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April 2024

14 Apr 2024Smartshares trials NZXWT with large client
13 Apr 2024Analysing AI’s Impact on Financial Advice, Part 3
12 Apr 2024NZ market flat, Tower rises
12 Apr 2024Mortgage advisers want ComCom to apologise; Lifetime Home Master Class Christchurch
12 Apr 2024Mortgage advisers aim to “educate” ComCom and want it to apologise
12 Apr 2024Still in charge
11 Apr 2024NZ sharemarket hit by global inflation fears
11 Apr 2024NZ sharemarket hit by global inflation fears
11 Apr 2024Lifetime Home Masterclass
11 Apr 2024Mortgage Lab buys new trail book; Economists remain divided on when the first rate cut will come
11 Apr 2024Mortgage Lab buys new trail book
11 Apr 2024Asteron Life unveils product enhancements
11 Apr 2024[Opinion] Comedy of errors at the RBNZ
11 Apr 2024It'll be different this time; Asteron boss on Resolution deal
11 Apr 2024Economists remain divided on how early the first rate cut will come
10 Apr 2024NZ sharemarket rises for the first time this month
10 Apr 2024BREAKING: OCR remains unchanged
10 Apr 2024BREAKING: OCR 5.50% - Official Cash Rate remains unchanged
10 Apr 2024[GRTV] Peer support helps with compliance stress
10 Apr 2024Time for rate cuts, Squirrel boss reckons
10 Apr 2024Squirrel CEO calls on the Reserve Bank to start cut OCR
9 Apr 2024NZ sharemarket down 0.5% ... again
9 Apr 2024Sharesies has biggest trading yet
9 Apr 2024FNZ appoints execs in NZ
9 Apr 2024Active versus Passive Investment Management
9 Apr 2024KiwiSaver and Insurance: Assessing lifetime financial needs
8 Apr 2024NZ sharemarket drops for seventh time in eight days
8 Apr 2024Fair outcomes could be another CCCFA fiasco
8 Apr 2024Small businesses warned about loans; ASB Fixed home loan rate changes
8 Apr 2024Small businesses warned about loans
8 Apr 2024[Opinion] Will RBNZ demand proof from Resolution on support for Asteron Life customers?
5 Apr 2024NZ sharemarket down 0.77% for the week
5 Apr 2024Art of Investing: A journey from shadows to spotlight
5 Apr 2024Who will be the first?
5 Apr 2024Rate cuts – who will be the first?
5 Apr 2024nib: government has no appetite for tax breaks for health ins premiums
5 Apr 2024Version review of NZCFS Level 5 a structural tweak, skill standards still to come
4 Apr 2024NZ sharemarket has mixed trading day, Synlait tumbles further
4 Apr 2024Improvement in arrears but trough still to come; Lifetime Home Masterclass 11 April (Wellington)
4 Apr 2024Platinum shares plunge on FUM losses and restructuring
4 Apr 2024Octagon targets FAPs via NZX Wealth platform
4 Apr 2024Asteron Life sold
4 Apr 2024Improvement in arrears but trough still to come
4 Apr 2024FMA wants feedback on green bonds
4 Apr 2024Two adviser groups tie the knot
3 Apr 2024NZ sharemarket down 0.5%
3 Apr 2024Largest US pension fund snares NZ Super Fund CIO
3 Apr 2024Impaired loans mounting; Westpac lowers home loan rates
3 Apr 2024Impaired loans mounting
3 Apr 2024Gender pay gap and not contribution rates disadvantage women on KiwiSaver
2 Apr 2024NZ sharemarket down, Synlait reaches new all-time low
2 Apr 2024Clawbacks could sneak onto ComCom agenda; Lifetime Home Masterclass 10 Apr
2 Apr 2024Clawbacks could sneak onto ComCom agenda
2 Apr 2024ASIC wins greenwashing case against Vanguard
2 Apr 2024Bad news for NZ is good news for bond investors: Nikko
1 Apr 2024[GRTV] FANZ stands on its legacy in face of competition in the mortgage space

March 2024

