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The growing but slowing market for insurance

This market is a good one, and I am a perennial optimist for both financial services in general and insurance financial advice in particular.

Monday, September 16th, 11:35AM

I like to think of our target market as being roughly equivalent to the number of people between 16 and 65 that are also in work.

Being in work gives a client a decent chance of both having enough money to pay a premium and being healthy enough to insure. There are about 2.7 million people in this category. There are people that leave the category – achieving age 65,...MORE»

Old school digital advice failed advisers, but there are new options emerging

Monday, August 26th, 8:16AM

So far most attempts by advisers to increase sales online have failed. It’s worth wondering why that is, and whether there is scope for change.


How junk is junk insurance and why should you care?

Thursday, August 1st, 1:14PM

Recent articles headed “junk insurance” could be seen as the broad brush of journalism splattering tar on all insurance. Could we instead treat it as an opportunity to talk about quality? 



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The pace of change, and why it’s important

Monday, July 15th, 12:14PM

What’s the most interesting thing an insurer has done in the last few months?


Can you spot the single-issue fanatics?

Monday, July 1st, 6:00AM

A couple I know, both friends that I love dearly, argue at times. One calls the other a ‘single-issue fanatic’. Both admit this could be code for ‘nagging’. Some advocates are like that about commission. 


Here's why you haven't seen many CEOs and senior execs recently

Thursday, May 30th, 8:52AM

Russell Hutchinson outlines many of the issues insurance companies have their heads buried in at the moment, and why advisers haven't been seeing many of the industry leaders out and about.


Odd priorities – and how some are resolved

Monday, May 13th, 10:40AM

Life is full of risks and one cannot manage them all. Most risks have financial consequences, and it is the money-part of the problem that we can best manage too, but it is worthwhile remembering that while money is the currency of our interactions with the world, it isn’t an end in itself.


The many different kinds of financial adviser

Friday, April 26th, 11:59AM

Sometimes, the principle of mediocrity seems to rule supreme, while at others, the incredible diversity of financial advice surprises.



Insurance Briefs

AIA adds mental health support
AIA is boosting Vitality members’ donations to the Mental Health Foundation.

Major milestone for Cigna
Cigna, which acquired OnePath Life last year, is on the verge of reaching "a huge milestone".

Fidelity Life gets tick
Fidelity Life has been awarded the Accessibility Tick.

Asteron and Fidelity go head to head for award

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