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Previous Articles Archive - 2013

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December 2013

31 Dec 2013Commercial investors feeling confident
30 Dec 2013Where have they gone 2?
30 Dec 2013Rise can't continue at this rate: Helm
29 Dec 2013LVR rules tweaked
28 Dec 2013Where have they gone?
27 Dec 2013Sheriff Hughes ditches his horse for FMA departure
27 Dec 2013Longer due diligence periods better: Whitburn
26 Dec 2013Speech: Sean Hughes reviews the FMA's first three years
24 Dec 2013One big bank to go
23 Dec 2013CPD problems for insurance advisers
23 Dec 2013Adviser-owned firm offered for sale
23 Dec 2013Marketing needs examination: Judge
23 Dec 2013Property market on hold
20 Dec 2013Lots of rate changes to end the week
20 Dec 2013Three Ross investors asked to pay back millions
20 Dec 2013[Weekly Wrap] Looking ahead
20 Dec 2013EDRs require long notice period
20 Dec 2013Tyndall adds client relationship manager
20 Dec 2013Expect a short pause: Newland
19 Dec 2013Confidence may prompt OCR hike
19 Dec 2013A time to QE taper but not tighten
19 Dec 2013TMM online
19 Dec 2013More advisers may work together in 2014
18 Dec 2013Trilogy settles on syndicate building
18 Dec 2013New appointments at Sovereign
18 Dec 2013NZAM's new CEO
18 Dec 2013Westpac follows ANZ
18 Dec 2013NZPIF: WOFs not the best approach
17 Dec 2013Questions about limited advice
17 Dec 2013ANZ hikes all fixed rates
17 Dec 2013Managed funds rules costly
17 Dec 2013Rentals tested next month
16 Dec 2013Another gong for Harbour
16 Dec 2013Boost sector profile in 2014: Cortesi
16 Dec 2013First-home buyers still absent: Survey
13 Dec 2013[Weekly Wrap] How much training do you need?
13 Dec 2013It's not a back down: Wheeler
13 Dec 2013Carve out of new builds not a back-down: Wheeler
13 Dec 20132014: Facing Different Risks and Rewards
12 Dec 2013Mortgage pain coming
12 Dec 2013OCR held, but not for much longer
12 Dec 2013OCR held, but for how long?
12 Dec 2013$1.1m for advice software
12 Dec 2013Sales below expectations: REINZ
11 Dec 2013So RBNZ makes exceptions now
11 Dec 2013KiwiSaver contributions still slow
11 Dec 2013Skill level 'has dropped'
11 Dec 2013New-look annuity type product explained
11 Dec 2013Why New Zealand needs annuities
11 Dec 2013Why we are exiting annuities: Milton Jennings
10 Dec 2013Kiwibank chases borrowers with floating rate special
10 Dec 2013Construction loans exempt from LVR rules
10 Dec 2013Westpac splits ratecard
10 Dec 2013Concern at stress-testing regime
10 Dec 2013New homes exempt from LVR rules
9 Dec 2013All but one Credit SaILS investors repaid
9 Dec 2013Will the QE trick continue?
9 Dec 2013Westpac splits floating rate
9 Dec 2013NZ Income adds people
9 Dec 2013Listen to what we say RBNZ urges
9 Dec 2013Committee responds to conflict concerns
9 Dec 2013Early signs of market change: QV
6 Dec 2013Public not listening to us: RBNZ
6 Dec 2013[Weekly Wrap] New rules on the way
6 Dec 2013CPD change may be a challenge
6 Dec 2013LVR rules are making a difference
6 Dec 2013Alexander: Too early to claim impact on lending
5 Dec 2013New Code submitted to FMA
5 Dec 2013Rules are making a difference: Helm
5 Dec 2013Home loan numbers creep up
5 Dec 2013Five gems of wisdom. What are yours?
5 Dec 2013LVR restrictions changing why houses sold
5 Dec 2013Financial literacy organisation welcomed
5 Dec 2013More rental properties available in Auckland: Report
5 Dec 2013Bill to ban foreign investors
4 Dec 2013Ennis new CEO
4 Dec 2013Trans-Tasman investment opportunities limited
4 Dec 2013Barfoot: Rules having no impact yet
3 Dec 2013OCR increase is coming; Westpac chases FHBs
3 Dec 2013Westpac enticing first home buyers to save
3 Dec 2013Chances of an OCR increase early next year rise
3 Dec 2013Advisers will pick up KiwiSaver: FSC
3 Dec 2013Asking prices, listing numbers down.
2 Dec 2013Insurance has a bright future, but needs to change: FSC
2 Dec 2013Fund managers predict pick-up
2 Dec 2013New board member at Plus4 Insurance Group
2 Dec 2013First-timers buy one in five properties
1 Dec 2013The Development of Adviser Technology

November 2013

29 Nov 2013[Weekly Wrap] FMA in the news
29 Nov 2013Changes at Westpac broker unit
29 Nov 2013FMA wants to increase its hourly rate
29 Nov 2013Trade Me claims overstated
29 Nov 2013No name suppression for investor
28 Nov 2013Shakeup at Westpac broker unit
28 Nov 2013Impact of LVR restrictions revealed
28 Nov 2013Higher-equity borrowers pick up mortgage slack
28 Nov 2013New FMA chief executive named
28 Nov 2013RESIMAC takes full control of home loan book
28 Nov 2013FMA paying more visits to AFAs
28 Nov 2013Residential investment strong: Stats NZ
27 Nov 2013Financial advice skills shortage
27 Nov 2013Interest rate rise may need to be sharp: NZIER
27 Nov 2013Builders: Expect consent drop in March
26 Nov 2013Big shake-up at Mint
26 Nov 2013Kiwibank slowing down before speed bumps
26 Nov 2013Tyndall appoints new Head of Distribution
26 Nov 2013Future bright for IFAs
26 Nov 2013Kiwibank already near target before rules kicked in
26 Nov 2013Landlords told: Watch out for rising rates
25 Nov 2013Old hand takes tiller at IFA
25 Nov 2013ASB cuts rates again. ANZ adds special
25 Nov 2013Islamic fund a challenge
25 Nov 2013Migration pressure increases
22 Nov 2013PGC wins case against former MD
22 Nov 2013[Weekly Wrap] FMCA not far away
22 Nov 2013Kiwibank goes mobile with home loan applications
22 Nov 2013Kiwibank latest with home loan app
22 Nov 2013Thinking on DIMS turned upside down
22 Nov 2013Capture opportunities in office market
21 Nov 2013Asteron shuffles leadership team
21 Nov 2013Stock-picking days numbered for advisers
21 Nov 2013Alexander: Prices not to blame
21 Nov 2013OECD identifies house price fall risk
20 Nov 2013Boutique fund managers dodge a bullet
20 Nov 2013We have a new bank
19 Nov 2013BNZ offers new rate and lowers others
19 Nov 2013Research houses philosophical about disclosure
19 Nov 2013Report suggests affordability improvements
18 Nov 2013Mortgage top-ups go mobile
18 Nov 2013TNP loses home loan boss
18 Nov 2013Darren Pratley to leave TNP
18 Nov 2013More questions about CPD
18 Nov 2013Rents creeping up: Barfoot
18 Nov 2013Northern lifestyle blocks popular
16 Nov 2013No silver bullet to regulation: Hughes
16 Nov 2013Code v2.0 near
15 Nov 2013[Weekly Wrap] Ross - case closed?
15 Nov 2013Ross given 10 years' jail
15 Nov 2013Big name missing from new fund manager
15 Nov 2013Tell us about your bank
15 Nov 2013FMA calls for licensing input
15 Nov 2013Investors won't make a loss: King
14 Nov 2013Hopes RAM investors may get IRD refund
14 Nov 2013No Plan B for IOOF
14 Nov 2013Risk appetite returning
14 Nov 2013Pick suburbs carefully: Westpac
14 Nov 2013First-home buyers giving up: Survey
13 Nov 2013RBNZ expects construction demand to stay strong
13 Nov 2013Housing market still worries Reserve Bank
13 Nov 2013Too early to tell if speed bumps work: RBNZ
13 Nov 2013The global outlook for 2014
13 Nov 2013The make up of an owner-occupied advisory business
13 Nov 2013Construction demand tipped to remain high
12 Nov 2013BNZ rewards higher-equity borrowers
12 Nov 2013Where do you trust your money…
12 Nov 2013Westpac follows ASB
12 Nov 2013Rich advisers will get richer
12 Nov 2013LVR restrictions blunt turnover
11 Nov 2013Face-to-face time limited for banks
11 Nov 2013ASB lowers one two-year rate
11 Nov 2013ASB lowers one two-year rate
11 Nov 2013Grosvenor sets sights on NZ and KiwiSaver
11 Nov 2013Rising house prices not a concern
10 Nov 2013Eyes fixed on the policymakers
8 Nov 2013ASB loses KiwiSaver man to the UK
8 Nov 2013[Weekly Wrap] Why don't Kiwis like advisers?
8 Nov 2013Builders angry at Govt plans
7 Nov 2013Portability not a no-brainer
7 Nov 2013Global equity fund seeks listing
7 Nov 2013Kiwis' 'vitriol' towards advisers revealed
7 Nov 2013LVR move likely to hit provinces hardest: QV
7 Nov 2013Investors unfazed by LVR rules
6 Nov 2013Hot competition for higher-equity borrowers
6 Nov 2013Online sales not biggest threat, poll shows
6 Nov 2013Fees may hit bank profits
6 Nov 2013Auction numbers still hot but 'may lose favour'
5 Nov 2013Challenge responsible investing assumptions
5 Nov 2013Trauma insurance 'becoming unsustainable'
5 Nov 2013What counts as CPD now?
5 Nov 2013Barfoot reports listings increase
4 Nov 2013Banker survives minimum wage challenge
4 Nov 2013What's the best income protection when incomes fluctuate?
4 Nov 2013Tax rules on share funds unfair
4 Nov 2013LVR restrictions not enough: ASB
4 Nov 2013Take a hint from Texas, report says
1 Nov 2013[Weekly Wrap] When is enough enough?
1 Nov 2013USB theft a warning for others
1 Nov 2013BNZ offering next-to-no low-deposit loans
1 Nov 2013DIMS questions remain for advisers
1 Nov 2013Surveys reveal buoyant market
1 Nov 2013Broker calls for new-house exemption