29 Mar 2024Is the illusion of knowledge holding your business back?
29 Mar 2024Analysing AI’s Impact on Financial Advice, Part 2
28 Mar 2024NZ sharemarket celebrates a near 1% Easter rise
28 Mar 2024Digital Signatures and Fraud
28 Mar 2024Encouraging signs of growth
28 Mar 2024Mortgage figures show encouraging signs of growth
28 Mar 2024US decisions likely to decide between more inflation or deflation
27 Mar 2024NZ sharemarket stuck in negative territory ahead of Easter weekend
27 Mar 2024Australian is new CEO of Guardians of NZ Superannuation
27 Mar 2024FAMNZ members can join in April
27 Mar 2024Bayly will talk to coalition partners before any change to KiwiSaver
27 Mar 2024New winner for Fund Manager of the Year
27 Mar 2024Potential FAMNZ members in waiting game
26 Mar 2024NZ sharemarket ends five day bull run
26 Mar 2024Southern Cross latest insurer to get FMA warning
26 Mar 2024Mortage advisers get the ear of Commerce Commission
26 Mar 2024The AI revolution in financial advice: A reality check
26 Mar 2024Lindsay sells Strategy Reserach to Trail after cancer experience
26 Mar 2024NZ scopes a green taxonomy to provide a common language on sustainable finance
26 Mar 2024Simplicity takes stake in tax tech company
26 Mar 2024Mortage advisers get the ear of Com Com
25 Mar 2024NZ sharemarket closes with decent rise
25 Mar 2024Out of touch with the reality of mortgage advice
25 Mar 2024Tax deducibility for health insurance premiums?
25 Mar 2024The cheap treat that’s getting more expensive
25 Mar 2024ComCom accused of being out of touch with the reality of mortgage advice
25 Mar 2024[GRTV] Bayly wants a twin peaks model for financial regulation
24 Mar 2024New director and executive changes at Perpetual Guardian
23 Mar 2024One dealer group speaks up
23 Mar 2024Advisers have consumers best interest: Finsure
22 Mar 2024NZ sharemarket gets wake-up prod thanks to Fisher & Paykel
22 Mar 2024Old hand in new role at Chubb
22 Mar 2024Wow, that was some response. Advisers respond to the Com Com report
22 Mar 2024Maple-Brown Abbott appoints new business development manager
22 Mar 2024Non-banks, banks welcome different aspects of ComCom draft report
21 Mar 2024NZ sharemarket gains over 0.5% amid recession news
21 Mar 2024Com Com bank review out: Here's what they said about advisers
21 Mar 2024Mortgage advisers remain at risk of being “unduly influenced” by commissions
21 Mar 2024ESG-linked remuneration survey part of engagement toolbox
20 Mar 2024NZ sharemarket makes small gain
20 Mar 2024Partners helps fund depression recovery centre
20 Mar 2024Investment manager cleared of assault
20 Mar 2024Kip Hanna – NZHL Group a Year on
20 Mar 2024DTIs need deeper analysis - BusinessNZ
20 Mar 2024Liberty Financial wins tax appeal
20 Mar 2024DTIs need deeper analysis
20 Mar 2024Wrestling the gorilla
19 Mar 2024NZ sharemarket up more than 0.5%
19 Mar 2024Partners distribution boss jumps to Asteron
18 Mar 2024Another day of falling prices on the stock exchange
18 Mar 2024Activating DTIs and loosening LVRs - NZBA
18 Mar 2024Activating DTIs and loosening LVRs
18 Mar 2024Support for regulation
18 Mar 2024[GRTV] A trip around investment issues with MyFiduciary’s Chris Douglas
17 Mar 2024AIA adds cover for prophylactic surgery following cancer
17 Mar 2024Multiply partners with NZX Wealth Technologies for tech innovation
17 Mar 202428-year streak for Fidelity
16 Mar 2024FirstCape another step closer to launching
15 Mar 2024NZ sharemarket's wild ride continues as week ends on a fall
15 Mar 2024Loan Market gets new leader
15 Mar 2024BusinessNZ says FMA should shelve its fair outcomes guidelines
15 Mar 2024Loan Market adds national director to supercharge adviser growth
