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March 2015

27 Mar 2015Getting to know...Clayton Coplestone
27 Mar 2015Property prices impact on S&P’s assessment of NZ banking sector
27 Mar 2015Property prices impact on S&P’s assessment of NZ banking sector
27 Mar 2015NZX launches options
26 Mar 2015Website list removed
26 Mar 2015Corporate Finance Manager - Strategy and Reporting
26 Mar 2015Watch out for the newly promoted income protection client
26 Mar 2015What is the value of CPD?
25 Mar 2015Four and five year rate cuts
25 Mar 2015FMA takes AML action
24 Mar 2015Nikko granted MIS licence
24 Mar 2015No choice but to get a DIMs licence: Regan
23 Mar 2015Level 5 course changes: Cost increases
23 Mar 2015Trauma problematic, Fidelity boss says
23 Mar 2015Westpac reduces specials
22 Mar 2015Partners chief actuary retires
20 Mar 2015Getting to Know...Anthony Edmonds
20 Mar 2015BNZ GlobalPlus loses airpoints
20 Mar 2015Salt not maxed out
19 Mar 2015BNZ's home loan airpoints scheme grounded
19 Mar 2015AMP hands equities to Salt
19 Mar 2015Good times for landlords
19 Mar 2015Unfair terms rules kick in
19 Mar 2015Small providers offered DIMS wing
19 Mar 2015Bankruptcy case may prompt stocktake
18 Mar 2015Kepa appoints National Business Development manager
18 Mar 2015RESIMAC reduces rates
18 Mar 2015Sovereign: More support for advisers
18 Mar 2015How small is a small DIMS business?
17 Mar 2015FMA's Campbell moves on
17 Mar 2015Responsible lending code revealed
17 Mar 2015Crowded KiwiSaver market sparks concern
16 Mar 2015Elevation Fund lowered
16 Mar 2015Hassan welcomes new director
16 Mar 2015Quiet start to week, in more ways than one
16 Mar 2015AML duplication causes concern
13 Mar 2015Classic end for BNZ
13 Mar 2015Getting to know...Fred Dodds
13 Mar 2015What to worry about
13 Mar 2015Tell MBIE what you think of regulation
12 Mar 2015Asteron maintains rating
12 Mar 2015OCR unchanged – but housing market remains hot topic
12 Mar 2015FMA issues AML warning
12 Mar 2015What the Reserve Bank said
12 Mar 2015And the Governor has spoken
12 Mar 2015Smaller players need to stand out
12 Mar 2015Programme fosters new advice talent
12 Mar 2015Pension costs may not be unsustainable: Report
11 Mar 2015Trustees Executors gets new platform
11 Mar 2015A change in the fixed interest soundtrack
11 Mar 2015SBS takes stake in financial planning and KiwiSaver business
11 Mar 2015Sovereign boss gets gong
11 Mar 2015One little change today
11 Mar 2015Clients place most value on meeting goals: IOOF
10 Mar 2015Research houses agree on something - a winner
10 Mar 2015Lowest rate on market aims to win borrowers’ hearts
10 Mar 2015Complaint about 'ambush marketing'
10 Mar 2015Claim lawyers, accountants getting unfair deal
10 Mar 2015New low set by a bank
9 Mar 2015No surprises expected in OCR this week, but plenty to look for
9 Mar 2015Bank lending up, but profits down
9 Mar 2015FMA outlines supervision approach
9 Mar 2015Clients complain about adviser fees
8 Mar 2015KiwiSaver gender gap widens
6 Mar 2015AML warning
6 Mar 2015BNZ moves three-year rate
6 Mar 2015Advisers in dark about AML
6 Mar 2015Call to reveal industry statistics
5 Mar 2015Reserve Bank targets investors
5 Mar 2015Reserve Bank comes up with new definition for property investors
5 Mar 2015There is such a thing as a good performance fee
5 Mar 2015One bank's having an identity crisis
5 Mar 2015Industry leader calls for one class of adviser
4 Mar 2015More Kiwis have income protection
4 Mar 2015AMP hands out awards
4 Mar 2015The ECB’s Gamble
4 Mar 2015The truth about house prices
4 Mar 2015Review terms get cautious welcome
4 Mar 2015Good response to changes: AIA
4 Mar 2015Newpark hires training manager
3 Mar 2015Game on for financial advisers
3 Mar 2015FAA review begins
3 Mar 2015Simple and better
3 Mar 2015Reviews should consider AML
2 Mar 2015Simple and better: RESIMAC's new loan offerings
2 Mar 2015Asteron revamps trauma, commissions
2 Mar 2015What happened in the markets last month?
2 Mar 2015Review prompts changes

