AMP says switching campaign paying off

KiwiSaver provider AMP says its latest marketing campaign has encouraged more than 100,000 customers in its default fund to make an active choice about their investments.

Wednesday, March 27th 2019, 10:56AM 1 Comment

The Is it Me campaign has reached 86% of its goal for AMP customer switches.

“By switching our customers into a potentially higher returning fund, we can make their money work harder for them,” says AMP general manager, product and marketing, Jeff Ruscoe.

“While we wanted to directly speak to AMP customers in the AMP default fund, we also wanted to encourage all New Zealanders to look at their KiwiSaver accounts to make sure they’re making the right choice for them.”

AMP has more than 224,000 members in its KiwiSaver funds.

The campaign addresses people via radio, outdoor and digital ads with questions such as “650 people in Auckland Central could be missing out, are you one of them? Visit to find out”, referring to the missing out on potentially higher returns in a more active fund.

Those people that confirm they are AMP customers are then redirected to an online form at, enabling them to find out if they are in the AMP default fund, get a recommendation and make the switch.

No elements of the campaign are AMP-branded, which Ruscoe said led thousands of people to look online, no matter their provider, to discover if they were missing out.

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On 27 March 2019 at 2:03 pm MPT Heretic said:
Given their poor track record for advice in Aussie you would have thought AMP had learnt their lesson. Exactly what answer did they think they were going to get by asking a default fund member who has been siting in cash during one of the longest share market bull runs whether they would have liked to earn a higher return? I hope those AMP call centres are well manned for when markets drop and those same customers have to be advised it would be a very silly move to switch back..

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