October 2013

31 Oct 2013Dollar concerns RBNZ
31 Oct 2013OCR unchanged at 2.50%
31 Oct 2013Regulation an opportunity
31 Oct 2013Apartments popular with first-timers
29 Oct 2013Being an AFA 'isn't good enough'
29 Oct 2013Bentley parked up (for now)
28 Oct 2013Call to add reasonableness standard
25 Oct 2013More gongs
25 Oct 2013[Weekly Wrap] KiwiSaver still the buzz
25 Oct 2013OCR decision a balance of dollar vs inflation
25 Oct 2013Asteron pips the big boy for award
25 Oct 2013Submissions close on code draft
25 Oct 2013Young people more interested in investing: Alexander
25 Oct 2013Call to enforce insulation
24 Oct 2013FMA reports on KiwiSaver
24 Oct 2013Coote joins AMP
24 Oct 2013Disputes scheme tees off with new name
24 Oct 2013Treasury recommends capital gains tax
24 Oct 2013Investors seek capital gains
23 Oct 2013Triplejump eyes global expansion
23 Oct 2013Lending rates slowing
23 Oct 2013Opportunities for advisers in KiwiSaver requirements
23 Oct 2013Squeeze on commercial property
22 Oct 2013Advisers wary of dabbling in online sales
22 Oct 2013AIA on a mission to break the cycle of under-insurance
22 Oct 2013KiwiSaver information available, if you can find it
22 Oct 2013Skip auctions if you want to sell to first-timers, agents told
21 Oct 2013LVR limits won't affect OCR yet: ASB
21 Oct 2013Reporting regime in effect
21 Oct 2013Peters misses mark on fees
21 Oct 2013AIA on a mission to break the cycle of under-insurance
21 Oct 2013Lifestyle market shortage looming
18 Oct 2013[Weekly Wrap] KiwiSaver advice addressed again
18 Oct 2013Jennings gets a gong
18 Oct 2013Disappointment lifestages not adopted for default funds
17 Oct 2013'Impartial advice' a default requirement
17 Oct 2013One path for one GM and another for three others
17 Oct 2013The answer to bad investment decisions
17 Oct 2013Westpac predicts price falls
16 Oct 2013Deal over KiwiSaver trail commissions goes sour
16 Oct 2013Rush on valuers as owners seek equity
15 Oct 2013Super fund adds new passive manager
15 Oct 2013Westpac reassesses preapprovals
15 Oct 2013Last annuity provider to exit market
15 Oct 2013Auckland commercial investors most confident
14 Oct 2013Tax treatment disadvantages KiwiSavers
14 Oct 2013Landlords benefit as first-home buyers retreat
14 Oct 2013REINZ reports spring surge
13 Oct 2013Fund managers under spotlight
13 Oct 2013AMP reshuffles leadership team
11 Oct 2013[Weekly Wrap] What makes a professional body?
11 Oct 2013RESIMAC restricts low equity lending
11 Oct 2013Patch protection blamed
11 Oct 2013Low equity loans for good brokers only
11 Oct 2013Whitburn: Labour's housing policies better
10 Oct 2013More deals offered for those with equity
10 Oct 2013ANZ's two-tier home loan rates
10 Oct 2013RBNZ predicts turnover drop
10 Oct 2013National affordability improves but regions vary
9 Oct 2013Tax change could alter investment behaviour
9 Oct 2013Economic momentum still building
9 Oct 2013Taking professional bodies out of the equation 'a boost'
9 Oct 2013Special housing areas announced
9 Oct 2013QV predicts activity flurry
8 Oct 2013KiwiSaver scheme closes
8 Oct 2013The Federal Reserve recants
8 Oct 2013Ralph Stewart returns with new product
8 Oct 2013Supply the issue: Harcourts
7 Oct 2013How much research must advisers do on equities?
7 Oct 2013Active v passive: The great debate
7 Oct 2013KiwiSaver advice debate not necessarily done and dusted
7 Oct 2013LVR move worries investors
6 Oct 2013Make sure policies cover what clients need: Southern Cross
4 Oct 2013[Weekly Wrap] Committee responds to feedback
4 Oct 2013Wheeler explains why loan-to-value ratios were introduced
4 Oct 2013Banks' interest margin up
4 Oct 2013Professional bodies 'will have to push harder' on CPD
4 Oct 2013Harcourts, Barfoot at odds
4 Oct 2013Restrictions' impact not sustained: Report
3 Oct 2013Draft version of revised code released
3 Oct 2013Tate hopes the next IFA chief executive lasts longer
3 Oct 2013It could take months to see LVR impact: Agency
2 Oct 2013Partners Life turns loss to profit
2 Oct 2013LVR restrictions 'could spark complaints'
2 Oct 2013Milford adds fund
2 Oct 2013 Older lives still need cover
2 Oct 2013Former non-bank lender joins TNP
2 Oct 2013Act penalties insufficient
2 Oct 2013Building consents slow
2 Oct 2013LVR restrictions 'could spark complaints'
1 Oct 2013Delay in draft of proposed new advisers' code
1 Oct 2013IFA CEO resigns
1 Oct 2013Govt gifts deposits to regional buyers
1 Oct 2013Record asking price recorded

September 2013

30 Sep 2013Fixed interest a fine balance for advisers
30 Sep 2013GPG sells out of TOWER
30 Sep 2013Kiwi money man has assets frozen and passport surrendered
30 Sep 2013Changes to ASB rates
30 Sep 20138 in a row for Sovereign
30 Sep 2013Time to rethink reporting of returns
30 Sep 2013Five months for plan submissions
30 Sep 2013Short-term LVR effect predicted
29 Sep 2013Watch out for new non-smokers: ISO
27 Sep 2013The future of pre-approvals in doubt
27 Sep 2013[Weekly Wrap] Ross still making headlines
27 Sep 2013LVR moves slowing housing supply
26 Sep 2013Adviser fined for using Ross Asset Management
26 Sep 2013RBNZ 'learning by doing'
26 Sep 2013Returns 'pay off' for green building
26 Sep 2013Advisers should be coaches: Kneebone
26 Sep 2013Reserve Bank could target investors
25 Sep 2013Blow for Ross investors
25 Sep 2013More mergers likely: PWC
25 Sep 2013Perpetual now officially an Australian firm
25 Sep 2013Mortgages more expensive
24 Sep 2013Finance Minister slams ASB move
24 Sep 2013AIA adds a sales team
24 Sep 2013New fixed interest manager in NZ
24 Sep 2013Regulation inhibiting advice
24 Sep 2013ASB cancels pre-approved loans
23 Sep 2013Pre-approvals cancelled
23 Sep 2013What's in the L and V of LVR?
23 Sep 2013It's not just home loans that maybe counted in LVR numbers
23 Sep 2013Commission charged on high end of price
23 Sep 2013ASB cancels preapprovals
22 Sep 2013Pressure on Kiwi equities market
21 Sep 2013Retirees are living longer, creating a new star financial product
20 Sep 2013TOWER Life sale a boon for some
20 Sep 2013[Weekly Wrap] Forward planning and looking back
20 Sep 2013KiwiSaver ruling for minimum wage earners
20 Sep 2013Specials not so special
20 Sep 2013Sharebrokers now in FMA's sights
20 Sep 2013Whatever gets you through...retirement
20 Sep 2013Migration momentum a property driver: ANZ
19 Sep 2013There will be a boom in advice: James
19 Sep 2013Commentator concerned at loss of data
18 Sep 2013FMA says it will do better with FMCA than AML
18 Sep 2013Hamilton renters get warning
17 Sep 2013nibs says lots of opportunities in health insurance market
17 Sep 2013AFAs set to produce their own annual reports
17 Sep 2013House prices likely to start to cool in November: Westpac
16 Sep 2013Challenge to grow insurance market: Southern Cross
16 Sep 2013Record health insurance payout
16 Sep 2013BNZ KiwiSaver Scheme hits $100m FUM
16 Sep 2013ASB adds second special
16 Sep 2013Call to address gap between RFAs and AFAs
16 Sep 2013Sellers' market, prices rising: Survey
16 Sep 2013Regional first-home buyers acting fast: REINZ
13 Sep 2013[Weekly Wrap] Adviser 'skipping processes'
13 Sep 2013Young borrowers actively rate shopping
13 Sep 2013Young borrowers actively rate shopping
13 Sep 2013Partners Life outlines its dealer group strategy
13 Sep 2013Advisers still getting to grips with regulation
13 Sep 2013Rent control policy questioned
12 Sep 2013Accuro CEO resigns
12 Sep 2013LVR move's effectiveness uncertain: Wheeler
12 Sep 2013What the Reserve Bank said
12 Sep 2013What the Reserve Bank said
12 Sep 2013ASIC concerns addressed by manager
12 Sep 2013LVR move's effectiveness uncertain: Wheeler
11 Sep 2013Partners Life to become a group player
11 Sep 2013OnePath name to go (for some)
11 Sep 2013Money Week calls up; but not huge
11 Sep 2013Lowest rate in a decade
10 Sep 2013Lowest home loan rate in a decade: HSBC
10 Sep 2013No OCR change, but rates still rising
10 Sep 2013Affordability action starts now: Brown
9 Sep 2013Adviser website idea panned
9 Sep 2013Battle for control of Guardian Trust's parent continues
9 Sep 2013OCR on hold but not all good news for borrowers
9 Sep 2013FMA: Investors will be disappointed
9 Sep 2013Life insuers get licence plates
9 Sep 2013Pathfinder: Keeping ETF fees real
9 Sep 2013PAA and IFA disagree on proposed Code changes
9 Sep 2013QV: LVR move won't slow market
7 Sep 2013LVR restrictions impact home loan pricing
7 Sep 2013Westpac joins low-equity fee hikes
6 Sep 2013Kiiwbank splits rates
6 Sep 2013[Weekly Wrap] Boosting positive profile
6 Sep 2013Better CPD flexibility 'important'
6 Sep 2013Alexander: Not enough builders
5 Sep 2013Superlife: TSB not a major loss
5 Sep 2013Fund manager mints a new team member
5 Sep 2013Harbour: Northern autumn uncertainty
5 Sep 2013Ponzi scheme alleged
4 Sep 2013Investors told to consider Australian real estate securities
4 Sep 2013Tyndall: Tapering tantrums
4 Sep 2013Another new insurance company
4 Sep 2013Take any chance to build public image: Tate
4 Sep 2013Buyers getting around restrictions: Broker
4 Sep 2013No upwards price pressure, agency reports
3 Sep 2013Low equity loans get more expensive
3 Sep 2013K2 changes stock selection process
3 Sep 2013FNZ looks to expand
3 Sep 2013Westpac increases rates
3 Sep 2013Landlords need more insurance information
2 Sep 2013ASIC slams manager
2 Sep 2013Drop commissions to eliminate conflict: NZ Wealth
2 Sep 2013Trade Me boss on buying life insurance
2 Sep 2013ANZ Retail to get new boss
2 Sep 2013One-person advisers devalue business: AdviceFirst
2 Sep 2013Property investment beats other asset classes
2 Sep 2013Inventory at record lows
1 Sep 2013Watch out for guarantees: Ombudsman
1 Sep 2013Pet bonds by the book: Whitburn

