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Last Article Uploaded: Saturday, August 30th, 7:44AM
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World equity markets – bubble territory?

There’s currently a lot of commentary around the valuation (or more accurately, the overvaluation) of world equity markets.  Some argue markets have run too far and are in irrational bubble territory.  Another view is that despite the S&P500 having soared 193% since the grim days of early 2009, we still have to look at market fundamentals.  And these are far from stretched.

Wednesday, August 6th, 10:27AM

The recent run by equity markets has been unbelievable compared to previous recoveries.  From 1997 to 2000 the S&P500 charged ahead by 106%, only to collapse by 49% over the following 2 years.  In the 5 years to October 2007 it rose strongly (+101%) only to fall 57% to its 2009 trough.  So a run skywards of 193% to new all-time highs must send us into overvalued territory, right?

Based on a range of measures we’d say no, world market valuations are above fair value but not stretched...MORE»

The devil is in the detail

Tuesday, August 5th, 10:30AM

London-based economist Andrew Hunt tells a story that shows regulation is hurting financial services all around the world - not just in New Zealand.


Turning to the second half

Tuesday, July 15th, 6:30AM

How will equities perform in the second half of the year? Harbour Asset Management discusses the prospects in this month's commentary.


Managed funds: changes advisers need to know

Thursday, July 10th, 4:10PM

In this month’s Pathfinder Commentary John Berry looks at regulatory changes to managed funds and what this means for investors and advisers.  In particular how will fee disclosures, offer documents and governance structures change?


Inflation creeping back into the global economy?

Sunday, July 6th, 4:19PM


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KIPT bonds oversubscribed

Friday, July 11th, 5:02PM

Kiwi Income Property Trust’s offer of seven-year bonds has been oversubscribed. MORE»

MRP offer 'well supported'

Thursday, July 10th, 12:20PM

Mighty River Power has confirmed $300 million of unsecured subordinated capital bonds will be issued with an initial interest rate of 6.9% a year.   MORE»

KIPT manager announces bond offer

Wednesday, July 2nd, 10:47AM

Kiwi Property Management, the manager of Kiwi Income Property Trust, is to offer up to $100 million of seven-year fixed rate senior secured bonds, with the ability to accept up to $25 million in oversubscriptions. MORE»

KIPT manager mulls $125m bond offer

Wednesday, June 25th, 1:35PM

Kiwi Property Management, manager of Kiwi Income Property Trust, is considering offering up to $100 million of fixed rate senior secured bonds, with the ability to accept up to $25 million in oversubscriptions. MORE»

NZDMO tweaks programme

Thursday, May 15th, 4:40PM

The New Zealand Debt Management Office has updated its domestic bond programme in line with today’s Budget. MORE»

$100m reserved for bookbuild clients

Wednesday, May 14th, 3:15PM

Kiwibank’s capital note offer has been well-received by investors, it said today. MORE»

$400m of NZ bonds on offer this week

Wednesday, May 14th, 9:04AM

A local government bond tender today should ease some of the recent demand-supply bottleneck, one economist says. MORE»

Kiwibank offer formalised

Monday, May 5th, 10:13AM  1 comment

Up to $100 million of Kiwibank unsecured subordinated capital notes will be offered to the New Zealand public. MORE»


Concern at conservative fees

Thursday, July 31st, 6:00AM

Many conservative KiwiSaver funds aren’t delivering returns to justify their fees, Morningstar’s co-head of fund research says. MORE»

KiwiSaver beat expectations, but could be better: FSC

Thursday, July 3rd, 6:00AM

KiwiSaver has been the New Zealand’s most successful savings innovation in the last hundred years, the Financial Services Council says. MORE»

KiwiSaver policy under scrutiny

Wednesday, July 2nd, 3:00PM

Labour’s KiwiSaver policy has been criticised by the University of Auckland’s Retirement Policy and Research Centre. MORE»

Young New Zealanders saving for retirement

Wednesday, July 2nd, 10:41AM

More than half of young workers aged 15-24 years are already saving for their retirement, and most of those not already saving plan to do so in the future, a new survey shows. MORE»

Labour's KiwiSaver plan welcomed

Thursday, June 19th, 6:00AM  1 comment

Labour’s proposal to increase KiwiSaver contributions is a welcome move, the Financial Services Council says. MORE»

KiwiSaver members need reminding about govt tax credits

Tuesday, June 10th, 7:56PM

KiwiSaver members are being reminded to make sure their annual contributions for the 12 months to June 30 are sufficient to ensure they get the full government hand out. MORE»

Truly sustainable KiwiSaver fund

Monday, May 26th, 5:16PM

Although there are a number of KiwiSaver funds marketed as ethical or socially responsible, the Sustainable Business Network, is seeing how much interest there is a new fund. MORE»

Homeowners support compulsion: FSC

Wednesday, May 21st, 3:47PM

New Zealanders with a mortgage have even more enthusiasm for compulsory KiwiSaver than New Zealanders generally, says the Financial Services Council. MORE»

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