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July 2018

19 Jul 2018ANZ backs group of AFAs
19 Jul 2018Advisers vindicated in latest report
18 Jul 2018QFEs fail on replacement business practices: FMA
18 Jul 2018Patten on his new role with NZFSG; Co-op rate change
18 Jul 2018nib partners with Ronald McDonald House
18 Jul 2018Advisers wouldn't get away with it
18 Jul 2018Commission model swaps one problem for another: Ballantyne
18 Jul 2018Patten takes down broking shingle after 16 years
18 Jul 2018Bank profits under pressure - KPMG
18 Jul 2018Advisers 'reluctant' to invest in marketing
17 Jul 2018Owner-occupiers better protected; Latest house price stats
17 Jul 2018Q&A with PM Capital CIO Paul Moore
17 Jul 2018To be or not to be? (A Conglomerate)
17 Jul 2018Owner occupiers better protected now: RBNZ (+ Report)
17 Jul 2018Group of AFAs tackles KiwiSaver problems
17 Jul 2018Ross liquidators: No end in sight
17 Jul 2018Capital Group signs NZ deal
16 Jul 2018How automated is your business?
16 Jul 2018Regulation 'should not drive business structure'
13 Jul 2018ANZ appoints two Business Development Managers
13 Jul 2018Crazy rental plans proposed
13 Jul 2018Hobson Wealth Partners fills ranks
13 Jul 2018Consumer feedback 'good reminder'
12 Jul 2018Top chair finally filled at Trustees Executors
12 Jul 2018Financial advisers can help boost confidence: FMA
12 Jul 2018An update on meth standards
12 Jul 2018Effective disclosure requires better financial literacy
11 Jul 2018New chief investment officer for ANZ Investments
11 Jul 2018The one-bank trap for investors
11 Jul 2018Proposed commission model 'cross-subsidisation'
11 Jul 2018Time for 'green' classification system
10 Jul 2018TSB heroes 18-month rate
10 Jul 2018Chill Out, it’s Just a Stress Test
10 Jul 2018[GRTV] Index funds 'saving millions in fees'
10 Jul 2018[GRTV] The case for index funds
9 Jul 2018[GRTV] The case for index funds
9 Jul 2018Potential payday for purchasers of Tower book
9 Jul 2018Another DIMS licence granted
9 Jul 2018[GRTV] Meet Financial Advice NZ CEO Katrina Shanks
9 Jul 2018TSB reveals new CEO
9 Jul 2018Loan Market reveals settlement numbers
9 Jul 2018Did the Australian Royal Commission change everything? Or had everything changed already?
9 Jul 2018Financial Advice NZ's next challenge: Everyone else
6 Jul 2018Loan Market numbers revealed; New Jobs section now live; AIA finally gets hold of Sovereign
6 Jul 2018Loan Market settles record amount
6 Jul 2018Auld takes advice role
6 Jul 2018Fiducian: Outsource manager selection, improve service for clients
5 Jul 2018ASB predicts “mild” OCR increase
5 Jul 2018Unregistered insurance adviser avoids prison
5 Jul 2018Senior Lending Officer - Residential
5 Jul 2018The latest on Kiwibuild
5 Jul 2018New advice rules to consider trail commissions
5 Jul 2018New chair for Financial Advice NZ certification body
4 Jul 2018Kiwibuild eligibility criteria revealed
4 Jul 2018Mortgage Express targets China with Auckland hire
4 Jul 2018TSB appoints new chief executive
4 Jul 2018Winter chill settles on market
4 Jul 2018Sector exclusions lazy CIO says
3 Jul 2018Cigna rebrands to target the young
3 Jul 2018Call for even greater commission disclosure; New role for Bailey
3 Jul 2018New PIGS, the CANNS or SNACZ?
2 Jul 2018AIA completes Sovereign deal
2 Jul 2018Disclose “incentives” and “perks”: Southern Cross CEO
2 Jul 2018Scot Bailey moves to new role at Westpac
2 Jul 2018Watch Financial Advice NZ CEO; Name the big issues for mortgage advice
2 Jul 2018More rate cuts; Are Special rates misleading?
2 Jul 2018The employer’s conundrum
2 Jul 2018Needs analysis and your advice process
2 Jul 2018[GRTV] Meet Financial Advice NZ CEO Katrina Shanks
2 Jul 2018Fine balance for new code
2 Jul 2018Law changes offer greater KiwiSaver flexibility
2 Jul 2018Commission disclosure no big deal for good advisers

June 2018

