less worried about whether New Zealand has enough financial advisers to cater for the population – and more whether the financial advisers it has are putting their clients first.

FMA pushes net returns over fees debate

21 November 2017 - The FMA has made it clear that promoting KiwiSaver funds on low fees only is wrong.

South Island tribe looks to add KiwiSaver scheme

19 November 2017 - Ngāi Tahu's successful savings scheme for its iwi is considering offering a white-label KiwiSaver scheme to its 24,000 members.    

ANZ KiwiSaver gets top awards...again

16 November 2017 - Research firm SuperRatings has awarded Platinum ratings to all three of ANZ Investments’ KiwiSaver schemes for the fourth year in a row. Platinum is...

What next for KiwiSaver

14 November 2017 - How to turn a lump sum into retirement income is a question that hasn’t been answered properly anywhere in the world, says Ana-Marie Lockyer, ANZ’s general manager of wealth products.

What next for KiwiSaver

7 November 2017 - How to turn a lump sum into retirement income is a question that hasn’t been answered properly anywhere in the world, says Ana-Marie Lockyer, ANZ’s general manager of wealth products.

Getting to Know: Janet Natta

3 November 2017 - Janet Natta wants more people to know that financial advisers are awesome.

KiwiSaver fees: Paying for performance

31 October 2017 - ANZ has produced an excellent document to celebrate 10 years of KiwiSaver, called Dollars and Cents: A Decade of KiwiSaver. Ana-Marie Lockyer, GM of Wealth Products at ANZ Investments, talks about what’s in the report.

Fisher Funds: Industry should pull together

31 October 2017 - Bruce McLachlan has recently taken over as the Chief Executive of Fisher Funds Management, coming into the role from the Co-Operative Bank.

Leverage up your KiwiSaver fund

30 October 2017 - Booster chief investment officer David Beattie says people should be taking more risk in their KiwiSaver funds.

KiwiSaver: Next crunch could be tougher

27 October 2017 - KiwiSaver members shrugged off the only real downturn they have experienced because government incentives covered up its impact – but next time will not be so easy, new analysis suggests.

Work on incomes, global pension report says

25 October 2017 - There will be growing demand for retirement income products as KiwiSaver matures, the author of a new report on pension policy says.

Robo-advice: The democratisation of professional financial advice

23 October 2017 - Kiwi Wealth says helped initiate the recently introduced changes to allow robo-advice after it formally applied to the FMA for an exemption in March while...

Getting to Know: Jon-Paul Hale

20 October 2017 - Insurance adviser Jon-Paul Hale wants to see the industry working together much better.

FMA fast-tracks roboadvice

18 October 2017 - Advisers can expect to see roboadvice in the New Zealand market next year, and the country’s banks and product providers are already developing their platforms.

Don't choose KiwiSaver funds on fees only (+ GRAPH)

17 October 2017 - ANZ general manager Wealth Products, Ana-Marie Lockyer, says the focus with KiwiSaver should be on returns-after- fees, rather than just on finding the provider that offers the lowest fees. +GRAPH

Leverage up your KiwiSaver fund

16 October 2017 - Booster chief investment officer David Beattie says people should be taking more risk in their KiwiSaver funds.

KiwiSaver fees: Paying for performance

13 October 2017 - Pricier KiwiSaver funds are delivering better returns for their members, the country’s biggest provider says.

Getting to Know: Anand Srinivasan

6 October 2017 - Anand Srinivasan has been making waves since he gave up working for a provider to work for himself.

FMA to KiwiSaver providers: We are getting impatient

5 October 2017 - KiwiSaver providers have been told they must do better, as the amount they earn in fees soars.

Getting to Know: Murray Harris

29 September 2017 - Murray Harris says financial advice is about much more than money and investments. But his time with the world's super-wealthy has given him added appreciation of both.

Kiwi Wealth latest to get responsible tick

25 September 2017 - Kiwi Wealth is the first default KiwiSaver provider to have all its funds verified as being invested responsibly. The accreditation has been independently...

Getting to Know: Andrew Kelleher

22 September 2017 - Andrew Kelleher - financial adviser, wealth manager... hole-digger?

Simplicity offers income option

22 September 2017 - KiwiSaver provider Simplicity has signed a deal with variable annuity firm Lifetime Retirement Income, to provide a new KiwiSaver fund that offers retirees an income for life.

