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Previous Articles Archive - 2022

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December 2022

30 Dec 2022NZ shares fall in last trading session of the year
29 Dec 2022NZ market ignores international headwinds
29 Dec 2022Fisher get KiwiSaver default status
29 Dec 2022The latest billion dollar broker
29 Dec 2022The latest billion dollar broker
27 Dec 2022Equities 2023 – What’s the bigger risk?
23 Dec 2022Wall Street selloff casts shadow over NZ market
23 Dec 2022Artificial Intelligence (AI) about to become mainstream?
22 Dec 2022NZ shares turn over just $83m as market settles down for Christmas
21 Dec 2022NZ market steady as kiwi nosedives against Japanese yen
21 Dec 2022FMA files court proceedings against Tiger Brokers
21 Dec 2022Sustainability lag risks NZ trade
21 Dec 2022[Opinion] Conflict of interest queries ironic
21 Dec 2022Accuro IT infrastructure compromised by cyber attack
21 Dec 2022Mercer finally gets Macquarie
20 Dec 2022Sad Santa? Christmas rally looking less and less likely for NZ market
20 Dec 2022Sad Santa? Christmas rally looking less and less likely for NZ market
20 Dec 2022Who could take over the Commerce portfolio?
20 Dec 2022NZX companies rated on carbon and ESG
19 Dec 2022NZ shares fall on start of Christmas week
19 Dec 2022Retirement commissioner re appointed for second term
19 Dec 2022Faint glimmer of hope but train still in the tunnel
19 Dec 2022Who could take over the Commerce portfolio?
19 Dec 2022Advisers generate few complaints
19 Dec 2022AIA adds new BDM
19 Dec 2022Effectively managing your cyber risk
16 Dec 2022NZ market flat as Christmas period kicks off
16 Dec 2022Pull back in construction sector long time coming
16 Dec 2022Advisers can ride on non-bank coat-tails
16 Dec 2022Climate disclosure standards are out
16 Dec 2022Advisers can ride on non-bank coat-tails says broker
16 Dec 2022Venture capital attracts another KiwiSaver
15 Dec 2022Market close: Mayor Brown causes market turmoil over airport
15 Dec 2022Large mortgage fraud case comes to an end
15 Dec 2022Property market slump deeper than predicted
15 Dec 2022The rise of the digital investor
14 Dec 2022NZ market flat as US inflation data surprises
14 Dec 2022FMA files market manipulation case
14 Dec 2022Beleaguered housing market takes a fresh leg lower
14 Dec 2022Non-banks thrive; Liberty gets new BDM
14 Dec 2022Otago study turns up ESG lemons
14 Dec 2022Non-bank sector thrives despite uneven playing field – KPMG
13 Dec 2022New Zealand’s market edges up ahead of US inflation data
13 Dec 2022 Liberty Finance appoints new BDM
13 Dec 2022Westpac gets new chief economist
13 Dec 2022Market flips – biggest dive in five years
13 Dec 2022[BREAKING NEWS] CCCFA Minister departs
13 Dec 2022Commerce Minister departs
13 Dec 2022House values down more than $100,000 this year
13 Dec 2022Privacy Commissioner ponders higher penalties
12 Dec 2022NZ shares fall ahead of big financial news week
12 Dec 2022What’s in store for next year
12 Dec 2022AIA NZ broadens Living Trauma product range for children
12 Dec 2022AIA NZ offers customers one year’s premium in new campaign
12 Dec 2022Economy will be slowing but not reaching recession
12 Dec 2022Economy will be slowing but not reaching recession – forecasts
11 Dec 2022Partners Life wins best life insurer award
11 Dec 2022Big KiwiSaver providers go for digital tools for advice
11 Dec 2022The price people pay for higher mortgage rates
9 Dec 2022Heavyweight stocks edge NZ's market down
9 Dec 2022 Omega Capital adds experienced property finance specialist
9 Dec 2022Kiwibank increases commission and rates
9 Dec 2022Commerce minister tipped to leave parliament
9 Dec 2022Seven thousand waitlisted for Sharesies KiwiSaver
8 Dec 2022[Market Close] Fonterra units jump on earnings guidance
8 Dec 2022Kiwibank raises commission payments for advisers
8 Dec 2022Morningstar head of research departs
8 Dec 2022Hastings-based FAP first of its kind to become B Corp
8 Dec 2022Asteron Life launches pilot programme
8 Dec 2022Building material rebates dumped just ahead of Comcom report
8 Dec 2022Tough conditions for investor buying
7 Dec 2022Market slow, but not in full retreat
7 Dec 2022Energy companies up as carbon prices drop
7 Dec 2022Sharesies launches Kiwisaver scheme
7 Dec 2022FMA aware of ASIC enforcement on Vanguard
6 Dec 2022[Market Close] RBA hikes by non-surprising 25 basis points
6 Dec 2022The true value of financial advice
5 Dec 2022Kiwi hits 10-month high vs Aussie
5 Dec 2022Florida threat to BlackRock ESG
5 Dec 2022Kiwi plans on funding retirement
5 Dec 2022Generate nabs Kiwi Wealth PM
5 Dec 2022How inflation stole Christmas
3 Dec 2022Regulations on family violence and assaults at tenancies explained
2 Dec 2022NZ shares gain 2.5% this week
2 Dec 2022What's happening with bank home loan rates?
2 Dec 2022Fisher Funds finally brings Kiwi Wealth on board
2 Dec 2022Average house price falls nearly $90,000 in past year
2 Dec 2022New guidelines for being prepared for advisers under CoFI
2 Dec 2022Go deeper than ESG ratings for the real deal
1 Dec 2022Vale Dave Wilson
1 Dec 2022NZ dollar hits three month high
1 Dec 2022New guide climate change guide for directors
1 Dec 2022Avanti snares long-term ASB exec
1 Dec 2022NZ Super Fund moves from RI to sustainable finance
1 Dec 2022More Kiwis in debt - Centrix
1 Dec 2022Westpac follows ANZ and puts up rates; Avanti snares top banker

November 2022

30 Nov 2022Gentrack shares soar for a second day
30 Nov 2022Investors joining forces on systemic ESG issues
30 Nov 2022ANZ increases home loan rates
30 Nov 2022Huge house price pain still to come
30 Nov 2022Interest rates go up
30 Nov 2022Investors need to step up to tackle climate change
29 Nov 2022Fisher & Paykel pulls market significantly higher
29 Nov 2022ComCom probes SBS over CCCFA
29 Nov 2022Westpac makes progress on compliance but more work remains
29 Nov 2022Wealth managers slow on climate change
28 Nov 2022NZ market tracks lower as retirement stocks perk up
28 Nov 2022Cash is king for underground landlords
28 Nov 2022Interest rate relief “less far off”
28 Nov 2022‘Excess dividends’ in the Electricity sector - the other side of the argument
28 Nov 2022SmartShares sets growth target
25 Nov 2022Ryman Healthcare jumps 7% after difficult week
25 Nov 2022Wealthpoint recognised for delivery to members
25 Nov 2022Financial advisers to be referred to disciplinary body
25 Nov 2022Apartment development set for third highest record
24 Nov 2022NZ market steady as company's report weaker profits
24 Nov 2022What the OCR increase means to mortgage holders
24 Nov 2022New Fidelity Life scholarships aim to lift financial adviser diversity
24 Nov 2022Squeeze on mortgage holders deepens
24 Nov 2022Four reasons to get a rental chattels valuation
24 Nov 2022Median balance at 65 for KiwiSaver drawdown to current 50-year-olds
24 Nov 2022RBNZ hawkish on inflation
23 Nov 2022NZ market feels the pain as Reserve Bank warns of recession
23 Nov 2022Ouch! OCR up 75 basis points
23 Nov 2022Biggest OCR rise ever: Here's what the governor said
23 Nov 2022Broad support for regulation of property mangers
23 Nov 2022Putting a locum into your firm may be harder than you think
23 Nov 2022Lack of regulation details frustrates property managers
23 Nov 2022NZX buys Quay Street
22 Nov 2022Ryman drags down NZ stock market
22 Nov 2022Property King rides off into the sunset as new laws emerge
22 Nov 2022Claws out over clawbacks; Major shake up of property managers
22 Nov 2022Castle Point disclaimer
22 Nov 2022Santa Pause could be coming to the rescue
22 Nov 2022Regulation for property managers and meth tests
22 Nov 2022Advisers, clients urged to be clear on clawbacks
21 Nov 2022NZ market quiet as all eyes on Reserve Bank decision
21 Nov 2022Big OCR rise predicted this week
21 Nov 2022Traction on plans to fix rental crisis
21 Nov 2022Big rise in OCR expected
21 Nov 2022Mint Asset Management appoints new role
21 Nov 2022Squirrel expands peer to peer lending
20 Nov 2022nib adds to its orbit
18 Nov 2022OPINION: Putting the ESG backlash into perspective
18 Nov 2022How to get the best value for your book
18 Nov 2022My Food Bag falls as energy retailers rise
18 Nov 2022Former van Eyk Research CEO sentenced
18 Nov 2022Profit taking from houses dropping
18 Nov 2022Boom lowered on recalcitrant council
18 Nov 2022Ethical investment returns the goods
18 Nov 2022KiwiSaver mirrors difficult market in Q3
18 Nov 2022How to get the best value for your book
17 Nov 2022Goodfellow family sells off even more of its Sanford stake
17 Nov 2022David Clark defends CCCFA but wins little support
17 Nov 2022AA Insurance names new CEO
17 Nov 2022Clark defends CCCFA but wins little support
17 Nov 2022Review could ease pressures and broaden scope of advice in Australia
17 Nov 2022Avanti wins prize at non bank awards dinner
16 Nov 2022Pacific Edge shares edge up
16 Nov 2022No pay rise coming for advisers
16 Nov 2022Much bigger drop than predicted for house prices
15 Nov 2022Property stocks weaker as market rises slightly
15 Nov 2022Customer desire for RI info is an opportunity
15 Nov 2022ANZIIF grabs 3 industry panellists for breakfast
15 Nov 2022A deep dive into Westpac's results
15 Nov 2022Prolonged collapse of house prices and sales
15 Nov 2022Don't expect higher commission rates
14 Nov 2022NZX50 falls as investors 'take a breather'
14 Nov 2022Video - Bank lending margins gobble KiwiSaver savings
14 Nov 2022Asteron Life benefit add on may add value to Kiwi’s lives
14 Nov 2022Fidelity makes good on commitment and names Adviser council
14 Nov 2022Property insurance rarely adequate
12 Nov 2022Bank lending margins gobble KiwiSaver savings
11 Nov 2022Ebos Group leads market higher in rally sparked by positive US inflation data
11 Nov 2022Mortgage Link adds some spice; RBNZ gets clearance
11 Nov 2022Mortgage Link spices up its home loan offering
10 Nov 2022New Zealand market falls despite strong earnings
10 Nov 2022Quest Insurance names new director
10 Nov 2022RBNZ cleared of criticism over handling of pandemic
10 Nov 2022Data sharing comes closer for borrowers
10 Nov 2022ANZ adds ninth BDM
10 Nov 2022Responsible investing is the bedrock of engaged philanthropy
10 Nov 2022Insurance Link gets new owner
10 Nov 2022Partners sale gets tick
10 Nov 2022DTIs just won't go away
10 Nov 2022Huge falls in house prices this year
10 Nov 2022Debt to income limits come nearer for borrowers
9 Nov 2022Manawa Energy led NZ market lower after disappointing earnings
9 Nov 2022Fidelity continues to adapt in a challenging environment
9 Nov 2022BNZ adds to banking profits
9 Nov 2022Call for targeted foreign residential property buying to start again
9 Nov 2022Creating a brighter, more sustainable future
9 Nov 2022Cigna offering free cover - for some
9 Nov 2022Survey shows inflation staying high
9 Nov 2022Financial advisers need to work harder: Bagrie
8 Nov 2022Westpac KiwiSaver picks up new members
8 Nov 2022Captain Orr keeps the wheel; BNZ reports $1 bill + profit and more
8 Nov 2022Australian consumer sentiment, China drag market down
8 Nov 2022[BREAKING NEWS] Mortgage Link gets a new owner
8 Nov 2022Link Financial Group gets new owner
8 Nov 2022Orr re-appointed to Reserve Bank amid strong criticism
8 Nov 2022FundSource returns
7 Nov 2022Prospect of an open China, US job data push market higher
7 Nov 2022Westpac profit rises
7 Nov 2022Fidelity Life on the journey to improvement
7 Nov 2022Westpac makes increased profit
7 Nov 2022Investors snap up new builds at record levels
7 Nov 2022[GRTV] Simon Fisher on FAP licensing
4 Nov 2022NZ share market moves higher into weekend
4 Nov 2022Sales slump to worst in 12 years
4 Nov 2022You might have to name your next daughter Mark
4 Nov 2022Life insurance company CEO joins FSC board
3 Nov 2022A2 jumps on US FDA deal; Fed hike sends other stocks lower
3 Nov 2022Ford moves on from Heartland
3 Nov 2022Mixed story for mortgage holders as interest rates rise
3 Nov 2022Heartland Bank appoints new director
3 Nov 2022Property market not all doom and gloom
3 Nov 2022The burden of regulation
3 Nov 2022FSC gets a COO
2 Nov 2022Tough times can lead to great deals
2 Nov 2022NZ market waiting on tomorrow’s Fed decision
2 Nov 2022Surface water and river flooding big risk for property prices
2 Nov 2022Building consents continue to defy gravity
2 Nov 2022Mixed story for mortgage holders as interest rates rise - banking chiefs
1 Nov 2022NZ dollar gains on Aussie as RBA hikes rate
1 Nov 2022RBNZ says NZ Banks well placed to withstand stagflation
1 Nov 2022Slow down in average Auckland rents
1 Nov 2022Avoiding digital and broadband disputes
1 Nov 2022NZ Banks “well placed to withstand stagflation” – RBNZ
1 Nov 2022Harbour releases inaugural impact report
1 Nov 2022People batten down the hatches in tough environment – Centrix

