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Observations from the FAP monitoring insights report

20 June 2024 - Steve Wright examines the FMA's FAP monitoring report and explains where FAPs and advisers need to lift their game.

Nelson financial adviser sentenced after losing High Court action

18 April 2023 - Former Nelson financial adviser, Tony Mount has now been sentenced to six years and nine months in prison after being found guilty on 74 dishonesty charges in 2014.

Australian rules an “impediment” to giving financial advice – report

14 February 2023 - Financial advisers in Australia have been told the regulations that control their work are complex, difficult to understand and difficult to comply with.

Govt softens conduct requirements for advisers

20 June 2022 - The Government has proposed winding back some tough controls it wanted to impose on financial advisers including mortgage advisers.

Ignite Advisers look to the future

19 January 2022 - After breaking the chains of an aligned advice model Ignite Advisers are on the hunt for a new manager to help lead the former Tower financial advisory group into the future.

Calls for more female advisers as money woes hit women hard

12 January 2022 - More than 80% of Kiwi women rate their financial wellbeing as moderate to very low and are less likely to seek financial advice, according to a report by the Financial Services Council (FSC).

Thousands yet to apply for full FAP licences

20 December 2021 - More than 200 full financial advice provider (FAP) licences have now been approved by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) with around 80% of advisers yet to apply.

FMA clarifies Wisdom House FAP cancellation decision

17 December 2021 - The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has added some details around its decision to cancel the transitional financial advice provider (FAP) licence of Wisdom House Investment Partners.

CoFI adds more challenges to financial services

25 November 2021 - Financial advice firms, insurers, banks and related institutions should prepare now for the impending implementation of CoFI legislation or risk being bogged down by further regulations.

More people using financial advisers: ASB

24 November 2021 - A survey by the ASB has found New Zealanders are now more likely to consult an adviser when looking for the best way to look after their money.

Advisers can take on the climate change challenge

23 November 2021 - Financial advisers have a crucial role in helping their clients and the companies they invest in avoid climate risk after a disappointing result at the recent COP26 Climate Summit.

Rising stars and old hands - awards wrap

17 November 2021 - A highly respected Dunedin-based financial adviser and former chairman of the Professional Advisers Association has been awarded the Service to the Profession Award by Financial Advice New Zealand.

More advisers needed

3 November 2021 - The financial services industry is in the midst of a skills shortage with businesses crying out for new faces to fill their ranks.

Competency standards - to move forward, start at the finish

29 October 2021 - Professional competency is a career-long journey and if financial advisers can't cope with minimum standards, then it's probably not the path they should be taking.

FSC backs target dates for FAP licencing

27 October 2021 - The Financial Services Council (FSC) has welcomed the Financial Markets Authority's (FMA) target dates for financial advice provider (FAP) full licence applications.

Embracing change - how regulation will improve financial advice

26 October 2021 - Regulation and compliance are not the big bad wolves of the financial advice industry - they will change the way Kiwis give and receive advice for the better.

FMA sets cut off date for FAP licencing

21 October 2021 - Advisers and financial advice companies looking to transition to a full licence have been given firm cut off dates by the Financial Markets Authority.

Mann on a mission to diversify financial advice

19 October 2021 - White, middle-aged, affluent interests are overrepresented in the New Zealand financial advice industry, says The Advice Hub's Dylan Mann.

Almost 600 advisers take wellbeing survey

12 October 2021 - Almost 600 Kiwi financial advisers have filled out a wellbeing survey aimed at assessing the mental health of people in the industry.

Last days for adviser wellbeing survey feedback

8 October 2021 - There are only a few days left for advisers to take part in a survey aimed at gauging the mental health and wellbeing of those in the financial services industry.

$5000 scholarship looks to attract new CFPs

7 October 2021 - In an effort to slow declining numbers and raise the profile of CFPs among Kiwi financial advisers Nigel Tate and Financial Advice NZ have launched a new scholarship to promote the qualification.

Measuring adviser wellbeing in NZ

30 September 2021 - Research into the mental health and wellbeing of financial advisers in Australia showed some surprising findings. A similar survey has been launched in New Zealand and Good Returns is encouraging as many advisers as possible to take part.

[GRTV] What's driving adviser burnout?

23 September 2021 - Fifteen years of constant change has worn financial advisers down to the point where more than 70% of Australians in the industry were reaching the point of burnout, and we want to know what's happening here.

Trusted Adviser status defended after FoxPlan censure

7 September 2021 - Questions have been raised about the Financial Advice NZ Trusted Adviser status of three owners of FoxPlan after the company was censured by the FMA.

Companies office deregisters 458 FSPs

3 August 2021 - Predictions of a mass exodus of advisers from the financial advice industry have not transpired, according to the latest statistics from the Companies Office.

FMA releases cyber-safety fact sheet

29 July 2021 - The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has published an information sheet containing principles and resources to help licensed financial advice providers develop their cyber resilience.

FMA pings adviser for unauthorised advice

28 July 2021 - Financial services firm FoxPlan has been publically censured by the FMA after five of its representatives were found to be offering services they were not permitted to give.

PI scheme cover extended due to IT issues

28 July 2021 - Financial Advice New Zealand liability programme members will have their insurance liability extended for another month due to problems with IT systems and online premium quotations.

Cryptocurrency; Advisers wary but must evolve

21 July 2021 - Financial advisers are still wary of cryptocurrency investments but adviser experts are saying they are coming to grips with the evolving investment opportunity.

Another milestone reached - the road to full licensing lies ahead

23 June 2021 - Another milestone in the journey to full licensing has been reached after the deadline for advisers to link themselves to a financial advice provider passed last week.

Complaints and the problem with professional indemnity insurance

22 June 2021 - We've all seen the renewals for various PI schemes starting to be published and it would be fair to say people are experiencing a bit of shock.

Hawkes Bay Financial Adviser Brad MacDonald joins Plus4

17 March 2021 - Former Navy recruit Brad MacDonald moved back to the Hawkes Bay to begin a career as a financial adviser.

Exemption given for Australian advisers allowed to work in NZ

20 January 2021 - Australian financial advisers have been given an exemption to operate in New Zealand.

Professional indemnity insurance: What advisers need to know

20 November 2020 - Good Returns spoke to industry insiders who believe that just because PI insurance isn’t compulsory, it is still crucial for advisers.

Advisers needed by potential clients, FMA research shows

23 July 2020 - There is untapped demand for financial advice among New Zealanders, but the challenge for the industry will be to capture a market that is different from those it already serves, a new Financial Markets Authority report shows.

ASB recruiting advisers

2 July 2020 - Financial advisers will be among the 150 people ASB recruits to provide guidance and advice to customers as it cuts branch numbers and reduces hours.

Financial advice saving retirement futures: Adviser

1 June 2020 - A financial adviser who offers digital advice on KiwiSaver says he’s seen a “huge uptick” in demand for help during the Covid-19 disruption – and those who have received guidance have made it through the market volatility in better shape.

Budget delivers for stricken advisers, FMA

14 May 2020 - This year’s Budget will provide a boost for struggling financial advisers, Financial Advice New Zealand says – and should shore up confidence in the sector with funding for the Financial Markets Authority.

New Zealanders hungry for advice, Sorted says

14 May 2020 - A record number of people using the Sorted website should translate into more demand for financial advice, its managing editor says.

Former Newpark boss 'working to support advisers'

14 April 2020 - Former Newpark chief executive Melanie Purdey says she’s working to direct her passion for the adviser sector into helping its people through the Covid-19 disruption.

Advisers 'will drop out'

2 April 2020 - Advisers who are new to the industry will be most likely to drop out due to Covid-19 economic disruption, industry commentators say.

Licensing won't start until next year

26 March 2020 - It is expected that the new financial advice regime will not begin until March at the earliest.

Kiwis shun professional advice: Report

8 March 2020 - New Zealanders are still reluctant to seek professional financial advice – and it may be because they’re worried about being told what to do, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) says.

Regulation pushes firms to vertical integration

17 February 2020 - Fisher Funds chief executive Bruce McLachlan says new regulation is creating an environment in which it is easier for product providers, such as fund managers, to have their advisers in-house.

Govt should subsidise advice: Financial Advice NZ

31 January 2020 - Government should be encouraging New Zealanders to engage with financial advice to better equip them for lifelong wellbeing, Financial Advice New Zealand.

Female advisers put off by boozy networking

20 January 2020 - New Zealand's financial advice industry is suffering a lack of women because they feel pushed out by male-dominated events, such as networking that revolves around drinking, new research has found.

Using an adviser adds more than 5% to a client's portfolio

26 November 2019 - The value of advice has been quantified in a new report produced by Russell Investments.

Transitional licensing delayed

24 October 2019 - There's a few more weeks to wait before you can apply for a transitional FAP licence.

Advisers not dropping out, Financial Advice NZ says

17 October 2019 - Financial Advice NZ says most advisers plan to remain in the sector under the new licensing regime – and most will take their own licence.

Low rates prompting shift: FMA

2 October 2019 - Low interest rates may be prompting people to switch from term deposits to investing with an adviser, research suggests.

Financial advisers help tackle stress

27 September 2019 - Financial advisers have a significant role to play in helping New Zealanders overcome money stress, the Commission for Financial Capability (CFFC) says.

Advisers feeling overwhelmed by change and scrutiny, group says

19 September 2019 - Financial advisers are struggling mentally with the amount of change they are being forced to go through and need more than just business and licensing support, one dealer group says.

Adviser ordered to pay $1,000 after 'dragging heels'

13 September 2019 - A client who said his insurance adviser took too long to arrange redundancy cover for him has taken his complaint to FSCL.

Financial advice reforms may miss the mark

12 September 2019 - Financial advice reforms are at risk of not delivering on one of their key stated aims, one law firm says.

Advice rules created 'two-tier' market, working group says

10 September 2019 - More advice is needed to boost the fortunes of the New Zealand capital markets, a new report says.

Financial Advice NZ backs Money Week

7 September 2019 - Financial Advice NZ is lending support to messages encouraging Kiwis to have conversations around financial matters this Money Week.