August 2013

30 Aug 2013[Weekly Wrap] Bad-news story nearing end
30 Aug 2013Three of seven plead guilty to mortgage fraud
30 Aug 2013Three of seven plead guilty to mortgage fraud
30 Aug 2013Advisers heading off formal complaints
30 Aug 2013Exclusive property up for mortgagee sale
29 Aug 2013Deemed rate of return falls
29 Aug 2013Ross pleads guilty
29 Aug 2013FMCB passed
29 Aug 2013Be clear on value: Dowling
29 Aug 2013LVR limits have limited impact: Westpac
28 Aug 2013The role of annuities in the New Zealand retirement incomes policy mix
28 Aug 2013Kiwibank aims to grow its share of the home loan pie
28 Aug 2013Kiwibank aims to grow its share of the home loan pie
28 Aug 2013Fidelity makes two senior appointments
28 Aug 2013Brown: Advisers struggling with principles-based approach
28 Aug 2013Price growth not exceptional: Barfoot
27 Aug 2013nib signs up Benji Marshall for new campaign
27 Aug 2013ANZ says speed bumps will slow the housing market
27 Aug 2013First FADC action taken
27 Aug 2013Flexible pensions proposal risks
27 Aug 2013TSB deletes special rate; Speed bumps will work
27 Aug 2013ANZ: How low will sales go?
26 Aug 2013Quote Monster business sold
26 Aug 2013ASB ups rates and adds special
26 Aug 2013Too many professional bodies: Advisers
26 Aug 2013Sunset clauses may burn investors
23 Aug 2013Campbell to step down
23 Aug 2013[Weekly Wrap] Adviser advocate resigns
23 Aug 2013New wave of rate hikes starts
23 Aug 2013OnePath trauma changes
23 Aug 2013FMA and Code at odds over adviser rules
23 Aug 2013ANZ cracks 7% mark
22 Aug 2013Kiwibank moves to self insure its loans
22 Aug 2013Kiwibank moves to self-insure loans
22 Aug 2013Direct sales not a threat to advisers: Sligo
22 Aug 2013Alexander: Rules will push up regional house prices
22 Aug 2013Five Star investors angry
21 Aug 2013Trade Me enters life insurance market
21 Aug 2013Aust super schemes not playing ball with KiwiSaver
21 Aug 2013Bank customers will be disadvantaged by lending restrictions; BNZ hikes
21 Aug 2013Cash sales declining: Property IQ
20 Aug 2013What it takes to be the FMA CEO
20 Aug 2013Customers 'will be disadvantaged'
20 Aug 2013LVR move stricter than predicted
20 Aug 2013Bank lending restrictions announced
20 Aug 2013LVR restrictions a thicker mattress rather than a stout fence
20 Aug 2013Advisers raise concerns about Code changes
20 Aug 2013Kiwibank to push investors back in queue
20 Aug 2013LVR restrictions announced
19 Aug 2013LVR restrictions a thicker mattress rather than a stout fence
19 Aug 2013AMP has better experience with life insurance claims
19 Aug 2013Time running out for life companies to get licenced
19 Aug 2013Ross investors face $3.8m clawback
19 Aug 2013Floating rates set to go close to 8%
19 Aug 2013Plan to help people switch KiwiSaver schemes
19 Aug 2013Kiwibank offers energy use check-up
16 Aug 2013[Weekly Wrap] Commission debate continues
16 Aug 2013New CPD guide for IFA members
16 Aug 2013Sean Hughes' speech to Workplace Savings
16 Aug 2013Arkinstall and co sentenced
16 Aug 2013FADC hears three cases but issues no decisions
16 Aug 2013More to go with house prices
16 Aug 2013Cycle 'may be only half-way through'
16 Aug 2013Hughes apologises to investors
16 Aug 2013'Cycle may only be half-way through'
15 Aug 2013ASB's bumper profit
15 Aug 2013Showing value for advice number one issue
15 Aug 2013Private option for listings
14 Aug 2013LVR restrictions a significant change: ASB
14 Aug 2013Do trips make a difference?
14 Aug 2013Loan restrictions creep closer - or do they?
14 Aug 2013Code review sparks soft dollar commission debate
14 Aug 2013LVR restrictions at odds with Government: Eaqub
13 Aug 2013Reserve Bank releases response to submissions on high-LVR restrictions
13 Aug 2013Aussie takes over IFA board chair
13 Aug 2013Two tier home loan pricing
13 Aug 2013How much do advisers earn?
13 Aug 2013Returning to the heart of being a broker
13 Aug 2013Botherway considers property fund: report
13 Aug 2013First-home buyers rush in
12 Aug 2013Code changes impact RFAs
12 Aug 2013First-home buyers try to beat restrictions: REINZ
12 Aug 2013House price expectations up
11 Aug 2013Changes to KiwiSaver subsidy, Welcome Home Loans announced
11 Aug 2013Shareholders to vote on note conversion
10 Aug 2013More RMA reforms planned
9 Aug 2013New appointment to Southern Cross Travel Insurance
9 Aug 2013General Finance reports growth
9 Aug 2013Code changes released
9 Aug 2013Wind up of LM Fund to start
9 Aug 2013[Weekly Wrap] Code Committee shows its hand
9 Aug 2013How to tell a good adviser from a bad one
9 Aug 2013Quick auctions not in vendor's interests: Helm
9 Aug 2013Lender seeking projects
8 Aug 2013CEO of biggest broking group resigns
8 Aug 2013LVR lending restrictions may not materialize
8 Aug 2013Henderson reduces fees
8 Aug 2013New chairman for Million Dollar Round Table
8 Aug 2013The return of big planning firms
8 Aug 2013Prices growing, but more slowly: QV
7 Aug 2013A little less stimulus ahead
7 Aug 2013RBA cuts, lenders pass
7 Aug 2013Auctions frustrating buyers
7 Aug 2013Investors less keen to buy Crockers
6 Aug 2013Fisher gets first performance fee
6 Aug 2013More on high LVR lending
6 Aug 2013Warren Buffett backs Partners Life
6 Aug 2013Increasing numbers of RFAs moving towards AFA status
6 Aug 2013Warning to construction firms: Not so fast...
5 Aug 2013Low equity loans fine as long as priced properly: Church
5 Aug 2013FADC's first hearing over in a flash
5 Aug 2013Pathfinder Monthly Commentary
5 Aug 2013When systems go bad
5 Aug 2013RESIMAC makes some changes to rates and fees
5 Aug 2013FADC hears first AFA complaints today
5 Aug 2013New listings offer no supply boost: Barfoot
5 Aug 2013First-home buyers driving prices more than investors: King
2 Aug 2013Two banks join RealMe; another thinks about it
2 Aug 2013Tyndall Monthly Commentary: China: External Discipline
2 Aug 2013Fidelity completes TOWER buy
1 Aug 2013AMP gets approval to combine schemes
1 Aug 2013New rate from TSB
1 Aug 2013KiwiSaver 'bailout' complied with rules: Westpac
1 Aug 2013Regulation 'not successful'

