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Last Article Uploaded: Thursday, April 24th, 10:30AM
Investment News

Sharemarket outlook

The New Zealand sharemarket remains at fair value but opportunities exist in telecommunications, gaming and consumer stocks, Morningstar says.

Saturday, April 19th, 12:44PM

The market’s love affair with healthcare stocks could turn sour should valuations correct
Health care encompasses companies such as Ryman Healthcare, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and EBOS Group.
We believe health-care stocks in general will benefit from an ageing population which is expected to grow at a faster rate than the overall population. We believe the share prices of New Zealand health-care stocks are more than pricing in the growth prospects and valuations appear stretched at the moment...MORE»

Can conditions get better for NZ equities?

Friday, April 18th, 12:30PM


Learning from investment failure

Tuesday, April 8th, 6:09PM

Pathfinder commentary: John Berry looks a three epic investment failures and outlines the lessons investors can learn from them.


Too many Kiwis blowing KiwiSaver payouts

Tuesday, April 8th, 11:05AM

A survey for the retirement commission found more than a third of KiwiSavers are withdrawing their money, with 61% of people spending some of it on a holiday, 37% on home improvements or housing and 32% on a boat or new car.


KiwiSaver belongs to the KiwiSavers

Tuesday, April 8th, 11:00AM

Half a million KiwiSaver members will have access to over $36 billion of accumulated savings over the next 15 years. Research by New Zealand Income Guarantee Limited (NZIG) in conjunction with actuarial consultants Melville Jessup Weaver (WJ) forecasts how individual KiwiSaver accounts will grow over the next 15 years.


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Strong demand expected for LG tender

Wednesday, April 2nd, 6:00AM

Offshore participation in local government funding agency bonds is increasing, Westpac says. MORE»

Strong demand expected for LG tender

Wednesday, April 2nd, 6:00AM

Offshore participation in local government funding agency bonds is increasing, Westpac says. MORE»

More bank offers coming

Friday, March 28th, 6:01AM  11 comments

Investors can expect to see more banks offer subordinated unsecured debt securities this year, one adviser says, despite a Financial Markets Authority warning that they’re a complex instrument that might not be suitable for many investors. MORE»

Five Star investors angry

Thursday, August 22nd, 12:00AM

Five Star Finance investors are angry that Serious Fraud Office charges against group founder Neill Williams were dropped as a trade-off for pleading guilty to two charges. MORE»

Shareholders to vote on note conversion

Sunday, August 11th, 12:00AM

Dorchester Pacific shareholders will be asked to allow an early conversion of notes to give its two main shareholders, Business Bakery and Hugh Green Investments, control of the firm at the annual meeting next month. MORE»

General Finance reports growth

Friday, August 9th, 3:13PM  1 comment

General Finance has reported a significant increase in lending over the past year. MORE»

LDC investors get full refund

Wednesday, July 31st, 10:11AM

LDC Finance investors will receive their full capital investment back, plus a partial interest distribution. MORE»

Speirs re-enters finance market

Tuesday, July 30th, 10:03AM

Speirs is working with an offshore investment bank to create a new finance business offering funding for vehicles and commercial plant to SMEs and consumers. MORE»


Support for changing KiwiSaver: FSC

Wednesday, April 23rd, 6:00AM

There is support for removing the annual $521 KiwiSaver member tax credit to fund lower tax rates for the scheme, the Financial Services Council says. MORE»

Make tax an election issue: FSC

Thursday, April 17th, 6:00AM

Tax on KiwiSaver should be an election issue this year, the Financial Services Council says. MORE»

The Co-operative Bank joins KiwiSaver

Monday, April 14th, 12:15PM  1 comment

The Co-operative Bank is to start distributing Fisher Funds' KiwiSaver products even though rival bank TSB is a shareholder in the fund manager. MORE»

Case leaves bankruptcy questions unanswered

Monday, April 14th, 6:00AM

There are calls for a law change to provide clarity on what happens to a KiwiSaver account when someone is declared bankrupt. MORE»

Another KiwiSaver scheme closes

Monday, April 7th, 6:36PM

The Law Retirement KiwiSaver Scheme (LRKS) which is managed by Diversified Wealth Management closed to new members on April 1. MORE»

Silver start for KiwiSaver scheme

Tuesday, April 1st, 4:42PM

ANZ Investments has received a silver rating for all of the multi-asset class funds in its three KiwiSaver schemes, from research house Morningstar. MORE»

Funds fees drop

Tuesday, April 1st, 6:00AM

KiwiSaver fees for the next round of default providers will be significantly lower than those charged at by the schemes at present, particularly for savers with smaller balances. MORE»

Fees still too high: Morningstar

Friday, March 21st, 11:57AM  1 comment

KiwiSaver funds’ fees stand in the way of them being given a gold rating in Morningstar’s research, its Australasia co-head of fund research says. MORE»

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BNZ Term PIE - 12 months 4.10    4.18    4.37
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BNZ Term PIE - 90 days 3.00    3.08    3.22
Co-operative Bank PIE Term Fund - 6 months 4.00    4.11    4.30
Heartland Bank Term Deposit PIE - 12 months 4.35    4.54    4.74
Kiwibank Term Deposit Fund - 90 days 3.30    3.38    3.53
Kiwibank Term Deposit Fund - 6 months 3.75    3.85    4.02
Kiwibank Term Deposit Fund - 12 months 4.10    4.20    4.41
Kiwibank Term Deposit Fund - 150 days 3.60    3.70    3.86
Kiwibank Term Deposit Fund - 120 days 3.30    3.38    3.53
RaboDirect Term Advantage Fund - 12 months 4.00    4.11    4.30
RaboDirect Term Advantage Fund - 6 months 3.85    3.96    4.14
RaboDirect Term Advantage Fund - 90 days 3.25    3.34    3.49
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 150 days 3.25    3.34    3.49
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 120 days 4.00    3.34    3.49
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 18 months 4.30    4.32    4.51
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 12 months 3.85    3.96    4.14
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 6 months 3.75    3.86    4.03
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 9 months 3.80    3.90    4.08
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 90 days 3.00    3.09    3.22
Westpac Term PIE Fund - 2 years 4.75    4.52    4.72
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