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December 2012

30 Dec 2012Advisers offered opportunity to net life sales
28 Dec 2012The KiwiSaver conundrum
27 Dec 2012Little for advisers in trans-Tasman portability
24 Dec 2012Two big events before Xmas
24 Dec 2012What pushed your buttons this year?
21 Dec 2012Interest rate predictions for 2013
21 Dec 2012AM Best affirms Cigna rating
21 Dec 2012Specials all but gone
21 Dec 2012No nasty surprises for NZ QROPS
20 Dec 2012OnePath says sayonara to sign-off
20 Dec 2012Complete our survey and win
20 Dec 2012Low-end investors missing out on advice
19 Dec 2012One lender shuts up shop
18 Dec 2012AFAs unhappy with regulation
18 Dec 2012From China for Super Fund
18 Dec 2012Home loan market too hot for Public Trust
18 Dec 2012$60m settlement in Credit Sails debacle
17 Dec 2012Heartland becomes a bank
17 Dec 2012Charging fees in risk advice
17 Dec 2012NZ's newest bank
17 Dec 2012Ross investors claim FMA ‘conflict of interest’
17 Dec 2012Kiwibank cuts long; ANZ special gone
17 Dec 2012Rates round-up: December 17
17 Dec 2012AIA adds COO
14 Dec 2012OnePath records 500k members
14 Dec 2012Mortgage fraudster sent to jail
14 Dec 2012Coplestone goes Batty
14 Dec 2012[Weekly Wrap] This week has been about clauses not Santa Claus
14 Dec 2012Call for more prescriptive adviser regulation
13 Dec 2012NZ Home Loans cracks a record
13 Dec 2012NZ Home Loans hits $1 bill mark
13 Dec 2012Fate of exempted AFAs undecided
12 Dec 2012Avanti Finance fined $15,000
12 Dec 2012Cullen calls for major KiwiSaver changes
12 Dec 2012More discussion on fund managers
12 Dec 2012Ex-adviser jailed for six years for fraud
11 Dec 2012Madoff whistle blower visiting NZ
11 Dec 2012Blame flies in AMP adviser dispute
10 Dec 2012Harbour Monthly Commentary: Theme watch in investment markets
10 Dec 2012Perpetual sale this week
10 Dec 2012Less comeback for non-adviser Ross referrals
7 Dec 2012NZ Super Fund scoops award
7 Dec 2012[Weekly Wrap] More questions about Ross
7 Dec 2012FSC committee to probe ‘viability’ of adviser distribution
7 Dec 2012What we learnt about interest rates yesterday
6 Dec 2012RBNZ talks about new tools
6 Dec 2012No OCR cut on horizon
6 Dec 2012OCR unchanged
6 Dec 2012Advisers in the gun over Ross investments
6 Dec 2012Wheeler says appropriate to keep OCR at 2.50%
6 Dec 2012Ross Asset Management in liquidation
5 Dec 2012How profitable are our banks really?
5 Dec 2012Ross exempt from ‘most demanding’ AFA standard
4 Dec 2012The top stock picks for next year
4 Dec 2012Wheeler denies bank bias
4 Dec 2012Online KiwiSaver site back again
4 Dec 2012TOWER Health sale done
4 Dec 2012More houses needed
4 Dec 2012Ross liquidation continues
3 Dec 2012Tyndall Monthly Commentary:Looking beyond the fiscal cliff
3 Dec 2012The problem with decumulation products
3 Dec 2012What's your supermarket special to clients?
2 Dec 2012Ross's disclosure document

November 2012

30 Nov 2012BT on the hunt for CIO
30 Nov 2012What will happen to interest rates next week?
30 Nov 2012Rates held, but growing chance of a cut
30 Nov 2012Mixed views on dispute scheme merger
30 Nov 2012[Weekly Wrap] Awards take a hammering
29 Nov 2012Premium increase boosts Tower profit
29 Nov 2012FSCL talks about Ross Asset Management
29 Nov 2012ANZ named Bank of the Year
29 Nov 2012Rangatira's stake in Partners
29 Nov 2012ANZ looks to grow adviser numbers
29 Nov 2012BNZ cuts rates and withdraws others; net result an increase
28 Nov 2012Aust govt moves to protect financial advisers
28 Nov 2012Perpetual - Sold by Christmas
28 Nov 2012Guardian Trust grows team
27 Nov 2012Questions over Mike Pero valuation
27 Nov 2012Frozen fund's unit price fall revealed
27 Nov 2012Questions over Mike Pero valuation
26 Nov 2012Heartland bank decision pushed back
26 Nov 2012Rates round-up: November 26
26 Nov 2012A well trodden path to victory
26 Nov 2012Mike Pero Mortgages value revealed
26 Nov 2012How much is Mike Pero Mortgages worth now?
23 Nov 2012Where will the 2013 IFA conference be held?
23 Nov 2012Morgan's replacement at GMI named
23 Nov 2012[Weekly Wrap] Loophole needs closing
23 Nov 2012Advisers face ‘high hurdle’ with alternatives
23 Nov 2012Trans-Tasman super portability a reality
23 Nov 2012Kiwibank adds new special rate
23 Nov 2012Partners’ fall in medical business ‘lower than anticipated’
22 Nov 2012Kiwibank launches 6 month special
22 Nov 2012Ross out of hospital
22 Nov 2012Banks are advisers’ number one enemy: Yeo
21 Nov 2012Website pours out leads, and closes
21 Nov 2012Home loan lending helps bank stability
21 Nov 2012Search engine ‘minefield’ for advisers
21 Nov 2012[UPDATED] A cut - at last
20 Nov 2012Maori savings initiative
20 Nov 2012Private equity delivers
20 Nov 2012Ross exposes hole in financial adviser law
20 Nov 2012Chch quakes boost awareness of buying cover
20 Nov 2012When does a life policy really expire?
19 Nov 2012SFO investigating Ross Asset Management
19 Nov 2012Rates round-up: November 19
19 Nov 2012Fund managers spooked by Ross debacle
19 Nov 2012Bank profits not as big as reported: BNZ
18 Nov 2012Our profits are misunderstood: Bank
16 Nov 2012[Weekly Wrap] Where's the money gone?
16 Nov 2012No Byrne on the Couch
16 Nov 2012Laggard advisers told to sharpen up on RI
16 Nov 2012Restrictions on bank LVRs
15 Nov 2012Massive shortfall of funds at Ross Asset Management
15 Nov 2012AMP caught up in adviser dispute
15 Nov 2012Equities boost KiwiSaver growth funds
14 Nov 2012Health insurance discount - with a catch
14 Nov 2012Residental property again #1
14 Nov 2012Life-cycle funds no substitute for advice
14 Nov 2012Advisers asked to help default review
13 Nov 2012Grant Thornton adds bank adviser to ranks
13 Nov 2012Banks lending up to 95%
13 Nov 2012Advisers warned to watch what they write
12 Nov 2012Rates round-up: November 12
12 Nov 2012AFA qualification bar stays at level 5
12 Nov 2012Home loan rates go up
9 Nov 2012New IFA CEO named
9 Nov 2012IFA reveals new CEO
9 Nov 2012Resimac offers special launch rates
9 Nov 2012[Weekly Wrap] Ross failure leaves questions
9 Nov 2012New lender; Westpac gets down with its competitors
9 Nov 2012Ticket-clipping organisations under fire
8 Nov 2012TNP rolls out its own CRM
8 Nov 2012No commission cuts, says Tower Medical’s new owner
8 Nov 2012RBNZ backs off LVR limits
8 Nov 2012LVR limits off the table (for now)
8 Nov 2012Workplaces the next battleground for advisers
7 Nov 2012Magellan announces growth in FUM
7 Nov 2012BNZ's new rates
7 Nov 2012KiwiSaver guidance could be challenged in court
6 Nov 2012Insurance is increasingly important to older clients
6 Nov 2012Ross in hospital as managers appointed
6 Nov 2012Westpac CEO on rate rise
6 Nov 2012New software to weed out dodgy clients
5 Nov 2012KiwiSaver contributions increase enacted
5 Nov 2012FMA investigating asset management firm
5 Nov 2012AMP platform locked to non-aligned advisers
2 Nov 2012FMA probes boutique manager
2 Nov 2012Sovereign claims top award
2 Nov 2012Tower sells health insurance business to nib
2 Nov 2012[Weekly Wrap] TOWER sales start
2 Nov 2012AMP brings infrastructure fund to NZ
2 Nov 2012OCR low but not forever
2 Nov 2012Sovereign triumphs
2 Nov 2012How do you rate your bank?
1 Nov 2012Marlin still hooked to Fisher
1 Nov 2012Tyndall Monthly Commentary: USA buying now but will pay later
1 Nov 2012Harbour Monthly Commentary: Second time lucky
1 Nov 2012Harbour Australasian Equity Income Fund
1 Nov 2012SIFA aims to reverse membership slump
1 Nov 2012BNZ not targeting NBNZ customers
1 Nov 2012BNZ latest to unveil results

