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Last Article Uploaded: Thursday, February 22nd, 2:27PM
Phil's Blog

The key ingredient for success

by Philip Macalister

After more than 25 years of working with, and observing, membership organisations there is one major factor which determines the success or failure of the association. More »

Let's get these adviser rules right

by Philip Macalister

It's been a couple of weeks since the Exposure Draft of the proposed new financial adviser legislation was released and something funny has happened. Lots of people in the financial advice sector agree on things. More »

Back to the novel for holiday reading

by Philip Macalister

I thought every financial advisers’ holiday reading this summer would be a copy of the Exposure Draft of the revised Financial Advisers Act. More »

Nice 5th birthday present for Partners Life

by Philip Macalister

Partners Life has just been given a cheque for its fifth birthday and it's a pretty big one  - $200 million. More »

Share sale may help Kiwibank get back market share

by Philip Macalister

Much of the discussion around the sale of 45% of Kiwibank to the NZ Super Fund and Accident Compensation Corporation has been around politics and this of state asset sales. This post is about what it means for Kiwibank why the deal is probably a good idea. More »

MJW report scores a D

by Philip Macalister

[OPINION] Despite all the money spent on the MJW report and all the discussion the authors had with people in the life insurance industry its conclusions are flawed. Unfortunately though some may take the findings seriously. More »

The time is up for the FSC

by Philip Macalister

[OPINION] The Financial Services Council is dead and its chief executive Peter Neilson should resign. More »

What is the problem the FAA is trying to fix?

by Philip Macalister

As the review of the Financial Advisers Act slowly rolls on we have had a few interesting reports come out. Here I take stock of what we’ve learnt so far. More »

Is the FMA looking in right places?

by Philip Macalister

Ever since news broke that the FMA was investigating Milford Asset Management over market manipulation allegations I’ve said there can’t be smoke without fire. More »

Fund research options disappear for AFAs

by Philip Macalister

News that FundSource has all but closed down its research operations in New Zealand spells bad news for AFAs. More »

Research houses agree on something - a winner

by Philip Macalister

This blog runs the risk of being seen as a little sycophantic – I hope it isn’t taken that way. It's genuine, as you will find out at the end. More »

Game on for financial advisers

by Philip Macalister

Advisers acquired their "ticket to the game" six years ago when the government chose to regulate their sector. They've played their first game and are about to find out what the rules for the next game game will be.  More »

Match-fixing in funds management

by Philip Macalister

Whoever leaked information the FMA was investigating Milford Asset Management for suspected market manipulation had very good timing. More »

What's behind the FMA investigation into Milford?

by Philip Macalister

Milford’s decision to out itself and fess up to being the fund manager at the centre of the FMA’s market manipulation investigation earn the company a tick. More »

[Weekly Wrap] Is there any truth to market manipulation rumours?

by Philip Macalister

It's probably fair to speculate that most fund managers and advisers are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to find out if there is any truth to the on-going chatter that a portfolio manager at a leading funds management firm is being investigated for market manipulation. More »

[Weekly Wrap] Let's not follow Australia

by Philip Macalister

New Zealand advisers should be watching what is happening across the Tasman with more than just a curious interest.   More »

Hughes prepares to saddle up

by Philip Macalister

Financial Markets Authority boss Sean Hughes has, somewhat unexpectedly, announced he's only doing one three-year term in the role. Good Returns publisher Philip Macalister reflects on the FMA's early years and Hughes's performance. More »

BNZ scheme may bring bank sales issue to a head

by Philip Macalister

BNZ’s much awaited, full-scale entry to the KiwiSaver market is an opportunity to address one of the biggest issues facing advisers.   More »

Did the ISI/FSC miss an opportunity?

by Philip Macalister

There's a game of musical chairs, with a diminshing number of chairs going on amongst the various lobby groups at the moment, More »

What to make of the Kiwibank deal

by Philip Macalister

Rumours had been circulating for a while that Gareth Morgan’s KiwiSaver business was on the market. Today we learnt that Kiwibank was the successful buyer of this business plus the other funds management and advice offerings from GMI. More »

Greens KiwiSaver policy nice idea but...