Fidelity Life appoints adviser professional development support

4 September 2019 - Fidelity life has appointed a product training manager for its professional development team working with advisers.

Negative bank rates – yeah right!

4 September 2019 - It’s official: the world has gone mad. In Denmark a bank is paying people to take out a home loan with them. 

[The Wrap] Introducing the new type of financial adviser (Not)

23 August 2019 - One of the things which impacts on the standing of financial advisers is the dodgy people who pretend to be be advisers but work outside of the regulated market.

Chicken Little and the falling sky

12 August 2019 - It’s been said to me before, J-P how about looking at the glass being half full? Funny thing is the human brain is naturally a bit pessimistic, 60/40% if the studies I’ve read on the subject are right.

Don’t let FAP stand for Fear, Apathy or Panic

25 July 2019 - As November 4th rapidly approaches, and with so much noise and scaremongering in the market, we want to keep this simple.

900 dropping out 'too low'

27 June 2019 - Government estimates that 900 advisers could drop out of the industry as part of the shift to the new legal regime are being described as too low.

KiwiSaver could help fill advice gap

10 June 2019 - KiwiSaver could be part of the solution to provide financial advice to older New Zealanders who do not have large amounts of money to invest, adviser Martin Hawes says.

Partners Life: This is what good advisers do

13 May 2019 - Partners Life managing director Naomi Ballantyne has fired back in the debate about commission, highlighting the amount of work that advisers do for nothing.

Advice model not working, fund manager says

7 May 2019 - New Zealand’s advice model is not working, and too many people are being left behind, Kiwi Wealth’s general manager of customer, product and innovation, Joe Bishop, says.

Advisers ask: Is it worth it?

6 May 2019 - Advisers nearing “retirement age” say they’re planning to opt out of advice rather than transition to the new regime, but not everyone is convinced it will actually happen.

Advisers braced for government's financial safeguards

29 April 2019 - Mortgage advisers expect an additional regulatory burden from the government’s new financial safeguarding proposals, and have warned against the “unintended consequences” of changing remuneration structures.

The many different kinds of financial adviser

26 April 2019 - Sometimes, the principle of mediocrity seems to rule supreme, while at others, the incredible diversity of financial advice surprises.

Embrace change & strengthen your business with The Adviser Platform

18 March 2019 - New Zealand’s financial adviser industry is changing. The Adviser Platform (TAP) is here to help advisers who are driven to succeed, by providing them with the tools and support they need to remain fully compliant so that they can focus on creating long-term success.

Advisers told: Pick your time, prove your value

1 March 2019 - Advisers can use new behavioural research to glean tips on how to drive new connections with clients and deepen existing ones, the Financial Markets Authority says.

Rough start to the year

18 February 2019 - We've had a reasonably rough start to the year with reporting and political tub-thumping. Between the Reserve Bank report, the Australian Royal Commission report, and the governments on both side of the Tasman, it's fair to say Financial Services has had a rough time.

How Australia’s Royal Commission could affect NZ investors

7 February 2019 - Shockwaves are running through Australia’s finance industry following the Royal Commission’s damning report so how could the recommendations impact on New Zealand investors?

FuturePlan a reminder to check in with clients

24 January 2019 - Criticism of a closed Fisher Funds scheme has highlighted the issue the sector has with legacy products.

AFAs ring changes

21 January 2019 - Two authorised financial advisers (AFAs) have started the new year with job changes.

Australian Royal Commission will impact NZ

7 January 2019 - Dr Deen Sanders, the ex-CEO of Australia's Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority, predicts pressure on Australian mortgage adviser fees will have a "flow-on" effect to New Zealand. 

Morningstar committed to New Zealand

17 December 2018 - Morningstar director of manager research, Asia-Pacific, Tim Murphy says it is still committed to the New Zealand market, despite no longer having researchers on the ground here.

Financial services boosting NZ's bottom line

13 December 2018 - New Zealand's financial services sector contributed $13.5 billion to New Zealand's gross domestic product last year, or 6% of the total, research commissioned by the Financial Services Council (FSC) says.

Old approach won't always stack up

12 December 2018 - Cases such as Brian Ferguson's public warning highlight that old ways of thinking may not work in the new advice regime, Partners Life's general manager of product, Steve Wright, says.

Law doesn't have to be broken for FMA to take action

10 December 2018 - What impact a public warning would have on an adviser’s career is one of the considerations the Financial Markets Authority takes into account when determining the sanctions to hand out, its director of regulation says.

Kiwi banks may follow Australians out of wealth business

4 December 2018 - It’s possible that New Zealand banks will follow their parents out of financial advice – but it would be to the detriment of New Zealanders, one commentator says.

Newpark aims to double membership

3 December 2018 - New mortgage dealer group Newpark Home Loans has revealed plans to double its membership over the next year as it aims to lure startup brokerages across the country.

Public warning may mean career over

29 November 2018 - Advisers who have been the subject of regulatory action could have a hard time transitioning to the new regime.

AMP to support women in advice

26 November 2018 - AMP is developing a programme to support female financial advisers, modelled on its own women's leadership programmes.

AFA applications roll in

23 November 2018 - The Financial Markets Authority is experiencing a rush of applications from those wanting to become authorised financial advisers.

No code before Christmas

15 November 2018 - A new code of conduct for financial advisers will not be signed off this year.

Concerns retiring advisers might jump

8 November 2018 - There are fears that if financial advice rules prompt an exodus of advisers from the market, it could reduce what they can sell their businesses for.

CPD detail may be for associations to tackle

25 October 2018 - The number of hours advisers are required to spend on continuing professional development under the new regime may be a question for professional bodies, the code working group has said.

Draft code “exciting” for mortgage advisers: Shanks

15 October 2018 - The requirement for a level 5 certificate under the new code of conduct for financial advisers presents an “exciting opportunity” for mortgage advisers to up-skill, says Financial Advice NZ CEO Katrina Shanks.

Advisers hang back from KiwiSaver

10 October 2018 - If the financial services sector wants financial advisers to deal in KiwiSaver, it will have to make it pay, one fund manager says.

Fund managers 'should back advisers'

9 October 2018 - Fund managers can best serve investors by supporting and encouraging the use of third-party advice channels, David Boyle, head of sales and marketing at Mint Asset Management, says.

FMA calls for adviser support

2 October 2018 - The Financial Markets Authority is hoping advisers will back its efforts to encourage investors to “take the plunge”.

Gallagher’s buys Super-Advice business

12 September 2018 - Gallagher’s has bought the Australian business of Super-Advice, which chief executive Allan Rickerby says will allow it to focus on its New Zealand group benefits services.

Associations' quandary: Boost numbers, maintain standards

5 September 2018 - Financial adviser organisations must strike a balance between the need to grow their membership numbers and a desire to enforce standards, one former president says.

Rival gets diversity gong

31 August 2018 - Financial advice firm Rival Wealth was recognised for its workplace diversity efforts at national awards this week.

No adjournment for Mike Pero case

28 August 2018 - Mike Pero Mortgages Ltd’s attempt to get proceedings in their legal dispute with Mike Pero adjourned has failed and the scheduled hearing will go ahead next month.

AFA concerns on back-burner for now

27 August 2018 - Financial advisers who raised concerns about KiwiSaver have been told a review of default provider arrangements will consider those issues – but not until next year.

Judge discharges order against Mike Pero

23 August 2018 - Mike Pero has scored a small victory in his long-running legal battle against the current owners of the mortgage advisory firm that bears his name.

Investor confidence drops

20 August 2018 - Managed funds’ strong performance over recent years hasn’t been enough to convince investors they should put their money in them.

Advisers offered scholarship to upskill

10 August 2018 - A new scholarship programme has been launched to help advisers complete the qualifications that will be needed under the new regime.

FMA: Adviser licensing will be a challenge

9 August 2018 - The Financial Markets Authority is bracing for a flood of work when the new financial adviser licensing regime begins – but it’s not clear yet how big the wave will be.

Committee proposes FSLAB changes

31 July 2018 - The Economic Development, Science and Innovation Committee has provided its report on the bill, which recommends it be passed, with amendments. Financial Advice New Zealand chief executive Katrina Shanks said she was disappointed to see the committee had not taken a stand to draw a line between sales and advice.

Advisers 'struggle to balance regulator and client'

31 July 2018 - New Zealand is getting up to speed with international financial advice regulation requirements, but non-AFA advisers may struggle to meet their new requirements when the Financial Services Legislation Amendment Bill takes effect, says the owner of a new compliance business.

Advisers need to take stand in industry: Cliffe

30 July 2018 - An adviser behind a scathing letter about problems with KiwiSaver says it’s the job of independent financial advisers to make a stand in the market.

Proposed code will devalue advice: Tate

27 July 2018 - New rules for financial advisers could make financial planners an endangered breed.

Submitters criticise code suggestions

20 July 2018 - Submitters told the Code Working Group there were serious problems with its initial proposals for a new code of conduct for financial advisers.

Patten takes down broking shingle after 16 years

18 July 2018 - Veteran mortgage adviser Bruce Patten has hung up his shingle as a broker and moved into a new role at the NZ Financial Services Group.

Consumer feedback 'good reminder'

13 July 2018 - Consumer feedback on the development of a new code of conduct for financial advisers has highlighted the importance of keeping a client focus, Angus Dale-Jones says.

Financial advisers can help boost confidence: FMA

12 July 2018 - Financial advisers are “in the sweet spot” to help boost investor confidence, Financial Markets Authority chief executive Rob Everett says.

Financial Advice NZ's next challenge: Everyone else

9 July 2018 - Financial Advice NZ is readying to promote itself to advisers who have until now not been a member of a professional association.

What makes an adviser independent, anyway?

21 June 2018 - What constitutes “independent” advice is one of the issues that will be considered by regulators developing the new regime for financial advice.

Code proposals show product provider influence: Tate

21 March 2018 - Product providers are reaping the benefits of a code working group full of product providers, a prominent adviser says.

