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Investment News

Giving inflation a chance

A key theme for markets moving into 2016 has been the persistence of low inflation, and the battle facing central banks to avoid low inflation becoming embedded within the expectations of households and businesses.

Monday, April 18th, 11:41AM

Both the RBNZ and US Federal Reserve met in mid-March and delivered decisions that underlined their determination to lift inflation from its recent low levels.  By keeping policy interest rates lower for longer, both central banks have given themselves a greater chance of hitting their future inflation targets.

The RBNZ’s decision to cut the OCR came as a surprise to many local economists who had ruled out a move in March based on the Governor’s speech on 3 February...MORE»

A fund manager fee conundrum

Monday, April 11th, 6:00AM

Research consistently shows a fund’s total fee burden impacts on long term returns for investors.  As a general rule lower fund costs mean more left over for investors.  This is certainly true of deep liquid markets (like large cap US equities) where information and skill is widely disseminated – it’s hard for one manager to repeatedly outperform over for 3-5 year periods.  The bi-annual S&P Dow Jones SPIVA report on active manager (under) performance is compelling reading.


China's global importance

Monday, April 4th, 6:00AM


Playing the man not the ball

Wednesday, March 16th, 1:41PM

The RBNZ’s approach to communication has faced some criticism following last week’s cut in the OCR, which surprised many bank economists, leaving some confused and others plain flabbergasted. This is not an attempt to defend the RBNZ, but to look at the facts.


NZ & Australia Company Results Review

Friday, March 11th, 12:00PM

While some New Zealand companies produced solid earnings results, and overall the results were not as bad as some may have expected, there was a wider divergence of earnings growth outcomes than in previous periods.


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Chorus offers bonds with minimum 4.1% rate

Monday, April 11th, 10:30AM

Chorus has announced an offer of five-year unsecured, unsubordinated fixed-rate bonds. MORE»

ANZ issues bonds

Sunday, March 13th, 11:21AM

ANZ is making two offers of unsecured subordinated bonds. MORE»

Genesis bonds

Thursday, March 10th, 11:51AM

Genesis Energy is offering up to $75 million, and up to $25 million of over-subscriptions, of six-year fixed rate senior bonds to institutional and New Zealand retail investors. MORE»

Banks cut cash PIEs to half OCR

Tuesday, February 9th, 6:00AM

Low interest rates on offer from the four main banks’ cash PIE funds are likely just an indication of the tough times for people surviving on money in the bank, one commentator says. MORE»

Banks cut cash PIEs to half OCR

Tuesday, February 9th, 6:00AM

Low interest rates on offer from the four main banks’ cash PIE funds are likely an indication of the tough times for people surviving on money in the bank, one commentator says. MORE»

Turners looks to boost MTF stake

Monday, September 14th, 4:35PM

Turners is making an offer to buy shares in Motor Trade Finances (MTF) through its subsidiary Turners Finance Limited. MORE»

Sky City issues bonds

Wednesday, September 2nd, 4:53PM

Sky City entertainment grow is to sell $125 million of seven-year bonds, paying 4.65% a year. MORE»

General Finance experiencing good growth

Thursday, July 2nd, 2:56PM

General Finance is seeing growth in its business as investors chase good yields. MORE»


Unfounded fears put people off KiwiSaver

Friday, April 29th, 5:00AM

New Zealanders with memories of financial crisis pain may be letting misinformation get in the way of retirement savings, a new survey shows. MORE»

KiwiSaver withdrawals suggested to pay for advice

Tuesday, April 26th, 12:11PM

More than a third of New Zealanders would be willing to use money from their KiwiSaver accounts to pay for advice on what to do with it, ANZ research shows. MORE»

Conservative funds take lead

Wednesday, April 20th, 8:52PM

More conservative KiwiSaver schemes are starting to get their chance to shine. MORE»

KiwiSaver treated like a bank account, not investment

Monday, April 11th, 10:27AM

Three-quarters of all KiwiSaver members have no idea how much money they will have in their accounts when they reach retirement, a new survey shows. MORE»

Pie funds' KiwiSaver plans on hold

Wednesday, March 30th, 6:00AM

Pie Funds is shelving plans to launch a KiwiSaver scheme, for now. MORE»

Interest grows in ethical options

Wednesday, March 9th, 4:43PM

New Zealand fund managers and advisers are switching on to responsible investing, it has been claimed. MORE»

Portfolio-building has limited appeal

Wednesday, March 2nd, 6:00AM  1 comment

A KiwiSaver provider offering members the ability to pick the assets their retirement savings are invested in says only a small percentage of investors want to take such a hands-on approach. MORE»

Amanah amasses members

Friday, February 26th, 1:21PM

New Zealand’s only shariah-compliant fund manager has amassed $8.5 million across its KiwiSaver and unit trust in its first year in business. MORE»

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    14 April 2016
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    31 March 2016
    Proposed rollover with choice of strategies
    On 1 February 2016 the directors of Henderson Global Trust (HGL) announced that they had agreed in principle to combine the trust with stablemate Henderson...
  • Golden Prospect Precious Metals
    29 March 2016
    Termination of coverage
    Edison Investment Research is terminating coverage on Golden Prospect Precious Metals (GPM). Please note you should no longer rely on any previous research...
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ANZ Term Fund - 2 years 3.35    3.69    3.85
ANZ Term Fund - 5 years 3.60    3.85    4.02
ASB Bank Term Fund - 90 days 2.90    2.97    3.10
ASB Bank Term Fund - 6 months 3.40    3.49    3.65
ASB Bank Term Fund - 12 months 3.55    3.70    3.86
ASB Bank Term Fund - 18 months 3.60    3.75    3.92
ASB Bank Term Fund - 2 years 3.65    3.81    3.98
ASB Bank Term Fund - 5 years 3.80    3.97    4.14
ASB Bank Term Fund - 9 months 3.40    3.54    3.70
BNZ Term PIE - 120 days 3.00    3.29    3.43
BNZ Term PIE - 150 days 3.00    3.29    3.43
BNZ Term PIE - 5 years 3.70    -    -
BNZ Term PIE - 2 years 3.40    3.91    4.09
BNZ Term PIE - 18 months 3.35    3.86    4.04
BNZ Term PIE - 12 months 3.35    3.81    3.98
BNZ Term PIE - 9 months 3.25    -    -
BNZ Term PIE - 6 months 3.20    -    -
BNZ Term PIE - 90 days 2.60    -    -
Co-operative Bank PIE Term Fund - 6 months 4.00    4.11    4.30
Heartland Bank Term Deposit PIE - 12 months 3.40    3.79    3.96
Kiwibank Term Deposit Fund - 90 days 2.60    2.67    2.79
Kiwibank Term Deposit Fund - 6 months 3.10    3.19    3.33
Kiwibank Term Deposit Fund - 12 months 3.30    3.39    3.55
Kiwibank Term Deposit Fund - 150 days 3.25    3.34    3.49
Kiwibank Term Deposit Fund - 120 days 3.00    3.09    3.22
RaboDirect Term Advantage Fund - 12 months 3.45    3.55    3.71
RaboDirect Term Advantage Fund - 6 months 3.30    3.39    3.55
RaboDirect Term Advantage Fund - 90 days 2.85    2.93    3.06
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 150 days 2.80    3.08    3.22
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 120 days 3.25    3.13    3.27
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 18 months 3.35    3.58    3.75
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 12 months 3.35    3.58    3.75
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 6 months 3.25    3.38    3.53
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 9 months 3.20    3.44    3.60
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 90 days 2.60    2.82    2.95
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 2 years 3.40    3.85    4.02
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