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December 2014

30 Dec 2014Predictions for the property market
29 Dec 2014The people who have influenced advisers the most this year
24 Dec 2014DIMS exemptions explained
24 Dec 2014Tombstoning adviser convicted
24 Dec 2014Housing shortfall highlighted
23 Dec 2014Transfer market competitive, providers say
23 Dec 2014Milner moves on
23 Dec 2014Consider economic reality of development, Property Council says
22 Dec 2014Grosvenor drops DIMS bid
22 Dec 2014FMA: Mount was pre-regulation
22 Dec 2014Rental market may be becoming more competitive
22 Dec 2014KPG buys shopping centre
21 Dec 2014First MIS licence granted
20 Dec 2014Besant picked for accessibility team
19 Dec 2014[Weekly Wrap] What do you offer clients?
19 Dec 2014Advisers fear fraud backlash
18 Dec 2014FMA warns about pension transfer ads
18 Dec 2014Tricky time for investors
18 Dec 2014QFEs call for simplification
18 Dec 2014Interest rates on hold despite rebound: Report
17 Dec 2014Why should consumers use advice?
17 Dec 2014Changing face of Auckland
17 Dec 2014NZ cities top rent growth table
16 Dec 2014FSI 'sets the tone'
16 Dec 2014Harcourts reports market urgency
15 Dec 2014Two new board members at Plus4
15 Dec 2014Fund brings active and passive together
15 Dec 2014Funds get fee warning
15 Dec 2014KPG set for trading
15 Dec 2014Tenants paying 5% more
14 Dec 2014Advice for women savers
14 Dec 2014Who should worry about the FMA's focus on churn?
12 Dec 2014[Weekly Wrap] I hope you haven't missed this
12 Dec 2014RFAs watch out, the FMA is coming
12 Dec 2014Rents inch up
12 Dec 2014Christchurch market shows signs of slowing
11 Dec 2014Women less confident about reaching goals
11 Dec 2014Planet adds three advisers
11 Dec 2014All power to the consumers
11 Dec 2014The latest from the Reserve Bank
11 Dec 2014What the Reserve Bank said - Dec
11 Dec 2014Where will the OCR go next?
11 Dec 2014Size of market keeps fees higher
11 Dec 2014'Power to the consumers'
10 Dec 2014Associations scotch merger rumours
10 Dec 2014Westpac doubles inflation prediction
10 Dec 2014Boost for top-end properties
9 Dec 2014Call for higher standards
9 Dec 2014Commission regulation 'not the answer to churn'
9 Dec 2014Renters not positive about life as tenants
9 Dec 2014Will RBNZ go back to toolbox?
8 Dec 2014Where will the OCR go next?
8 Dec 2014The Kiwibank group move; Where will the OCR go next?
8 Dec 2014Chamberlain finally sells KiwiSaver business
8 Dec 2014[Weekly Wrap] Let's not follow Australia
8 Dec 2014Small funds 'forced out'
5 Dec 2014Focus on decumulation: ANZ
5 Dec 2014CVs prompt investors to increase rent
4 Dec 2014KiwiSaver Bill gets first reading
4 Dec 2014Returns being overestimated: Sheather
4 Dec 2014Asking prices show confidence, Trade Me boss says
4 Dec 2014Auckland prices 'reaccelerate'
4 Dec 2014Sales figures strong: Harcourts
3 Dec 2014Better disclosure of performance fees needed
3 Dec 2014The perfect performance fee: Part 2
3 Dec 2014Global Rebalancing: The Key Challenge in 2015
3 Dec 2014Asking prices hit record
3 Dec 2014Council rejects valuation criticism
3 Dec 2014Priciest homes sell as first-time buyers squeezed out
2 Dec 2014Edison in line for NXT research contract
2 Dec 2014UDC sees small lift in deposits
2 Dec 2014Christchurch: Before and After
2 Dec 2014Nikko AUM passes $4b
2 Dec 2014FMA boss: Adviser legislation tricky
2 Dec 2014NZPIF welcomes tax moves
2 Dec 2014Oyster risks capital gains tax
1 Dec 2014Plus4 expands
1 Dec 2014ASB makes matching changes
1 Dec 2014Do Kiwis know where KiwiSaver funds invested?
1 Dec 2014Prospects lift for Rotorua

November 2014

28 Nov 2014Time to promote advice: Dodds
28 Nov 2014Pressure on property
27 Nov 2014New FMA chair
27 Nov 2014Squirrel applies to become QFE
27 Nov 2014Advisers have 'obligation' to discuss ethics
27 Nov 2014Could you get a better deal from your bank?
27 Nov 2014Lending nears $5b as households pay down mortgages
26 Nov 2014FMA: We don't expect many personalised DIMS authorisations
26 Nov 2014Signs point up, ANZ report says
25 Nov 2014ANZ chops rates
25 Nov 2014Government-run annuity scheme proposed
25 Nov 2014ISO offers advice to adviser clients
24 Nov 2014Palmerston North housing’s big mover
24 Nov 2014KiwiSaver's ripple effect
24 Nov 2014Let's consider wealth tax: Little
21 Nov 2014LM founder Peter Drake faces legal action
21 Nov 2014BNZ takes axes to three-year rates
21 Nov 2014We have the rules, but how will it work?
21 Nov 2014FMA: Pressure on finances
21 Nov 2014Mixed bag for regional performance
20 Nov 2014Kiwibank hits the brakes
20 Nov 2014Westpac's Special rates of change
20 Nov 2014Kiwibank hits lending brakes
19 Nov 2014Encourage KiwiSaver engagement: ANZ
19 Nov 2014Accept regulatory change, new committee member says
19 Nov 2014Allow banks to assess borrowers' risk: Newland
19 Nov 2014A Labour win for landlords to celebrate
18 Nov 2014Former OnePath Life boss gets retirement job
18 Nov 2014Boyle: Challenges ahead for advisers
18 Nov 2014Call for property manager regulation
17 Nov 2014Fidelity up for top award
17 Nov 2014Former PIMCO boss gets a big bonus: Report
17 Nov 2014Website encourages churn
17 Nov 2014Harcourts: LVRs bad for NZ
17 Nov 2014Auckland rents rise
17 Nov 2014Bank's LVR move the right one, economists say
15 Nov 2014ASB group goes sub six percent
15 Nov 2014[Weekly Wrap] Some questions for the regulators
14 Nov 2014New members for Code Committee
14 Nov 2014Five-plus property investment rule changing
14 Nov 2014Property investors maybe subject to new income rule
14 Nov 2014OnePath tweaks products
14 Nov 2014Rumours AMP dropping active stance
13 Nov 2014Diversification - what's the point?
13 Nov 2014Cut insurance costs with KiwiSaver
13 Nov 2014Audits a struggle for advisers
13 Nov 2014Auckland median price hits new record
13 Nov 201430-year interest-only loan 'provides options'
12 Nov 2014North Asia and deflation
12 Nov 2014LVR restrictions staying
12 Nov 2014LVR restrictions to stay for some time
12 Nov 2014DIMS 'continuum' may prove frustrating
11 Nov 2014SPI directors banned for five years
11 Nov 2014Former AXA man joins Southern Cross
11 Nov 2014Advisers 'out of their depths'
11 Nov 2014Bond investing and financial advisers
11 Nov 2014Rents soar in Christchurch
11 Nov 2014Council site still struggling
10 Nov 2014Asteron takes out gong, again
10 Nov 2014BNZ and RESIMAC move rates
10 Nov 2014FMA wants feedback on personalised DIMS rules
10 Nov 2014AML non-compliance revealed
10 Nov 2014Buyers feeling more confident: ASB
8 Nov 2014Commercial returns at six-year high
7 Nov 2014[Weekly Wrap] It's going to take a long time
7 Nov 2014What is regulation's purpose?
7 Nov 2014What do you think of councils' land use rules?
6 Nov 2014What the mortgage leaders are thinking
6 Nov 2014Review a starting point for FAA discussion
6 Nov 2014Auckland accelerates away again
5 Nov 2014SBS moves down again
5 Nov 2014New advisory council for FDRS
5 Nov 2014DIMS regulations approved
5 Nov 2014200% commissions raise eyebrows
5 Nov 2014Trade Me prices at record high
5 Nov 2014Agreement tackles double commission conundrum
5 Nov 2014Market recovers from election uncertainty
4 Nov 2014Don't ditch growth at 50
4 Nov 2014Private landlords may be big winners in Govt plans
4 Nov 2014Pressure on prices, Harcourts says
4 Nov 2014Night flights 'boost Queenstown market'
3 Nov 2014NZ Super Fund drops AMP
3 Nov 2014PGC trading resumes
3 Nov 2014Decline in health insurance rates stabilising
3 Nov 2014[Weekly Wrap] Why doesn't everyone have to put the clients' interests first?
3 Nov 2014More short term home loan rate cuts
3 Nov 2014Break down investment costs: O'Grady
3 Nov 2014October rebound reported
3 Nov 2014ASB expects migration price pressure

