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What is the problem the FAA is trying to fix?

by Philip Macalister on 3 July 2015

As the review of the Financial Advisers Act slowly rolls on we have had a few interesting reports come out. Here I take stock of what we’ve learnt so far. More »

Is the FMA looking in right places?

by Philip Macalister on 19 June 2015

Ever since news broke that the FMA was investigating Milford Asset Management over market manipulation allegations I’ve said there can’t be smoke without fire. More »

Fund research options disappear for AFAs

by Philip Macalister on 28 April 2015

News that FundSource has all but closed down its research operations in New Zealand spells bad news for AFAs. More »

Research houses agree on something - a winner

by Philip Macalister on 10 March 2015

This blog runs the risk of being seen as a little sycophantic – I hope it isn’t taken that way. It's genuine, as you will find out at the end. More »

Game on for financial advisers

by Philip Macalister on 3 March 2015

Advisers acquired their "ticket to the game" six years ago when the government chose to regulate their sector. They've played their first game and are about to find out what the rules for the next game game will be.  More »

Match-fixing in funds management

by Philip Macalister on 16 February 2015

Whoever leaked information the FMA was investigating Milford Asset Management for suspected market manipulation had very good timing. More »

What's behind the FMA investigation into Milford?

by Philip Macalister on 10 February 2015

Milford’s decision to out itself and fess up to being the fund manager at the centre of the FMA’s market manipulation investigation earn the company a tick. More »

[Weekly Wrap] Is there any truth to market manipulation rumours?

by Philip Macalister on 9 February 2015

It's probably fair to speculate that most fund managers and advisers are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to find out if there is any truth to the on-going chatter that a portfolio manager at a leading funds management firm is being investigated for market manipulation. More »

[Weekly Wrap] Let's not follow Australia

by Philip Macalister on 8 December 2014

New Zealand advisers should be watching what is happening across the Tasman with more than just a curious interest.   More »

Bond investing and financial advisers

by on 11 November 2014

Massey University's Michael Naylor responds to adviser Brent Sheather's comments about bond investing. More »

A forecast for dealer groups

by David Whyte on 4 July 2014

Former Ginger Group boss David Whyte looks at the evolution of dealer groups and offers some ideas about what they need to do in the future. More »

The one thing NZ is lacking

by Oliver Hartwich on 25 February 2014

[OPINION] The head of think tank, The NZ Initiative, gives his view on the state of the Australian and New Zealand economies. More »

Hughes prepares to saddle up

by Philip Macalister on 12 July 2013

Financial Markets Authority boss Sean Hughes has, somewhat unexpectedly, announced he's only doing one three-year term in the role. Good Returns publisher Philip Macalister reflects on the FMA's early years and Hughes's performance. More »

Niko: Media acting without thinking on Mighty River accusations

by Niko Kloeten on 11 March 2013

A financial advisory business was stunned last week when it found itself in the middle of a conspiracy theory involving a talkback radio caller, the Treasury, the upcoming Mighty River Power float and some overzealous news reporters. More »

BNZ scheme may bring bank sales issue to a head

by Philip Macalister on 24 January 2013

BNZ’s much awaited, full-scale entry to the KiwiSaver market is an opportunity to address one of the biggest issues facing advisers.   More »

End this ridiculous war on selling

by Niko Kloeten on 11 May 2012

Financial advisers are about to become collateral damage in the latest round of successive governments' war against our right to think for ourselves. More »

KiwiSaver rot runs deeper than defaults

by Niko Kloeten on 11 April 2012

The flawed KiwiSaver default provider system is symptomatic of wider problems with the scheme that need to be addressed if it is to achieve its objectives. More »

Did the ISI/FSC miss an opportunity?

by Philip Macalister on 25 March 2012

There's a game of musical chairs, with a diminshing number of chairs going on amongst the various lobby groups at the moment, More »

What to make of the Kiwibank deal

by Philip Macalister on 18 January 2012

Rumours had been circulating for a while that Gareth Morgan’s KiwiSaver business was on the market. Today we learnt that Kiwibank was the successful buyer of this business plus the other funds management and advice offerings from GMI. More »

Selling through employers

by Russell Hutchinson on 13 January 2012

I always thought selling insurance to people through their employers was the flimsiest of propositions - why would anyone talk to you about insurance in the work café, with their mates hanging around for the ‘convenience' of paying for the same thing they can buy in the plush, private, offices of the bank for the same price? More »


by Goldie on 2 December 2011

I’m sure someone with a sense of humour thought up this acronym. Now some of you may be asking what an earth is FATCA? It is the: “Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act” to be imposed by the United States of America in 2013. What does this mean for little ol’ New Zealanders in the financial industry? More »

Greens KiwiSaver policy nice idea but...

by Philip Macalister on 7 November 2011

The Green Party released its KiwiSaver policy yesterday which has all the hallmarks of a nice idea but probably not that realistic. More »

Forget about personality; Labour's policy has balls

by Philip Macalister on 28 October 2011

I’ve said it before and yesterday’s savings policy announcement from Labour demonstrates it again. Labour understands savings issues far more than National. Its package is potentially a circuit breaker for this year’s election and will get people talking. More »

Where oh where are the KiwiSaver accounts?

by Philip Macalister on 4 October 2011

Earlier this week we reported that a number of KiwiSaver funds had missed their deadline to prepare and send their annual reports to members. It has transpired that there is a common thread amongst the schemes that missed filing. That theme is the company which provides registry and accounting services to the providers. Yes another three letter name starting with A – AON. More »

It's not ethical for managers to keep getting fees on frozen funds

by Goldie on 11 September 2011

Is it ethical for fund managers to continue to get management fees on funds that have been frozen? More »

Where are the regulators when you need them?

by Philip Macalister on 6 September 2011

There are some things I don't get about the newly regulated world at the moment. One is the story we ran yesterday where to advisers with dishonesty convictions recently in Australia are allowed to be registered advisers. More »

8 reasons why state asset sales will struggle

by Philip Macalister on 2 September 2011

There are lots of things on my mind at the moment, but the one for today is the government’s proposed sale of state assets. It’s on my mind as National Radio asked me about it yesterday. As a general... More »

Risk is the likelihood of losing your hard earned wealth; Volatility is the wobbles

by Goldie on 24 August 2011

We all learned from the finance company debacles that valuing a portfolio with a capital item that remained at the same value, lulled many financial planners into a false sense of security. That is, using... More »

Darren Pratley talks about tie up with PAA

by Philip Macalister on 11 August 2011

Here is one of our first videos. In it Philip Macalister asks Darren Pratley about the NZMBA/PAA tie up; what it means for members; whether it's a merger and what the possible roadblocks will be. ... More »


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Napier Building Society 6.50 5.80 6.70 -
Nelson Building Society 6.35 5.20 5.40 -
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NZ Home Loans 6.10 5.39 5.49 5.69
Perpetual Trust 7.70 - - -
Resimac 5.59 ▼5.24 ▼5.29 ▼5.39
SBS Bank 5.89 5.09 5.15 5.19
SBS Bank Special - 4.49 4.55 4.79
Sovereign 6.10 4.85 5.15 5.25
Sovereign Special - 4.35 4.69 4.79
The Co-operative Bank 5.95 4.49 4.59 4.85
TSB Bank 5.99 5.10 5.39 5.45
TSB Special - 4.69 4.49 4.99
Wairarapa Building Society 6.20 5.75 5.95 -
Lender Flt 1yr 2yr 3yr
Westpac 6.15 4.99 5.15 5.19
Westpac - Capped rates - 6.15 6.15 -
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