No room for stock-pickers: Vanguard

20 March 2018 - More fee pressure is coming for investment advisers, Vanguard says, particularly those whose only value proposition is to outperform competitors’ investment returns.

Fees refunded after portfolio complaint

7 March 2018 - An investment adviser has refunded client fees after she complained about an investment that reduced in value while she held it.

Coaching your clients on how to hire a good financial adviser

6 March 2018 - Here’s a thought for your next newsletter / blog post / or LinkedIn update: write about how to hire a financial adviser.

'Every investment situation' could be affected by tax group

6 March 2018 - A working group pondering potential changes to New Zealand's tax system could change the investment landscape for financial advisers.

Licensing questions need answers

5 March 2018 - Select committee members considering the Financial Services Legislation Amendment Bill are being urged to provide clarity on entity licensing – in particular, how much risk and liability licensed entities will take on.

Big opportunity for advisers: Mercer

19 February 2018 - A changing employment environment may provide new business opportunities for financial advisers.

Get ready for downturn - Bagrie

16 February 2018 - The world is due for another bad economic downturn so people need to be aware of the signals, warns ANZ’s former chief economist Cameron Bagrie.

Advisers told: Don't ignore crypto

25 January 2018 - Financial advisers should expand their repertoire to be able to offer advice on cryptocurrencies, one expert says.

What advisers want from Financial Advice NZ

23 January 2018 - In today's news we talk to the mortgage advisers who have been appointed to Financial Advice New Zealand’s lending advisory committee to see what they...

The 10 best ways to compete with the big end of town

23 January 2018 - It is true, the big end of town has advantages – and yet third-party advisers, typically running small businesses, have done very well over the years and have a strong offer to the market.

Exemption grows under FSLAB

23 January 2018 - An exclusion that allowed lawyers and accountants to give financial advice without being caught by the same regulations as financial advisers looks to have been extended under the new rules.

Getting to Know: Mary Potter

19 January 2018 - ANZ Investments northern business development manager Mary Potter says the people she has worked with have been one of the highlights of her career.

Client first 'means responsible investment'

18 January 2018 - New Zealand advisers and fund managers need to consider clients’ desire for responsible investment of their money if they are to meet their duty to act in clients’ best interests, the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia says.

No safe harbour for new advisers

17 January 2018 - Advice firms wanting to recruit new advisers could have a new hurdle once the new regime takes effect.

Advice force changes: Hunters out, farmers in

16 January 2018 - Selling a book of business is a different proposition in 2018 than it was a few years ago - and not just because average values have increased substantially.

Squeeze on financial recruitment

11 January 2018 - A tough hiring environment may force banks and other financial institutions to take a broader approach to finding financial advisers this year.

Financial planning and insurance advice

10 January 2018 - Nigel Tate recently commented on the foundation of the new member advisory committees for FANZ that he would like to position financial planning as a distinct...

Consilium reports super-charged growth

28 December 2017 - Adviser back-office support firm Consilium is reporting growth of 38 per cent per year.

Financial Advice NZ acknowledges frustrations

27 December 2017 - Financial Advice NZ has acknowledged advisers' frustration at the time it has taken to establish the new professonal association.

More consultation on Minister's to-do list

19 December 2017 - The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment wants to see consultation papers on the regulation of financial advice issued within the first 100 days of this government's term.

Getting to Know: Paul Sewell

15 December 2017 - After a stint in banking, it was a newspaper article that prompted Paul Sewell into financial advice.

Law changes look like Aussie model: Stewart

14 December 2017 - Smaller advice firms could find the new legislative regime is harder to deal with than they expect, if the Australian experience is anything to go by.

Dealer groups prepare for legislation change

13 December 2017 - Dealer groups may have to reconsider their value proposition under the new licensing regime.

Financial Advice NZ recruiting

12 December 2017 - New professional association Financial Advice NZ appears to be addressing concerns about how it will represent all strands of advice, by opting for a system of colleges.

FMA preparing for advice changes

11 December 2017 - The Financial Markets Authority has told incoming Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Kris Faafoi that it is working through its preparations for the new financial advice regime.

The Wrap: Bill gets yes, PAA gets no

8 December 2017 - We weren’t sure it was going to happen this side of the new year but this week the Financial Services Legislation Amendment Bill had its first reading in Parliament.

It's real; Financial adviser reforms are go

7 December 2017 - The Government has pushed the go button for significant reforms to how financial advice is delivered in New Zealand. This evening the Financial Services Legislation Amendment Bill has had its first reading in Parliament and now goes to Select Committee.  

Few takers for advice - but retirees rue missed opportunity

7 December 2017 - Many retirees regret not taking financial advice, but it’s not easy to get people who need it to take an interest, data shows.

Nikko plots KiwiSaver launch

6 December 2017 - Nikko Asset Management is to launch a KiwiSaver fund offered via roboadvice.

FSLAB gets promotion

4 December 2017 - Despite warnings of a delay for the Financial Services Legislation Amendment Bill, it has been bumped up Parliament’s Order Paper.

Working group outlines new code's principles

1 December 2017 - Investment advisers look unlikely to need to meet higher competence standards under the new code of conduct for the industry.

Advice bill faces year-long delay

30 November 2017 - New rules for financial advisers are likely to be delayed until the end of next year.

DIMS advisers face uncertainty... again

29 November 2017 - He's only been approved to offer personalised DIMS for just over two years, now adviser Alistair Bean faces more uncertainty.

New minister gets into client first debate

27 November 2017 - New Commerce Minister Kris Faafoi says he’s less worried about whether New Zealand has enough financial advisers to cater for the population – and more whether the financial advisers it has are putting their clients first.

NZX pushing on with scale in its ETFs

24 November 2017 - After a wide ranging review of its operations NZX has decided that its ETF business is a core part of its operations.

Ethics matter in fintech era: CFA

23 November 2017 - Ethical considerations are becoming an increasingly important requirements of those involved in investment management and advice, the head of the CFA Institute in this part of the world says.

PAA: Meeting failure could hold up Financial Advice NZ

22 November 2017 - PAA members are being told it was "disheartening" that the association could not get quorum for its recent annual general meeting in Auckland - and they'll need to do better if the establishment of Financial Advice NZ is to happen smoothly.

Stop filling out forms for clients: IFSO

22 November 2017 - A client whose policy was avoided because he did not disclose health issues is a reminder to advisers that completing insurance applications on behalf of clients can be risky, the Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman says.

Priorities and ideals

21 November 2017 - One celebrated robo-advice site does nothing to help the customer decide which insurance to choose when the budget crunch has to be acknowledged.

A survival guide for financial adviser licensing

21 November 2017 - All financial advisory businesses will begin a mandatory licensing process, but do not fear, the FMA comes in peace, John Berry says. In the first of two-part commentary he shares his views on what to expect and how to prepare for change.

Roboadvice green light 'better late than never'

17 November 2017 - Work is progressing on the exemption that will allow personalised roboadvice, or digital advice, in New Zealand. But one law firm says it's a case of "better late than never".

Next stop: Innovation

16 November 2017 - Fidelity Life chief executive Nadine Tereora says a $100 million investment from the NZ Super Fund has arrived at the perfect time.

What to do with $100 million

16 November 2017 - [GOOD RETURNS TV] The NZ Superannuation Fund is looking to spend $100 million taking a 41% stake in Fidelity Life. The insurer's chief executive Nadine Tereora explains what this means for advisers.

Auckland adviser joins Plus4 Insurance Group

16 November 2017 - Steve Deeble has joined the Plus4 Insurance Solutions bringing its total number of advisers to 41. Before entering the financial services sector, Deeble...

FMA focus on financial advice

16 November 2017 - Financial advice is a key area of focus for the Financial Markets Authority, its chief executive Rob Everett told the Infinz conference.

BNZ first bank to market with online lodgement tool

13 November 2017 - BNZ is set to launch an electronic lodgement process to help advisers and improve turnaround times on loan applications.

Advisers could do better by women: AMP

13 November 2017 - Financial advisers could do more to boost the confidence of women accessing their services, AMP Financial Services general manager of advice and sales Therese Singleton says.

Quality mark questions

9 November 2017 - A quality mark system is coming - but what will it mean, and how will it fit with the CFP designation?

Look to Asia for yield

8 November 2017 - Advisers are being encouraged to think of investments into Asia as being a useful income generating investment, rather than one for capital appreciation.

Sovereign boost commissions; nib offers a new model

7 November 2017 - nib moves to spread commission offer as Sovereign boosts its advisers' pay cheques.

nib marks five years

7 November 2017 - [GOOD RETURNS TV] Advisers are well-positioned to talk to their clients about how health insurance can keep them healthy, happy and productive, once insurer says.

Target on advisers outside associations

7 November 2017 - Advisers who are not members of a professional association risk becoming disengaged or missing out on important information about the upcoming advice regulation overhaul, the Financial Services Council says.

Getting to Know: Janet Natta

3 November 2017 - Janet Natta wants more people to know that financial advisers are awesome.

KiwiSaver fees: Paying for performance

31 October 2017 - ANZ has produced an excellent document to celebrate 10 years of KiwiSaver, called Dollars and Cents: A Decade of KiwiSaver. Ana-Marie Lockyer, GM of Wealth Products at ANZ Investments, talks about what’s in the report.

Faafoi: I'll listen to concerns

31 October 2017 - New Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Kris Faafoi says he's aware that small advice firms are worried they will lose out under the Financial Services Legislation Amendment Bill.

Leverage up your KiwiSaver fund

30 October 2017 - Booster chief investment officer David Beattie says people should be taking more risk in their KiwiSaver funds.

Going for growth

30 October 2017 - It’s the elusive thing that almost every adviser is looking for. Most have attended countless seminars, roadshows and conferences to unlock its secrets. Many advisers have bookshelves full of wisdom on the subject. But who is really achieving it?

The Wrap: Deadlines for changes clearer (maybe)

27 October 2017 - Since this is the Weekly Wrap we thought we'd try and wrap the week up, highlighting the key news stories and looking ahead to what's happening next week. Read on to see what's on the agenda.