July 2013

31 Jul 2013[Opinion] Getting it off at the Playboy mansion
31 Jul 2013Bank insurance practises queried
31 Jul 2013Ireland keeps Code Committee chair
31 Jul 2013Springboard clearly LVR move: Matthews
31 Jul 2013Yield play on sharemarket diminishing
31 Jul 2013LDC investors get full refund
31 Jul 2013Broaden view on custody
31 Jul 2013Consider other tools to cool market: Commentators
30 Jul 2013Offsets open LVR debate
30 Jul 2013Speirs re-enters finance market
30 Jul 2013Code needs refreshing: Ireland
30 Jul 2013Thursday deadline date for LM fund
29 Jul 2013Westpac third to market with offset loan
29 Jul 2013Kiwibank switches home loan focus
29 Jul 2013FMA tells advisers how to give limited advice
29 Jul 2013Prospects for the NZ sharemarket
29 Jul 2013Strategic investors still likely to get 20%
26 Jul 2013[Weekly Wrap] Who has the responsibility?
26 Jul 2013F&P profit up 20%
26 Jul 2013Reading the OCR tea leaves
26 Jul 2013Problem found with AML
26 Jul 2013Interest rates: A game of two halves
26 Jul 2013Lowest rates have passed: ANZ
25 Jul 2013Kiwibank promotes offsets
25 Jul 2013Hike 'may come sooner than expected'
25 Jul 2013No OCR change - see what RBNZ said
25 Jul 2013Little improvement in financial literacy: Hughes
25 Jul 2013No change from central bank; Rate change from big bank
25 Jul 2013'Hike may come sooner than expected'
24 Jul 2013Public design next app
24 Jul 2013Making application process easier
24 Jul 2013Dispute schemes offering carrots to advisers
24 Jul 2013FMA files market manipulation claims
24 Jul 2013Key backs off on first home buyer exemptions - a little
24 Jul 2013Key backs off on first home buyer exemptions - a little
24 Jul 2013Why accountants and lawyers are treated differently
24 Jul 2013Newland: Buyers will find a way around restrictions
24 Jul 2013Investors asked for their views
24 Jul 2013Negotiate with insurers: ICNZ
23 Jul 2013University boss gets Reserve Bank role
23 Jul 2013RBNZ expected to be rock steady this week
23 Jul 2013Performance fees pay off for Milford
23 Jul 2013Key: LVR restrictions may be best solution
22 Jul 2013Investor lodges complaint against FMA
22 Jul 2013OCR move tipped within a year
22 Jul 2013Brokers concerned about LVR restrictions
22 Jul 2013Brokers concerned about LVR restrictions
22 Jul 2013AFAs face more DIMS hurdles
22 Jul 2013OCR rise tipped within a year
19 Jul 2013[Weekly Wrap] KiwiSaver-only adviser mooted
19 Jul 2013NZF frustrated waiting for Mike Pero
19 Jul 2013ASIC wants LM wound up
19 Jul 2013Rate watching
19 Jul 2013Plans for a KiwiSaver only adviser being considered
19 Jul 2013CVs no guide for insurance: Helm
18 Jul 2013Asteron making hay
18 Jul 2013Christmas OCR rise predicted
18 Jul 2013Get out of bonds and into shares: Pain
18 Jul 2013BNZ thinks floating rates about to rise
18 Jul 2013BNZ thinks floating rates about to rise
18 Jul 2013REAA: Buyers and sellers need more information
17 Jul 2013S&P hedges its bets on GFNZ's rating
17 Jul 2013TOWER discussing its solvency with RBNZ
17 Jul 2013KiwiSaver managers have work to do: FMA
17 Jul 2013TSB turn; OCR increase warning
17 Jul 2013A Million Dollar view from Philly
17 Jul 2013Small cities have big development costs
16 Jul 2013Six-year moratorium about to end for Geneva
16 Jul 2013First four named
16 Jul 2013Rates just keep rising
16 Jul 2013FMA ruling on AML overkill: PAA
16 Jul 2013Kiwis struggling with commute trade-off: REINZ
15 Jul 2013[Opinion] Bad news for advisers
15 Jul 2013RI funds in New Zealand outperform
15 Jul 2013What makes good insurance?
15 Jul 2013HNZ guaranteed rent not enough
14 Jul 2013NZ Home Loans cracks $1 bill mark
12 Jul 2013How bank home loan rates compare
12 Jul 2013Asteron to push level premium policies
12 Jul 2013Sue Brown moves to new role at FMA
12 Jul 2013[Weekly Wrap] Hughes is becoming mobile; so are we
12 Jul 2013Hughes prepares to saddle up
12 Jul 2013Sea of red rates
12 Jul 2013Watch out for added extras: ISO
11 Jul 2013Hughes has some regrets
11 Jul 2013FMA ceo Hughes to step down
11 Jul 2013Westpac goes higher and challenges brokers
11 Jul 2013Harbour wins international gong
11 Jul 2013New app threat to brokers
11 Jul 2013Another Kiwi does well in Australia
10 Jul 2013OCR hike middle of next year, NZIER says; Buddle court date set
10 Jul 2013Partners Life raises more capital
10 Jul 2013Don't forget corporate bonds
10 Jul 2013NZIER warns against early OCR hike
10 Jul 2013Property Council: Bring in plan in one hit
9 Jul 2013Get your loan approved on your mobile
9 Jul 2013Westpac lets customers get home loan approvals on mobile phones
9 Jul 2013Buddle trial date set
9 Jul 2013Advice, not product point of difference
9 Jul 2013Auckland price momentum grows: QV
9 Jul 2013Capital gain expectation driving prices: Westpac
8 Jul 2013Fidelity sells KiwiSaver and takes stake with buyer
8 Jul 2013New app for advisers
8 Jul 2013Should you use shares for income?
8 Jul 2013Kiwibank GM wealth and insurance resigns
8 Jul 2013Steps to mortgage broking success
8 Jul 2013Prices are up, but where are the listings?
8 Jul 2013Rents, tenant demand only up slightly: Trade Me
7 Jul 2013[VIDEO] What it takes to be a top mortgage adviser
5 Jul 2013Asteron to support charity
5 Jul 2013Ross case adjourned
5 Jul 2013[Weekly Wrap] Busy week for FMA
5 Jul 2013ANZ pushes up home loan rates
5 Jul 2013Police fail AML test
5 Jul 2013Harbour Monthly Commentary: Bond Market Blues
5 Jul 2013How much are your properties worth?
5 Jul 2013How much are your properties worth?
4 Jul 2013Fidelity KiwiSaver sale rumoured
4 Jul 2013Tyndall two take leave
4 Jul 2013Advisers wooed to Asian maket
4 Jul 2013Property managers offer P testing
3 Jul 2013Debt-fuelled bubble 'a mistake'
3 Jul 2013Move to fixed rates takes hold
3 Jul 2013Tyndall Monthly Commentary: Addicted to Quantitative Easing
3 Jul 2013Auckland house prices hold steady
2 Jul 2013Move to fix takes hold
2 Jul 2013TOWER gets new CEO
2 Jul 2013Pathfinder: Gold’s glitter – going, going, gone, or has it?
2 Jul 2013BNZ hikes long term rates
2 Jul 2013Unlawful and unethical behavior unnoticed
2 Jul 2013ANZ questions sustainability
1 Jul 2013Tools 'would have worked in last boom'
1 Jul 2013QFE's report card: Could do better
1 Jul 2013Houses for sale at six-year low

