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Last Article Uploaded: Tuesday, February 25th, 8:45PM
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February 2020

25 Feb 2020NZ shares fall as the risk of global pandemic rises
25 Feb 2020Peer-to-peer lending up at Southern Cross
25 Feb 2020How active is your KiwiSaver manager?
25 Feb 2020Inland Revenue outlines GST plan
25 Feb 2020Putting the case for income protection
24 Feb 2020NZ shares tank following sudden spread of covid-19
24 Feb 2020Nothing to worry about AMP Life says
24 Feb 2020RTA reforms pile pressure on landlords
24 Feb 2020Southern Cross loan book nears $225 million
24 Feb 2020Expanded role to replace Watney
24 Feb 2020Regions lead the price growth pack
24 Feb 2020nib reports local profit lift as group fortunes fall
24 Feb 2020Kiwibank to enter adviser market
24 Feb 2020[GRTV] Sam Dickie's 2020 outlook
24 Feb 2020Kiwibank set to enter adviser market
22 Feb 2020[GRTV] Time to change debate on replacement business
21 Feb 2020[The Wrap] Regulators need to be wary of AMP Life deal
21 Feb 2020Earnings season rewards investors
21 Feb 2020Kiwibank lending rises, profit falls
21 Feb 2020What will happen to insurance premiums under the new regime?
21 Feb 2020What will happen to insurance premiums under the new regime?
21 Feb 2020NZ Super Fund: Some coronavirus losses will be recovered, others gone for good
21 Feb 2020Full steam ahead for tenancy reforms
20 Feb 2020NZX50 cracks 12,000 first time ever; Ebos, Auckland Airport earnings lift market
20 Feb 2020Mike Pero Mortgages: Hawke’s Bay Franchise for Sale
20 Feb 2020Charges laid against Kloogh
20 Feb 2020The new face of the NZPIF
20 Feb 2020Generate offers compensation
20 Feb 2020Newpark partners with Real Estate Together
20 Feb 2020Newpark partners with Real Estate Together
19 Feb 2020Active comes out on top in FMA debate
19 Feb 2020Fletcher and Spark earnings settle investors
19 Feb 2020When will mortgage wars end?
19 Feb 2020FMA debate: Passive v Active
19 Feb 2020Heartland launches reverse mortgages for investors
19 Feb 2020Heartland offers reverse mortgages to investors; new ANZ retail boss
19 Feb 2020New, higher rate on interest and dividend tax
19 Feb 2020ANZ appoints new retail boss
18 Feb 2020The cost of running a one-person FAP revealed
18 Feb 2020Insurers tweak discount offers
18 Feb 2020Fisher Funds adds experienced faces
18 Feb 2020Heartland highlight in NZ shares reporting season
18 Feb 2020Heartland launches reverse mortgages for investors
18 Feb 2020[GRTV] Benefits of Asia ETFs
18 Feb 2020[GRTV] Fisher Funds' Sam Dickie's 2020 outlook
18 Feb 2020[GRTV] Benefits of Asia ETFs
18 Feb 2020Strong start for market in 2020
18 Feb 2020What the ratings agency said about Fidelity Life
18 Feb 2020Good customer outcomes, where did this term come from?
18 Feb 2020When will interest rates rise?
18 Feb 2020Generate: Advisers dealing with questions
17 Feb 2020Tenancy reform bill hits Parliament
17 Feb 2020NZ Funds appoints adviser-focused principal
17 Feb 2020Weaker Kiwi buoys A2, F&P Healthcare
17 Feb 2020Property investors positive for 2020
17 Feb 2020Lapse rates up; profit down at AMP Life
17 Feb 2020Low rates until 2022
17 Feb 2020Challenge to landlord reforms
17 Feb 2020AIA launches new adviser support programme
17 Feb 2020Regulation pushes firms to vertical integration
16 Feb 2020REINZ & NZPIF join up to battle RTA changes
15 Feb 2020[The Wrap] Conduct wheels spinning
14 Feb 2020NZ shares fall as Synlait declines another day