October 2012

31 Oct 2012NZSA backs Marlin windup call
31 Oct 2012FSC insurance advice claims rejected
31 Oct 2012Battle for control of funds gets heated
31 Oct 2012Kiwibank's credit rating cut
30 Oct 2012Kiwibank credit rating cut
30 Oct 2012New IFA ceo announcement imminent
30 Oct 2012New AAA chief executive
30 Oct 2012Planet Group expands
30 Oct 2012Brokers the new competitors for advisers
29 Oct 2012Partners Life scoops two Westpac Business Awards
29 Oct 2012Health insurance flat-lining
29 Oct 2012Britannia appoints Hattersley to European BDM role
29 Oct 2012Market taking ‘short-term’ view on resources
28 Oct 2012Planet production subsidies
26 Oct 2012Marlin defends Fisher Funds contract
26 Oct 2012[Weekly Wrap] Room for two?
26 Oct 2012Advisers to benefit from FATCA deal
26 Oct 2012Dec 6 will be telling for monetary policy
26 Oct 2012Floating rate rise riles customers
25 Oct 2012Brook Report: A drop (of milk) in the bucket
25 Oct 2012Hint of optimism in OCR announcement
25 Oct 2012Wheeler leaves OCR unchanged in his first statement
25 Oct 2012New governor leaves OCR alone
25 Oct 2012Clients ‘prefer’ fee-for-service advice
25 Oct 2012Financial law expert hospitalised after freak blast
24 Oct 2012Wheeler's first OCR announcement previewed
24 Oct 2012KiwiSaver competition heating up
24 Oct 2012Copycat association for RFAs
24 Oct 2012New RBNZ governor not likely to wheel out rate cut
24 Oct 2012Is now the time to buy back into Europe?
23 Oct 2012Rates round-up: October 23
23 Oct 2012Practical approaches to commission management
23 Oct 2012Two associations look to merge
23 Oct 2012Credit unions merge and drop fixed rates
19 Oct 2012Camelot adds adviser
19 Oct 2012Take ratings with grain of salt: Neilson
19 Oct 2012How to deal with irrational clients
19 Oct 2012Lender no longer fixed, but floating along
18 Oct 2012[Weekly wrap] FMA sticks to its guns
18 Oct 2012Housing market caught in vice
18 Oct 2012Home loan rates may not fall much further
18 Oct 2012NZ interest rates tipped to fall
18 Oct 2012Aussie shares good value despite risks
17 Oct 2012Advice industry split on KiwiSaver rules
17 Oct 2012Life coach convicted of mortgage fraud
17 Oct 2012Kiwibank removes lending restrictions
16 Oct 2012Rate cut conditions improving
16 Oct 2012Kiwibank removes special cap; BNZ says OCR can be lowered
16 Oct 2012FMA confirms RFAs can sell KiwiSaver
16 Oct 2012Newpark BDM joins TNP
15 Oct 2012Home loan rates could be lower
15 Oct 2012Rate withdrawn: ANZ's latest views
15 Oct 2012Asia not as volatile as it seems
15 Oct 2012Rates round-up: October 15
12 Oct 2012Berry's back at Kiwibank
12 Oct 2012Kiwibank extends earthquake package
12 Oct 2012Local favourites fight for Perpetual
11 Oct 2012[Weekly Wrap] Risk profiling: who's responsible?
11 Oct 2012Kiwibank extends earthquake package
11 Oct 2012Adviser rejects psychometric risk profiling
10 Oct 2012Vriens joins Dorchester
10 Oct 2012Changes to KiwiSaver reports
10 Oct 2012LM calls Trilogy bid opportunistic
10 Oct 2012The latest to cut rates are...
9 Oct 2012Peer Review: A powerful tool for building better risk recommendations
9 Oct 2012Another two year rate lowered
9 Oct 2012New rescue plan for LM Investment funds
9 Oct 2012SPI investors face tough choice
8 Oct 2012Allied Farmers auditor raises concerns
8 Oct 2012ANZ extends cash offer
8 Oct 2012News Round Up: October 8
8 Oct 2012It's not as bad as we think
8 Oct 2012Rates round-up: October 8
8 Oct 2012Latest Spring campaign news
5 Oct 2012[Weekly Wrap] Who’ll buy Perpetual?
5 Oct 2012Westpac has cut four key home loan fixed rates
5 Oct 2012Swasbrook gone from Foundry
5 Oct 2012Westpac latest to move
4 Oct 2012PAA chief executive resigns
4 Oct 2012New bank goes low
3 Oct 2012Harbour commentary: Spiking the Punchbowl
3 Oct 2012Advisers nervous about risk profiling
3 Oct 2012ASB's astronomical offer
2 Oct 2012Another Calm Before the Storm?
2 Oct 2012Perpetual adviser business sale nears
1 Oct 2012Rates round-up: October 1
1 Oct 2012Southern Cross launches online policy picker
1 Oct 2012Perpetual motion
1 Oct 2012One bank down another up

