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Previous Articles Archive - 2005

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December 2005

30 Dec 2005New president for society
29 Dec 2005Superbank says business as usual
29 Dec 2005Fisher looks to close discount
28 Dec 2005News Round Up
22 Dec 2005Curtin reappointed to Commerce Commission
22 Dec 2005St Laurence buys stake in Northplan
22 Dec 2005Gender specific insurance introduced
22 Dec 2005BNZ's home loan market share down
21 Dec 2005Weekly Wrap: Adviser Regulation
21 Dec 2005Securities Commission to regulate advisers
21 Dec 2005Superbank reviewing its New Zealand business
20 Dec 2005Floating rates rise, but some others fall
20 Dec 2005FPIA name to go
19 Dec 2005AIA makes three new appointments
19 Dec 2005News Round Up
17 Dec 2005APB's - What's the rush?
16 Dec 2005House price surge marches on
16 Dec 2005Comment: Why global diversification is good
16 Dec 2005AMP sets up para-planning service
15 Dec 2005St Laurence offer opens
15 Dec 2005Mike Pero independent directors says don't sell
15 Dec 2005Morningstar appoints new NZ manager
15 Dec 2005Controversial changes to tax rules may be postponed
14 Dec 2005FPIA Auckland branch meeting
14 Dec 2005ASB winning mortgage war
14 Dec 2005PAA looks at becoming an APB
13 Dec 2005Finance company merger planned
13 Dec 2005Warrington leaves Westpac
13 Dec 2005Lenders slow to hike rates
13 Dec 2005Money Managers wins commission case
13 Dec 2005Reserve Bank predicts house price fall
12 Dec 2005Two offers extended
12 Dec 2005Building societies agree to merge
12 Dec 2005News Round Up
11 Dec 2005Kiwi investor win heralds changes
11 Dec 2005Double hit for home owners
11 Dec 2005Aussies moving on NZ property
11 Dec 2005Tasman property values up 72pc
11 Dec 2005Getting the Porsche
10 Dec 2005Residential market remains buoyant
10 Dec 2005Residential market remains buoyant
9 Dec 2005A listing and a merger
8 Dec 2005Greg Muir joins Hanover
8 Dec 2005Monetary Policy Statement
8 Dec 2005Adviserlink Understanding Financial Reports
8 Dec 2005NZMBA regional visits
8 Dec 2005Bollard raises rates but talks less tough than expected
8 Dec 2005Reserve Bank increases OCR to 7.25%
8 Dec 2005Commission levels looked at
7 Dec 2005Adviserlink Understanding Financial Reports
7 Dec 2005NZMBA regional visits
7 Dec 2005International markets to settle down: Leckie
6 Dec 2005Anderson leaves Money Managers
6 Dec 2005Wanted!! Fantastic Mortgage broker
6 Dec 2005Batty moves to planning role
6 Dec 2005Eyes turn to RBNZ announcement
6 Dec 2005Northplan launches its own asset management service
5 Dec 2005Market Review: The year of the balanced fund
5 Dec 2005More thoughts on finance company research - or so called research
5 Dec 2005Valuations could see rates hike
5 Dec 2005Property problems: Commercial investment needs careful work
5 Dec 2005Stick to rules, old hand warns new landlords
5 Dec 2005Top month for listed property
5 Dec 2005First-time house buyers delay the dream
5 Dec 2005News Round Up
4 Dec 2005Survey highlights need for life insurance
4 Dec 2005Rate rise widely expected this week
2 Dec 2005FPIA Hawkes Bay branch function
2 Dec 2005FPIA Southland golf day
2 Dec 2005Bluechip buys broker
2 Dec 2005IRD reassures industry
2 Dec 2005UK follows NZ lead on retirement income
2 Dec 2005Tax breaks for health insurance on agenda
1 Dec 2005Finance companies shoring up for tougher times
1 Dec 2005Apartments lead fall in new building consents
1 Dec 2005AXA picks up BNZ Investment Management

November 2005

30 Nov 2005Capital protected income fund arrives
30 Nov 2005Westpac holds its ground
30 Nov 2005First New Zealand, then the world: local wrap wins mega deal
29 Nov 2005ING's new client manager
29 Nov 2005NZMBA regional visits
29 Nov 2005Absolute Capital to launch PINs product In New Zealand
29 Nov 2005Rate rise expectations anchored
29 Nov 2005Absolute Capital rolls out capital protected fixed interest fund
28 Nov 2005NZMBA regional visits
28 Nov 2005News Round Up
28 Nov 2005Strategic's rating confirmed
28 Nov 2005TSB's market share dips
25 Nov 2005Fixing one of planning's big problems
25 Nov 2005FPIA BOP branch meeting
25 Nov 2005Tower looks to other channels
25 Nov 2005Richard Flinn joins BT Funds
24 Nov 2005Under-insurance becoming major issue: Minto
24 Nov 2005Lifestyle properties still selling strong
24 Nov 2005Inner-city apartment dweller myths dispelled
24 Nov 2005Seven ways to wealth
24 Nov 2005Make a mint from commercial properties
24 Nov 2005National exposes 'loophole' in interest-free student loans
24 Nov 2005Watchdog sniffs around Kiwi Income unit deals
24 Nov 2005ING Property Trust reports $14.3m half year profit
24 Nov 2005Kiwi Income Property Trust Announces Profit
24 Nov 2005Stick to the facts on those tall storeys
24 Nov 2005Proposed changes to Capital Properties board
24 Nov 2005NZX blasts AMP Property Portfolio over news story
24 Nov 2005Feathers ruffled over Capital Properties dividends
24 Nov 2005Caution as home prices hit new high
24 Nov 2005Perpetual Investments adviser briefing
24 Nov 2005NZMBA regional visits
24 Nov 2005FPIA Membership & Certification meeting
24 Nov 2005ABN Amro buys into Bluestone
24 Nov 2005Spicer's new distribution manager
24 Nov 2005Some managers getting headstart on KiwiSaver
23 Nov 2005Perpetual Investments adviser briefing
23 Nov 2005NZMBA regional visits
23 Nov 2005Aussies copy parts of NZ Super Fund
22 Nov 2005Perpetual Investments adviser briefing
22 Nov 2005NZMBA regional visits
22 Nov 2005FPIA board meeting
22 Nov 2005FPIA Wellington branch function
22 Nov 2005Governor quiet, rates rise
22 Nov 2005Finance company default rates suggested
22 Nov 2005Commission not such a big issue: Carroll
21 Nov 2005FPIA council meeting
21 Nov 2005News Round Up
21 Nov 2005NZMBA sponsors TV programme
21 Nov 2005Keeping track of investments - Mary Holm
21 Nov 2005Warning bells on mortgages
21 Nov 2005Illegal kitchen brings $13,000 fine
21 Nov 2005Trusts play important role for small business
21 Nov 2005Median property value hits $295,000
21 Nov 2005ING Property Trust raises $35 million
21 Nov 2005Households vulnerable - Bollard
21 Nov 2005House prices hit fresh high - Reinz
21 Nov 2005Property Returns Maintain High Levels
21 Nov 2005Over $3 Million Record for Mt Maunganui Apartment
21 Nov 2005AMP eyes more of Capital
21 Nov 2005Boon for Wairoa tenants
21 Nov 2005Conviction for breaching investor laws
21 Nov 2005House price easing 'inevitable'
21 Nov 2005Time to consider using a safe haven
18 Nov 2005Prices up, sales down, REINZ figures show
18 Nov 2005Adviserlink Advice Process
18 Nov 2005Pero under takeover offer from NZ Finance
18 Nov 2005Bridgecorp declared investment grade
18 Nov 2005Dalziel to push co-regulation
17 Nov 2005Book Review: Pay Zero Taxes
17 Nov 2005NZMBA regional visits
17 Nov 2005SoFIE shows we're getting better off
17 Nov 2005IRD eyes tax minimisation schemes
16 Nov 2005Backing Burton's bike
16 Nov 2005More big appointments at Tower Health
16 Nov 2005Adviserlink Advice Process
16 Nov 2005NZMBA regional visits
16 Nov 2005FPIA Success Forum 2006
16 Nov 2005The biggest challenge for advisers
16 Nov 2005St Laurence has no problem with tenants in new offer
15 Nov 2005Tenants and landlords to get better access to services
15 Nov 2005NZMBA regional visits
15 Nov 2005Market prices in another hike after data release
15 Nov 2005Provincial chief predicts crunch-time for finance companies
15 Nov 2005Firm launches online life insurance business
15 Nov 2005Rule One in tenancy rows: be ready
15 Nov 2005Easy money
15 Nov 2005No such thing as a cheap home loan
15 Nov 2005APP wins control of Capital Properties
15 Nov 2005House price inflation moderated in October
15 Nov 2005Property price rises cool off
15 Nov 2005Capital Properties nears 50pc target
15 Nov 2005Property market a little cooler
15 Nov 2005Curb on loans hard on investors
15 Nov 2005Rich and getting richer as Forbes play tax games with family ranch
15 Nov 2005Trust managers earn their fee
15 Nov 2005Wanganui: Clicking into place
15 Nov 2005Nine to five no way to thrive
14 Nov 2005Government looks at curbs on home loans
14 Nov 2005100pc mortgage helps couple realise dream
14 Nov 2005RBNZ inflation policy slammed
14 Nov 2005Expert doubts RBNZ tough talk
14 Nov 2005Landowners see value soar
14 Nov 2005Bay land values continue to soar
14 Nov 2005Public Trust Advocates Borrowers Opt For Fixed Rate
14 Nov 2005The risky business of renovation
14 Nov 2005Key should grow up
14 Nov 2005More trusts look at deed changes
14 Nov 2005Cullen prepares ground for new tax
14 Nov 2005Adviserlink Advice Process
14 Nov 2005LJ Hooker gets into mortgage broking
14 Nov 2005News Round Up
13 Nov 2005Slight fall in October property prices
12 Nov 2005REINZ predicts negative and unintended outcomes
11 Nov 2005A savings industry tribute to Rod Donald
11 Nov 2005FPIA Tasman branch meeting
11 Nov 2005SIFA spring conference 2005
11 Nov 2005FPIA Waikato & BOP education day
11 Nov 2005Shakeout in finance company sector expected
11 Nov 2005Tower sorts service and refreshes life range
11 Nov 2005Phipps joins AMP
10 Nov 2005CFA Society Forecast Dinner
10 Nov 2005FPIA Hawkes Bay branch meeting
10 Nov 2005Hybrid 'Buyers Advocate' Service Launch Presentation
10 Nov 2005Extension to state savings scheme questioned
10 Nov 2005Public Trust appoints Davies
10 Nov 2005Extension to state savings scheme questioned
10 Nov 2005Resi adopts two brand strategy
9 Nov 2005Innovative offer from St Laurence
9 Nov 2005PMI residential property seminar
9 Nov 2005PMI residential property seminar
9 Nov 2005NZMBA regional visits
9 Nov 2005FPIA Auckland branch meeting
9 Nov 2005Shakeout in finance company sector expected
9 Nov 2005KiwiSaver good for advisers: Russell
8 Nov 2005PMI residential property seminar
8 Nov 2005PMI residential property seminar
8 Nov 2005NZMBA regional visits
8 Nov 2005Rotorua Property Investors Association
8 Nov 2005Dowler takes on association role
8 Nov 2005Floating rates may go even higher
8 Nov 2005News Round Up
8 Nov 2005Kiwibank should listen to Bollard
7 Nov 2005Adviserlink Fundamentals & Processes
7 Nov 2005 House price expectations still firm
7 Nov 2005Innovative offer from St Laurence
7 Nov 2005Housing market doesn't look like listening to RBNZ
5 Nov 2005Auckland property market strides ahead
5 Nov 2005Fund flow figures not fantastic - still
4 Nov 2005Auckland property market records another positive month
4 Nov 2005UPDATED: Fidelity shareholder row
4 Nov 2005Adviserlink Financial Forecasting & Modelling
4 Nov 2005Tower takes best practice electronic
3 Nov 2005Adviserlink Financial Forecasting & Modelling
3 Nov 2005Regional Highlights - September
3 Nov 2005Product
3 Nov 2005November, 2005, issue - OUT now
3 Nov 2005Dunne calms waters over tax changes
2 Nov 2005Mike Pero changes model and looks to expand
2 Nov 2005Ageing advisers create insurance opportunity for Mike Pero
2 Nov 2005Non Formula Newsletter TOP
2 Nov 2005Adviserlink Financial Forecasting & Modelling
2 Nov 2005Life Settlements Fund product presentation
2 Nov 2005NZ Superannuation Fund announces further timber investments
2 Nov 2005Lakes district most expensive for property
2 Nov 2005FundSource expresses “concerns about irrational investment decisions”
2 Nov 2005Macquarie slips in new BDM
1 Nov 2005textad
1 Nov 2005Market Review: History repeating?
1 Nov 2005NZMBA regional visits
1 Nov 2005FPIA Wellington branch meeting
1 Nov 2005TPG weighs up options as ING maps out future
1 Nov 2005Home loan rate rises pick up