Election 2017: the housing round up

20 September 2017 - It’s been a dramatic election campaign this year, with National and Labour now racing neck and neck to the finish line this Saturday. So here’s our guide to what the parties are promising on the housing front.

Getting to Know: Toni Dodds

15 September 2017 - She's Fred's daughter, but don't hold that against Toni Dodds.

No need to open KiwiSaver to finance companies: AMP

15 September 2017 - There should not be a need for finance companies to tap into borrowers’ KiwiSaver accounts when they default on a loan, one provider says.

Are KiwiSaver members being ripped off?

14 September 2017 - Are KiwiSaver fees too high – or to fund managers deserve to be rewarded for offering something a bit extra?

New Zealand's advice problem

11 September 2017 - New Zealanders need to realise they need advice, and they are going to have to pay for it, a KiwiSaver panel was told at this year’s Financial Services Council conference.

Getting to Know: Liz Koh

8 September 2017 - Adviser Liz Koh says she deliberately set out to build a public profile.

Funds not 'true to label': Researcher

7 September 2017 - When is a 'balanced' fund not a balanced fund? When it takes the risk of a growth fund, one researcher says.

Advice key part of KiwiSaver success: ANZ

5 September 2017 - Advice is important to make sure New Zealanders get the most out of KiwiSaver, the country’s biggest provider says – but it suggests much of it should be supplied free.

Big cake for small market share

3 September 2017 - Simplicity KiwiSaver Scheme has had its first birthday celebrating achieving "half of 1% of the KiwiSaver market." In its first 12 months the scheme has...

Getting to Know: Dean Anderson

1 September 2017 - Dean Anderson is the face of Smartshares for many advisers - but do you know where he spent 2006?

KiwiSaver members don't understand MTC

30 August 2017 - New research from Inland Revenue shows many KiwiSaver members don't understand how the tax credit works, or what it is.

Getting to Know: Reagan Bax

25 August 2017 - Is Reagan Bax, brother of model Kylie Bax, the only member of the NZ financial advice sector to have played golf with Donald Trump?

Documents shorter but still dense

22 August 2017 - New product disclosure statements that were meant to be easier to understand still contain a large number of specialist financial terms, researchers say.

Strategi launches KiwiSaver course

20 August 2017 - Strategi has launched an NZQA-accredited course for people who want to offer advice on KiwiSaver.

Getting to Know: Peter Neilson

18 August 2017 - Peter Neilson was the chair of the Financial Services Council until insurers quit in revolt over a report into insurance commissions, and was the Associate Minister of Finance during the sharemarket crash. Here, he talks about why advisers should be more like surgeons.

Good start with KiwiSaver, but growth yet to come

18 August 2017 - KiwiSaver has made a great start but the growth is still to come, AMP New Zealand general manager Blair Vernon says. “I don’t think we’ve built all...

New legislation may give advice industry new life

16 August 2017 - The financial advice industry is well-positioned for growth, if it is willing to make changes.

Getting to Know: Binu Paul

11 August 2017 - Binu Paul is known in the industry for his fresh approach to the application of technology in financial services. But did you know about his plans to dabble in fashion?

Investing responsibly: passing the tipping point

8 August 2017 - Do you believe that well governed companies have better long-term prospects than their competition? If you do, then you have already taken the first small step to aligning yourself with a more sophisticated approach to responsible investing (RI).

KiwiSaver knowledge too low: Survey

7 August 2017 - Fewer than one in four New Zealanders are confident in their knowledge of KiwiSaver, a sign that the industry could do better, one bank economist says.

Getting to Know: Sue Brown

4 August 2017 - Sue Brown was known to many advisers as the face of regulation at the FMA. She's now off on her own, operating Sue Brown Solutions.

Advisers risk missing out on responsible investing surge

2 August 2017 - New Zealand investors put a record amount of money into responsibly invested funds in 2016, but advisers are still lagging in their understanding of ethical investment, the Responsible Investment Association Australasia says.

Performance fees boost managers' earnings

2 August 2017 - Performance fees have helped to lift the fee revenue claimed by fund managers Milford and Fisher Funds.

Getting to Know: Richard Klipin

28 July 2017 - Richard Klipin is tackling the job of rejuvenating the FSC in a period of big change for the industry.

Bigger questions to ask of retirement policy: Report

25 July 2017 - Analysts says the 'jokey' 2016 review from the Retirement Commissioner missed some of the big questions.

FMA finds room for improvement

21 July 2017 - Consumers still feel they are not getting enough information about the fees and costs associated with the financial products they hold, and why they are suitable choices.