June 2013

30 Jun 2013Former AXA man lands top job in Australia
30 Jun 2013KiwiSaver boosting property sales
28 Jun 2013Ross 'misled' to become an AFA
28 Jun 2013[Weekly Wrap] Is it a case of banks versus advisers?
28 Jun 2013Details of FMC regime revealed
28 Jun 2013Long rate hikes from HSBC; Top up loans to get around LVR restrictions
28 Jun 2013Equities OK for income: Pengana
28 Jun 2013Ways around LVR restrictions
28 Jun 2013Chris Lee adds another banker
28 Jun 2013New Tribunal forms can be filed online
28 Jun 2013Concern at rental loan scheme
27 Jun 2013Adviser on trial
27 Jun 2013Five Star guilty plea
27 Jun 2013Loan restrictions could help maintain stability: RBNZ
27 Jun 2013Fisher Funds gets new board members
27 Jun 2013DIMS warning
27 Jun 2013Loan restrictions could help maintain stability: RBNZ
27 Jun 2013Squeeze on returns as rents stable
26 Jun 2013Mortgage fraud charges
26 Jun 2013Directors plead guilty
26 Jun 2013KiwiSaver schemes under scrutiny
26 Jun 2013Self managed KiwiSaver likely
26 Jun 2013Facebook your home loan rate
26 Jun 2013The rate rises keep coming; Facebook your rate
26 Jun 2013Many agents not earning 'living wage'
25 Jun 2013Don't fear the banks: Body
24 Jun 2013UDC lifts half-year profit
24 Jun 2013'Good response' to clear KiwiSaver explanation
24 Jun 2013Harbour adds new analyst from overseas
24 Jun 2013No good reason for soft dollar commissions: Naylor
24 Jun 2013Supply shortage could increase
22 Jun 2013Long rates rising
21 Jun 2013FMA eyes KiwiSaver issuers
21 Jun 2013[Weekly Wrap] Advice degree on the cards
21 Jun 2013Kiwibank increases two-year rate
21 Jun 2013Sovereign's latest commission deal
21 Jun 2013FSCL reduces fees
21 Jun 2013Investors told: Be careful
20 Jun 2013Govt looks for new bank
20 Jun 20135 things wrong with bank sold life insurance
20 Jun 2013Adviser fee levels unfair
20 Jun 2013Reality check urged for first-time buyers
19 Jun 2013AMP reports lift in fee income
19 Jun 2013Predictions for floating rates
19 Jun 2013Disability dilemmas put off insurer
19 Jun 2013Potential AFAs should be mentored: Tate
18 Jun 2013Forensic approach to disability claims suggested
18 Jun 2013Property trusts well positioned
18 Jun 2013'Price rises have a while to go yet'
17 Jun 2013One of LM's biggest assets worthless
17 Jun 2013Consumer confidence stats won't change RBNZ mind: ASB
17 Jun 2013Massey considers financial planning degree
17 Jun 2013Long rates rise; Classic goes
17 Jun 2013Harcourts stats highlight listings decline
17 Jun 2013Survey shows new listings aren't keeping up
14 Jun 2013House price solutions 'will be ignored'
14 Jun 2013[Weekly Wrap] Rules and more rules
14 Jun 2013Home detention for Dominion directors
14 Jun 2013What the experts said about the OCR
14 Jun 2013What the experts said
14 Jun 2013Equity income still fine strategy
14 Jun 2013US manager sees value in New Zealand
14 Jun 2013RBNZ's latest paper on insurance causes concerns
13 Jun 2013New Retirement Commissioner named
13 Jun 2013Liberty finally gains control of Mike Pero
13 Jun 2013David Ross charged over $400 mill ponzi scheme
13 Jun 2013Slight interest rate rise forecast
13 Jun 2013Slight interest rate rise forecast
13 Jun 2013Advisers yet to get responsible investing
13 Jun 2013Slight interest rate rise forecast
12 Jun 2013Flurry of home loan rate cuts
12 Jun 2013More record prices recorded
12 Jun 2013Pero sale settled
12 Jun 2013Newpark adds board member
12 Jun 2013KiwiSaver used to pay bankrupts' creditors
12 Jun 2013Clarity brought to issue of transfer of offshore pensions
12 Jun 2013Commission regulation unlikely: Tate
11 Jun 2013FMA warns on AML
11 Jun 2013AXA and AMP scheme merger closer
11 Jun 2013Concerns for units' maintenance plans
10 Jun 2013Interest rate predictions
10 Jun 2013Could dealer groups become regulators?
10 Jun 2013Nine more months of unchanged OCR predicted
10 Jun 2013Auckland buyers getting desperate: QV
10 Jun 2013Sprawl not an issue for NZ: Report
7 Jun 2013[Weekly Wrap] How much do consumers know?
7 Jun 2013Kiwibank switches home loan promotion
7 Jun 2013Harbour Asset Management: Another turning point for markets
7 Jun 2013Banks losing appeal for KiwiSavers
7 Jun 2013The Top Five things that aren’t done often enough when reviewing insurance
7 Jun 2013Latest life insurance sales stats
7 Jun 2013Restrictions on lending may have little impact
7 Jun 2013Fund managers score poorly, but improve
7 Jun 2013Higher borrowing costs coming
6 Jun 2013Australians finally get act together on super portability
6 Jun 2013Rebalancing period over: Barfoot
5 Jun 2013New bank tools possibly days away: BNZ
5 Jun 2013New bank tools possibly days away: BNZ
5 Jun 2013Challenges ahead for FMA
5 Jun 2013Pathfinder Monthly Commentary: Death and taxes – how certain are they?
5 Jun 2013Rate of construction leaps
4 Jun 2013Govt should regulate commissions: Naylor
4 Jun 2013Tyndall Monthly Commentary: Bernanke and QE
4 Jun 2013Borrowers go long
4 Jun 2013Borrowers go long
4 Jun 2013NZ firm forms JV with Swiss manager
4 Jun 2013LVR restrictions 'days away'
4 Jun 2013Less than a third worried by rising prices: BNZ
3 Jun 2013KiwiSaver boosting property prices
3 Jun 2013Supply and demand gap widens

May 2013

31 May 2013Mortgage lending picks up pace
31 May 2013Churn in Australian watchdog's sights
31 May 2013[Weekly Wrap] Wanted: More advisers
31 May 2013Fidelity Life appoints Chief Underwriting Manager
31 May 2013Bank KiwiSaver lure may backfire
31 May 2013Bottom of interest cycle reached: ANZ
30 May 2013Lombard appeals rejected
30 May 2013Gould steps down
30 May 2013PAPER: Finding real solutions for New Zealand retirees
30 May 2013Wheeler hints OCR cut possible
30 May 2013Another Australian manager crosses the ditch
30 May 2013Building consent numbers hit five-year high
29 May 2013Consumers 'ready to take on more credit'
29 May 2013ASB's new one year deal
29 May 2013New tactic with home loan specials
29 May 2013Poor retention rates can be turned around: AMP
29 May 2013House prices worry NZIER
28 May 2013Banking Ombudsman gets new chairman
28 May 2013Lead managers for Meridian, Genesis sales appointed
28 May 2013TOWER shareholders in for another payment
28 May 2013No good news for St Laurence investors
28 May 2013How to make advice a profession
28 May 2013Mike Pero Mortgages now Australian owned
28 May 2013REINZ rejects call to eliminate CVs
27 May 2013NZF approves sale
27 May 2013Suzuki, UDC team up
27 May 2013RAM investors allege insider trading
27 May 2013NZF accepts Pero valuation
27 May 2013NZF accepts Pero valuation
27 May 2013Leverage, not tax, advantage: APIA
24 May 2013Fraud accused not registered adviser
24 May 2013[Weekly Wrap] Regulation still a key concern
24 May 2013ANZ cuts one-year rate
24 May 2013Strong disapproval of ban on low home deposits
24 May 2013 Strong disapproval of ban on low home deposits
24 May 2013Want to go to Sydney?
24 May 2013Urgent action required over banks' KiwiSaver selling tactics
24 May 2013Lender given another serve
24 May 2013Consider trauma instead of medical cover: Partners
24 May 2013Top three Barfoot agents turn over $200m
23 May 2013Jenning's gems
23 May 2013IFA hands out awards
23 May 2013RFAs should become AFAs
23 May 2013AMP reviews fund composition
22 May 2013Kiwibank outlook downgraded
22 May 2013IFA gets two new directors
22 May 2013Don't bet on Aussie banks: PM Capital
22 May 2013Kiwibank outlook downgraded
22 May 2013Auckland lacking homeowners: Survey
21 May 2013Here's one for the FMA
21 May 2013Salt gets COO from AMP Capital
21 May 2013Top mortgage brokers named
21 May 2013Advisers' Code about to get tweaked
21 May 2013Get systems right, property investors reminded
20 May 2013PAA chairman resigns
20 May 2013Lender of the year named
20 May 2013LM court date pushed back
20 May 2013Partners wins PAA gong
20 May 2013RBNZ confirms macroprudential tools
20 May 2013Kiwis backing rental property
18 May 2013New to Business versus Business Overheads Cover
17 May 2013S&P sounds warning to some lenders
17 May 2013S&P sounds warning to some lenders
17 May 2013Advisers told to dob in peers
16 May 2013Final battle for control of Mike Pero Mortgages starts
16 May 2013Mike Pero accusations fly
16 May 2013Budget eyes property market
15 May 2013Adviser data safe dispute scheme says
15 May 2013Kiwibank does a switch
15 May 2013Kiwibank switches home loan specials to two year term
15 May 2013Investors 'need to take responsibility'
15 May 2013Kiwi houses too expensive: IMF
14 May 2013AFA requirements should be stricter: Hughes
14 May 2013Fidelity not hiring TOWER's sales force
13 May 2013Aussies take slice of Edge
13 May 2013Another new fund manager pops up
13 May 2013Buyers giving up: Survey
13 May 2013Sales numbers up but prices ease: REINZ
12 May 2013Revamp planned for AX
12 May 2013IFA names Grayland replacement
10 May 2013AIS opens the doors on its investment strategy discussion
10 May 2013[Weekly Wrap] What's left for TOWER?
10 May 2013Dominion Finance director pleads guilty
10 May 2013Lifetime grabs top broker
10 May 2013TOWER life business sold
10 May 2013Westpac outsources to employees
10 May 2013FMA 'too slow'
10 May 2013Accord fast-tracks developments
9 May 2013TOWER staff branch out
9 May 2013Stats hide large variations: QV
9 May 2013QV reports price momentum spreading
8 May 2013RBNZ introducing macroprudential tools 'soon'
8 May 2013Harbour Monthly Commentary: The Threat of Inflation or Deflation
8 May 2013Third time lucky for equity derivatives?
8 May 2013FSC policy replacement guidelines 'irrelevant'
8 May 2013Kiwis expect prices to carry on rising: ASB
7 May 2013Gold recovers but growth 'limited'
7 May 2013Interest rate warning for borrowers
7 May 2013Reserve Bank policies get blame for lagging rents
6 May 2013More action with one-year home loan rates
6 May 2013BNZ takes the one-year lead
6 May 2013nib appoints NZ CEO
6 May 2013Fund managers ineffective: Report
6 May 2013Council eyes Plan profits
6 May 2013Insurance changes: Don't guesstimate
3 May 2013Westpac reduces appetite risk
3 May 2013ANZ appoints private banking boss
3 May 2013Tyndall Monthly Commentary:Dangerous Assumptions Impact New Zealand
3 May 2013FMA gets 'good' report card
3 May 2013Geneva announces early payment
3 May 2013Upward price momentum stalls: Barfoot and Thompson
2 May 2013TNP makes GM of ops
2 May 2013Trilogy in court to win control of LM mortgage fund
1 May 2013Dorchester announces structure simplification, dividends
1 May 2013Pathfinder Monthly Commentary: Investing in Japan – an emperor with new clothes?
1 May 2013Finance sector more appealing: Survey
1 May 2013Growth funds report strong returns
1 May 2013Finance company customers seek out banks
1 May 2013Asking prices climb
1 May 2013ANZ: Is market sustainable?