October 2005

31 Oct 2005Adviserlink Practice Management
31 Oct 2005Oliver joins Mortgage Works group
31 Oct 2005Advisory group membership announced
31 Oct 2005News Round Up
28 Oct 2005Thoughts on adviser associations getting together
28 Oct 2005MJW Investment Survey
28 Oct 2005Dual currency offer attractive
28 Oct 2005OCR increase unlikely to affect house prices – REINZ
28 Oct 2005Two in a row for Tower
28 Oct 2005TOWER appoints new senior managers
27 Oct 2005OCR announcement
27 Oct 2005NZ Superannuation Fund invests in commodity futures
27 Oct 2005OCR up and more rises possible
27 Oct 2005Inflation set to affect savings
27 Oct 2005Adviser associations look at coming together
26 Oct 2005AMP rethinks asset allocation
25 Oct 2005Home loan rate rises slow - briefly
25 Oct 2005Tower warns people about CDO investments
25 Oct 2005FPIA Council meeting
25 Oct 2005FPIA Tasman branch meeting
25 Oct 2005NZ Super Fund coming to grips with SRI
25 Oct 2005Put home ownership on hold: now tenants can get rich too
25 Oct 2005Property owners face new expense
25 Oct 2005Locals buy back buildings
25 Oct 2005 Pauanui plan too high for some
25 Oct 2005Property holds allure despite low returns
25 Oct 2005Breaking up income is hard to do
25 Oct 2005Office building costs highest in capital
25 Oct 2005Will Apartments Lead the Slide?
25 Oct 2005Open Letter from Amp Property Portfolio
25 Oct 2005Opinion: Reserve Bank hawks the talk, time to walk the walk
25 Oct 2005Auckland apartments fail to sell
25 Oct 2005House prices stall in September
25 Oct 2005Dress-Smart ready to unveil progress
25 Oct 2005High winds take small toll of apartment block
25 Oct 2005Faulty houses trap for owners
25 Oct 2005Auckland's spring housing growth
25 Oct 2005NZ Super Fund coming to grips with SRI
24 Oct 2005Some economists not sure a rate rise is wise
22 Oct 2005Sensible government appointments
21 Oct 2005Very special terms
21 Oct 2005New boss for ABN Amro Craigs
21 Oct 2005NZ Home Loans takes on Bluestone
21 Oct 2005Fund Manager of the Year nominees announced
20 Oct 2005Mortgage People leave the supermarket bank
20 Oct 2005Nil return expected from shares: broker
19 Oct 2005The Document Factory
19 Oct 2005Another "first" for Equitable
19 Oct 2005Solid returns from mortgage-backed investments
19 Oct 2005Workplace super something employers want to do
19 Oct 2005Fraud breaches Fortress
18 Oct 2005Racist rent policies subject of investigation – REINZ
18 Oct 2005Auckland wakens from slumber
18 Oct 2005Flurry of fixed rate increases
18 Oct 2005New government will have impact on financial services
18 Oct 2005No one wants to play in this playground
17 Oct 2005News Round Up
17 Oct 2005Adviserlink Fundamentals & Processes
15 Oct 2005Who researches the researchers?
14 Oct 2005NZPIF Conference 2005
14 Oct 2005Global investment strategy: Is low inflation an oasis or a mirage?
14 Oct 2005Increased superannuation payouts likely under new government
14 Oct 2005Time to change way risk advisers paid: Brailey
14 Oct 2005Increased superannuation payouts likely under new government
13 Oct 2005House price inflation accelerates
13 Oct 2005Brokers at odds on Capital offer
13 Oct 2005Rotorua house prices soaring
13 Oct 2005AMP Property says Capital Properties valuaiton "not credible"
13 Oct 2005AMP gets green light for Capital takeover
13 Oct 2005First-home buyers driven to Whangarei and Hamilton
13 Oct 2005Auckland house prices leap
13 Oct 2005Property values climb 14.9%
13 Oct 2005No sign of drop in property values
13 Oct 2005Interest in North Shore waterfront properties
13 Oct 2005Hamilton has hottest property in still rising market
13 Oct 2005Property valuations way off the money across Tasman
13 Oct 2005Property problems: Flat rates and other issues of inner-city life
13 Oct 2005Rent Hikes May Bite Queenstown Restaurants
13 Oct 2005Auction Shows Market in Full Bloom for Capital
13 Oct 2005Bay houses fetch higher prices
13 Oct 2005Banks better at keeping customers
13 Oct 2005FPIA gearing up to move
12 Oct 2005Adviserlink Fundamentals of Personal Risk Management
12 Oct 2005TOWER appoints new senior managers
12 Oct 2005Hedge funds need to change to survive
11 Oct 2005Rotorua Property Investors Assn - Bus trip
11 Oct 2005Just one fall in a week of rises
11 Oct 2005Task Force member exits financial planning
10 Oct 2005Record property prices in Auckland
10 Oct 2005Auld leaves Morningstar
10 Oct 2005News Round Up
10 Oct 2005House price inflation accelerates
7 Oct 2005Another strong rise in residential property values
7 Oct 2005Weekly Wrap: ING replacement
7 Oct 2005Property & Investment Expo Melbourne
7 Oct 2005GRT ends on a high note
7 Oct 2005Instant Finance receives a B3 credit rating from Rapid Ratings
7 Oct 2005Hongkong bank mortgage market share, profits drop
7 Oct 2005October 2005 Issue - Out Now!
7 Oct 2005GRT ends on a high note
6 Oct 2005Housing market strength worrying: Trass
6 Oct 2005Bolger joins Trustees Executors board
6 Oct 2005Lift in residential property prices and sales: Crockers
6 Oct 2005ASB does exclusive deal with TradeMe
6 Oct 2005Proposed tax changes fatally flawed: ASFONZ
5 Oct 2005New boss for ING announced
4 Oct 2005Capital Property Investors Ass Meeting
4 Oct 2005Market Review: 1984 Revisited for Japan?
4 Oct 2005Economic data spooks markets
4 Oct 2005Investment tax proposals outdated and misguided, says academic
3 Oct 2005Bank Direct launches 100% product
3 Oct 2005News Round Up