October 2014

31 Oct 2014ANZ staff drive solid result
31 Oct 2014Co-operative Bank loses court battle over branding
31 Oct 2014HSBC does it again
31 Oct 2014Is the Financial Advisers Act working?
31 Oct 2014FMA has eye on commissions
31 Oct 2014Hamilton not cheap, affordable
31 Oct 2014Consents drop 10%
31 Oct 2014Price rises not consistent
30 Oct 2014OCR good news for borrowers
30 Oct 2014BNZ books big profit on lending turnaround
30 Oct 2014Kepa head of ops leaves
30 Oct 2014Here is what the RB governor said today
30 Oct 2014What the Reserve Bank said
30 Oct 2014Investors 'not fazed' by Gross departure
29 Oct 2014PGC shares suspended
29 Oct 2014Please complete our lending survey
29 Oct 2014Aussie providers slow to accept portability
29 Oct 2014Advisers not recognising complaints: FSCL
29 Oct 2014Confidence in agents slipping
28 Oct 2014[Weekly Wrap] Drumming up complaints unnecessary
28 Oct 2014New Nelson adviser for Plus4
28 Oct 2014Changes to interest rate forecasts
28 Oct 2014Adviser designations need attention: Scott
28 Oct 2014OCR predictions change
27 Oct 2014Big changes to interest rate forecasts
25 Oct 2014City's yields analysed
25 Oct 2014Very little crystal clear with Govt's state housing plans
24 Oct 2014Van Eyk liquidation application due in court
24 Oct 2014Your Guide to the FAA Review
24 Oct 2014'Better research could have helped advisers avoid collapses'
23 Oct 2014Criteria for lifting LVR rules reviewed soon: Wheeler
23 Oct 2014KiwiSaver members told: Don't forget tax
23 Oct 2014Small part of business can mean big compliance costs
23 Oct 2014Criteria for lifting LVR rules reviewed soon: Wheeler
22 Oct 2014Growing group want advice
22 Oct 2014Investors swerve LVR impact: Report
21 Oct 2014Commission questions to be asked
21 Oct 2014Apartments prove more popular
20 Oct 2014Grosvenor marketing man leaving
20 Oct 2014FAA review 'starting with a blank slate'
20 Oct 2014Landlord of the Year named
17 Oct 2014'Ross a hit to confidence in advisers'
17 Oct 2014Regulation a threat, investors say
17 Oct 2014Builder calls for widespread WOFs
16 Oct 2014Broker jailed
16 Oct 2014Don't discount small caps: Gaynor
16 Oct 2014Consider levelling playing field, panel told
15 Oct 2014BNZ moves rates
15 Oct 2014Diverging cycles driving FX market
15 Oct 2014FMA 'keen to back financial advisers'
15 Oct 2014Smith blames RMA for price rises
15 Oct 2014LVRs hurt regional NZ: Harcourts
14 Oct 2014SCF verdicts
14 Oct 2014PAA, IFA to boost collaboration
14 Oct 2014Housing affordability deteriorates
14 Oct 2014Capital gain required to justify investments
13 Oct 2014[Weekly Wrap] How important is commerce to new govt?
13 Oct 2014Fidelity posts record result
13 Oct 2014Sell-down prompts warning
13 Oct 2014Price growth slows: REINZ
10 Oct 2014Australian advice "failure" raises fears
10 Oct 2014Overseas investment laws don't need fixing: NZ Institute
9 Oct 2014Are your clients in for a shock?
9 Oct 2014Advisers return to MDRT
9 Oct 2014Interest rates biggest driver of affordability: Report
8 Oct 2014Aegis rejects claims it's exiting IFA market
8 Oct 2014English points finger at councils
7 Oct 2014China's change of tack slows global growth
7 Oct 2014Commerce gets lowest ministerial ranking
6 Oct 2014Lawyer ran Ponzi scheme
6 Oct 2014Path to one company for life insurer
6 Oct 2014Regulation 'could push RFAs out'
6 Oct 2014Calls for RMA to be made priority
6 Oct 2014Post-election lift - in some areas
4 Oct 2014ANZ drops low equity rates
3 Oct 2014[Weekly Wrap] Name calling tops agenda
3 Oct 2014Buyer for Van Eyk advice business
3 Oct 2014[Weekly Wrap] Name calling tops agenda
3 Oct 2014Asking price growth slowing:
3 Oct 2014Signs point to improvement, agency says
2 Oct 2014Pinnacle Life appoints CEO
2 Oct 2014Health insurance fraud under the microscope
2 Oct 2014Defensive fund gaining traction in New Zealand
2 Oct 201410% miss Information Return deadline
2 Oct 2014Asking price rise eases: Trade Me
1 Oct 2014The perfect performance fee: Part One
1 Oct 2014FMA warns KiwiSaver providers to put customers first
1 Oct 2014Cash fund open to AFAs
1 Oct 2014NZFP's AMP ties cut next month
1 Oct 2014Landlords investing with retirement in mind