Smartshares hits $2b FUM

27 October 2017 - NZX exchange-traded funds business Smartshares has ticked over $2 billion in funds under management.

Kepa, The Advisers Institute, reveals new partner

26 October 2017 - [Advertorial] Leading New Zealand adviser group Kepa has announced a partnership with up-and-coming mortgage advice company Mortgage Lab.

Financial Advice New Zealand launch date set

26 October 2017 - Financial Advice New Zealand will administer a quality service mark for its adviser members as it works to boost public trust and confidence in the profession, it has been revealed.

Mortgage advisers: start thinking about your education now

24 October 2017 - Change is coming under the new financial advice regime and mortgage advisers are being urged to start getting ready for it now.

Dealer groups as part of your plan

24 October 2017 - A couple of weeks ago, when I wrote about the importance and knowing your own mind when considering the future, a couple of dealer group leaders thought my article was 'anti-group'.

Getting to Know: Jon-Paul Hale

20 October 2017 - Insurance adviser Jon-Paul Hale wants to see the industry working together much better.

Should lawyers give financial advice?

19 October 2017 - Since the Financial Advisers Act (FAA) came into force there has been some angst over exemptions for other professions – such as lawyers and accountants.  Are financial advisers right to be concerned that lawyers and accountants can hand out financial advice? Are there any restrictions on them?

New code's wider scope helps advisers: Chairman

19 October 2017 - Authorised financial advisers will benefit from being part of an industry fully bound by a code of conduct, the chairman of the working group developing the new code says.

FMA fast-tracks roboadvice

18 October 2017 - Advisers can expect to see roboadvice in the New Zealand market next year, and the country’s banks and product providers are already developing their platforms.

'Adviser cull' could hit NZ

7 October 2017 - New Zealand financial adviser numbers could fall by up to 60 per cent over the next seven years, it has been predicted.

Getting to Know: Anand Srinivasan

6 October 2017 - Anand Srinivasan has been making waves since he gave up working for a provider to work for himself.

FMA: Advisers can help clients avoid scams

6 October 2017 - Advisers have a key role to play in helping clients avoid scams, the Financial Markets Authority says.

Clients' sense of security 'most important'

3 October 2017 - Advisers are being told that giving their clients peace of mind may be more important than the investment returns they provide.

Spicers brand disappears

2 October 2017 - Spicers is no longer a feature of the New Zealand financial advice market.

Pathfinder focuses on responsibility

2 October 2017 - Fund manager Pathfinder is rebranding, with a focus on responsible investing.

Getting to Know: Murray Harris

29 September 2017 - Murray Harris says financial advice is about much more than money and investments. But his time with the world's super-wealthy has given him added appreciation of both.

Deadline looms for information returns

28 September 2017 - Authorised financial advisers have until the end of this week to file their annual information returns – but there’s scepticism about what the exercise provides.

Transparency, simplicity 'key for insurance growth'

28 September 2017 - More needs to be done to ensure that insurance products and advice are transparent and easy to understand, industry commentators say.

14pc of inquiries about advisers, FMA says

28 September 2017 - The number of financial adviser inquiries made to the Financial Markets Authority is steady year-on-year, the regulator's latest annual report shows.

Insurer creates new role

27 September 2017 - Fidelity Life has appointed a new chief technology officer.

Aussie robo provider wants to partner with Kiwi advisers

27 September 2017 - An Australian roboadvice platform is planning to enter the New Zealand market early next year and wants to work with local advisers.

Whistle-blowers more exposed under new rules

26 September 2017 - Whistle-blowers are set to lose some of their identity protection when the new financial adviser legislation comes into force.

Getting to Know: Andrew Kelleher

22 September 2017 - Andrew Kelleher - financial adviser, wealth manager... hole-digger?

Newpark paying for members to do Level 5 papers

22 September 2017 - Dealer group Newpark is encouraging its members to complete the Level Five insurance papers and it will pay for the training.

Advisers welcome Sovereign sale news

22 September 2017 - Advisers are optimistic about the future for Sovereign, which will be bought by AIA.

Clients complain about advisers

21 September 2017 - Financial advisers who did not explain their terms of business, in particular their fees, who did not action client requests to change or cancel policies, and issues of disclosure were some of the most common causes of complaints about advisers over the past year, IFSO says.

Advisers should speak up for investor unfairness

20 September 2017 - An adviser says a recent $25 million new shares placement by Turners Automotive Group highlights the importance of advisers to investors as the industry continues to embrace roboadvice.

Getting to Know: Toni Dodds

15 September 2017 - She's Fred's daughter, but don't hold that against Toni Dodds.

Triplejump could get boost from new qualification rules

14 September 2017 - Triplejump is expecting upcoming changes to the qualification requirements for advisers to boost demand for its new learning platform.

Online offer 'more than quote and compare'

14 September 2017 - A new insurance advice firm is promising consumers a more in-depth online service.

Getting to Know: Liz Koh

8 September 2017 - Adviser Liz Koh says she deliberately set out to build a public profile.

Accuro: Early days but happy with online response

7 September 2017 - Almost 100 policies have been issued using Accuro’s new instant online service.

Warning for would-be providers

6 September 2017 - Advice firms planning to apply for a license as a financial advice provider may need to think twice before they adopt a model that relies on nominated representatives.

Advice key part of KiwiSaver success: ANZ

5 September 2017 - Advice is important to make sure New Zealanders get the most out of KiwiSaver, the country’s biggest provider says – but it suggests much of it should be supplied free.

Consilium offers philanthropic solution

3 September 2017 - New Zealanders will soon have the option of asking their financial advisers to help them manage money they want to donate to charity.

Getting to Know: Dean Anderson

1 September 2017 - Dean Anderson is the face of Smartshares for many advisers - but do you know where he spent 2006?

FMA outlines plans - has eyes on advisers

30 August 2017 - The Financial Markets Authority is laying out how it plans to use its new, increase level of funding – and advisers can expect to receive its attention.

Under-active RFAs may drop out

29 August 2017 - A large number of advisers are not working full-time and may take the chance to drop out when new advice laws kick in.

Nagging and the definition of ‘financial advice’

28 August 2017 - Once upon a time we had this corporate guru come and talk to us about teams and communications.

Sharesies ponders advice offer

28 August 2017 - Working out how advice will fit into its platform is on the agenda for new investment provider Sharesies.

Softer market better time to buy

25 August 2017 - Good news for advisers: softer price growth is starting to improve perceptions of whether it is a bad time to buy a house, a new survey suggests.

Getting to Know: Reagan Bax

25 August 2017 - Is Reagan Bax, brother of model Kylie Bax, the only member of the NZ financial advice sector to have played golf with Donald Trump?

Adviser wants 'gold standard' for industry

25 August 2017 - A financial adviser with trans-Tasman experience says New Zealand advisers are subject to insufficient regulation, compared to their Australian counterparts.

Newpark stacks its board with well-known people

24 August 2017 - Newpark Group has appointed four business leaders to its board, to help design and implement the group’s future strategy.

No fine for QROPS adviser who breached code

23 August 2017 - A financial adviser has been censured and ordered to operate under supervision for at least six months after being found to have breached the code of conduct.

Industry demands details

23 August 2017 - The financial advice sector has been left puzzled by the role of nominated representatives in the new financial advice regime, how they will work for Financial Advice Providers, and how consumers might complain about them, should they need to.

Getting to Know: Peter Neilson

18 August 2017 - Peter Neilson was the chair of the Financial Services Council until insurers quit in revolt over a report into insurance commissions, and was the Associate Minister of Finance during the sharemarket crash. Here, he talks about why advisers should be more like surgeons.

Pro-bono work recognised

18 August 2017 - A pro bono initiative run by the Southland branch of the IFA could be replicated across the country when Financial Advice NZ becomes operational.

Clients might need a bonds brush-up

17 August 2017 - Advisers are being warned that some clients may get a shock when rising interest rates put pressure on bond values.

New legislation may give advice industry new life

16 August 2017 - The financial advice industry is well-positioned for growth, if it is willing to make changes.

QFEs get licensing head-start

15 August 2017 - Dealer groups and adviser networks may opt for financial advice provider status (FAP) under the new legislation, but it is expected to be an easier transition for existing qualifying financial entities (QFEs).

Working group lays out plans

14 August 2017 - A preliminary draft of the new code of conduct to cover all advisers is expected by next March or April, the working group developing it says.

GRTV Ep3: Code working group; the value of opening up to your clients; and risk advice upheaval

12 August 2017 - In this latest episode of GRTV, Good Returns publisher Philip Macalister sat down with the chairman of the Code Working Group, Angus Dale-Jones, Dr. Philip M. Randall, managing partner of The Thorndyke Group and Partners Life chief executive Naomi Ballantyne.

Getting to Know: Binu Paul

11 August 2017 - Binu Paul is known in the industry for his fresh approach to the application of technology in financial services. But did you know about his plans to dabble in fashion?

Financial Advice NZ? Wait and see

10 August 2017 - One adviser association will wait a couple of years before deciding whether its members will join Financial Advice NZ.

Dale-Jones happy with Code Working Group

9 August 2017 - The chairman of the Code Working Group, Angus Dale-Jones, responds to criticism of the make up of the group and also outlines its plans.

Get basics right: Ballantyne

9 August 2017 - Naomi Ballantyne, Managing Director of Partners Life, talks about adviser businesses and getting them ready for the future, plus an update on their upcoming roadshow.

Start dating your clients

9 August 2017 - Financial advisers are realising that the value in their businesses is the relationships they have with clients, not just the skills they offer, says Philip M. Randall, managing partner of The Thorndyke Group.

Dale-Jones: Judge us on our transparency

9 August 2017 - The chairman of the working group set up to develop a new industry code of conduct has deflected criticism of a lack of adviser involvement.

Start dating your clients

9 August 2017 - Financial advisers are realising that the value in their businesses is the relationships they have with clients, not just the skills they offer, says Philip M. Randall, managing partner of The Thorndyke Group.