April 2013

30 Apr 2013RESIMAC rate changes
30 Apr 2013No charges for Hanover: SFO
30 Apr 2013Westpac makes its one-year rate look good
30 Apr 2013Westpac makes its one-year rate look good
30 Apr 2013Partners Life rejects restructure scepticism
30 Apr 2013Inflation warning from Fisher
30 Apr 2013Consent drop may be a blip
29 Apr 2013Anger at delay in asking big Ross questions
29 Apr 2013New low equity charge from Westpac
29 Apr 2013New low equity charge for Westpac customers
29 Apr 2013Next set of new rules tweaked thanks to Ross Asset Management
29 Apr 2013HNZ targets investors
26 Apr 2013[Weekly Wrap] Commission is this week's buzzword
26 Apr 2013FMA chairman reappointed
26 Apr 2013Do commissions damage customer trust?
26 Apr 2013Partners Life loses staff
26 Apr 2013Investors over-represented in mortgagee sales
26 Apr 2013Clean, green image will attract buyers: Alexander
25 Apr 2013Pegasus Town's huge sale discount revealed
24 Apr 2013Early detection of cancer and private medical insurance
24 Apr 2013Threats of OCR hike possibly a ploy: Economist
24 Apr 2013The latest on the OCR
24 Apr 2013More cuts; Latest on the OCR
24 Apr 2013SBS goes under 5% across the board
24 Apr 2013Do you match the profile of the adviser industry?
24 Apr 2013Fine balance for Wheeler
23 Apr 2013No move in OCR yet: Economists
23 Apr 2013Govt reserve resolution scheme axed
22 Apr 2013No move in OCR yet: Economists
22 Apr 2013Banks cut one-year rates ahead of OCR
22 Apr 2013Fisher shows TOWER managers the door
21 Apr 2013Lenders targetted
21 Apr 2013Eco proposal criticised
20 Apr 2013One-year home loan rates fall
19 Apr 2013TOWER staff out of a job
19 Apr 2013[Weekly Wrap] Complaining about a lack of complaints
19 Apr 2013Let's reframe under-insurance debate
19 Apr 2013TNP looks to corporatised advice model
19 Apr 2013First adviser heads to disciplinary committee
18 Apr 2013New distribution boss for Fidelity
18 Apr 2013Campaign to tackle under-insurance launched
18 Apr 2013Family and friends NZers source of KiwiSaver advice
18 Apr 2013Competition putting pressure on bank margins
18 Apr 2013Complaints up but awareness low
18 Apr 2013No bubble to worry about: Alexander
18 Apr 2013No protection available for tenants: Greens
17 Apr 2013Competition keeps bank margins low: KPMG
17 Apr 2013Gold loses its shine
17 Apr 2013Don't pay too much: Newland
17 Apr 2013No stick needed for property investors: Whitburn
16 Apr 2013Govt ignores its own rules: Lee
16 Apr 2013Auckland house prices concern Govt: Key
15 Apr 2013Price can't be sole selling point: FMA
15 Apr 2013Property firms' merger terms agreed
13 Apr 2013Sellers' market spreading: Survey
12 Apr 2013[Weekly Wrap] MRP process leaves a lot to be desired
12 Apr 2013Dominion, North South Finance executive guilty
12 Apr 2013Kiwis investing in SMEs: English
12 Apr 2013Govt should get pinged over its MRP sales process
12 Apr 2013IFA and IBANZ College team up
12 Apr 2013FMA gives green light to offer document
12 Apr 2013Rental demand down and supply up: Trade Me
11 Apr 2013Buoyant market tempts new brokers
11 Apr 2013New Zealand's lack of deposit insurance unusual
11 Apr 2013Mudford: Grayland's job done
11 Apr 2013Tackle foreign buyers now: Alexander
11 Apr 2013Auckland prices driving national increases: REINZ
10 Apr 2013IFA loses its PD boss over conference switch
10 Apr 2013Van Eyk sale 'won't change research product'
10 Apr 2013Investors offered property shares
9 Apr 2013Kiwibank offers TC3 insurance
9 Apr 2013Kiwibank ends one special starts another
9 Apr 2013Regulation makes MRP discussion difficult: Leitch
9 Apr 2013Auckland businesses should look to the regions: Chamber
9 Apr 2013Price growth slowing but no let-up in sight for first-home buyers: QV
8 Apr 2013Low OCR may not be a sure bet: RBNZ
8 Apr 2013Kiwibank's 4.79% offer ends
8 Apr 2013Boutique not necessarily small
8 Apr 2013Harbour Monthly Commentary: In a more normal world?
8 Apr 2013House prices a concern: Reserve Bank
8 Apr 2013Auckland plan offered DIY-style
7 Apr 2013Listings pressure stays on:
5 Apr 2013MRP shares may sell for up to $2.80
5 Apr 2013Fisher settles TOWER buy
5 Apr 2013[Weekly Wrap] Mighty River Share price revealed
5 Apr 2013Why insurance advisers should care about the Credit SaILS report
5 Apr 2013Advisers ask: Are qualifications worthless?
5 Apr 2013Newland picks Pokeno for investors
4 Apr 2013Non-bank lenders under review
4 Apr 2013Insurer pays out $160,000 for surgery
4 Apr 2013Tyndall Monthly Commentary: Does Cyprus Really Matter?
4 Apr 2013Lo-doc lending for Christchurch
4 Apr 2013Lo-doc for Christchurch
4 Apr 2013Lo-doc for Christchurch
4 Apr 2013No need for fewer resolution services: FSCL
4 Apr 2013Million-dollar sales pick up
3 Apr 2013Brook: New Zealand Electrical Utilities
3 Apr 2013Web to unpick: Administrators
2 Apr 2013Credit Union Insurance licensed
2 Apr 2013TOWER sale settles
2 Apr 2013RaboDirect appoints new BDA for Key Account Services
2 Apr 2013Latest lending numbers
2 Apr 2013Terry Butler dies
2 Apr 2013TFAS advisers' role unchanged: TOWER
2 Apr 2013Security questions raised over open homes
1 Apr 2013Pathfinder Monthly Commentary: Don’t hedge currency exposures – part 2