September 2014

30 Sep 2014PIMCO founder steps down
30 Sep 2014Kepa gets new mortgage boss
30 Sep 2014Naylor: Time to rename advisers
30 Sep 2014New Massey financial planning director
30 Sep 2014Building activity slows
29 Sep 2014AMP offers death benefit to KiwiSaver members
29 Sep 2014Meeting brought Van Eyk concerns to a head
29 Sep 2014New system makes funding repairs easier
29 Sep 2014Landlords hesitant to lift rents enough to cover costs
26 Sep 2014Four year securitisation drought ends
26 Sep 2014[Weekly Wrap] Please minister, engage
26 Sep 2014FMA takes action on AML rules
26 Sep 2014Westpac targets landlord buyers
25 Sep 2014Van Eyk offices searched
25 Sep 2014AMP: Concern over advice quality
25 Sep 2014Call for tougher financial markets rules
25 Sep 2014Expect
24 Sep 2014The impact of climate change on investment strategies
24 Sep 2014Asteron up for three awards
24 Sep 2014Van Eyk concerns raised last year
24 Sep 2014ANZ: Migration will be market backbone
23 Sep 2014Christmas comes early
23 Sep 2014Christmas comes early for RESIMAC brokers
23 Sep 2014Make sure customers understand product: ISO
23 Sep 2014RFA requirements 'inadequate'
23 Sep 2014Tax decision helps expat landlords
22 Sep 2014Kiwibank takes knife to one-year rate
22 Sep 2014Nats' victory 'a win for investors'
22 Sep 2014Tackle RMA first: Property Council
19 Sep 2014Bank staff should make clear their limitations
19 Sep 2014Keep WOFs away from rentals: NZPIF
18 Sep 2014Action needed on DIMS
18 Sep 2014Renters feel housing conditions can't be improved
17 Sep 2014HSBC does it again
17 Sep 2014Stewart's NZIG gets boost
17 Sep 2014Industrial property stands out: Bayleys
17 Sep 2014Shakes rattle property industry
16 Sep 2014TSB cuts a couple of rates
16 Sep 2014Tyndall takes on new name
16 Sep 2014Market not slowing, Westpac says
15 Sep 2014Van Eyk enters administration
15 Sep 2014Advisers' role to grow: Tynan
15 Sep 2014Kiwis miss out on $400m
15 Sep 2014AFAs still struggling with requirements: FMA
15 Sep 2014'Get bargains near special housing areas'
12 Sep 2014Bank KiwiSaver 'cause for concern'
12 Sep 2014Stewart replaces Garrett on board
12 Sep 2014[Weekly Wrap] Bank bashing
12 Sep 2014Regulation of liquidity pondered
12 Sep 2014Where is spring surge?
12 Sep 2014Turnover down again in REINZ stats
11 Sep 2014Floating rates flat for seven more months
11 Sep 2014Interest rates on hold for some time
11 Sep 2014What the Reserve Bank said - Sept
11 Sep 2014OCR to be held - and for sometime
11 Sep 2014Bank advice concerns questioned
11 Sep 2014Election affecting sales activity: Harcourts
11 Sep 2014Christchurch rents set pace
10 Sep 2014Insurers need to self-regulate advisers before it’s too late
10 Sep 2014AIA appoints managers
10 Sep 2014RBNZ still in a period of prudent assessment
10 Sep 2014Perceptions about the price of life insurance
10 Sep 2014Everett: Get good advice
10 Sep 2014How much work is KiwiSaver for advisers?
10 Sep 2014Productivity Commission to examine council approach
9 Sep 2014Fees a hurdle for advisers
9 Sep 2014Smaller may be the answer
8 Sep 2014OCR preview: Kiwibank plays long game
8 Sep 2014Not much flavour expected in OCR announcement
8 Sep 2014EDRs not an easy fit for advisers
8 Sep 2014Few investors opt to DIY
5 Sep 2014TOWER completes sale of life business
5 Sep 2014AIA changes commission, clawback structure
5 Sep 2014Asset managers troubled by regulatory cost
5 Sep 2014Look at leasehold: Dunn
4 Sep 2014Kepa appoints national sales manager
4 Sep 2014Is it time for something new from the world's central bankers?
4 Sep 2014CGT 'could skew investment'
4 Sep 2014BNP appoints New Zealand head
4 Sep 2014Audit cost drives adviser to offer service
4 Sep 2014QV: Price rise slowdown continues
3 Sep 2014800 AML returns sent to FMA
3 Sep 2014Partners drops shadow share scheme
3 Sep 2014Election making buyers wary: B&T
2 Sep 2014ANZ takes action to on-year rate
2 Sep 2014No unaffordability for renters: NZPIF
1 Sep 2014New course for mortgage advisers
1 Sep 2014TSB picks on two-year rate
1 Sep 2014Leave KiwiSaver alone: Commentator
1 Sep 2014Bank advice 'an area of concern'
1 Sep 2014What’s the point of independent advisers?
1 Sep 2014First-home buyer focus pays off: Kiwibank

August 2014

31 Aug 2014SIPOs for fund managers
30 Aug 2014ASB adds Special
29 Aug 2014Boyle leaves ANZ
29 Aug 2014[Weekly Wrap] Regulators need to be careful with funds firms
29 Aug 2014Older investors a key concern: Commission
29 Aug 2014Govt welcomes consent figures
29 Aug 2014Service a response to burned investors
28 Aug 2014BNZ has new Classic rate
28 Aug 2014AMP looking for new wealth boss
28 Aug 2014Ignore technology at your business' risk
28 Aug 2014Don't remove investor rights: NZPIF
27 Aug 2014Higher standards imposed on advisers
27 Aug 2014Fix for two years, economists recommend
27 Aug 2014Greens call for WOFs, rights of renewal
27 Aug 2014Talk to bank before selling: Ombudsman
26 Aug 2014New financial literacy idea
26 Aug 2014Fixed home loan rates come down
26 Aug 2014Advisers must be better than 10 years ago: FSC
26 Aug 2014FMA eyes terminated funds
26 Aug 2014Massive shortage looming: Report
25 Aug 2014Van Eyk shareholder wants out
25 Aug 2014International equities prices raise eyebrows
25 Aug 2014First-home help welcomed
25 Aug 2014Auckland rents up
24 Aug 2014National plans KiwiSaver changes
22 Aug 2014[Weekly Wrap] The evolving face of AMP
22 Aug 2014RESIMAC moves to end the week
22 Aug 2014AMP well-positioned for insurance tax changes
22 Aug 2014AML returns relying on estimates
21 Aug 2014It's always the adviser's fault - not
21 Aug 2014Consider commercial opportunities: Newland
20 Aug 2014Magellan moves to cash
20 Aug 2014Pretty benign economic news
20 Aug 2014FMA takes first ever action against a trustee company
20 Aug 2014AMP sets goals for post-retirement
20 Aug 2014Asking prices remain strong
19 Aug 2014Tyndall looking at multi-asset products
19 Aug 2014Be ready to discuss risk
19 Aug 2014Values increase by a third
18 Aug 2014HSBC removes specials and changes rates
18 Aug 2014[MRadio] A refi tale
18 Aug 2014Making a claim? Prove it
18 Aug 2014Tackle housing issues without pushing up rents: NZPIF
15 Aug 2014Sovereign posts solid result
15 Aug 2014[Weekly Wrap] A week of surprises
15 Aug 2014Calling all property investors
15 Aug 2014Shadow shares hit bottom line
15 Aug 2014Sentiment falls to seven-year low
14 Aug 2014New lending options coming
14 Aug 2014KiwiSaver fees under the spotlight
14 Aug 2014Advisers to do AML due diligence for fund managers
14 Aug 2014Partners not concerned by loss
14 Aug 2014Prices will keep rising: Alexander
13 Aug 2014Another record profit for a bank
13 Aug 2014Another record profit for a bank
13 Aug 2014Bank KiwiSaver selling practices back on FMA radar
13 Aug 2014'Good time to be commercial landlord'
12 Aug 2014Westpac CEO resigns
12 Aug 2014Strategic Finance investors about to get first payout
12 Aug 2014BNZ follows suit: ASB changes OCR forecast
12 Aug 2014Next OCR hike not till March: ASB
12 Aug 2014Financial advisers not up to scratch yet: FMA
12 Aug 2014Auckland, Canterbury driving prices: REINZ
11 Aug 2014A finely balanced RBNZ decision
11 Aug 2014Westpac cuts and lowers
11 Aug 2014Tax campaign called 'self-serving'
11 Aug 2014Migration impact appears limited
8 Aug 2014[Weekly Wrap] A couple of bloopers this week
8 Aug 2014The costs of being an AFA
8 Aug 2014Westpac brings back trail commissions
8 Aug 2014Property spending revealed
7 Aug 2014Westpac brings back trail commissions
7 Aug 2014van Eyk suspends fund redemptions
7 Aug 2014It didn't take long
7 Aug 2014Price rises ease: QV
6 Aug 2014Lifetime expands
6 Aug 2014World equity markets – bubble territory?
6 Aug 2014Statement of investor rights
6 Aug 2014Catch me if you can
6 Aug 2014ANZ tackles portability problems
6 Aug 2014Rates rises biggest rent driver
5 Aug 2014[MRadio] Two-year the new hot rate
5 Aug 2014The devil is in the detail
5 Aug 2014BNZ joins in
5 Aug 2014Size helps advisers
5 Aug 2014Stats indicate sagging market: Economist
4 Aug 2014New two-year special
4 Aug 2014Month-on-month price drop
4 Aug 2014Property investors easy target: APIA
1 Aug 2014[Weekly Wrap] Why the financial advice world is great
1 Aug 2014Financial advice firm gets diversified
1 Aug hits out at Trade Me fee cut
1 Aug 2014First-home buyers 'shouldn't hold out for dropping prices'