Get basics right: Ballantyne (+ VIDEO)

9 August 2017 - Something as simple as producing a set of accounts to prove they have a financially viable business could be a significant challenge for some risk advisers, Partners Life chief executive Naomi Ballantyne says.

Law changes an imperfect improvement

8 August 2017 - Changes made to the Financial Services Legislation Amendment Bill before it was introduced to Parliament have been welcomed by the financial advice sector - but some say they did not go far enough.

Bill won't get through this term - so what?

7 August 2017 - Labour 'can't guarantee' position of support for the Financial Services Legislation Amendment Bill won't change.

Bawden's business rebrand

4 August 2017 - RE/MAX New Zealand is rebranding its finance arm which is run by Geoff Bawden.

Getting to Know: Sue Brown

4 August 2017 - Sue Brown was known to many advisers as the face of regulation at the FMA. She's now off on her own, operating Sue Brown Solutions.

Awards to industry's finest

4 August 2017 - Industry stalwarts and newcomers have been recognised with awards at this year’s joint IFA/PAA conference.

PAA talks through concerns with ASB

3 August 2017 - PAA chairman Bruce Cortesi has told members the association had an “open, honest and fruitful” conversation with ASB,  as it works to tackle bank practices it says undermine advisers.

Financial Advice NZ set for take-off

3 August 2017 - Financial Advice NZ's working group has revealed the board who will lead it through the establishment phase.

Milestone day for financial advice in New Zealand

3 August 2017 - A new bill to replace the Financial Advisers Act was to be introduced on Thursday, Commerce Minister Jacqui Dean announced at the National Advisers Conference.

Milestone day for financial advice in New Zealand

3 August 2017 - A new bill to replace the Financial Advisers Act was to be introduced on Thursday, Commerce Minister Jacqui Dean announced at the National Advisers Conference.

The start of a new era in financial planning

3 August 2017 - The creation of Financial Advice New Zealand today is being hailed as the start of a new era in financial planning. 

Trust laws get shake-up, and advice carve-out

3 August 2017 - New Zealand’s trust laws are being updated and it includes a carve-out to help advisers whose trusts are also captured by the Financial Markets Conduct Act and Financial Advisers Act.

Advisers risk missing out on responsible investing surge

2 August 2017 - New Zealand investors put a record amount of money into responsibly invested funds in 2016, but advisers are still lagging in their understanding of ethical investment, the Responsible Investment Association Australasia says.

Partners Life profit flat on back of continued growth

1 August 2017 - Partners Life has reported a flat profit for the year to March 31, even though premium revenue has continued to grow.

Many advisers 'won't pass licensing hurdle'

1 August 2017 - As many as 40% of advisers may fail to receive a licence under the new regulatory regime, it has been suggested.

Make sure clients are correctly invested

31 July 2017 - Advisers should explain to their clients why market conditions are as they are – and what might cause them to change, one economist says.

Getting to Know: Richard Klipin

28 July 2017 - Richard Klipin is tackling the job of rejuvenating the FSC in a period of big change for the industry.

Associations give nod to Financial Advice NZ

28 July 2017 - FAA, IFA and PAA have each given the green light for the establishment of the new adviser association, Financial Advice NZ.

Advisers should be whistle-blowers

27 July 2017 - Advisers are blowing the whistle on each other – and industry commentators say that’s to be encouraged.

Adviser complaints up 70pc

26 July 2017 - A jump in the number of complaints about financial advisers has prompted Financial Services Complaints Ltd to warn advisers to take care with their record-keeping and communication with clients.

More than insurance advice

25 July 2017 - Imagine an adviser presenting a large per-mile loading for motorbike racing. The client is looking at the choice between the exclusion and the eye-wateringly large cost with the loading. How do they respond?

Financial Advice NZ funding a work in progress

24 July 2017 - Determining exactly how much money will be required to get Financial Advice NZ off the ground, and where it will come from, is something the working group developing the new adviser association is still grappling with.

FMA finds room for improvement

21 July 2017 - Consumers still feel they are not getting enough information about the fees and costs associated with the financial products they hold, and why they are suitable choices.

Robo exemption would clarify murkiness: FSF

21 July 2017 - Consumers could be put at risk if the Financial Markets Authority does not allow roboadvice to be deployed soon, the Financial Services Federation is warning.

Partners restarts shadow share scheme

20 July 2017 - Partners Life has launched a second shadow share scheme to drive sales and drive positive outcomes for the industry.

Peters wants spotlight on banks

20 July 2017 - There is support among the financial advice sector for Winston Peters' call for an investigation into banks.

The rising cost of financial advice

19 July 2017 - Hobson Wealth Partners' Warren Couillault talks about the cost of providing financial advice and why he believes it is now 50% to 100% more than it was five years ago.  

Lack of adviser voice 'scary'

19 July 2017 - Mike Newton, of advice firm Newton Ross, told Good Returns it was scary that none of the nine people chosen to develop the new code were financial advisers.

Review a resounding win for the 'big end of town'

19 July 2017 - Murray Weatherston, a founding member of SIFA, talks to us about the Financial Adviser Review Act, where it’s going and some of his thoughts on it.

Request useful investor information, advisers told

18 July 2017 - Investors and financial advisers are being told they should not be afraid to put pressure on companies to get them to report information in a way that is useful to them.

More than 75% of advisers using ETFs

17 July 2017 - Advisers are turning to exchange-traded funds in increasing numbers – but there’s a warning not to “set and forget” the passive investments.

Getting to Know: Michael Naylor

14 July 2017 - Michael Naylor has spent a lot of time studying financial advisers - but he wants you to know he's not a "loony-leftie" academic.

GRTV: Code working group, active v passive and the rising cost of financial advice

14 July 2017 - In this latest episode of GRTV, Mike Newton of advice firm Newton Ross discusses the "scary" make up of the new code working group, Hobson Wealth Partners' Warren Couillault talks about the rising cost of providing financial advice and finally Paul Moore of PM Capital explains why passive managers’ luck just might run out.

ANZ launches scheme to help retain KiwiSaver clients

14 July 2017 - ANZ is launching a new system through which it hopes to hold on to more of its KiwiSaver members.

Adviser gets community work, fine

13 July 2017 - A former registered financial adviser who forged clients’ initials and falsely amended insurance applications has been sentenced to 150 hours of community work, six months' community detention and ordered to pay reparations of $16,461.24.

Lyndal Cruickshank Brunt joins Plus4 Insurance Group

13 July 2017 - Plus4 Insurance Solutions, the national insurance advisory and financial services group, today announced that Lyndal Cruickshank Brunt, a Registered Financial Adviser based in Queenstown, has joined the group.

$2b tilting programme 'good example' for advisers

13 July 2017 - Strategic tilting has delivered an extra $2 billion in value to the NZ Super Fund, and it is suggested there may be lessons for advisers in its experience.

Committee argues for level playing field for advisers

12 July 2017 - Moves to allow roboadvice must ensure that providers are held to the same standards as authorised financial advisers, the Code Committee says.

MBIE: Advisers will be consulted

11 July 2017 - The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has responded to adviser concerns about a lack of an independent advice practitioner in the working group that will develop the new code of conduct for the sector.

Concerns aired over Code Working Group

10 July 2017 - There is a risk that a lack of independent advisers on the working group developing their new code of conduct will cost New Zealand its opportunity to provide a sensible framework for advice, one adviser says.

Pattern Matching versus Doing Maths

10 July 2017 - I cannot tell you how many different fact-finds I have seen in the last twenty years – and how rarely are they completed in full.

Bank battle costs sponsorship

9 July 2017 - PAA’s attempt to take on the banks over practises it says are undermining advisers looks to have cost it a major sponsor at this year’s adviser conference.

Advice becoming more expensive

7 July 2017 - It now costs 50% to 100% more to provide financial advice than it did five years ago, says Warren Couillault, executive director of Hobson Wealth Partners.

Call for consistent retirement savings target guidelines

7 July 2017 - Advisers say their clients welcome having a benchmark savings target to aim for in retirement – but the industry would be better served if there was a consensus view.

LendMe rebrands, takes on Australia with bank boss at helm

6 July 2017 - Borrowers who are having trouble getting lending from mainstream banks are seeking alternatives, such as peer-to-peer options, one provider says.

Fidelity appoints distribution officer

5 July 2017 - Returning Kiwi picked for new wider distribution role as Fidelity Life says independent advice remains key.

New AML classification for financial advisers - what changes?

5 July 2017 - Advisers have had their AML risk assessment downgraded but don’t expect that to translate into any lesser regulatory requirements.

Advisers told: Your voice will be heard

4 July 2017 - First-hand adviser input will be critical for the working group tasked with developing the new code of conduct for financial advisers, the group’s chair, Angus Dale-Jones, says.

Insurers could do better: FSC

3 July 2017 - Insurers have work to do to better comply with their disclosure requirements, the Financial Services Council says.

New robo service 'NZ's smartest financial adviser'

29 June 2017 - The financial adviser behind a new online KiwiSaver advice site says the platform is competition for traditional financial advice models.

Young people like shares, but it's not all good news for advisers

9 May 2017 - More young people are becoming interested in share trading – but advisers aren’t expecting them to turn into clients any time soon.

Banks snap up new AFAs

8 May 2017 - More than a quarter of the people who registered as authorised financial advisers for the first time last year went to work at one of the big banks.

Don't look to new grads to boost industry

11 April 2017 - The financial advice industry is setting itself up for disappointment if it focuses on trying to recruit people straight out of university.

Advisers can work with many entities: MBIE

6 April 2017 - MBIE has confirmed that a financial adviser will be able to work for more than one licensed financial advice provider under the new regime.

Research shows benefit of advice

5 April 2017 - New research from the Financial Markets Authority has highlighted the value financial advisers bring to their clients.

Advice firms give up on pursuing restraint of trade cases through court

5 April 2017 - Advice firms that acquire other businesses are being caught out by restraint of trade clauses that turn out to be unenforceable.

Industry rallies to make its voice heard

3 April 2017 - The financial advice industry has picked holes in the exposure draft of the new legislation set to govern the sector with a large number of submissions filed so far.