March 2013

31 Mar 2013Morgan ends his investment business involvement
29 Mar 2013Waterfront investment opportunity “once-in-a-lifetime”
28 Mar 2013Mortgages hit new high
28 Mar 2013[Weekly Wrap] How much is advice worth?
28 Mar 2013Lifetime changes
28 Mar 2013Battle in the three-year term
28 Mar 2013Signs point up for prices: ANZ
28 Mar 2013Housing crisis will get worse: Alexander
28 Mar 2013House building down
27 Mar 2013LM seeking new loans
27 Mar 2013The Co-operative Bank's latest changes
27 Mar 2013RBNZ proposal may increase rates; Bank customers on the move
27 Mar 2013Variable Annuities – An Analysis of Financial Stability
27 Mar 2013Customers switch banks at twice normal rate
27 Mar 2013International small firms on offer to investors
27 Mar 2013No sign of improvement in Canterbury shortage
27 Mar 2013Waikato lifestyle beckons for city folk
26 Mar 2013Unpicking LM will take months: Administrators
26 Mar 2013Shareholders open to sale: Pinnacle
26 Mar 2013Increased capital requirements 'could make loans more expensive'
26 Mar 2013BNZ cuts long rates: RBNZ proposal may increase rates
26 Mar 2013Sovereign boss: Don't fear banks
26 Mar 2013Crockers reports price, turnover increase
25 Mar 2013KiwiSaver insufficient: FSC
25 Mar 2013SCF receivership wraps up
25 Mar 2013Most of Perpetual sold
25 Mar 2013'Opportunity there, if advisers can grab it'
25 Mar 2013'Plan action needed now'
25 Mar 2013Rental warrants examined by minister
24 Mar 2013LM commission questions
24 Mar 2013Ross investors must prove investment gains were fake
24 Mar 2013Wilder to retire
22 Mar 2013Kiwi banks ranked in top 25
22 Mar 2013[Weekly Wrap] Is no news good news for shareholders?
22 Mar 2013TOWER board grilled by shareholders
22 Mar 2013Waikato adviser joins Plus4
22 Mar 2013Vow not ruling out NZ
22 Mar 2013Wheeler should move rate now: Economist
22 Mar 2013Migration turnaround likely to boost prices
21 Mar 2013TOWER: No life sale yet
21 Mar 2013TOWER managing director steps aside
21 Mar 2013'Opportunities in NZ shares, emerging markets'
21 Mar 2013Newland: Consider shared equity scheme
20 Mar 2013LM investors' fears for payout
20 Mar 2013Brokers should make gimmicks irrelevant: McLeod
20 Mar 2013IMF sounds bubble warning
20 Mar 2013RFAs confused about AML rules
20 Mar 2013First-home changes suggested
20 Mar 2013Plan offers investors opportunities: NZPIF
19 Mar 2013Regulation showing results: RBNZ
19 Mar 2013Westpac matches ANZ
19 Mar 2013Westpac joins the action
19 Mar 2013Fund managers can’t outsource AML
19 Mar 2013Under-building not a nationwide problem
19 Mar 2013IMF issues bubble warning
18 Mar 2013Fitch warns about high LVR lending
18 Mar 2013Mint nabs former BT man for its board
18 Mar 2013Missing clients a problem for advisers
18 Mar 2013A rate fall before a hike
18 Mar 2013Sovereign predicting growth
15 Mar 2013ANZ cuts a rate but increases others
15 Mar 2013Capital + Merchant directors sentenced
15 Mar 2013Abano chief to chair Tower Medical
15 Mar 2013[Weekly Wrap] Fixing the FSPR
15 Mar 2013Yep, home loan rates go down
15 Mar 2013Questions asked about DIMS
15 Mar 2013Apartment sales heralded as sign of confidence
15 Mar 2013Lower rates may be looming
14 Mar 2013BNZ gets new head of wealth management
14 Mar 2013No OCR change this year, lower mortgage rates possible
14 Mar 2013OCR on hold: RBNZ
14 Mar 2013RBNZ leaves OCR unchanged
14 Mar 2013No change to the OCR
14 Mar 2013Regulation leads to poor quality: Academic
14 Mar 2013Foreign fears over-hyped: Alexander
14 Mar 2013OLLY NEWLAND: Capital gains tax is not the answer
14 Mar 2013OCR on hold: RBNZ
13 Mar 2013Reserve Bank faces tricky decision tomorrow
13 Mar 2013Interim Retirement Commissioner appointed
13 Mar 2013Changes tipped for pension transfer regime
13 Mar 2013Tools no substitute for OCR: Economists
12 Mar 2013National Finance director sentenced
12 Mar 2013FSP rules tightened
12 Mar 2013Mercer manages conflict of interest risk
12 Mar 2013RBNZ ponders re-insurance clampdown
12 Mar 2013Sickness could destroy families: FSC
12 Mar 2013Sales numbers up but pace slowing: REINZ
11 Mar 2013Banks sued over fees
11 Mar 2013Withers appointed to ANZ
11 Mar 2013Free TV latest bank carrot
11 Mar 2013Niko: Media acting without thinking on Mighty River accusations
11 Mar 2013OCR tipped to stay on hold but changes loom
11 Mar 2013OCR tipped to stay on hold but changes loom
11 Mar 2013Fund researcher eyeing NZ
11 Mar 2013TSB takes on KiwiSaver without AFAs
11 Mar 2013REINZ sells headquarters
10 Mar 2013Sovereign rating affirmed
8 Mar 2013Hubbard investors get another payout
8 Mar 2013Lessons for the finance sector
8 Mar 2013Product News: Sovereign
8 Mar 2013[Weekly Wrap] The value of advice
8 Mar 2013Former Hunter Hall managers' new fund
8 Mar 2013More openess from the RBNZ
8 Mar 2013Reserve Bank increases communication
8 Mar 2013Price momentum spreading: QV
7 Mar 2013ComCom slams Forbarr over Credit Sails
7 Mar 2013Harbour Monthly Commentary: Finding value in corporate bonds
7 Mar 2013New tool to sort home loan rates
7 Mar 2013Rumours swirl about TOWER Life sale
7 Mar 2013Managed fund boom good for advisers
7 Mar 2013Clamp down on foreign buyers: Alexander
6 Mar 2013Fraud case a one-off: AMP
6 Mar 2013Complaints rise - along with lending volumes
6 Mar 2013Leitch: FMA looks set to crack down
6 Mar 2013PM Capital's new man in NZ
6 Mar 2013No magic formula for fees: IFA
6 Mar 2013Pathfinder Monthly Commentary: don't hedge currency - ever!
6 Mar 2013Building activity picking up
5 Mar 2013Allied sells loan assets
5 Mar 2013Ombudsman reports home loan lending complaints
5 Mar 2013What do you think of the RBNZ's new tools?
5 Mar 2013Ratings tool criticised
5 Mar 2013Will macroprudential tools get the right results?
5 Mar 2013Auckland vendors head to market: Barfoot
4 Mar 2013ASIC looks at LM
4 Mar 2013RBNZ calls for input on macroprudential tools
4 Mar 2013Tyndall Monthly Commentary: Eurozone crisis far from over
4 Mar 2013Listings lag buyer demand:
4 Mar 2013Allied Farmers may be liquidated
4 Mar 2013Hanover duo win defamation case
4 Mar 2013Regulation leads to poor quality: Academic
4 Mar 2013ASB weighs up regions' house prices
2 Mar 2013The start of the end for Fisher Funds?
2 Mar 2013Fund managers call for level playing field
1 Mar 2013Home loan lending pace picks up
1 Mar 2013[Weekly Wrap] Fisher buys Tower
1 Mar 2013BNZ nabs Auckland City boss
1 Mar 2013Deal done; lending volumes up.
1 Mar 2013NZF payment freeze to continue
1 Mar 2013Bill aims to encourage health insurance
1 Mar 2013Advisers don't expect sell-off bonanza
1 Mar 2013Merger complete
1 Mar 2013LVR restrictions a bad move: Alexander
1 Mar 2013RMA discussion 'welcome move'

February 2013

28 Feb 2013ASB's KiwiSaver for adviser closed
28 Feb 2013AIA's parent reports bumper profit
28 Feb 2013Morningstar New Zealand Fund Manager of the Year 2013
28 Feb 2013FMA reveals its focus for 2013
28 Feb 2013Milford wins fund manager of the year
28 Feb 2013Govt moves to cool housing market
28 Feb 2013The problem with claims
28 Feb 2013Low rates 'hiding mortgage stress'
28 Feb 2013Banks ramp up competition
28 Feb 2013Risk of property price fall: S&P
28 Feb 2013Apartments pull building consent figures down
27 Feb 2013Govt moves to cool housing market
27 Feb 2013Finance sector profits booming
27 Feb 2013Fidelity Life hooks up with global giant
27 Feb 2013Ross collapse sparks wholesale debate
26 Feb 2013HSBC offers home loans at 4.99%
26 Feb 2013HSBC takes home loans below 5%
26 Feb 2013Default status attractive: Fisher
26 Feb 2013Spicers gets new directors
26 Feb 2013TOWER investments sold to Fisher Funds
26 Feb 2013First LM mortgage fund payout approaching
26 Feb 2013Rental property still tops for Aucklanders
25 Feb 2013KiwiSaver in plain english
25 Feb 2013Hedge funds offered as point of difference
25 Feb 2013IRD demand adds to Allied’s woes
25 Feb 2013Heartland posts profit lift
25 Feb 2013Low interest rates not giving big loan book boost
25 Feb 2013Harbour Asset Management Special Report
25 Feb 2013A warning to start the week; BNZ cuts
25 Feb 2013NZFAA: Two not a crowd
25 Feb 2013Property investors 'still confident'
22 Feb 2013Pressure on interest rates
22 Feb 2013AAA grows as AXA retired
22 Feb 2013[Weekly Wrap] Qualification debate
22 Feb 2013Westpac specials to end
22 Feb 2013Regional yield variations examined
21 Feb 2013Life insurance tax changes taxing industry
21 Feb 2013Counting advisers
21 Feb 2013Regan on AMP's KiwiSaver merger plans
21 Feb 2013Morningstar nominees announced
21 Feb 2013Guardian Trust owner a takeover target
21 Feb 2013AMP to merge KiwiSaver schemes
21 Feb 2013Separate adviser authorisation opposed
21 Feb 2013Partners Life launches new products
21 Feb 2013Asteron appoints group life BDM
21 Feb 2013Auckland growth inevitable
20 Feb 2013Kiwibank CFO on the move
20 Feb 2013BNZ calls in $450m of notes
20 Feb 2013Advisers in high demand: Survey
20 Feb 2013Battle for first home buyers
20 Feb 2013Cancellations, policy lapses cost insurance firms
20 Feb 2013Complexity 'helps advisers'
20 Feb 2013Banks target first-home buyers
20 Feb 2013BT gets a new manager from the super fund
20 Feb 2013LVR restrictions 'could provide wealthy buyers with cheap properties'
19 Feb 2013One problem solved for NZF
19 Feb 2013NZF settles dispute over sale of home loan book
19 Feb 2013RFAs should be qualified: Survey
19 Feb 2013Investment managers proving worth: Survey
19 Feb 2013How much is your house worth?
19 Feb 2013"Property love affair" may not be so strong
18 Feb 2013Superannuation Fund makes appointments
18 Feb 2013ANZ pleased with loan growth despite profit dip
18 Feb 2013From one group to another
18 Feb 2013Sovereign website awaits sign-off
18 Feb 2013Most Kiwis wary of insurance industry: Study
18 Feb 2013Edge Mortgages leaves Newpark for another group
18 Feb 2013Ross Asset Management liquidation committee
18 Feb 2013$100 million for property development: NZMS
18 Feb 2013New record price for lifestyle blocks
17 Feb 2013We were wrong
15 Feb 2013Giant ANZ bond issue to reset
15 Feb 2013[Weekly Wrap] A new impost
15 Feb 2013Capital + Merchant guilty pleas
15 Feb 2013Home loan payments via internet banking
15 Feb 2013ANZ: Still work to be done on KiwiSaver
15 Feb 2013Web won’t kill adviser conferences
15 Feb 2013Peter Rourke in new role
15 Feb 2013Kiwibank gets aggressive in the short term
15 Feb 2013Insurance cover change coming this year
15 Feb 2013Solid apartments 'sought-after'
14 Feb 2013ASB identifies potential in insurance sales
14 Feb 2013Kiwibank's "lowest-ever" rate
14 Feb 2013Advisers fuming at AML proposal
14 Feb 2013Survey reflects strong property market
13 Feb 2013ASB: Focus on insurance sales
13 Feb 2013Surprises await in application fine print
13 Feb 2013LVR restrictions picked for Aucklanders
13 Feb 2013AMP picks Mercer, drops Van Eyk
13 Feb 2013Aucklanders may be hit with LVR restrictions: Poll
12 Feb 2013New deputy for RBNZ
12 Feb 2013Asteron to offer Best Doctors
12 Feb 2013KiwiSaver gender gap concerns
12 Feb 2013Southern Cross picks insurance rebound
12 Feb 2013Asteron gets new underwriters
12 Feb 2013Property price rise not just about shortage: Westpac
11 Feb 2013Lender pursues Allied over $500k loan
11 Feb 2013Harbour Monthly Commentary: The price is right in equities
11 Feb 2013QV stats hide big discrepancies
11 Feb 2013Westpac cuts rates
11 Feb 2013'Natural' to buy wealth products direct
11 Feb 2013Milford expands team
11 Feb 2013Has compliance knocked the insurance adviser market?
11 Feb 2013Smith tackles development charges
8 Feb 2013Opposition to ‘life stages’ default funds
8 Feb 2013[Weekly Wrap] Default advice
8 Feb 2013Yield-chasing raises concern
8 Feb 2013Green light for rebuild
8 Feb 2013Rents up but yields down
7 Feb 2013Growth funds lead
7 Feb 2013Ross couldn't keep up with withdrawals: Receivers
7 Feb 2013FATCA 'workable' for NZ super
7 Feb 2013Strategic breaches likely: FMA
7 Feb 2013Prices will increase more quickly this year: Alexander
7 Feb 2013Anyone can buy a house: NZPIF
6 Feb 2013Bank chases wealth customers
6 Feb 2013Win for Partners Life
5 Feb 2013Directors plead guilty
5 Feb 2013ASB: Tools will be used to delay OCR hike
5 Feb 2013Dollar may hit US90c
5 Feb 2013Infratil buying back infrastructure bonds
5 Feb 2013Free audit insurance a first: Brokerage
5 Feb 2013Newpark nabs Sovereign man
5 Feb 2013Poker faces over housing
5 Feb 2013Barfoot reports strong January sales
5 Feb 2013No let-up in housing market for years: ASB
4 Feb 2013Different approach to target Asian market
4 Feb 2013Pathfinder Commentary: Portfolio protection
4 Feb 2013Appointment to target Indian community
4 Feb 2013Tate: Advice more important than scheme
4 Feb 2013Fund managers call for level playing field
4 Feb 2013Desperate buyers turn to leaky homes
3 Feb 2013Listings can't keep pace with interest:
1 Feb 2013Tyndall Monthly Commentary: Bondholders risk euthanasia
1 Feb 2013BNZ picks KiwiSaver launch date
1 Feb 2013From TOWER to NIWA
1 Feb 2013Govt: No views yet on FAA
1 Feb 2013Default status up to Govt
1 Feb 2013Former AFA investigated
1 Feb 2013Surge in lending growth for Kiwi banks
1 Feb 2013[Weekly Wrap] To CPD or not to CPD?
1 Feb 2013Commission ban 'inevitable'
1 Feb 2013Wheeler calls for regulation reform
1 Feb 2013Spicers loses National Investment Manager
1 Feb 2013Fewer Kiwis leaving the country
1 Feb 2013Apartments proposed for waterfront

