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NZ needs clearer fintech strategy

by on 2 February 2017

We are falling behind internationally, argues Simon Papa. More »

Back to the novel for holiday reading

by Philip Macalister on 2 December 2016

I thought every financial advisers’ holiday reading this summer would be a copy of the Exposure Draft of the revised Financial Advisers Act. More »

Robo not just for investment

by on 9 November 2016

Changes to law and technology pose a substantial threat to traditional risk insurance advisers - an effective response mean embracing substantial, rapid and sometimes difficult change, writes lawyer Simon Papa, who was formerly a senior solicitor at the FMA. More »

Advisers tackle client-first question

by on 28 October 2016

A very useful session of industry commentators was held last week at a forum initiated by the IFA and PAA on the contentious subject of “putting the interests of the client first” versus “acting in the best interests of the client”, writes IFA chief executive Fred Dodds. More »

How the west was(n't) won

by on 10 September 2016

More »

What are your big questions about insurance?

by on 17 August 2016

ASSET Magazine will, tomorrow, be running its Life Insurance Round Table session. We would like to offer you the chance to submit your questions for the panelists. More »

[OPINION] Proposed two-tier system has major flaws

by Andrew Gunn on 19 July 2016

IFA Manager, Member Learning & Development Andrew Gunn says the FAA proposals have some laudable aspirations however it has a major loophole which benefits QFEs. More »

A little competition to end the week

by on 1 July 2016

A little competition to clearly see what Financial Advice New Zealand is all about and what you are not allowed to call the proposed new body. More »

Nice 5th birthday present for Partners Life

by Philip Macalister on 31 May 2016

Partners Life has just been given a cheque for its fifth birthday and it's a pretty big one  - $200 million. More »

Battle lines clearly drawn

by on 26 April 2016

Players in the financial advisory industry have revealed their hands in their submissions on the Financial Advisers Act Review Options Paper.  More »

Share sale may help Kiwibank get back market share

by Philip Macalister on 9 April 2016

Much of the discussion around the sale of 45% of Kiwibank to the NZ Super Fund and Accident Compensation Corporation has been around politics and this of state asset sales. This post is about what it means for Kiwibank why the deal is probably a good idea. More »

Where are the RFAs?

by Susan Edmunds on 15 March 2016

There’s a common piece of advice that gets handed around to people who write news stories or blogs online: Don’t read the comments. But in this case, especially if you are an RFA you should read them. More »

FSC collapse spectacularly bad timing

by Susan Edmunds on 29 February 2016

Could the Financial Services Council have picked a worse time to fall apart? More »

[Carey Church] Time to widen debate on FAA Options paper

by on 27 January 2016

In this guest Blog Hamilton-based adviser Carey Church says MBIE have put up many good ideas in its Options Paper on the review of the Financial Advisers Act, but much of the debate about the options has been on just one topic. More »

Focus on what's important in 2016

by on 30 December 2015

Advice industry needs to start the new year on the right foot, writes Institute of Financial Advisers chief executive Fred Dodds. More »

MJW missed their chance

by on 24 November 2015

Michael Naylor, of Massey University, unpicks the Melville Jessup Weaver report into life insurance distribution. More »

MJW report scores a D

by Philip Macalister on 23 November 2015

[OPINION] Despite all the money spent on the MJW report and all the discussion the authors had with people in the life insurance industry its conclusions are flawed. Unfortunately though some may take the findings seriously. More »

The time is up for the FSC

by Philip Macalister on 12 November 2015

[OPINION] The Financial Services Council is dead and its chief executive Peter Neilson should resign. More »

FSC must fix its own ructions before it can fix industry

by Susan Edmunds on 4 November 2015

There probably aren't many people who would want to be in the Financial Services Council's shoes right now. More »

What is the problem the FAA is trying to fix?

by Philip Macalister on 3 July 2015

As the review of the Financial Advisers Act slowly rolls on we have had a few interesting reports come out. Here I take stock of what we’ve learnt so far. More »

Is the FMA looking in right places?

by Philip Macalister on 19 June 2015

Ever since news broke that the FMA was investigating Milford Asset Management over market manipulation allegations I’ve said there can’t be smoke without fire. More »

Fund research options disappear for AFAs

by Philip Macalister on 28 April 2015

News that FundSource has all but closed down its research operations in New Zealand spells bad news for AFAs. More »

Research houses agree on something - a winner

by Philip Macalister on 10 March 2015

This blog runs the risk of being seen as a little sycophantic – I hope it isn’t taken that way. It's genuine, as you will find out at the end. More »

Game on for financial advisers

by Philip Macalister on 3 March 2015

Advisers acquired their "ticket to the game" six years ago when the government chose to regulate their sector. They've played their first game and are about to find out what the rules for the next game game will be.  More »

Match-fixing in funds management

by Philip Macalister on 16 February 2015

Whoever leaked information the FMA was investigating Milford Asset Management for suspected market manipulation had very good timing. More »

What's behind the FMA investigation into Milford?

by Philip Macalister on 10 February 2015

Milford’s decision to out itself and fess up to being the fund manager at the centre of the FMA’s market manipulation investigation earn the company a tick. More »

[Weekly Wrap] Is there any truth to market manipulation rumours?

by Philip Macalister on 9 February 2015

It's probably fair to speculate that most fund managers and advisers are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to find out if there is any truth to the on-going chatter that a portfolio manager at a leading funds management firm is being investigated for market manipulation. More »

[Weekly Wrap] Let's not follow Australia

by Philip Macalister on 8 December 2014

New Zealand advisers should be watching what is happening across the Tasman with more than just a curious interest.   More »

Bond investing and financial advisers

by on 11 November 2014

Massey University's Michael Naylor responds to adviser Brent Sheather's comments about bond investing. More »


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    “It’s pretty obvious from the huge global shift from active to passive that the standard response, from institutions with...”
    2 days ago by Brent Sheather
  • Sales versus advice distinction 'lost'
    “Chapman Tripp lawyer, Bradley Kidd, does an excellent job of explaining how the complexity of the law around client first...”
    2 days ago by Graeme Tee
  • Time for fundamental allocation rethink
    “All very good points Grant. If anybody would like to look at how this might impact retirement income please take a look at...”
    2 days ago by Anthony Serhan
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    “Not quite sure that he is advocating an active approach. What he is advocating is that perhaps basing an allocation on (lets...”
    2 days ago by smitty
  • Time for fundamental allocation rethink
    “Trend and long-term investment perspectives have been drilled into so many "qualified" advisers and portfolio managers with...”
    2 days ago by Chatterbox
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NZ Home Loans - Specials - 4.35 4.79 5.09
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TSB Special - 4.45 4.75 5.05
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Wairarapa Building Society 5.70 4.85 4.99 -
Westpac 5.65 4.99 5.19 5.49
Westpac - Capped rates - 5.15 5.25 -
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