February 2015

27 Feb 2015Accuro donation
27 Feb 2015ABC and Pine sign alliance
27 Feb 2015SBS finds the big home loans in Auckland
27 Feb 2015NZX50 gets rebrand
27 Feb 2015FMA warning
27 Feb 2015Super Fund files proceedings
27 Feb 2015Principles approach to FAA review likely
27 Feb 2015Mortgage brokers' obligation to insurance
26 Feb 2015Magellan launches listed version of fund
26 Feb 2015Claim banks' rules relaxed
26 Feb 2015Where are the financial advisers?
26 Feb 2015FMA: No hold-up
25 Feb 2015ANZ tops Morningstar awards
25 Feb 2015AMP life business flat, but company on track
25 Feb 2015Handful of DIMS applications received
25 Feb 2015nib: Opportunities for advisers
25 Feb 2015Good response to more sustainable commission: AIA
24 Feb 2015AMP adviser training by numbers
24 Feb 2015Craigs crossing Tasman in new deal
24 Feb 2015We're back: Kiwibank
24 Feb 2015Researchers quiet on investigation
23 Feb 2015Harbour signs up global equity manager
23 Feb 2015Rent cover goes live
23 Feb 2015Finalists revealed
23 Feb 2015nib posts profit
23 Feb 2015Kiwibank back in low-deposit business
23 Feb 2015FSC hopeful of GST decision this year
23 Feb 2015FMA keeps eye on adviser advertising
22 Feb 2015Davis steps down
20 Feb 2015FAA survey circulated
20 Feb 2015Lost loan a small proportion of NZ Super Fund
20 Feb 2015Friday's first cuts
20 Feb 2015FMA focus on churn no surprise
20 Feb 2015FAA review timeline set out
19 Feb 2015Sovereign and single rural blokes
19 Feb 2015Big mandates force big questions
18 Feb 2015Complectus to buy Covenant
18 Feb 2015Yield pendulum at the apex
18 Feb 2015The Co-op Bank makes two cuts
18 Feb 2015General Finance fourth finance company to gain licence
18 Feb 2015NZX boss indicates no big plans for Fundsource
17 Feb 2015NZX focus on ETFs
17 Feb 2015Room for improvement at Sovereign: CEO
17 Feb 2015More KiwiSaver information needed: Boyle
16 Feb 2015MortgageLink gets new owner and boss
16 Feb 2015Even more home loan rate cuts; New boss at MortgageLink
16 Feb 2015Match-fixing in funds management
16 Feb 2015When is advice not advice? The curious rise of no-advice sales
16 Feb 2015NZ-based research options dwindling
13 Feb 2015Rates slashed as mortgage wars heat up
13 Feb 2015Fidelity Life has rating confirmed
13 Feb 2015Former Health Minister joins nib board
13 Feb 2015ASB takes lead in five-year fixed rate market
13 Feb 2015AMP move may cause market ripples
12 Feb 2015ASB talks about competition, brokers and profit
12 Feb 2015Spicers goes to court to get adviser client files
11 Feb 2015ASB reports strong profit but dip in home loan market share
11 Feb 2015Home loan rate cuts keep coming
11 Feb 2015'Everyday' policies attracting young consumers
11 Feb 2015DIMS requirement 'overkill'
10 Feb 2015The perfect performance fee (part 3)
10 Feb 2015AMP KiwiSaver gets award
10 Feb 2015What's behind the FMA investigation into Milford?
10 Feb 2015Rate cuts still a possibility: Westpac
10 Feb 2015Why the secrecy?
9 Feb 2015Milford confirms it is focus of FMA investigation
9 Feb 2015[Weekly Wrap] Is there any truth to market manipulation rumours?
9 Feb 2015Cuts continue
9 Feb 2015Advisers must emphasise need to disclose: ISO
9 Feb 2015Income-seeking investors face problems
9 Feb 2015Castle Point announces shareholder
8 Feb 2015Has the European Central Bank saved the world?
7 Feb 201510-year rates welcomed
7 Feb 2015Harbour gets MIS licence
6 Feb 201510-year fixed rates come to the market
6 Feb 2015TSB launches 10-year fixed loan
5 Feb 2015Investigation rumours swirl
5 Feb 2015Global bond yields collapse
5 Feb 2015Roboadvice may bulldoze advisers
5 Feb 2015Plus4 expands in Dunedin
4 Feb 2015FSC closes Wellington office
4 Feb 2015Surprise cash rate cut
4 Feb 2015Advisers told to manage client behaviour
4 Feb 2015Your job is to simplify regulatory complexity
3 Feb 2015Mortgage Express adds adviser
3 Feb 2015FMA wants to manage advice costs
2 Feb 2015Overall lending volumes up; low equity loans down
2 Feb 2015McLean confirmed in Westpac job
2 Feb 2015Islamic fund's adviser push

