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December 2000

22 Dec 2000Merry Christmas
20 Dec 2000Morningstar's US CEO replaced
20 Dec 2000Yes, location really matters
20 Dec 2000Stop the takeover campaign launched
19 Dec 2000Stock Exchange takeover defies logic
19 Dec 2000New Zealanders in retirement want it all...but are not saving for it
19 Dec 2000AXA New Zealand appoints new GM of Marketing
18 Dec 2000National Bank changes horses
18 Dec 2000What NZ insurers are doing about genetic testing
18 Dec 2000The misuse of enduring powers of attorney
18 Dec 2000IRD's Christmas gift to investors
17 Dec 2000News Round Up
17 Dec 2000Rates get a rejig
15 Dec 2000New book release - The New Zealand Master Trusts Guide
15 Dec 2000Prebble explains why he supports the superannuation bill
14 Dec 2000Great Xmas Books
14 Dec 2000PR: 1st Reading NZ Superannuation Bill
14 Dec 2000New housing policy knocks back inflation
14 Dec 2000Mercer's new head of research
13 Dec 2000Still some risks with passive funds
13 Dec 2000PR: Greens To Abstain On Super
13 Dec 2000PR: Cullen welcomes Nat support
13 Dec 2000PR: National Paves The Way For Rational Debate On Superannuation
13 Dec 2000UK trusts stage a revival
13 Dec 2000Financial planners bigger part of the landscape
12 Dec 2000Year in review: mortgages
11 Dec 2000AIA's parent becomes No.1
11 Dec 2000Index funds to remain tax free
11 Dec 2000Passive Tracker Funds Rulings Applications
11 Dec 2000News Round Up
11 Dec 2000Introduction to Financial Planning
10 Dec 2000Changes at AIA
10 Dec 2000Reduced rates ahoy!
7 Dec 2000HIH betters its Australian parent
7 Dec 2000Column: Don't mention the war
7 Dec 2000BT promotes Gary Symons
7 Dec 2000Guardian Trust moves into financial planning
7 Dec 2000FPA Convention - Planning Pays
6 Dec 2000Status quo on interest rates
6 Dec 2000Managers want trust out
5 Dec 2000Going once, going twice...
4 Dec 2000Court of Appeal dismisses objections to Waltus proposal
4 Dec 2000The need for diversification is greater in times of turbulence
3 Dec 2000Battle of the Wills 2
3 Dec 2000Advice necesary for couples under new law
3 Dec 2000News Round Up
3 Dec 2000CIOs to go
3 Dec 2000Ogling the OCR
1 Dec 2000Guardian Trust Funds Management Capital International roadshow
1 Dec 2000Armstrong Jones OEIC Roadshow
1 Dec 2000Armstrong Jones OEIC Roadshow

November 2000

30 Nov 2000FMG appoints new CEO
30 Nov 2000The war for talent fires up pay
30 Nov 2000Guardian Trust Funds Management Capital International roadshow
30 Nov 2000Guardian Trust Funds Management Capital International roadshow
30 Nov 2000Armstrong Jones OEIC Roadshow
30 Nov 2000Wizard launches Essentials loan
29 Nov 2000Money Managers boss to the rescue
29 Nov 2000Help for the bigger borrower
29 Nov 2000Armstrong Jones OEIC Roadshow
29 Nov 2000Armstrong Jones OEIC Roadshow
29 Nov 2000Alliance Capital joins with AXA Asia-Pacific
28 Nov 2000Superannuation Bill introduced to House
28 Nov 2000Equitable slams Morningstar report
28 Nov 2000PR: Let’s Debate The Scheme At Select Committee
28 Nov 2000Investment manager retires
28 Nov 2000Armstrong Jones OEIC Roadshow
28 Nov 2000Fund reality check
28 Nov 2000Armstrong Jones OEIC Roadshow
28 Nov 2000Interest rates still to peak
27 Nov 2000The stars fall for four managers
27 Nov 2000PR: Super committee must be above politics
27 Nov 2000Armstrong Jones OEIC Roadshow
27 Nov 2000Armstrong Jones OEIC Roadshow
27 Nov 2000Superwatch: Kiwis banking on home sales for comfortable retirement
27 Nov 2000A brighter note for housing confidence
26 Nov 2000News Round Up
24 Nov 2000GSF Board announced
24 Nov 2000Master trusts give good returns
24 Nov 2000New Zealand a shining light: St John
23 Nov 2000Perpetual Investment's Roadshow
23 Nov 2000Making sense of the maze
22 Nov 2000Court battles continue
22 Nov 2000Perpetual Investment's Roadshow
22 Nov 2000Tower buys AXA Health
21 Nov 2000Premier looks at New Zealand
21 Nov 2000An Exclusive Meeting with Rothschild
21 Nov 2000Comparing the Online Brokers
21 Nov 2000Perpetual Investment's Roadshow
21 Nov 2000Household net worth still on the wane
21 Nov 2000National housing figures down, but many regions still thriving
21 Nov 2000Most New Zealanders expecting to eat their houses in retirement
21 Nov 2000Cullen ignores Treasury advice
20 Nov 2000An Exclusive Meeting with Rothschild
20 Nov 2000An Exclusive Meeting with Rothschild
20 Nov 2000An Exclusive Meeting with Rothschild
20 Nov 2000One way to beat the Christmas rush
20 Nov 2000Top jobs allocated
20 Nov 2000News Round Up
20 Nov 2000Introduction to Financial Planning
19 Nov 2000Business Protection and the use of Trusts
19 Nov 2000Fund Manager League Table
18 Nov 2000Auckland Property Investors - Successful wealth creation from property
17 Nov 2000Government has made a huge decision with no-one noticing
16 Nov 2000Waltus merger not yet out of the woods
16 Nov 2000Individual accounts for super a possibility
15 Nov 2000Speeding up the service
15 Nov 2000Two and three years fixed rates ease, but fine tuning continues
14 Nov 2000Colonial First State appoints new manager
14 Nov 2000Bank customers battling on
14 Nov 2000PR: Federated Farmers Signal Importance Of Super Fund Debate
14 Nov 2000Act mirrors NZ First's position on pre-funding
13 Nov 2000Armstrong Jones teams up with the Scots on OEICs
13 Nov 2000Tough new rate from the Wizard
13 Nov 2000Cullen welcomes ACT's support
13 Nov 2000ACT Announces Super Position
13 Nov 2000Act outlines its views on the Govt's super plans
13 Nov 2000Fund big, but not a monster
12 Nov 2000Economic forecast tries to look on the bright side
12 Nov 2000Caution urged on rates
10 Nov 2000Kevin McLean leaves Tower
9 Nov 2000ASX seeks merger with NZSE
9 Nov 2000Wizard on the move
9 Nov 2000Japan a basket case again
9 Nov 2000The Government Actuary backs off on deregistration plans
8 Nov 2000Column: Is the mood turning?
8 Nov 2000Changes at Aon Consulting
8 Nov 2000Speech: Securing New Zealand Super Into The Future
7 Nov 2000Guardian Trust Funds Management Dresdner 'Down-Under Roadshow'
7 Nov 2000Guardian Trust Funds Management Dresdner \\\'Down-Under Roadshow\
7 Nov 2000Dealing to debt
7 Nov 2000Japan commits economic hari kari - again
7 Nov 2000Act looks likely to support pre funding idea
6 Nov 2000Waltus gets the go-ahead
6 Nov 2000Guardian Trust Funds Management Dresdner 'Down-Under Roadshow'
6 Nov 2000ING
6 Nov 2000Investors happier about houses
6 Nov 2000To trust or not to trust?
6 Nov 2000Essentials of Mortgage Broking
5 Nov 2000News Round Up
3 Nov 2000Australia not necessarily a gold medal prospect
3 Nov 2000Speech: Why prefunding is sustainable
3 Nov 2000The Fundamentals 2 - What people are saying about prefunding
2 Nov 2000AXA sells its mortgage book
2 Nov 2000Kiwi dollar diagnosis: patient’s feet hot, head cold, temperature fine
2 Nov 2000BT reshuffles team
1 Nov 2000Home affordability down, but not out
1 Nov 2000Macquarie makes a new appointment
1 Nov 2000Past imperfect