Performance fees still need work: Morningstar

19 July 2017 - [UPDATED, ADDS FMA COMMENT] Some New Zealand fund managers are still charging inappropriately structured performance fees, despite FMA attempts to offer guidance, Morningstar director of manager research ratings, Asia-Pacific, Chris Douglas said.

The rising cost of financial advice

19 July 2017 - Hobson Wealth Partners' Warren Couillault talks about the cost of providing financial advice and why he believes it is now 50% to 100% more than it was five years ago.  

Get real!

17 July 2017 - It is now nearly a decade since the GFC. Returns have been very acceptable across most asset classes over this period.

Getting to Know: Michael Naylor

14 July 2017 - Michael Naylor has spent a lot of time studying financial advisers - but he wants you to know he's not a "loony-leftie" academic.

ANZ launches scheme to help retain KiwiSaver clients

14 July 2017 - ANZ is launching a new system through which it hopes to hold on to more of its KiwiSaver members.

Getting to Know: Simon Hassan

7 July 2017 - Simon Hassan made the switch from teaching to try to educate New Zealanders about their finances.

FMA rules could stop KiwiSaver robo before it starts

6 July 2017 - Plans that would allow roboadvice to enter the New Zealand market as early as next year may stop KiwiSaver providers getting involved.

KiwiSaver: Advisers' saviour, or a lot of work for little gain?

3 July 2017 - KiwiSaver may have played a key part in saving an ailing advice industry, claims one industry commentator. But another says it may give advisers false hope of big money in the future.

New robo service 'NZ's smartest financial adviser'

29 June 2017 - The financial adviser behind a new online KiwiSaver advice site says the platform is competition for traditional financial advice models.

KiwiSaver contribution decision a missed opportunity

14 June 2017 - The Government has missed a chance to improve New Zealanders' retirement investment outcomes, Morningstar research shows.

FMA outlines fee methodology

8 June 2017 - The FMA says KiwiSaver providers should be disclosing fees using the investor’s balance at the date the units of the fund are valued, or the cents per...

Behavioural insights change KiwiSaver behaviour

8 June 2017 - KiwiSaver members who received engaging communication about making a fund choice are more likley to switch out of default funds, new research has found.

Government signals more KiwiSaver changes possible

8 June 2017 - The Government is cautiously supportive of including higher KiwiSaver contribution rate options and “increasing KiwiSaver coverage” but cannot say yet what that might mean.

BNZ scoops People’s Choice award

25 May 2017 - BNZ has topped the latest Consumer NZ KiwiSaver survey and been named the 2017 People’s Choice winner for KiwiSaver providers.

Time for sinking cap on KiwiSaver fees: Glass

24 May 2017 - KiwiSaver providers should not be allowed to charge a fee of more than 100 basis points – and if they cannot run their funds on that, they should not be in business, says Paul Glass, executive chairman of Devon Funds Management.

Kiwis leaving retirement planning too late

17 May 2017 - New Zealanders are leaving their retirement planning too late, one KiwiSaver provider says.

ANZ, FMA work on changing behaviour

8 May 2017 - The FMA is working with ANZ to see if behavioural insights can prompt more ANZ KiwiSaver members to get retirement advice, or use retirement-planning tools, when they hit 56 years old.

Equities boost KiwiSaver returns in March quarter

1 May 2017 - Increasing optimism about the world economy led to a lift in global sharemarkets in the March quarter and boosted some local KiwiSaver funds, Morningstar says in its latest update.

More than half of Kiwis saving for retirement

19 April 2017 - Non-KiwiSaver schemes still have biggest balances, statistics show.

FMA asks: How should KiwiSaver fees be calculated?

11 April 2017 - KiwiSaver schemes will have to show investors the dollar cost of their annual fees, from next year.  

Deadline needed for clean default schemes: Greens

23 March 2017 - [UPDATED] There are calls for the Government to give KiwiSaver providers a set deadline to divest from companies involved in the manufacture of cluster bombs, landmines and nuclear weapons.

KiwiSaver transfer lags a concern

21 March 2017 - There are calls to streamline the process of transfers between KiwiSaver schemes, to reduce the burden on providers and members.