July 2014

31 Jul 2014[Obituary] Peter Hensley
31 Jul 2014Campaign to reduce savings tax
31 Jul 2014First crowd funding licences issued
31 Jul 2014Today it's the turn of the smaller banks and lenders
31 Jul 2014Partners: No threat to advisers
31 Jul 2014Concern at conservative fees
31 Jul 2014Tenants not disadvantaged: APIA
30 Jul 2014Direct service 'not a move away from IFAs'
30 Jul 2014Plus4 adds adviser in Chch
30 Jul 2014Kiwibank and AMP next movers
30 Jul 2014Govt hails consent figures
30 Jul 2014Trade Me offers monthly fee
29 Jul 2014Westpac does a 35 basis point hike
29 Jul 2014Van Eyk Advice eyes expansion
29 Jul 2014Delay causes concern
28 Jul 2014So little TPD, for tiny sums
28 Jul 2014Fisher nets Marlin performance fee
28 Jul 2014BNZ up; Westpac special
28 Jul 2014Regulatory issues identified
28 Jul 2014Banks call for low-deposit applications
25 Jul 2014[Weekly Wrap] The consequences of giving bad financial advice
25 Jul 2014Salt hires equity analyst
25 Jul 2014Interest rates could fall during the OCR pause
25 Jul 2014ANZ up first as usual; ASB second
25 Jul 2014Stop selling product and start advising, FMA warns
25 Jul 2014Bennett: Tell us about annoying red tape
24 Jul 2014Entrepreneurs in our ranks
24 Jul 2014What the Reserve Bank said about interest rates
24 Jul 2014Cash rate rises; ANZ moves immediately
24 Jul 2014Advisers should regulate themselves: Stubbs
23 Jul 2014Advisers encouraged to take ethics courses
23 Jul 2014Local factors driving yields: Report
23 Jul 2014Market on tenterhooks: ANZ
22 Jul 2014RBNZ speech
22 Jul 2014Former adviser ordered to pay client $2.56mill
22 Jul 2014Landlord to pay $5000 over tenant death
22 Jul 2014Net immigration could hit 50,000: Report
21 Jul 2014[MRadio] OCR preview and more on cash contributions
21 Jul 2014Targets go; broker jailed
21 Jul 2014Support for guarantee proposal
21 Jul 2014Record price for Auckland lifestyle blocks
20 Jul 2014[Weekly Wrap] Has the FMA over-stepped the mark?
18 Jul 2014Rate hike on, but not a done deal
18 Jul 2014Buddle sentenced
18 Jul 2014HSBC dumps sales targets
18 Jul 2014Hike coming, but what next?
18 Jul 2014Newpark makes another senior appointment
18 Jul 2014Return delay 'could be questioned'
18 Jul 2014Better conditions for tenants could help housing 'crisis': Eaqub
17 Jul 2014AML definition criticised
17 Jul 2014New low rates from HSBC
17 Jul 2014Auckland rents' slow rise
16 Jul 2014New finance group emerges
16 Jul 2014Real estate firm adds finance arm
16 Jul 2014AMP adds another financial planning firm to its network
16 Jul 2014Good time to buy in Christchurch: Harcourts
15 Jul 2014Turning to the second half
15 Jul 2014Two up; two down for TSB
15 Jul 2014Pine leaves central region role
15 Jul 2014Helm: What shortage?
14 Jul 2014Regional Review : Invercargill
14 Jul 2014[MRadio] Listen to the latest home loan news
14 Jul 2014ANZ swaps from three to two
14 Jul 2014Advisers unaware of care, diligence, skill
14 Jul 2014Regions miss price gains
13 Jul 2014How ANZ's new special stacks up
11 Jul 2014KIPT bonds oversubscribed
11 Jul 2014[Weekly Wrap] Real life stories give a different picture
11 Jul 2014Westpac copies ASB
11 Jul 2014FMA 'open to discussion'
11 Jul 2014Asking prices reach new record: Website
10 Jul 2014Managed funds: changes advisers need to know
10 Jul 2014Tyndall appoints new Head of Equities
10 Jul 2014MRP offer 'well supported'
10 Jul 2014What should be included in a Responsible Lending Code?
10 Jul 2014Responsible lending code creeps closer
10 Jul 2014Advisers resolving complaints: FSCL
10 Jul 2014Sale 'underlines confidence' in market
9 Jul 2014Labour's KiwiSaver policy pushes NZ towards Australia
9 Jul 2014Queenstown appealing to investors
9 Jul 2014Spotlight on valuers
8 Jul 2014First P2P licence issued; More rate changes
8 Jul 2014First peer-to-peer lending licence issued
8 Jul 2014Shorter version of return gets green light
8 Jul 2014Confidence drops slightly
7 Jul 2014Loan-to-income restrictions favoured
7 Jul 2014ASB increases cash contribution
7 Jul 2014[MRadio] The not-so-special specials
7 Jul 2014Seismic strengthening 'unnecessary burden'
7 Jul 2014Rate of increase slows again
6 Jul 2014Inflation creeping back into the global economy?
4 Jul 2014[Weekly Wrap] New firms, new people
4 Jul 2014A forecast for dealer groups
4 Jul 2014What people are thinking about retirement incomes
4 Jul 2014Kepa looks for more groups to catch
4 Jul 2014Falling returns not a concern
3 Jul 2014Advisers waiting for more information on requirements
3 Jul 2014KiwiSaver beat expectations, but could be better: FSC
3 Jul 2014Interest rates put squeeze on income
3 Jul 2014Demand for $1m-plus homes: Barfoot
2 Jul 2014KiwiSaver policy under scrutiny
2 Jul 2014Changes at Southern Cross
2 Jul 2014KIPT manager announces bond offer
2 Jul 2014Young New Zealanders saving for retirement
2 Jul 2014TSB makes increases but leaves long-end alone
2 Jul 2014OCR might be near 4% without LVR rules
2 Jul 2014Associations take AML concerns to FMA
2 Jul 2014Obstructive community groups criticised
2 Jul 2014New system saving time: Govt
1 Jul 2014Borrowers move to fixed rates
1 Jul 2014Last of Tower’s life book sold
1 Jul 2014Very good 2 year specials start going; ANZ cuts and tucks rates
1 Jul 2014New funds management firm emerges
1 Jul 2014Wheeler's message could backfire: Economists
1 Jul 2014Landlords switch on to need for warm, dry properties