October 2000

31 Oct 2000Regional brokers tie the knot
31 Oct 2000AMP puts its wrap online
30 Oct 2000Mortgage brokers grow in force
30 Oct 2000What problem is the Big Cullen Fund trying to solve?
29 Oct 2000News Round Up
29 Oct 2000The battle of the wills
29 Oct 2000Beattie makes his move
29 Oct 2000Find out which managers have been performing well
27 Oct 2000New Zealand the Edinburgh of the South Pacific?
26 Oct 2000Slump's the word
26 Oct 2000Is the end in sight for New Zealand's funds management industry?
26 Oct 2000David Heape - International Equities - Where to from here?
25 Oct 2000International shares hot, local ones not
25 Oct 2000International share funds shine
25 Oct 2000New homes on the Net
25 Oct 2000Woman takes the helm at AMP Henderson
24 Oct 2000AMP talks tech
24 Oct 2000The plain truth on plain English wills
23 Oct 2000News Round Up
22 Oct 2000Column: The history and irony of superannuation
21 Oct 2000An alternative to the Big Cullen Fund
20 Oct 2000BT wins
19 Oct 2000Funds Management Conference
19 Oct 2000A few smiles for spring
18 Oct 2000Independence redefined
18 Oct 2000Residential Care Subsidies
18 Oct 2000Bill English has some fundamental questions for Michael Cullen
17 Oct 2000Taxing beneficiary income of minors at 33% rate
17 Oct 2000Putting the case for tech
17 Oct 2000An investment with a fine nose
17 Oct 2000Superannuation
17 Oct 2000FPIA appoints CEO
17 Oct 2000Hold on for higher inflation
17 Oct 2000Govt introduces bill to hit minors
16 Oct 2000New society aims to raise manager standards
16 Oct 2000John King Guardian Trust Appointment
16 Oct 2000Going global - home is not necessarily where your listed shares are
16 Oct 2000News Round Up
16 Oct 2000ACT gives its views on the Big Cullen Fund
15 Oct 2000REAL rolling on
13 Oct 2000SX finally cleared to buy Aetna
13 Oct 2000Reaction to Superannuation Scheme
13 Oct 2000Super policy answers two questions
13 Oct 2000Super Solution. What's the Problem?
12 Oct 2000New generation capital protected fund
12 Oct 2000More waiting for Waltus
12 Oct 2000Royal & SunAlliance OEICs for NZ
11 Oct 2000Not nyet, but not yet, AJs says
11 Oct 2000A look ahead
11 Oct 2000Super scheme aimed at providing certainty
11 Oct 2000The Government is asked many questions on pre-funding NZ Super
11 Oct 2000PR: The monster fund will eat all other priorities
11 Oct 2000Pre-funding New Zealand Superannuation: Budget Implications
11 Oct 2000Pre-funding New Zealand Superannuation: Entitlements
11 Oct 2000Questions & Answers on Pre-Funding New Zealand Superannuation
11 Oct 2000Government Policy on Pre-funding New Zealand Superannuation
11 Oct 2000Retirement Commissioner urges public to take an interest in superannua
11 Oct 2000Retirement Commissioner urges public to take an interest in superannua
11 Oct 200010 Key Pre-Funding Questions answered
11 Oct 2000Super scheme aimed at providing certainty
11 Oct 2000Opposition political parties back off from bagging fund
11 Oct 2000PR: Super Plan Funding Options
11 Oct 2000PR: Peters Makes Superannuation Commitment
11 Oct 2000PR: Certainty Of Super Level Vital For Workers Says CTU
10 Oct 2000Finalists announced
10 Oct 2000PR: Brave New Era For Superannuation, Says AXA
10 Oct 2000PR: Super Ping Pong continues
10 Oct 2000PR: More Questions Than Answers On Cullen's Super Fund
10 Oct 2000PR: Offering New Zealanders security in retirement
10 Oct 2000PR: Making a Commitment to Our Elders
10 Oct 2000PR: An enduring solution to funding New Zealand super
10 Oct 2000PR: ACT Reserves Judgement On Super Proposal
9 Oct 2000Business Financial Services
8 Oct 2000Tower Asset Management restructures
8 Oct 2000News Round Up
8 Oct 2000Mortgage mistakes
8 Oct 2000PR: Expert panel should test Cullen's scheme
6 Oct 2000Armstrong Jones Roadshow
5 Oct 2000More rescue plans greet Ballantyne bondholders
5 Oct 2000Armstrong Jones Roadshow
5 Oct 2000Stephen Eaton new Trustee Corp Assn Chairman
5 Oct 2000NZ makes an impact in the US
4 Oct 2000Uncertain economic outlook prompts RB to hold off rate changes
4 Oct 2000AJ's fish escape unharmed
3 Oct 2000Burton ships off to the ASB
3 Oct 2000When looking offshore invest between the flags
3 Oct 2000Armstrong Jones Roadshow
3 Oct 2000Royal & SunAlliance OEICs for NZ
3 Oct 2000Royal & SunAlliance OEICs for NZ
3 Oct 2000Government says yes to Big Super Fund
3 Oct 2000The Government explains how the big super fund will help economic deve
3 Oct 2000Better financial products, better tax incentives – which first?
2 Oct 2000ANZ offers Easy Start
2 Oct 2000Armstrong Jones Roadshow
2 Oct 2000The big man returns
2 Oct 2000News Round Up
2 Oct 2000PR: Super fund will dicatate tax and spending decisions for generation
2 Oct 2000Lack of debate disappointing