September 2005

30 Sep 2005Weekly Wrap: Advisers have to take some responsibility
30 Sep 2005Home loan rates set to keep rising
30 Sep 2005Global pressures increasingly the agenda
30 Sep 2005NZ Super Fund warns of slowdown
29 Sep 2005Nothing wrong with a bit of self-promotion
29 Sep 2005A stock picker's view of the world
28 Sep 2005Reserve Bank to hike rates in October: ANZ
28 Sep 2005Advisers must take responsibility for New Zealanders’ underinsurance
28 Sep 2005Advisers must take responsibility for New Zealanders’ underinsurance
28 Sep 2005What does a credit rating actually mean?
28 Sep 2005New super person at Phillips Fox
27 Sep 2005Higher floating rates now a possibility
27 Sep 2005More international securities standards likely, says Diplock
26 Sep 2005News Round Up
26 Sep 2005New CFO at Dominion Finance
25 Sep 2005Rocky road to first home
25 Sep 2005Simple ways to break the cash-crunch cycle
25 Sep 2005Wise borrowing can make sense for risk-takers
25 Sep 2005Heeding rules pays dividends
25 Sep 2005Investors taking action against property developer
25 Sep 2005Japan land price deflation eases, Tokyo recovers
25 Sep 2005Beware of 'Falling Knives' in Aucklands CBD apartment market
25 Sep 2005 Rural property prices stronger
25 Sep 2005Tairua Harbour developers lodge appeal
25 Sep 2005Capital Properties weighs up AMP's offer
25 Sep 2005NZ debt heading for 'banana republic' status
25 Sep 2005No place for dairy among posh shops
25 Sep 2005House prices hit fresh high
25 Sep 2005Growing city reaching limits
25 Sep 2005Big jump in value of city houses
25 Sep 2005Sultan of Brunei's Herne Bay houses set to return to the market
25 Sep 2005Auckland City: Elevated status
23 Sep 2005Weekly Wrap: Everyone needs growth assets
23 Sep 2005Warning on falling Auckland apartment values
23 Sep 2005How to become a savvy landlord
23 Sep 2005ING September Roadshow
23 Sep 2005ING launches another fixed income fund
23 Sep 2005AIA name new ceo
23 Sep 2005Govt Super Fund earns 11.3%
22 Sep 2005GSF achieves 11.83% return
22 Sep 2005Top mortgage brokers named
22 Sep 2005ING September Roadshow
22 Sep 2005FPIA concerned about red tape around tax changes
22 Sep 2005Hanover appoints new BDM
21 Sep 2005ING September Roadshow
21 Sep 2005Mercer Super Trust to get GRT funds
21 Sep 2005Mercer Super Trust to get GRT funds
21 Sep 2005Thinking about finance companies
21 Sep 2005Active management pays: FundSource
21 Sep 2005Kiwibank grows mortgage book
20 Sep 2005Finnegan replaces Hobbs at Strategic
20 Sep 2005Active management pays: FundSource
20 Sep 2005Floating rates to remain up
20 Sep 2005Officials urge speed on adviser reform
19 Sep 2005Adviserlink Essentials of Mortgage Broking
19 Sep 2005Property market starts spring early - REINZ
19 Sep 2005House price inflation likely to cool slowly
19 Sep 2005News Round Up
17 Sep 2005General Election
16 Sep 2005Forté AWB software launch
16 Sep 2005Mutual Finance Limited
16 Sep 2005No let-up in residential property growth
16 Sep 2005Feeling the pulse of the financial sector
16 Sep 2005Survey of insurance needs planned
15 Sep 2005A research perspective on finance company investing
15 Sep 2005Monetary Policy Statement
15 Sep 2005Forté AWB software launch
15 Sep 2005Reserve Bank leaves rates unchanged
15 Sep 2005AMP property in bid for Capital Properties
15 Sep 2005ASB gives warning to small investors
15 Sep 2005Hong Kong's Peak rises above London, New York
15 Sep 2005Aussies open real estate website in NZ
15 Sep 2005Zones protect our heritage
15 Sep 2005Property Returns Reach Record Highs
15 Sep 2005Listings Shortage In Auckland Property Market
15 Sep 2005No Easing Of Property Prices
15 Sep 2005Non-residential building spurts to 12 year high
15 Sep 2005$13m apartment deal goes unconditional
15 Sep 2005Ever-shrinking Domain needs boundary riders
15 Sep 2005Fewer houses proposed for quarry site
15 Sep 2005Unlocking land bank
15 Sep 2005Developer hopes for minister's help on $90m project
15 Sep 2005Downtown goes up
15 Sep 2005Mt Roskill's changing face
15 Sep 2005ING picks up another fund manager
14 Sep 2005Investing in alternatives to surge worldwide
14 Sep 2005Is it time for a change?
14 Sep 2005Adviserlink Fundamentals of Personal Risk Management
14 Sep 2005Forté AWB software launch
14 Sep 2005Scott to take reins at Money Managers
13 Sep 2005Banks need to be wary on commissions
13 Sep 2005Rotorua Property Investors Assn - Anita Bell
13 Sep 2005New appointments to PRF debenture team
13 Sep 2005Borrowers watching what's happening
13 Sep 2005FundSource adds some light to finance company debate
12 Sep 2005NZ Property Institute Investment Ananlysis Seminar
12 Sep 2005Adviserlink Fundamentals of Investments
12 Sep 2005News Round Up
12 Sep 2005Rates expected to remain the same before election
9 Sep 2005Elders Finance has posted a 61% operating profit
9 Sep 2005ING looks at forming broker dealer group
8 Sep 2005Mexted takes new position at St Laurence
8 Sep 2005Commercial property returns reach record highs
8 Sep 2005NZ Super Fund goes for index management
8 Sep 2005Southern Cross posts $31.8 mill profit
8 Sep 2005NZ Super Fund goes for index management
7 Sep 2005Listings shortage in Auckland property market
7 Sep 2005Building a cluster in funds management
7 Sep 2005ASB issues warning about finance companies
7 Sep 2005FPIA appoints acting CEO
6 Sep 2005Nats pledge return to market rents
6 Sep 2005Public Trust senior appointments
6 Sep 2005Hedge fund managers band together
6 Sep 2005Mortgage decisions held off due to election
5 Sep 2005Market review: Roll out the (pork) barrel…
5 Sep 2005Adviserlink Essentials of Mortgage Broking
5 Sep 2005Adviserlink Business Financial Services
5 Sep 2005St Laurence investor briefings
5 Sep 2005Beyond the bridge
5 Sep 2005Home owners fail to get on election radar, says REINZ
5 Sep 2005News Round Up
3 Sep 2005Sydney's biggest housing slump
3 Sep 2005Keeping things in proportion
3 Sep 2005Share study needs a long-term view
3 Sep 2005Law favours tenants - Waikato landlords
3 Sep 2005Investors force showdown with KIP
2 Sep 2005Thoughts on Phillip Matthews' resignation
2 Sep 2005Promina put out half-year results
2 Sep 2005Property & Investment Otago
2 Sep 2005St Laurence investor briefings
2 Sep 2005Stats show Kiwis keen to save more
2 Sep 2005FPIA ceo departs
1 Sep 2005ASB appoints another BDM
1 Sep 2005St Laurence investor briefings
1 Sep 2005Building consent decline continues
1 Sep 2005Mortgage war bites
1 Sep 2005National could extend grey list

August 2005

31 Aug 2005Australia’s favourite debt busting mum to visit NZ
31 Aug 2005Finance company Lombard to list
31 Aug 2005Pacific Retail picks its preferred bidder
31 Aug 2005St Laurence investor briefings
31 Aug 2005BNZ market share up - slightly
31 Aug 2005Current industry bodies not necessarily future regulators
30 Aug 2005Inaugural Australasian Investment Fiduciary conference
30 Aug 2005St Laurence investor briefings
30 Aug 2005Changes to BT's distribution team
30 Aug 2005KiwiSaver gets big thumbs-up
30 Aug 2005KiwiSaver gets big thumbs-up
29 Aug 2005St Laurence investor briefings
29 Aug 2005Commission changes help non-bank lender
26 Aug 2005New programme to help AXA's growth
26 Aug 2005Regional Highlights – July
26 Aug 2005Are retail funds really dead?
26 Aug 2005McCrea joins Money Managers
25 Aug 2005ING Life increases YRT commission options
25 Aug 2005General Finance takes on Sovereign
25 Aug 2005McCrea joins Money Managers
25 Aug 2005September - Mortgage smorgasbord
25 Aug 2005September - Mortgage smorgasbord
25 Aug 2005ASFONZ / Women in Super Industry Breakfast
25 Aug 2005Finance company Lombard to list
24 Aug 2005Tough money laundering rules proposed
24 Aug 2005Govt may help super schemes join KiwiSaver
23 Aug 2005Successful Online Advertising conference
23 Aug 2005House Prices Spell More Trouble For NZ
23 Aug 2005Playing the mortgage game
23 Aug 2005Buy now or wait? That's the puzzle
23 Aug 2005 Kiwibank lending $500,000 with few questions asked
23 Aug 2005Is your mortgage working for you?
23 Aug 2005Beware the high interest lure
23 Aug 2005Cullen rules out any new property tax
23 Aug 2005Testing the herd mentality
23 Aug 2005Survey shows different financial personalities
23 Aug 2005Survey shows most NZers rate poorly as financial planners
23 Aug 2005Labour plans help for first-home buyers
23 Aug 2005Christchurch rail may force private land sale
23 Aug 2005Wrong people becoming real estate agents
23 Aug 2005Smart Hart shows how to walk on water
23 Aug 2005No payout from TTP as earnings tumble
23 Aug 2005Midwinter chill on house prices
23 Aug 2005Farm and house sales help region in economic report
23 Aug 2005Erosion threatens coastal land
23 Aug 2005New idea for high-rise site
23 Aug 2005Albany centre awaits its fate
23 Aug 2005Clash of plans for Richmond land
23 Aug 2005Residents fuming at bar plan
23 Aug 2005Subsidies offer sewerage hope
23 Aug 2005Historical land could be for sale
23 Aug 2005Top Bay farm sells for $20m
23 Aug 2005Home build costs hit a new high
23 Aug 2005Banks changes encouraging growth on non-bankmarket
23 Aug 2005Upgrade for three suburban centres
23 Aug 2005Pero shares fall on commission news
23 Aug 2005Pero looking at changing franchise model
23 Aug 2005First-time home buyers face uphill battle in Whangarei
23 Aug 2005No evidence of subsidence damage
23 Aug 2005First step for new Maraenui
23 Aug 2005Housing seen as threat to coastline
23 Aug 2005Tower wraps up its platform business
22 Aug 2005Adviserlink Practice Management
22 Aug 2005Manawatu big on yields
22 Aug 2005‘Too soon to tell effect of migration drop’
22 Aug 2005Kiwibank sees its product with competitors
22 Aug 2005News Round Up
19 Aug 2005Changes at AMP Risk Markets
19 Aug 2005Sovereign and AMP trumpet growth
19 Aug 2005Govt may make money from tax changes
19 Aug 2005Cullen v Key - Round One
18 Aug 2005TOWER - GAM presentation
18 Aug 2005Advising on Risk and Insurance
18 Aug 2005Prefu release date
18 Aug 2005Australia and NZ housing cycles related
18 Aug 2005Managed fund returns continue strong run
18 Aug 2005Market catches breath over winter
18 Aug 2005S&P cautious on NZ life insurance market
18 Aug 2005Cullen and Key debate tax changes
17 Aug 2005TOWER - GAM presentation
17 Aug 2005FPIA Auckland branch luncheon
17 Aug 2005Positive outlook for hedge funds
17 Aug 2005Banks changes encouraging growth on non-bankmarket
16 Aug 2005TOWER - GAM presentation
16 Aug 2005KiwiSaver and advisers don't equal much
15 Aug 2005Pero looking at changing franchise model
15 Aug 2005News Round Up
12 Aug 2005Hedging returns investors 14.5% more
12 Aug 2005NZ Finance expects 50% return on investment
12 Aug 2005Liontamer chases BT money
11 Aug 2005Tower revamping workplace super business
11 Aug 2005Some explaination please Olaf
11 Aug 2005Tower group super appointments
11 Aug 2005Online savings accounts prove popular
11 Aug 2005NZ Funds says not us
10 Aug 2005August Issue of the NZ Property Magazine
10 Aug 2005ANZ changes commission payments
10 Aug 2005Fear can blight investment
10 Aug 2005Sparky flicks wealth switch - Mary Holm
10 Aug 2005Aussie ANZ chases 'low doc' mortgage market
10 Aug 2005ASB Housing Confidence Survey
10 Aug 2005Housing market slowing, another surge unlikely
10 Aug 2005 Lower interest - priceless
10 Aug 2005Housing market continues upward trend
10 Aug 2005 Housing NZ prepares for building bonanza in Auckland
10 Aug 2005Buyers clamour for Sultan's Auckland properties
10 Aug 2005Investing and relationships
10 Aug 2005 Millionaire admits cocaine charge
10 Aug 2005ANZO profits nearly flat on strong rental gains
10 Aug 2005July Produces Strong Result for Auckland Property
10 Aug 2005Unexpected tax bill for Australian unit trust possible
10 Aug 2005ASB closing mortgage fund
10 Aug 2005ANZ changes commission payments
10 Aug 2005House price inflation accelerates yet again
10 Aug 2005Water billing to begin in November
10 Aug 2005Planned 15-storey apartment block waits on council's hearings committee
10 Aug 2005Swampland proposal draws fire
10 Aug 2005Marlborough house prices hold
10 Aug 2005Residents share thoughts on Timaru
10 Aug 2005Household borrowing rampant
10 Aug 2005Coastal theme for Oakura main drag
10 Aug 2005Residents fight truck depot plans
10 Aug 2005Where to for rates
10 Aug 2005Sovereign changes commissions on home loans
10 Aug 2005ASB closing mortgage funds
9 Aug 2005Capital Property Investors Ass Meeting
9 Aug 2005Urbani joins Chch hedge fund manager
9 Aug 2005Lenders tweak rates
9 Aug 2005Unexpected tax bill for Australian unit trust possible
8 Aug 2005New book on understanding fixed interest
8 Aug 2005News Round Up
8 Aug 2005House price inflation accelerates yet again
6 Aug 2005Property market continues to edge upwards
6 Aug 2005Soft landing predicted for housing market
5 Aug 2005How the mighty have fallen (or should it be how times have changed?)
5 Aug 2005Fidelity Life opens underwriting centre in Wellington
4 Aug 2005Financial Intermediaries Taskforce Report Welcomed
4 Aug 2005Task Force opts for Co-Regulation
4 Aug 2005Task Force Recommends Changes for Financial Advisers and Marketers
4 Aug 2005July produces strong result for Auckland property market
4 Aug 2005Australian managers look overseas for returns
4 Aug 2005United woos grey vote
4 Aug 2005Liberty goes for simplicity
3 Aug 2005Superannuation not a sleeper issue this election
3 Aug 2005BT and Westpac close retail funds
2 Aug 2005New COO appointment at Southern Cross Healthcare
2 Aug 2005Auckland market has turned, says Crokers
2 Aug 2005Where to for rates
2 Aug 2005Russell appoints new marketing and comms manager
2 Aug 2005Aussies may copy us
1 Aug 2005Market review: The runaway (sharemarket) freight train
1 Aug 2005Home affordability continues to decline
1 Aug 2005Task Force delay not necessarily bad
1 Aug 2005News Round Up

