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December 2014

10 Dec 2014VIDEO: A look at tapering and reforms in China

April 2014

23 Apr 2014Curtains for NZF
19 Apr 2014Sharemarket outlook
18 Apr 2014Can conditions get better for NZ equities?
17 Apr 2014Economists: Expect another increase
17 Apr 2014New BNZ boss appointed
17 Apr 2014PM Capital does another listed fund
17 Apr 2014[Weekly Wrap] A bit of financial planning nostaliga
17 Apr 2014Make tax an election issue: FSC
17 Apr 2014Call for advisers to audit each other
16 Apr 2014Guardian Trust final payout
16 Apr 2014Pricing chaos in home loan market
16 Apr 2014Pricing chaos in home loan market
16 Apr 2014NZFP cuts AMP connection; Two jump ship
15 Apr 2014More lenders to join Welcome Home Loans; SBS axes tiers
14 Apr 2014Welcome Home Loans to expand
14 Apr 2014The Co-operative Bank joins KiwiSaver
14 Apr 2014Case leaves bankruptcy questions unanswered
14 Apr 2014Call for Govt to come clean on intentions
12 Apr 2014Obituary: Kelvin Syms
11 Apr 2014[Weekly Wrap] Crackle, bang, pop
11 Apr 2014Financial literacy tools reach teachers
11 Apr 2014Moyle: Steer clear of messy family situations
10 Apr 2014Spicers' restraint of trade draconian
9 Apr 2014Health Funds says research data wrong
9 Apr 2014ASB appoints new executive GM
9 Apr 2014Two very different stories today
9 Apr 2014[VIDEO] Where does money come from?
9 Apr 2014Multiple distribution channels a problem
9 Apr 2014FMA invites Sheppard to share Hanover report
8 Apr 2014Learning from investment failure
8 Apr 2014Too many Kiwis blowing KiwiSaver payouts
8 Apr 2014KiwiSaver belongs to the KiwiSavers
8 Apr 2014Westpac moves on tiers, but not on LEMs
7 Apr 2014Westpac moves rates, defends low equity margin
7 Apr 2014Low-equity fees face legal questions
7 Apr 2014Another KiwiSaver scheme closes
7 Apr 2014DIMs and Adviser Return - Make your voice heard
7 Apr 2014Roy Morgan paints sobering picture of insurance coverage
7 Apr 2014Barnes and Milford create new trustee company
7 Apr 2014Just meeting standards isn't enough: Everett
7 Apr 2014FMA: DIMS harder but not impossible
4 Apr 2014Hughes' advice to new FMA CEO Rob Everett
4 Apr 2014RaboDirect appoints new product manager
4 Apr 2014BNZ raises rates some more
4 Apr 2014Brook Asset Management closes
4 Apr 2014Portfolios 'more homogenised'
3 Apr 2014FATCA agreement reached
3 Apr 2014Thorburn shifts across Tasman
3 Apr 2014FMA offers guideline for license applicants
3 Apr 2014Commission plan: More work for financial advisers
2 Apr 2014Cigna names new CEO
2 Apr 2014ANZ opts to fight in two-year space
2 Apr 2014Two years before savings flow back across Tasman
2 Apr 2014Strong demand expected for LG tender
2 Apr 2014Strong demand expected for LG tender
1 Apr 2014Silver start for KiwiSaver scheme
1 Apr 2014AMP offers direct life cover online
1 Apr 2014Bank surprised at extent of lending drop
1 Apr 2014Chapman gets chair of bank board
1 Apr 2014New adviser for Plus4
1 Apr 2014Will the global economy be better this year?
1 Apr 2014New Christchurch advisers appointed
1 Apr 2014LVR rules could be relaxed
1 Apr 2014FMA signs MoU
1 Apr 2014FMCA is here - time for FAA part two?
1 Apr 2014Funds fees drop