October 2022

31 Oct 2022Pushpay investors ponder takeover as NZX50 marches on
31 Oct 2022Former Prime Minister John Key lambasts CCCFA
31 Oct 2022New housing rules create dilemmas
31 Oct 2022NZ Super loses $3.3 billion in year
31 Oct 2022Sir John Key lambasts CCCFA
28 Oct 2022SkyCity's shares perk up but shareholders aren't happy
28 Oct 2022Inflation fears could ease
28 Oct 2022Inflation fears could ease - economist
28 Oct 2022Wealth tax not ruled out - Finance Minister
27 Oct 2022InvestNow gets told off
27 Oct 2022NZ dollar hits monthly high
27 Oct 2022Silverfin appoints new CFO from the UK
27 Oct 2022ANZ makes biggest ever profit
27 Oct 2022ANZ cracks $2 billion profit mark
27 Oct 2022Buckle up, the housing market slowdown isn’t over yet
27 Oct 2022Kernel rounds out its fund offering
26 Oct 2022Fletcher and Skellerup hoist market higher
26 Oct 2022Reverse mortgages ease borrower “annoyance” - adviser
26 Oct 2022How to easily increase weekly rents
26 Oct 2022RBNZ needs to look the inflation beast in the eye
25 Oct 2022Mainfreight drives the market higher
25 Oct 2022FNZ takes stake in Kiwi advisory firm
25 Oct 2022Increased commissions on offer
25 Oct 2022Prospa rolls out new scheme for SMEs
25 Oct 2022The Capital leads in green real estate
25 Oct 2022Seeing both sides
24 Oct 2022Insurers demand accurate costings for the government’s proposed NZIIS
21 Oct 2022Mainfreight hits one-month high; NZX50 drops
21 Oct 2022New highs reached with rates; Last chance to get in; Want a 30 year loan?
21 Oct 2022Auckland rents at a standstill
21 Oct 2022NZ unlikely to ever get 30 year fixed-rate mortgages
20 Oct 2022F&P Healthcare drags market lower
20 Oct 2022Heartland Bank to buy Australian bank Challenger
20 Oct 2022Heartland Group plans to buy Australian bank
20 Oct 2022Seven property investment firms officially warned for overstepping boundaries
19 Oct 2022Big blue leads the rate rises
19 Oct 2022NZ's swap rate hits 12-year high
19 Oct 2022Higher interest rate hikes on the way
19 Oct 2022How costs compare between different landlords
18 Oct 2022[GRTV] Where Fidelity Life is heading
18 Oct 2022CPI data shocks NZ market – but was not as high as many feared
18 Oct 2022Higher interest rate hikes on the way as inflation stays high
18 Oct 2022What landlords should be doing when rents are falling and tenants are in control
18 Oct 2022Responsible investment on the rise - report
18 Oct 2022Fixed rates inch up
18 Oct 2022Insurance contract law review
18 Oct 2022Virtual reality can be game changing
18 Oct 2022Advisers risk big losses in lead up to FAP deadline – industry expert
17 Oct 2022NZ market braces for key CPI data
17 Oct 2022SHARE and Newpark get new boss
17 Oct 2022More inflation tipped
17 Oct 2022Investors climb on the Hamilton bandwagon
17 Oct 2022Replacement CEO at SHARE announced
17 Oct 2022Record high building costs expected to surge further
17 Oct 2022More inflation tipped for NZ
16 Oct 2022Why life insurers oppose the government’s proposed NZIIS
14 Oct 2022New US inflation data surprises market
14 Oct 2022Have you had your say? Mortgage holders doing well
14 Oct 2022Mortgage holders managing well
13 Oct 2022NZ markets lags before new key CPI data tomorrow
13 Oct 2022Kiwibank makes interest rate rises a clean sweep
13 Oct 2022Rethinking traditional balanced fund asset allocation
13 Oct 2022Adding Up 25 years of service
13 Oct 2022Painful housing market keeps rolling on
12 Oct 2022Tourism Holdings' bounce is NZX's big story of the day
12 Oct 2022It's time to have your say!
12 Oct 2022Auckland hotel sale biggest ever
12 Oct 2022Bad start to spring sales
12 Oct 2022How insurers might tackle the trust gap
12 Oct 2022Further mortgage rises announced
11 Oct 2022Markets waiting for slew of US economic data
11 Oct 2022Economists - Households awaiting interest shock in the anti-inflation front line
11 Oct 2022Booster hires from Public Trust
11 Oct 2022Coast the toast of the regions
11 Oct 2022Households awaiting interest shock in the anti-inflation front line – economists
10 Oct 2022US jobs figures weigh on NZ market; Pushpay surprises
10 Oct 2022Not rushing to pass on OCR increases
10 Oct 2022Modern slavery still a 21st-century reality
10 Oct 2022Life insurers urged to prepare for climate change
10 Oct 2022Banks not rushing to pass on OCR increases
10 Oct 2022Magellan sees more outflows; cops a downgrade and senior manager sells up
9 Oct 2022Kernel grows its team
7 Oct 2022Shares fall as global investors wait for US jobs data
6 Oct 2022Interest rates still talk of the town on NZ's market
6 Oct 2022New Governance role at Newpark
6 Oct 2022What economists think about yesterday's OCR rise
6 Oct 2022Market adjusts to economic conditions
6 Oct 2022OCR rise makes economist ’wary’
6 Oct 2022The sad saga of AMP Capital continues
5 Oct 2022RBNZ goes with the flow with 50bp hike
5 Oct 2022Former Liberty BDM joins Prospa
5 Oct 2022OCR up another 50 points; Liberty BDM moves on
5 Oct 2022RBNZ goes again: Why the bank increased rates
5 Oct 2022Minister defends spending record in high inflationary era
5 Oct 2022One of worst times for fall in house values
5 Oct 2022Office expectations higher for hybrid workers
5 Oct 2022World Financial Planning Day
5 Oct 2022World Financial Planning Day
5 Oct 2022Home loan lending volumes remain soft
4 Oct 2022Reserve Bank of Australia hikes by 25 basis points
4 Oct 2022Cost of living pressures “chilling”
4 Oct 2022Building a recommendation – remember to substantiate your data assumptions
4 Oct 2022KiwiSaver 2022: higher fees, lower investment returns
4 Oct 2022Cost of living pressures “chilling” - report
4 Oct 2022Latest licensing numbers show advice industry shrinking
4 Oct 2022Pie Funds get new head chef
3 Oct 2022NZ's market zeros in on interest rates
3 Oct 2022Empty home owners not willing to become landlords
3 Oct 2022Building consents flatten, prices rise but construction carries on
3 Oct 2022Experts united over interest rate gloom
3 Oct 2022Stewart Investors Disclaimer
3 Oct 2022A lab experiment moves to next phase
3 Oct 2022Dust-up looming over FMA’s value-for-money initiative
2 Oct 2022Experts united over interest rate gloom
1 Oct 2022Partners Life finally snares BNZ