FMA: No hard lines on KiwiSaver incentives

8 March 2017 - KiwiSaver providers can offer incentives to entice customers to their schemes, so long as they do not distract the customer from making good decisions about KiwiSaver.

Low-cost model better for advisers: Simplicity

6 March 2017 - Fund managers charging high fees for their products have kept a lid on what advisers can earn, Simplicity’s managing director said as the provider launched its first non-KiwiSaver funds.

Is that really advice?

13 February 2017 - What ordinary people think is advice, what we think advice is, and what the law defines as financial advice vary a bit. So what is advice? Does it matter if your client knows?

KiwiSaver fees must be disclosed in dollars - in the future

14 December 2016 - Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Paul Goldsmith says all KiwiSaver annual statements will have to disclose total fees paid in dollar terms from 2018, however one provider says it should start happening much sooner.

CFFC calls for seven changes to KiwiSaver

8 December 2016 - The Commission for Financial Capability has recommended to the Government that KiwiSaver providers should disclose the total dollar cost of all fees on annual statements in its just released 2016 Review of Retirement Income Policies.

Fee debate welcomed

5 December 2016 - The Commission for Financial Capability has welcomed fresh debate on the touchy subject of KiwiSaver fees after a new report suggested there was an "unhealthy focus" on fees - rather than the overall outcome delivered by various schemes.

KiwiSaver quake moves spark warning

24 November 2016 - Government is making it easier for earthquake-affected KiwiSaver members to withdraw their money if they suffer financial hardship – but one adviser is warning it is not a good idea.

Banks raise concern about 'fee-chasers'

21 November 2016 - Bank KiwiSaver providers are worried that proposed changes to annual statement requirements could lead to members chasing the lowest-fee providers.

Kiwis seek RI information - but not from advisers

16 November 2016 - New Zealanders say there is not enough information available to help them choose responsibly invested KiwiSaver funds – but very few seek out an adviser to help them.

FMA offers KiwiSaver advice guidance

8 November 2016 - [UPDATED] Efforts are under way at the Financial Markets Authority to help address concerns from KiwiSaver providers that are believed to be limiting the advice members receive.

Undesirables to be removed from Vanguard fund

28 October 2016 - Vanguard has bowed to pressure and is about offer an international index fund which screens out so-called nasties including companies involved the tobacco, controversial weapons and nuclear weapons sectors.

KiwiSaver bounces back

26 October 2016 - A solid quarter has seen KiwiSaver investments shake off the impact of Brexit-induced market turmoil.

Don't dismiss KiwiSaver, advisers told

26 October 2016 - Advisers are being urged to think about KiwiSaver advice as a way to capture clients for the future.

KiwiSaver advice sparks complaints

20 October 2016 - Thirteen customers have complained about bank KiwiSaver sales and advice processes over the past year, the Banking Ombudsman says.

Banks tackle KiwiSaver advice question

12 October 2016 - Banks are hoping more guidance from the Financial Markets Authority will make it easier for them to advise their clients on switching between KiwiSaver funds and providers.

KiwiSaver furore gave advice boost

10 October 2016 - Media headlines about KiwiSaver funds’ exposure to ammunition investments have provided a boost to some financial advisers.

KiwiSaver members almost triple their money

7 October 2016 - KiwiSaver members have gained about $2.50 for every $1 they have contributed to the scheme, Milford Asset Management data shows.

MBIE releases proposed KiwiSaver changes

5 October 2016 - KiwiSaver providers should be required to disclose a range of extra information in their annual statements, including the total fee in dollar terms a member has paid during the year, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is suggesting.

Providers bemoan KiwiSaver guidance

5 October 2016 - KiwiSaver providers say some of the guidance they are getting from the Financial Markets Authority about their sales and advice processes may be getting in the way of members switching funds.

KiwiSaver providers consider private investments

30 September 2016 - Private companies are being suggested as a good place for KiwiSaver providers and other fund managers to find growth opportunities.

Booster KiwiSaver passable, Morningstar says

29 September 2016 - Research house Morningstar has given faint praise to the KiwiSaver schemes operated by Grosvenor, now rebranded as Booster.

Fees in dollar terms? Easier said than done

28 September 2016 - Work is under way to require superannuation savings scheme providers to report on their annual fees in dollar terms – but some providers say that might be harder than some expect.