29 Jun 2018Milford appoints distribution head
29 Jun 2018Interest rates not likely to move for a long time
29 Jun 2018Westpac makes major commission changes
29 Jun 2018AML break for RFAs
28 Jun 2018Mercer gets RI tick
28 Jun 2018Cigna cuts ties with LifeDirect
28 Jun 2018OCR words open door for cut
28 Jun 2018Fewer direct retail investors in NZX
28 Jun 2018Today's OCR statement
28 Jun 2018RBNZ leaves OCR alone; Here's why
28 Jun 2018Mortgage lending hits two year high
28 Jun 2018FMA: Gloves are off on AML
27 Jun 2018Nikko appoints portfolio manager
27 Jun 2018Hobson Wealth starts buying and selling
27 Jun 2018Co-Op Bank moves
27 Jun 2018FSCL warns: Roboadvice creates non-disclosure risk
27 Jun 2018AML laws 'waste of time, money'
26 Jun 2018[Obituary] Cary Veenhof: The BDM’s BDM
26 Jun 2018Trustees Executors adds a new director and still searches for a chairman
26 Jun 2018BNZ cuts; Bank staff still pressured to sell products
26 Jun 2018Bank targets 'put customer interests at risk'
25 Jun 2018Co-op shares $2.1m with customers
25 Jun 2018Adviser limits fees
25 Jun 2018Going digital for adviser businesses
25 Jun 2018OCR Preview: The latest outlook for interest rates
25 Jun 2018New portfolio compliance tool comes to market
25 Jun 2018OCR to stay on hold
25 Jun 2018The Right Benchmark is the Bedrock of Strong Active Management
22 Jun 2018Banks get visit from regulators
22 Jun 2018Westpac does some matching cuts
22 Jun 2018Former Lifetime boss acquires advice firm of the same name
22 Jun 2018Advisers set clients on right investment path
22 Jun 2018Construction slump slows GDP
21 Jun 2018UDC posts profit
21 Jun 2018Kiwis back shared equity schemes
21 Jun 2018Interest Rate Cycles: Endings and Beginnings
21 Jun 2018AMP appoints new chairman
21 Jun 2018ANZ matches leader
21 Jun 2018What makes an adviser independent, anyway?
20 Jun 2018The correct facts about tax and rental properties
20 Jun 2018The correct facts about tax and rental properties
20 Jun 2018What New Zealanders want from KiwiSaver may surprise you
20 Jun 2018Rating agency reviews OnePath Life
20 Jun 2018Salt appoints chief operating officer.
19 Jun 2018NZ Super appoints new CEO
19 Jun 2018Tax changes would slash house prices
19 Jun 2018Fees 'still too high'
19 Jun 2018Boyle moves back to private sphere
18 Jun 2018Lender cuts rates; Guilty verdict over $54mill mortgage fraud
18 Jun 2018P2P lender cuts rates
18 Jun 2018It's time for RFAs to make some noise
18 Jun 2018National: Reserve Bank role needs scrutiny
18 Jun 2018'Drop mandatory insurer strength ratings'
18 Jun 2018Associations' last days
15 Jun 2018Finance company survivor profits
15 Jun 2018Guilty verdict for mortgage fraud trio
15 Jun 2018Adviser hits out at commission disclosure proposals
15 Jun 2018Broader disclosure needed for VIOs: SiFA
15 Jun 2018Adviser hits out at commission disclosure proposals
14 Jun 2018Asteron appoints Frecklington replacement
14 Jun 2018ASB cuts and moves up the table; Kepa has new CEO
14 Jun 2018Kepa appoints chief executive
14 Jun 2018McLachlan: Pie move 'mildly interesting'
13 Jun 2018Housing affordability down in major cities
13 Jun 2018KiwiSaver must change, providers say
13 Jun 2018Advisers welcome more detailed projections
12 Jun 2018Advisers inundate CWG with submissions
12 Jun 2018Working group considers 161 submissions
12 Jun 2018Solving Japan’s financial problems…and creating some for New Zealand
11 Jun 2018KiwiSaver boosts first home market: ANZ
11 Jun 2018Partners Life unfazed by Mosaic loss
11 Jun 2018Kiwibank moves rates; Others adjust servicing levels
11 Jun 2018Questions of Conduct: when does good conduct become financial advice?
11 Jun 2018PAA gets 'yes' vote, takes next step to wind-up
8 Jun 2018ASB, Westpac tweak servicing tests
8 Jun 2018Medical records no silver bullet for disclosure
8 Jun 2018DTIs will be looked at again
8 Jun 2018KiwiSaver incentives 'don't help those who need it most'
7 Jun 2018Next phase of RBNZ review likely to assess DTIs
7 Jun 2018Pie Funds cuts performance fees
7 Jun 2018PM Capital poaches Platinum portfolio man
7 Jun 2018Why private health insurance is an investment, not a cost
7 Jun 2018Fidelity Life: Advisers told us products must improve
7 Jun 2018NZCU Baywide widens lending criteria
7 Jun 2018NZCU Baywide to offer 95% mortgages
7 Jun 2018Consultation fatigue hits advisers
6 Jun 2018Trustees Executors makes key appointments
6 Jun 2018Changes for RFAs nothing to worry about
6 Jun 2018New build financing gap boosts Southern Cross
6 Jun 2018HSBC launches 5th sub 4% home loan offer
6 Jun 2018HSBC does it again
6 Jun 2018Is more better, or just confusing?
6 Jun 2018Vertical integration: Financial advice sector's weak link?
5 Jun 2018Read joins adviser group
5 Jun 2018Italy: A bigger threat than Brexit?
5 Jun 2018Simplicity drops investments
5 Jun 2018PAA rules out legal funds for opposing members
1 Jun 2018Spotlight on non-bank fees
1 Jun 2018Booster seeds new global bond fund
1 Jun 2018Watch out for 'green-washing'

May 2018