September 2000

30 Sep 2000Court outlines rules for contesting a will
30 Sep 2000A new alliance is formed
29 Sep 2000Royal & SunAlliance OEICs for NZ
29 Sep 2000Royal & SunAlliance OEICs for NZ
29 Sep 2000Public Trust takes over running AXA's mortgage business
29 Sep 2000Fund withdrawal tax passed
28 Sep 2000Registration: The UK experience
28 Sep 2000Royal & SunAlliance OEICs for NZ
28 Sep 2000Public Trust
27 Sep 2000Royal & SunAlliance play down tax risks of UK funds
27 Sep 2000Royal & SunAlliance OEICs for NZ
27 Sep 2000Royal & SunAlliance OEICs for NZ
27 Sep 2000Westpac launches Redpac
27 Sep 2000Sovereign loses COO
26 Sep 2000Royal & SunAlliance OEICs for NZ
26 Sep 2000 Royal & SunAlliance OEICs for NZ
26 Sep 2000DIY managed funds online
26 Sep 2000Two top tech managers go
25 Sep 2000Waltus stumbles at last hurdle
24 Sep 2000News Round Up
24 Sep 2000Will the sun continue to rise for Japanese investment trusts?
24 Sep 2000REINZ has a swipe at REAL
24 Sep 2000Life after 40: study probes work, retirement and NZ Super
22 Sep 2000Prospering from Growth
21 Sep 2000AJs brings out Barings funds
20 Sep 2000Look at your loan online
20 Sep 2000One portfolio for all
19 Sep 2000Third time lucky for Southern Cross?
19 Sep 2000NZRPT bidder in for the long haul
19 Sep 2000Housing market still gluggy
19 Sep 2000Govt Actuary not prepared to 'take part in a sham'
18 Sep 2000Super savings ministry needed
18 Sep 2000Introducing James Fahey
18 Sep 2000Still down they go
18 Sep 2000Capital Gains Tax - The New Zealand case
18 Sep 2000Introduction to Financial Planning
17 Sep 2000News Round Up
15 Sep 2000AXA New Zealand Funds Management - Feel the Heat!!
14 Sep 2000NZRPT target of bid
14 Sep 2000Online model for investors
14 Sep 2000AXA New Zealand Funds Management - Feel the Heat!!
14 Sep 2000Revolving mortgages get the once-over
14 Sep 2000Guardian Trust appoints analyst
13 Sep 2000AXA New Zealand Funds Management - Feel the Heat!!
13 Sep 2000Tech and the US favoured growth areas
12 Sep 2000New Insurance Cover for Lifestyle Blocks
12 Sep 2000It’s not just the government’s job to save for our retirement
11 Sep 2000GAM loses a giant
11 Sep 2000It's Spring!
11 Sep 2000Opinion: Garrett explains where the Waltus money comes from
11 Sep 2000Public Trust
11 Sep 2000Tech still looks tops
10 Sep 2000News Round Up
8 Sep 2000The Economic Outlook: From Sprint Star to Marathon Runner
7 Sep 2000Familiar face joins Rothschild team
7 Sep 2000Money Managers steps on mortgage trusts
7 Sep 2000Second complaint against Sovereign
7 Sep 2000No hurry for housing pick-up
6 Sep 2000More slicing and dicing of funds on the way
6 Sep 2000Asteron
6 Sep 2000Most unitholders buy into Waltus proposal
5 Sep 2000Tower builds a bridge across the Tasman
5 Sep 2000E-Loan boosts services
5 Sep 2000The Bob Dey Property Report
5 Sep 2000Perpetual Trust expands adviser team
4 Sep 2000News Round Up
4 Sep 2000Essentials of Mortgage Broking
3 Sep 2000Rev-up for REAL
3 Sep 2000Guardian Trust Funds Management's new BDM
3 Sep 2000Welcome to the new and improved Good Returns
2 Sep 2000MDRT = Members Dedicated to Relationships & Trust
2 Sep 2000Industry's indecision stymies change
2 Sep 2000Opinion: Where does all the extra money come from?
2 Sep 2000A defining moment in time
2 Sep 2000Investments with heart
1 Sep 2000Down they go
1 Sep 2000Southern Cross has a second crack at Aetna
1 Sep 2000Diversified team expands

