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Last Article Uploaded: Thursday, February 11th, 10:06PM
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Should fund managers invest in their own funds?

Would you buy clothes from a shop whose staff wouldn’t be seen wearing their own brand?  Or dine at a restaurant where the chef wouldn’t want to eat?  Would you think twice about investing in a company’s shares where the CEO doesn’t want to invest?   So how do you feel about investing in a fund where the portfolio manager chooses not to invest?

Tuesday, February 9th, 8:33AM

Reasons to invest
Why should a portfolio manager invest in the fund he or she manages?  The key argument is to align interests – you would reasonably expect a manager to care deeply about how a fund is run if a material amount of their own money is committed to it.  It is greater than the alignment from a performance fee or staff bonus – the portfolio manager has exactly the same experience as investors...MORE»

Evaluating active managers and Active Share

Friday, February 5th, 10:20AM

No two active fund managers are the same.


China: Accepting the landing

Friday, February 5th, 10:12AM

There is apparently a saying in the UK’s Parachute Regiment that after you have jumped out of the plane you simply have to accept whatever landing you get.


Outlook for the Year of the Monkey

Monday, January 18th, 10:56AM

Capital markets have had a volatile start to 2016, the Year of the Monkey.


A few worrying things

Thursday, January 7th, 11:39AM

It has of course become something of a tradition to do a ‘year ahead’ piece covering themes that could potentially shape the investment landscape and, with this in mind, we have decided to offer our thoughts on just what may lie ahead over the course of what we suspect is going to be a particularly interesting year.


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Banks cut cash PIEs to half OCR

Tuesday, February 9th, 6:00AM

Low interest rates on offer from the four main banks’ cash PIE funds are likely just an indication of the tough times for people surviving on money in the bank, one commentator says. MORE»

Banks cut cash PIEs to half OCR

Tuesday, February 9th, 6:00AM

Low interest rates on offer from the four main banks’ cash PIE funds are likely an indication of the tough times for people surviving on money in the bank, one commentator says. MORE»

Turners looks to boost MTF stake

Monday, September 14th, 4:35PM

Turners is making an offer to buy shares in Motor Trade Finances (MTF) through its subsidiary Turners Finance Limited. MORE»

Sky City issues bonds

Wednesday, September 2nd, 4:53PM

Sky City entertainment grow is to sell $125 million of seven-year bonds, paying 4.65% a year. MORE»

General Finance experiencing good growth

Thursday, July 2nd, 2:56PM

General Finance is seeing growth in its business as investors chase good yields. MORE»

GFNZ returns to profit

Monday, June 15th, 9:27PM

GFNZ, formerly known as Geneva Finance, has returned to profitability. MORE»

Warehouse plans bonds offer

Monday, May 4th, 3:10PM

The Warehouse Group today announced it is considering making an offer of new five year unsecured, unsubordinated, fixed rate bonds to refinance its $100 million senior bond maturing on June 15 for general corporate purposes. MORE»

FMA warns on bank notes

Friday, April 24th, 6:00AM

Consumers are being warned to make sure they know what they’re doing if they invest in bank capital notes. MORE»


Milford passes $500m mark in KiwiSaver

Tuesday, February 9th, 1:17PM

Milford has amassed more than $500 million in its KiwiSaver funds. MORE»

ASB launches KiwiSaver calculator

Tuesday, February 2nd, 9:05PM

ASB has generated a new KiwiSaver calculator projecting the savings Kiwis could have to draw on when they reach retirement. MORE»

First-home withdrawal function not purist but valuable, providers say

Tuesday, January 26th, 6:00AM

KiwiSaver's first-home withdrawal function is a practical solution and a reflection of the reality of New Zealand house prices, providers say. MORE»

Risk-taking pays off

Wednesday, January 20th, 9:59PM

KiwiSaver funds with more assets invested in growth assets shone in the December quarter, Morningstar analysis shows. MORE»

Auto-enrolment would only add 5% to KiwiSaver: Report

Wednesday, January 20th, 9:50AM

A one-off enrolment of all salary and wage-earners who are not KiwiSaver members would likely cost more than it would deliver in benefits, a Treasury report says. MORE»

Five-year KiwiSaver break too long

Thursday, January 14th, 6:00AM  1 comment

KiwiSaver members should not be allowed to “set and forget” a five-year contributions holiday, providers and industry commentators say. MORE»

KiwiSaver well-positioned for 2016

Thursday, January 7th, 6:00AM

Aggressive and growth funds are likely to continue to top the KiwiSaver performance tables through 2016, an analyst says. MORE»

