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Last Article Uploaded: Wednesday, October 28th, 10:06PM


Mortgage Rates Daily Commentary
Wednesday 28 October 2020  Add your comment
Mortgage lending record; ANZ slashes one year rate

Mortgage lending hit $7.3 billion in September, the highest value on record, according to the latest Reserve Bank data, as the market continues to defy expectations: [READ ON]

ANZ has followed the lead of Westpac and TSB and slashed its one year fixed special to 2.49%. Six and 18 month rates also fall. See all the latest mortgage rates here.

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NZMBA to help members grow business in 2011

The New Zealand Mortgage Brokers Associations (NZMBA) focus for 2011 is to use the collective strength of its membership to generate supplier benefits and to help members generate more business.

Thursday, February 10th 2011, 10:52AM 12 Comments

by Jenha White

NZMBA chief executive Darren Pratley says the strategic plan for the year is focused on the needs of members and generating supplier benefits will help members get more value out of their membership.

"There's also work being done on exactly how the membership is made up - we're looking at categorising members."

He says this will involve an education and membership pathway  to start from April with three levels of membership, the first being a standard NZMBA member, secondly a certified NZMBA member for those who have done the mortgage papers and finally an authorised financial adviser (AFA) member.

The idea is that people who have done the higher levels of education have the ability to progress their way within the membership so they can show their client they have done those extra levels of training, whereas being in the registered space doesn't necessarily do that.

"It's a third party endorsement for the customer as part of your marketing programme.

In the regulation space, the association is developing industry standard documents that meet legislation requirements and on the education side CPT point training will be offered.

Pratley says it will also be rolling ahead with its involvement with Adviserlink and John Melton to encourage an up-skilling environment.

He believes the most important thing for mortgage brokers to understand under regulation is what competence looks like.

"If you haven't got anything that's a formal qualification, then you need to think about getting something that can help prove your competency.

"Longevity in the industry now doesn't necessarily mean you've got a level of skill."

The other big focus for the NZMBA after a disruptive year around regulation is a return to focusing on growing members businesses.

Pratley says the NZMBA will be launching a road show on growing business in April.

As Pratley has stepped down from the NZMBA general manager position as he takes up work with TNP, the association is currently looking for a replacement.

The NZMBA conference will be on August 4 & 5 in Christchurch.

Jenha is a TPL staff reporter.

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Comments from our readers

On 11 February 2011 at 8:04 am interested observer said:
too little too late - the NZMBA should have been concentrating in "adding value" to membership some time ago rather than absorbing the $300 advertising fee into the "general levy" - really should not be any reason for the association come full registration time.
On 11 February 2011 at 1:06 pm John said:
“NZMBA chief executive Darren Pratley says the strategic plan for the year is focused on the needs of members and generating supplier benefits will help members get more value out of their membership”

Sorry, this just sounds like another attempt by the NZMBA to “try” and justify its continued relevance to mortgage brokers and their businesses. Despite Pratley’s claims, the banks have no time for the “collective Strength” of the association and this was made abundantly clear when trails were cut a few years ago by the majority of the lenders. Any supplier benefits to be negotiated from the banks themselves for brokers are done directly by the broker’s own company nowadays i.e. Mike Pero or Allied Kiwi. The NZMBA keeps trying to find ways to show brokers that NZMBA membership is beneficial to their business.

Finally if I read this article right the NZMBA is now proposing there be 3 different kinds of mortgage brokers that actually belong to the association AND the consumer is supposed to be able to differentiate between them all?? Good luck! As for the “third party” endorsement offered by the association this again is just pompous talk to try and show the NZMBA has some relevance to play.
Also given that the vast majority of mortgage brokers have elected to be RFA the NZMBA doesn’t seem to be listening to what the industry is telling it.
On 11 February 2011 at 1:16 pm Alastar said:
I agree with your comments interested observer and think most mortgage brokers have come to the same conclusion also. There is no "added value" in belonging to the NZMBA.
On 14 February 2011 at 3:10 pm NZMA Friend said:
I believe that the comments above are totally unjustified - in my opinion Darren Pratley and the other board members have worked tirlessly to ensure mortgage broking / advising has a strong place in the market going forward.
Regulation may very likely be forced upon us again later and the work that has been done with the government to ensure they understand our industry has been huge.
If it wasn't for people like the board members who give a huge amount of their time for free our industry may be in a much worse place than it is.
As for the collective strength - it would work if everyone worked for the good of the industry instead of just the good of themselves.
On 15 February 2011 at 8:52 am John said:
Sorry NZMA Friend (NZMBA Friend?) I respectively disagree. The majority of mortgage brokers simply don’t see value in belonging to the association anymore hence the declining membership numbers and lack of attendance at conference. The NZMBA's request to be a dispute resolution service for mortgage brokers was declined by the government so this was the final nail in the coffin for the association having a role to play in the new regulatory regime. Our industry would be in a far better shape thank you if the association had focussed on policing rogue brokers over the last few years instead of concentrating on its fee revenue.
On 15 February 2011 at 9:23 am Stu said:
Pratley's good work over the last 12 months is clearly being undone by this latest announcement. When there is so little credibility attached to NZMBA membership, what possitive could possibly come of a grading system for members. Maybe it is time for Darren to sever ties with management of the NZMBA and focus on the new role @ TNP Mortgages. All the best.
On 15 February 2011 at 1:09 pm Alastar said:
Well said Stu. I think you've hit the nail on the head with your comment about the lack of credibility attached to NZMBA membership nowadays. I certainly wouldn't be saying to clients that me been a member of the NZMBA was a reason why they should be coming to me for a mortgage. If the banks themselves thought the association was "credible" they would pay more to those brokers that are members but they don’t.
On 16 February 2011 at 10:13 am Ian Webb (Mortgage Chair - PAA) said:
It seems strange that any attempt to improve the profile of mortgage brokers, and to work cooperatively through an association such as NZMBA, is being thwarted and criticised by mortgage brokers themselves. These are tough times, and any work Darren is doing should be viewed as positive, in the interest of the industry, and not self servicing as implied. Those that may wish to see the back end of mortgage brokers must be gleeful that we are at each other throats rather than participating constructively to re-build an important industry in threat of extinction. Darren, be reminded that those who throw stones don't usually put their name to the stones they throw. Keep working for the greater good of an industry that can provide genuine value to it's clients, and members.
On 16 February 2011 at 11:27 am John said:
I can’t think of a single reason why being a member of the NZMBA is going to benefit me OR my clients?
On 21 February 2011 at 8:57 am Finlay Abbot said:
Dear John