15 Mar 2024Appalling insurance industry service levels
15 Mar 2024AIA Wellbeing Survey: Your health is your wealth, the importance of recovery
15 Mar 2024[Podcast] Basecorp's plans for 2024
14 Mar 2024NZ sharemarket drifts aimlessly as investors hibernate
14 Mar 2024Former mortgage adviser sentenced for financial fraud
14 Mar 2024Former mortgage adviser sentenced for fraud
14 Mar 2024A better investment market
14 Mar 2024[OPINION] Recessionary times
13 Mar 2024NZ sharemarket not inspired by Briscoe's strong result
13 Mar 2024Banks want tweaks, not repeal
13 Mar 2024The FMA turning up doesn't mean it wants to shut down an adviser
13 Mar 2024Banks want tweaks, not repeal, to CCCFA and CoFi
12 Mar 2024NZ sharemarket slides 0.37%
12 Mar 2024Celebrating Excellence in Ethical and Impact Investing: Mindful Money announces broader entry criteria for the annual Awards and a new category
12 Mar 2024The turning tide; Long-term development funding options needed
12 Mar 2024Long-term development funding options needed
11 Mar 2024US inflation fears put dampener on NZ sharemarket
11 Mar 2024The turning tide
11 Mar 2024More rate cuts; Changes at Link Group
11 Mar 2024Advice Link gets new head
11 Mar 2024Kernel launches NZ-first target maturity bond funds
11 Mar 2024Total Wealth's NZXWT onboarding story
8 Mar 2024NZ sharemarket ends week up 1.5%
8 Mar 2024Mint spearheads letter to the Government addressing Modern Slavery Legislation
8 Mar 2024NEW: The first TMM Podcast
8 Mar 2024Those with licences unlikely to have to undergo another licencing process: FMA
7 Mar 2024NZ sharemarket has third consecutive rise this week
7 Mar 2024Our Goal: To Help You
7 Mar 2024Insurance advisers must know their products
7 Mar 2024FANZ lays down a challenge; Tik Toking mortgage adviser awarded for his work
7 Mar 2024Interest rate expectations: It’s not over yet
7 Mar 2024Mortgage adviser takes out financial literacy award
7 Mar 2024Chubb appoints David Morrow as Country President for New Zealand
7 Mar 2024ANZ's Zollner: be careful what you wish for on house prices
7 Mar 2024Fidelity Life opens door to new advisers
7 Mar 2024[GRTV] Free model portfolios aim to improve the industry
6 Mar 2024NZ sharemarket turnaround as Mercury Energy hits all-time high
6 Mar 2024Unsold houses flood the market; BNZ reduced its six months to two years rates
6 Mar 2024FANZ aims to be the voice and champion of financial advisers
6 Mar 2024Interest rates drop, unsold houses flood the market
6 Mar 2024Claims a valuable learning tool
6 Mar 2024Kiwis, depending on their age group, generally want compulsory KiwiSaver
5 Mar 2024Rebound in property stocks helps lift NZ sharemarket
5 Mar 2024Commerce minister plans extensive financial services laws overhaul
5 Mar 2024Mortgage arrears rising but still low; Mortgage lending grows but still soft
5 Mar 2024Mortgage arrears rising but still low
4 Mar 2024NZ sharemarket down after wobbly trading day
4 Mar 2024Mortgage lending grows but still soft
4 Mar 2024Rates are starting to move - down; Checking in on Pepper
2 Mar 2024Analysing AI’s Impact on Financial Advice, Part 1
2 Mar 2024Pepper says HSBC acquisition integrated without need of more staff
1 Mar 2024NZ sharemarket has quieter day after yesterday's swings
1 Mar 2024Three from Kiwi Wealth move to SBS Wealth
1 Mar 2024Westpac loaded up on home loans in the Dec Qtr after a quiet period
1 Mar 2024Find out who is new to the industry
1 Mar 2024Bizcap appoints NZ general manager
1 Mar 2024If you dive into the weeds, then expect to drown in the swamp, eventually
1 Mar 2024[GRTV] New report looks at ways to improve access to financial advice + VIDEO
1 Mar 2024New BDM for Avanti Finance

February 2024