September 2012

28 Sep 2012[Weekly Wrap] Where are the new advisers coming from?
28 Sep 2012Grosvenor nabs Goldridge man
28 Sep 2012Kiwibank makes big cuts
28 Sep 2012Recruitment outlook bleak
28 Sep 2012Sovereign v Partners. Who will win?
27 Sep 2012National Bank customers prey for other banks
27 Sep 2012Partners and Konnect have shareholder in common
27 Sep 2012Hedging strategies and QEIII
27 Sep 2012Kiiwbank makes big cuts
26 Sep 2012One brand but no difference says ANZ boss
26 Sep 2012S&P lowers Asian GDP growth forecasts
26 Sep 2012Out go the BDMs
26 Sep 2012Another little cut
25 Sep 2012Pinnacle seeks new heights with capital raising
25 Sep 2012The FMA on the CPD debate
25 Sep 2012The first Spring home loan campaign
24 Sep 2012HSBC kicks off Spring lending campaign
24 Sep 2012Special events options are an underused tool
24 Sep 2012News Round Up: September 24
24 Sep 2012Is the home loan battle moving to a new space?
21 Sep 2012Super Fund Guardians gets a new chair
21 Sep 2012[Weekly Wrap] Maybe shares have better tax treatment than property?
21 Sep 2012Is the home loan battle moving?
21 Sep 2012RBNZ targets house prices
21 Sep 2012Fidelity and AIA poised to go app to the future
21 Sep 2012Borrowers spoilt for choice
21 Sep 2012AMP research partners under review
20 Sep 2012Strength of Kiwibank’s insurance business revealed
20 Sep 2012Heartland profit forecast downgraded, but future positive
20 Sep 2012Trans-Tasman pension transfers gets closer
19 Sep 2012Rating agency warns about Credit Union North
19 Sep 2012Australasian shares more tax efficient than cash
19 Sep 2012Rates down
18 Sep 2012Gareth Morgan Investments expands its investment strategy team
18 Sep 2012Aussie heavyweight calls for KiwiSaver compulsion
17 Sep 2012Rates round-up: September 17
17 Sep 2012NZ tipped to follow Aussie FATCA move
17 Sep 2012ANZ National cut rates
14 Sep 2012[Weekly Wrap] Back to the drawing board
14 Sep 2012Southern Cross funds more elective surgery
14 Sep 2012Harbour commentary: Few surprises in Earnings Season
14 Sep 2012Hattersley heads north
14 Sep 2012Reputation, innovation and underwriting key to securing life business
14 Sep 2012Predictions for the OCR
14 Sep 2012Regulation is an adviser’s friend
13 Sep 2012F&P Finance rating bolstered by takeover
13 Sep 2012Chairman goes as Tower considers offers
13 Sep 2012OCR to stay flat for at least a year
13 Sep 2012OCR unchanged; rate increases subdued
13 Sep 2012Advisers told to get more involved
13 Sep 2012ASB's home loan book shrinks - again
13 Sep 2012RBNZ leaves cash rate unchanged; Cost of mortgages historically low
12 Sep 2012All quiet
12 Sep 2012Adviser prospecting restrictions loosened
11 Sep 2012ISO Case Studies - August 2012
11 Sep 2012IFA surprised by low Money Week turnout
11 Sep 2012Westpac's cut and tuck
10 Sep 2012New director for FSCL
10 Sep 2012FMA beats Perpetual court challenge
10 Sep 2012Rates round-up: September 10
10 Sep 2012 Opportunity for advisers in self-managed funds
10 Sep 2012Bollard's swansong: Low interest rates
10 Sep 2012Bollard's swansong low interest rates
10 Sep 2012 It's all about the claim - apart from when it's all about not claiming
10 Sep 2012Brook Report: Build on solid foundations
7 Sep 2012Inflation-linked bonds “risk-free”
7 Sep 2012[Weekly wrap] Botherway's mission complete
7 Sep 2012Cigna's direct sales a winner
7 Sep 2012Accuro gets its first rating
7 Sep 2012Advisers overdoing the paperwork
7 Sep 2012Rate and house price updates
6 Sep 2012Tower's Medical business marked
6 Sep 2012Botherway departs ANZ Wealth
6 Sep 2012Govt sees no SOE advice shortage
6 Sep 2012Mike Pero changes hands
5 Sep 2012Liberty gets Mike Pero
5 Sep 2012Bad debts and bad advice
5 Sep 2012Banks' bad debt charges set to blow out again: Tripe
5 Sep 2012IRG sells advisory business to ForBarr
4 Sep 2012Quake shakes Tower’s profit forecast
4 Sep 2012Adviser guilty of $15m fraud
4 Sep 2012Former mortgage broker Buddle charged
4 Sep 2012Shift to fixed continues: Broker charged
4 Sep 2012China's food pain to be New Zealand's gain
4 Sep 2012Move to fixed rates continues
4 Sep 2012Strategi takes over Adviserlink's business
4 Sep 2012Hamish Douglass Unplugged - Latest Video from Adviser Briefing - August 2012
3 Sep 2012TSB's mortgage book shrinks due to government restrictions
3 Sep 2012News Round Up:September 3
3 Sep 2012The ideal medical insurance product
3 Sep 2012Westpac maintains market share
3 Sep 2012New boss plans FundSource rebirth
3 Sep 2012SBS makes another cut

August 2012

31 Aug 2012Co-operative exploits temporary window to grow low equity mortgages
31 Aug 2012[Weekly wrap] Calls to reclassify KiwiSaver
31 Aug 2012Call to relax KiwiSaver advice rules
30 Aug 2012Syndicate wind-up plan approved
30 Aug 2012IT man for Newpark
30 Aug 2012PAA gets ETITO tick, new roommate
30 Aug 2012Heartland to give residential lending the flick
30 Aug 2012Heartland leaves home loans to the banks
30 Aug 2012TNP hooks up with Aussie firm
29 Aug 2012Quake shakes up SBS book
29 Aug 2012 Insurance advisers face non-Pharmac poser
29 Aug 2012Commission ban no big deal
29 Aug 2012SBS mortgage book shrinks again
28 Aug 2012Perpetual challenges FMA raids
28 Aug 2012Making sense of ASB's strategy
27 Aug 2012Investor surprised by lack of adviser lawsuits
27 Aug 2012GFNZ has new funding line and to complete repayment to former Geneva debentureholders
27 Aug 2012Loan will be repaid: SPI
27 Aug 2012ASB & Co cut rates
26 Aug 2012Rates round-up: August 26
24 Aug 2012Price of Morgan's KiwiSaver business revealed
24 Aug 2012TSB's 15 month rate
24 Aug 2012[Weekly wrap] Morgan's KiwiSaver pocket money
24 Aug 2012FMA monitoring not just for AFAs
23 Aug 2012Kiwibank's life insurance aspirations
23 Aug 2012Fisher & Paykel Finance lifts profit 6.9% in four months ended July
23 Aug 2012S&P slashes GFNZ credit rating to "currently highly vulnerable"
23 Aug 2012Syndicate wind-up plan opposed
22 Aug 2012BNZ and Kiwibank tell their stories
22 Aug 2012SFO to appeal Capital + Merchant verdict
22 Aug 2012BNZ's mortgage book growth losing momentum, profit jumps
22 Aug 2012Kiwibank's mortgage growth momentum slows; need $200m in fresh capital
22 Aug 2012Workplace financial advice a ‘loss leader’
22 Aug 2012AMP's new business levels hammered
21 Aug 2012Businesses and households expect subdued inflation
21 Aug 2012CPD courses come under scrutiny
21 Aug 2012ANZ sets home loan record
20 Aug 2012New life business bounces back
20 Aug 2012Tyndall appoints new analyst
20 Aug 2012ANZ sets record for home loans
20 Aug 2012Rates round-up: August 20
20 Aug 2012 Minister surprised by lack of draw-down products
20 Aug 2012Housing market to remain sketchy: ANZ
17 Aug 2012RIIA executive director to step down
17 Aug 2012ANZ and National banks move rates
17 Aug 2012Feeling busy?
17 Aug 2012[Weekly wrap] Measuring up advice standards
17 Aug 2012The high life for five-star Partners and Fidelity
17 Aug 2012Government flunks own advice standards
16 Aug 2012Partners Life joins the Financial Services Council
16 Aug 2012AMP's premium income up
16 Aug 2012Rodney Hartles responds to judgment
16 Aug 2012ASB's branded home loans grow
16 Aug 2012Problems with pension transfer tax proposal
16 Aug 2012Savings confidence drops despite KiwiSaver growth
16 Aug 2012ASB comments on home loans
15 Aug 2012Blue Star to keep bondholders in the dark after doing their dough
15 Aug 2012Dorchester noteholders approve early discounted buyback
15 Aug 2012The risks of pro bono work
15 Aug 2012Calling all property investors
14 Aug 2012Lifestyle lures Aussie adviser across the Tasman
14 Aug 2012Former Barclays man to head up Public Trust
14 Aug 2012Kiwibank's home loan guarantee challenged
14 Aug 2012Kiwibank challenged; One little change
13 Aug 2012Insurers failing to innovate
13 Aug 2012Olympics end; Special goes
13 Aug 2012The adviser as translator
13 Aug 2012Rates round-up: August 13
13 Aug 2012IRG sells Tauranga advice business
10 Aug 2012ASB takes lead in two-year space
10 Aug 2012[Weekly wrap] A new precedent
10 Aug 2012Kiwibank KiwiSaver to operate under GMI brand
10 Aug 2012Court rules adviser personally liable and increases award
9 Aug 2012New chair for Code Committee
9 Aug 2012Blue Chip investors win Supreme Court victory
9 Aug 2012Broker Buddle enters plea
9 Aug 2012Kerry Buddle pleads guilty to non-broking related charges
9 Aug 2012Adviser business models need shake-up
8 Aug 2012Retirement commissioner does just that - retires
8 Aug 2012Changes at the top for Cigna Life
8 Aug 2012Former adviser begins $15m fraud trial
8 Aug 2012The Block - A good investment?
8 Aug 2012Peters targets FSC over Super stance
7 Aug 2012Asteron's new executive manager claims and underwriting
7 Aug 2012Harbour: Believe me, it will be enough
7 Aug 2012AFAs risk suspension
6 Aug 2012Westpac fires shot
6 Aug 2012New man for advisers’ at Man
6 Aug 2012Health insurance numbers stabilise
6 Aug 2012Rates round-up: August 6
6 Aug 2012AAA reaches agreement with AMP
5 Aug 2012Kiwibank takes lead with new 18 month rate
3 Aug 2012Suncorp adds light to Asteron's ratings
3 Aug 2012Peter Rourke to leave Accuro
3 Aug 2012[Weekly wrap] Hotchin breaks his silence
3 Aug 2012Lo-doc lending back again
3 Aug 2012Orange Finance in receivership
3 Aug 2012Hotchin slams FMA over civil case
3 Aug 2012Financial advisers ‘low risk’ for money laundering
2 Aug 2012Partners axes upfront medical insurance commission, ups premiums
2 Aug 2012Housing market set to become frothy
2 Aug 2012IFA marks out its future
2 Aug 2012David Gordon takes on advisory management role
1 Aug 2012Mortgage holders storm out of floating rates
1 Aug 2012Advisers’ biggest competitor hobbled
1 Aug 2012Two-year fixed rates attract borrowers
1 Aug 2012Two year rates attracting borrowers
31 Jul 2012Are we seeing the beginning of a new global recession?