14 Feb 2020Government brokers to match landlords with tenants
14 Feb 2020A chance to invest in home loans; HSBC special rate drops to 3.2%
14 Feb 2020National questions limits on adviser incentives
13 Feb 2020Synlait Milk slumps to 2-year low; NZ shares fall
13 Feb 2020Investors get chance to fund home loans through Squirrel; Harmoney exits
13 Feb 2020A number of buyers interested in AMP
13 Feb 2020Rising house prices glossed over in MPS
13 Feb 2020Prospa's first year in NZ; Faafoi reassures advisers
13 Feb 2020Prospa's first year in New Zealand
12 Feb 2020Morningstar: Don't expect another 2019
12 Feb 2020Generate members' data accessed illegitimately
12 Feb 2020NZ shares buoyed by RBNZ optimism of brief coronavirus hit
12 Feb 2020OCR reaction: RBNZ upbeat on outlook
12 Feb 2020Coronavirus contagion uncertainty
12 Feb 2020OCR decision revealed
12 Feb 2020ASB books a loss on sale of Aegis
12 Feb 2020OCR decision later; NZFSG hires customer experience specialist
12 Feb 2020Health system not helping income protection claims
12 Feb 2020InvestNow acquires AMP Capital's retail business
11 Feb 2020Coronavirus fears boost demand for yield plays
11 Feb 2020FNZ gets new shareholder
11 Feb 2020Rental contaminated, not damaged by meth
11 Feb 2020Prospa in new SME deal
11 Feb 2020Faafoi reassures advisers about the future
11 Feb 2020Prospa offers advisers SME deal
11 Feb 2020Climate change and investment
10 Feb 2020New Zealand shares fall as investors go on “buyers strike”
10 Feb 2020Headwinds for the commercial market
10 Feb 2020NZFSG/Loan Market hires customer experience head
10 Feb 2020ASB reveals its position on FAPs
10 Feb 2020ASB reveals its position on FAPs
10 Feb 2020The struggle to be better at telling the story of insurance
8 Feb 2020New landscape for trusts
7 Feb 2020NZ shares rise as investors catch up with Australian gains
7 Feb 2020COMMENT: Checking in on insulation
7 Feb 2020Second fund rolled out by value manager
7 Feb 2020OCR preview survey: what do economists think?
7 Feb 2020OCR Preview Survey: economists say OCR will stay on hold
7 Feb 2020AML to get reviewed this year
7 Feb 2020FMA to weed out green washing
7 Feb 2020Low interest rate environment creates adviser opportunity
6 Feb 2020Advisers: Key to bridging the wills gap
5 Feb 2020After a few downers NZ shares get an upper
5 Feb 2020ANZ gets tough on data security
5 Feb 2020ANZ gets tough on data security
5 Feb 2020Steady demand makes for rising values
5 Feb 2020UK pension deal struck
5 Feb 2020FMA won't be 'outgunned' despite broader remit
4 Feb 2020Older Kiwis hold on to insurance
4 Feb 2020Coronavirus weighing on exporters; NZ shares fall
4 Feb 2020Familiar face returns to Underwriter role at Partners
4 Feb 2020New growth cycle for Auckland
4 Feb 2020ANZ raises key mortgage rates
4 Feb 2020ANZ raises key mortgage rates
4 Feb 2020Don't use KiwiSaver for investment property - yet
4 Feb 2020No room for complacency in 2020
3 Feb 2020New Zealand shares fall as mainland Chinese markets reopen
3 Feb 2020It's time we got out and told the good story about insurance
3 Feb 2020Will the Reserve Bank change course?; national listing shortage continues
3 Feb 2020Will the Reserve Bank change course?
3 Feb 2020Could a shift in the listings shortage be coming?
3 Feb 2020Cigna and OnePath now one
3 Feb 2020Immigrants have differing view of income protection
3 Feb 2020Insurers argue cutting commissions will lead to poor customer outcomes
1 Feb 2020Mercer appoints board chair
1 Feb 2020Southern Cross: No negative impact from commission change

January 2020