March 2014

31 Mar 2014RBNZ could relax LVR rules: Westpac
31 Mar 2014ASB joins the increases
31 Mar 2014One month until Code kicks in
31 Mar 2014How good are your systems?
28 Mar 2014[WEEKLY WRAP] Getting a handle on AFAs
28 Mar 2014Higher rates give RBNZ scope to lift LVR rules
28 Mar 2014Default providers announced
28 Mar 2014New code approved
28 Mar 2014More bank offers coming
28 Mar 2014Fewer complaints about unsolicited offers
27 Mar 2014Low equity lending rises, but one bank expensive
27 Mar 2014Westpac's top rate nudges close to double digit interest rate
27 Mar 2014PAA boss: More focus on regional brokers
26 Mar 2014New head of individual wealth protection
26 Mar 2014Second contributory mortgage broker pleads guilty
26 Mar 2014Westpac removes and increases rates
26 Mar 2014High-LVR lending inches up
26 Mar 2014Return 'may just add work for advisers'
26 Mar 2014Investors told to seek protection
25 Mar 2014Craigs profit up
25 Mar 2014Concern DIMS rules may force advisers out
24 Mar 2014Reserve Bank legal powers tested
24 Mar 2014FMA changes tack on AFA reporting requirements
24 Mar 2014RESIMAC adds more options; Kiwibank increases short rates
23 Mar 2014Portfolio manager at Fisher Funds steps aside
21 Mar 2014FMA lays charges
21 Mar 2014Fees still too high: Morningstar
21 Mar 2014Westpac joins the party
21 Mar 2014Most DIMS will be class: FMA
21 Mar 2014AFA monitoring reveals some gaps
20 Mar 2014Ward joins sharebroker
20 Mar 2014Report questions FMA model
19 Mar 2014Best bank rate review
19 Mar 2014More fixed rate rises
19 Mar 2014Non-CPD training 'still worthwhile'
18 Mar 2014Kiwis getting savvier about retirement savings
18 Mar 2014Ross refund timeframe extended
18 Mar 2014Rate rises moving to fixed rates
18 Mar 2014Kiwibank merger details due mid-year
18 Mar 2014Researcher outlines NZ plans
17 Mar 2014Not every one has moved yet
17 Mar 2014Asset allocation by peer review
14 Mar 2014Household indebtedness increasing
14 Mar 2014Advisers drifting towards big organisations
14 Mar 2014Buy not sell in May and go away?
14 Mar 2014ANZ first out of the blocks
13 Mar 2014Grosvenor plans to back its KiwiSaver scheme into Fidelity Life one
13 Mar 2014What the economists said
13 Mar 2014van Eyk adds Practice Manager and former Macquarie adviser
13 Mar 2014Morgan name dropped
13 Mar 2014Debt servicing will be an issue: RBNZ
13 Mar 2014OCR up 25 basis points
13 Mar 2014The three-year wait is over. OCR up
13 Mar 2014Conference-hopping not CPD, advisers told
12 Mar 2014Buoyant economy, buoyant bond issuance
12 Mar 2014Financial Advisers
12 Mar 2014Housing approvals creep up
12 Mar 2014FMA drops case against Bridgecorp
12 Mar 2014Lack of knowledge no surprise to advisers
12 Mar 2014DIMS a two-step process
11 Mar 2014Nirvana for Sovereign
11 Mar 2014BNZ removes high rates for low equity loans
11 Mar 2014Inflation a hurdle for advisers this year
11 Mar 2014BNZ removes high rates for low equity loans
10 Mar 2014Prepare for interest rate lift off
10 Mar 2014How much will the OCR rise this year?
10 Mar 2014Capital guarantee no silver bullet
7 Mar 2014Weekly Wrap: DIMS ding dong
7 Mar 2014More signs housing market cooling
7 Mar 2014Warehouse tackles financial services
7 Mar 2014Opt-in option could be popular
6 Mar 2014Tip from the top
6 Mar 2014Firm fined for failure
6 Mar 2014LVR rules having little impact - ASB's assessment
6 Mar 2014Worry at DIMS 'overkill'
6 Mar 2014LVR rules only working at margins: Tuffley
5 Mar 2014Are you a criminal?
5 Mar 2014Bugger the first home, let's just spend the deposit
5 Mar 2014Opportunities in 'undervalued' resources
5 Mar 2014Emerging markets 'a tough call'
4 Mar 2014RESIMAC abolish risk fees
4 Mar 2014RESIMAC abolish risk fees
4 Mar 2014Equities rally 'surprise'
4 Mar 2014Regulation 2013's big news: Report
4 Mar 2014Borrowers still exposed to rates rises
3 Mar 2014PGC reports loss
3 Mar 2014Merger rumours circulate