July 2012

31 Jul 2012 AAA positive on AMP contract issue
31 Jul 2012Westpac still favours fixed home loan rates
30 Jul 2012F&P Finance gets new chairman
30 Jul 2012Tower remains at A-
30 Jul 2012News Round Up: July 30
30 Jul 2012Rates round-up: July 30
30 Jul 2012Australia looks attractive to advisers...nearly
28 Jul 2012ASB's new Olympic special
27 Jul 2012New role for Troup
27 Jul 2012Steady as she goes
27 Jul 2012Advisers stunned by pension transfer ‘tax grab’
27 Jul 2012Sovereign hit with big tax bill
26 Jul 2012Reserve Bank keeps OCR on hold
26 Jul 2012KiwiSavers not hurt by growth fund woes
26 Jul 2012What the RBNZ governor said today
26 Jul 2012No change to OCR
26 Jul 2012Numbers don’t stack up advisers on SOE sales
25 Jul 2012Blue Star to sell despite likelihood of bonds then being worthless
25 Jul 2012Perpetual’s Torchlight loan repaid
25 Jul 2012Cleary ends fight with taxman
25 Jul 2012Downward pressure on rates?
24 Jul 2012GFNZ to raise $1.5m from underwritten rights issue
24 Jul 2012Dorchester wants to buy back its $15m notes early for 92c in the dollar
24 Jul 2012New plan for Plan B
24 Jul 2012Radical thinking needed on housing affordability
23 Jul 2012Are People Getting Sicker?
23 Jul 2012News Round Up: July 23
23 Jul 2012Hunter Hall gets new CEO
23 Jul 2012TNPPA reaches 12-month membership target in just 3 months
23 Jul 2012OCR to remain on hold until March 2013 - at least
23 Jul 2012OCR predictions
23 Jul 2012Rates round-up: July 23
20 Jul 2012Asset Finance expects to register a prospectus in 10 to 12 days
20 Jul 2012MDRT gets new chairs
20 Jul 2012What we learnt at MDRT
20 Jul 2012[Weekly wrap] Managed funds the victor - just
20 Jul 2012OCR staying low for foreseeable future
20 Jul 2012Mercer grows its investment team
20 Jul 2012Ex-OnePath CIO joins Mercer
19 Jul 2012Three Capital + Merchant directors found guilty of fraud charges
19 Jul 2012What ‘advisers’ alpha’ is worth
18 Jul 2012Heavyweights duke out investment strategies
18 Jul 2012Big and small bank rate changes
17 Jul 2012End of the World Index Fund approaches
17 Jul 2012Liberty strips its home loan rates and cuts fees
17 Jul 2012Asteron product changes outlined
16 Jul 2012Rates round-up: July 16
16 Jul 2012New BDM for TNP
16 Jul 2012Advisers warned: volatility ‘permanent’
16 Jul 2012Growing numbers shop for home loans
16 Jul 2012People shopping for home loans
16 Jul 2012News Round Up: July 16
16 Jul 2012Pinnacle Life gets a rating
13 Jul 2012FMA issues first report card on AFAs
13 Jul 2012AFAs get first report card from FMA
13 Jul 2012More rate increases
13 Jul 2012BNZ's private banking completes makeover
12 Jul 2012NZ should follow Australian health insurance model
12 Jul 2012Perpetual freezes mortgage fund
12 Jul 2012What makes rates move?
12 Jul 2012What triggers home loan rate changes?
11 Jul 2012OCR on hold for some time: NZIER
11 Jul 2012OCR on hold for some time: NZIER
11 Jul 2012Adviser lawsuit drought not all good news
10 Jul 2012Harbour commentary: Europe: A Step Back from the Brink
10 Jul 2012More changes at OnePath predicted
10 Jul 2012Tyndall Monthly Commentary: Another Year of Two Halves
10 Jul 2012Brook adds to board
10 Jul 2012Rate movements both ways
9 Jul 2012News Round Up: July 9
9 Jul 2012Rates Round Up: July 9
9 Jul 2012Kiwibank takes all of advisory firm
9 Jul 2012Risk profiling ‘astrology’ fails clients
8 Jul 2012More little signs of things to come; Kiwibank ups stake
6 Jul 2012[Weekly wrap] Crossing the Tasman
5 Jul 2012Kiwibank offers 4.99% home loan rate
5 Jul 2012Z Energy pumps for $150 million of bonds
5 Jul 2012Kiwibank offers 4.99% home loan rate
5 Jul 2012FMA targets Perpetual over $25 million loan
4 Jul 2012TrustPower plans bond issue
4 Jul 2012Unimed gets ratings diagnosis
4 Jul 2012TNP launches share scheme for advisers
4 Jul 2012Property investors moving loans
4 Jul 2012KiwiSaver a difficult sell for RFAs
4 Jul 2012Asteron changes names and management
3 Jul 2012New people, products, commission and more from Asteron
3 Jul 2012Advisers get trans-Tasman recognition
3 Jul 2012ASB puts a ring around a rate
2 Jul 2012Diversified adds an AFA
2 Jul 2012Blue Star looks to sell up, bonds may be worthless
2 Jul 2012News round-up: July 2
2 Jul 2012Rates round-up: July 2
2 Jul 2012The shift to fixed has started
2 Jul 2012tnp rewards advisers with shares
2 Jul 2012Financial planning not yet a profession
1 Jul 2012Move to fixed home loan rates starts

