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Last Article Uploaded: Tuesday, February 20th, 1:47PM
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How to run an effective approved provider list in 5 steps

Running an approved provider list isn’t exactly a compliance requirement – yet – it is good communications practice, which arguably makes it important right now.

Monday, February 12th, 6:00AM

The rationale runs like this: you did a great job for a difficult client but the very next adviser they meet is someone who doesn’t like you – you can’t please everyone, so it is bound to happen sometime. They cast doubt on what you did “I wonder why they recommended ThatCoLife? I would have considered OtherInsure for your situation. Could be something to do with qualifying for their trip to…”

Everyone is limited in the product range on which they may give advice...MORE»

The 10 best ways to compete with the big end of town

Tuesday, January 23rd, 12:08PM

It is true, the big end of town has advantages – and yet third-party advisers, typically running small businesses, have done very well over the years and have a strong offer to the market.


Financial planning and insurance advice

Wednesday, January 10th, 10:27AM



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HIV, AIDS and Insurance

Tuesday, December 5th, 11:13AM

The fact that times change should "give hope to the poor and pause to the rich", according to one old saying.


Priorities and ideals

Tuesday, November 21st, 12:53PM

One celebrated robo-advice site does nothing to help the customer decide which insurance to choose when the budget crunch has to be acknowledged.


Fear and the financial plan

Thursday, November 9th, 9:00AM

Fear can be a positive motivator, and insurance advisers have known that since the days when sales training consisted of different ways to ‘back the hearse up to the living room window’ – metaphorically, of course.


Dealer groups as part of your plan

Tuesday, October 24th, 10:11AM

A couple of weeks ago, when I wrote about the importance and knowing your own mind when considering the future, a couple of dealer group leaders thought my article was 'anti-group'.


Are you part of someone else’s plan?

Monday, October 2nd, 10:23AM

If you don't make plans yourself you will become part of somebody else's. It's an old saying but it’s true.



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  • Adviser numbers could drop 50%: Moore
    “@Fins22: take a look at banking trends globally, and the uniqueness of Australasian banks having full ownership of the wealth...”
    8 hours ago by Pragmatic
  • Big opportunity for advisers: Mercer
    “Very interesting article. I'd be interested to know where the data came from that shows on "average people spend 13 hrs...”
    20 hours ago by gavin austin adviser business compliance
  • Adviser numbers could drop 50%: Moore
    “Personally, I think the Banks, the Direct Channel Insurers, Corporate Brokers and the Government are trying to do away with...”
    23 hours ago by Fins22
  • Who'll still be standing in 12 months' time?
    “Beautifully written and absolutely spot-on. I have also been following events in Australia over the last few years. ...”
    1 day ago by Denis
  • Who'll still be standing in 12 months' time?
    “sad really the powers that be infer that they want the NZ public to be easily able to access advice But everything...”
    4 days ago by retired blogger
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