Don’t let FAP stand for Fear, Apathy or Panic

As November 4th rapidly approaches, and with so much noise and scaremongering in the market, we want to keep this simple.

Thursday, July 25th 2019, 8:18AM

The Adviser Platform gives advisers peace of mind in a market full of conflicting opinions and apathy.

TAP work with advisers who are:

Time is the most valuable resource an adviser has. Through our range of services, TAP gives the adviser their time back, allowing them to provide advice to a greater number of clients and grow their business faster.

We’re excited about the industry’s future, so if you’re sick of hearing the same chatter and want to explore some common-sense solutions, we’d love to talk.



Peace of mind & full-time support starts from $150 per week

(excl. GST)


Adviser Testimonial - Matt Thomson, Simple Insurance.

After joining TAP we have been surprised and thrilled with the efficiency we have gained and the level of commitment TAP have shown to our Business. TAP are continually looking at ways they can help us improve the way we do business.

TAP's incredible support and streamlining of our processes have resulted in not having to replace a key staff member (0.6 FTE). This has been a great little boost to the bottom line.

In fact, we're close to doubling our throughput for the same period last year and more than doubling for the previous 2 years. I feel very supported by Ryan and the team, I feel extremely comfortable and in control of my business now and couldn't be happier with my choice to go with TAP.

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