29 Feb 2024NZ sharemarket 'lacklustre' as earning seasons closes out
29 Feb 2024Rising bank funding costs to put upward pressure on mortgage rates
29 Feb 2024Shareholders asked to approve FirstCape deal
29 Feb 2024Ryall steps down as nib chairman
29 Feb 2024[GRTV] How well do NZ equities funds perform?
29 Feb 2024Rising bank funding costs to put upward pressure on mortgage rates: RBNZ
29 Feb 2024KiwiSaver portability settings blocking investors from private asset benefits
28 Feb 2024RBNZ rate call gives NZ stocks a boost
28 Feb 2024RBNZ holds OCR at 5.5%; no cuts until mid-2025
28 Feb 2024OCR 5.50% - Monetary Policy remains restrictive
28 Feb 2024BREAKING: OCR 5.50% - Monetary Policy remains restrictive
28 Feb 2024Only 54% of active NZ equities managers beat the benchmark index in 2023
28 Feb 2024Insurance an increasing concern for mortgage advisers
27 Feb 2024NZ stocks ease while speculation swirls around Fletcher Building
27 Feb 2024Takeover offer made for Prospa
27 Feb 2024Christchurch adviser cracks $1 billion mark; ASB cuts key rate
27 Feb 2024Reaching towering levels of sales
27 Feb 2024nib NZ first-half net profit impacted by inflation
26 Feb 2024NZ sharemarket flat as earning season rolls on
26 Feb 2024Guardians gets new chair
26 Feb 2024[OCR forecasts] RBNZ piloting a plane without knowing how hot the engine is running
26 Feb 2024RBNZ piloting a plane without knowing how hot the engine is running
26 Feb 2024MSCI Appoints Head of Australia and New Zealand
24 Feb 2024Perpetual Guardian finally gets part of Trustees
23 Feb 2024Market ends on a slight upnote after week of poor results
23 Feb 2024Fisher hook Kingfish again
23 Feb 2024SmartShares FUM up 33%
23 Feb 2024Much higher OCR not impossible - ANZ
22 Feb 2024NZ sharemarket rises, aided by speculation of Fletcher sale
22 Feb 2024Kiwibank smashes out the home loans
22 Feb 2024Kiwibank accounted for 25% of all bank mortgage lending in Dec half year
22 Feb 2024The bulls are back
21 Feb 2024NZ sharemarket turns positive after days of decline
21 Feb 2024[OPINION] Four Steps to Preserve your Family’s Wealth and Legacy
21 Feb 2024Sales dive to new depths – lending at low DTIs
21 Feb 2024Complaint resolution course grows
21 Feb 2024New hand on the distribution helm at Chubb
20 Feb 2024Investors hard on soft earnings as NZ sharemarket continues to slide
20 Feb 2024AMP's NZ arm lifts profit despite
19 Feb 2024Sharemarket drama as reporting season resumes
19 Feb 2024nib NZ puts commission, adviser changes on hold while it deals with IT glitches
17 Feb 2024Recent studies show that passive investing now outweighs active investing
16 Feb 2024NZ sharemarket bounces back after Fletcher Building recovery
16 Feb 2024ASB has only 370 distressed home loan customers
16 Feb 2024NZ Super a taonga we can afford as is - retirement commissioner
16 Feb 2024Melanie Purdey skates off to new horizons