September 2022

30 Sep 2022Currency volatility drives NZ market down
30 Sep 2022Move beyond trust to inspiration-Matt Church
30 Sep 2022Advisers told to move beyond trust to inspiration
30 Sep 2022AIA fined $700,000 for misleading customers
30 Sep 2022No turning the corner on house prices
30 Sep 2022Fund managers choose ethical companies to invest in - conference
29 Sep 2022Export stocks help pull NZ market up
29 Sep 2022Kiwibank also raises interest rates
29 Sep 2022BNZ raises mortgage rates
29 Sep 2022BNZ raises rates
29 Sep 2022MBIE reveals the likely cost of a COFI licence
29 Sep 2022Responsible investment advanced with new Stewardship Code
28 Sep 2022Latest actuary scholarship awarded
28 Sep 2022Property stocks pull market lower
28 Sep 2022Petition starts for KiwiSaver sharing
28 Sep 2022Tough times reverberate through the mortgage industry
28 Sep 2022Listings lift more than 70%
28 Sep 2022Tough times reverberate through mortgage industry
28 Sep 2022What does retirement look like?
27 Sep 2022NZ’s market falls almost 2% on global currency volatility
27 Sep 2022Property managers flout privacy rules
27 Sep 2022A new loan option for property investors
27 Sep 2022Sustainability about people and enterprises, not metrics
27 Sep 2022What KiwiSaver might look like in 2050
27 Sep 2022Russell gets the boot for Smartshares
26 Sep 2022New loan option for property investors
26 Sep 2022Technology planning and development map – updated for advisers
23 Sep 2022NZ’s market holds up against global headwinds
23 Sep 2022No gain without pain
23 Sep 2022Bank deposits guarantee bill goes to parliament
23 Sep 2022Rent rises could contribute to more inflation
23 Sep 2022An “Age of Confusion” dawns for investors
23 Sep 2022Suncorp accelerates plans to net-zero
22 Sep 2022NZ dollar hits pandemic lows
22 Sep 2022Interest rates jump as Fed battles inflation
22 Sep 2022New product boss at Avanti
22 Sep 2022US Interest rates jump
22 Sep 2022Investors' confidence maybe misplaced
22 Sep 2022Gongs handed out to top industry players
21 Sep 2022Air NZ shares take flight
21 Sep 2022Federal Reserve to raise rate – Kiwi braces for impact
21 Sep 2022Mortgage Express appoints sales manager
21 Sep 2022ANZ makes home loan rates changes
21 Sep 2022Five warning signs your property manager is underperforming
21 Sep 2022Profits high in banking sector but challenges ahead – KPMG
21 Sep 2022War against inflation is part won - expert
20 Sep 2022ANZ makes increases to home loan rates
20 Sep 2022NZ dollar hits 28-month low
20 Sep 2022Drug growing operation leaves landlord with massive costs
20 Sep 2022Good tenants hard to find
20 Sep 2022Wellington area business wins trans-Tasman award
20 Sep 2022Reserve Bank says climate change programme is vital
20 Sep 2022No premium increase promise
19 Sep 2022NZ market waits for Fed decision
19 Sep 2022Super Fund goes greener
19 Sep 2022Lending company faulted in CCCFA related case
19 Sep 2022FMA changes management structure
19 Sep 2022FSCL urges lenders to take note
18 Sep 2022Awards winner celebrates business relationships for life
17 Sep 2022New high forecast for OCR
16 Sep 2022NZ shares fall; Air NZ shoots down merger talk
16 Sep 2022Thom Bentley turns up at new gig
16 Sep 2022TSB's new offer; Westpac cuts some fees
16 Sep 2022Values plunge in more than 80% of the country’s suburbs
16 Sep 2022Westpac removes some fees for customers
15 Sep 2022Pushpay sinks almost 15% on rumours of sale failure
15 Sep 2022OCR could reach 4.25% - ASB
15 Sep 2022ASB predicts even higher interest rates
15 Sep 2022What an Aussie learnt about NZ advisers
15 Sep 2022Stats NZ - Economy grows 1.7%
15 Sep 2022BNZ names new chief economist
15 Sep 2022Business lending demand an opportunity for advisers
15 Sep 2022Economy grows 1.7% - Stats NZ
15 Sep 2022Scammers target Financial Services Federation
15 Sep 2022Southern Cross plans to curb premium hikes
15 Sep 2022Fall of NZ dollar below $US0.60 is manageable on its own – economists
14 Sep 2022Wall Street plunge sends NZ market and dollar spiralling
14 Sep 2022Search continues for new SHARE boss
14 Sep 2022Rising rent and food prices impact households
13 Sep 2022Property stocks edge down over new housing data
13 Sep 2022Difficulties with debt on the rise – Centrix
13 Sep 2022InvestNow's parent company sold
13 Sep 2022One way traffic for REINZ housing report
13 Sep 2022KiwiSaver performance good but sliding – survey
13 Sep 2022Financial Advice NZ membership numbers revealed
12 Sep 2022Fonterra units jump as investors wait for GDP data to drop
12 Sep 2022Moving to digital? Operational and customer paradigms are critical
12 Sep 2022Zoning rules needed for Airbnb to stop suburban rents declining
12 Sep 2022No recession, but more interest rate rises coming
12 Sep 2022Are you undertaking regular client KiwiSaver reviews?
10 Sep 2022Saturday Special: Early bird Better Business conference tickets
9 Sep 2022Fonterra's 'significant' upgrade happy surprise for NZ's market
9 Sep 2022The Value of Financial Advice in a VUCA World
9 Sep 2022Just a 1.1% increase in house values last month
9 Sep 2022Third compensation payment to Kāinga Ora tenant over unruly neighbours
9 Sep 2022It’s a fact: KiwiSaver fees in NZ are low
9 Sep 2022Wanted – Fidelity Life looking for the next generation of financial advisers.
8 Sep 2022NZ market starts to see pick-up in volume
8 Sep 2022TE adds Tauranga office
8 Sep 2022Banks should not get special treatment
7 Sep 2022NZ shares falter as US economy charges forward
7 Sep 2022Non banks and finance companies say banks should not get special treatment
7 Sep 2022Fidelity Life appoints head of group insurance
7 Sep 2022Financial Advice NZ Awards winners
7 Sep 2022Listings highest for 11 years as prices start to plateau
6 Sep 2022RBA hikes cash rate by another 50 basis points
6 Sep 2022National's answer to CCCFA
6 Sep 2022Banks to be removed from CCCFA under National
6 Sep 2022New director for Financial Advice New Zealand
6 Sep 2022Ethical KiwiSaver leaves others in its wake
6 Sep 2022New director for Financial Advice New Zealand
6 Sep 2022Inflation eroding super payments and savings rapidly
5 Sep 2022'News vacuum' cause for quiet market
5 Sep 2022UniMed welcomes new board member
5 Sep 2022New townhouses keep building consents high
5 Sep 2022Falls and green shoots in housing market
5 Sep 2022Cigna offers free specific injury cover offer
3 Sep 2022Baking a small but better pie
3 Sep 2022Saturday Special: Spotlight on business lending
2 Sep 2022NZ dollar lingers lower for another day
2 Sep 2022Cigna's latest enhancements to non-medical limits and requirements
2 Sep 2022FMA makes permanent stop order against adviser
2 Sep 2022The latest results season has proven better-than-feared – what does this mean for the outlook for NZ stock market?
1 Sep 2022NZ dollar dips as equities hit by post-earnings season blues
1 Sep 2022[WATCH] What National would do to fix CCCFA and more
1 Sep 2022[WATCH] What National would do to fix CCCFA