31 May 2018New name and look for JMIS
31 May 2018Update on LVR restrictions; Commission not needed
31 May 2018Disclose cost of advice, not commission: Financial Advice NZ
30 May 2018Regulators: no "evidence" to warrant NZ banking commission
30 May 2018ANZ sells OnePath
30 May 2018LVR easing not on cards
30 May 2018Ministers meet regulators as banks, insurers asked for information
30 May 2018PAA attempts holiday homes vote 2.0
29 May 2018SBS grows lending book, but with less aggression
29 May 2018General Finance to join stock market
29 May 2018Associations hang back from Financial Advice NZ
28 May 2018Property Institute questions government housing policy
28 May 2018Advisers 'should be next for regulator check'
25 May 2018Conservative attitude a bigger problem than fees: McLachlan
24 May 2018Latest RBNZ figures reveal first time buyer boom
24 May 2018Insurers next for regulatory scrutiny
24 May 2018Royal Commission triggers letter to insurers from FMA and RBNZ
24 May 2018Senior changes at New Zealand Home Loans
24 May 2018Dodds: Regulators 'attack on integrity'
23 May 2018Daintree launches NZD option
23 May 2018Minister 'encourages' providers to change soft commission structures
22 May 2018Northland adviser launches next-gen chatbot
22 May 2018Law reform process asks: Are commissions bad?
22 May 2018Advisers follow Slater to new EDR
21 May 2018Cressida Capital appoints new BDM
21 May 2018Regional rents soar
21 May 2018Kiwi Wealth launches wholesale offer
21 May 2018Health insurance gets boost from workplace schemes
21 May 2018Schemes query disclosure requirement
21 May 2018Severn: Change focus of incentives
18 May 2018PM Capital receives award from researcher
18 May 2018Harbour adds to fixed interest team
18 May 2018Important lessons from Australia
18 May 2018Nikko and Harbour hover up more gongs; Fisher and Savage rewarded
18 May 2018Brokers' Budget Guide; Is ANZ trying to replace brokers with coaches?
18 May 2018ANZ talks Home Loan Coaches
18 May 2018KiwiSaver rules for MPs - even if their scheme doesn't exist any more
17 May 2018Budgeting to build
17 May 2018Ballantyne: Partners keen for any purchase opportunity
17 May 2018Soft commission schemes untenable under new regime: FMA
16 May 2018Soft dollar commissions: What’s the problem?
16 May 2018For Hire: AFA Financial Adviser
16 May 2018Advisers, not consumers benefit from soft commissions: FMA
16 May 2018Disclosure consultation and commission
16 May 2018Dale-Jones: Financial advice different to other professions
15 May 2018Read takes GM role
15 May 2018Read takes GM role
15 May 2018AFA population shrinks
15 May 2018FMA takes FSPR action again
15 May 2018Gough becomes Head of Kepa Home Loans
15 May 2018Kepa appoints new home loans boss
15 May 2018FADC prepares for another case
15 May 2018Older KiwiSaver members prompted to switch
14 May 2018RESIMAC unveils self-employed specials
14 May 2018Kepa ready for regulatory changes
14 May 2018Milford takes Consumer award
14 May 2018Sowerby moves on
14 May 2018SBS cuts; Cairns and Lockie back in the market
14 May 2018Financial Advice NZ appointment rallies support
14 May 2018General Finance founders target funding gap with EMortgage
11 May 2018Kiwi Wealth gets first robo green light
11 May 2018RESIMAC makes cuts on big growth; Reviewing the new-look RBNZ
11 May 2018Orr’s debut on target
11 May 2018RESIMAC cuts rates after 30% volume rise
11 May 2018Working group signals changes
10 May 2018First Financial Advice NZ CEO announced
10 May 2018Bank buster newsletter
10 May 2018Applause for OCR call
10 May 2018OCR Unchanged; What Orr said
10 May 2018What Orr said in his first OCR announcement [+AUDIO]
10 May 2018Education clause 'used too expansively'
10 May 2018Opportunity for independent advisers to shine
9 May 2018100,000 ANZ customers under-charged interest
9 May 2018Plus4 extends its presence in Southland
9 May 2018The Co-Op bank makes further cuts; Westpac update
9 May 2018Protect advisers, select committee told
8 May 2018[OPINION] What is the future for AMP?
8 May 2018AMP fallout continues
8 May 2018New way to do overseas trips
8 May 2018Complaint laid over 'independence' claim
8 May 2018Mu: Exciting future for advisers
7 May 2018Open banking opportunity for mortgage advisers
7 May 2018New chairman for AMP
7 May 2018What's likely to be in this week's OCR announcement
7 May 2018SiFA: Drop competence standards for nominated reps
4 May 2018What the FMA said to banks
4 May 2018All eyes on Orr in lead-up to OCR call
4 May 2018AMP denies criminal offending
4 May 2018Advisers: Extra benefits for clients welcome
4 May 2018BNZ on mortgage advisers; Westpac cuts
4 May 2018BNZ grows advisers flows but keeps them low
4 May 2018Bank boss backs AFAs and says no to Royal Commission
4 May 2018Stubbs, Bolton in charity drop
3 May 2018The importance of advisers to ANZ
3 May 2018Advisers account for bigger share of ANZ's home loans
3 May 2018Heathcote adds a new Key Account Exec
3 May 2018Call for KiwiSaver tax changes
2 May 2018NZBA rejects Australia comparisons and pledges reforms
2 May 2018CWG proposals doom independent advisers: Association
2 May 2018ANZ's Hisco says no problems in NZ; FMA says prove it
2 May 2018FMA: Show how you're different
2 May 2018Enquiry not needed in NZ: ANZ boss
2 May 2018[OBITUARY] Farewell for the man with the 'formidable brain'
1 May 2018Tough quarter for KiwiSaver
1 May 2018Investment horizon: The changing face of the New Zealand credit market
1 May 2018ANZ posts half year cash profit of $941 mill
1 May 2018AIA first insurer to offer Airpoints
1 May 2018One up, one down at ANZ; Plus big profit jump

April 2018