July 2005

31 Jul 2005Sovereign changes commissions on home loans
31 Jul 2005Let battle for chattels begin
31 Jul 2005 Don't be too sure that stocks are a long-term winner
31 Jul 2005 Buying that house gets even tougher
31 Jul 2005Housing crisis hits Tauranga, say welfare groups
31 Jul 2005Sale of Sultan's NZ homes believed to have fetched $35 million
31 Jul 2005Investors going for income and stability, not growth
31 Jul 2005Static OCR welcomed by Real Estate Institute
31 Jul 2005Cash rate left unchanged
31 Jul 2005Scam warning over rent-to-own homes
31 Jul 2005Property market set to decline, says Cullen
31 Jul 2005150 Bay of Plenty houses still off-limits
31 Jul 2005Council's leaky staircase wall to be repaired
31 Jul 2005Calan raises payout
31 Jul 2005Property for Industry prospers
31 Jul 2005American allowed to buy more coastal land
31 Jul 2005Offices convert to flats
30 Jul 2005Who'd want to be an adviser in China
29 Jul 2005Decline in residential building continues
29 Jul 2005Public Trust to build home loan business
29 Jul 2005Disquiet over Task Force delay
28 Jul 2005ING Life Adviser Conference
28 Jul 2005Retail funds under management reach $20 billion
28 Jul 2005Bollard holds rates, but still talks tough
28 Jul 2005Official cash rate left unchanged
28 Jul 2005Adviser regulation years away now
28 Jul 2005Watt retires as manager of Henderson fund
27 Jul 2005Adviserlink Fundamentals of Personal Risk Management
27 Jul 2005Property confidence dips but still highest
27 Jul 2005Quick loan decision promised
27 Jul 2005Superannuation issue largely sidelined
26 Jul 2005Govt rules out special treatment for Maori
26 Jul 2005Australian Credit Forum
26 Jul 2005Cullen confirms 'status quo' on property
26 Jul 2005Cullen confirms 'status quo' on property
26 Jul 2005Money Managers appeals to rate driven market
26 Jul 2005Tax rules put funds in invidious position
26 Jul 2005Sharebroker moves into funds
26 Jul 2005ASBGI appoints comms specialist
25 Jul 2005Adviserlink Fundamentals of Investments
25 Jul 2005Quotable Value's website
25 Jul 2005Investors more cautious about future returns
25 Jul 2005No rate rise expected this week
24 Jul 2005News Round Up
22 Jul 2005Update on the Task Force
22 Jul 2005Key would scrap KiwiSaver
22 Jul 2005Mortgage terms that often makes borrowers blood pressure rise
22 Jul 2005Key would scrap KiwiSaver
21 Jul 2005Matthew Walker leaves Arcus
21 Jul 2005Putting a price on tax changes
21 Jul 2005Adviserlink Fundamentals & Processes
21 Jul 2005The ASFONZ Forum 2005
21 Jul 2005Orange Insurance to have a twist
20 Jul 2005Prices sag as house sales slow
20 Jul 2005Penalties a taxing ordeal
20 Jul 2005UK house price inflation at 10-year low
20 Jul 2005Lifestyle property prices up
20 Jul 2005Rate war takes a new tack
20 Jul 2005Queenstown real estate outstrips Auckland prices
20 Jul 2005Design, not the timber, leads to leaky buildings, says expert
20 Jul 2005US investor may lose NZ farm
20 Jul 2005House prices up 3.3pc in June, says REINZ
20 Jul 2005Developers look to cash in on Blenheim expansion
20 Jul 2005Business and recreation park launched in Wellington
20 Jul 2005Leases assured for next 10 years
20 Jul 2005Objections to boarding house
20 Jul 2005Timber rot may be no big issue for Waikato
20 Jul 2005Summit gets a big view
20 Jul 2005New Cairns Lockie loan attracts interest
19 Jul 2005Sharemarket bounce helps managed funds
19 Jul 2005Rotorua Property Investors Association Public Meeting
19 Jul 2005Landlord Horror Stories
19 Jul 2005New Cairns Lockie loan attracts interest
19 Jul 2005Govt scheme kills fund
19 Jul 2005Govt scheme kills fund
18 Jul 2005Lifestyle property prices up
18 Jul 2005Former TOWER man Paul Bevin resurfaces
18 Jul 2005The quiet sacking of a manager
18 Jul 2005News Round Up
18 Jul 2005Aventine appoints South Island manager
15 Jul 2005Central Otago Lakes region New Zealand's most expensive real estate -
15 Jul 2005BNZ not so unbeatable, try a mortgage broker
15 Jul 2005Regional Highlights
15 Jul 2005BT ain't following its Australian brother
15 Jul 2005Garrett takes over as corporate super manager
15 Jul 2005Kiwibank's offer unusual
14 Jul 2005NZ Super Fund announces passive currency overlay mandate
14 Jul 2005$30 mill fleeced from Kiwis in share scams
13 Jul 2005Understanding conflicts of interest
13 Jul 2005ISI concerned over proposed tax changes
12 Jul 2005Southern Cross launches health management account
12 Jul 2005Cullen details KiwiSaver's workings
12 Jul 2005Kicking ideas around
12 Jul 2005WRF appoints NZ manager
12 Jul 2005Barfoot sales follow normal winter pattern
12 Jul 2005Kiwibank tries to stir some action
12 Jul 2005Good performance from intl bonds
12 Jul 2005Your guide to making a pile
12 Jul 2005Sailing away from stress
12 Jul 2005The house buyer's dilemma
12 Jul 2005Australian housing market finding a floor - survey
12 Jul 2005Kiwibank tries to stir some action
12 Jul 2005 Double death leaves leaky-home owners in the lurch
12 Jul 2005Property values continue to climb despite predictions
12 Jul 2005House prices look to be levelling out: QV
12 Jul 2005QV says national residential value growth 14.2% in May
12 Jul 2005Resource consent sought for stage one of retail development
12 Jul 2005Aust firm buys NZ's biggest private rest home operator
12 Jul 2005KPMG picks its Australian investment favourites
12 Jul 2005Christchurch house prices defy slowdown predictions
12 Jul 2005Coastal subdivision has strict covenants
12 Jul 2005House prices up again but indicators point to levelling
12 Jul 2005Bumper year for commercial property
12 Jul 2005City character rules may force costs up
12 Jul 2005Property man the target of arsonists
12 Jul 2005Inner-city development labelled slum
12 Jul 2005Sites march to developer's drum
12 Jul 2005NZMBA says all mortgage brokers should be covered by task force
12 Jul 2005Flooding problems overflow
12 Jul 2005Council confirms rates set to rise by 4.57 percent
12 Jul 2005Reality Check: Why the coastal property market is still pumping
12 Jul 2005System of a Down singer fails to buy NZ beach property
12 Jul 2005Churches quit more rest homes
11 Jul 2005News Round Up
11 Jul 2005House prices look to be levelling out: QV
9 Jul 2005Time for a makeover
8 Jul 2005QV stats show residential market marches on
8 Jul 2005Property developers warned to comply with securities law
8 Jul 2005Proposed tax changes will make people poorer in retirement
8 Jul 2005Split advisers from product providers: Sandler
7 Jul 2005Two new fishers
7 Jul 2005Fisher plans two new funds
6 Jul 2005Commerical property produces highest ever capital gains
6 Jul 2005Property wealth gains likely to be saved
6 Jul 2005Broadlands wants more balanced look at finance companies
6 Jul 2005Macquarie looking at resthomes?
6 Jul 2005Market review: A mid-year report card
6 Jul 2005NZMBA says all mortgage brokers should be covered by task force
6 Jul 2005Fund managers budgeted to get $500 mill from Govt
5 Jul 2005DP Rates - Commentary Spot
5 Jul 2005More short-term rates rise
5 Jul 2005Considerable support for licensing: Task Force
4 Jul 2005Adviserlink Essentials of Mortgage Broking
4 Jul 2005Change capital gains tax laws, experts warn
4 Jul 2005The house buyer's dilemma
4 Jul 2005Economist predicts long fall in Aussie house prices
4 Jul 2005Homes for super-rich hit silly season
4 Jul 2005Shares lead slow-boat convoy
4 Jul 2005$9.1 billion invested in debentures
4 Jul 2005New loan programme to help home buyers
4 Jul 2005Giant hole deepens row over subdivisions
4 Jul 2005Selling to beat slump is a mug's game
4 Jul 2005Rates revolt in eastern ward
4 Jul 2005Council wins Pakiri Beach battle
4 Jul 2005St Laurence raises $30m in bond offer
4 Jul 2005Dwelling consents down, but office building still strong
4 Jul 2005Landmark Blenheim building is for sale
4 Jul 2005Rural property prices continue to rise in South Canterbury
4 Jul 2005Trees key to development
4 Jul 2005Fears that council breaching own rules
4 Jul 2005Estate agents warned over accepting kickbacks
4 Jul 2005Anzo property value up 10.4 per cent
4 Jul 2005Shania Twain can build her Wanaka house
4 Jul 2005Rotorua residential property values holding their own
4 Jul 2005State housing units in Timaru under review
4 Jul 2005 Super-rich resort to new level in luxury
4 Jul 2005Auckland City 9.7% rates rise approved
4 Jul 2005Pastoral House delivers returns for AMP
4 Jul 2005ING takes full control of Urbus
4 Jul 2005NZ house prices among world's fastest growing
4 Jul 2005Hayes news delights supporters
4 Jul 2005Marina, housing project signed
4 Jul 2005Denser housing favoured by respondents
4 Jul 2005House prices continue momentum in Taranaki
4 Jul 2005Building sector improves over period
4 Jul 2005Local property values rise against last year
4 Jul 2005Lawyer joined $3m scam, says SFO
4 Jul 2005Advisers should be mystery shopped: Report
4 Jul 2005ASB Bank gets new head of managed funds
1 Jul 2005Govt rolls out expanded home loan scheme
1 Jul 2005Pacific Retail Finance joins the rated
1 Jul 2005Our Privacy Policy
1 Jul 2005Dispute sees finance company change name