August 2000

31 Aug 2000ASB to integrate Sovereign and Colonial
30 Aug 2000BT's latest BDM
30 Aug 2000NZRPT doubles profit
30 Aug 2000Investors go green
29 Aug 2000Home buyers hang in there
29 Aug 2000Tower offers to put salaries on the altar
28 Aug 2000Introduction to Financial Planning
27 Aug 2000Southern Cross stopped from buying Atena
26 Aug 2000News Round Up
25 Aug 2000Rivals' offer opportunistic noise Waltus says
24 Aug 2000Higher standards advocated
23 Aug 2000HIH quits Insurance Council
23 Aug 2000The Wizard of Oz comes to New Zealand
22 Aug 2000No place to go for National
22 Aug 2000PR: Lack Of Savings Strategy Makes Super Talks Urgent - Peters
22 Aug 2000PR: Grey Power tells the Nats to embrace the universal pension
22 Aug 2000PR: About Time Superannuation Football Was Retired
22 Aug 2000Speech: Shipley acknowledges mistakes
22 Aug 2000100% NZ Funds
21 Aug 2000Setting a higher standard
21 Aug 2000PR: Prebble Letter to Clark: Superannuation Talks
21 Aug 2000PR: National & Labour Still Don't Get It Over Superannuation
21 Aug 2000Essentials of Mortgage Broking
21 Aug 2000Ethical Investment Association - Profits with Purpose
21 Aug 2000New vineyard seeks to raise $6 million
20 Aug 2000Protecting your income
20 Aug 2000Aussies score a super goal
20 Aug 2000PR: Shipley's half truth as bad as making it up - Cullen
20 Aug 2000News Round Up
20 Aug 2000E-Loan to sign up more providers
18 Aug 2000Compulsory Superannuation - The Australian Experience
17 Aug 2000New wine investment uncorked
17 Aug 2000AJ and WestpacTrust get cosy
17 Aug 2000Grumbles from bank customers
17 Aug 2000Master Trusts produce strong results
16 Aug 2000RB leaves interest rates alone
15 Aug 2000Govt Actuary wants removal powers
15 Aug 2000Looking into the future of e-business
14 Aug 2000Stobo to head up BT
13 Aug 2000ASFONZ Conference
13 Aug 2000News Round Up
13 Aug 2000Tracking the trend
11 Aug 2000ACT starts thinking about super
11 Aug 2000Speech: Prebble promotes Positive Ageing
11 Aug 2000PR: Do as I Say, Not as I do
11 Aug 2000Mortgage rates remain static for another month
11 Aug 2000Household net worth still falling
11 Aug 2000Tech stock turbulence feeds into managed fund returns
10 Aug 2000Speech: Cullen outlines details of the Super fund
10 Aug 2000Emerging markets now more mainstream
8 Aug 2000Investors face risks from poorly spread share portfolios
8 Aug 2000It's coming up to rate review time - again
7 Aug 2000Essentials of Mortgage Broking
7 Aug 2000Business Financial Services
7 Aug 2000Money Managers says no to Waltus
7 Aug 2000New boss at Jacques Martin
6 Aug 2000News Round Up
6 Aug 2000Yuk year forecast for housing
6 Aug 2000Timely reminders for advisers
5 Aug 2000One small step for Advisers
5 Aug 2000Super myths debunked
3 Aug 2000UK funds' tax break may be shortlived
3 Aug 2000How fund managers did in the last quarter
2 Aug 2000The New World of Super
2 Aug 2000LBA Conference - The Mission is Commission
2 Aug 2000Sir Robert stirs syndicators
1 Aug 2000Extent of capital losses revealed
1 Aug 2000More ideas for home-buyers