Craigs schemes get rebrand

21 September 2016 - Craigs Investment Partners is renaming both its KiwiSaver schemes in a bid to improve clarity for consumers.

Work to change fee disclosure

19 September 2016 - A working group has already begun to look at ways that KiwiSaver fees could be reported with more transparency.

Hawes and Forsyth Barr launch 'Summer' KiwiSaver

19 September 2016 - [UPDATED] A financial adviser is taking a key role in Forsyth Barr scheme and says there is now a commercial incentive for other AFAs to get involved with KiwiSaver.

Simplicity open for business

14 September 2016 - New low-fee KiwiSaver provider Simplicity has started accepting enrolments.

KiwiSaver puts squeeze on

12 September 2016 - Flows of KiwiSaver money into New Zealand equities are putting pressure on the market and could make it hard for managers to cash out if they want to, it has been claimed.

KiwiSaver members lack knowledge on fees

9 September 2016 - Most New Zealanders are clueless about KiwiSaver fees and not much better informed about their funds’ performance, a new survey has shown.

Generate rakes in new FUM

25 August 2016 - Adviser-distributed Generate KiwiSaver grew its funds under management by just over a quarter in the three months to the end of June, a new survey shows.

Call for KiwiSaver to follow Super Fund on ethical investing

24 August 2016 - New Zealand's newest KiwiSaver provider is calling on the rest of the industry to adopt standard responsible investing protocols.

KiwiSaver transfers from Australia still a drag

23 August 2016 - Some New Zealanders trying to transfer Australian superannuation funds back to this country are still facing difficulties.

Rules for bankrupt KiwiSaver members cause concern

15 August 2016 - A Court of Appeal ruling has given KiwiSaver balances more protection than other retirement savings when someone enters bankruptcy - a situation that has the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment concerned.

Study to assess ways to help KiwiSaver members get better results

15 August 2016 - A trial has begun that will investigate the effectiveness of behavioral interventions to help KiwiSaver members make better financial decisions.

Banks secure hold on KiwiSaver

12 August 2016 - The power of KiwiSaver as a driver of fund managers’ fortunes, and the dominance of big banks within it, is made clear in the latest Morningstar market share report.

Grosvenor takes aim at banks with new KiwiSaver product

11 August 2016 - [UPDATED] Grosvenor Financial Services, which plans to rebrand itself next month, has taken aim at the banks and is introducing a home loan product, initially targeted at KiwiSaver members.

Advisers 'must shake off product ties'

10 August 2016 - Advisers are being told they must find a way to disconnect the advice they give from the sale of products - as new statistics show the bulk of AFAs are still largely paid by commission.

Stewart seeks more capital to fund growth

8 August 2016 - Ralph Stewart’s Retirement Income Group is looking to raise up to $2 million in new capital to help grow the business which includes working with KiwiSaver providers and running a new super fund for UK pension transfers.

Banks too dominant in KiwiSaver: Survey

4 August 2016 - New Zealand’s investment management industry is worried about the influence and domination of the big banks on KiwiSaver, a new survey has shown.

HomeStart changes meant to open up market

1 August 2016 - Steep increases in house prices around the country have led the government to boost the income and house price caps in the KiwiSaver HomeStart scheme.

Stubbs launches not-for-profit KiwiSaver scheme

1 August 2016 - A new, low-fee KiwiSaver scheme being launched today will be a good fit for financial advisers who work on a fee basis, its managing director says.

Defensive funds regain ground

27 July 2016 - KiwiSaver funds with allocations to defensive assets are starting to shine again, new data shows.

Time for KiwiSaver reality check

18 July 2016 - Financial advisers are being urged to give clients a reality check about what they really need in retirement.

QROPS market 'an opportunity'

11 July 2016 - The first mainstream provider is dipping its toes back into the QROPS market this month, with a product that will likely be cheaper than most of the other options currently available to British migrants.

KiwiSaver increasingly seen as retirement income option

8 July 2016 - A growing number of high-net-worth individuals are looking to KiwiSaver as a way to manage their retirement income, AMP’s general manager of insurance and investments says.

Advisers missing KiwiSaver opportunity

6 July 2016 - Advisers have an opportunity to encourage people to use their KiwiSaver statements to work out whether they are on track for retirement, although few of them seem to be taking it, the Financial Markets Authority says.