Young women take up advice posts

30 March 2017 - There are signs of a wave of young, female advisers entering the financial advice sector.

More AFAs and Govt eyeing ways to keep them

27 March 2017 - New statistics from the Financial Markets Authority show that more authorised financial advisers joined the industry than left over the 12 months to June 30.

Code Committee voices objections

16 March 2017 - The Code Committee has slammed the wording of a new client-first duty set to become law for financial advisers, and the lack of personal accountability proposed for financial advice representatives.

Labour: Support for regulation change

15 March 2017 - Labour is likely to support the bill that will repeal the Financial Advisers Act, at least through first reading, if its fate ends up in the party's hands.

Consumers 'deserve clarity'

10 March 2017 - A new 'financial advice representative' designation is a missed opportunity, the working group developing Financial Advice New Zealand says.

MBIE missed the mark

3 March 2017 - Andrew Gunn asks: Why are we okay with the idea of an unqualified workforce?

Consumers told to expect clarity on commissions

1 March 2017 - New guidelines from the Financial Markets Authority that tell consumers what they should expect of their financial service providers are mixing up advisers and providers’ representatives, the IFA’s chief executive says.

Big changes for some RFAs

28 February 2017 - Advisers will need a way to prove their competence, regardless of how long they have been in the industry, the chief executive of the PAA says.

Sales versus advice distinction 'lost'

23 February 2017 - Industry commentators are angry that attempts to clearly separate sales activity from advice appear to have been abandoned in the rewrite of financial adviser legislation.

Private Wealth Advisers adds to team

22 February 2017 - Boutique investment advisory firm Private Wealth Advisers has appointed a new adviser.

Is that really advice?

13 February 2017 - What ordinary people think is advice, what we think advice is, and what the law defines as financial advice vary a bit. So what is advice? Does it matter if your client knows?

FAA licensing process will be bigger job thn FMCA: Mason

29 November 2016 - The process of licensing of fund managers is coming to an end and next up with be an even bigger job, the second round for financial advisers.

Give your ABS a check-up

23 November 2016 - Advisers are being urged to use the Christmas break to check their business statements and professional development plans are up-to-date.

Advisers set for 'damage control'

10 November 2016 - Advisers may have some work to do today to remind their clients of the importance of sticking to their long-term goals.

Advice may be missing as schemes wound up

2 November 2016 - There are concerns some members of superannuation plans that are being wound up ahead of the introduction of the Financial Markets Conduct Act are not getting enough advice on what to do with the resulting windfalls.

Lower costs, better processes: Future bright for advisers

31 October 2016 - Advisers will need to change their industry culture to keep pace with the rate of innovation in the financial services sector, a new report says.

Advisers welcome prospect of robo

18 October 2016 - An international survey of CFP advisers, including those in New Zealand, has found they are starting to view roboadvice as an opportunity, rather than a threat.

Crunch on advisers' time

14 October 2016 - Regulation is prompting advisers to have to think about what they enjoy doing - and do well - and outsource the rest. But does that put too much pressure on margins?

Legislation change prompts big decisions

6 October 2016 - Some advisers are taking the review of the Financial Advisers Act as their chance to sell their businesses and quit the industry.

Advisers need advertising campaign

5 October 2016 - Financial advisers may need a large-scale consumer education campaign to help the general public understand what they offer.

Westpac keeping eye on Australian sales incentive change

26 September 2016 - Westpac is removing sales incentives for its frontline staff in Australia as part of its work to rebuild trust with customers – but says the situation is different in New Zealand.

What's good advice from an RFA?

14 September 2016 - Non-AFA advisers are being warned that while what counts as a good advice process for them might be a “grey area” at the moment, they should expect to have to follow a set procedure soon.

Life insurance adviser's warning 'a message'

19 August 2016 - The Financial Markets Authority may be trying to send a message to the industry by making public some of the details of a warning delivered to an insurance adviser.

FMA launches next stage of churn probe

11 August 2016 - Financial Markets Authority staff have begun contacting advisers who have been identified as having high rates of insurance replacement business on their books.

Advisers 'must shake off product ties'

10 August 2016 - Advisers are being told they must find a way to disconnect the advice they give from the sale of products - as new statistics show the bulk of AFAs are still largely paid by commission.

Govt should bear more of FMA funding cost: IFA

9 August 2016 - New Zealand's Government should step up funding of the Financial Markets Authority, to avoid the burden being passed to industry participants, the Institute of Financial Advisers says.

Adviser numbers drop

4 August 2016 - The number of New Zealanders accessing financial advice is growing, but not fast enough for the Financial Markets Authority's liking.

FMA wants more money

26 July 2016 - The Financial Markets Authority wants more funding – and the Government thinks financial markets participants should pick up the tab. 

IDS restructures to guide advisers through change

21 July 2016 - Compliance firm IDS has restructured to help advisers prepare for more regulatory change on the horizon.

[OPINION] Proposed two-tier system has major flaws

19 July 2016 - IFA Manager, Member Learning & Development Andrew Gunn says the FAA proposals have some laudable aspirations however it has a major loophole which benefits QFEs.

Women left behind

7 July 2016 - Financial advisers are being urged to consider what they can do to get more women engaged with their financial futures.

Stewart group branches out to Wellington

7 July 2016 - Hawke’s Bay wealth management company Stewart Financial Group has purchased a share in Wellington firm Red Wealth Managers, extending the company’s reach into the capital.

Advisers missing KiwiSaver opportunity

6 July 2016 - Advisers have an opportunity to encourage people to use their KiwiSaver statements to work out whether they are on track for retirement, although few of them seem to be taking it, the Financial Markets Authority says.

Let's deal with rogue advisers

4 July 2016 - Only very small number of insurance brokers are doing anything dodgy, writes David Whyte.

Hard to find right advice fit

4 July 2016 - New legislation is helping financial advisers move from a product focus to a relationship focus for their businesses, ASB’s general manager of wealth says. But despite increasing demand for good advice, finding the right advisers for the job is tough going.

Adviser helps train up new AFAs

2 June 2016 - One financial adviser is doing his bit to help boost the number of AFAs in New Zealand.

FMA: Advice at retirement 'crucial'

24 May 2016 - New Zealand needs to address a financial advice gap, the chief executive of the Financial Markets Authority says.

Fraudulent former adviser fails in court bid

22 May 2016 - Former Nelson-based financial adviser, Tony Mount, has has been denied the chance to take his case to the Supreme Court. Mount stole $500,000 from clients...

SuiteBox woos Kiwi advisers

18 May 2016 - A Kiwi software provider that has had success catering for international financial advisers is making in-roads in the New Zealand market, too.

Pressure goes on adviser fees

10 May 2016 - Low interest rates are likely to shake out financial advisers who are charging fees that are are no longer viable, it has been claimed.

Healthy job market for advisers, recruiter says

28 April 2016 - Financial advisers are expected to be in increasingly high demand over the coming years as established firms struggle to cope with growing consumer demand for advice, one recruitment firm that deals with the financial services sector says.

Spicers, AdviceFirst to merge

25 April 2016 - AMP is amalgamating its advice brands into one operation.

Former RFA pledges to stop advising

14 April 2016 - A former registered financial adviser has signed an enforceable undertaking with the Financial Markets Authority, promising not to offer any financial advice for the next five years.

Mortgage fraudster gets jail time

16 March 2016 - Disgraced mortgage broker was sentenced to jail time, for fraud worth millions of dollars, in the Manukau District Court today.

ASIC outlines commission review scope

26 February 2016 - Key differences between New Zealand and Australia’s mortgage markets will probably mean a review into mortgage broker remuneration across the ditch will have limited impact here.

Adviser in court

23 February 2016 - A former financial adviser has appeared in court amid claims he stole $1.4 million from clients.  

FMA: Conflict not a problem

22 February 2016 - The Financial Markets Authority says it has robust policies in place to manage any potential conflicts of interests from its board members.

Lack of disciplinary action shows advisers performing

19 February 2016 - A lack of complaints and disciplinary action taken against financial advisers in New Zealand shows most are doing a sound job for their clients, the Institute of Financial Advisers says.

Don't give professional bodies regulatory role: Committee

15 February 2016 - The committee that administers authorised financial advisers’ code of conduct does not want professional bodies playing a more active role in regulation and licensing in the sector.

Time to tackle issue of advice for less wealthy

12 February 2016 - Financial adviser Chris Lee says the industry needs to do more to cater to people who do not have a spare million to invest.

MBIE rates financial advice as a career

10 February 2016 - Financial advice may be a career with good job prospects for young people because many in the industry are due to retire over the next decade, the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment says.

Worry code changes slipping under radar

5 February 2016 - There is concern that changes to the Code of Professional Conduct for Authorised Financial Advisers, due to take effect this year, may have slipped under the radar for AFAs amid the bigger review of the Financial Advisers Act.

Investors offered new way into equities

4 February 2016 - Investors in Australia and New Zealand are being offered a new way to invest in global equity markets.

Finding new ideas to refresh your marketing

3 February 2016 - So you want to grow? That will mean new things – unless you have been on a consistent, year-on-year 10%+ growth track for a while and you simply need to keep turning the handle you will need new ideas.

Decisions still pending on FADC referrals

28 January 2016 - Investigations continue into two possible referrals to the Financial Advisers Disciplinary Committee.

Workplaces may become battlegrounds for advisers

26 January 2016 - Workplaces may be the key to engaging future generations of financial advice clients.

Draft new code revealed

22 January 2016 - It should get easier to provide limited advice to clients under changes to the Code of Conduct for Financial Advisers.

Concern adviser numbers will fall

19 January 2016 - There are concerns further regulatory change could drive more advisers from the industry.

Kiwis don't want to pay for advice

15 January 2016 - Customers are willing to pay just $57 for a personalised financial plan, a new survey shows. The research by ANZ confirmed what many financial advisers...

Clients want advice, don't want to pay for it

14 January 2016 - Customers are willing to pay just $57 for a personalised financial plan, a new survey shows.

Risky business

13 January 2016 - The fallout over technology retailer Dick Smith’s receivership just two years after being listed is a reminder to clients that not everything is a sure...