June 2005

30 Jun 2005St Laurence raises $30 mill in tough market
30 Jun 2005Tax changes may benefit passive funds
30 Jun 2005Baguley joins Fidelity Life
29 Jun 2005Super Fund announces unlisted property mandate
29 Jun 2005Don't wait for KiwiSaver to buy home
28 Jun 2005Sovereign no longer a health groupies
28 Jun 2005Fairer rules on taxing investment income
28 Jun 2005Radical changes to taxing investments
28 Jun 2005July - Aussies cash in
28 Jun 2005Slowing economies keep rates down
28 Jun 2005St Laurence looks to grapes
27 Jun 2005Batty about Hanover
27 Jun 2005Adviserlink Fundamentals & Processes
27 Jun 2005Parore to bat against Pero
27 Jun 2005News Round Up
24 Jun 2005Co-regulation of financial intermediaries looks likely
24 Jun 2005Capital gains tax to be outlined next week
23 Jun 2005New book: Risk Management and Insurance in New Zealand
23 Jun 2005AMP launches new private equity fund
22 Jun 2005ANZ Residential Investment Seminars
22 Jun 2005SuperLife's new man in Wellington
22 Jun 2005Asteron stops paying trail commissions on home loans
22 Jun 2005Russell warns against tax changes
21 Jun 2005Super Fund commits to private equity fund
21 Jun 2005More incentives for KiwiSaver possible: Cullen
21 Jun 2005Few bite BNZ bait
21 Jun 2005More incentives for KiwiSaver possible: Cullen
20 Jun 2005Jody Gill promoted at AMP
20 Jun 2005Tenants rule as rental scarcity becomes thing of the past
20 Jun 2005Anzac spirit evident in property
20 Jun 2005Reality check: Relocating a house
20 Jun 2005Seminar on trends in shopping centres
20 Jun 2005 Conquering the debt mountain
20 Jun 2005NZ investors throw cash across Ditch
20 Jun 2005Cyber-seller challenges real estate agents
20 Jun 2005Insuring the obscure has hit the big time
20 Jun 2005Kiwi Income Properties manager awarded $1m pay rise
20 Jun 2005Vindication for tenants
20 Jun 2005Average rates hike of 5.6pc for Taupo
20 Jun 2005Cost could be $27m
20 Jun 2005Stigma of leaky buildings hits owners of dry homes
20 Jun 2005$40m to revive exclusive lakeside lodge
20 Jun 2005Council moves on port plan
20 Jun 2005Property prices stabilising says Quotable Value
20 Jun 2005P suspect bailed back to rented house
20 Jun 2005Nelson rates to increase by 9.1pc
20 Jun 2005Banks thumb noses at Reserve Bank
20 Jun 2005$3m-plus for former PM's home
20 Jun 2005No reserve on waterfront property
20 Jun 2005Bollard leaves rates unchanged but talks tough
20 Jun 2005Value of building work continues to rise
20 Jun 2005Poverty rates decline - survey
20 Jun 2005High-rise fears in Howick
20 Jun 2005News Round Up
20 Jun 2005A lighter look at the FPIA Conference
19 Jun 2005Managed Fund Returns Strong in May
17 Jun 2005Success Forum 2005
17 Jun 2005Parliament beefs up adviser disclosure rules
17 Jun 2005Banks fight over internet savings accounts
16 Jun 2005FPIA unveils eight-point strategic plan
15 Jun 2005ANZ Residential Investment Seminars
15 Jun 2005KiwiSaver likely to have high fees: Aon
15 Jun 2005Two changes at the Securities Commission
15 Jun 2005KiwiSaver likely to have high fees: Aon
14 Jun 2005Capital Property Investors Ass Meeting
14 Jun 2005Rising from the dead
14 Jun 2005Who should be called financial intermediaries?
14 Jun 2005More long-term home loan rates fall
13 Jun 2005Rotorua Property Investors Association Public Meeting
13 Jun 2005Housing: Lessons from history
13 Jun 2005House prices just keep rising
13 Jun 2005Westpac man joins TOWER
13 Jun 2005House prices keep rising
10 Jun 2005Crack down on life adviser commissions possible
10 Jun 2005Fisher Funds buys Coronet
10 Jun 2005Investors approve fund move to Cook Islands
9 Jun 2005KiwiSaver wins praise from international body
9 Jun 2005Cullen quizzed on KiwiSaver
9 Jun 2005Financial Intermediaries task force consultation meeting
9 Jun 2005Two banks cut rates after OCR announcements
9 Jun 2005Bollard leaves rates unchanged but talks tough
9 Jun 2005OCR unchanged at 6.75%
9 Jun 2005NZ Super Funds expected returns fall - again
9 Jun 2005NZ Super Funds expected returns fall - again
8 Jun 2005ANZ Residential Investment Seminars
8 Jun 2005Auckland property market volumes firm in May
8 Jun 2005Financial Intermediaries task force consultation meeting
8 Jun 2005Financial Intermediaries task force consultation meeting
8 Jun 2005Elderly need strong coalition partner in Government
8 Jun 2005Trade on NZX up 15% from May
8 Jun 2005Shane Downey joins ASB
7 Jun 2005Financial Intermediaries task force consultation meeting
7 Jun 2005Competition keeps rates down
7 Jun 2005Until debt do us part
7 Jun 2005Competition keeps rates down
7 Jun 2005Beware the great debenture
7 Jun 2005RBA expected to hold rates
7 Jun 2005Reserve Bank treads fine line on interest decision
7 Jun 2005How bias goes to investors' heads
7 Jun 2005Living on borrowed time in land of long dark cloud
7 Jun 2005Economists say interest rates will be left unchanged
7 Jun 2005Housing gains create 'fool's paradise'
7 Jun 2005Rest homes may be hit by proposed tax change
7 Jun 2005DOC move puts baches at risk
7 Jun 2005Massive rates rises anger Waitomo village
7 Jun 2005Commerce Commission warning on rent-to-buy housing
7 Jun 2005Rules ban tiny apartments
7 Jun 2005Official rates 'to fall from March'
7 Jun 2005Superbank hit by price war
7 Jun 2005Loss of carparks opposed
7 Jun 2005Perception of wealth misleading
6 Jun 2005Economists say interest rates will be left unchanged
5 Jun 2005DP Rates - New Offers
3 Jun 2005ASFONZ and Women in Super Seminar
3 Jun 2005Aussie website launch boost for NZ properties
3 Jun 2005Council bans 'shoe-box' apartments in Auckland
3 Jun 2005ASB Group moves administration to Jacques Martin
2 Jun 2005PIS appoints new NZ boss
2 Jun 2005Market Review: New Zealand at an economic and savings cross roads?
2 Jun 2005ANZ's savings solution
2 Jun 2005Too few advisers engaging with task force: Becker
1 Jun 2005Financial Intermediaries task force consultation meeting
1 Jun 2005June - Spotlight on Apartments
1 Jun 2005Council takes hard line on apartment design
1 Jun 2005Insurer alarmed at rise in inner-city apartment claims
1 Jun 2005ING Midyear Roadshow
1 Jun 2005Engage with the Force - the Task Force that is
1 Jun 2005ANZ Residential Investment Seminars
1 Jun 2005Heat is coming out of housing boom: PMI
1 Jun 2005Investors quiet at Blue Chip meeting
1 Jun 2005$143m KIP offer opens next week
1 Jun 2005 Making money out of debts
1 Jun 2005 IRD swoop nets $490m tax bonanza
1 Jun 2005Banks start home loan war again
1 Jun 2005Subdivisions in Mahia get council nod
1 Jun 2005Multiplex chief pays dearly for Wembley
1 Jun 2005Planner: Kerikeri problem can be fixed
1 Jun 2005Triple rates demand
1 Jun 2005Title Insurance - What is it and is it worth buying?
1 Jun 2005Port's potential pushes prices
1 Jun 2005Fund moves to Cook Island for tax benefits
1 Jun 2005Sovereign appoints new home loans development manager