July 2000

31 Jul 2000Not all New Zealanders need to save for their retirement
31 Jul 2000Gearing & Investment for Retail Investors and Financial Advisors
31 Jul 2000IPAC - Introduction To Financial Planning
31 Jul 2000Super tax highly modified
31 Jul 2000Research: The Exchange Rates and the Economists
30 Jul 2000Homes less affordable
30 Jul 2000News Round Up
28 Jul 2000Returns look rosy
28 Jul 2000Tower Health relaunch
27 Jul 2000Clark says she supports the Cullen scheme
27 Jul 2000Another wacky Nat Super scheme
27 Jul 2000Tower picks up trustee business
27 Jul 2000"Setting the Scene" - Guardian Trust Funds Management Roadshow 2000
27 Jul 2000Common mistakes that home-buyers make
27 Jul 2000Practice Management: Cruising to higher standards
26 Jul 2000"Setting the Scene" - Guardian Trust Funds Management Roadshow 2000
26 Jul 2000Online Financial Services - Post conference workshop
25 Jul 2000AMPAM trumpets Henderson funds
25 Jul 2000Big Cullen fund not good for NZ economy: Chamberlain
24 Jul 2000Clark sharpens axe for Cullen's not-so-Super
24 Jul 2000PR: Kamikaze or killing time?
24 Jul 2000Introduction to Financial Planning
24 Jul 2000Online Financial Services
24 Jul 2000Battle of the brands
23 Jul 2000Get Super Report Here
23 Jul 2000Industry analysis of the Group Superannuation and and Risk Market
23 Jul 2000Study: Barrier to employers providing superannuation
23 Jul 2000Study: Barrier to employers providing superannuation
23 Jul 2000News Round Up
23 Jul 2000The British are Coming
21 Jul 2000Australian manager challenges the market
21 Jul 2000"Setting the Scene" - Guardian Trust Funds Management Roadshow 2000
20 Jul 2000PR: Government sends a strong signal on the need for Private Savings
20 Jul 2000PR: Super Too Important For Politicking
20 Jul 2000Growth continues despite bumpy markets
20 Jul 2000Setting the Scene" - Guardian Trust Funds Management Roadshow 2000
20 Jul 2000INVESCO Launch - Around the World in Seven Themes
19 Jul 2000PR: Peter's blast from the past
19 Jul 2000PR: Why should New Zealanders pay twice for NZ Super?
19 Jul 2000Speech: National questions the rationale behind prefunding NZ Super
19 Jul 2000Column: Cullen finds a different way to skin the Super cat
19 Jul 2000Building up financial assets politically sustainable option: Cullen
19 Jul 2000INVESCO Launch - Around the World in Seven Themes
19 Jul 2000Super Summit 2000
19 Jul 2000House prices ease
19 Jul 2000Column: Cullen skins the super cat a different way
18 Jul 2000Parties reach agreement on Super
18 Jul 2000Parties reach agreement on super
18 Jul 2000Regulation not on the agenda: Cullen
18 Jul 2000INVESCO Launch - Around the World in Seven Themes
17 Jul 2000American International Assurance
17 Jul 2000INVESCO Launch - Around the World in Seven Themes
17 Jul 2000Pithy pointers for homeowners
16 Jul 2000AXA CEO Sounds Warning For Workers' Savings
16 Jul 2000News Round Up
16 Jul 2000Research: Ethical investment options
13 Jul 2000Internet set to transform financial services
13 Jul 2000FPIA Convention
12 Jul 2000Online mortgage broker E-Loan presents a challenge
12 Jul 2000New style contributory mortgage
11 Jul 2000Mortgage broker augments online service
10 Jul 2000NGC House value not maintained
10 Jul 2000Second syndicator acts, cuts fund payouts
9 Jul 2000The joys of agents
8 Jul 2000Global-e exits for now
8 Jul 2000News Round Up
7 Jul 2000AMPAM complements index management with active management
6 Jul 2000Housing market ho-hum
5 Jul 2000New player enters portfolio administration market
5 Jul 2000Reserve Bank lets well alone
4 Jul 2000Column: Will the NZSE be the beggar or the chooser?
4 Jul 2000No rise tipped for OCR review tomorrow
4 Jul 2000Planners in commission's sights
3 Jul 2000One of the Best Investments is Educating our Younger Generations
3 Jul 2000Weekend in San Diego
3 Jul 2000Past haunts Waltus
2 Jul 2000Mortgage broker gets wired
2 Jul 2000News Round Up

June 2000

30 Jun 2000Trusts: Questions asked about budget moves
30 Jun 2000Aust gst (lightly) bites NZ investors
29 Jun 2000Cautions for current market
28 Jun 2000When free is not really free
28 Jun 2000The importance of education
27 Jun 2000Trusts paid more than $27 million to preschoolers
27 Jun 2000Trusts paid more than $27 million to preschoolers
26 Jun 2000The Big Cullen Fund: Is it a good idea?
26 Jun 2000Research: Explaining the fall of listed property
26 Jun 2000Govt Actuary tries to deregister super scheme
25 Jun 2000News Round Up
22 Jun 2000Ballantyne put into receivership
21 Jun 2000Column: Cullen fund maybe closer than you think
21 Jun 2000Hip housing
21 Jun 2000Morningstar downgrades three managers
20 Jun 2000Insurance bonds get a boost
19 Jun 2000Business Financial Services
19 Jun 2000Property going through
19 Jun 2000Tower revamps distribution
19 Jun 2000News Round Up
18 Jun 2000Online loan service goes live
17 Jun 2000Nationalising Savings
16 Jun 2000Watch out for Super assault
15 Jun 2000Trust tax changes called unnecessary
15 Jun 2000Fiscal Implications of Population Ageing
15 Jun 2000Making forward provision for the ageing population
15 Jun 2000Making forward provision for the ageing population
15 Jun 2000Trust tax changes called unnecessary
14 Jun 2000Wills - the whys and wherefores
14 Jun 2000Charitable Trusts explained
14 Jun 2000Enduring Powers of Attorney
14 Jun 2000The A - Z of Personal and Family Trusts
14 Jun 2000Research: Listed Property Company Performance
14 Jun 2000WestpacTrust drops rates
14 Jun 2000Value opportunity in US huge: Bagnoli
13 Jun 2000TOWER Trust Legacy Trust summary sheet
13 Jun 2000TOWER Funeral Trust summary sheet
13 Jun 2000Rising rates reported
13 Jun 2000Falling interest rates to fuel equities: Morgan
12 Jun 2000AXA makes a quantum change
11 Jun 2000Online sharebroking - An easy way to lose money?
11 Jun 2000Rent.....or buy?
11 Jun 2000Colonial First State crosses ditch
11 Jun 2000News Round Up
8 Jun 2000Laywers and estate agents get REAL
8 Jun 2000Laywers and estate agents get REAL
7 Jun 2000AXA's plans for growtrs
6 Jun 2000Tower sees an end to the growth story
5 Jun 2000News Round Up
4 Jun 2000Banks now helping borrowers save money
1 Jun 2000GST treatment of financial planning fees
1 Jun 2000IRD changes its mind on the treatment of planning fees