February 2014

28 Feb 2014Sky TV sets rate for bonds
28 Feb 2014Partners Life plans more shake ups
28 Feb 2014Business insurance added to Xplan
28 Feb 2014Tide about to turn on low equity loans
28 Feb 2014Tide about to turn on low equity loans
28 Feb 2014Regulation a passion killer
28 Feb 2014nib: Policies offer value
27 Feb 2014PAA appoints new CEO
27 Feb 2014Brokers have role as banks turn off tap
27 Feb 2014Quirk takes INFINZ chair
27 Feb 2014Short-term fixers keep market competitive: Report
26 Feb 2014Harbour scores trifecta
26 Feb 2014Call for Aussies to pay FMA levies
25 Feb 2014Fidelity: Deal good for advisers
25 Feb 2014Fidelity and nib team up
25 Feb 2014The one thing NZ is lacking
25 Feb 2014Struggle to access 'lost' super
24 Feb 2014AML reports due mid-year
24 Feb 2014Lombard civil case dropped
24 Feb 2014Clawback 'not enough'
24 Feb 2014Kiwibank reports $52 million profit
22 Feb 2014New 18-month specials
22 Feb 2014Research prospects good: Stanley
21 Feb 2014Asteron gets new CEO
21 Feb 2014Aorangi repayment reaches 92c
21 Feb 2014Guidance note 'common sense'
21 Feb 2014BNZ makes a Classic change
21 Feb 2014Concern at pension rush
21 Feb 2014ANZ settles with insurer over frozen funds
20 Feb 2014200 clients the max: Moore
20 Feb 2014Harbour up for top award
20 Feb 2014RBNZ outlines approach to insurers
19 Feb 2014AIA looks to hold on to NZ's largest group schme
19 Feb 2014PAA plans CEO appointment
19 Feb 2014Firms charged over non-reporting
19 Feb 2014Westpac adds a special
19 Feb 2014Mercer: Consider annuities for KiwiSavers
18 Feb 2014Lenience for super transfers
18 Feb 2014Sky TV considering bond offer
18 Feb 2014Currency fundamentals 'still strong'
18 Feb 2014Politics, growth and inflation
18 Feb 2014Pre-approvals 'problematic'
17 Feb 201413 lucky for Accuro
17 Feb 2014A good 18 holes for Fidelity
17 Feb 2014ASB special; BNZ cuts a term
17 Feb 2014BT: Focus on wealth important
17 Feb 2014Changes at Camelot
17 Feb 2014Merger mooted
15 Feb 2014Rangatira boss resigns
14 Feb 2014ASB offers two-year special
14 Feb 2014From FMA to advice
14 Feb 2014Heartland buys equity release business
14 Feb 2014[Weekly Wrap] What makes a good fund manager?
14 Feb 2014Westpac goes up and down
14 Feb 2014Should financial advice be tax-deductible?
14 Feb 2014Compliance experts in demand: Survey
13 Feb 2014House price vulnerability: S&P
13 Feb 2014Westpac appoints new broker boss
13 Feb 2014Can banks make good fund managers?
12 Feb 2014Westpac appoints new broker unit boss
12 Feb 2014Room to move within rules: ASB
12 Feb 2014Fair play for investors - improving fund disclosure
12 Feb 2014Milford opens in Sydney
12 Feb 2014Kiwisaver influence 'insignificant'
12 Feb 2014Life insurers next to target young market
11 Feb 2014Low-LVR loans doing well: ANZ
11 Feb 2014PAA appoints learning and development manager
11 Feb 2014Another boutique to open
11 Feb 2014Guarantee rules tweaked
10 Feb 2014Ross complaint dismissed
10 Feb 2014Changes at Aegis
10 Feb 2014Poor planning slows retirement
9 Feb 2014Southern Cross launches new policy
7 Feb 2014Is one or three years a better bet?
7 Feb 2014[Weekly Wrap] Insurance paying off
7 Feb 2014Claims dip in 2013: FSC
7 Feb 2014Complaint numbers up: FSCL
5 Feb 2014Pitfalls in advertising fees
5 Feb 2014Number of insured increases
4 Feb 2014nib launches new adviser product
4 Feb 2014IFA should be more visible: Dodds
4 Feb 2014OneAnswer funds perform well: Survey
3 Feb 2014Reporting standards under review
3 Feb 2014Sovereign faces big bill