August 2022

31 Aug 2022NZ shares fall on US interest rate rises
31 Aug 2022Life sciences and healthcare sectors becoming a key focus for property investors
31 Aug 2022The great KiwiSaver U-turn
31 Aug 2022Vile abuse leads to big compensation awards
31 Aug 2022ASB says tough year ahead but long term prospects improve
31 Aug 2022Treasury research found more evidence of housing burden on the elderly
31 Aug 2022Tough year ahead but long term prospects improve – ASB
31 Aug 2022Parker quietly tables proposed $225m KiwiSaver tax
30 Aug 2022Index heavyweights pull NZ market higher
30 Aug 2022More evidence of housing burden on the elderly – Treasury research
30 Aug 2022Govt expected to move on data sharing
29 Aug 2022A2 results pull shares into land of milk and honey
29 Aug 2022Bouncy castle deflating
29 Aug 2022Kiwibank says fixed rate mortgages may have peaked
29 Aug 2022Fixed rate mortgages may have peaked: Kiwibank
29 Aug 2022Changes to commission payments in new agreements
27 Aug 2022Fund managers owning more in so-called, bad companies
27 Aug 2022[TMM] Saturday Special
26 Aug 2022NZ market flat after jam-packed earnings week
26 Aug 2022Prospa NZ makes significant contribution
26 Aug 2022Prospa makes significant contribution to parent company
26 Aug 2022Wholesale investments in the regulator's sights
25 Aug 2022Air NZ's results doesn't surprise the market
25 Aug 2022Housing confidence and investor buying plunge
25 Aug 2022Changes at AIA
25 Aug 2022Why now could be the right time to diversify
24 Aug 2022Spark's standout' result pulls market higher
24 Aug 2022$8.7 mill mortgage fraud case nears end
24 Aug 2022MMC, now Apex, gets new CEO
24 Aug 2022From famine to feast
24 Aug 2022Lengthy mortgage fraud case draws towards a conclusion
24 Aug 2022Market adjustment continues
23 Aug 2022NZ’s market slumps on Wall Street worries
23 Aug 2022Heartland group boosts earnings
22 Aug 2022Energy stocks hike up NZ’s market
22 Aug 2022Mercer makes CIO appointment
22 Aug 2022Govt pays $2.1 bill for Kiwibank
22 Aug 2022Govt buys back Kiwibank
22 Aug 2022Here's a plan to fix gender gap
22 Aug 2022Entire mortgage industry at stake from unethical behaviour
21 Aug 2022Lack of understanding around ACC worrying
19 Aug 2022F&P Healthcare drags market down with lower half-year profit expected
19 Aug 2022[The Wrap] One good deal; One dud deal
19 Aug 2022Kiwibank signing up more mortgage advisers
19 Aug 2022Kiwibank to double number of advisers
19 Aug 2022AFT hits an important milestone
19 Aug 2022Crypto warning issued
19 Aug 2022Land supply restrictions main cause of rampant house prices
19 Aug 2022Report helps advisers grow their businesses
18 Aug 2022Auckland Airport’s outlook drags down shares
18 Aug 2022Kiwibank's best ever results; RBNZ says its on top of inflation
18 Aug 2022Kiwibank reports best ever results
18 Aug 2022House profits dropping and some owners in negative equity
18 Aug 2022RBNZ sounds a confident note on inflation
18 Aug 2022Competition in professional development grows
17 Aug 2022Fletcher Building pulls market higher
17 Aug 2022OCR up again: Ongoing monetary tightening
17 Aug 2022OCR up again: What the RBNZ said
17 Aug 2022Big rise in costs for home owners; Non-banks eating into big banks
17 Aug 2022Rent freeze suggested to private landlords’ surprise
17 Aug 2022Big rise in costs for home owners; Non-banks eating into big banks
17 Aug 2022Privacy is the issue no one is talking about
16 Aug 2022Mercury shares fall 3% after release of full year result
16 Aug 2022Boom in construction to fade over next few years
16 Aug 2022Dodgy financial adviser in more trouble with FMA
16 Aug 2022Fidelity Life establishes adviser council
16 Aug 2022FMA ratchets up its campaign for better ESG disclosure from fund managers
15 Aug 2022Contact Energy kicks off earnings season
15 Aug 2022Falling home loan rates likely to irk RBNZ
15 Aug 2022Tax exemption discriminates against ordinary landlords
15 Aug 2022Fisher finally lands Kiwi Wealth
15 Aug 2022Needs analysis focus: what data do you need?
15 Aug 2022FMA fights hard to avoid unconscious bias: Hewes
12 Aug 2022Partners Life sold: Price $1 billion
12 Aug 2022NZ dollar rise pinches big exporters
12 Aug 2022A renewed inflation battle expected next Wednesday
12 Aug 2022$6.3 billion wiped off KiwiSaver
12 Aug 2022House prices have further to fall
11 Aug 2022NZ shares rise slightly on Wall Street optimism
11 Aug 2022Property market slump deepens
11 Aug 2022Changes at Pie Funds following departures
11 Aug 2022New pie like fund being baked
10 Aug 2022A2 shares plunge over FDA formula deferral
10 Aug 2022SHARE CEO departs; ASB increases profit
10 Aug 2022SHARE loses its boss
10 Aug 2022Cigna admits making error
10 Aug 2022ASB reports $1.42 bill profit
10 Aug 2022Consumers have lost trust in financial services
9 Aug 2022NZ shares rise on another quiet day
9 Aug 2022Kiwibank cuts rates for green improvements
9 Aug 2022Tough year but Asteron happy with its results
9 Aug 2022Staggering drop in housing market annual growth
9 Aug 2022Mint CIO takes leave
9 Aug 2022CoFI a journey of frustration: CEO
8 Aug 2022Some good news on inflation
8 Aug 2022Latest survey good news for the RBNZ
8 Aug 2022Countdown to earnings season puts NZ shares in limbo
8 Aug 2022New push to get advisers fully licensed
8 Aug 2022Rental prices inch up; property sales slump to new low
5 Aug 2022NZ market looks to be in better heart
5 Aug 2022Inflation really weighs on returns
5 Aug 2022A first for Smartshares
5 Aug 2022What advisers can take from the FMA’s first big consumer survey
4 Aug 2022Investors cheered by Briscoe's optimism for rest of the year
4 Aug 2022Residential sector not working as well as it could be
4 Aug 2022CCCFA changes wrong: Bankers Association; BNZ joins rate cutters
4 Aug 2022What consumers think of financial advisers
3 Aug 2022Higher unemployment spurs interest in NZX50
3 Aug 2022Second set of changes to CCCFA “wrong option” Bankers Assn
3 Aug 2022Slightly higher unemployment figures no boon for borrowers – experts
3 Aug 2022Biggest fall in house prices for 14 years
3 Aug 2022Building consents sink
3 Aug 2022ANZ cuts rates
2 Aug 2022Speculative A2 Milk spike drags NZX50 higher
2 Aug 2022Fishers tipped to catch Kiwi Wealth
2 Aug 2022Next round of CCCFA changes announced
2 Aug 2022Second tranche of CCCFA changes announced
2 Aug 2022Fidelity backs two non-profits
2 Aug 2022[OPINION] Property market, Labour Government and Reserve Bank: an adversarial and unconstructive relationship
2 Aug 2022Financial pressure hits the borrowing public
1 Aug 2022Pacific Edge shares plunge on risk of revenue loss
1 Aug 2022Covid predictions – how did we do?
1 Aug 2022Jarden to build online investing platform
1 Aug 2022Kiwibank takes one-year rate below 5%; Economic data may put more pressure on rates
1 Aug 2022Lower unemployment forecast – with high interest rates to follow
1 Aug 2022Bond service to get massive upgrade
1 Aug 2022FMA set to release major consumer research ahead of COFI conduct regime

July 2022

30 Jul 2022TMM Saturday Special
29 Jul 2022Mainfreight shares rally for second day on US update
29 Jul 2022First Mortgage Trust makes two key appointments
29 Jul 2022New strategic accounts manager at AIA
29 Jul 2022Over the peak
29 Jul 2022Complaints of fear mongering by financial educators rejected
28 Jul 2022Mainfreight’s shares jump
28 Jul 2022Huge rent refund for Illegal ‘smoko shed’ conversion
28 Jul 2022FMA calls out industry over ethical claims
27 Jul 2022NZ Carbon units leap on ETS advice
27 Jul 2022The real reason why advisers are delaying FAP applications
27 Jul 2022The reason why advisers are delaying FAP applications
27 Jul 2022Mike Pero mortgages hires more people
27 Jul 2022$40 billion value wiped off housing market in six months
27 Jul 2022Tough headwinds and greater fall in house prices
27 Jul 2022How the FMA says it’s helping advisers to comply with the licensing regime
26 Jul 2022Energy stocks decline across the board
26 Jul 2022Renters making demands of property managers
26 Jul 2022Secondary loan market set up by peer to peer company
26 Jul 2022Staggering increase in Rotorua’s hotel room rates
26 Jul 2022Fundamentals have gone missing in 2022
25 Jul 2022Will there be many advisers left in a year's time?
25 Jul 2022New BDM for Financial Advice NZ
25 Jul 2022TSB beats the big four
25 Jul 2022New Zealand shares fall as recession fears rise
25 Jul 2022Buying opportunities stacking up for Canterbury investors
25 Jul 2022Harbour Asset Management publishes first annual sustainability report
25 Jul 2022FAP programme inches forward
22 Jul 2022Pacific Edge ends week on high
22 Jul 2022Mint appointed new Independent Director of the Board
22 Jul 2022Building costs soar and no end in sight
22 Jul 2022Rental market turning on landlords
22 Jul 2022FMA ups the ante on value-for-money project, won’t back down on original guidance
21 Jul 2022Pacific Edge rallies for second day on southern district health region deal
21 Jul 2022 Vocational retraining - the improvements
21 Jul 2022Big merger in mortgage market
21 Jul 2022FNZ buys private banking firm
21 Jul 2022Big merger in mortgage market
21 Jul 2022FMA reveals a plan and timeframe for COFI licensing
20 Jul 2022Pacific Edge leads NZ shares higher
20 Jul 2022Mortgage adviser wins no-loan-no-fee dispute
20 Jul 2022New sustainable fund comes to New Zealand
20 Jul 2022Auckland-based InsurTech firm aims for ASX listing
20 Jul 2022How Tower is growing its adviser and referrals network
19 Jul 2022NZ shares trade sideways during school holidays
19 Jul 2022House prices in free fall
19 Jul 2022Mortgage adviser wins No-Loan-No-Fee dispute
19 Jul 2022Phenix Salon Suites brings lucrative property management franchise opportunity to NZ
19 Jul 2022Locums strongly recommended for advisers
18 Jul 2022NZ shares shake off inflation scare
18 Jul 2022Inflation the big news today
18 Jul 2022High inflation brings new challenges for home buyers
18 Jul 2022Partners Life tells advisers more about the ‘claims squeeze’
18 Jul 2022Wellbeing programmes aren’t just good for your health
18 Jul 2022Answers to climate risk and housing getting closer
18 Jul 2022Inflation hits 32 year high
15 Jul 2022NZ shares fall as China growth slows
14 Jul 2022NZ shares climb as investors absorb inflation data
14 Jul 2022Don’t expect a housing market turn
14 Jul 2022Borrowers should escape the worst despite big OCR jump – bank economist
14 Jul 2022History may not repeat but it can rhyme
13 Jul 2022NZ market not bothered by RBNZ hike
13 Jul 2022RBNZ implements another big jump in the base interest rate
13 Jul 2022Why the RBNZ hiked the OCR - again
13 Jul 2022OCR up: What the RBNZ said
13 Jul 2022House sales battered
13 Jul 2022Zip lowers on lending to tradies
12 Jul 2022Spark shares jump after selling 70% of TowerCo for $900m
12 Jul 2022AIA teams up with online platform
12 Jul 2022Next set of CCCFA changes complex
12 Jul 2022Second tranche of CCCFA reform due out of the end of this month
12 Jul 2022A cluster of ‘modest’ accounts: what KiwiSaver balances really look like
11 Jul 2022Shares drop as investors wait for RBNZ decision
11 Jul 2022New mortgage lending rises after plunge
11 Jul 2022Another 50 point OCR rise forecast
11 Jul 2022Guilty plea in mortgage fraud case
11 Jul 2022Bank economists agree on another 50 point hike in the OCR
11 Jul 2022FMA plans to crack down on greenwashing
8 Jul 2022Eroad shares pick up speed for second day in a row
8 Jul 2022New Head of Enforcement at FMA
8 Jul 2022House prices now dropping rapidly as correction kicks in
8 Jul 2022Fidelity Life boosts non-medical limits as part of new underwriting package
7 Jul 2022Eroad shares on the road to recovery
7 Jul 2022Cigna makes new board appointment
7 Jul 2022Reaction: Day One CCCFA changes
7 Jul 2022Investors on the back foot
7 Jul 2022New appointment at PWA
7 Jul 2022New CCCFA rules could lead to fictitious budgets
7 Jul 2022Two futures for income protection cover
7 Jul 2022More homework from the FMA for those offering investment advice
6 Jul 2022Adviser offers digital home loan service
6 Jul 2022Adviser launches digital home loan service
6 Jul 2022Are we at the turning point?
5 Jul 2022Strong day on sharemarket
5 Jul 2022New lending option for advisers
5 Jul 2022Prospa offers new loan option
5 Jul 2022Why rapid advances in medicine and technology are pushing up premiums for life and health cover
5 Jul 2022Auckland house sales plummet but prices defy expectations
4 Jul 2022NZ shares start second half of the year more positively
4 Jul 2022Cigna now Chubb
4 Jul 2022Rental supply spikes while demand dwindles
2 Jul 2022Fisher sells Master Trust business to Lifetime
1 Jul 2022[The Wrap] The redemption of Moses
1 Jul 2022NZ stock market finishes first half of 2022 down 18%
1 Jul 2022UniMed picks up book of business
1 Jul 2022Vocational Retraining - Does it work?
1 Jul 2022Former AIA chief heads up Resolution Life
1 Jul 2022Wealthpoint to drive growth for insurance and lending advisers