15 Feb 2024Continuing surprises drive NZ sharemarket down for sixth day
15 Feb 2024Magellan appoints new CEO
15 Feb 2024ASB out of favour with advisers; but not too worried
15 Feb 2024ASB admits advisers don't like its pricing
14 Feb 2024Fletcher, US CPI cast shadow over NZ sharemarket
14 Feb 2024FMT gets new CFO
14 Feb 2024KiwiSaver reaches $104 billion
14 Feb 2024ASB's mortgage book shrank $518m from June
14 Feb 2024ASB profit tumbles; Mortgage book shrinks
14 Feb 2024Responsible mining initiative formed
14 Feb 2024Survey shows inflation expectations falling – good news for RBNZ
13 Feb 2024NZ sharemarket bounces around as earnings season begins
13 Feb 2024RBNZ cries wolf – Kiwibank
13 Feb 2024Fund managers want modern slavery law to match investor expectations
13 Feb 2024Not many borrowers left to refinance onto higher rates
13 Feb 2024NZers adjustment to higher rates about 80% complete: RBNZ
12 Feb 2024NZ sharemarket: year's gains lost in single day
12 Feb 2024Richard Klipin calls the end of his innings at FSC
12 Feb 2024Property investors should consult mortgage advisers on debt-to-income impacts
12 Feb 2024nib adds specialist skills to its board
12 Feb 2024Property investors should consult mortgage advisers on DTI impacts
12 Feb 2024Time to revisit banking in New Zealand?
9 Feb 2024The NZ sharemarket ends week with fall of 0.6%
9 Feb 2024AI: The great acceleration
9 Feb 2024Generate cracks $5 bill mark
9 Feb 2024Trustees seeking refuge in PIEs could weaken our capital markets
8 Feb 2024NZ sharemarket drifts down ahead of reporting season
8 Feb 2024Unemployment ticking up, OCR cuts a way off, house building tanking
8 Feb 2024Unemployment up, OCR cuts a way off, house building tanking
8 Feb 2024Fake adviser gets mixed sentence
7 Feb 2024NZ sharemarket lifts on economic data
7 Feb 2024My Fiduciary is moving to PIE-only portfolio recommendations
7 Feb 2024First FANZ now FAMNZ. New Ozzy adviser association appoints country head
6 Feb 2024FAMNZ v FANZ; New association appoints old hand
5 Feb 2024Convention centre woes hammer Fletcher's share price
5 Feb 2024Debt-to-income (DTI) restrictions will be hard on start-ups
5 Feb 2024DTIs will be hard on start-ups
5 Feb 2024[OPINION] Alphabet and Microsoft: Searching for AI Monetisation
5 Feb 2024KiwiSaver investments in harmful stocks plummet
3 Feb 2024Pathfinder founder signs off
2 Feb 2024Healthcare heavyweight leads NZ sharemarket upwards
2 Feb 2024Simple, streamlined regulation the golden prize
1 Feb 2024NZ sharemarket rises as honeymaker shares turn sour
1 Feb 2024 A Growth Mindset – introducing NZHL Group
1 Feb 2024Mortgage and loan repayment arrears rise sends a worrying signal to the market
1 Feb 2024Mortgage and loan repayment arrears rise
1 Feb 2024Salt looks to valuation and thematic support in 2024
1 Feb 2024Generate appoints new national advice manager

January 2024