June 2012

29 Jun 2012[Weekly wrap] Advice for advisers
29 Jun 2012'It's cheaper' a dangerous phrase for advisers
28 Jun 2012Receivers to get Nathans directors' $885,000 reparations
28 Jun 2012Adviser book values boosted by sales drought
28 Jun 2012Bumper quarter for lending
27 Jun 2012March a bumper quarter for mortgage lending; quake hits SBS's book
27 Jun 2012NZ Super Fund v Aust funds. Which has done better?
27 Jun 2012Too much huffing and puffing over house prices
26 Jun 2012Former OnePath man joins Westpac
26 Jun 2012New RBNZ governor revealed
26 Jun 2012Graeme Wheeler to replace Bollard at Reserve Bank's helm
26 Jun 2012Time for a fix
26 Jun 2012FMA takes hard line on KiwiSaver advice
25 Jun 2012Strong support for compulsory KiwiSaver
25 Jun 2012IFA calls for controversial rule to be scrapped
25 Jun 2012Westpac switches position
25 Jun 2012News Round Up: June 26
25 Jun 2012You've gotta know your numbers
25 Jun 2012Adviser appointed to chair AdviceFirst
25 Jun 2012Rates round-up: June 25
24 Jun 2012Why best products aren’t always best
22 Jun 2012[Weekly wrap] Educators in the news
22 Jun 2012Two gone in Tower management reshuffle
22 Jun 2012Non-pharmac focus part of Accuro’s adviser push
22 Jun 2012Devon adds portfolio manager
22 Jun 2012New non-bank lender arrives
21 Jun 2012Resimac and Loan Market launch NZ joint-venture
21 Jun 2012Financial literacy tutors lacking financial knowledge
21 Jun 2012What do you thinks is happening in the property market?
20 Jun 2012New bank gets new CEO
20 Jun 2012Co-operative Bank grows mortgage book, gains new CEO
20 Jun 2012Olly Newland on house prices
20 Jun 2012New director for Triplejump
20 Jun 2012Role of advice missing from savings debate
19 Jun 2012More signs of rate rises
19 Jun 2012Govt changes blamed for educator's downfall
18 Jun 2012Defining your own regulation
18 Jun 2012News Round Up: June 16
18 Jun 2012Spicers gets new MD
18 Jun 2012Rates round-up: June 18
18 Jun 2012'New' breed of advice anything but
18 Jun 2012Increased house sales not just about interest rates
15 Jun 2012[Weekly Wrap] Catching the cowboys
15 Jun 2012What the OCR news means for home loans
15 Jun 2012The benefits of being a QFE adviser
14 Jun 2012NZ Super Fund yet to reach benchmark
14 Jun 2012GFNZ (Geneva Finance) narrows annual loss
14 Jun 2012Pie grows with new appointment
14 Jun 2012Bollard keeps rates on hold; OCR cut an outside chance
14 Jun 2012OCR unchanged at 2.5 percent
14 Jun 2012Reserve Bank's Bollard holds OCR steady
14 Jun 2012Flat fee advice model ‘rubbish’
14 Jun 2012What will the Gov do?
13 Jun 2012Stewart resigns from ACC
13 Jun 2012Is this a sign of things to come?
12 Jun 2012New analyst appointment at Harbour
12 Jun 2012Majority of KiwiSavers facing shortfall, irrespective of fund choice
12 Jun 2012100-year-old problem for advisers
12 Jun 2012Who is forcing mortgagee sales?
11 Jun 2012SFO charges adviser with $5 million fraud
11 Jun 2012Interest rate poll results plus survey
11 Jun 2012News Round Up: June 11
11 Jun 2012Rates round-up: June 11
11 Jun 2012Policy documents must improve
10 Jun 2012Markets still pricing in interest rate cut
8 Jun 2012Partners Life adds a CFO
8 Jun 2012[Weekly Wrap] Fees and resignations
8 Jun 2012Fund manager fee disparity questioned
8 Jun 2012What do you think will happen with interest rates?
7 Jun 2012Westpac says empowering front-line staff fuels mortgage book growth
7 Jun 2012How much you will pay to fund the FMA
7 Jun 2012NZ shares fairly expensive: Glass
7 Jun 2012SBS follows TSB down on two year term
6 Jun 2012IFA boss resigns
6 Jun 2012IFA boss resigns
6 Jun 2012Harbour commentary: Deja Vu: Europe on the Brink Again
6 Jun 2012New CEO appointed for UDC Finance
6 Jun 2012TSB takes two-year rate down
5 Jun 2012RFAs warned against ‘dangerous’ KiwiSaver game
5 Jun 2012Advisers lack ‘persuasive message’ around KiwiSaver
5 Jun 2012GFNZ to release new prospectus; S&P puts it on negative credit watch
5 Jun 2012Tyndall Monthly Commentary
5 Jun 2012Westpac and TSB's loan books in the spotlight
5 Jun 2012Why China’s rise favours NZ over Oz
5 Jun 2012TSB grows loan book on higher LVR business
5 Jun 2012Rates round-up: June 5
4 Jun 2012Koh replaced on IFA board
1 Jun 2012Westpac's mortgage book resumed aggressive growth in March Qtr
1 Jun 2012Big role for former NZ manager
1 Jun 2012[Weekly wrap] Thorny issues for advisers
1 Jun 2012Sovereign survey to help grow group cover
1 Jun 2012Boutiques go it alone - but not on distribution
1 Jun 2012Rate cutting stimulates housing market