May 2005

31 May 2005Financial Intermediaries task force consultation meeting
31 May 2005Financial Intermediaries task force consultation meeting
31 May 2005Home loan wars - Round 3
31 May 2005ASFONZ and Women in Super Seminar
31 May 2005ING Midyear Roadshow
31 May 2005Russell rolls out multi-manager NZ funds
30 May 2005Tower appoints new director
30 May 2005ING Midyear Roadshow
30 May 2005News Round Up
27 May 2005Home loan wars restarting?
27 May 2005Law Commission's recommendations sidelined
27 May 2005BDMs go in new TOWER structure
26 May 2005Financial Planners support aims of Task Force
26 May 2005New Zealand Fixed Income Forum 2005
26 May 2005Stobo and Harris give budget the OK
25 May 2005There was a winner in the Budget
25 May 2005Regional Highlights
25 May 2005ANZ Residential Investment Seminars
25 May 2005Details of Tower Health's new line up
25 May 2005TSB looks to expand its coverage
24 May 2005A Budget for all generations: Cullen
24 May 2005Budget 2005: Tax incentives potentially dangerous
24 May 2005Long term home loan rates continue to fall
24 May 2005Weyman Moy looking after AIA
24 May 2005Task force has mortgage brokers in their sights
23 May 2005Task Force presents its options
23 May 2005Task force releases options paper
23 May 2005Adviserlink Fundamentals & Processes
23 May 2005Tower supports budget initiatives
23 May 2005ASB Group endorses Kiwisaver concept
23 May 2005ASFONZ unimpressed by Kiwisaver initiative
23 May 2005Women in Super supports workplace savings initiatives
23 May 2005Depreciation rates cut will hit landlords' pockets
23 May 2005News Round Up
23 May 2005 Boom towns in for price shock
23 May 2005Landlords should report P-labs
23 May 2005Don't forget the stealth taxes
23 May 2005AMP rules out Capital takeover
23 May 2005Baby-boomers want to enjoy money and not save
23 May 2005Net migrant inflow slips to 9350
23 May 2005ING extends Urbus bid to 24 June
23 May 2005A new player has entered the mortgage broking market
23 May 2005Plaza job affects earnings
23 May 2005Multiplex fights back at speculation
23 May 2005Dairy farm prices continue to rise
23 May 2005Breathe in, skinny living is here
23 May 2005Value of port land could double
22 May 2005Property and Investment Expo
22 May 2005Property and Investment Expo
20 May 2005The 14th Traders & Investors Expo
20 May 2005AXA Leaders Forum - Budget Insights 2005
20 May 2005Copeland: UF helps people into their first homes
20 May 2005Securing Your Future: questions and answers
20 May 2005Kiwisaver tables
20 May 2005AXA Leaders Forum - Budget Insights 2005
20 May 2005Budget 2005: What do the tax changes mean for investment markets
20 May 2005Budget 2005: First step, but detail to come
20 May 2005Budget 2005: Government misses prime opportunity
19 May 2005Kiwisaver positive start but more needed: NZI
19 May 2005Tyndall applauds workplace super scheme
19 May 2005Treasury forecasts housing downturn
19 May 2005Treasury forecasts housing downturn
19 May 2005Govt announces detail of workplace savings scheme
19 May 2005Budget 2005: ING gives Budget news the thumbs up
19 May 2005Securing Your Future: budget savings package
19 May 2005A major advance for retirement savings
19 May 2005A hand up to home ownership
19 May 2005Kiwisaver scheme fails to address savings problem
19 May 2005Work based savings an easy way to save
19 May 2005Budget 2005: Savings industry pleased with changes
19 May 2005Budget day
19 May 2005Managed funds get a boost from the Budget
19 May 2005Government to help more people buy homes
19 May 2005Morgan locked up, Bernie stood down
19 May 2005Treasury forecasts housing downturn
19 May 2005Capital Properties rights row eases
19 May 2005House prices lose fizz in April
19 May 2005Housing market takes sudden plunge
19 May 2005The danger of buying property off the plan
19 May 2005Property trusts number one investment, says ASX report
19 May 2005Bollard warns of high debt levels and riskier bank lending
19 May 2005Home loan rates in holding pattern
19 May 2005Kiwi Income Property Trust profit up 7.3%
19 May 2005 Rocketing mortgage rates clobber families' budgets
19 May 2005 Landlords need ownership tips
19 May 2005Close eye on Sylvia Park risks
19 May 2005$815,000 leaky homes victory
19 May 2005Housing NZ moves tenants to city apartments
19 May 2005In the grip of mortgage madness
19 May 2005Tekapo section sales bonanza slowing
19 May 2005City rental shortage puts bite on tenants
19 May 2005State of the economy: Kiwis riding the property boom
19 May 2005Big profit jump for Macquarie Goodman property trust
19 May 2005Slowdown curbs chance of tax cuts, says Cullen
19 May 2005Apartment city
19 May 2005Coastal sections to be sold
19 May 2005RDC to sell off units, houses and sections
19 May 2005Public split on whether it is a good time to buy
19 May 2005House prices advance in uneven pattern
19 May 2005More pick house prices to rise - survey
19 May 2005Still rising house prices fuel interest rise fears
19 May 2005Kiwis may be saving too much, says Treasury
19 May 2005Westpac manages to weather home loan price war
19 May 2005State houses wanted on Mt Wellington quarry land
19 May 2005Developer reassures shareholders
19 May 2005Local group buys Auckland hotel
19 May 2005What you can look forward to in the Budget
19 May 2005Public Trust appoints counsel
18 May 2005Property market takes April breather
17 May 2005Sentinel welcomes code of conduct
17 May 2005A new player has entered the mortgage broking market
17 May 2005Rotorua Property Investors Ass Next Meeting
17 May 2005AXA sees number of kiwis saving through work doubling
16 May 2005Home loan rates in holding pattern
16 May 2005Adviserlink Practice Management
16 May 2005The Roar of the Tiger
16 May 2005Reasons to invest in Asia
16 May 2005ASB Group appoints new manager investment management
16 May 2005Financial adviser regulation - what's going to happen?
15 May 2005News Round Up
15 May 2005Budget initiatives a great start: AMP
13 May 2005North South expects property market to level
13 May 2005Home equity release schemes to have code of practice
13 May 2005Bluestone appoints BT man
12 May 2005BNZ defends its home loan strategy
12 May 2005SIFA winter conference 2005
12 May 2005Fund changes confusing
12 May 2005Problems with changing horses
11 May 2005BNZ defends its home loan strategy
11 May 2005Pengana Emerging Companies Fund
11 May 2005More ways to support brokers
11 May 2005Fidelity appoints new BDM
10 May 2005Overseas investors pushing property out of Kiwis’ reach, say Greens
10 May 2005Macquarie's notes don't reach the highpoint
9 May 2005Auckland property market remains steady in April
9 May 2005Home loan rates look to head higher
9 May 2005Residential property values grow 12.5%
9 May 2005News Round Up
9 May 2005House prices accelerated in April
9 May 2005Expectations of house prices increase remain strong - survey
7 May 2005Strong interest in Marsden Cove sites
6 May 2005TOWER appoints new head of investments
6 May 2005Bank managed fund sales fall
6 May 2005Westpac manages to weather home loan price war
5 May 2005From BDM to economist
5 May 2005Geneva Finance gets S&P rating
5 May 2005Fight looming over tax proposals
4 May 2005Task Force due to release options paper
4 May 2005Adviserlink Fundamentals of Personal Risk Management
4 May 2005Liontamer roadshow
4 May 2005Commins takes over Equity
4 May 2005 Property investors ignore gloom
4 May 2005 Loan plan for share buyers
4 May 2005 Housing slump takes toll on agents
4 May 2005kirmishes in mortgage war continue despite end of BNZ campaign
4 May 2005BNZ ends its promise
4 May 2005Debt rises but higher rentals buoy trust
4 May 2005Australians top up assets via two big deals
4 May 2005Nelson's growth under spotlight
4 May 2005Sylvia Park: A catalyst for a new generation of town centre
4 May 2005New Lynn lift on council table
4 May 2005A beginner’s guide to the new Building Act
4 May 2005Ratepayers hit again
4 May 2005Real estate man pleased as Bollard puts rate on hold
4 May 2005Victory funding should help to lift stigma
4 May 2005Glen Innes residents fight against a slum
4 May 2005Stores keen, but there's no room here
4 May 2005Expert tips housing boom to keep rolling
4 May 2005Coromandel lifts development ban
4 May 2005Buying into flood zone
4 May 2005Property problems: My property, his builder: Do I have to pay?
4 May 2005Net migration loss largest in four years
4 May 2005Changes tipped for developers
4 May 2005Surprise as house prices hit record
4 May 2005Home pick less chic
4 May 2005Tainted soil on record
4 May 2005Women In Super / ASFONZ
3 May 2005Liontamer roadshow
3 May 2005New boutique manager arrives on scene
2 May 2005Adviserlink Practice Management
2 May 2005Adviserlink Fundamentals of Investments
2 May 2005BNZ ends its promise
2 May 2005Liontamer roadshow
2 May 2005News Round Up
2 May 2005Smartshares appoints new team
1 May 2005Professional property investors remain confident