June 2022

30 Jun 2022Eroad shares fall to all-time low
30 Jun 2022Westpac third bank so suspend lending; How is it impacting you?
30 Jun 2022Westpac third bank so suspend lending
30 Jun 2022Mortgage cover in the ascendant
30 Jun 2022Not if, but when construction starts falling
30 Jun 2022Conduct laws finally real
30 Jun 2022Controversial and coming soon, but how broad is COFI’s reach?
29 Jun 2022NZ shares fall as market rally evaporates
29 Jun 2022Flint sparks its first CEO
29 Jun 2022ASB joins ANZ and stops low deposit loans; Loan Market loses CEO
29 Jun 2022Loan Market CEO moves on
29 Jun 2022Housing market top of list for severe price crash
29 Jun 2022ASB joins ANZ in LVR cuts
29 Jun 2022Rules for massive residential intensification only weeks away
29 Jun 2022Pathfinder big winner
29 Jun 2022Advisers face steeper PI premiums, free run-off cover disappears
28 Jun 2022Sleepy day for NZ shares
28 Jun 2022NZHL gets a new chief executive
28 Jun 2022Former Westpac exec to head up NZHL
27 Jun 2022OBITUARY: Controversial adviser dies at 80
27 Jun 2022NZ sharemarket rebounds with Wall Street rally
27 Jun 2022FMA sets its sights on cyber security: a new to-do list for embattled financial services providers
26 Jun 2022New Code Committee members finally revealed
23 Jun 2022Index heavyweights do the heavy lifting
23 Jun 2022New dealer group option; Your networking event and product launch invite
23 Jun 2022New player enters mortgage group space
23 Jun 2022Patchy housing market shows widespread falls as well as some increases
23 Jun 2022COFI bill plans further crackdown on sales incentives
22 Jun 2022NZ shares fall as Eroad near all-time low
22 Jun 2022Sustainable PIEs on menu
22 Jun 2022Banks switch focus to refinancing
22 Jun 2022Adviser calls on David Clark to name new appointees to code committee
21 Jun 2022NZ shares rise as recession fears ease
21 Jun 2022CoFI changes welcomed; ANZ takes the rates lead
21 Jun 2022CoFI bill changes welcomed by advisers body
21 Jun 2022Questions over new office construction
21 Jun 2022Interest rates go higher
21 Jun 2022The income equation: why the bond+equity solution still adds up
21 Jun 2022Lower returns for longer; Advisers will have to work harder
20 Jun 2022NZ shares flat as recession risk puts investors off trading
20 Jun 2022Finzo adds compliance manager
20 Jun 2022REVEALED: New conduct rules
20 Jun 2022Govt softens conduct requirements for advisers
20 Jun 2022Massey moves forward from Avanti
20 Jun 2022Financial Services Council defends KiwiSaver after criticism
20 Jun 2022Mortgage Express adds new adviser
20 Jun 2022FNZ numbers revealed
17 Jun 2022Cautious trading follows week of share market turmoil
17 Jun 2022Pressure on interest rates to ease - possibly
17 Jun 2022Pressure on interest rates to ease - possibly
17 Jun 2022Twenty reasons not to abandon the housing market
17 Jun 2022Code committee finally ‘legal’ but mystery surrounds new appointees
16 Jun 2022NZ share market climbs as US Federal Reserve hikes interest rates
16 Jun 2022CCCFA slows FAP progress; New CEO at Mortgage Express
16 Jun 2022Mortgage Express gets a new, familiar, boss
16 Jun 2022Financial services complaints body wins years-long court battle against chief ombudsman
16 Jun 2022Uptick in litigation predicted if Insurance Contracts Bill passes in current form
15 Jun 2022NZ shares stabilise as US Fed meets
15 Jun 2022Housing market continues to take a battering
15 Jun 2022OnePath and Cigna pinged by FMA
15 Jun 2022CCCFA burden “hasn’t helped” the FAP licensing programme
14 Jun 2022Bear market territory causes benchmark index to plummet almost 3%
13 Jun 2022Canadian entrepreneur seeks to list crypto ETFs in New Zealand
13 Jun 2022US inflation data sends share markets into a 'tailspin'
13 Jun 2022Lower growth likely in GDP numbers this week
13 Jun 2022Landlords should be focusing on higher yields
13 Jun 2022How health insurance is bought these days
10 Jun 2022NZ shares slip as US inflation data looms
10 Jun 2022Banks splash the cash
10 Jun 2022Banks splash the cash to get customers
10 Jun 2022Asteron Life adds BDMs
10 Jun 2022Craigs Investment Partners appoints head of strategy
9 Jun 2022RBA's surprise hike continues to pinch bank stocks
9 Jun 2022Seven months of profits gone
9 Jun 2022Douglass to make a return to Magellan
9 Jun 2022CCCFA changes to be revealed; SBS's profits up; New PI
9 Jun 2022CCCFA changes finally revealed
8 Jun 2022Fonterra shares jump after share buyback programme announced
8 Jun 2022If you are frustrated with how long it takes to make an SOA, you are in good company
8 Jun 2022New professional indemnity scheme released
7 Jun 2022NZ shares fall as Sky TV shows its hand
7 Jun 2022SBS bank raises profits
7 Jun 2022Former ANZ exec joins Westpac board
7 Jun 2022Construction activity rises
5 Jun 2022How do we improve the retirement gap for women?
4 Jun 2022Housing confidence crashes
3 Jun 2022NZ shares rise as 'bad news is good news'
3 Jun 2022Price retreat as sales escalate
3 Jun 2022RBNZ could consider inequality as well as inflation
3 Jun 2022New head of operations minted
3 Jun 2022[WATCH] Now is not the time to sell an advice business
2 Jun 2022NZ shares follow global markets movements
2 Jun 2022Huge surge in number of properties for sale
2 Jun 2022Mixed messages – What still elevated levels of M&A activity may be telling us that the stock market is not
1 Jun 2022Pacific Edge leads NZ shares higher
1 Jun 2022Further falls in lending volumes
1 Jun 2022Centrix reports further falls in lending