30 Apr 2018Mortgage borrowing rise to be “short-lived”: Westpac
30 Apr 2018Trustees Executors appoint new CEO
30 Apr 2018Lifetime and Camelot join together
30 Apr 2018ANZ looks to Blockchain as the single source of truth
30 Apr 2018More heads roll at AMP
30 Apr 2018A floating rate rises; New mortgage cover
30 Apr 2018New flavour for PIE
30 Apr 2018Asteron Life launches flexible mortgage insurance
27 Apr 2018Owner-occupier and investor lending jumps in March
27 Apr 2018The Code – issues for advisers (Part Three)
27 Apr 2018Performance fee questioned
26 Apr 2018From university to FMA
26 Apr 2018Important update for mortgage advisers
26 Apr 2018New CEO for Kiwibank
26 Apr 2018Scope versus advice
26 Apr 2018An enquiry? Careful what you wish for
24 Apr 2018Advisers invited to join Financial Advice NZ
24 Apr 2018The Code – Issues for advisers (Part Two)
23 Apr 2018Mixed sustainability report card for NZ
23 Apr 2018Advisers need to lift their game to help clients
23 Apr 2018[Opinion] The future of advice is at risk
23 Apr 2018Kiwibank slashes rates
22 Apr 2018nib adds free travel insurance
20 Apr 2018RBNZ changes its mind on LVRs
20 Apr 2018LVR a “permanent tool”: RBNZ Governor
20 Apr 2018Heads roll at AMP Australia
20 Apr 2018Property investors returning; Degrees for mortgage brokers
20 Apr 2018Degree 'not the answer to industry's problems'
19 Apr 2018FMA probes performance fees
19 Apr 2018Property investors “bounce back” in February: ANZ
19 Apr 2018Rate cuts; Old, new face returns to the industry
19 Apr 2018Faafoi considering complaints
19 Apr 2018Sovereign makes product changes
18 Apr 2018Colonial First State set for IPO
18 Apr 2018LifeDirect taps into Hugo
18 Apr 2018Mortgage People founders launch online brokerage
18 Apr 2018Quotemonster branches into advice
18 Apr 2018[GRTV] The future of insurance commissions
18 Apr 2018Kepa takes stake in member business
18 Apr 2018[Opinion] RFAs missing in action
18 Apr 2018NZ Funds launches latest fintech tool for advisers
18 Apr 2018Regan: AMP's conduct unacceptable
17 Apr 2018FMA ponders PDS in Te Reo
17 Apr 2018Huxford keen to stay in ANZ role
17 Apr 2018Time to get climbing?
17 Apr 2018The Code – issues for advisers (Part One)
16 Apr 2018What's a Comm Games gold medal (or two) worth?
16 Apr 2018Core Finance relaxes lending criteria
16 Apr 2018Partners records best year ever
16 Apr 2018[GRTV] Special Episode: Minister discusses adviser reforms, commission and KiwiSaver
16 Apr 2018[GRTV] Faafoi responds to CWG criticism
13 Apr 2018Wealth Technologies challenges for NZX
13 Apr 2018Mortgage advisers need to address the code
13 Apr 2018Goppy returns
13 Apr 2018Millennials turn to Kiwisaver for home deposits
13 Apr 2018Accuro disrupted
13 Apr 2018Two week lull ends
13 Apr 2018Fees eroding risk premium: Researchers
12 Apr 2018RBNZ: new PTA an “evolution”
12 Apr 2018Code proposals 'baloney'
11 Apr 2018ANZ increases servicing rate for loans
11 Apr 2018Investors: PDS still too complicated
11 Apr 2018Fidelity: Incentives regime changing
10 Apr 2018Make commission details publicly available: MBIE
10 Apr 2018Make commission details publicly available: MBIE
10 Apr 2018SME owners lack income protection