April 2005

29 Apr 2005A new option for fixed interest
29 Apr 2005Adding zing to fixed interest
29 Apr 2005Helping hand for super
28 Apr 2005Three way merger
28 Apr 2005Economists reckon RBNZ wants to raise rates again
28 Apr 2005RBNZ leaves OCR unchanged
28 Apr 2005Pioneer increases commissions
27 Apr 2005APIA Young Investors Group
27 Apr 2005Emerging markets interesting opportunity: Brighouse
26 Apr 2005Wrightson to raise up to $60 million
26 Apr 2005New man for Liontamer
26 Apr 2005Signs that longer term rates easing
26 Apr 2005Commission says diclosure needs to improve
26 Apr 2005TOWER appoints ceo to health business
26 Apr 2005Rate rise unlikely this week
26 Apr 2005Rate rise unlikely this week
23 Apr 2005NZ Finance Holdings profit jumps 71%
22 Apr 2005AIA roadshow
22 Apr 2005AIA roadshow
22 Apr 2005AIA breaks new ground on health insurance pricing
22 Apr 2005Cullen drops hint on priorities for task force
21 Apr 2005AIA roadshow
21 Apr 2005AIA roadshow
21 Apr 2005Managed funds outflow continues in March quarter
20 Apr 2005AIA roadshow
20 Apr 2005Golden rules for what goes into the family trust
20 Apr 2005Surprise as house prices hit record
20 Apr 2005Town to country plotting
20 Apr 2005HSBC continues to lose mortgage market share
20 Apr 2005Brokers unhappy with National Bank
20 Apr 2005National Bank to cut trail commissions
20 Apr 2005Queenstown property market splits
20 Apr 2005Investor Confidence Reaches Peak
20 Apr 2005Rents, packed properties boost returns
20 Apr 2005Better returns ahead - investors
20 Apr 2005 Protect us against bad 'advisers'
20 Apr 2005Competition keeps mortgages lower
20 Apr 2005Weighing up Property and Shares
20 Apr 2005ING issues formal notice of takeover for Urbus
20 Apr 2005Median price rises for region's homes
20 Apr 2005Macquarie Goodman Property Trust buys $30m Auckland property
20 Apr 2005Property preferred as shares slump
20 Apr 2005Taupo residents brace for rates increase
20 Apr 2005Owner expects support for demolition
20 Apr 2005Council pays its part in ruling on leaky buildings
20 Apr 2005Number of houses finding buyers at auction slumps
20 Apr 2005Green light on retirement scheme
20 Apr 2005Madayag to develop Jean Batten area design framework
20 Apr 2005Developers propose 'maritime village'
20 Apr 2005Kiwi bach now a dream as prices double
20 Apr 2005Hefty rises loom
20 Apr 2005Rich pickings for money firms
20 Apr 2005Tired office park gets new lease on life
20 Apr 2005Sales start for $40m plan
20 Apr 2005Top of the South ‘housing stress’study
20 Apr 2005House prices ignore predictions to rocket forward
20 Apr 2005Prices start to fall off in city, Central
20 Apr 2005Southern properties attract hot prices
20 Apr 2005Boutique hotel to be built on Bay Hill
20 Apr 2005Region leads property slowdown
20 Apr 2005$823,000 for beach section
20 Apr 2005ING gets NZ Funds man
19 Apr 2005AMP Capital's results underscore slowdown
19 Apr 2005HSBC continues to lose mortgage market share
19 Apr 2005AIA roadshow
19 Apr 2005AIA roadshow
18 Apr 2005AIA roadshow
18 Apr 2005AIA roadshow
18 Apr 2005AIA roadshow
18 Apr 2005AIA roadshow
18 Apr 2005Pioneer increase upfront broker commissions
18 Apr 2005Survey shows investor optimism at record level
15 Apr 2005Brokers v banks
15 Apr 2005Brokers unhappy with National Bank
15 Apr 2005Form of capital gains tax being considered
14 Apr 2005Marianna Chik joins AIA
14 Apr 2005Women in Super / ASFONZ seminar
14 Apr 2005More concerns about new bill
13 Apr 2005National Bank to cut trail commissions
13 Apr 2005Rotorua Property Investors Association Public Meeting
13 Apr 2005Stobo to chair AMP Office Trust
13 Apr 2005Coming soon: The start of the next tech boom
12 Apr 2005Tower appoints new head of general insurance and direct
12 Apr 2005Bank Direct raises two-year rate
12 Apr 2005Sovereign launches stripped down health insurance cover
12 Apr 2005Peters’ promises ruinously expensive
12 Apr 2005Sovereign replaces old funds
11 Apr 2005Adviserlink Business Financial Services
11 Apr 2005Adviserlink Practice Management
11 Apr 2005St Laurence Property & Finance Ltd roadshow
11 Apr 2005St Laurence Property & Finance Ltd roadshow
11 Apr 2005House price inflation eases but stays in double digits
11 Apr 2005Keeping the piggy bank in good shape
11 Apr 2005Growth in property prices slows
11 Apr 2005Bill to ensure property rights to be debated
11 Apr 2005Aussie firm shopping for NZ property
11 Apr 2005Mortgage top-ups a deceptive debt
11 Apr 2005Dormant investors return
11 Apr 2005Property problems: When tenant converts office into bedrooms
11 Apr 2005Deal not over until money’s in hand
11 Apr 2005Property scams draw warning
11 Apr 2005Housing prices feel the chill as boom slows
11 Apr 2005Parties may fix QLDC rental row
11 Apr 2005 Taranaki property prices keep it up
11 Apr 2005$1m state house rented for $75
11 Apr 2005Tax-free property deals ure Australians to NZ
11 Apr 2005Feisty city blows away the experts
11 Apr 2005Building law 'ludicrous'
11 Apr 2005Fight for Far North 'jewel'
11 Apr 2005New 'city' in Albany delayed by paperwork
11 Apr 2005Property fraud accused jailed for breaching bail conditions
11 Apr 2005Loan Sharks - Beware
11 Apr 2005Urban design panel is a growth industry
11 Apr 2005The end of the golden weather?
11 Apr 2005News Round Up
11 Apr 2005Residential property market continues slowdown
8 Apr 2005Mortgage brokers want seperate regulation
8 Apr 2005Time to rethink asset allocation: Leckie
7 Apr 2005Perpetual Adviser briefings
7 Apr 2005Opportunity for a lifetime - ISI support research
7 Apr 2005ING launches new adviser network
6 Apr 2005Salvation Army says yes to savings proposal
6 Apr 2005Adviserlink Fundamentals of Personal Risk Management
6 Apr 2005Perpetual Adviser briefings
6 Apr 2005UF backs NZ Institute savings scheme
6 Apr 2005Cullen on NZ Institute report
6 Apr 2005NZ Institute puts forward radical savings plan
6 Apr 2005NZ Institute puts forward radical savings plan
5 Apr 2005Perpetual Adviser briefings
5 Apr 2005Small bank takes on large ones for big loans
5 Apr 2005AXA appoints new wealth management boss
4 Apr 2005Market Review: The end of the golden weather?
4 Apr 2005Adviserlink Business Financial Services
4 Apr 2005Adviserlink Fundamentals of Investments
4 Apr 2005Slashing your debts
4 Apr 2005Gearing not Always a Plus
4 Apr 2005Shore rents take tumble
4 Apr 2005 Grey area for Blue Chip investments
4 Apr 2005British house prices fall as election nears
4 Apr 2005From strawberry fields to Massey mega-centre
4 Apr 2005'Second wind' sees house building consents up 4pc
4 Apr 2005Study: Region's economy pumping
4 Apr 2005Insurance council warns on winter flooding
4 Apr 2005Changes to Building Act draw criticism
4 Apr 200548-level tower on way up
4 Apr 2005Angry owners seek court date
4 Apr 2005Private beach may attract foreign buyers
4 Apr 2005Beachfront Gisborne property sells for $1.7m
4 Apr 2005News Round Up
1 Apr 2005Economist sticks to his house price fall forecast
1 Apr 2005Key themes to emerge from taskforce