May 2012

31 May 2012Reserve Bank data show mortgage cuts stimulating activity
31 May 2012Kiwibank's mortgage book grows fast but momentum slips
31 May 2012One bank up; another not so good
31 May 2012Why financial advisers should do CPD
30 May 2012NZF Group posts $16.2 m annual loss
30 May 2012Labour eyes locking KiwiSaver funds in NZ
30 May 2012Kiwibank claims win with rate campaign
30 May 2012HSBC mortgage book shrinkage
30 May 2012The OCR may actually fall this year
30 May 2012Has FMA picked the wrong target?
29 May 2012An outside chance of an OCR cut this year
29 May 2012Cold calling cleared (with a catch)
29 May 2012Who knows where rates are heading?
28 May 2012AIA targets over-30s with price cuts
28 May 2012ANZ's best quarter since 2007 hard work: Thompson
28 May 2012News Round Up: May 28
28 May 2012Where will the next Apple will drop
28 May 2012Blue Star's major shareholder starts debt-to-equity process
28 May 2012First up this week is Westpac
28 May 2012Rates round-up: May 28
28 May 2012Are you a broker?
25 May 2012Tower’s insurance results a mixed bag
25 May 2012ANZ has best quarter in mortgage market since 2007
25 May 2012Tower appoints two independent directors
25 May 2012[Weekly wrap] Apples v apples
25 May 2012ASB cuts 6 and 18 month rates
25 May 2012New reporting standards for all funds predicted
24 May 2012Fisher & Paykel Finance beats profit forecast with 8.9% rise
24 May 2012KiwiSaver auto-enrolment delay disappointing
24 May 2012Sovereign appoints new General Operations Manager
24 May 2012MDRT Minute: Take the First Step
24 May 2012Last waltz for the one-man-band
24 May 2012Pausing for breath
24 May 2012ASB Bank's mortgage book growths for first in 8 quarters
23 May 2012BNZ's March Qtr new mortgage growth slowest in two years
23 May 2012It's HSBC, BNZ and Co-op bank's turn
23 May 2012Minister tells industry FMA fees will be comfortable
22 May 2012Churn is different to replacement: Partners says
22 May 2012Further evidence OCR won't rise soon as inflation expectations fall
22 May 2012Further evidence OCR won't rise soon as inflation expectations fall
22 May 2012BNZ to redeem $350m of bonds early, offer other investments
22 May 2012Tyndall hooks up with Goldman Sachs
22 May 2012More specials
22 May 2012Low interest rates help term deposits take a tumble
21 May 2012Fisher confirms departure of international managers
21 May 2012NZF Group: receivers won't let it pay interest on capital notes
21 May 2012News Round Up: May 21
21 May 2012Advisers losing favour with KiwiSaver investors
21 May 2012Rates round-up: May 21
21 May 2012More home loan rate cuts to come
20 May 2012ANZ National Bank go lower
18 May 2012TNP sales school sees 91% industry ‘stickability’
18 May 2012Roest jailed for six and a half years
18 May 2012New funds firm established
18 May 2012Rates battle moves to new field
18 May 2012Big fish plans to swallow little fish
17 May 2012[Weekly wrap] Looking for consolidation
17 May 2012Kiwibank matches most of the market
17 May 2012Asteron increases commission
17 May 2012Why floating rates remain unmoved
17 May 2012New life insurance business dropped in March Qtr
17 May 2012Partners Life gains market share for 4th successive quarter
16 May 2012Why aren't the banks cutting their floating mortgage rates?
16 May 2012Income investment turned upside down
16 May 2012Smaller players get in on the action
15 May 2012Sovereign appoints two new board members
15 May 2012OPI's receivers struggling to collect on parent's guarantee
15 May 2012The emerging v submerging economies
15 May 2012More banks slash home loan rates
14 May 2012ASB joins rate cutters
14 May 2012Why are you so bad at recruiting?
14 May 2012News Round Up: May 14
14 May 2012Rates round-up: May 14
14 May 2012When it rains it pours
13 May 2012BNZ tickles interest in fixed rates
11 May 2012[Weekly wrap] Diminishing prospects
11 May 2012ANZ National sharpens rate for Chch borrowers
11 May 2012End this ridiculous war on selling
11 May 2012Health insurance shortfall a bigger issue than retirement savings
11 May 2012Another research option for advisers
11 May 2012BNZ says it's winning
11 May 2012IFA slams ‘nanny state’ attitude to advisers
10 May 2012Don't tinker with super: AMP
10 May 2012BNZ says it's winning market share in deposits and mortgages
10 May 2012Advisers snared in door-to-door sales crackdown
10 May 2012Lenders are waking up
9 May 2012ANZ slashes its one-year fixed mortgage rate to 5.25%
9 May 2012KiwiSaver providers wary of more regulations
9 May 2012ISO Scheme Case Studies
9 May 2012Reserve Bank guesses at reasons for dramatic slowdown of credit growth
9 May 2012Beware talk of the ‘paradigm shift’
9 May 2012We have rate cuts
8 May 2012SBS cuts longer term home loan rates
8 May 2012Riley's new home
8 May 2012Dividend obsession hampers NZ stock market
7 May 2012Riley's new home
7 May 2012Insurers and adviser bodies criticised for lack of new adviser support
7 May 2012Rates round-up: May 7
7 May 2012ANZ streamlines its mortgage application process
7 May 2012ANZ National streamlines its mortgage application process
7 May 2012Frustrating wait for QROPS providers
6 May 2012AIA: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics
4 May 2012SCF receivers repay govt a further $125m
4 May 2012[Weekly wrap] Currency, cheap advice and SOEs
4 May 2012KiwiSaver safe from Budget scalpel
4 May 2012Where is Pero's boss?
4 May 2012What's happening at Mike Pero Mortgages?
3 May 2012Advisers not sold on SOE miracle
3 May 2012Westpac mortage portfolio grew 1% to $35.4b in six months ended March
3 May 2012Tyndall Monthly Commentary
3 May 2012$10 a year not enough for good advice
3 May 2012ANZ's new approach to lending
2 May 2012AFA rejections few and far between
2 May 2012The latest on credit growth
1 May 2012Health insurance coverage drops to 2005 levels
1 May 2012Currency game risky for advisers

April 2012

30 Apr 2012Credit growth ticks up, floating rate mortgages rise in March
30 Apr 2012MDRT Minute: Better Appointments with Better Scripting
30 Apr 2012Westpac changes its mind
30 Apr 2012NZF Group's assets remain frozen
30 Apr 2012News Round Up: April 30
30 Apr 2012Hunter Hall loses CEO
27 Apr 2012[Weekly wrap] Passing judgment
27 Apr 2012Do all advisers need good character?
27 Apr 2012Kiwibank goes sub 5%
27 Apr 2012Kerr takes over running PGC
26 Apr 2012Kiwibank slashes one-year fixed mortgage rate to 4.99%
26 Apr 2012Petricevic gets big jail sentence
26 Apr 2012Floating mortgage rates unlikely to rise this year and may even fall
26 Apr 2012The rate remains the same
26 Apr 2012OCR update
25 Apr 2012Voluntary AFAs 'ahead of the game'
24 Apr 2012Property tutor’s AFA rejection upheld
24 Apr 2012Former AXA BDM joins TEA
24 Apr 2012Borrowing strategies to ponder
24 Apr 2012Sovereign gives Beaton the boot
24 Apr 2012Silver lining for gold market
23 Apr 2012Rates round up: April 23
23 Apr 2012It's time for advisers to lead
23 Apr 2012Reserve Bank likely to hold rates low for longer
22 Apr 2012Reserve Bank likely to hold rates low for longer
20 Apr 2012KiwiSaver advice ‘isn’t rocket science’
20 Apr 2012Asteron has change of heart
20 Apr 2012NZF actions won't stop new owner
19 Apr 2012Resimac unlikely to be affected by NZF Group's woes
19 Apr 2012KiwiSavers unaware of scheme changes
19 Apr 2012Why NZ dollar could surprise
19 Apr 2012Interesting developments at NZF
18 Apr 2012Economic news little cause for concern
17 Apr 2012Bridgecorp director Urwin jailed
17 Apr 2012QROPS picture still murky
17 Apr 2012Brook Asset Management makes new hires
16 Apr 2012News Round Up: April 16
16 Apr 2012Rates Round Up: April 16
16 Apr 2012Banks still making lots of money
13 Apr 2012FMA’s case against Hanover revealed
13 Apr 2012ISO Case Studies - April 2012
13 Apr 2012Spicers loses its head man
13 Apr 2012[Weekly wrap] Raising the bar
13 Apr 2012FMA’s case against Hanover revealed
13 Apr 2012Where's the action?
12 Apr 2012Lombard directors appeal convictions
12 Apr 2012Where have finance company execs gone?
12 Apr 2012Sovereign offers new parents free life cover for a year
12 Apr 2012Questions over minimum standards for AFAs
11 Apr 2012Heartland edges toward meeting annual profit forecast
11 Apr 2012Advice firm bins OnePath agreement
11 Apr 2012FSC probe to “challenge” insurance business model
11 Apr 2012KiwiSaver rot runs deeper than defaults
10 Apr 2012High Court temporarily freezes NZF Group's assets
10 Apr 2012TNP's association adds board member
10 Apr 2012News Round Up: April 10
10 Apr 2012Time to promote a new social norm for life insurance
9 Apr 2012One for interest rate watchers
5 Apr 2012NZF Money's receivers sue, allege insolvent transaction
5 Apr 2012KiwiSaver default provider system slammed
5 Apr 2012Bridgecorp directors found guilty
5 Apr 2012Bridgecorp directors found guilty
5 Apr 2012[Weekly Wrap] Commissions and convictions
5 Apr 2012Structural problems with retirement products
4 Apr 2012PAA's (not so) new people
4 Apr 2012Harbour:The methadone approach to market recovery
4 Apr 2012HSBC has a tough last quarter
4 Apr 2012Govt slow to close adviser loophole
3 Apr 2012HSBC suffers ballooning bad debt charges, mortgage book shrinks
3 Apr 2012Bank debt issues could be raging buys
3 Apr 2012Partners Life gets a rating
3 Apr 2012Allied Farmers granted another year's life by finance coy receivers
3 Apr 2012Commission ban back on Govt agenda
3 Apr 2012The fix v float debate continues
2 Apr 2012Tyndall: The global economic tour
2 Apr 2012Fund managers start to favour China
2 Apr 2012Slow all around
1 Apr 2012Credit growth minimal again in February

