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Last Article Uploaded: Tuesday, October 22nd, 9:27PM
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What is the advice risk?

You could be forgiven for keeping your head down, servicing clients and paying the bills. And frankly, we all need to be doing that.

Monday, October 21st, 7:00AM

However, much of the recent market noise about dealer groups, FAPs and bank aggregation has raised more than a few comments that included statements about advice risk.

Now, most of us appreciate that there is a risk to running an advisory business. If what we say and recommend turns to custard, we expect to be facing some interesting questions.

And for the majority of us, the general...MORE»

To FAP or not to FAP, that is the question

Thursday, October 3rd, 9:10AM

There is plenty of ongoing discussion in the market around this question but should we also be asking – who owns the clients?


Finally, a breath that suggests it's not all about the advisers and their advice

Tuesday, October 1st, 8:32AM

As an insurance adviser, one of the challenges with the rhetoric that has been thrown around over the last few years, you could be forgiven for thinking we're the new whipping post.



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The willful ignorance of a miopic point of view

Tuesday, September 10th, 12:39PM

Sounds angry and somewhat is. It comes from constantly being told that commission-based sales people, especially life insurance advisers, are bottom-feeding scum of the earth.


More work needs to be done on policy ownership

Friday, August 30th, 9:17AM

Getting the ownership of life insurance policies right is critical; but one bank has no idea,  Jon-Paul Hale says.


Chicken Little and the falling sky

Monday, August 12th, 8:17AM

It’s been said to me before, J-P how about looking at the glass being half full? Funny thing is the human brain is naturally a bit pessimistic, 60/40% if the studies I’ve read on the subject are right.


Southern Cross – service or not?

Friday, July 26th, 4:43PM

Jon-Paul Hale gives his take on what Southern Cross's change to trail commissions means for advisers.


Ideal client outcomes

Tuesday, July 23rd, 6:00AM

There seems to be a renewed amount of noise on what an ideal client outcome looks like. And to be frank, I haven’t seen or heard a definition of one that is clear, concise, and simple.



Insurance Briefs

AIA adds mental health support
AIA is boosting Vitality members’ donations to the Mental Health Foundation.

Major milestone for Cigna
Cigna, which acquired OnePath Life last year, is on the verge of reaching "a huge milestone".

Fidelity Life gets tick
Fidelity Life has been awarded the Accessibility Tick.

Asteron and Fidelity go head to head for award

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