June 2014

30 Jun 2014Three ways to look at the latest trauma products
30 Jun 2014Former UK public sector staff urged to think about pension transfer
30 Jun 2014[MRadio] Who dropped rates and some free advice
30 Jun 2014[Weekly Wrap] What's in a name
30 Jun 2014Who's who at Kepa
30 Jun 2014Combined group represents 710 advisers
30 Jun 2014Price rises starting to ease: ANZ
30 Jun 2014Housing affordability worsens
30 Jun 2014Building consent figures lift slightly
27 Jun 2014Too early to re-enter emerging markets
27 Jun 2014Bonus commission offers continue
27 Jun 2014Westpac next to move: RESIMAC move too
27 Jun 2014Prices may not meet RBNZ prediction: Stephens
26 Jun 2014FIF deemed rate of return set
26 Jun 2014Morningstar staff movements
26 Jun 2014ASB chases brokers; BNZ hikes rates
26 Jun 2014KiwiSaver-style scheme for health insurance suggested
26 Jun 2014David Ross loses bid to get out of jail earlier
26 Jun 2014Site asks agents to pitch for listings
25 Jun 2014KIPT manager mulls $125m bond offer
25 Jun 2014SBS looks to Auckland for growth
25 Jun 2014Auckland to fuel SBS's future growth
25 Jun 2014AMP pays out rest of frozen fund principal
25 Jun 2014FMA's workload increasing
25 Jun 2014[Obituary] Roger Garrett
25 Jun 2014Something has to give in apartment market: Dunn
25 Jun 2014Water charges criticised
24 Jun 2014Wellington, Queenstown get housing accords
23 Jun 2014Highest yielding shares not the best for income generation
23 Jun 2014Here's this week's mortgage news report
23 Jun 2014Asteron completes its executive bench line up
23 Jun 2014[MRadio] Listen to the latest home loan news
23 Jun 2014Southern rents soaring
20 Jun 2014ASB flattens out home loan prices
20 Jun 2014ASB flattens rates out
20 Jun 2014Investors grow General Finance
20 Jun 2014[Weekly Wrap] DIM sins
20 Jun 2014Small bank moves
20 Jun 2014Low TD rates help bank profits
20 Jun 2014Ruler run over regional differences
19 Jun 2014Westpac finally moves
19 Jun 2014Labour's KiwiSaver plan welcomed
19 Jun 2014FMA wants advisers to apply for DIMS licences
19 Jun 2014Lifestyle block prices 'solid'
18 Jun 2014Heartland turning around HER business
18 Jun 2014New DIMS rules out from FMA
18 Jun 2014Kiwibank joins the movement
18 Jun 2014Advisers needed regulation: Everett
18 Jun 2014Sovereign to pay $82m
18 Jun 2014Cost-effective rebuild option showcased
17 Jun 2014Super Fund creates CIO role
17 Jun 2014Govt approves new DIMS rules
17 Jun 2014Regional centres suffering: Harcourts
16 Jun 2014Latest mortgage news broadcast available now
16 Jun 2014Seduced by low inflation
16 Jun 2014Turnover drops, prices stagnate: REINZ data
16 Jun 2014NZ among fastest-growing global markets: Survey
15 Jun 2014Not the New Year markets we were expecting
15 Jun 2014[MRadio] Listen to the latest home loan news
13 Jun 2014Regional Review : Tauranga
13 Jun 2014[Weekly Wrap] What does DIMS really stand for?
13 Jun 2014OCR: What the economists (and someone else) said
13 Jun 2014Here come the rate increases
13 Jun 2014What you actually said, versus what the client heard you say
13 Jun 2014Reserve Bank defers decision which will hit property investors
13 Jun 2014Asking prices still at record levels:
12 Jun 2014Ross seeks early withdrawal
12 Jun 2014FACTA a fact
12 Jun 2014Devon goes direct
12 Jun 2014ANZ first with rate rise
12 Jun 2014OCR up 25 basis points
12 Jun 2014What the Reserve Bank said
12 Jun 2014Stewart aiming to launch NZIG in October
12 Jun 2014Complaints could be avoided: ISO
12 Jun 2014Migration may not drive prices as much as expected: RBNZ
11 Jun 2014TSB adds a market leading (nearly) special
11 Jun 2014Academic approach to planning
11 Jun 2014Treat biggest cities as separate markets: Report
10 Jun 2014KiwiSaver members need reminding about govt tax credits
10 Jun 2014Latest mortgage news broadcast online now
10 Jun 2014[MRadio] Listen to the latest home loan news
10 Jun 2014New president for NZPIF
9 Jun 2014nib appoints head of distribution
9 Jun 2014Understanding risk and volatility
9 Jun 2014All eyes on the OCR
9 Jun 2014Sections up for online auction
9 Jun 2014No GST help for leaky building repair costs
6 Jun 2014More specials
6 Jun 2014[Weekly Wrap] Thoughts on the Adviser X case
6 Jun 2014Rates may not rise as quickly as expected: Economists
6 Jun 2014QV: Rate of increase slowing
6 Jun 2014Accuro appoints new BDM for the South Island
6 Jun 2014All quiet on interest rate, and real estate market
6 Jun 2014Accuro switches rating agencies
5 Jun 2014NZACU name change
5 Jun 2014Strategic directors to pay $22m
5 Jun 2014Ups and downs at TSB
5 Jun 2014One and done, latest rates call
5 Jun 2014Advisers promoting ETFs
5 Jun 2014Market slowing, Barfoot says
4 Jun 2014How good are NZ insurance products?
4 Jun 2014The Co-operative Bank makes more cuts
4 Jun 2014Beware the bank bond offers
4 Jun 2014Ditching fossil fuels will pay off: Fund manager
4 Jun 2014Income restrictions not the way forward: NZ Institute
4 Jun 2014Landlords get tax reminder
4 Jun 2014Building pace picks up
3 Jun 2014Listen to the latest home loan news
3 Jun 2014Prices steady, listings and sales down: Harcourts
3 Jun 2014Prices will follow turnover: ANZ
2 Jun 2014[Weekly Wrap] Massive warning to advisers over record-keeping
2 Jun 2014Investors back restrictions on foreign buyers
1 Jun 2014[MR Radio] Listen to the latest home loan news

May 2014

30 May 2014Shift to fixed rates continues
30 May 2014Good time to fix
30 May 2014Suppression, supervision for Adviser X
30 May 2014Westpac makes some moves
30 May 2014Class DIMS options coming
30 May 2014Consents trend up
30 May 2014House price cycle has a long way to go: Alexander
29 May 2014Adviser X judgement reserved
29 May 2014St Laurence directors get warning rather than court summon
29 May 2014Call to limit LVR restrictions to where market hottest
29 May 2014IRD: Increasing attention for property deals
28 May 2014ANZ takes 14 points off special
28 May 2014Adviser X faces disciplinary committee
28 May 2014'Don't try DIY evictions'
27 May 2014AdviceFirst to manage Roost
27 May 2014BNZ opts for long rates
27 May 2014Getting advisers to shake up the KiwiSaver market
27 May 2014Free smoke alarms for rental properties
27 May 2014House sale slump a risk to the economy: NZIER
26 May 2014Truly sustainable KiwiSaver fund
26 May 2014Small lift in low-LVR lending
26 May 2014Sovereign appoints claims manager
26 May 2014Splitting encouraged
26 May 2014Dealer groups join
26 May 2014App to help landlords detect drugs
23 May 2014Friday flurry
23 May 2014Interest rates tipped to rise but price expectations weaken
23 May 2014Kiwis seek out expert advice
23 May 2014Competition concerns for valuers
22 May 2014Finance company profits rise
22 May 2014Heartland gets upgrade
22 May 2014Westpac backs capital gains tax idea
22 May 2014Westpac backs CGT proposal
22 May 2014Strict rules for disclosure
22 May 2014Triplejump appoints directors
22 May 2014Buyers getting creative: Harcourts
22 May 2014CGT 'would lift home-ownership levels'
22 May 2014Deposits safe: Receivers
21 May 2014Homeowners support compulsion: FSC
21 May 2014Work to do to rebuild trust: FMA boss
21 May 2014Westpac rises
21 May 2014Calm heads will do well out of coming months: Newland
21 May 2014Migration not biggest price driver: Economist
20 May 2014In case you missed it
20 May 2014Focus on value for members: New IFA president
20 May 2014KIPT reports strong office demand
19 May 2014New boss for NZCU
19 May 2014Transition period likely needed for DIMS rules
17 May 2014HSBC goes sub 6%
16 May 2014Finance company adviser charged
16 May 2014Bad broker Buddle changes plea
16 May 2014New president for IFA
16 May 2014RBNZ: What might have happened without LVRs
16 May 2014Role for Guardian Trust's AFAs: Barnes
16 May 2014Reserve Bank tempers reinsurance standard
16 May 2014Rents not high enough to justify building: JLL
16 May 2014RBNZ: What would have happened without LVRs?
15 May 2014NZDMO tweaks programme
15 May 2014Rising home loan rates a fait accompli
15 May 2014No handout for first-time buyers
15 May 2014ASB tops FundSource rankings
15 May 2014No handouts for first-time buyers
15 May 201494% of rental properties fail WOF trial
14 May 2014$100m reserved for bookbuild clients
14 May 2014Turnover down more than expected: RBNZ
14 May 2014$400m of NZ bonds on offer this week
14 May 2014Fixed income investors 'should seek absolute returns'
14 May 2014Turnover down more than expected: RBNZ
13 May 2014Rate rises having an impact; SBS cuts
13 May 2014OCR increases having an impact
13 May 2014People don’t like talking about dying
13 May 2014Too soon to jump back into emerging markets: K2
13 May 201411% of landlords live overseas: Report
13 May 2014Prices expected to rise but 'not a great time to buy'
12 May 2014Older, female, richer investors more likely to get advice
12 May 2014Call for Govt action on strengthening costs
12 May 2014REINZ: Market slowing
11 May 2014Low volatility feeds a search for yield
9 May 2014Mercer Marsh mash up
9 May 2014Pressure coming on bank margins
9 May 2014LVR restrictions could come off this year
9 May 2014LVR restrictions could come off this year
9 May 2014Fidelity adds new board member
9 May 2014Accountants: Financial advisers of the future?
9 May 2014Harcourts applauds LVR move
9 May 2014Update on the New Zealand housing market [FEATURE with GRAPHS]
8 May 2014Kiwis will miss out on comfortable retirement: FSC
8 May 2014'Average Kiwis missing out on advice'
8 May 2014Parents 'propping up lending'
8 May 2014QV: First-time buyers return
7 May 2014Rules may be relaxed on Friday: Economists
7 May 2014Brown quits FMA role
7 May 2014New Zealand's big bet on China
7 May 2014BNZ does a wee tweak
7 May 2014More special housing areas revealed
6 May 2014KiwiSaver – opportunity, threat or both?
6 May 2014DIYers shun advice: Research
6 May 2014Low-interest loans a risk worth taking: BNZ
6 May 2014KIPT sells rest of Auckland high rise
5 May 2014Switch to fix puts pressure on: Westpac
5 May 2014ASB makes 3-year hero rate and offers more cash
5 May 2014ASB makes 3-year hero rate and offers more cash
5 May 2014Kiwibank offer formalised
5 May 2014Providers need more confidence in resoution schemes: FMA boss
5 May 2014Sellers need to price well: B&T
5 May 2014Still a seller's market:
4 May 2014KiwiSaver withdrawal system sparks complaints
4 May 2014Asteron appoints claims executive
2 May 2014A week of the expected and unexpected
2 May 2014FMA board appointments
2 May 2014How ANZ is winning the battle
2 May 2014Don't fear the move online: AMP
2 May 2014Investors open to body corporate arrangements: Crockers
1 May 2014Bank distribution drives ANZ's mortgage growth
1 May 2014LVR rules could be loosened this month: Westpac
1 May 2014Kiwis want to be forced to save: FSC
1 May 2014FMA boss predicts cultural shift
1 May 2014Nice moves guys
1 May 2014Diversification pays off for KiwiSavers: Morningstar
1 May 2014Peak of 4.5% would feel higher: ASB
1 May 2014REINZ to examine data
1 May 2014KiwiSaver plan 'not the answer'