Whilst you have been at war with practically anything, I have been busy being unfaithful to you with my clients and with my AFA application, both of which are going very well thank you very much.

I am sorry that I have to break it to you this way while you huddle in a fox hole on the battlefield in which you fight but I cannot live a double life any more.

The twin mistresses of working hard in my business and proving to myself and my prospective clients that I am aspirational about the degree of excellence they have and will experience has lead me astray from the path of back stabbing and infighting which you have chosen. It feels so much better to finally get it all out in the open.

If you are indeed a "John" then are you the "John" that wades into any comments which appear in this forum ? Indeed are you the same "John" who has made libelous accusations in this forum and have had to have them withdrawn ?

Stop hiding "John". Slinging Mud as you do with no chance of response just smacks of you being ignored by your Mother as a child. If you devoted just half the energy you seem to have in a positive avenue, who knows what you might actually achieve ? Perhaps you could vent your misguided passion in the Middle East where they need people to front a casue thats worth fighting ?

Kind Regards

Finlay Abbot
Former NZMBA Committee Member &
Resolute Steadfast NZMBA Stalwart &
Authorised Financial Adviser (application pending)
On 21 February 2011 at 3:57 pm Alastar said:
Finlay, given you are a former NZMBA committee member and current "resolute steadfast NZMBA stalwart" as you claim you'd appear most qualified to enlighten us all on the benefits of NZMBA membership. Please by all means then do us the honour.
On 21 February 2011 at 5:02 pm Finlay Abbot said:
Hi Alastair
I wrote this simplistic e-mail to Darren and the team after the last Conference. There is far more to current NZMBA membership than this (so apologies for the brevity) but I have to go and pick up my kids...

Hi Darren and Stephen and Cheryl (cc to Bronwyn Shanks from SHARE NZ and Peter Leitch of the PAA as possibly interested parties)

I am tidying up my notes from the Conference

I found myself scribbling madly after Darren’s Fri am presentation

First things first

Well done on a Great Conference !

I must admit to wondering if it was going to be worth my time and money (but temper this with me being heavily involved in the “Year of Being Unwell” and this also being “The Year of my worst Settlements – EVER”)

So it was with a certain amount of skepticism that I showed up on Thursday…despite how it might have appeared from the outside

Summary – I learned new things, I feel reinvigorated and I realise we need the NZMBA perhaps now more than ever


I am going through a lot of change (for me) as I slowly learn how to become an excellent Risk Adviser…I use this term because I could have started to be a poor one already but have chosen to have higher aspirations for the sake of my business and my clients

I am, therefore, now with an (OUTSTANDING) aggregator (SHARE NZ) who is predominantly Risk focused and is very largely populated by PAA members (as far as I know)…and I get asked why I bother being a member of the NZMBA

My Conclusions

In my opinion, two types of Broker/Adviser are now emerging.

Those who do “just enough” to win and those who want to “break the record”. Those whose catch cry will be “mediocrity is good enough for me and my clients” and those who aspire to excellence as the only bench mark

Life and Business and Things in general are complex right now as we grapple with Regulation and Learning New Skills

When I got asked why I was still a member of the NZMBA I had no immediate answer (I am embarrassed to admit)

Now I have an answer

Simple messages need to be reinforced and repeated so the current membership get a mantra going so we can continue to improve our membership (Quality and Quantity) and effectively defend our position

I wrote these notes and prioritised the issues as I see them

1) Regulation Transition and Implementation – Mortgage Brokers need their own voice. The sheer numbers and talent still evident (from my perspective) within our membership must be represented by people who know our role intimately

2) Brand – We have a great brand and the foundations are in place already…keep it clean and simple and keep it out there

3) Strategic Communication – Both with Both Lenders, Groups (kind of like Neville Chamberlain in 1938 but more successful) and Sec Com no doubt to ensure we don’t get forgotten

4) CPT Records and Specialised Education - (not sure how discipline will fall here in a couple of years time) – Mortgage Brokers have specific needs that only Lender specialists can understand (include Annual Conference in this)

5) Broker of the Year – Despite how selfish this may appear…This competition constantly researches and encourages excellence. I still think Winners and Participants are a resource for the Membership which can be used more. The BOTY is hard work for all, but it must must be retained and will drag out the best of participants and members AND it’s the kind of positive behaviour which sets a tone amongst the membership. For new members its inspirational and for the public, it’s a sign of maturity as well as recognition

So, another long winded way of expressing my profound gratitude for a job being extremely well done

And suggesting we all keep working on marketing…a clean simple message repeated to the membership to remind them who we all are and why we are here

Kind Regards

Finlay Abbot

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