May 2022

31 May 2022[OPINION] Insurance overhaul long overdue, yet consumer benefits by no means assured
31 May 2022Mortgage Lab takes on new advisers
31 May 2022SIFA takes new approach to adviser conference
30 May 2022Westpac NZ wins RBNZ satisfaction
30 May 2022a2 Milk drives NZ shares higher
30 May 2022Tougher insulation rules date for new homes could be pushed out
30 May 2022Clawbacks questioned in Australia; Should the same happen here?
30 May 2022Australian advisers told clawbacks are “unnecessary”
30 May 2022Ark explains its ‘dramatic under-performance’ to Kiwi investors
29 May 2022[PODCAST] Building a successful business
27 May 2022NZ shares slide into the weekend
27 May 2022[The Wrap] Is an advice crisis brewing?
27 May 2022Another key appointment at Mosaic
27 May 2022Basecorp raises more funds
27 May 2022Basecorp secures more funding
27 May 2022Lending on new mortgages plummets
27 May 2022FMA offers assistance over FAP “areas of concern”
26 May 2022NZ shares fall as earnings disappoint
26 May 2022Experts question interest rate forecasts; Pepper gets new NZ boss
26 May 2022Pepper gets new NZ boss
26 May 2022[GRTV] It's time to rethink responsible investing
26 May 2022Floating rate the first likely victim of big OCR rise
26 May 2022Reserve Bank predicting house price fall of 14% as market turns rapidly
26 May 2022Fidelity Life rolls out marketing toolkit
26 May 2022Top ethical managers named
25 May 2022F&P Healthcare drags NZX 50 lower
25 May 2022OCR up 50pts: Here is what the bank said
25 May 2022Yep, OCR up 50 basis points
25 May 2022Most borrowers ahead on payments
25 May 2022The new-client conveyor-belt is broken
25 May 2022Government needs to better fund FMA: Industry
24 May 2022NZ shares fall even as Pushpay climbs
24 May 2022Most borrowers ahead on payments
24 May 2022Illegal car removals costs landlord thousands of dollars
24 May 2022Announcing Property Development School: 7-Module Zoom Course
24 May 2022Fund managers seek clarity on FMA’s expectations on fees and commissions
23 May 2022AFT leads NZ shares higher
23 May 2022Brace yourselves: Big OCR hike predicted this week
23 May 2022Another 50 point OCR jump forecast
23 May 2022Rents rise and rise
21 May 2022[The Wrap] Three things we learnt from the FMA Value for Money report
20 May 2022Positive earnings lift NZ sharemarket
20 May 2022Beating the long-term average
20 May 2022Allbirds, from darling to disaster
20 May 2022Fund managers silent on FMA’s hard-hitting fees and commissions report
19 May 2022US dive brings down NZ stocks
19 May 2022First Home Loans house caps removed
19 May 2022Heartland Bank announces new CEO
19 May 2022House price caps off First Home Loans
19 May 2022Cigna plans income protection offer for grads, tweaks eApp
19 May 2022The next property frontier
19 May 2022[WATCH] How would God's portfolio perform?
18 May 2022FMA ramps up opposition to trail commissions
18 May 2022Meridian leads NZ stocks higher
18 May 2022Prices for development land set to skyrocket
18 May 2022Are your clients happy?
18 May 2022Conduct bill into new phase
17 May 2022NZ shares slide on recession risk
17 May 2022Complaints expected to rise
17 May 2022CBD retail and recovery chances
17 May 2022Borrowers in difficulty need to deal with it early
17 May 2022How do adviser businesses grow?
17 May 2022NZ Super Fund hit hard by global market volatility
16 May 2022NZ shares fall as Ryman drops 7%
16 May 2022Brian Gaynor dies
16 May 2022ASB expects an inflation adjusted 20% drop in house prices
13 May 2022NZ and Aussie dollars drop to two-year low
13 May 2022[GRTV] AIA rolls out direct life insurance plans
13 May 2022Interest rates biting investors as market correction kicks in
13 May 2022Conduct requirements a step closer
12 May 2022Hot inflation sends shares lower
12 May 2022[OPINION] Budget 2022 should back build-to-rent communities
12 May 2022Massive housing shortage turning but rental crisis looming
12 May 2022Financial Advice New Zealand hopes for COFI changes
11 May 2022NZ shares stabilise after slide
11 May 2022Magellan appoints new CEO
11 May 2022Tricky turbulent transition
11 May 2022Generate cuts fees, launches new KiwiSaver funds
10 May 2022NZ stocks struggle against dismal international headwinds
10 May 2022Ethical Investment conference and awards details
10 May 2022Westpac predicting 15% fall in house prices
10 May 2022Westpac’s results more good news for advisers
10 May 2022Fidelity Life turnaround promise
10 May 2022Mosaic adds two principal consultants
10 May 2022Nadia Lim comments throw ESG into sharp relief
10 May 2022Westpac’s results more good news for advisers
9 May 2022Shares tumble as China tightens lockdown
9 May 2022Westpac profit falls but says the result is solid
9 May 2022Asset sale helps as major bank wrestles with RBNZ criticism
9 May 2022[OPINION] Top RI adviser speaks out on Nadia Lim furore
9 May 2022Amplifi buys first financial planning business
7 May 2022Want crypto, clean energy or property with your KiwiSaver?
6 May 2022NZ shares had a bad hangover after a rough night globally
6 May 2022Latest lending volumes revealed
6 May 2022New mortgage lending still slim
6 May 2022Fund managers blacklist firm
5 May 2022NZ shares rise as Fed rate hike misses the mark
5 May 2022ANZ results a time for advisers to celebrate
5 May 2022Advisers crack a major milestone
5 May 2022BNZ profit grows
5 May 2022Falling house prices slowly entrenching
5 May 2022Why timing the market is a fool’s game
5 May 2022Kiwi Wealth makes two investment appointments
4 May 2022Investors stick to sidelines ahead of ‘colossal’ Fed meeting
4 May 2022FMT makes two key appointments
4 May 2022How did ANZ go in the past six months?
4 May 2022ANZ grows home loan market share and profit
4 May 2022Auckland sales and prices plummet
4 May 2022Financial Advice NZ appoints professional development boss
4 May 2022MMC now part of Apex
3 May 2022IkeGPS snatches NZX top spot; RBA rate hike surprises
3 May 2022Two cities drop out of the $1 million market
3 May 2022Partners first life company to cloud platform
3 May 2022[Obituary] Bill Lisle
3 May 2022Investors federation has plans to fix rental crisis
3 May 2022Mortgage applications take fall
3 May 2022Mortgage applications plummet
3 May 2022What are the chances of meeting someone who needs help with their insurance?
3 May 2022Experts criticise govt for haste and lack of input into proposed income insurance scheme
2 May 2022NZ shares follow US fall
2 May 2022Cigna pays 93% of claims
2 May 2022Landlord tax could breach tax principles
2 May 2022Southern Cross offers special health insurance deal to iwi’s elders
2 May 2022Should we have simpler products?
2 May 2022Wāhine wellbeing work welcomed
2 May 2022Sale of Kiwi Insurance to nib completed

April 2022

30 Apr 2022House prices could tumble at the same time across the country
29 Apr 2022NZ shares tread water
29 Apr 2022When a rising tide no longer lifts all boats
29 Apr 2022The big bank we didn't know about
29 Apr 2022The big bank we didn't know about
29 Apr 2022[GRTV] Rising interest rates drive investors into value stocks
28 Apr 2022Relief rally sweeps NZ sharemarket
28 Apr 2022Prospa loan originations up 64%
28 Apr 2022Prospa loan originations up 64%
28 Apr 2022Investors still sitting on the fence
28 Apr 2022Ethical investing: survey reveals key messages for advisers and fund managers
27 Apr 2022Pushpay recovery comes to a halt as global woes dent local market
27 Apr 2022RBNZ pushing ahead with DTIs
27 Apr 2022Resimac taking banks on
27 Apr 2022RBNZ to press on with DTIs
27 Apr 2022Skyrocketing rents matching record inflation
27 Apr 2022Construction costs soar
27 Apr 2022Running a customer-centric business: how the FMA wants to see it done
26 Apr 2022NZ shares struggle as Pushpay finds a suitor
26 Apr 2022Important tax speech from minister
26 Apr 2022No new taxes but a big tax enquiry – Revenue Minister
26 Apr 2022[GRTV] April full interview
26 Apr 2022Retailers opening stores that don’t sell anything
26 Apr 2022New default KiwiSaver funds start in reverse
25 Apr 2022Changes to the healthy homes standards coming
25 Apr 2022High inflation adds to advisers' challenges
22 Apr 2022King Salmon shares jump out of the water
22 Apr 2022[GRTV] Ballantyne warns of ‘unintended consequences’ of licensing regime
22 Apr 2022Celebrating Earth Day
22 Apr 2022High inflation likely to lead to another 50bp OCR hike
22 Apr 2022Spike in properties for sale as House Price Index drops
22 Apr 2022Searching for that right level of diversification
22 Apr 2022Ark gets downgraded
21 Apr 2022Markets unmoved by record inflation
21 Apr 2022Is health insurance still fit-for-purpose? The debate over mental health cover
21 Apr 2022Latest figures on non-banks lending; Inflation at 30 year high
21 Apr 2022Inflation hits 30-year high
21 Apr 2022JMI Wealth expands investment team
21 Apr 2022Non-bank lending moves slowly upwards
21 Apr 2022[GRTV] Why a new KiwiSaver fund is launched
20 Apr 2022F&P Healthcare bounces from 2-year low
20 Apr 2022What Adrian Orr told the world about NZ
20 Apr 2022Information gap as advisers and insurers struggle to comply with COFI
19 Apr 2022NZ shares near month low; dollar at 2-month low
19 Apr 2022RBNZ expresses concern over state spending
19 Apr 2022Advisers give their views on unemployment insurance
18 Apr 2022Ukraine invasion heightens already elevated volatility
18 Apr 2022How big are financial advice businesses?
14 Apr 2022Shares rise as investor try to pick inflation peak
14 Apr 2022What economists thought of the big OCR hike; What people think about banks
14 Apr 2022Why economists think yesterday's big OCR hike was right
14 Apr 2022FSC shines a spotlight on how young people think about the economy
14 Apr 2022People increasingly unhappy with banks
13 Apr 2022Double trouble for markets as RBNZ hikes rates
13 Apr 2022RBNZ delivers a 50 point hike to the OCR
13 Apr 2022Fidelity Life launches new-look claims content
13 Apr 2022What the RBNZ said: Monetary tightening brought forward
13 Apr 2022What the RBNZ said: Monetary tightening brought forward
13 Apr 2022Devon Funds goes global
12 Apr 2022Inflation sends shares sliding
12 Apr 2022[OPINION] New four step application process for prospective tenants
12 Apr 2022Flint Wealth gets responsible
12 Apr 2022ANZ Investments MD now heads up advice firm
12 Apr 2022New equities only KiwiSaver fund
11 Apr 2022NZ shares fall on interest rate risk
11 Apr 2022What researchers found when they looked at 3 million KiwiSaver accounts
11 Apr 2022Health insurer response times balloon out
11 Apr 2022RBNZ: Will they or won't they hike the OCR?
11 Apr 2022Tips for claiming property expenses
11 Apr 2022Divided opinion ahead of this week's monetary policy statement by RBNZ
11 Apr 2022Mint rolled into new group; former ANZ boss joins the team
8 Apr 2022Two small shares add some market drama
8 Apr 2022Select Wealth Management appoints new BDM
8 Apr 2022HER grows and faces change
8 Apr 2022Reverse mortgages set new record
8 Apr 2022Compulsory onsite inspections: scope of Reserve Bank’s power remains unclear
7 Apr 2022Southern Cross launches new online tool for confirming procedure cover
7 Apr 2022More ethical funds land on platform
7 Apr 2022More credit woes
7 Apr 2022More credit woes says Centrix
7 Apr 2022Building consent values skyrocket
7 Apr 2022Property prices and listings showing resilience
7 Apr 2022Market transferring in buyers’ favour
7 Apr 2022Cash will play bigger part in housing market
7 Apr 2022Is Asteron for sale?
7 Apr 2022Voluntary savings continue in KiwiSaver – ASB
6 Apr 2022Air NZ shares and rights slip
6 Apr 2022CCCFA changes finally revealed; Compliance nightmare
6 Apr 2022Changes to CCCFA finally revealed
6 Apr 2022Compliance too much for 44 year veteran; Rates rise: Knock, knock, knocking on 7%
6 Apr 2022FMA to host forums on COFI implementation
5 Apr 2022Musk’s Twitter buy boosts local tech stocks; Air NZ takes off
5 Apr 2022An active investment managers lockdown tool kit
5 Apr 2022How to design and fund a sucacessful health system: an expert’s view
5 Apr 2022Kaplan looks to grow services to advisers
4 Apr 2022NZ shares fall as Air NZ goes ex-rights
4 Apr 2022Ethical and Impact Investment Awards are back again
4 Apr 2022Northland Mortgage veteran considers quitting over 'compliance nightmare'
4 Apr 2022Director Support Programme
4 Apr 2022Former Mint director joins Public Trust
4 Apr 2022“Finfluencers” and the law – which could include your social media posts
4 Apr 2022 Health experts predict more collaboration between public and private sectors, and ACC
4 Apr 2022Changes styming tax deductibility become law
2 Apr 2022Drug using tenant cops damages awards twice in one year
1 Apr 2022Russia ends globalisation: Blackrock
1 Apr 2022Air NZ retains altitude as investor buy into raise
1 Apr 2022DIY landlords to escape regulations noose
1 Apr 2022Investors back in the market with bigger mortgages
1 Apr 2022Complaints against banks soar; Code committee not legal
1 Apr 2022Bank complaints rise
1 Apr 2022Rewarding the value hunters
1 Apr 2022Missing members: concerns raised over legality of code committee