10 Apr 2018Pie Funds plans to extend advice team
10 Apr 2018Multilingual adviser joins top firm
10 Apr 2018Electronic loan lodgement inches close
10 Apr 2018Bank mortgage adviser joins Auckland team
10 Apr 2018NZ Funds: Cheaper might mean less responsible
10 Apr 2018Warning: Time crunch coming for advice sector
10 Apr 2018Claims – the case for applying
10 Apr 2018FMA lacking ability to fine
9 Apr 2018Tech firm to visit NZ ahead of electronic lodgement launch
9 Apr 2018New head of group risk for Fidelity Life
9 Apr 2018Milford sees more opportunities in NZ market
6 Apr 2018The Wrap: Unofficial QSMs; Formal CWG complaint lodged: Will anyone follow AMP?
6 Apr 2018[Opinion] Let’s embrace the spotlight and talk about trust
6 Apr 2018NZ customers more "satisfied" with local banks
6 Apr 2018ANZ: first time buyers are back
6 Apr 2018New business development manager for Consilium
6 Apr 2018Mortgage brokers expanding
6 Apr 2018No complaints about working group
5 Apr 2018New appointment to lead Pinnacle
5 Apr 2018AMP: No more overseas trips
5 Apr 2018Simplicity wades into Smartshares territory
5 Apr 2018QSM not getting royal welcome yet
4 Apr 2018Financial Advice NZ quality mark outlined
4 Apr 2018Inflation erodes growth and confuses the outlook
4 Apr 2018Latest house prices; TSB gets sharp; Last call
3 Apr 2018New chair for FSCL
3 Apr 2018nib joins up with FSC
3 Apr 2018Synergy adds portfolios
3 Apr 2018[Opinion] Four simple steps to a new code
3 Apr 2018Wide variation in stress testing thresholds
3 Apr 2018More property tax changes coming
3 Apr 2018Adviser pays $30k after relationship 'breaks down'
2 Apr 2018Rabo's fund man follows the money
2 Apr 2018CWG on a 'witch hunt
2 Apr 2018Smartshares offers new KiwiSaver fee solution

March 2018

29 Mar 2018Bank of China gains New Zealand branch license
29 Mar 2018Fisher Funds adds a new portfolio manager
29 Mar 2018Brightline test extended; Property investors a little more active
29 Mar 2018Online solutions aid compliance
28 Mar 2018Gong for KiwiWealth
28 Mar 2018Churn battle: Ballantyne v Everitt
28 Mar 2018ANZ investments head stepping down
28 Mar 2018The problem with interest-only; CWG feedback wanted
28 Mar 2018Ballantyne responds to FMA churn report
28 Mar 2018Asteron Life gives advisers SME boost
28 Mar 2018Education providers: Proposals a backwards step
28 Mar 2018Advisers: Fee move will make little difference
27 Mar 2018Facebook removed from ethical ETF
27 Mar 2018LVR changes impact on lending
27 Mar 2018Advisers face interest-only lending restrictions
27 Mar 2018Private equity, not govt mandates, KiwiSaver's future: Managers
26 Mar 2018KPMG: Small banks growing loan books at quicker rate
26 Mar 2018[Opinion] Serious concerns over Code Working Group behaviour
26 Mar 2018No need to fear RBNZ’s new PTA
26 Mar 2018Is active investment management the solution to navigating technological disruption?
26 Mar 2018Pluses and minuses from Kiwibank
26 Mar 2018[GRTV] Feel the fear and do it anyway
26 Mar 2018AMP announces changes at top
26 Mar 2018 Roboadvice changes open door to new KiwiSaver player
23 Mar 2018Adviser sentenced for Ponzi
23 Mar 2018NZHL Advisor wanted
23 Mar 2018'Not all advisers churning'