Dick Smith a lesson in risk

12 January 2016 - The fallout over technology retailer Dick Smith’s receivership just two years after being listed is a reminder to clients that not everything is a sure bet, advisers say.

New rules coming for Aussie advisers

11 January 2016 - Australia’s financial advice sector is calling for more time to comply with its new legislation.

Forums to discuss 'contentious' FAA overhaul

9 January 2016 - Forums on the Financial Advisers Act being held next month are likely to be dominated by questions about potential licensing of entities, rather than individual...

Interest rates predicted to drop further in 2016

5 January 2016 - Another strong performance from New Zealand equities is expected in 2016 but some commentators say it will be more of a stock-picker’s market this year...

Get your business on track for 2016

31 December 2015 - Good Returns asked the experts: What should advisers' New Year's resolutions be?

Looking back on 2015

24 December 2015 - Good Returns asked industry participants to name a highlight of 2015.

Agreement disputes part of evolution: IFA

23 December 2015 - Problems with ownership of a client base when an advisory business is sold should become fewer as the profession evolves, it has been claimed.

Adviser career path needed

22 December 2015 - Some major changes will have to happen to New Zealand’s financial advice sector if it is to follow the United States’ lead and grow, commentators say.

FMC moves positive for clients: AMP

17 December 2015 - New disclosure requirements should make the funds management industry less scary for the average retail investor, one manager says.

Advisers overdue for a pay rise

16 December 2015 - Financial advisers probably deserve a pay rise but getting clients to pay it is another question entirely, industry commentators say.

Entity licensing benefits no one: Whyte

15 December 2015 - Financial advisers and their clients would be left worse off if the Financial Advisers Act moves from a system of individual licensing to entity licensing, one commentator has suggested.

Kiwis doubt their financial knowledge

11 December 2015 - New Zealanders feel less knowledgeable about financial matters than consumers in other countries and are less likely to understand the way financial planners are paid, a new survey by the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) shows.

Associations should step up to help consumers find advisers: Boyle

10 December 2015 - Adviser associations and other industry groups should be doing more to inform consumers of how they can access advice, the Commission for Financial Capability says.

Advisers ask: Is it fair accountants, lawyers outside law?

8 December 2015 - Advisers are upset exemptions are likely to remain in the Financial Advisers Act (FAA) for professions such as lawyers and accountants who provide advice as part of their businesses.

Industry asks: Is transactional advice relief working?

7 December 2015 - Fifteen formal submissions have been made to the review of the Code of Professional Conduct for AFAs' minimum standards of competency, knowledge and skill.

PIMCO platform launches

4 December 2015 - PIMCO has launched a new digital platform customised for financial advisers, institutions and individual investors in this part of the world.

Pain expected with FAA changes

3 December 2015 - Independent authorised financial advisers may be the ones to feel the biggest pain if changes suggested in the Financial Advisers Act review options paper...

Advisers could better tap KiwiSaver market

1 December 2015 - KiwiSaver has massively increased the market for financial advice in New Zealand, one analyst says.

FSC report a missed opportunity: Naylor

24 November 2015 - Advisers would see their incomes and business values slashed if recommendations made in a new report on the industry were enacted, one academic says.

McGuffie set for February trial

24 November 2015 - An insurance broker accused of dishonestly making claims is set to go to trial in February.

Fidelity joins FSC exodus

23 November 2015 - Fidelity Life is the latest insurance company to resign from the Financial Services Council.

Report slams life insurance conflicts of interest

23 November 2015 - The highly-contentious, MJW report into life insurance advisers’ remuneration is out. It has seven key recommendations including slashing commissions and banning overide payments to dealer groups. 

Report tore apart FSC

23 November 2015 - A disclaimer on a report issued today by the Financial Services Council shows how divisive it is.

Advisers: MJW report not fair

23 November 2015 - Advisers and their remuneration structures have been unfairly singled out for criticism, the Professional Advisers Association says.

Advice under FMA spotlight

17 November 2015 - FMA raises concerns about lack of advice for KiwiSaver members but says overall AFAs doing well.

MTF case reaches Supreme Court

12 November 2015 - A long-running battle over what exactly lender credit fees should cover has hit the Supreme Court this week.

Warning correct, despite recovery

5 November 2015 - Advisers are being told they were right to warn their clients about market volatility earlier this year, even if it proved to be short-lived.

Spike in adviser complaints: FSCL

3 November 2015 - Complaints about insurance brokers to disputes resolution scheme Financial Services Complaints Ltd  (FSCL) have doubled over the past year.

Fraudster denied Supreme Court bid

3 November 2015 - A former financial adviser has lost his bid to go to the Supreme Court to fight a case brought against him by his clients.

More AML breaches likely

30 October 2015 - Advisers are being told to use Kiwibank’s high-profile censure for a breach of the Anti-Money Laundering Act  as a reminder to check their own processes are up to scratch.

Former adviser sentenced

28 October 2015 - Former financial adviser and director of Strategic Planning Group Andrew Hrothgar Robinson has been sentenced to 12 months' jail. 

Auckland mortgage fraud under investigation

22 October 2015 - Large-scale mortgage fraud in Auckland is currently under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO).

Do advisers need an ad campaign?

21 October 2015 - A campaign to lift public awareness of the financial advice industry is being suggested as a possible solution to improve financial advisers' standing in the eyes of the public.

New SHARE advisers

20 October 2015 - Three advisers have joined the SHARE network.

Advisers' perception problem

20 October 2015 - Regulation has not made big strides in improving consumers' confidence in financial advisers.

Where to for advisers, report asks

15 October 2015 - New Zealand’s financial advice industry is in limbo and “almost teetering”, KPMG said as it released a report on New Zealand’s funds management industry.

Russell sale positive for NZ, managing director says

14 October 2015 - Russell Investments’ sale to two US private equity companies will not affect its dealings with the financial adviser market, its managing director says.

MJW suggests end to overrides

13 October 2015 - Questions are being asked about whether insurance broker dealer groups will survive if recommendations suggested by a report into the insurance industry are adopted.

Advisers question value of multiple memberships

13 October 2015 - Advisers say closer collaboration between professional associations may be reducing the incentive to be a member of more than one.

FADC investigations near completion

9 October 2015 - FMA is close to finishing its investigation into two advisers.

Milestone gets military contract

6 October 2015 - New Zealand’s Defence Force (NZDF) has appointed its official financial advisers.

Rest of industry gets taste of what advisers have been through

5 October 2015 - The rest of the financial services industry is starting to get a taste of the regulation financial advisers have been operating under for years, the Financial Markets Authority’s chief executive says.

AML due diligence puts clients off

2 October 2015 - Requirements imposed by the Anti-Money Laundering Act are serving as a disincentive to clients thinking about putting their money with financial advisers, it has been claimed.

Robinson admits more crimes

30 September 2015 - A former financial adviser who is serving a prison sentence has been convicted of more crimes. Andrew Robinson pleaded guilty to four charges under the...

Regulation should be carrot and stick: Cameron

17 September 2015 - Any moves towards more regulation in New Zealand should consider the entire regulatory framework, not just what consumers want, AIA’s chief executive says.

Risk tools for KiwiSaver advisers

16 September 2015 - Advisers are being offered new tools to help them analyse KiwiSaver funds’ risk.

Call for one dispute scheme

15 September 2015 - UPDATED All financial service providers should belong to one disputes resolution scheme, Partners Life has argued.

How busy is 2015?

14 September 2015 - Advisers say 2015 is shaping up to be a good one for their businesses, with growing client numbers and increased confidence.

Call for clarity on 'one code for all'

7 September 2015 - It must be made clear to advisers that the Code of Professional Conduct would need to be tweaked if it is to apply to the entire advice industry, a PAA board meeting has been told.

Guilty verdict in mortgage fraud case

3 September 2015 - Vulnerable first-home buyers were the target of a woman who has been found guilty of mortgage fraud worth millions in the Auckland District Court.

Salt eyes advisers

2 September 2015 - Salt Funds Management is to make a play for more adviser relationships.

McGuffie date set

30 August 2015 - A Napier insurance broker David McGuffie who is facing fraud charges is has been given a new date for his next court appearance.

Mount appeals again

27 August 2015 - Former high-profile Nelson financial adviser Tony Mount has launched another appeal against his convictions.

Portfolios, not products the key: James

26 August 2015 - There are calls for more oversight of advisers' portfolio construction.

RFAs not impressed by push for one standard

25 August 2015 - PAA may want just one class of financial adviser – but not all of its members agree.

How to avoid a negligence case

19 August 2015 - Advisers are being urged to take extra care to ensure they do not end up on the wrong end of a negligence claim.

Time to brace clients for end of golden returns

18 August 2015 - Are you talking to your clients about how to handle a possible market correction?

Bad times are gone: Dodds

17 August 2015 - Clients of financial advisers should feel confident that the “horrible times” of the finance company collapses are gone and will not be repeated, an adviser association boss says.

Advisers offer free service

11 August 2015 - IFA advisers will be manning the phones to provide free advice during Money Week this week, but the association’s chief executive isn’t expecting them to be run off their feet.

Alliance offers back-office support

4 August 2015 - Independent adviser businesses struggling to stay afloat amid increasing administrative requirements are being given an opportunity to outsource more of their back-office functions.

Commission, replacement not an issue, summit hears

4 August 2015 - A recent PAA "summit on accessibility of advice" shows industry consensus that adviser remuneration and replacement business are not problems in and of themselves, the association’s president says.

Attitudes to advice cost must change

3 August 2015 - New Zealanders will need an attitude change to accept they will have to pay for financial advice as part of safe decumulation, Auckland University researchers say.

Advisers represent less than half of insurance market

3 August 2015 - Relatively few life insurance products are sold via advisers earning high upfront commissions, new research suggests.

FSC: All advisers should be equal

27 July 2015 - The FSC wants RFAs to choose: Operate at the level of AFAs or declare themselves salespeople.

FSC launches commission investigation

24 July 2015 - A “mini-Trowbridge Report” has been commissioned by the Financial Services Council, to investigate sales incentives in New Zealand’s personal insurance industry.