March 2022

31 Mar 2022NZ shares steady despite Air NZ's descent
31 Mar 2022Ignite lights on new leadership
31 Mar 2022AIA boss back
31 Mar 2022Financial advice industry gets hard word on cyber security
30 Mar 2022NZ shares rally under shadow of Air NZ capital raising
30 Mar 2022Resolution Life CEO moves on
30 Mar 2022Loan volumes fall
30 Mar 2022Another month of falling loans – Centrix
29 Mar 2022F&P Healthcare breaks five day market decline
29 Mar 2022ANZ improves its governance: RBNZ
29 Mar 2022Two financial planning groups merge
28 Mar 2022F&P Healthcare continues to weigh on NZX50
28 Mar 2022Net outflow of migrants could affect mortgage market
28 Mar 2022How to deal with the regulator in times of tougher enforcement
25 Mar 2022NZ shares finish week down 1%
25 Mar 2022MBIE gives timeline for CCCFA reforms
25 Mar 2022Even in the toughest of markets earnings growth is rewarded
25 Mar 2022[OPINION] Who will buy KiwiWealth? And why it matters
24 Mar 2022F&P Healthcare falls for second day
24 Mar 2022Meet a Young Gun; What's happening with refixes at the big bank?
24 Mar 2022High valuations and rising interest rates = Volatility
23 Mar 2022F&P Healthcare sends NZX 50 lower as covid restrictions lift
23 Mar 2022[Obituary] Michael Garner
23 Mar 2022Home loan rates are rising: What's the best lending strategy
23 Mar 2022Earning power should stop huge house price falls
23 Mar 2022Drugs testing not enough to evict tenant
23 Mar 2022Incorporate ESG: a legal checklist
23 Mar 2022Mercer adds head of sustainability
22 Mar 2022Accuro removes time limit on claims
22 Mar 2022Shares rise as bond yields surge
22 Mar 2022Govt's proposed income insurance scheme may hurt insurers
22 Mar 2022Kiwis need better financial advice, says new FMA boss
22 Mar 2022ANZ appoints head of RI
21 Mar 2022Magellan co-founder Hamish Douglass resigns
21 Mar 2022NZ shares flat as market stabilise
21 Mar 2022Heartland pledges speedy mortgage processing
21 Mar 2022Partners Life gets new CFO
20 Mar 2022AMP Capital to disappear this week
19 Mar 2022How to work out a good property investment
18 Mar 2022Pushpay leads NZ shares higher
18 Mar 2022Highly experience director takes over Milford chair; TEA gets HR man
18 Mar 2022ASB spent all its cheap RBNZ money; Kan turns one
18 Mar 2022ASB turns off the tap on new home build
18 Mar 2022FMA didn't disclose Booster conflict
18 Mar 2022Sellers hold on to price expectations as FOOP rears its head
18 Mar 2022Tweaking CCCFA changes won’t rescue housing market from price falls
18 Mar 2022Don’t worry about prices - buying opportunities improving fast
18 Mar 2022FMA puts finishing touches on draft conduct guidelines
18 Mar 2022Kiwi Adviser Network turns one
17 Mar 2022Markets buoyed by Russia/Ukraine peace talks
17 Mar 2022Strong economic rebound in December quarter – Stats NZ
17 Mar 2022CCCFA may be changing, but not quickly; BNZ ups rates
17 Mar 2022Advisers told full licencing will become more streamlined
17 Mar 2022Brightline traps remain
16 Mar 2022NZ shares gain on open border and cheaper oil
16 Mar 2022Free mental health service continued for three months
16 Mar 2022Partners Life medical premiums set to go up 12%
16 Mar 2022Financial Advice veteran retires with warning note on new regulations
16 Mar 2022Milford adds new BDM
16 Mar 2022[Opinion]Two years of COVID – what have we learnt in the property world?
16 Mar 2022CCCFA reform inches forward; cabinet paper admits to flaws
16 Mar 2022FSC launches locum agreement guide for financial advisers
15 Mar 2022Pumping oil prices stall market
15 Mar 2022New highs set for one and two year rates
15 Mar 2022Prospa says more funds are needed by SMEs after two tough years
15 Mar 2022Outsource office admin advisers told
14 Mar 2022Travel stocks jump on hastened border opening
14 Mar 2022Residential property sales hit a trough
14 Mar 2022CCCFA changes don't go far enough; Industry trailblazer dies
14 Mar 2022Magellan continues to bleed funds
14 Mar 2022Overcomplicating Advice
14 Mar 2022[Obituary] Insurance industry trailblazer Chris Coon dies
14 Mar 2022Changes inside Pie Funds
14 Mar 2022CCCFA changes need to go further – Bankers Association
14 Mar 2022Strong economic growth forecast for December quarter – but don't celebrate yet
14 Mar 2022Strategi Institute gains Tertiary Education Commission Board approval to support on-job training
14 Mar 2022RBNZ seeks feedback on compulsory inspections and insurance enforcement
13 Mar 2022Kloogh investors lose most of their money
12 Mar 2022RBNZ plans to life company on-site inspections
11 Mar 2022Inflation hacks share prices
11 Mar 2022What advisers think of the CCCFA changes
11 Mar 2022FSC creeps further into adviser land
11 Mar 2022Podcasts for advisers
11 Mar 2022Mortgage advisers welcome CCCFA reform, but more detail needed
11 Mar 2022We'll call your clients: Edwards
11 Mar 2022Recent M&A activity, what is driving it and what it means
11 Mar 2022Harbour Investment Outlook - Ukraine invasion heightens already elevated volatility
11 Mar 2022[BREAKING NEWS] CCCFA changes coming
11 Mar 2022A win for borrowers; CCCFA changes won
11 Mar 2022Cathie Wood: some answers for jittery Ark investors
10 Mar 2022NZ shares rally as oil prices retreat
10 Mar 2022Ownership changes at SuperCity Mortgages
10 Mar 2022After 50 years, Brian Klee decides to hang up his shingle
9 Mar 2022NZ shares stabilise as buyers bag bargains
9 Mar 2022Low-fee Simplicity runs foul of FMA with misleading ad campaign
9 Mar 2022Banks rack up massive profits
9 Mar 2022Banking business booms – KPMG survey
9 Mar 2022Life insurance covers up but claims down through pandemic
8 Mar 2022Stagflation fear sends NZ shares sliding
8 Mar 2022Bolton steps back; bank boss steps in; ANZ doubles down on interest rate rises
8 Mar 2022Bolton steps back; bank boss steps in
8 Mar 2022Even higher interest rates forecast
8 Mar 2022KiwiWealth officially for sale
8 Mar 2022Women disadvantaged by working from home; Brightline test answers
8 Mar 2022Women disadvantaged by working from home – report
8 Mar 2022Financing the invasion of Ukraine
7 Mar 2022TMMO Daily news
7 Mar 2022NZ shares slide as oil prices spike
7 Mar 2022Accountants provide simple answer to brightline test
7 Mar 2022National Party proposals “will please financial advice industry”
5 Mar 2022The latest on Fidelity's ratings
5 Mar 2022Milford, Harbour and Bentham pick up gongs
4 Mar 2022Growth stocks lead NZX 50 lower
4 Mar 2022Join the Club – Financial wellbeing for Women
4 Mar 2022Generate KiwiSaver pumps $13.7 mill into social housing
4 Mar 2022[The Wrap] The war in Ukraine throws responsible investing on its head
4 Mar 2022Covid knocking advice businesses
4 Mar 2022Omicron hits the brokerage business
4 Mar 2022Records to topple for commercial and industrial sales
3 Mar 2022NZ shares jump on slow rate hikes
3 Mar 2022Big hitting government funds act on Russian investments
3 Mar 2022CCCFA hitting the wrong target
3 Mar 2022Solid borrowers, not the vulnerable, hurt most by CCCFA – report
2 Mar 2022NZ shares seesaw and investors buy bonds
2 Mar 2022Goppy's gone
2 Mar 2022Advice pays
2 Mar 2022Fishhooks for insurers in draft Insurance Contracts Bill
2 Mar 2022Record hotel transactions despite tourism and pandemic woes
1 Mar 2022NZ shares snap back after shock of war
1 Mar 2022Can you do digital insurance advice with a tiny IT budget?
1 Mar 2022The value of mortgage advice
1 Mar 2022Landlords: Don’t forget breach notices
1 Mar 2022Mortgage advisers make NZ borrowers better off – survey
1 Mar 2022Deal values Fidelity at $560 million