22 Mar 2018FMA: We're putting life advisers on notice
22 Mar 2018Spirit of caution in OCR call
22 Mar 2018Russell Investments: Change needed, and now
22 Mar 2018What the RBNZ governor said today
22 Mar 2018Why OCR left unchanged; BNZ slashes fees
22 Mar 2018Insurers: Disclosure rules should help clients
21 Mar 2018BNZ slashes mortgage fees
21 Mar 2018Finding the value of a financial planning business
21 Mar 2018Chief executive to stand aside
21 Mar 2018NZ Super Fund appointee joins Fidelity Life Board
21 Mar 2018NZ annuities market will grow: Challenger
21 Mar 2018BNZ moves; Mortgage adviser survey
21 Mar 2018Code proposals show product provider influence: Tate
20 Mar 2018UDC IPO considered
20 Mar 2018Sound corporate governance is good, but management alignment is better
20 Mar 2018Question: Can you define what you do?
20 Mar 2018No room for stock-pickers: Vanguard
19 Mar 2018Westpac expects government policy to "cool" housing market and GDP
19 Mar 2018Southern Cross joins the movement to help Kiwis Choose Wisely
19 Mar 2018It's OCR week. What will happen?
19 Mar 2018Gail Costa returns to NZ role
19 Mar 2018Tax breaks needed to boost savings: Milford
16 Mar 2018Fidelity Life powers up income protection
16 Mar 2018Iwi ink health insurance deal with nib
16 Mar 2018Broker pleads guilty
16 Mar 2018OCR call takes backseat
16 Mar 2018NZ Funds CEO stepping down
15 Mar 2018Shake-up coming for RFA insurance advisers
14 Mar 2018NZCU Baywide revamps banking system
14 Mar 2018ANZ signs responsible investment pledge
14 Mar 2018Acting RBNZ Governor reignites DTI ratio debate
14 Mar 2018Acting RBNZ Governor reignites DTI ratio debate
14 Mar 2018Flight to big providers 'possible unintended consequence'
13 Mar 2018Momentum Life issued life insurance licence in New Zealand
13 Mar 2018Code working group reveals proposals
12 Mar 2018FMA warns on AML
12 Mar 2018Kiwibank cuts Special only
12 Mar 2018Appeal Court sides with FSCL
9 Mar 2018Kiwibank changes its OCR forecast
9 Mar 2018Trustees Executors moves to Consilium platform
9 Mar 2018Pathfinder eyes carbon risk
8 Mar 2018New hire at Mortgage Express
8 Mar 2018ANZ puts OnePath on the block
8 Mar 2018Get recruitment processes in order
8 Mar 2018Adviser's in-laws lose IFSO complaint
7 Mar 2018Fees refunded after portfolio complaint
6 Mar 2018Law review terms released
6 Mar 2018Adviser group reveals new chief executive
6 Mar 2018BNZ cuts a rate; Economists split on next OCR move
6 Mar 2018New Zealand economists divided over OCR
6 Mar 2018Fidelity Life makes top People and Culture appointment
6 Mar 2018Fisher Funds chairman resigns
6 Mar 2018Quality mark framework developed
6 Mar 2018'Every investment situation' could be affected by tax group
6 Mar 2018Coaching your clients on how to hire a good financial adviser
5 Mar 2018New owners for non-bank lender
5 Mar 2018Perennial man gets new role
5 Mar 2018KiwiSaver fee drop 'missed the mark'
5 Mar 2018Licensing questions need answers
2 Mar 2018Bluestone hails “extra firepower” after US takeover
2 Mar 2018FMA still waiting for first robo applications
1 Mar 2018Nikko takes out top Award
1 Mar 2018RESIMAC applications up 30% as Homeloans profits soar

February 2018