31 Jan 2020[The Wrap] Thanks for the gift Peter
31 Jan 2020Upbeat ending for sharemarket this week; F&P Healthcare gets strong lead from rivals
31 Jan 2020Wannabe trust and fund administration company in receivership
31 Jan 2020SuperCity rents moving up - slowly
31 Jan 2020Come and learn about new lending opportunities
31 Jan 2020New Plymouth possibilities
31 Jan 2020Govt should subsidise advice: Financial Advice NZ
30 Jan 2020Shares flat-line as coronavirus concerns reemerge
30 Jan 2020Could the coronavirus hit the housing market?
30 Jan 2020Mortgage lending strong in December
30 Jan 2020COMMENT: The truth about flexible workspaces
30 Jan 2020FMA needs more money
30 Jan 2020Wealthpoint questions efficiency of authorised bodies
29 Jan 2020NZ shares narrowly miss regional rally
29 Jan 2020Mortgage lending strong in December
29 Jan 2020Australian giant in Augusta takeover bid
29 Jan 2020How to grow your client base
29 Jan 2020Plus4 adds another adviser
29 Jan 2020Confidence in rental returns at new low
29 Jan 2020Markets predict OCR to remain at 1%
29 Jan 2020Commissioner: Pension age shouldn't increase
28 Jan 2020Coronavirus hits tourism stocks again
28 Jan 2020Six new faces at Mike Pero Mortgages
28 Jan 2020EM outlook: Forget about trade, Chinese consumers are the key
28 Jan 2020Why house price growth will continue
28 Jan 2020Why house price growth will continue
28 Jan 2020Why house price growth will continue
27 Jan 2020Conduct bill will mean changes for advisers: MBIE
27 Jan 2020Former mayor joins KiwiSaver scheme
27 Jan 2020InvestNow considers build-your-own KiwiSaver scheme
27 Jan 2020Looking outside the box
26 Jan 2020Gold prices soar on back of tensions
25 Jan 2020[The Wrap] Financial advice: mainly male drinkers ... really?
24 Jan 2020Coronavirus ripples through markets driving shares down; utilities down
24 Jan 2020BNZ targets investor market
24 Jan 2020Getting heating right
24 Jan 2020Kiwibank-BNZ takeover talk heats up; BNZ aims for investor market
24 Jan 2020Kiwibank-BNZ takeover talk grows
24 Jan 2020Weaker markets may make fees harder sell
23 Jan 2020NZ shares edge higher as Chinese virus fears weigh
23 Jan 2020Scrutiny sows 'seeds of doubt'
23 Jan 2020Demand for rentals running hot
23 Jan 2020FMA commissions active report
23 Jan 2020How much have house prices grown in your region?; New hires at Pepper and Loan Market
23 Jan 2020Two new hires at Loan Market
23 Jan 2020Downside risks reduced
23 Jan 2020A decade of property price growth
22 Jan 2020NZX50 hits record as Asia recovers from virus fears
22 Jan 2020Upping the ante on price growth
22 Jan 2020Pepper hires new BDM
22 Jan 2020Reserve Bank critical of life insurance
22 Jan 2020Income protection sustainable or just more noise?
22 Jan 2020Newpark sets up support team
22 Jan 2020Newpark sets up support team
22 Jan 2020Trade Me sells LifeDirect to adviser
22 Jan 2020Govt moves to fix pension 'unfairness'
22 Jan 2020NZ equity returns for the next decade?
21 Jan 2020Resilient NZ market an attractive harbour for nervous investors
21 Jan 2020BlackRock coal move part of bigger shift
21 Jan 2020Threat to assault ends problem tenancy
21 Jan 2020Low equity premiums: unfair and dishonest?
21 Jan 2020Banks criticised over low equity premiums
21 Jan 20205 trends to include in your advice service planning
21 Jan 2020PAA: GST return delayed wind-up
20 Jan 2020NZ shares fall as Gentrack paints grim earnings outlook
20 Jan 2020[OPINION] Turbulent year ahead
20 Jan 2020Conrad Funds Management gains $100 million funding line
20 Jan 2020 KiwiSaver and social responsibility
20 Jan 2020CFML secures $100 million funding line from Westpac
20 Jan 2020Female advisers put off by boozy networking
18 Jan 2020David Whyte's 5 predictions for 2020
17 Jan 2020NZ shares extend strong start to 2020 as blue chips gain
17 Jan 2020Property market predictions
17 Jan 2020Call for apartment law reform petition support
17 Jan 2020The cost of getting it wrong
16 Jan 2020Investors regain confidence in utilities
16 Jan 2020Highest sales in December for three years
16 Jan 2020New home equity release player coming
16 Jan 2020New home equity release player; What happened to PAA's $2 mill?
16 Jan 2020What's happened to the $2mill from PAA's holiday homes?
15 Jan 2020Sharemarket hits record as investors eye US-China trade deal
15 Jan 2020First profit forecast for Stewart's Retirement Income Group; Plus new products
14 Jan 2020NZ shares join global rally as upcoming US-China trade buoys investors
14 Jan 2020Time for banks to change servicing tests
14 Jan 2020Advisers hope for servicing test changes in 2020
13 Jan 2020What have eggs, baskets, advice and the 'missing middle' got in common?
13 Jan 2020NZ shares follow soft Wall St lead
13 Jan 2020Fisher Funds distribution head moves on
13 Jan 2020Small banks on FAPs; Your thoughts on low-equity fees
13 Jan 2020Evidence needed to support Tribunal claims
13 Jan 2020Newpark hits 150 adviser milestone
13 Jan 2020Licence applications still slow to roll in
10 Jan 2020[The Wrap] Five predictions for 2020
10 Jan 2020NZ blue-chips lead market higher
10 Jan 2020Small banks stall on licensing
10 Jan 2020Kōura: People see advice and KiwiSaver as distinct
9 Jan 2020Heavyweights drag sharemarket down
9 Jan 2020Partners growing while other insurers deal with issues
9 Jan 2020Opportunities for the year ahead
9 Jan 2020Proptech the future for commercial investment
9 Jan 2020Change coming for KiwiSaver advice
8 Jan 2020Iranian missiles bring market down; Burger Fuel serves last burger in Iraq
8 Jan 2020Auckland housing market is back
8 Jan 2020[COMMENT] Non-bank sector growth is an opportunity for advisers: Prospa
7 Jan 2020Yield plays remain attractive to investors
7 Jan 2020Nominations sought for MACs
6 Jan 2020NZ shares shrug off Middle East tensions; Infratil gains
6 Jan 2020Book excerpt: Financial Freedom - 5 Steps 5 Years
6 Jan 2020Don't hold your breath for life insurance reform
5 Jan 2020Advisers told to take action
3 Jan 2020COMMENT: What lies ahead in 2020?
1 Jan 2020NZX50 rounds out 30% gain in 2019
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