March 2012

30 Mar 2012[Weekly wrap] Questions about KiwiSaver advice
30 Mar 2012Sovereign hit hard by commission fraud
29 Mar 2012Rod Templeton to leave Mortgage Link, won't be replaced
29 Mar 2012Hujich family sells NZF Group shares
29 Mar 2012Support and criticism for Cigna move from unlikely sources
29 Mar 2012Adviser exodus smaller than expected
28 Mar 2012NZF likely to convert its $18m capital notes to equity
28 Mar 2012Fine line between 'information' and 'advice'
27 Mar 2012Rates quiet; activity increasing
27 Mar 2012Another plus one for Plus4
27 Mar 2012Aon selling KiwiSaver through RFAs
26 Mar 2012Aon selling KiwiSaver through RFAs
26 Mar 2012Rates round-up: March 26
26 Mar 2012AFAs the winners in fee debate
25 Mar 2012Did the ISI/FSC miss an opportunity?
23 Mar 2012[Weekly wrap] Bad news for QROPS providers
23 Mar 2012SFO investigating NZF Group
23 Mar 2012More on fixed v floating
22 Mar 2012Aussie researcher making inroads in NZ
22 Mar 2012Another adviser joins Perpetual
22 Mar 2012Consolidation in financial planning market
21 Mar 2012Fortress wins with Capital + Merchant; investors lose
21 Mar 2012Final hurdle crossed
21 Mar 2012Insurer defends online income protection
21 Mar 2012Association deal done
21 Mar 2012Banks rely on Aussie generosity
20 Mar 2012Former IFA president takes new role
20 Mar 2012NZF Money's investors likely to receive 25c to 42c in the dollar
20 Mar 2012Catch-22 for New Zealand QROPS providers
20 Mar 2012Three points to consider with home loans
20 Mar 2012We didn't pay $50 per KiwiSaver member: Fisher
19 Mar 2012To fix, float or take a third option?
19 Mar 2012What will a 20 minute bank insurance product sale cost you
19 Mar 2012ISO Case Studies - March 2012
19 Mar 2012No housing boom looming: English
19 Mar 2012Rates round-up: March 19
19 Mar 2012'Complete lack of interest' in prospectuses
16 Mar 2012[Weekly wrap] End of an era
16 Mar 2012'Complete lack of interest' in prospectuses
16 Mar 2012Deal done - almost
15 Mar 2012NZMBA vote overwhelmingly in favour of PAA move
15 Mar 2012Heartland says NZ needs greater control of its finance industry
15 Mar 2012Still quiet - on one front
15 Mar 2012Litigation funder 'deluged' with inquiries
14 Mar 2012ISI reborn as Financial Services Council
14 Mar 2012Positive property news
13 Mar 2012Partners Life grows market share
13 Mar 2012OnePath Life flattens sales team
13 Mar 2012D Day looms for NZMBA
13 Mar 2012Broker association update
13 Mar 2012Advice crucial for 'fringe' investments
12 Mar 2012Finally, a better answer for life and health sales
12 Mar 2012TNP's new association makes start
12 Mar 2012New directors for finance company manager
12 Mar 2012Rates round-up: March 12
12 Mar 2012Exciting start to the week
11 Mar 2012HSBC offers lowest one year rate in a decade
9 Mar 2012Customers not shaken, or stirred, by churn debate
9 Mar 2012Only significant changes this week
9 Mar 2012Rising funding costs aren't hurting NZ banks: RBNZ
9 Mar 2012[Weekly wrap] Life insurance confusion
9 Mar 2012Performance fee critic's fees found wanting
8 Mar 2012New home loan boss at Sovereign Home Loans
8 Mar 2012Floating mortgage rate rise remote
8 Mar 2012RBNZ: OCR statement
8 Mar 2012New business fell in Dec qtr
8 Mar 2012OCR update and TSB changes
7 Mar 2012Mortgage approvals growing but nowhere near boom levels
7 Mar 2012Maybe things are turning around
7 Mar 2012Mortgage applications top pre-GFC/recession levels
6 Mar 2012Fund manager talent war heats up
6 Mar 2012Tyndall Monthly Commentary
6 Mar 2012Devon-Brook feud over
6 Mar 2012Sluggish mortgage growth prompts aggressive loosening of lending standards
6 Mar 2012Loose lending on low volumes
6 Mar 2012New Zealand fund managers 'world class'
6 Mar 2012Advisers lukewarm on SOE floats
5 Mar 2012Blue Star unlikely to meet forecasts, may breach banking covenants
5 Mar 2012OnePath's new business declines, Sovereign's surges
5 Mar 2012Rates round-up: March 5
5 Mar 2012Bollard likely to hold interest rates steady
5 Mar 2012What will the Governor do this week?
5 Mar 2012News Round Up: March 5
2 Mar 2012Time to fix: Westpac
2 Mar 2012Partners Life mean business with new products launch
2 Mar 2012[Weekly wrap] OnePath to victory
2 Mar 2012ASB's mortgage book shrinks for a seventh successive quarter
2 Mar 2012Westpac and ASB's turn
2 Mar 2012OnePath wins fund manager of the year
1 Mar 2012Westpac's Dec Qtr profit surges but mortgage lending slows to a trickle
1 Mar 2012Domestic v global fixed income
1 Mar 2012Find out how ANZ is doing
1 Mar 2012KiwiSaver mismatch a 'massive challenge' for advisers
1 Mar 2012Allied Farmers writes down Hanover assets further
1 Mar 2012ANZ's mortgage book continues to shrink