January 2014

31 Jan 2014No rose-tinted glasses for Wheeler
31 Jan 2014TOWER fund renamed
31 Jan 2014[Weekly Wrap] Has GFC put investors off?
31 Jan 2014Solly finds a new port
31 Jan 2014Conservative young investors shun advice
31 Jan 2014OCR: What the economists said
30 Jan 2014Bagrie: Hikes will be effective
30 Jan 2014What the RBNZ said
30 Jan 2014OCR unchanged: What the bank said
30 Jan 2014S&P rating 'positive for industry'
30 Jan 2014Good year for KiwiSaver growth funds
29 Jan 2014High-LVR share drops further
29 Jan 2014Fisher keeps Kingfish management
29 Jan 2014The Co-operative Bank adds rates
29 Jan 2014Adviser underperformance 'a blip'
28 Jan 2014OCR set to stay the same: Westpac moves
28 Jan 2014Confusion persists about limited advice
27 Jan 2014Mainstream banks not liking Facebook
27 Jan 2014Bank advice stepping up
24 Jan 2014[Weekly Wrap] Future of advice force
24 Jan 2014OCR move next week unlikely: Survey
24 Jan 2014Interest rates could be hard work for advisers
23 Jan 2014'Hard slog for solo advisers'
22 Jan 2014Diversity key: Survey
22 Jan 2014Advice industry changing shape
21 Jan 2014CPI puts pressure on
21 Jan 2014Regulatory backtrack surprises
21 Jan 2014OnePath increases premiums
20 Jan 2014Fixed interest watchlist for fixed interest investors in 2014
20 Jan 2014Advice force ageing - is it a problem?
17 Jan 2014[Weekly Wrap] Gearing up for strong year
17 Jan 2014Perpetual Trust sale finalised
17 Jan 2014Regulatory upheaval calms in 2014
16 Jan 2014Video targets bank advice
16 Jan 2014Don't skip reviews: Cortesi
15 Jan 20142014: The year of social media
14 Jan 2014We want your views
14 Jan 2014Looking ftor testers
14 Jan 2014Housing not biggest OCR pressure: Economists
14 Jan 2014Industry groups call for recognition
13 Jan 2014The 2014 ETF giveaway – 6 chances to win…
13 Jan 2014Blame the Adviser?
13 Jan 2014FADC changes its procedures
13 Jan 2014Overseas interest in adviser groups
10 Jan 2014Global market risks outlined
10 Jan 2014Brake comes off low-deposit lending
10 Jan 2014Warren Buffet buys annuities
10 Jan 2014Bitcoins a precious metal alternative
9 Jan 2014Drop in fixed interest options boosting equities
8 Jan 2014Unimed seeking higher returns
8 Jan 2014Advisers tune up for 'rock star' year
8 Jan 2014High-LVR lending slows
6 Jan 2014NZ not following commission ban ... yet
6 Jan 2014Tower unable to find buyer for remainder of life policies
5 Jan 2014Are online apps a threat to advisers?
4 Jan 2014Gender balance at FSC
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