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Last Article Uploaded: Thursday, July 19th, 8:59AM
Investment News

To be or not to be? (A Conglomerate)

In a recent investor update in Sydney, Fletcher Building’s new CEO, Ross Taylor, took the bold step of comparing the company’s performance to global building material giants such as Saint Gobain and CRH, who respectively have revenues of €44b and €28b (10 and 8 times bigger than Fletchers).

Tuesday, July 17th, 8:30AM

Taylor chose to make the comparison based on Total Shareholder Returns rather than performance metrics such as cash flow or earnings.

Under the TSR metric Fletcher Building sits firmly mid-pack, rewarding shareholders with a relatively meager 4% return over the previous 10 years. 

Taylor’s point was that this was clearly not good enough, and that material suppliers with a single product focus were able to deliver much more reasonable returns...MORE»

Chill Out, it’s Just a Stress Test

Tuesday, July 10th, 8:30AM

Stress testing is a key element in risk management for portfolio managers. It is also a Financial Markets Authority (FMA) requirement for fund managers in New Zealand, although they don’t specify exactly what form these tests should take or how often they should be applied.


Sector exclusions lazy CIO says

Wednesday, July 4th, 6:00AM

Fund managers relying on sector exclusions to implement responsible investment policies may be doing more harm than good, one chief investment officer says.



Tuesday, July 3rd, 9:00AM

There is currently much talk within the financial markets of the ‘new PIGS’, a group of countries which are widely viewed as having inflated property markets and notably elevated levels of debt that are therefore likely to prove vulnerable to the tightening in global (banking system) liquidity trends.


The Right Benchmark is the Bedrock of Strong Active Management

Monday, June 25th, 5:59AM

If you think your fund manager has added value, you may well be right. But as Mercer’s David Scobie explains, before reaching that conclusion, make sure you take a good look at the benchmark.


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Finance boost for UDC buyer

Monday, July 3rd, 8:34PM

TIP Trailer Services, a subsidiary of HNA Group leading the purchase of UDC from ANZ, has secured new financing arrangements to a total of $2.7 billion for UDC which will be effective when the sale is complete. MORE»

UDC vote approves trust deed change

Wednesday, June 21st, 7:33PM

UDC Finance debenture holders have voted to pass a special resolution to change the company's trust deed, clearing the way for sale. MORE»

UDC: On track for sale

Tuesday, June 6th, 7:21PM

UDC Finance says its half-year profit of $30.2 million positions it well for new ownership. MORE»

FMT ticks over $500m in investments

Thursday, May 4th, 8:10AM

While banks clamp down on lending and restrictions tighten for investors, one non-bank lender has more money to offer than ever. MORE»

Shareholders chip in

Monday, April 10th, 6:00AM

Kiwibank has had to go to its new shareholders for more money. MORE»

UDC gets downgraded on sale news

Thursday, January 12th, 10:23AM

UDC has had its credit rating down-graded following ANZ's announcement it plans to sell the business to a private Chinese conglomerate, and questions are raised about the future of the finance company. MORE»

ANZ sells UDC Finance

Wednesday, January 11th, 11:21AM

ANZ Bank New Zealand  has agreed to sell its asset finance business, UDC Finance, for $660 million to HNA Group. MORE»

BNZ offers 4% term deposit rate

Monday, November 21st, 9:58AM  1 comment

BNZ has introduced a two-year deposit rate special of 4%. MORE»

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The employer’s conundrum

Monday, July 2nd, 10:00AM  1 comment

Why have so few employers chosen a preferred provider scheme? MORE»

Law changes offer greater KiwiSaver flexibility

Monday, July 2nd, 6:00AM

Proposed changes to KiwiSaver will allow over 65s to join the scheme and introduce new contribution rates. MORE»

Advisers set clients on right investment path

Friday, June 22nd, 6:00AM

Investors who work with advisers are on track to achieve better outcomes in their KiwiSaver accounts. MORE»

What New Zealanders want from KiwiSaver may surprise you

Wednesday, June 20th, 10:27AM  1 comment

NZ Funds has conducted some research on what people like and what motivates their decisions when making KiwiSaver decisions. It makes for interesting reading. MORE»

KiwiSaver must change, providers say

Wednesday, June 13th, 6:01AM

Product-based commission should be banned for financial advisers offering advice on KiwiSaver, Milford Asset Management chief executive Troy Swann has told an event in Auckland. MORE»

Advisers welcome more detailed projections

Wednesday, June 13th, 6:00AM  4 comments

New Zealand's financial advice sector is cautiously optimistic about plans for KiwiSaver annual statements to show members what their projected balances could produce in income. MORE»

KiwiSaver incentives 'don't help those who need it most'

Friday, June 8th, 6:00AM  1 comment

Concerns about KiwiSaver creating inequity in the retired population would be better tackled by abolishing the scheme entirely than introducing new tax incentives to get people saving more, the working group considering the future of tax policy has been told. MORE»

Is more better, or just confusing?

Wednesday, June 6th, 10:09AM

In our new KiwiSaver column NZ Funds CIO Michael Lang asks whether we have too many KiwiSaver fund options available to investors. MORE»

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ASB Bank Term Fund - 12 months 3.20    3.33    3.48
ASB Bank Term Fund - 18 months 3.50    3.65    3.81
ASB Bank Term Fund - 2 years 3.65    3.81    3.98
ASB Bank Term Fund - 5 years 4.10    4.28    4.48
ASB Bank Term Fund - 9 months 3.60    3.75    3.92
BNZ Term PIE - 120 days 2.90    -    -
BNZ Term PIE - 150 days 3.00    3.38    3.53
BNZ Term PIE - 5 years 4.05    3.86    4.04
BNZ Term PIE - 2 years 3.65    3.91    4.09
BNZ Term PIE - 18 months 3.60    3.65    3.81
BNZ Term PIE - 12 months 3.50    3.38    3.53
BNZ Term PIE - 9 months 3.25    3.44    3.60
BNZ Term PIE - 6 months 3.25    3.75    3.92
BNZ Term PIE - 90 days 2.65    2.72    2.85
Co-operative Bank PIE Term Fund - 6 months 3.40    -    -
Heartland Bank Term Deposit PIE - 12 months 3.60    3.53    3.69
Heartland Bank Term Deposit PIE - 6 months 3.45    3.43    3.58
Heartland Bank Term Deposit PIE - 9 months 3.50    3.85    4.02
Heartland Bank Term Deposit PIE - 18 months 3.60    -    -
Heartland Bank Term Deposit PIE - 2 years 3.70    3.43    3.58
Heartland Bank Term Deposit PIE - 5 years 3.90    3.85    4.02
Kiwibank Term Deposit Fund - 90 days 2.75    2.83    2.96
Kiwibank Term Deposit Fund - 6 months 3.30    3.39    3.55
Kiwibank Term Deposit Fund - 12 months 3.50    3.39    3.55
Kiwibank Term Deposit Fund - 150 days 3.15    3.65    3.81
Kiwibank Term Deposit Fund - 120 days 3.00    3.09    3.22
Kiwibank Term Deposit Fund - 9 months 3.35    3.39    3.55
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 150 days 3.00    2.88    3.00
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 120 days 3.30    3.38    3.53
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 18 months 3.50    3.29    3.43
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 12 months 3.50    3.49    3.65
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 6 months 3.30    3.44    3.60
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 9 months 3.35    3.17    3.32
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Westpac Term PIE Fund - 2 years 3.70    3.79    3.96
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