May 2000

31 May 2000Another bank to offer no-frills home loans
31 May 2000Ballantyne bondholders in the rough
31 May 2000AXA knocked, but not down
30 May 2000Column: Prefunding super will secure pensions
30 May 2000Corporate Tax Update 2000
29 May 2000Rules for investing in tech
29 May 2000Housing market set for a quiet winter
29 May 2000St Laurence takes on Waltus and Strategic Finance
28 May 2000News Round Up
26 May 2000Lack of super feeding brain drain
26 May 2000Sovereign Roadshow
25 May 2000Asia- Pacific Private Banking Forum
25 May 2000Sovereign Roadshow
25 May 2000Nasdaq volatility healthy
25 May 2000Portfolio Talk: David Mills
25 May 2000Adviser registration more Whyte than black
24 May 2000Peters supportive of dedicated super fund
24 May 2000Sovereign Roadshow
24 May 2000Up they go...
24 May 2000Guardian Trust to renew mortgage lending
24 May 2000Global-e set for blast -off
23 May 2000NZ Funds Global Technology Fund
23 May 2000Sovereign Roadshow
23 May 2000Technology Select Sector Spider
23 May 2000Henderson Technology Trust
23 May 2000Distinguish between market hype and the real world
23 May 2000Wired Index Fund
23 May 2000BT Funds Management TIME fund
23 May 2000TECHstocks Portfolios Limited
23 May 2000The New Economy: spotting the serious value behind the surfing fads
23 May 2000SIFA puts members onside
22 May 2000Soverign Roadshow
22 May 2000BT TIME Fund
22 May 2000Townies head for the farm
22 May 2000News Round Up
21 May 2000Australians put super back on the agenda
21 May 2000Society of Independent Financial Advisers (SIFA) Conference
21 May 2000Winning managers reckon cash is king
21 May 2000Armstrong Jones keeps its crown
20 May 2000Successful Wealth Creation from Property
19 May 2000Global Economics and Bond Market Prospects
19 May 2000Global Economics and Bond Market Prospects
19 May 2000US inflation dominant theme for global bonds
18 May 2000BT TIME Fund
18 May 2000Global Economics and Bond Market Prospects
18 May 2000Brace yourself for more mortgage rate rises
18 May 2000Ballantyne bond rescue looking shaky
17 May 2000BT TIME Fund
17 May 2000BT TIME Fund
17 May 2000Global Economics and Bond Market Prospects
17 May 2000Women and money
17 May 2000Women need better access to advice
16 May 2000BT TIME Fund
16 May 2000It's time for technology
15 May 2000BT TIME Fund
15 May 2000BT TIME Fund
15 May 2000NZ firms at serious risk of being left behind
15 May 2000Rental stats to help property investors
14 May 2000News Round Up
13 May 2000Successful Wealth Creation from Property
13 May 2000Finalists in the Morningstar Fund Manager of the Year Awards announced
12 May 2000NZSE looking at merger options
11 May 2000Households not getting any richer
11 May 2000AXA's third generation master trust
10 May 2000Every Dog Has its Day? Thoughts on the NZ sharemarket.
10 May 2000Floating mortgage rates maybe not so high after all
10 May 2000Govt Actuary forced back to the drawing board
9 May 2000Cullen's super fund scheme slipping away
9 May 2000ISI luke warm on FPIA regulation idea
8 May 2000Property investors urged to get more professional
8 May 2000New planning network launched
7 May 2000League Table: Fund manager rankings
7 May 2000Master trusts: good returns continue
7 May 2000News Round Up
7 May 2000Tower changes its fleet
4 May 2000Superannuation - Cullen's Waterloo
4 May 2000NZ Super plans delayed
4 May 2000Superannuation secrets
4 May 2000Mortgage brokers gain in favour
4 May 2000Dedicated fund delayed
3 May 2000Cullen keen to long term savings incentives
3 May 2000This is about as good as it gets
3 May 2000Public Trust gets Wired
2 May 2000AXA Business Superannuation (features and benefits)
2 May 2000Fundamentals drive third generation master trusts
2 May 2000The rise of master trusts
2 May 2000Competition keeps the squeeze on margins
2 May 2000Loan product for new home builders
2 May 2000Banks need more Internet savvy
1 May 2000Essentials of Mortgage Broking
1 May 2000Do managers add value?
1 May 2000Propertyowners quizzed on investment reasons
1 May 2000Funds flow pleasing for March quarter