April 2014

30 Apr 2014SBS boss appointed
30 Apr 2014Tate: Is regulation helping consumers?
30 Apr 2014More consents issued
30 Apr 2014NZPIF slams Labour's ring-fencing plan
29 Apr 2014Low equity lending running at half speed
29 Apr 2014Labour's policies would encourage borrowing
29 Apr 2014Mortgage News today
29 Apr 2014New FMA boss receptive to advisers
29 Apr 2014Banks fear regulation
29 Apr 2014Interest rates may not affect yields much: JLL
29 Apr 2014Property Council concerned at lack of commercial land space
29 Apr 2014Labour's policy 'would boost housing market'
28 Apr 2014Kiwibank offers unsecured capital notes
28 Apr 2014AMP appoints national adviser network manager
28 Apr 2014Govt criticised for cutting AFAs out of sales
28 Apr 2014If you're a bank starting with A go
28 Apr 2014Rising rates will cool market: ANZ
28 Apr 2014Parker: Limit LVR restrictions
24 Apr 2014$1 billion milestone for health insurance
24 Apr 2014Economists predict up to three more hikes this year
24 Apr 2014Yep, OCR up
24 Apr 2014What the Reserve Bank said about interest rates
24 Apr 2014Industry's renaissance may start with kids
24 Apr 2014Good times ahead for commercial investors
23 Apr 2014Care needed with unsecured debt
23 Apr 2014ANZ eases low equity loan requirements
23 Apr 2014ANZ becomes more aggressive with low equity loans
23 Apr 2014Support for changing KiwiSaver: FSC
23 Apr 2014Curtains for NZF
23 Apr 2014Migration surge may only have modest impact: Economist
23 Apr 2014High-profile office block for sale
22 Apr 2014FMC license tutorials offered
22 Apr 2014nib sticks with Benji Marshall
22 Apr 2014OCR heading up: Kiwibank already starts rises
22 Apr 2014Accuro appoints new chairman
22 Apr 2014Strong demand for outsourced compliance: Austin
22 Apr 2014Expect more interest rate increases
19 Apr 2014Sharemarket outlook
18 Apr 2014Can conditions get better for NZ equities?
17 Apr 2014Economists: Expect another increase
17 Apr 2014New BNZ boss appointed
17 Apr 2014PM Capital does another listed fund
17 Apr 2014[Weekly Wrap] A bit of financial planning nostaliga
17 Apr 2014Make tax an election issue: FSC
17 Apr 2014Call for advisers to audit each other
17 Apr 2014Regional buyers not unfairly disadvantaged: Alexander
17 Apr 2014Commercial investors' confidence grows
16 Apr 2014Guardian Trust final payout
16 Apr 2014Pricing chaos in home loan market
16 Apr 2014Pricing chaos in home loan market
16 Apr 2014NZFP cuts AMP connection; Two jump ship
16 Apr 2014Landlords not passing on higher costs: Barfoot
15 Apr 2014More lenders to join Welcome Home Loans; SBS axes tiers
15 Apr 2014Dunn Funds put on hold
14 Apr 2014Welcome Home Loans to expand
14 Apr 2014The Co-operative Bank joins KiwiSaver
14 Apr 2014Case leaves bankruptcy questions unanswered
14 Apr 2014Call for Govt to come clean on intentions
14 Apr 2014Twenty years to fix affordability: Smith
14 Apr 2014Aussie-style restrictions may not be the answer: Alexander
14 Apr 2014NZPIF: Landlords aren't speculators
12 Apr 2014Obituary: Kelvin Syms
11 Apr 2014[Weekly Wrap] Crackle, bang, pop
11 Apr 2014Financial literacy tools reach teachers
11 Apr 2014[UPDATED] Moyle: Steer clear of messy family situations
11 Apr 2014Turnover still dropping: REINZ
10 Apr 2014Spicers' restraint of trade draconian
10 Apr 2014Landlords take aim at WOFs
10 Apr 2014Changes for landlords chasing debt
9 Apr 2014Health Funds says research data wrong
9 Apr 2014ASB appoints new executive GM
9 Apr 2014Two very different stories today
9 Apr 2014[VIDEO] Where does money come from?
9 Apr 2014Multiple distribution channels a problem
9 Apr 2014FMA invites Sheppard to share Hanover report
8 Apr 2014Learning from investment failure
8 Apr 2014Too many Kiwis blowing KiwiSaver payouts
8 Apr 2014KiwiSaver belongs to the KiwiSavers
8 Apr 2014Westpac moves on tiers, but not on LEMs
8 Apr 2014First-time buyers change buying habits
8 Apr 2014WOF costs a concern: NZCPR
8 Apr 2014NZ First wants law reviewed
7 Apr 2014Westpac moves rates, defends low equity margin
7 Apr 2014Low-equity fees face legal questions
7 Apr 2014Another KiwiSaver scheme closes
7 Apr 2014DIMs and Adviser Return - Make your voice heard
7 Apr 2014Roy Morgan paints sobering picture of insurance coverage
7 Apr 2014Barnes and Milford create new trustee company
7 Apr 2014Just meeting standards isn't enough: Everett
7 Apr 2014FMA: DIMS harder but not impossible
7 Apr 2014Price rises plateau: QV
7 Apr 2014Outlook good for rent rises: Crockers
4 Apr 2014English: Supply the issue
4 Apr 2014Hughes' advice to new FMA CEO Rob Everett
4 Apr 2014RaboDirect appoints new product manager
4 Apr 2014BNZ raises rates some more
4 Apr 2014Brook Asset Management closes
4 Apr 2014Portfolios 'more homogenised'
4 Apr 2014Busy March for agents: Barfoot
3 Apr 2014FATCA agreement reached
3 Apr 2014Thorburn shifts across Tasman
3 Apr 2014FMA offers guideline for license applicants
3 Apr 2014Commission plan: More work for financial advisers
3 Apr 2014Record asking prices recorded
2 Apr 2014Cigna names new CEO
2 Apr 2014ANZ opts to fight in two-year space
2 Apr 2014Two years before savings flow back across Tasman
2 Apr 2014Strong demand expected for LG tender
2 Apr 2014Strong demand expected for LG tender
2 Apr 2014Mortgage fraudster sentenced
2 Apr 2014Rules drive buyers away
1 Apr 2014Silver start for KiwiSaver scheme
1 Apr 2014AMP offers direct life cover online
1 Apr 2014Bank surprised at extent of lending drop
1 Apr 2014Chapman gets chair of bank board
1 Apr 2014New adviser for Plus4
1 Apr 2014Will the global economy be better this year?
1 Apr 2014New Christchurch advisers appointed
1 Apr 2014LVR rules could be relaxed
1 Apr 2014FMA signs MoU
1 Apr 2014FMCA is here - time for FAA part two?
1 Apr 2014Funds fees drop
1 Apr 2014IMF still not happy about house prices