January 2015

31 Jan 2015Deflation warning
31 Jan 2015Grosvenor applies filter
31 Jan 2015ANZ takes one-year lead
31 Jan 2015PGC's missing $22m
30 Jan 2015NZX and FMA sign MoU
30 Jan 2015DIMS conditions clarified
30 Jan 2015Small firms get staff cover
29 Jan 2015Don't expect returns to continue: NZ Super Fund
29 Jan 2015Decent environment for investors: Tuffley
29 Jan 2015No surprises
29 Jan 2015What the Reserve Bank said
29 Jan 2015KiwiSaver effect has wide reach
28 Jan 2015Advisers concerns heard, Goldsmith says
27 Jan 20152015 may see bonds' fortunes reverse
26 Jan 2015Advisers wrongly get blame
23 Jan 2015Low rates could create opportunity
23 Jan 2015Find the right fund fit: Morningstar
22 Jan 2015OCR not going anywhere: Economists
22 Jan 2015Advisers should bank on young clients: Matthews
21 Jan 2015Westpac adviser moves on
21 Jan 2015ANZ goes for a triple five special
21 Jan 2015Time to address advice accessibility: Body
21 Jan 2015KiwiSavers' missing millions
20 Jan 2015Self-regulation a focus for 2015
19 Jan 2015Investors told: Don't bail out just yet
19 Jan 2015Demand for simpler trauma policies
17 Jan 2015Global Brokers shuts doors
16 Jan 2015Avoiding a Black Swan in 2015
16 Jan 2015Watch out for speed bumps
16 Jan 2015Coote banks on new role
16 Jan 2015Passive not the easy option
15 Jan 2015Consilium announces two appointments
15 Jan 2015BNZ next to cut rates
15 Jan 2015Claims passive approach could pose problems
15 Jan 2015Call for independent commission
14 Jan 2015A Review, and a Look Ahead
14 Jan 2015First DIMS licence granted
13 Jan 2015IRD hunts pension tax avoiders
12 Jan 2015Kiwibank first to cut rates this year
12 Jan 2015Falling oil price good for Kiwi investors
12 Jan 2015Kiwibank starts this year's home loan rate cuts
9 Jan 2015AMP Capital to closes NZ equities management arm
8 Jan 2015Advisers told to take KiwiSaver opportunity
7 Jan 2015NZIG awaits purchase approval
6 Jan 2015Minister hails DIMS rules
5 Jan 2015Reinsurance clampdown
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