April 2000

30 Apr 2000News Round Up
28 Apr 2000Home affordability continues to wane
28 Apr 2000Adviser regulation to go to Govt
27 Apr 2000BT Adviser Workshop
26 Apr 2000Property black spot ahead
25 Apr 2000Median house prices on the rise
25 Apr 2000OM-IP ad narrowly escapes trouble
19 Apr 2000Two leading international managers together
19 Apr 2000A Meeting Of Like Minds
19 Apr 2000A Meeting of Like Minds
19 Apr 2000A market correction in the US… not yet a bear market in NZ
19 Apr 2000Reserve Bank sets scene for mortgage rate rises
19 Apr 2000Rothschild launches new funds with Putnam
18 Apr 2000A Meeting Of Like Minds
18 Apr 2000Two leading international managers together
18 Apr 2000Investors face pain and gain
17 Apr 2000Two leading international managers together
17 Apr 2000Long term care insurance
17 Apr 2000NZIT a go
16 Apr 2000Watch you're not caught shortof
16 Apr 2000News Round Up
15 Apr 2000Building a valuable business: Armstrong Jones Australian conference
13 Apr 2000BT Adviser Workshop
13 Apr 2000Discipline's the key
13 Apr 2000Commission's report labelled wishy washy
12 Apr 2000Maximising your clients potential.
12 Apr 2000BT Adviser Workshop
12 Apr 2000BT Adviser Workshop
12 Apr 2000LBA chases members
11 Apr 2000Dedicated fund a spectacular gamble: Upton
11 Apr 2000Editorial: Dedicated fund dummy run
11 Apr 2000Government Super Fund To Reduce Bond Portfolio
11 Apr 2000GSF To Diversify Investment For Better Returns
11 Apr 2000Maximising your clients potential.
11 Apr 2000BT Adviser Workshop
11 Apr 2000BT Adviser Workshop
11 Apr 2000BT Adviser Workshop
11 Apr 2000BT Adviser Workshop
11 Apr 2000BT Adviser Workshop
11 Apr 2000Planner Profile: Peter Hensley
11 Apr 2000Floating rates head on up
10 Apr 2000Essentials of Mortgage Broking
10 Apr 2000BT Adviser Workshop
10 Apr 2000Maximising your clients potential.
10 Apr 2000BT Adviser Workshop
10 Apr 2000BT Adviser Workshop
10 Apr 2000Bondholders to vote on rescue package
9 Apr 2000Insurance companies toughing it out
9 Apr 2000About Financial-Link
9 Apr 2000Ho-hum for house prices
9 Apr 2000News Round Up
7 Apr 2000A dedicated super fund could improve stability
7 Apr 2000BT Adviser Workshop
6 Apr 2000What's driving property rentsea
6 Apr 2000Securities Commission wants power to ban advisers
5 Apr 2000Walking with Dinosaurs - Can Inflation Occur in the New Economy?
5 Apr 2000Walking with Dinosaurs - Can Inflation Occur in the New Economy?
5 Apr 2000Walking with Dinosaurs - Can Inflation Occur in the New Economy?
5 Apr 2000BT Adviser Workshop
5 Apr 2000BT Adviser Workshop
5 Apr 2000The changing shape of a diversified portfolio
5 Apr 2000Not all dot.coms created equal
5 Apr 2000Property syndicators told off
4 Apr 2000Putting money in the super cookie jar good idea: Cullen
4 Apr 2000Trans-Tasman tie-up for online property sites
3 Apr 2000Introduction to Financial Planning
3 Apr 2000Technology stocks - Bubble or opportunity?
3 Apr 2000More advisers predicted to sign up to Global-e soon
2 Apr 2000Virtual mortgage broker E-Loan
2 Apr 2000News Round Up

March 2000

30 Mar 2000RMI investors offered refunds
30 Mar 2000Gov't to introduce retrospective tax laws
29 Mar 2000Link between mortgage rates changes
29 Mar 2000AXA flogs off its trustee company
28 Mar 2000Cullen encourages savings
28 Mar 2000Top adviser students to be rewarded
27 Mar 2000Developments and Trends in Funds Management
27 Mar 2000ASB Bank falls into line
26 Mar 2000Tech stocks: Sector too big to ignore
26 Mar 2000News Round Up
24 Mar 2000Superambulations
23 Mar 2000Dr Cullen’s Super Scheme On Life-Support
23 Mar 2000Cullen’s pet is looking even sicker
23 Mar 2000Unity adds online broking to its site
22 Mar 2000Advisers' view: Is Australia part of the local marketer
22 Mar 2000Government Actuary defines super schemes
22 Mar 2000Wizard close to joining the fray
22 Mar 2000Tower share price continues to irk
21 Mar 2000Tech stocks: Is this latest trend for you?
21 Mar 2000Govt Actuary plans to get tough on super funds
20 Mar 2000Global-e bonds launch
20 Mar 2000AMPAM gets Private Capital away
19 Mar 2000House prices still strong overall
19 Mar 2000BNZ lifts floating rate
19 Mar 2000News Round Up
18 Mar 2000Gorbachev Did Not Kill Socialism After All
17 Mar 2000Investment Issues in the New Millennium
17 Mar 2000Global-e bonds launch
16 Mar 2000Don Brash Speaks
16 Mar 2000Global-e bonds launch
16 Mar 2000Global-e Bonds launch
16 Mar 2000Equitable relaunches mortgages
16 Mar 2000Equitable relaunches its mortgages
15 Mar 2000Official Cash Rate now 5.75 per cent
15 Mar 2000Global-e ain't a lottery: Markwick
14 Mar 2000Investment trusts stage a turnaround
13 Mar 2000Entrenching super "unusual"
13 Mar 2000Investment Brokers back Global-e Bonds
13 Mar 2000BT says it's TIME for a tech fund
12 Mar 2000Public Trust is not going to give away its advantage this time
12 Mar 2000Mortgage products compete for space
12 Mar 2000News Round Up
10 Mar 2000Government right to tackle superannuation
10 Mar 2000Comment: Super fund simplistic response to complex issues
10 Mar 2000Takeover likely to scuttle Colonial's banking plans
9 Mar 2000Deutsche Bank Data Flash: Budget Policy Statement
9 Mar 2000AXA's 3rd generation master fund
8 Mar 2000Govt Defying Public On Superannuation
8 Mar 2000Super dominates BPS
8 Mar 2000Superannuation discussion welcomed
8 Mar 2000Top New York adviser manages fund
8 Mar 2000Interest rates go up and down
8 Mar 2000CBA likely to bid for Colonial
7 Mar 2000Global-e Investments explained
7 Mar 2000Global-e bonds - What are they?
6 Mar 2000Housing confidence drops
6 Mar 2000Public Trust sheds its cardy
5 Mar 2000News Round Up
2 Mar 2000Crossword #1 - Printable version
2 Mar 2000Panel takes a defensive approach to asset allocation
2 Mar 2000Second Japanese fund coming
1 Mar 2000Labour shows some flexibility on super
1 Mar 2000Increase in special mortgage offers
1 Mar 2000OICs Ahoy!