February 2012

29 Feb 2012TSB's mortgage book stalls, SBS's book shrinks
29 Feb 2012Co-operative Bank's Dec Qtr profit falls, mortgage book grows
29 Feb 2012New investor in Geneva Finance
29 Feb 2012New bank results
29 Feb 2012Deluded investors too smart for advice
28 Feb 2012Sam Knowles joins Partners Life
28 Feb 2012FMA confirms mystery shopping plans
27 Feb 2012Caring comes before knowing
27 Feb 2012News Round Up: February 27
27 Feb 2012Rates round-up: February 27
26 Feb 2012Quiet start
24 Feb 2012[Weekly wrap] TNP move creates controversy
24 Feb 2012Kiwibank near quadruples 2Q profit, mortgage book grew
24 Feb 2012Kiwibank offers special: Westpac cuts
24 Feb 2012Expected rise in earthquake stress claims fails to materialise
23 Feb 2012Pratley moves NZMBA resignation forward
23 Feb 2012Kiwibank offers special: Westpac cuts
23 Feb 2012Failed marriages create life insurance minefield
23 Feb 2012Financial advice subsidy would mean more AFAs
22 Feb 2012TNP says it isn't out to "rape, pillage and plunder"
21 Feb 2012One tiny cut
21 Feb 2012Heartland's listed bonds a hold: Forsyth Barr
21 Feb 2012Inflation expectations fall sharply
21 Feb 2012Professional body fight brewing
21 Feb 2012TNP plan may scupper NZMBA/PAA tie up
21 Feb 2012IFA worried by TNP's new acronyms
20 Feb 2012BNZ's mortgage book, profits grew strongly in December quarter
20 Feb 2012Equitable Mortages' receivers expect to repay between 65% and 70%
20 Feb 2012Controversial break fees gone?
20 Feb 2012TNP launches its own professional association
20 Feb 2012Rates round-up: February 20
20 Feb 2012Break fees. What break fees?
17 Feb 2012[Weekly wrap] A marriage and a divorce
17 Feb 2012Call for govt to subsidise financial advice
17 Feb 2012More rates down; Pratley resigns and Liberty talks
16 Feb 2012Heartland profit near guidance; outlook more murky
16 Feb 2012Liberty says legal action against NZF in Mike Pero Mortgages' best interests
16 Feb 2012Pratley resigns from NZMBA
16 Feb 2012IFA farewells FAANZ
16 Feb 2012Sovereign says new adviser regulations hit sales in 2011
16 Feb 2012KiwiSavers shun financial advice
16 Feb 2012Local government bonds attract huge interest
16 Feb 2012Liberty sues NZF
16 Feb 2012New analyst for Tyndall
15 Feb 2012Liberty sues NZF claiming breach of Mike Pero Mortgages JV
15 Feb 2012Local government funder looks for $300 million
15 Feb 201220 hours of CPD? Yeah, right
15 Feb 2012Fidelity Life announces new business development manager
14 Feb 2012Harbour Commentary: Reflation with risk
14 Feb 2012Term deposits remain number one
14 Feb 2012Advisers forced to dob in American clients
14 Feb 2012ANZ National cut rates
13 Feb 2012Two associations to become one
13 Feb 2012Quality commissions attract quality advisers, says Ballantyne
13 Feb 2012News Round Up : February 13
13 Feb 2012Rates round-up: February 13
13 Feb 2012Chch people expecting higher interest rates
13 Feb 2012Falling rates stimulate greater interest in fixed-rate mortgages
10 Feb 2012Lloyd Morrison was a mentor: Carmel Fisher
10 Feb 2012[Weekly wrap] Morrison a big loss
10 Feb 2012Investor 'risk illiteracy' a headache for advisers
10 Feb 2012BNZ finally joins the cuts
9 Feb 2012Plus4 Insurance Group adds one
9 Feb 2012Another view on the housing market
9 Feb 2012Govt dispute resolution scheme in the gun
8 Feb 2012GPG gives Tower director the boot
8 Feb 2012RBNZ considers options to contain housing bubble
8 Feb 2012FMA cracks down on the R word
8 Feb 2012Bubble control
8 Feb 2012Dispute resolution merger idea slammed
7 Feb 2012Hewitson in new role
7 Feb 2012HFANZ renews call for health insurance tax breaks
7 Feb 2012Rates round-up: February 7
7 Feb 2012A couple more cuts
6 Feb 2012Predictions for 2012: financial advice
3 Feb 2012SCF receivers sell Dairy Holdings stake
3 Feb 2012[Weekly wrap] Change needed
3 Feb 2012More fixed rate cuts
3 Feb 2012Treasury advocating strongly for CGT
2 Feb 2012Kiwibank cuts. Just BNZ to go
2 Feb 2012Investor wins Hanover tax fight
2 Feb 2012Adviser "angst" over anti-money laundering rules
2 Feb 2012Next banks to move
1 Feb 2012Big banks at risk of ratings downgrade
1 Feb 2012Predictions for 2012: investment markets
1 Feb 2012Do we have the best way of setting the OCR?

January 2012

31 Jan 2012Bollard's departure sparks monetary policy debate
31 Jan 2012New NZX boss revealed
31 Jan 2012Too hard to read
31 Jan 2012Ginger Group CEO departs
31 Jan 2012Rates round-up: January 31
30 Jan 2012Bollard casts off from bank
30 Jan 2012Bollard casts off from bank
30 Jan 2012News Round Up January 30
28 Jan 2012Not all rates down
27 Jan 2012[Weekly Wrap] The great debate on fees
27 Jan 2012ASB cuts 1 to 5 year fixed home loan rates
26 Jan 2012ASB cuts 1 to 5 year fixed home loan rates
26 Jan 2012Fisher Funds' Huljich purchase price revealed
26 Jan 2012Asteron appoints new MD
26 Jan 2012Leadership changes at The Co-operative Bank
26 Jan 2012Bollard holds OCR steady as US Fed prompts currency jump
26 Jan 2012What Bollard said
26 Jan 2012Fund managers told to take good with bad
26 Jan 2012Down they come
25 Jan 2012Cut your commission to compete, says Sovereign
25 Jan 2012Another bank cuts rates
24 Jan 2012Ex-CEO named in South Canterbury SFO case
24 Jan 2012[UPDATED] Perky housing market may force rate hike
24 Jan 2012Performance fees - who needs them?
23 Jan 2012MDRT Minute: Prospecting with a New Twist
23 Jan 2012IFA announces new board member
23 Jan 2012Bollard likely to keep interest rates steady
23 Jan 2012Where to for the OCR?
23 Jan 2012Rates round-up: January 23
20 Jan 2012Fidelity Life's rating reaffirmed
20 Jan 2012ANZ National cut rates
19 Jan 2012ANZ warns of $14b KiwiSaver timebomb
19 Jan 2012Fund manager performance fees under fire
19 Jan 2012Fixed rates bottomed: Westpac
18 Jan 2012Newpark to chase farmers
18 Jan 2012What to make of the Kiwibank deal
18 Jan 2012[Breaking News] Kiwibank to buy Gareth Morgan Investments
18 Jan 2012Kiwibank buys Gareth Morgan Investments
18 Jan 2012Advisers drafted to fight war on terror
18 Jan 2012Don't expect any OCR increases soon
17 Jan 2012New online venture offers cheaper Sovereign and OnePath cover
17 Jan 2012BNZ sees little change in OCR this year
17 Jan 2012Euro woes no cause for panic (yet)
16 Jan 2012Obituary: Cyril Chaplin
16 Jan 2012SCF accused keep names suppressed
16 Jan 2012Heartland director sells shares
16 Jan 2012Downgrade the big news
16 Jan 2012Rates round-up: January 16
16 Jan 2012News Round Up: January 16
13 Jan 2012NZ keeps credit rating despite debt mountain
13 Jan 2012Selling through employers
13 Jan 2012NZ credit a top performer
12 Jan 2012Kiwibank goes long
12 Jan 2012Kiwibank starts year aggressively
11 Jan 2012New Zealand's biggest fund loses $1.4b
11 Jan 2012Selling through employers
11 Jan 2012Sovereign appoints new corporate BDM
11 Jan 2012First change for the year
9 Jan 2012NZX ETFs down, derivatives up
9 Jan 2012Perpetual takes top adviser
9 Jan 2012NZ Credit: A top performer in 2011
9 Jan 2012Tyndall Monthly Commentary
9 Jan 2012The first for 2012
9 Jan 2012News Round Up: January 9
7 Jan 2012Gannon talks leads, not leaks
3 Jan 2012Business insurance focus for 2012
3 Jan 2012Associations take differing views on PI cover
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