28 Feb 2018Meet the latest non-bank lender to market; How hot is HSBC's new rate? Find out here
28 Feb 2018Platforms' commission question
28 Feb 2018Working group raises FSLAB worries
27 Feb 2018FMA takes FSPR action
27 Feb 2018There's more to a home loan than the rate
27 Feb 2018Multi-million mortgage fraud trial gets underway
27 Feb 2018Bluestone returns after 10 year absence
27 Feb 2018Ralph Stewart's Lifetime group hits five
27 Feb 2018Retirement beckons for Scott Black
27 Feb 2018April launch planned for Pie Wealth
26 Feb 2018Kerr Neilson steps back at Platinum
26 Feb 2018'Information gap' harming KiwiSaver outcomes
26 Feb 2018FSLAB: Still changes to be made, associations argue
26 Feb 2018FundSource adds Oyster to its research menu
23 Feb 2018HSBC does it again
23 Feb 2018Getting to Know: Tim Fairbrother
23 Feb 2018Fidelity Life makes key Otago/Southland sales appointment
23 Feb 2018AMP Capital funds net first investors
23 Feb 2018Disclosure rules will fit the situation: MBIE
22 Feb 2018Lending criteria to ease, rates to rise
22 Feb 2018NZ Super Fund: Returns will fall
22 Feb 2018ANZ tightens lending controls following fraud case
22 Feb 2018Employment growth gets credit for insurance increase
22 Feb 2018Lifetime, Camelot may join forces
21 Feb 2018NZ Super Fund drops carbon investments
21 Feb 2018Ageing population behind reverse mortgage rise, says Heartland
21 Feb 2018People + technology: better together
21 Feb 2018Financial Advice NZ CEO: Dodds vs Severn?
21 Feb 2018Lack of prospectus costs adviser insurance claim
20 Feb 2018Morningstar finalists announced
20 Feb 2018China's Phantom Slowdown
20 Feb 2018New leading 5-year rate; Bagrie is back
20 Feb 2018FMA concerned at AFA disclosure
19 Feb 2018Partners Life sponsors exhibition
19 Feb 2018NZX reports FUM lift
19 Feb 2018Big opportunity for advisers: Mercer
16 Feb 2018Century 21 appoints Home Loans GM
16 Feb 2018Get ready for downturn - Bagrie
16 Feb 2018Getting to Know: Nick Stewart
16 Feb 2018Barry Read's IDS to merge with Strategi
16 Feb 2018One-year term gets more interesting; Compliance firms merge
16 Feb 2018Strategi and IDS merge
16 Feb 2018GRTV: No bull like an old bull
16 Feb 2018Who'll still be standing in 12 months' time?
15 Feb 2018Blackwell eyes gap in market with new funding line
15 Feb 2018Super Fund appoints acting chief executive
15 Feb 2018Advisers get automation boost
14 Feb 2018Quality mark plan raises CFP questions
14 Feb 2018Pathfinder bolsters responsible investment capability
13 Feb 2018ANZ gets aggressive
13 Feb 2018Advice penalties increase
12 Feb 2018Harbour adds to board
12 Feb 2018Legg Mason launches fund
12 Feb 2018Westpac follows BNZ near the top of the table
12 Feb 2018Dispute schemes: Fees are fair
12 Feb 2018Code working group's next steps
12 Feb 2018How to run an effective approved provider list in 5 steps
9 Feb 2018ETF gets big boost
9 Feb 2018Prison sentence for mortgage fraudster
9 Feb 2018Trustees Executors shareholders bought out
9 Feb 2018Vested outsourcing - How outsourcing is meant to be
9 Feb 2018BNZ puts out competitive one-year rate
9 Feb 2018Market wobble highlights value of advice
8 Feb 2018Share appoints advisers
8 Feb 2018Low interest rates set to continue
8 Feb 2018What the Reserve Bank said today
8 Feb 2018OCR unchanged: The Reserve Bank has spoken
8 Feb 2018Adviser numbers could drop 50%: Moore
8 Feb 2018CFP numbers grow