IOOF changes won't cross Tasman

24 July 2015 - IOOF in Australia has closed its My Adviser and Plan B Wealth Management financial planning services, but says there are no changes planned to its Kiwi business at present.

AFAs give Nikko a retail boost

21 July 2015 - Engaging with financial advisers has helped boost Nikko Asset Management’s retail funds under management more than 200% over the past 14 months, its managing director says.

Client loyalty may be on the wane

20 July 2015 - Client loyalty may soon become a thing of the past, according to the general manager of distribution at IOOF, a transtasman financial services company.

Scrap designations and replace with advisers and sales people

8 July 2015 - The current designations for financial advisers should be scrapped and replaced with two new groups, advisers and distributors, Barry Read says.

IFA to take part in global survey

30 June 2015 - The Institute of Financial Advisers is taking part in "a landmark global study" to find out about consumers' attitudes to financial advice.

"Adviser" sentenced for theft

22 June 2015 - A Rotorua financial adviser has been jailed after stealing more than $1 million from her elderly clients.

Award winner puts theory into practice

17 June 2015 - Despite spending many years working as a business development manager, Jon-Paul Hale says there were still things that surprised him when he jumped the fence to become a financial adviser.

Getting to know...Peter Leitch

29 May 2015 - Peter Leitch isn't the Mad Butcher, but he sure knows how to cut and dice an investment portfolio.

Risk adviser's guide to the FAA review

27 May 2015 - The Issues Paper for the Review of the Financial Advisers Act 2008 and the Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act 2008 is now out.

Commission, designations, qualifications on review hitlist

26 May 2015 - Regulation of financial advisers in New Zealand should have three key goals, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment says:  To give consumers the information they need to find and choose a financial adviser, to make advice accessible and to give the public confidence in the professionalism of advisers.

Issues paper on FAA review out

26 May 2015 - Commerce Minister Paul Goldsmith has released for discussion an Issues Paper 

Adviser pleads guilty

13 May 2015 - A former financial adviser has pleaded guilty to stealing nearly $3 million.

Another adviser for Plus4

12 May 2015 - Nelson-based adviser Mark Sheehan has joined insurance broking and financial advice group Plus4.

Old trail income under review

11 May 2015 - Registered financial advisers receiving trail commission on category one products they are no longer allowed to offer advice on will come under scrutiny in this year’s Financial Advisers Act review, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment says.

AMP supports commission cut

7 May 2015 - AMP New Zealand has lent its support to colleagues across the ditch, who have slashed advisers' upfront commissions on life insurance to 80% of the first year’s premium.

Rebalancing poses problems

30 April 2015 - Advisers may face a difficult discussion with clients this year as they seek to rebalance portfolios.

AMP accepting competitors' application forms

28 April 2015 - A universal life insurance application form is a step closer after one insurer’s announcement that it will accept some applications using competitors’ forms.

Loss-protection offer hits target

24 April 2015 - Wealth Defender Equities has reached the minimum capital-raising target it sought under its initial public offer of shares and loyalty options.

Advisers under the magnifying glass

24 April 2015 - Data collected from last year’s first round of information returns by authorised financial advisers shows how diverse the industry is and will help target monitoring activity, the FMA says.

FMA asks: What's your plan?

23 April 2015 - FMA is surveying advisers who are currently authorised to provide DIMS, to determine what action they plan to take after next month.

More advisers sought

23 April 2015 - Good financial advisers are hard to find, according to a new recruitment survey.

Advocates let advisers get on with business of advising: Kelly

22 April 2015 - A company that offers to sort out contentious insurance claims says it can provide a boost of up to 8% to a financial adviser’s bottom line.

Reporting rules cause confusion

22 April 2015 - Advisers are worried new reporting requirements for wrap providers may be confusing their clients.

Fundsource to update research tool

20 April 2015 - [UPDATED] Fundsource has announced it is partnering with Financial Express (FE) to provide a new product for advisers to compare managed funds.

Where are the financial advisers?

26 February 2015 - One of the country’s biggest banks is having trouble recruiting financial advisers.

AMP adviser training by numbers

24 February 2015 - AMP managing director Jack Regan says there is a "significant improvement" in the way financial advisers are giving advice. In the 12 months to December...

FMA: Mount was pre-regulation

22 December 2014 - A Nelson adviser who ripped off his clients was operating at a time of much less stringent regulation, the Financial Markets Authority says.

Adviser on trial

27 June 2013 - Nelson financial adviser Tony Mount is on trial this week, alleged to have skimmed thousands of dollars from his clients' investments. Mount had faced...

Advisers offered flexible currency product

18 October 2011 - Adviser will be the gatekeepers of Pathfinder Asset Management's new set of funds, which invest in global equities and allow individual investors to pick their own currency hedging ratio.

Charges mount against Nelson adviser

5 October 2011 - Nelson financial adviser Tony Mount is facing 527 charges of fraud totaling $1.4 million in a case Nelson police say is one of the largest and most complicated they have ever handled.

Cowboy ad leaves advisers' saddle sore

4 July 2011 - The Financial Markets Authority's (FMA) new advertising campaign, with the tag line 'cowboys belong in the movies, not the financial markets' has sparked anger among advisers and a formal complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority.

Commission ban deferred but Ripoll effect to hit NZ

24 November 2009 - The much-anticipated Australian government report investigating financial advisers and products has just stopped short of recommending an outright ban on commissions.

Cross- party consensus that regulation won’t stifle risk

17 September 2009 - Commerce Minister Simon Power and his Labour Party opposite Lianne Dalziel reaffirmed their commitment to ensuring pending regulation will not stifle risks inherent in attracting capital to the New Zealand economy.

Advisers to become personally liable for advice

3 August 2009 - Financial advisers will be unable to operate through limited liability companies under the new regulatory regime and will become personally liable for any financial advice they give.

Glut of documents could hinder due diligence, IFA says

3 July 2009 - The glut of documents requiring submissions on the regulation of financial advisers could impact on the level of diligence, according to the Institute of Financial Advisers.

MED puts out paper on financial adviser disclosure

2 July 2009 - The Securities Commission has called for submissions on disclosure regulations for financial advisers in the latest round of papers on the legislation.

Providers need to win back public trust: English

30 June 2009 - UPDATED: Savings and investment product providers need to lift their game in helping the industry shed its image of distrust with the public and have been too keen to push their own agenda. Financial advisers need to lift their game in helping the industry shed its image of distrust with the public and have been too keen to push their own agenda, Finance Minister Bill English told a seminar in Wellington

Sue directors, not advisers: Lawyer

2 June 2009 - Investors in failed finance companies should look first to sue the directors of fraudulent finance companies when seeking damages, not the financial advisers who relied on supposedly credible prospectuses to base their recommendations, according lawyer Brian Henry.

Complaints rules edge closer

26 May 2009 - Draft rules defining the shape of New Zealand's financial disputes resolution system should be released by early June, three months later than originally scheduled.

Institute defends naming

19 May 2009 - Institute of Financial Advisers president Lyn McMorran has defended the group's decision to name and shame two South Island advisers who were found guilty of breaching the institute's code of ethics.

IFA welcomes Cotton appointment, deadline back on track

15 May 2009 - The Institute of Financial Advisers has welcomed the appointment of Annabel Cotton as commissioner for financial advisers, and is confident next year's regulation deadline can still be met.

IFA applies shame factor

13 May 2009 - For the first time the Institute of Financial Advisers (IFA) has named advisers found guilty by the organisation's disciplinary committee. INLCUDES links to decisions

Planner Profile: Tony Mount

16 December 1999 - Ann Cunninghame profiles Tony Mount who was one of the finalists in the 1999 Financial Planner of the Year Awards.

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Co-operative Bank - Owner Occ 8.40 6.99 6.79 6.65
Lender Flt 1yr 2yr 3yr
Co-operative Bank - Standard 8.40 7.49 7.29 7.15
Credit Union Auckland 7.70 - - -
First Credit Union Special - 7.45 7.35 -
First Credit Union Standard 8.50 7.99 7.85 -
Heartland Bank - Online 7.99 6.89 6.55 6.35
Heartland Bank - Reverse Mortgage - - - -
Heretaunga Building Society 8.90 7.60 7.40 -
HSBC Premier 8.59 - - -
HSBC Premier LVR > 80% - - - -
HSBC Special - - - -
ICBC 7.85 7.05 6.69 6.59
Lender Flt 1yr 2yr 3yr
Kainga Ora 8.64 7.74 7.35 6.99
Kainga Ora - First Home Buyer Special - - - -
Kiwibank 8.50 7.99 7.79 7.55
Kiwibank - Offset 8.50 - - -
Kiwibank Special - 6.99 6.79 6.65
Liberty 8.59 8.69 8.79 8.94
Nelson Building Society 9.00 7.65 7.25 -
Pepper Money Advantage 10.49 - - -
Pepper Money Easy 8.69 - - -
Pepper Money Essential 8.29 - - -
SBS Bank 8.74 7.74 7.09 6.95
Lender Flt 1yr 2yr 3yr
SBS Bank Special - 7.14 6.49 6.35
SBS Construction lending for FHB - - - -
SBS FirstHome Combo 6.19 6.14 - -
SBS FirstHome Combo - - - -
SBS Unwind reverse equity 9.95 - - -
Select Home Loans 9.24 - - -
TSB Bank 9.44 7.79 7.55 7.45
TSB Special 8.64 6.99 6.75 6.65
Unity 8.64 6.99 6.79 -
Unity First Home Buyer special - 6.55 6.45 -
Wairarapa Building Society 8.60 6.95 6.85 -
Lender Flt 1yr 2yr 3yr
Westpac 8.64 ▼7.49 7.35 6.99
Westpac Choices Everyday 8.74 - - -
Westpac Offset 8.64 - - -
Westpac Special - ▼6.89 6.75 6.39
Median 8.64 7.14 6.82 6.65

Last updated: 11 July 2024 1:26pm

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