Advisers vital for KiwiSaver: Beattie

Friday, December 18th, 6:00AM

Many KiwiSaver members do not feel they have enough money in their accounts to make seeking advice worthwhile, even if the service is free, one provider says. MORE»

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  • JPMorgan Global Convertibles Income Fund
    10 February 2016
    Seeking opportunity in more difficult conditions
    JPMorgan Global Convertibles Income Fund (JGCI) is the only UK-listed fund investing in convertible bonds. It aims to produce income with the potential...
  • Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust
    10 February 2016
    Growth focus allied with yield
    Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust (MNP) invests in large-cap global equities, selected for their above-average growth potential and attractive valuation....
  • BB Biotech AG
    9 February 2016
    Sector specialist with high distribution policy
    BB Biotech (BION) seeks to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in fast-growing biotech companies. A discount management programme adopted in...
  • Deutsche Beteiligungs
    18 January 2016
    Continuing high level of investment activity
    Deutsche Beteiligungs (DBAG) reported results ahead of guidance for FY15 with NAV per share increasing 10%, driven by strong valuation gains for the carried...
  • The Brunner Investment Trust
    18 December 2015
    Actively seeking income and growth
    The Brunner Investment Trust (BUT) began life as a vehicle for managing the wealth of one of the founding families of ICI, a role it continues to fulfil,...
  • The Merchants Trust
    17 December 2015
    High yield from focused UK equity portfolio
    The Merchants Trust (MRCH) offers one of the highest yields currently available on a mainstream equity investment trust (5.9% at 11 December), as well...
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SBS Bank 2.05    2.59    2.70
TSB Bank 2.65    2.54    2.47
Westpac 2.20    2.28    2.38
Westpac 0.10    0.10    0.11
Westpac 3.30    3.44    3.60

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Institution Rate 33% 39%
ANZ Term Fund - 90 days 2.75    3.01    3.14
ANZ Term fund - 12 months 3.45    3.64    3.80
ANZ Term Fund - 120 days 3.20    3.29    3.45
ANZ Term fund - 6 months 3.30    3.48    3.64
ANZ Term Fund - 150 days 3.20    3.39    3.55
ANZ Term Fund - 9 months 3.30    3.53    3.69
ANZ Term Fund - 18 months 3.50    3.64    3.80
ANZ Term Fund - 2 years 3.60    3.69    3.85
ANZ Term Fund - 5 years 3.80    3.85    4.02
ASB Bank Term Fund - 90 days 2.90    2.97    3.10
ASB Bank Term Fund - 6 months 3.40    3.49    3.65
ASB Bank Term Fund - 12 months 3.55    3.70    3.86
ASB Bank Term Fund - 18 months 3.60    3.75    3.92
ASB Bank Term Fund - 2 years 3.65    3.81    3.98
ASB Bank Term Fund - 5 years 3.80    3.97    4.14
ASB Bank Term Fund - 9 months 3.40    3.54    3.70
BNZ Term PIE - 120 days 3.20    3.29    3.43
BNZ Term PIE - 150 days 3.20    3.29    3.43
BNZ Term PIE - 5 years 4.00    4.18    4.37
BNZ Term PIE - 2 years 3.60    3.91    4.09
BNZ Term PIE - 18 months 3.55    3.86    4.04
BNZ Term PIE - 12 months 3.50    3.81    3.98
BNZ Term PIE - 9 months 3.40    -    -
BNZ Term PIE - 6 months 3.30    -    -
BNZ Term PIE - 90 days 2.75    2.97    3.10
Co-operative Bank PIE Term Fund - 6 months 4.00    4.11    4.30
Heartland Bank Term Deposit PIE - 12 months 3.55    3.79    3.96
Kiwibank Term Deposit Fund - 90 days 3.10    3.17    3.32
Kiwibank Term Deposit Fund - 6 months 3.40    3.49    3.65
Kiwibank Term Deposit Fund - 12 months 3.60    3.70    3.86
Kiwibank Term Deposit Fund - 150 days 3.40    3.49    3.65
Kiwibank Term Deposit Fund - 120 days 3.30    3.38    3.53
RaboDirect Term Advantage Fund - 12 months 3.60    3.70    3.87
RaboDirect Term Advantage Fund - 6 months 3.45    3.55    3.71
RaboDirect Term Advantage Fund - 90 days 2.95    3.03    3.17
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 150 days 3.50    3.08    3.22
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 120 days 3.00    3.13    3.27
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 18 months 3.50    3.58    3.75
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 12 months 3.50    3.58    3.75
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 6 months 3.30    3.38    3.53
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 9 months 3.35    3.44    3.60
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 90 days 2.75    2.82    2.95
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 2 years 3.55    3.85    4.02
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