February 2022

28 Feb 2022‘Impressively resilient’ NZX 50 up 0.3%
28 Feb 2022Heartland Bank offers white-label product
28 Feb 2022FMA appoints new board members
28 Feb 2022Financial advisers told to expect people to leave the industry
28 Feb 2022Heartland Bank enters broker market
26 Feb 2022Asteron Life extends Best Doctors package to more customers
25 Feb 2022Mother of all reversals on NZX today
25 Feb 2022Orr explains how the RBNZ is driving the economy
25 Feb 2022Strong year for health insurance sector in 2021
25 Feb 2022Advisers get well-being support
24 Feb 2022NZ shares plunge as Putin invades Ukraine
24 Feb 2022The rising OCR and its effect on mortgages
24 Feb 2022Bold call from CoreLogic
24 Feb 2022Home mortgages will not rise at the same rate as the OCR – CoreLogic
24 Feb 2022AIA to engage one billion people globally by 2030
24 Feb 2022Workplace happiness key to retaining staff amid the ‘Great Resignation’
23 Feb 2022NZ equities shrug off bond rally and war threat
23 Feb 2022OCR up: Here's why
23 Feb 2022OCR up: What the RBNZ said
22 Feb 2022NZ shares fall as Russia recognises separatist regions
22 Feb 2022What to expect with interest rates tomorrow
22 Feb 2022AIA Group establishes InsurTech business
22 Feb 2022Heartland Bank raises profits
22 Feb 2022Housing downturn faster than expected - Westpac
21 Feb 2022Jarden building a warchest
21 Feb 2022a2 Milk shares push NZX 50 higher
21 Feb 2022Rising interest rates widely predicted
21 Feb 2022Premium income grows at nib
20 Feb 2022[Obituary] Peter Neilson
20 Feb 2022Investors immune so far to credit crunch
20 Feb 2022First words from new FMA CEO
19 Feb 2022Landlords still hold the upper hand - just
18 Feb 2022NZ shares down, Russian threat remains
18 Feb 2022Borrowers paying off debt quicker
18 Feb 2022People pay off mortgages earlier – Westpac
18 Feb 2022The key to being a commercial landlord
17 Feb 2022NZ shares prosper on strong earnings
17 Feb 2022Quarter of advisers facing burnout
17 Feb 2022The results are in for Asteron Life
17 Feb 2022Clark's CCCFA clues
17 Feb 2022Quarter of advisers consider quitting due to stress
17 Feb 2022There has been a revolution in cancer treatment, its ongoing, and its great news.
17 Feb 2022Not many Kiwis think it’s a good time to buy houses
17 Feb 2022New head of distribution at Fidelity
16 Feb 2022NZ shares rise as Fletcher Building hikes forecast
16 Feb 2022Property managers to be regulated
16 Feb 2022Will CCCFA changes go far enough?
16 Feb 2022Broker thinks CCCFA enquiry will bring limited changes
16 Feb 2022Housing market cooling rapidly
16 Feb 2022Tricky transition favours stock picking
15 Feb 2022KiwiSaver members better behaved
15 Feb 2022NZX 50 dips 10 points; Infratil climbs
15 Feb 2022Mike Pero mortgages names new CEO
15 Feb 2022Mike Pero mortgages names new CEO
15 Feb 2022CCCFA enquiry inches forward
14 Feb 2022FNZ valued at US$20 billion plus
14 Feb 2022Investors get access to Nikko's SRI fund
14 Feb 2022Doing well, doing good: ethical KiwiSaver funds top rankings
14 Feb 2022Survey supports the need for home equity release
12 Feb 2022nib getting back to normal
11 Feb 2022Hot inflation sends NZ shares falling
11 Feb 2022Bank boss optimistic around CCCFA changes
10 Feb 2022Earnings starts strong but NZX 50 falls
10 Feb 2022Bank chief lays out CCCFA changes that are needed
10 Feb 2022More than $1 billion walks out the door at AMP
10 Feb 2022Insurers react to proposed NZ Income Insurance scheme
9 Feb 2022NZ shares step higher ahead of earnings
9 Feb 2022ASB profit back on track
9 Feb 2022ASB raises profits in half year
9 Feb 2022Impact of Covid on household living arrangements
9 Feb 2022Research house asks if the end is nigh for Magellan
8 Feb 2022Travel stocks up as Aussie reopens
8 Feb 2022As residential property returns dwindle commercial property will rise
8 Feb 2022OECD notes Kiwi bank depositors get protection
8 Feb 2022What’s all this about a public income insurance scheme?
7 Feb 2022Partners Life reverts to original criteria for Premium Holidays and Policy Suspensions
7 Feb 2022Magellan boss Hamish Douglass steps aside
5 Feb 2022Responsible Investing – not a fleeting fad
4 Feb 2022NZ tech stocks slide on Meta's mega miss
4 Feb 2022Landlords to be belted again by Government
4 Feb 2022Has Consumer got it right on insurance and advisers?
3 Feb 2022Cigna New Zealand offers up to $30,000 free critical illness
3 Feb 2022Travel stocks up as NZ border reopens
3 Feb 2022OECD lends support to DTIs
3 Feb 2022Inside the FMA
2 Feb 2022Mainfreight shares hit $90 as market bounces
2 Feb 2022Why banks can't have standardised forms
2 Feb 2022Common approach by banks to loans might be nice but hard to achieve off – bank executives
2 Feb 2022Unemployment falls to 3.2%
2 Feb 2022Unemployment figures could prompt higher interest rates
2 Feb 2022OECD says New Zealand does well but difficulties remain
1 Feb 2022Bargain hunters drive NZ shares higher
1 Feb 2022CCCFA terms released; Bank bosses summoned to Beehive
1 Feb 2022Commission creep concerns FMA
1 Feb 2022Southern Cross celebrates NZ's workforce heroes

January 2022

31 Jan 2022CCCFA terms released; Bank bosses summoned to Beehive
31 Jan 2022NZ shares bounce from sell-off
31 Jan 2022Trade Me property prices reach highest on record
31 Jan 2022Kiwi Wealth on the block?
31 Jan 2022[The Wrap] The year of the adviser
30 Jan 2022Inflation likely to continue - bank economists
30 Jan 2022AIA appoints high powered board member
28 Jan 2022NZX 50 index drops below 12,000 points
28 Jan 2022Southern Cross Healthcare accelerates transformational change
28 Jan 2022New appointment at RBNZ
28 Jan 2022Inflation hits 5.9%
27 Jan 2022Shares fall as inflation heats up
27 Jan 2022Mike Pero CEO leaves industry
27 Jan 2022We're borrowing too much: Bagrie
27 Jan 2022CCCFA bad law but huge growth in credit is the bigger picture
27 Jan 2022Smartshares first to get investment passport
26 Jan 2022NZ shares up as Fed meeting looms
26 Jan 2022CCCFA enquiry might have terms of reference afterall
26 Jan 2022New lending product coming; From pepper spray to Pepper Money
26 Jan 2022Financial prudence varies across the country
25 Jan 2022A2 Milk jumps 6% as market falls
25 Jan 2022Prospa prospers in NZ and plans new product
25 Jan 2022Ex British police officer becomes senior manager at Pepper
25 Jan 2022Nikko sticks with Ark's investment strategy despite hard times
24 Jan 2022Sharemarket doesn't like NZ's omicron outbreak
24 Jan 2022No nitpicking from non-bank lender: Inflationary storm coming
24 Jan 2022Resimac seeks to avoid “nit picking” under CCCFA
24 Jan 2022Mega landlord claims refuted
24 Jan 2022Big jump in inflation forecast this week
22 Jan 2022Tricky transition favours stock picking
21 Jan 2022NZ shares finish shocker week down 3.5%
21 Jan 2022Suncorp refreshes senior leadership
21 Jan 2022ASB warns of high inflation, falling house prices
20 Jan 2022Investors brace for omicron
20 Jan 2022Auckland market turning for investors
20 Jan 2022ANZ predicting 3% OCR; Non-banks add voice
20 Jan 2022Non-bank lenders add their voice to over CCCFA woes
20 Jan 2022Is the inflation genie out of the bottle?
19 Jan 2022ANZ Bank now sees cash rate peaking at 3%
19 Jan 2022NZ shares routed as ANZ forecasts OCR to hit 3%
19 Jan 2022CCCFA enquiry starts; Endless bank policy changes
19 Jan 2022Low key CCCFA enquiry starts
19 Jan 2022Advisers inundated with policy changes by banks
19 Jan 2022Ignite Advisers look to the future
18 Jan 2022Landlords and investors still in sights of anti-investment sentiment
18 Jan 2022IkeGPS up 8% on contract extension
18 Jan 2022Cracks appearing in housing market
18 Jan 2022Mortgage advisers closely watching CCCFA enquiry
18 Jan 2022The return of value investing
17 Jan 2022NZ shares climb in light trading
17 Jan 2022Long wait times for loans
17 Jan 2022Impatient buyers wait in limbo as banks take up LVR slack
17 Jan 2022Flint investment platform ignited
17 Jan 2022Job market an inflation risk: ANZ
14 Jan 2022Minister agrees to look at CCCFA
14 Jan 2022Minister orders enquiry into CCCFA
14 Jan 2022First full week of 2022 share trading negative
14 Jan 2022Another tile added to Mosaic
14 Jan 2022The brutal impact of CCCFA
14 Jan 2022CCCFA cuts mortgage acceptances by 23%
14 Jan 2022Providing the personalised KiwiSaver advice that clients deserve, at scale...
13 Jan 2022Serko bounces from low with inflation data 'not too hot'
13 Jan 2022Non-bank deposit takers fail to elude latest Govt crackdown
13 Jan 2022Non-bank deposit takers fail to elude latest Govt crackdown
12 Jan 2022NZ shares fall as Serko hits 10-month low
12 Jan 2022Mortgage lending likely to ease this year: CoreLogic
12 Jan 2022Calls for more female advisers as money woes hit women hard
11 Jan 2022NZ shares fall as investors face up to inflation 'bogeyman'
11 Jan 2022Select Committee may look at CCCFA
11 Jan 2022Select Committee may look at CCCFA next month
10 Jan 2022Welcome Back; MP on CCCFA select committees asks for a review
10 Jan 2022CCCFA “not understood” by politicians
7 Jan 2022NZ shares flat as investors wait for job data
7 Jan 2022Majority of Ross Asset Management investors win bigger payout
6 Jan 2022NZ tech stocks hit hard as US Fed signals rate hikes
5 Jan 2022Infratil boosts NZX 50 in first session of 2022
5 Jan 2022In defence of Magellan: Editor's Note
5 Jan 2022Did your client understand your advice?
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