January 2013

31 Jan 2013OCR: What the economists said
31 Jan 2013Hubbard payouts due in February
31 Jan 2013Aussie advisers told: Commission disclosure optional
31 Jan 2013Economists surprised by Wheeler's hawkish tone
31 Jan 201350% more advisers this year: Claim
31 Jan 2013OCR on hold - as predicted
31 Jan 2013Predictions come true
31 Jan 2013Newland: Best option? Do nothing
31 Jan 2013Economists surprised by Wheeler's optimistic tone
30 Jan 2013What's an actuary worth?
30 Jan 2013Green Party claims 'misguided'
30 Jan 2013Fidelity GM of sales quits
30 Jan 2013Don't get caught in social media web, advisers warned
30 Jan 2013Director pleads guilty
30 Jan 2013Leitch: Don't change the rules already
30 Jan 2013Premium hike fears dismissed
30 Jan 2013Newpark makes senior appointment
30 Jan 2013Volatile apartments push consent figures up
29 Jan 2013KiwiSaver buyouts a challenge for advisers
29 Jan 2013Government questions RFAs' professionalism
29 Jan 2013Emerging markets offer challenge, opportunity
29 Jan 2013Tripe: Banks exposed
29 Jan 2013OCR predictions for this week
29 Jan 2013OCR to move this year: Economists
29 Jan 2013Schemes benefit a lucky few
28 Jan 2013RFA irked by CPD ‘scaremongering’
28 Jan 2013The bittersweet experience of discovering a claim
28 Jan 2013Shearer: No $300k houses in Auckland
25 Jan 2013New job for ex-Tower Health boss
25 Jan 2013Anderson a leader in insurance space
25 Jan 2013[Weekly wrap] Conference controversy
25 Jan 2013Is profit part of CPD?
25 Jan 2013Greens' scheme slammed
25 Jan 2013Rising rents next on politicians' agenda
24 Jan 2013Integration creates insurance-specific CRM
24 Jan 2013BNZ scheme may bring bank sales issue to a head
24 Jan 2013IFA conference planning criticised
24 Jan 2013Housing market heat infectious: ANZ
24 Jan 2013Green Party calls for stricter tenancy laws
23 Jan 2013Emerging markets show long-term gain
23 Jan 2013Market surge sparks bubble warning
23 Jan 2013Forex broker charged
23 Jan 2013High-profile courses cancelled
23 Jan 2013Humiliation for Heatley
22 Jan 2013Bumper year for KiwiSaver growth funds
22 Jan 2013Sovereign gets a new CEO
22 Jan 2013BNZ registers KiwiSaver scheme
22 Jan 2013Westpac special but no cash back
22 Jan 2013Regulation prepares advisers for ‘new normal’
22 Jan 2013Council heralds construction lift
22 Jan 2013Heatley loses Housing
21 Jan 2013Crown funds at their limit with NZ shares
21 Jan 2013Two biggest broker groups to join
21 Jan 2013The first rates changes of 2013 and a merger
21 Jan 2013Government predicts house price boom
21 Jan 2013Capital gains tax support: Poll
18 Jan 2013ASB pushes out date for OCR increase
18 Jan 2013Advisers (and Accuro) love animals
18 Jan 2013Six in a row for Sovereign
18 Jan 2013Cynicism towards fund research misplaced
18 Jan 2013[Weekly Wrap] Clarity needed
18 Jan 2013Cigna boss takes on international role
18 Jan 2013Looking back 20 years
18 Jan 2013Mortgage approvals at 2009 levels
18 Jan 2013CVs no price guide: Newland
18 Jan 2013Price rises to become sharper: Alexander
17 Jan 2013TOWER Life sale rumours increase
17 Jan 2013NZ managers: Hands off the printing presses
17 Jan 2013FMA considering guidance on low-end advice
17 Jan 2013Ex-Fisher CIO launches KiwiSaver scheme
17 Jan 2013Lifestyle sales hit five-year high
16 Jan 2013Property a productive investment: Newland
16 Jan 2013HNZ 'referring clients to Salvation Army'
15 Jan 2013Second AFA loses licence
15 Jan 2013Muldoon’s legacy still haunting advisers
15 Jan 2013In the absence of openness, assume the worst
15 Jan 2013Short-term interest rates looking good
15 Jan 2013Auctions big news of 2012: REINZ
14 Jan 2013Small adviser documents ‘realistic’
14 Jan 2013Newland slams Trade Me stats
14 Jan 2013Rental listings up, interest down: Trade Me
11 Jan 2013Harbour Monthly Commentary: Stronger global growth signals
11 Jan 2013Advisers need to escape regulation bubble
11 Jan 2013Listings restrain growth: Bayleys
10 Jan 2013New code of conduct
10 Jan 2013House prices up as Auckland leads the way
10 Jan 2013Stock picking beyond most AFAs
10 Jan 2013200 properties on market since before 2008
9 Jan 2013A dubious first for David Ross
9 Jan 2013The AFA without products
9 Jan 2013Building consents trend up
9 Jan 2013Meetings on seismic policy
8 Jan 2013Bank expects action on the housing boom this year
8 Jan 2013The Brook Income Fund
8 Jan 2013Brook: Lights dimming on our “bright fibre future”
8 Jan 2013What advisers want to see in 2013
8 Jan 2013Listings lag despite price rise: Barfoot
8 Jan 2013Bach sales a barometer for economy
7 Jan 2013Tyndall Monthly Commentary: The expectations gap
7 Jan 2013Third piece of Pie due in April
7 Jan 2013Big moves unlikely in deposit rates
7 Jan 2013Insurance advisers warned against cancellation cash grabs
7 Jan 2013No summer slowdown in real estate market
4 Jan 2013Coffee cup cure for economy
4 Jan 2013Dearth of listings in Auckland: Report
4 Jan 2013Value of KiwiSaver first-home boost revealed
3 Jan 2013Perpetual on verge of becoming trans-Tasman business
3 Jan 2013Smaller profit in small homes: Colliers
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