Forget returns and fees, investors told

21 June 2016 - New Zealand fund managers should be competing for KiwiSaver members on the basis of advice, transparency and service – not fees or returns, one manager says.

Investors want more engagement

7 June 2016 - Mercer's managing director says investors are starting to demand more engagement from the people managing their money.

Stubbs looking to launch new KiwiSaver offer

20 May 2016 - [UPDATED] Former Tower Investments boss Sam Stubbs is staying tight-lipped about his latest venture, but Good Returns understands it is a fee-based KiwiSaver scheme.

Big lift in KiwiSaver withdrawals

17 May 2016 - New data from ANZ shows a big increase in the number of first-home buyers turning to KiwiSaver to help them get into the property market.

Autopilot mode helps KiwiSaver members to better returns

17 May 2016 - KiwiSaver investors are suffering less of a “behaviour gap” in returns than investors in other New Zealand managed funds, new research from Morningstar shows.

Industry told: Make Kiwis care

5 May 2016 - Advisers need to get New Zealanders off “autopilot” when it comes to retirement savings, one commentator says.

Unfounded fears put people off KiwiSaver

29 April 2016 - New Zealanders with memories of financial crisis pain may be letting misinformation get in the way of retirement savings, a new survey shows.

KiwiSaver withdrawals suggested to pay for advice

26 April 2016 - More than a third of New Zealanders would be willing to use money from their KiwiSaver accounts to pay for advice on what to do with it, ANZ research shows.

Conservative funds take lead

20 April 2016 - More conservative KiwiSaver schemes are starting to get their chance to shine.

MPs skip KiwiSaver

18 April 2016 - KiwiSaver is promoted as one of the best ways for New Zealanders to save for retirement but almost one in five members of parliament have not bothered to join the scheme.

The rise of renters

12 April 2016 - Growing numbers of renters nationwide only add to the demand for rental properties, but there are questions about what it all means. Read more.  ...

KiwiSaver treated like a bank account, not investment

11 April 2016 - Three-quarters of all KiwiSaver members have no idea how much money they will have in their accounts when they reach retirement, a new survey shows.

Pie funds' KiwiSaver plans on hold

30 March 2016 - Pie Funds is shelving plans to launch a KiwiSaver scheme, for now.

AMP offers insurance deal to stem flow of customers to bank KiwiSaver schemes

24 March 2016 - AMP is rolling out a new product which it says will "change the insurance market in New Zealand", and stem the flow of KiwiSaver members moving to banks.

Interest grows in ethical options

9 March 2016 - New Zealand fund managers and advisers are switching on to responsible investing, it has been claimed.

Portfolio-building has limited appeal

2 March 2016 - A KiwiSaver provider offering members the ability to pick the assets their retirement savings are invested in says only a small percentage of investors want to take such a hands-on approach.

Amanah amasses members

26 February 2016 - New Zealand’s only shariah-compliant fund manager has amassed $8.5 million across its KiwiSaver and unit trust in its first year in business.

Withdrawals increase

25 February 2016 - The amount of money being withdrawn from KiwiSaver accounts to fund first-home purchases soared in the year to January, new data from Inland Revenue shows.

Managers move away from alternatives

22 February 2016 - Generate and Milford had the largest percentage gain in KiwiSaver funds under management in the December quarter, new data from Aon shows.

Milford passes $500m mark in KiwiSaver

9 February 2016 - Milford has amassed more than $500 million in its KiwiSaver funds.

ASB launches KiwiSaver calculator

2 February 2016 - ASB has generated a new KiwiSaver calculator projecting the savings Kiwis could have to draw on when they reach retirement.

First-home withdrawal function not purist but valuable, providers say

26 January 2016 - KiwiSaver's first-home withdrawal function is a practical solution and a reflection of the reality of New Zealand house prices, providers say.

Risk-taking pays off

20 January 2016 - KiwiSaver funds with more assets invested in growth assets shone in the December quarter, Morningstar analysis shows.

Auto-enrolment would only add 5% to KiwiSaver: Report

20 January 2016 - A one-off enrolment of all salary and wage-earners who are not KiwiSaver members would likely cost more than it would deliver in benefits, a Treasury report says.

Five-year KiwiSaver break too long

14 January 2016 - KiwiSaver members should not be allowed to “set and forget” a five-year contributions holiday, providers and industry commentators say.