7 Feb 2018MPM appoints new sales manager
7 Feb 2018Magellan buys a fund manager
7 Feb 2018Westpac shaves one-year rate
7 Feb 2018Financial Advice NZ clarifies priorities
7 Feb 2018Markets wobble - what next?
5 Feb 2018Will the OCR move this week? Check out what economists think
5 Feb 2018Advisers have role to boost confidence
2 Feb 2018OCR holding pattern to continue
2 Feb 2018Getting to Know: Trevor Slater
2 Feb 2018Rethinking retirement assumptions
1 Feb 2018F&P stops deposits
1 Feb 2018AMP changes outlook
1 Feb 2018BNZ changes adviser commission model
1 Feb 2018Time's up for admin fees: Morningstar
1 Feb 2018BNZ move puts pressure on other banks

January 2018

31 Jan 2018Investor loans low; AI arrives for a mortgage adviser
31 Jan 2018OCR increase pushed out
31 Jan 2018FMA has eye on conflicted conduct
31 Jan 2018Insurance bosses poorly prepared for change: Naylor
30 Jan 2018Advisers to get development guidance
30 Jan 2018New low for investor mortgage share
30 Jan 2018Client-first rule softened - why?
26 Jan 2018Sovereign appoints tech boss
26 Jan 2018Ups and downs from ASB today
26 Jan 2018New Zealand values most stretched in world
25 Jan 2018Auckland property gains halved in two years
25 Jan 2018The Co-operative Bank trims one-year rates
25 Jan 2018Advisers told: Don't ignore crypto
24 Jan 2018Options emerge for licence-averse advisers
23 Jan 2018Guilty plea from mortgage fraudster
23 Jan 2018What advisers want from Financial Advice NZ
23 Jan 2018The 10 best ways to compete with the big end of town
23 Jan 2018Big questions for 2018
23 Jan 2018[Obituary] Mark Frecklington
23 Jan 2018Exemption grows under FSLAB
22 Jan 2018Roboadvice on horizon
22 Jan 2018The first rate change for the year
22 Jan 2018'Business as usual' despite correction fears
19 Jan 2018Getting to Know: Mary Potter
19 Jan 2018NZ average on disclosure
19 Jan 2018Insurers: Robo won't replace advisers
19 Jan 2018KiwiSaver 'shouldn't be only scheme with perks'
18 Jan 2018Southern Cross launches gender-inclusive application
18 Jan 2018New portfolio manager for Pie Funds
18 Jan 2018House prices pick up, but volumes low
18 Jan 2018Housing market picks up, but not everywhere
18 Jan 2018Client first 'means responsible investment'
17 Jan 201810 Ross investors in liquidator sights
17 Jan 2018Giving mortgage advisers a voice
17 Jan 2018No safe harbour for new advisers
16 Jan 20182018 'looking good for Asia'
16 Jan 2018Stock picking and the art of motorcycle maintenance
16 Jan 2018New lending manager
16 Jan 2018Perennial position redundant
16 Jan 2018Advice force changes: Hunters out, farmers in
15 Jan 2018Shariah funds shine
15 Jan 2018RESIMAC appoints new lending manager
15 Jan 2018Non-bank lender changes hands
15 Jan 2018Stakeholders urged to submit on bill
12 Jan 2018Investors die waiting
12 Jan 2018Don't worry, stay invested
11 Jan 2018FMA scam warning
11 Jan 2018Insurers collaborate on fintech
11 Jan 2018Squeeze on financial recruitment
10 Jan 2018World Bank predicts short-term growth boost
10 Jan 2018Financial planning and insurance advice
10 Jan 2018Financial Advice NZ committees appointed
10 Jan 2018Cryptocurrency fund open to New Zealand investors
9 Jan 2018Super Fund: Opportunities in expansion capital
9 Jan 2018Committee members to lobby for advice strands
8 Jan 2018New look General Finance to take on gaps in market
8 Jan 2018Super Fund recruiting
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