31 Jan 2024ASX hits new record as NZ sharemarket falls
31 Jan 2024What does the rest of 2024 have in store?
31 Jan 2024Changes to CCCFA and CoFI open opportunities
31 Jan 2024Former banker comes NZFSG's new CEO
31 Jan 2024Bank BDM to led NZFSG; Big changes being made to CCCFA
31 Jan 2024CCCFA wrecking ball to be turned on its head
31 Jan 2024Prickly CoFI legislation to be kept but reformed
30 Jan 2024NZ investors shrug off Reserve Bank views and a retailer's woes
30 Jan 2024AIA's new Southern region manager
30 Jan 2024Fisher's KiwiSaver FUM sluggish after Kiwi Wealth purchase
30 Jan 2024Doubling down on OCR cuts being some way off; Investor lending falls to new lows
30 Jan 2024Doubling down on OCR cuts being some way off
30 Jan 2024I would do anything for life, but I won’t do that
30 Jan 2024Investor lending falls to new lows
27 Jan 2024Nominated beneficiaries and estate processes
26 Jan 2024NZ sharemarket ends week with healthy rise of over 1%
26 Jan 2024Advisers to be beefed up on lending lines
26 Jan 2024Gaming still bigger than Ben Hur
26 Jan 2024Keep pension at 65, young ones might need it
25 Jan 2024NZ sharemarket treads water as US equities march up
25 Jan 2024 New Zealand inflation dragon not slain yet
25 Jan 2024Inflation dragon not slain yet
25 Jan 2024The tipsy-topsy world of recent KiwiSaver performance
24 Jan 2024NZ sharemarket edges up as inflation data released
24 Jan 2024How to Change to a Digital KiwiSaver Advice Process
24 Jan 2024 It's a pimple on the backside of an elephant
24 Jan 2024US rally boosts Sharesies retail sentiment defying usual Christmas jitters
24 Jan 2024Non-bank lenders a pimple on the backside of the market
23 Jan 2024NZ sharemarket up 1% for the day
23 Jan 2024BREAKING NEWS: RBNZ reveals DTI plans
23 Jan 2024DTIs will have no significant impact on house prices immediately
23 Jan 2024RBNZ gives details of new lending rules
23 Jan 2024There is an immediate opportunity for streamlining by the banks
23 Jan 2024SEC decision on bitcoin ETFs allows Vault to slash fees
22 Jan 2024NZ sharemarket shows positive signs after last week's lows
22 Jan 2024Banks could be better at streamlining processes
22 Jan 2024nib gets new CFO
22 Jan 2024[OPINION]SEC allows bitcoin ETFs but bitcoin still lacks intrinsic value
20 Jan 2024The bird in the hand or two in the bush?
19 Jan 2024Call on OCR cuts but no warning expected from RBNZ
19 Jan 2024NZ sharemarket down 1.6% for the week
19 Jan 2024Westpac lowers rates; New home equity release product coming
19 Jan 2024SEC approval of bitcoin ETFs makes crypto trading easier and more secure: Koura Wealth
18 Jan 2024NZ sharemarket dips for the fourth day in a row
18 Jan 2024Avanti gets new CEO;DTIs on investment property don’t make sense
18 Jan 2024DTIs on investment property don’t make sense
17 Jan 2024a2 Milk rises as NZ sharemarket remains flat
17 Jan 2024Avanti gets new CEO
17 Jan 2024RBNZ to give early steer on economy; 5th annual TMM Better Business Conference
17 Jan 2024RBNZ to give surprisingly early steer on economy
17 Jan 2024Fin Advice NZ appoints new CEO
17 Jan 2024[GRTV] Two main challenges see $3 billion annual premium opportunity go begging
16 Jan 2024NZ sharemarket inches into positive territory on flat trading
16 Jan 2024OCR cuts - this year or next; ASB outlined five key risks of 2024
16 Jan 2024Plenty of twists and turns to come
16 Jan 2024AIA kicks off footie campaign
16 Jan 2024OCR cuts - this year or next?
16 Jan 2024Amplifi expects more $2m to $20m acquisitions
15 Jan 2024NZ sharemarket drifts down in holiday mode
15 Jan 2024Defensive yield stocks provide best return: Forsyth Barr
15 Jan 2024Lending deals heat up; Kiwibank and TSB rates change
15 Jan 2024Lending deals heat up
15 Jan 2024Lifetime springboards off $1b AUM
12 Jan 2024NZ sharemarket ends week in positive territory but volumes still light
12 Jan 2024Faafoi steps into insurance CEO role
12 Jan 2024SME FAP challenges can be overcome
11 Jan 2024Late turnaround for New Zealand sharemarket
11 Jan 2024FAP challenges can be overcome; Co-operative Bank Home Loan Rate change
10 Jan 2024NZ sharemarket fall reflects worried investors
10 Jan 2024ASB says overall household debt servicing costs have yet to peak
10 Jan 2024Increasing debt costs to hit budgets by $100 plus a week
9 Jan 2024NZ shares gain as strong Summerset sales buoy retirement stocks
9 Jan 2024Expect more economic carnage
8 Jan 2024NZ shares fall as rate cut question weighs
8 Jan 2024Amplifi Group managing director departs
8 Jan 2024Does NZ really need DTIs?
8 Jan 2024Uncertainty over DTI effects
8 Jan 2024[GRTV] Tony Vidler: Advisers seek freedom in new world order
5 Jan 2024NZ market peters out in slow start to year
5 Jan 2024Late rally leaves market on positive note
5 Jan 2024Bigger remit sees FMA numbers swell
4 Jan 2024Simplicity starts year with a fee cut
3 Jan 2024NZ sharemarket catches Wall Street’s New Year hangover
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