Clients want advice, don't want to pay for it

14 January 2016 - Customers are willing to pay just $57 for a personalised financial plan, a new survey shows.

KiwiSaver well-positioned for 2016

7 January 2016 - Aggressive and growth funds are likely to continue to top the KiwiSaver performance tables through 2016, an analyst says.

KiwiSaver providers should take better care, Vernon says

21 December 2015 - KiwiSaver providers should be required to take clients’ existing arrangements into consideration before recommending a switch, one provider says.

Advisers vital for KiwiSaver: Beattie

18 December 2015 - Many KiwiSaver members do not feel they have enough money in their accounts to make seeking advice worthwhile, even if the service is free, one provider says.

Advisers could better tap KiwiSaver market

1 December 2015 - KiwiSaver has massively increased the market for financial advice in New Zealand, one analyst says.

KiwiSaver advisers 'pushing products'

18 November 2015 - KiwiSaver providers are focusing more on pushing products than providing advice to ensure their members are in the right funds, the Financial Markets Authority...

FMA raises KiwiSaver bar

18 November 2015 - KiwiSaver providers are focusing more on pushing products than providing advice to ensure their members are in the right funds, the Financial Markets Authority says.

Plans outlined for bankrupt KiwiSaver members

15 November 2015 - KiwiSaver providers have been told how the Official Assignee will access the savings of people who go bankrupt.

Adviser KiwiSaver schemes lose share

2 November 2015 - [UPDATED] Advisers have been "totally out-manoeuvred" by banks when it comes to KiwiSaver, an investment analyst says.

Volatility prompts 500pc lift in switches

29 October 2015 - KiwiSaver clients who use financial advisers were less likely to react to last month’s market volatility, ANZ says.

KiwiSaver hits negative returns

22 October 2015 - KiwiSaver accounts took a hit for the first time in years in the September quarter, new Morningstar data shows.

KiwiSaver too passive

14 October 2015 - New Zealanders are being too passive about their potential KiwiSaver earnings, according to analysis released by KPMG.

FMA keen on KiwiSaver engagement

6 October 2015 - KiwiSaver advice practices will always be a point of interest to the Financial Markets Authority, its director of markets oversight says.

Roboadvice may be too expensive to pay off

30 September 2015 - Commercial constraints may put the brakes on on roboadvice reaching its full potential for now, it has been suggested.

Problem of million non-contributing KiwiSaver members

29 September 2015 - AMP is calling for the one million New Zealanders who have stopped contributing to KiwiSaver on a regular basis to consider reinstating regular contributions in order to save for their retirement.

QROPS rules put stop to mergers

28 September 2015 - British migrants whose pensions are now trapped in KiwiSaver schemes are a roadblock for providers wanting to merge funds or acquire other schemes.

KiwiSaver drain on Government coffers

24 September 2015 - Government's contribution to KiwiSaver balances has been “substantial”, a new Treasury report says.

KiwiSaver members expected to get more hands-on

23 September 2015 - Craigs Investment Partners is reporting solid growth in its KiwiSaver scheme that allows investors to select their own investments.

Banks' KiwiSaver dominance highlighted

22 September 2015 - Financial advisers are not significantly influencing the rate at which new KiwiSaver members are enrolling in the scheme, a new Treasury report says.

New KiwiSaver fund for house buyers

16 September 2015 - BNZ is launching a new KiwiSaver First-Home Buyer Fund.

Risk tools for KiwiSaver advisers

16 September 2015 - Advisers are being offered new tools to help them analyse KiwiSaver funds’ risk.

Advisers' concern at bank bundling

15 September 2015 - Advisers are worried about banks moving in on their turf with home loan offers that require customers to have multiple products with the lender.

KiwiSaver start-ups face pressure

10 September 2015 - [UPDATED, ADDS GENERATE COMMENT] A financial adviser who used to manage a small KiwiSaver scheme says the pressure will be on Pie Funds if it launches into the market.

FMA urges KiwiSaver check-up

30 August 2015 - FMA wants New Zealanders to give their KiwiSaver accounts an online health check as part of Money Week.

Mercer given bronze rating

7 August 2015 - Morningstar has given bronze ratings to Mercer’s KiwiSaver schemes.

Stick with KiwiSaver past 65, AMP urges

5 August 2015 - Many New Zealanders have the mistaken belief that once they get to 65, they have to pull their money out of KiwiSaver, AMP New Zealand’s general manager of investments and insurance, Therese Singleton, says.

