Financial Advice NZ set for take-off

Financial Advice NZ's working group has revealed the board who will lead it through the establishment phase.

Thursday, August 3rd 2017, 2:39PM

Five people are charged with overseeing the new body through until its first AGM.

PAA president Bruce Cortesi represents insurance advisers and IFA president Michael Dowling the investment advisers, as already reported.

There were 40 applications for the remaining three roles.

John Bolton, of Squirrel, has been appointed for the mortgage industry. Lawyer Sue Brown, formerly of the FMA and Kate Morrison,  of the Commerce Commission, are the other appointments.

Cortesi said the first thing for the new board to do would be to meet to discuss and agree on a strategy to plan out how its goals would be delivered on.

Dowling said a key first step would be to incorporate the association as a legal entity.

"We would like to have been incorporated now," he said. "The timeframe has gone out a bit already. We have to talk to advisers about how best to achieve the steps. We want to be meeting with the working group within a month, plotting out what it looks like."

While the eventual aim is for Financial Advice New Zealand to serve as one voice for all of the advice profession, Dowling said it would be premature to close down the IFA and PAA now.

"There is too much happening to say 'shut the doors'. We have to say it's business as usual," he said.

The existing organisations were needed as the industry worked through things such as the development of the new code of conduct for advisers and the roboadvice exemption.

Discussions could be had about the future of the other organisations when the new association was at a level where everyone was satisified it could take over operations, he said.

Decisions were yet to be made about how members would be recruited or what sort of fees they might pay, Cortesi and Dowling said.

Dowling said that would be for the establishment board to determine - and in some cases it might want to rewrite the work of the working group.

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