by Philip Macalister

The Green Party released its KiwiSaver policy yesterday which has all the hallmarks of a nice idea but probably not that realistic. More »

Forget about personality; Labour's policy has balls

by Philip Macalister

I’ve said it before and yesterday’s savings policy announcement from Labour demonstrates it again. Labour understands savings issues far more than National. Its package is potentially a circuit breaker for this year’s election and will get people talking. More »

Where oh where are the KiwiSaver accounts?

by Philip Macalister

Earlier this week we reported that a number of KiwiSaver funds had missed their deadline to prepare and send their annual reports to members. It has transpired that there is a common thread amongst the schemes that missed filing. That theme is the company which provides registry and accounting services to the providers. Yes another three letter name starting with A – AON. More »

Where are the regulators when you need them?

by Philip Macalister

There are some things I don't get about the newly regulated world at the moment. One is the story we ran yesterday where to advisers with dishonesty convictions recently in Australia are allowed to be registered advisers. More »

8 reasons why state asset sales will struggle

by Philip Macalister

There are lots of things on my mind at the moment, but the one for today is the government’s proposed sale of state assets. It’s on my mind as National Radio asked me about it yesterday. As a general... More »

Darren Pratley talks about tie up with PAA

by Philip Macalister

Here is one of our first videos. In it Philip Macalister asks Darren Pratley about the NZMBA/PAA tie up; what it means for members; whether it's a merger and what the possible roadblocks will be. ... More »

Shoe Shop Compliance

by Philip Macalister

Some (young rascal) sent me this....I had a good chuckle. Read on! "I'd like to buy a pair of black leather shoes, please" "Sir, if it were only that simple. Here's my card and here's your Buyer's Guide." “What's... More »

Your advice (on FMA ads) please

by Philip Macalister

Here’s a curly one you can give me your advice on. Clearly financial advisers are  not particularly happy with the FMA and its advertising rolled out this week. You just have to read through the... More »

Why so much time on Hubbard?

by Philip Macalister

Was I surprised that Alan Hubbard has be charged with 50 counts of fraud relating to the way he ran his investment vehicles? No. I was surprised though by the number of charges? 50. Yes. Do I think... More »

More regulatory madness

by Philip Macalister

The MED discussion document on FMA levies landed quietly in my inbox last Friday. However its arrival had created a big bang in the industry. The mainstream media may have ignored it, but it is big... More »

Hard work ahead to sell the Budget

by Philip Macalister

So this was a savings and investment Budget. Lots of attention has been focused on the KiwiSaver changes and quite rightly. It’s one of the most successful products the country has ever seen and has... More »

National just doesn't get saving

by Philip Macalister

National governments seem to have a genetic disorder when it comes to savings schemes. They just don’t seem to get them and always make changes – often to the public’s detriment. Schemes like... More »

Borrowing could boost fund's impressive returns

by Philip Macalister

The NZ Superannuation Fund’s results for the 12 months to March 31 were truly impressive I thought and also an interesting lesson in investing. While some media reports focused on the month of March... More »

Advisers needed to sell KiwiSaver

by Philip Macalister

We’d been waiting for a big KiwiSaver deal and now we have it. Fisher has landed the Huljich business. This is probably no surprise as many had speculated Huljich was only in the game for the short... More »

Tidy up from the top down

by Philip Macalister

My heart sank this week when I switched on the television news and read the business papers of the Herald to see the faces of three directors of Nathans Finance in court. It’s not that I had money... More »

Botherway's bank job

by Philip Macalister

Simon Botherway’s move to ANZ Wealth is certainly a surprise – albeit a positive one for the bank and OnePath. While no doubt he will be busy in his new role, the appointment could be seen a good... More »

Another good deed for Chch from an adviser

by Philip Macalister

Last week we ran a little piece telling how Christchurch adviser Bernard Duncan was help the Student Volunteer Army in Christchurch. Today I was sent this about what another adviser is doing. Impressive... More »

The advisers' CEO moves on

by Philip Macalister

It is sad to report that Ralph Stewart is leaving AXA – but little surprise really. Ralph has been at AXA for nine years now and seen the company through a lot of change. Late last year when we were... More »

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