March 2014

31 Mar 2014RBNZ could relax LVR rules: Westpac
31 Mar 2014ASB joins the increases
31 Mar 2014One month until Code kicks in
31 Mar 2014How good are your systems?
31 Mar 2014Apartment returns down: Report
31 Mar 2014Drop in apartments drags consents down
28 Mar 2014[WEEKLY WRAP] Getting a handle on AFAs
28 Mar 2014Higher rates give RBNZ scope to lift LVR rules
28 Mar 2014Default providers announced
28 Mar 2014New code approved
28 Mar 2014More bank offers coming
28 Mar 2014Fewer complaints about unsolicited offers
28 Mar 2014Hints LVR rules could go
27 Mar 2014Low equity lending rises, but one bank expensive
27 Mar 2014Westpac's top rate nudges close to double digit interest rate
27 Mar 2014PAA boss: More focus on regional brokers
27 Mar 2014Yield-seekers should look south: Report
26 Mar 2014New head of individual wealth protection
26 Mar 2014Second contributory mortgage broker pleads guilty
26 Mar 2014Westpac removes and increases rates
26 Mar 2014High-LVR lending inches up
26 Mar 2014Return 'may just add work for advisers'
26 Mar 2014Investors told to seek protection
26 Mar 2014Apartments more popular
25 Mar 2014Craigs profit up
25 Mar 2014Concern DIMS rules may force advisers out
25 Mar 2014Serviceability weighs on prices: Report
25 Mar 2014Investors become commercial borrowers
24 Mar 2014Reserve Bank legal powers tested
24 Mar 2014FMA changes tack on AFA reporting requirements
24 Mar 2014RESIMAC adds more options; Kiwibank increases short rates
23 Mar 2014Portfolio manager at Fisher Funds steps aside
21 Mar 2014FMA lays charges
21 Mar 2014Fees still too high: Morningstar
21 Mar 2014Westpac joins the party
21 Mar 2014Most DIMS will be class: FMA
21 Mar 2014AFA monitoring reveals some gaps
21 Mar 2014KCL price set, Bayleys deal done
20 Mar 2014Ward joins sharebroker
20 Mar 2014Report questions FMA model
19 Mar 2014Best bank rate review
19 Mar 2014More fixed rate rises
19 Mar 2014Non-CPD training 'still worthwhile'
19 Mar 2014Eastern suburbs soaring
18 Mar 2014Kiwis getting savvier about retirement savings
18 Mar 2014Ross refund timeframe extended
18 Mar 2014Rate rises moving to fixed rates
18 Mar 2014Kiwibank merger details due mid-year
18 Mar 2014Researcher outlines NZ plans
18 Mar 2014Census shows more tenants
18 Mar 2014Rents rise in central suburbs
17 Mar 2014Not every one has moved yet
17 Mar 2014Asset allocation by peer review
17 Mar 2014First-home buyers 'radically scared away'
14 Mar 2014Household indebtedness increasing
14 Mar 2014Advisers drifting towards big organisations
14 Mar 2014Buy not sell in May and go away?
14 Mar 2014ANZ first out of the blocks
14 Mar 2014Provinces suffering: Harcourts
13 Mar 2014Grosvenor plans to back its KiwiSaver scheme into Fidelity Life one
13 Mar 2014What the economists said
13 Mar 2014van Eyk adds Practice Manager and former Macquarie adviser
13 Mar 2014Morgan name dropped
13 Mar 2014Debt servicing will be an issue: RBNZ
13 Mar 2014OCR up 25 basis points
13 Mar 2014The three-year wait is over. OCR up
13 Mar 2014Conference-hopping not CPD, advisers told
13 Mar 2014Hiking cycle begins
12 Mar 2014Buoyant economy, buoyant bond issuance
12 Mar 2014Housing approvals creep up
12 Mar 2014FMA drops case against Bridgecorp
12 Mar 2014Lack of knowledge no surprise to advisers
12 Mar 2014DIMS a two-step process
12 Mar 2014Rules affect landlords, too: NZPIF
11 Mar 2014Nirvana for Sovereign
11 Mar 2014BNZ removes high rates for low equity loans
11 Mar 2014Inflation a hurdle for advisers this year
11 Mar 2014BNZ removes high rates for low equity loans
11 Mar 2014Bach owners say rental income vital
11 Mar 2014Further signs of easing: REINZ
10 Mar 2014Prepare for interest rate lift off
10 Mar 2014How much will the OCR rise this year?
10 Mar 2014Capital guarantee no silver bullet
10 Mar 2014Christchurch rents put squeeze on
7 Mar 2014Weekly Wrap: DIMS ding dong
7 Mar 2014More signs housing market cooling
7 Mar 2014Warehouse tackles financial services
7 Mar 2014Opt-in option could be popular
7 Mar 2014Auckland confidence picks up
6 Mar 2014A Royle view on interest rates
6 Mar 2014Firm fined for failure
6 Mar 2014LVR rules having little impact - ASB's assessment
6 Mar 2014Worry at DIMS 'overkill'
6 Mar 2014LVR rules only working at margins: Tuffley
6 Mar 2014Augusta plans KCL deal
6 Mar 2014House prices cooling: QV
6 Mar 2014Signs of a slowdown: Barfoot
5 Mar 2014Are you a criminal?
5 Mar 2014Bugger the first home, let's just spend the deposit
5 Mar 2014Opportunities in 'undervalued' resources
5 Mar 2014Emerging markets 'a tough call'
5 Mar 2014Decline in building work surprises
5 Mar 2014Investing becoming more popular
5 Mar 2014Dunn launch delayed
4 Mar 2014RESIMAC abolish risk fees
4 Mar 2014RESIMAC abolish risk fees
4 Mar 2014Equities rally 'surprise'
4 Mar 2014Regulation 2013's big news: Report
4 Mar 2014Borrowers still exposed to rates rises
4 Mar 2014LVR rules not working: Harcourts
4 Mar 2014Asking prices up, listing numbers down
3 Mar 2014PGC reports loss
3 Mar 2014Merger rumours circulate
3 Mar 2014Buying off the plans now might be wise: Dunn