February 2000

29 Feb 2000The need for balance
29 Feb 2000NZIT under threat of wind-up
28 Feb 2000Mortgage broking takes off
28 Feb 2000NZIT and Coronet part company
27 Feb 2000News Round Up
25 Feb 2000Comment: Retirement Support: What's in a Name?
25 Feb 2000Fund manager league table
25 Feb 2000Spicers move into Australia
24 Feb 2000AMP has good 99 in NZ
23 Feb 2000NZ favoured by expert panel
22 Feb 2000Complaint upheld
22 Feb 2000Conference asks if tactical asset allocation adds value
21 Feb 2000Portfolio Talk: Lloyd Morrison
21 Feb 2000Private capital poised for takeoff
20 Feb 2000Loyalty points for loans
20 Feb 2000News round up
18 Feb 2000Cullen outlines tax options
17 Feb 2000Accountants get into planning
16 Feb 2000Crossword #1 - Electronic version
16 Feb 2000The Return of the Sun
16 Feb 2000AXA looks at distribution
15 Feb 2000New loan for economisers
15 Feb 2000BT looks East for expansion
15 Feb 2000Tough time ahead for small life companies
14 Feb 2000Outlook for the 21st Century
14 Feb 2000Still more increases
14 Feb 2000News Round Up
13 Feb 2000Rates on the rise
10 Feb 2000Quirk joins Guardian Trust
9 Feb 2000Shipley offers long term solution to superannuation
9 Feb 2000Dorchester devours Direct
8 Feb 2000Politicians answer questions on super
8 Feb 2000Local shares will benefit from Labour's plans
8 Feb 2000Labour’s Superannuation Fund to become a major investor in New Zealand
8 Feb 2000Market weak, but still tipped to recover
8 Feb 2000NZ shares will benefit from Labour's plan
7 Feb 2000Editorial: Tell me more, tell me more
7 Feb 2000Master trusts: AMP, Tower and Westpac in the lead
7 Feb 20002000 positive for income producing assets
6 Feb 2000Fund managers' report card
6 Feb 2000Moving on up
6 Feb 2000News Round Up
4 Feb 2000Property: Yields look to firm up this year
4 Feb 2000Tax: What does Dr Cullen have in store for us?
4 Feb 2000Super and Savings: United voice needed in year of change
4 Feb 2000NZ shares: Dividend yields continue to bolster market
4 Feb 2000Fixed interest:
4 Feb 2000International shares: Rising bond yields threaten equities
4 Feb 2000NZ economy: Three key factors drive market
4 Feb 2000Commission warns managers
2 Feb 2000Complex anti-avoidance measures likely
1 Feb 2000Opinion: Current valuation techniques may become irrelevant
1 Feb 2000REINZ urges Reserve Bank to let well alone
1 Feb 2000Managers controlling their appetite for risk

January 2000

31 Jan 2000Still hot on houses
30 Jan 2000Retirement Commissioner Gains Taskforce Schools Competition
30 Jan 2000What about pensioners' children and grandchildren?
30 Jan 2000Alliance pleased to deliver on NZ Super
30 Jan 2000Pensions to rise as Super wage floor restored
30 Jan 2000Disestablishment of the Super 2000 Taskforce announced
30 Jan 2000News Round Up
28 Jan 2000Grey Power applauds Government
28 Jan 2000Pensioners get largest ever increase
27 Jan 2000Take politics out of superannuation
27 Jan 2000Government shortsighted over future of superannuation
27 Jan 2000Financial Planning Conference secures high level speaking panel
26 Jan 2000Online Broking: Differences between services explained
26 Jan 2000Administration services: A booming business
26 Jan 2000Mortgage pitched at retired investors
26 Jan 2000Funds flow poor in December quarter
25 Jan 2000Only One Solution To Superannuation Spat
24 Jan 2000Super 2000 to get chop
24 Jan 2000Higher mortgage rates hit house sales
24 Jan 2000Cabinet gives Super 2000 the chop
23 Jan 2000Emerging Markets and Asian Funds darlings of 99
23 Jan 2000News Round Up
20 Jan 2000Banks face increasing competition this year
20 Jan 2000Employers embrace master trusts
20 Jan 2000ORC seeks to review its funding arrangements
18 Jan 2000AXA's big plans
16 Jan 2000Online Broking: Comparing the offers
16 Jan 2000Opinions divided on OCR increase
16 Jan 2000News Round Up
14 Jan 2000Fund managers under scrutiny
12 Jan 2000One year fixed interest rates universally rise
12 Jan 2000BT emerges more mainstream
10 Jan 2000Spicers answer to higher tax rates
9 Jan 2000Weekly briefs
8 Jan 2000Research: New Zealand’s high dividend yields – what’s going on?
7 Jan 2000ORC defends itself
6 Jan 2000Which star signs are the best savers in the Zodiac?
5 Jan 2000Weekly briefs
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