ANZ calls for action on women's savings

30 July 2015 - ANZ is calling on other employers to do their bit to help women achieve better outcomes through KiwiSaver.

Silver ratings for AMP KiwiSaver

30 July 2015 - Morningstar has given silver ratings to a range of AMP KiwiSaver funds.

KiwiSaver members told: Don't get spooked

28 July 2015 - Advisers whose clients are worried about the possibility of a market correction should encourage them to stick with the KiwiSaver fund they are in, new research shows.

Falling dollar drives returns

23 July 2015 - New Zealand’s falling dollar made the biggest difference to KiwiSaver members’ account balances over the most recent quarter, research firm Morningstar says.

KiwiSaver incentives help advisers

16 July 2015 - Incentives to encourage New Zealanders to join KiwiSaver are being described as a big help to advisers, even if the Financial Markets Authority isn’t entirely happy about them.

Options discussed to improve KiwiSaver

15 July 2015 - A number of simple steps could dramatically improve the financial wellbeing of KiwiSaver members if there was industry collaboration to implement them,  investor education workshops have been told.

Gong for Kiwi Wealth

9 July 2015 - Kiwi Wealth has been named a Consumer NZ People's Choice KiwiSaver provider. Consumer NZ members were asked how satisfied they were with their providers...

KiwiSaver members urged to ponder asset allocation

23 June 2015 - Conservative KiwiSaver funds are being tipped to barely outperform cash over the next seven years.

Time running out to get tax credit

17 June 2015 - The FSC is reminding KiwiSaver members they have less than a fortnight to top up their accounts to get the maximum member tax credit this year.

Mercer combines schemes

16 June 2015 - Mercer has been given approval to combine its two KiwiSaver schemes into one.

IRD goes in to bat for QROPS status

11 June 2015 - IRD says it expects to reach a resolution with its British counterpart soon, after KiwiSaver schemes were removed from its list of recognised overseas pension schemes.

Budget change a headache for providers

9 June 2015 - Axing of the $1000 kickstart payment for KiwiSaver has been a headache for providers.

Removal of incentive means more work for advisers: Matthews

25 May 2015 - Financial advisers will have a bigger role to play in the distribution of KiwiSaver now the Government has dropped the $1000 kickstart incentive, a banking expert says.

[BUDGET] New KiwiSaver members miss out on Kick Start

21 May 2015 - People enrolling in KiwiSaver from now will no longer receive a $1,000 kick-start payment, Finance Minister Bill English says.

KiwiSaver members not on track

21 May 2015 - Kiwis who think their retirement savings are sorted because they have signed up to KiwiSaver may get a nasty shock when they reach 65.

Private equity – a role for KiwiSaver? (Part 2)

12 May 2015 - Last month we looked at the private equity market in New Zealand and opportunities to invest.  We saw that private equity is typically only available...

KiwiSaver drives managed funds lift

8 May 2015 - Growth in retail funds under management was concentrated in KiwiSaver funds in the first quarter of this year, FundSource research shows.

KiwiSavers reminded not to miss out

8 May 2015 - ANZ is running a campaign to remind KiwiSaver members to contribute enough to get their $521 free from the Government.

AML relief for advisers

5 May 2015 - One KiwiSaver provider’s offer to take over AML reporting entity responsibilities for some of its advisers is being described as a sensible move others should follow.

KiwiSaver funds misclassifying risk: Research

1 May 2015 - Some KiwiSaver providers are incorrectly indicating the risk category of their funds, new research shows.

Small Kiwi market a problem for KiwiSaver

28 April 2015 - Capacity constraints are a looming issue for the KiwiSaver market to contend with as it grows, research house Morningstar says.

Bankrupt KiwiSaver accounts off-limits

22 April 2015 - KiwiSaver account-holders who go bankrupt will not have to hand over their retirement savings, a court has ruled.

Private equity – A role for KiwiSaver?

7 April 2015 - In the first part of a two-part series Pathfinder Asset Management director John Berry explores where private equity should fit into KiwiSaver.

Costly KiwiSaver missing its target

19 December 2011 - KiwiSaver has had little success getting poor people to save and may actually reduce national saving, a report by the Treasury suggests.

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