February 2014

28 Feb 2014Sky TV sets rate for bonds
28 Feb 2014Partners Life plans more shake ups
28 Feb 2014Business insurance added to Xplan
28 Feb 2014Tide about to turn on low equity loans
28 Feb 2014Tide about to turn on low equity loans
28 Feb 2014Regulation a passion killer
28 Feb 2014nib: Policies offer value
28 Feb 2014Building consent drop less than expected
27 Feb 2014PAA appoints new CEO
27 Feb 2014Brokers have role as banks turn off tap
27 Feb 2014Quirk takes INFINZ chair
27 Feb 2014Short-term fixers keep market competitive: Report
27 Feb 2014Migration hits 10-year high
27 Feb 2014Trade Me: Some agents will pay less
26 Feb 2014Harbour scores trifecta
26 Feb 2014Call for Aussies to pay FMA levies
26 Feb 2014Fees hurt landlords
25 Feb 2014Fidelity: Deal good for advisers
25 Feb 2014Fidelity and nib team up
25 Feb 2014The one thing NZ is lacking
25 Feb 2014Struggle to access 'lost' super
24 Feb 2014AML reports due mid-year
24 Feb 2014Lombard civil case dropped
24 Feb 2014Clawback 'not enough'
24 Feb 2014Kiwibank reports $52 million profit
24 Feb 2014Impact of rules revealed
22 Feb 2014New 18-month specials
22 Feb 2014Research prospects good: Stanley
21 Feb 2014Asteron gets new CEO
21 Feb 2014Aorangi repayment reaches 92c
21 Feb 2014Guidance note 'common sense'
21 Feb 2014BNZ makes a Classic change
21 Feb 2014Concern at pension rush
21 Feb 2014ANZ settles with insurer over frozen funds
21 Feb 2014Auckland rents increase
20 Feb 2014200 clients the max: Moore
20 Feb 2014Harbour up for top award
20 Feb 2014RBNZ outlines approach to insurers
20 Feb 2014Construction costs increase
20 Feb 2014Interest rates drive prices down: Westpac
19 Feb 2014AIA looks to hold on to NZ's largest group schme
19 Feb 2014PAA plans CEO appointment
19 Feb 2014Firms charged over non-reporting
19 Feb 2014Westpac adds a special
19 Feb 2014Mercer: Consider annuities for KiwiSavers
19 Feb 2014WOFs kick off
18 Feb 2014Lenience for super transfers
18 Feb 2014Sky TV considering bond offer
18 Feb 2014Currency fundamentals 'still strong'
18 Feb 2014Politics, growth and inflation
18 Feb 2014Pre-approvals 'problematic'
18 Feb 2014Property developer jailed
17 Feb 201413 lucky for Accuro
17 Feb 2014A good 18 holes for Fidelity
17 Feb 2014ASB special; BNZ cuts a term
17 Feb 2014BT: Focus on wealth important
17 Feb 2014Changes at Camelot
17 Feb 2014Merger mooted
17 Feb 2014First-home buyers missing out: Survey
15 Feb 2014Rangatira boss resigns
14 Feb 2014ASB offers two-year special
14 Feb 2014From FMA to advice
14 Feb 2014Heartland buys equity release business
14 Feb 2014[Weekly Wrap] What makes a good fund manager?
14 Feb 2014Westpac goes up and down
14 Feb 2014Should financial advice be tax-deductible?
14 Feb 2014Compliance experts in demand: Survey
14 Feb 2014Parents back first-home buyers
13 Feb 2014House price vulnerability: S&P
13 Feb 2014Westpac appoints new broker boss
13 Feb 2014Can banks make good fund managers?
13 Feb 2014Community housing development opens
13 Feb 2014Money laundering risk flagged
13 Feb 2014LVR rules affecting FHBs most: Alexander
12 Feb 2014Westpac appoints new broker unit boss
12 Feb 2014Room to move within rules: ASB
12 Feb 2014Fair play for investors - improving fund disclosure
12 Feb 2014Milford opens in Sydney
12 Feb 2014Kiwisaver influence 'insignificant'
12 Feb 2014Life insurers next to target young market
12 Feb 2014Dunn: No tax to pay
11 Feb 2014Low-LVR loans doing well: ANZ
11 Feb 2014PAA appoints learning and development manager
11 Feb 2014Another boutique to open
11 Feb 2014Guarantee rules tweaked
11 Feb 2014Westpac: Market past peak
11 Feb 2014Harcourts picks rising prices
10 Feb 2014Accuro switches ratings agencies
10 Feb 2014Ross complaint dismissed
10 Feb 2014Changes at Aegis
10 Feb 2014Poor planning slows retirement
10 Feb 2014QV blames LVR rules for slowing growth
9 Feb 2014Southern Cross launches new policy
7 Feb 2014Is one or three years a better bet?
7 Feb 2014[Weekly Wrap] Insurance paying off
7 Feb 2014Claims dip in 2013: FSC
7 Feb 2014Complaint numbers up: FSCL
7 Feb 2014Vendors treated as pawns: Helm
7 Feb 2014Mayor: Bumper year for housing
5 Feb 2014Pitfalls in advertising fees
5 Feb 2014Number of insured increases
5 Feb 2014Cheaper sales pick up: Barfoot
4 Feb 2014nib launches new adviser product
4 Feb 2014IFA should be more visible: Dodds
4 Feb 2014OneAnswer funds perform well: Survey
4 Feb 2014Interest rates don't dull appetite
4 Feb 2014Listings pick up
3 Feb 2014Reporting standards under review
3 Feb 2014Sovereign faces big bill

January 2014

31 Jan 2014No rose-tinted glasses for Wheeler
31 Jan 2014TOWER fund renamed
31 Jan 2014[Weekly Wrap] Has GFC put investors off?
31 Jan 2014Solly finds a new port
31 Jan 2014Conservative young investors shun advice
31 Jan 2014OCR: What the economists said
31 Jan 2014Pressure on both sides: ANZ
30 Jan 2014Bagrie: Hikes will be effective
30 Jan 2014What the RBNZ said
30 Jan 2014OCR unchanged: What the bank said
30 Jan 2014S&P rating 'positive for industry'
30 Jan 2014Good year for KiwiSaver growth funds
30 Jan 2014Tribunal applications fast-tracked
29 Jan 2014High-LVR share drops further
29 Jan 2014Fisher keeps Kingfish management
29 Jan 2014The Co-operative Bank adds rates
29 Jan 2014Adviser underperformance 'a blip'
29 Jan 2014More properties under management: Report
28 Jan 2014OCR set to stay the same: Westpac moves
28 Jan 2014Confusion persists about limited advice
28 Jan 2014OCR move unlikely this week: Survey
27 Jan 2014Mainstream banks not liking Facebook
27 Jan 2014Bank advice stepping up
27 Jan 2014Tenant trouble pushes landlords to sell
24 Jan 2014[Weekly Wrap] Future of advice force
24 Jan 2014OCR move next week unlikely: Survey
24 Jan 2014Interest rates could be hard work for advisers
24 Jan 2014Record price for lifestyle blocks
23 Jan 2014'Hard slog for solo advisers'
23 Jan 2014Owner-occupiers snapping up apartments
23 Jan 2014Too soon to draw conclusions: Alexander
22 Jan 2014Diversity key: Survey
22 Jan 2014Advice industry changing shape
22 Jan 2014Buyers working around rules: Harcourts
21 Jan 2014CPI puts pressure on
21 Jan 2014Regulatory backtrack surprises
21 Jan 2014OnePath increases premiums
21 Jan 2014Affordability report questioned
20 Jan 2014Fixed interest watchlist for fixed interest investors in 2014
20 Jan 2014Advice force ageing - is it a problem?
20 Jan 2014Turnover dropped in December: REINZ
17 Jan 2014[Weekly Wrap] Gearing up for strong year
17 Jan 2014Perpetual Trust sale finalised
17 Jan 2014Regulatory upheaval calms in 2014
17 Jan 2014Aucklanders spend most on housing
16 Jan 2014Video targets bank advice
16 Jan 2014Don't skip reviews: Cortesi
15 Jan 20142014: The year of social media
15 Jan 2014Wellington landlords 'in box seat'
14 Jan 2014We want your views
14 Jan 2014Looking ftor testers
14 Jan 2014Housing not biggest OCR pressure: Economists
14 Jan 2014Industry groups call for recognition
14 Jan 2014Prices up but turnover slowing:QV
13 Jan 2014The 2014 ETF giveaway – 6 chances to win…
13 Jan 2014Blame the Adviser?
13 Jan 2014FADC changes its procedures
13 Jan 2014Overseas interest in adviser groups
13 Jan 2014Northland baches' summer windfall
10 Jan 2014Global market risks outlined
10 Jan 2014Brake comes off low-deposit lending
10 Jan 2014Warren Buffet buys annuities
10 Jan 2014Bitcoins a precious metal alternative
10 Jan 2014Brake comes off high-LVR lending
9 Jan 2014Drop in fixed interest options boosting equities
9 Jan 2014Listings down, asking price eases
8 Jan 2014Unimed seeking higher returns
8 Jan 2014Advisers tune up for 'rock star' year
8 Jan 2014High-LVR lending slows
8 Jan 2014Fewer entry-level sales reported
7 Jan 2014Call to split interest rates
6 Jan 2014NZ not following commission ban ... yet
6 Jan 2014Tower unable to find buyer for remainder of life policies
5 Jan 2014Are online apps a threat to advisers?
4 Jan 2014Gender balance at FSC
3 Jan 2014Lifestyle market strengthens further
1 Jan 2014REINZ sells headquarters
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