March 2005

31 Mar 2005Anderson leaves FundSource
31 Mar 2005BDM for Tower Employee Benefits
31 Mar 2005S&P lowers AIA's rating
31 Mar 2005Rethinking investment strategies
30 Mar 2005Two banks battle it out
29 Mar 2005Kiwibank sneaks into home loan war game
29 Mar 2005Hanover Group appoints merchant banker to board
29 Mar 2005Rents falling throughout many Auckland suburbs
29 Mar 2005Car dumping 'not uncommon'
29 Mar 2005Dispute hinders development
29 Mar 2005Urbus Properties revalues portfolio by $17 million
29 Mar 2005Blue Chip plans share sale
29 Mar 2005News Round Up
28 Mar 2005Financial planners - the chosen ones
28 Mar 2005Foreign cash buys a piece of home
28 Mar 2005Forget the treadmill and enjoy nest egg
28 Mar 2005Property problems: When to pay GST on your property purchase
28 Mar 2005United exceeds 100%
28 Mar 2005Leaky building law makes drips of ratepayers
28 Mar 2005Don't buy - house prices set to fall, banks warn
28 Mar 2005Wanaka housing rallies agent
28 Mar 2005Affordable housing misses out in forward planning
28 Mar 2005Townhouse owners fight for justice
28 Mar 2005Warning for 'mum and dad' investors
24 Mar 2005St Laurence appoints managed funds CEO
24 Mar 2005United exceeds 100%
23 Mar 2005Super fund goes alternative
23 Mar 2005Super fund goes alternative
23 Mar 2005Super Fund changes asset allocation
23 Mar 2005Two new superannuation books
23 Mar 2005More diversification needed
22 Mar 2005New laws for borrowers and lenders
22 Mar 2005Go Forex
22 Mar 2005Taskforce heads to Australia
21 Mar 2005FundSource launches finance company research
21 Mar 2005Adviserlink Business Financial Services
21 Mar 2005Home loan rates keep rising
21 Mar 2005From wraps to wealth
21 Mar 2005News Round Up
20 Mar 2005Apartment savvy
20 Mar 2005Settlor is the thrust of a trust
20 Mar 2005Diana Clement: Tax tips and tricks galore
20 Mar 2005The agony of the new-home owners
20 Mar 2005Council swamped by leaky buildings
20 Mar 2005The price of victory
20 Mar 2005Leaky building trouble goes upmarket
20 Mar 2005In a flap about money
20 Mar 2005Rocketing demand in south
20 Mar 2005Plea for help over those impulse buys
20 Mar 2005 Investors caught between rent and mortgage
20 Mar 2005 Landlords fume over school plan
20 Mar 2005Rental Gains not all they Seem
20 Mar 2005Diana Clement: It takes a bit of cheek ...
20 Mar 2005Investing your student loan
20 Mar 2005House sales defy downturn talk
20 Mar 2005Rents up as public sector expands
20 Mar 2005Kiwibank's In Reach pilot likely to fall short of target
20 Mar 2005Interest rates not dampening construction
20 Mar 2005List pushes rates up 8.8pc
20 Mar 2005Residents happy with quality of life
20 Mar 2005Average household net worth up $60,000
20 Mar 2005Beachfront apartments get green light
20 Mar 2005300 sections sold in project
20 Mar 2005Mayor Hubbard serious on city design
20 Mar 2005Heading for the hills
20 Mar 2005The dark side of the city's burgeoning apartment business
20 Mar 2005Landlords want police help in making tenants pay up
20 Mar 2005Oakura home sells for $1.35m
20 Mar 2005Bill tightens foreign land sale rules
20 Mar 2005Section goes from $20 to $6200 in 10 months
19 Mar 2005ING Adviser Conference
18 Mar 2005FundSource conference
18 Mar 20058th Asia Pacific Life Insurance Congress
18 Mar 2005More appointments at Trustees Executors
18 Mar 2005New securities bill under fire
17 Mar 2005CFA Society of New Zealand
17 Mar 2005Women in Super seminar
17 Mar 2005Macquarie Fortress Notes briefing
17 Mar 2005Macquarie Fortress Notes briefing
17 Mar 2005Tax changes have to fit with other policies
17 Mar 2005Kiwibank's In Reach pilot likely to fall short of target
17 Mar 2005Tax changes have to fit with other policies
16 Mar 2005Adviserlink Fundamentals of Personal Risk Management
16 Mar 2005CFA Society of New Zealand
16 Mar 2005Macquarie Fortress Notes briefing
16 Mar 2005Macquarie Fortress Notes briefing
16 Mar 2005Hawke’s Bay FPIA Financial & Legal Forum 2005
16 Mar 2005Fund faces wind-up vote
16 Mar 2005NZers $60,000 richer
16 Mar 2005Concerns raised about proposed workplace savings scheme
16 Mar 2005 Trustees Executors makes number of new appointments
15 Mar 2005Macquarie Fortress Notes briefing
15 Mar 2005Macquarie Fortress Notes briefing
15 Mar 2005Macquarie Fortress Notes briefing
15 Mar 2005Stobo report ideas may be shelved
14 Mar 2005Odds on early election shorten
14 Mar 2005Adviserlink Fundamentals of Investments
14 Mar 2005Adviserlink Fundamentals & Processes
14 Mar 2005Macquarie Fortress Notes briefing
14 Mar 2005Westpac only bank to move rates - so far
14 Mar 2005News Round Up
13 Mar 2005Latest figures confirm house prices soften
11 Mar 2005NZ Super Fund to unveil new asset allocation
11 Mar 2005Workplace super "glorified Christmas Club": Key
11 Mar 2005Are we saving enough?
11 Mar 2005NZ Super Fund to unveil new asset allocation
10 Mar 2005SuperFunds Summit 2005
10 Mar 2005Bollard raises rates, leaves the door open for more
10 Mar 2005Reserve Bank increases OCR to 6.75%
10 Mar 2005Stephanie McGreevy joins Perpetual Trust
9 Mar 2005Cullen addresses Melbourne symposium
9 Mar 20052005 Property & Investment Expo expands to three days
9 Mar 2005Large international fund goes through changes
9 Mar 2005Rental tax gains count for little
9 Mar 2005Taking stock of your options
9 Mar 20052005 Property & Investment Expo Expands To 3 Days
9 Mar 2005Morningstar fund manager of the year nominees
9 Mar 2005Auckland Property Market Back In Business
9 Mar 2005Property trust to change fee structure
9 Mar 2005Mentors in the business of giving advice
9 Mar 2005$11.3 billion of building completed in 2004, an alltime record in apples with ap
9 Mar 2005Laying the foundation for homeowners
9 Mar 2005End of the free market for mortgages
9 Mar 2005Chances of rate rise increasing
9 Mar 2005Economic data shows Dunedin still growing
9 Mar 2005Khandallah home fetches $3.5m
9 Mar 2005The auction game
9 Mar 2005Macquarie Property Trust joins the market's big boys
9 Mar 2005Sale promises Capital windfall
9 Mar 2005Multi-million price tags on Cheltenham properties
9 Mar 2005Battle over design
9 Mar 2005Help for home-buyers likely
9 Mar 2005Blackmail claim as subdivision row heats up
9 Mar 2005Business sites at a premium
9 Mar 2005De facto couples in legal limbo
9 Mar 2005Concern over falling home ownership rate
8 Mar 2005Fidelity Life Options Portfolio briefing
8 Mar 2005Use risk research tools, but don't totally rely on them
8 Mar 2005Changes at Marac and Pyne Gould
7 Mar 2005Rating service produces apparently bizarre results
7 Mar 2005Not all lenders are playing the price war game
7 Mar 2005Auckland market recovering: agent
7 Mar 2005News Round Up
7 Mar 2005Chances of rate rise increasing
7 Mar 2005Chances of rate rise increasing
4 Mar 2005Rent rises pass Auckland by
3 Mar 2005Stobo joins Fisher Funds board
3 Mar 2005Money Managers and Westpac approved educators
3 Mar 2005MJW appoint fourth principal
3 Mar 2005UK regulator likes NZ model
3 Mar 2005New owner gives Wizard better fixed rates
2 Mar 2005Govt adopts idea over tax on Australian unit trusts
2 Mar 2005Adviserlink Fundamentals of Personal Risk Management
1 Mar 2005Market review: Should investors be wary of benign market?
1 Mar 2005Interest and returns growing in FX
1 Mar 2005Strategic posts an improved six-month profit
1 Mar 2005AXA rearranges senior management team
1 Mar 2005Westpac and BNZ say profits OK after price war
1 Mar 2005 Traps for the unwary buyer
1 Mar 2005Share investing can be easy
1 Mar 2005Zip zap, it's a path to penury
1 Mar 2005Developers hit by rising prices
1 Mar 2005BNZ tries to start another home loan price war
1 Mar 2005Not fair to clamp down on overseas land buyers
1 Mar 2005Residents rally against state 'slumification'
1 Mar 2005Property developer is accused of making up valuations
1 Mar 2005Rates hike of 7 percent looms
1 Mar 2005New dwelling consents down in January
1 Mar 2005City growing at twice national rate
1 Mar 2005Big banks eyeing interest rate moves
1 Mar 2005Kiwi takeover of Capital predicted
1 Mar 2005Tiny bach, big investment
1 Mar 2005Apartments still in doubt
1 Mar 2005Cullen's share tip to homeowners

February 2005

28 Feb 2005Adviserlink Essentials of Mortgage Broking
28 Feb 2005Adviserlink Fundamentals of Investments
28 Feb 2005News Round Up
28 Feb 2005BNZ tries to start another price war
25 Feb 2005It ain't no lovefest!! We're just good mates
25 Feb 2005Commerce minister speaks about adviser regulation
24 Feb 2005Is there a need for compulsory super?
24 Feb 2005Fidelity Life Options Portfolio briefing
24 Feb 2005Fidelity Life Options Portfolio briefing
24 Feb 2005Get the commissions you really deserve
24 Feb 2005Tower's new boss aims to deliver value
23 Feb 2005Confess early, property speculators advised
23 Feb 2005Governance key property issue
23 Feb 2005The touch factor
23 Feb 2005Boom sector
23 Feb 2005Smart renovations
23 Feb 2005Property hotspots
23 Feb 2005Right land for best returns
23 Feb 2005How to hold a property
23 Feb 2005Size does matter
23 Feb 2005History always repeats itself
23 Feb 2005Tenancy laws
23 Feb 2005Good returns in aged care
23 Feb 2005Insurance for landlords
23 Feb 2005Expanding your empire
23 Feb 2005Govan is tower developer
23 Feb 2005Tainted soil fears raised at Bay meeting
23 Feb 2005Owners of leaky homes win city council payout
23 Feb 2005Median house price up but Morley warns caution
23 Feb 2005Hefty rates rise?
23 Feb 20054 ways to sell your home
23 Feb 2005Housing market makes slow start to year
23 Feb 2005Crossan delivers stern message to advisers
22 Feb 2005Minto rings the changes at Tower
22 Feb 2005Fidelity Life Options Portfolio briefing
22 Feb 2005Financial & Legal Forum - FPIA
22 Feb 2005How people make savings decisions
22 Feb 2005AIA appoints new business manager
21 Feb 2005Cullen outlines what will be in the budget for the savings industry
21 Feb 2005Kiwibank posts profit and grows mortgage market share
21 Feb 2005Retirement Scheme gets report card
21 Feb 2005Adviserlink Essentials of Mortgage Broking
21 Feb 2005Adviserlink Fundamentals & Processes
21 Feb 2005Mixed messages with house prices: REINZ
21 Feb 2005News Round Up
20 Feb 2005Tenants' millions unclaimed
20 Feb 2005Kiwi fires off insults as war with Capital heats up
20 Feb 2005Dunedin landlords dropping their prices
20 Feb 2005Public to have a say
20 Feb 2005East braced for rates
20 Feb 2005Countryside feels city heat
20 Feb 2005Do your homework when looking for a property
20 Feb 2005Marlborough house values stay firm
20 Feb 2005Cathy Casey: Communities built on good housing
18 Feb 2005Mixed messages with house prices: REINZ
18 Feb 2005SeniorCare Business Case
17 Feb 2005Will ANZ bid for Mike Pero?
17 Feb 2005ANZ National loses a little mortgage market share
17 Feb 2005Super Fund announces global listed property mandate
17 Feb 2005Cullen dashes hopes for super incentives
17 Feb 2005Finance companies focus of conference
17 Feb 2005Super Fund appointments
16 Feb 2005Finance companies focus of conference
16 Feb 2005Ericksens actuarial appointment
16 Feb 2005Adviserlink Fundamentals of Personal Risk Management
16 Feb 2005ING to launch wrap account
15 Feb 2005Capital Property Investors Assn meeting
15 Feb 2005Winners and losers in the state sector savings scheme
15 Feb 2005AIA to launch consumer credit policy
15 Feb 2005Winners and losers in the state sector savings scheme
15 Feb 2005IBANZ appoints its first ceo
14 Feb 2005Bridgecorp borderline investment grade: Rapid Ratings
14 Feb 2005Ups and downs in housing sector
14 Feb 2005Online property prices open to all
14 Feb 2005 Family trusts a legal minefield
14 Feb 2005Time to Look at those Portfolios
14 Feb 2005Do your homework when looking for a property
14 Feb 2005Quick step to the sun
14 Feb 2005City design 101
14 Feb 2005Rental rules face changes
14 Feb 2005Leaky building owners claim court victory
14 Feb 2005Auckland residents face big rates hike
14 Feb 2005Australia's FSR an eye-opener
14 Feb 2005Adviserlink Essentials of Mortgage Broking
14 Feb 2005Adviserlink Fundamentals of Investments
14 Feb 2005Housing market definitely slowing: QV
14 Feb 2005NZ Finance to buy Approved
14 Feb 2005News Round Up
13 Feb 2005NZ Top 50 in healthier state: rater
11 Feb 2005ING February Roadshow
11 Feb 2005Alternative assets on NZSF agenda
11 Feb 2005Alternative assets on NZSF agenda
10 Feb 2005Investors in $2.2m row with IRD
10 Feb 2005Developers start to move on Flat Bush
10 Feb 2005Meeting to air unease on high-rise
10 Feb 2005 Owners tip mass bach sell-off after hikes
10 Feb 2005Migrant inflow down 57% in year
10 Feb 2005Commercial property work still booming
10 Feb 2005House buyers gain confidence
10 Feb 2005Mortgage rate war fuels housing confidence
10 Feb 2005Fletcher Building shares soar on higher half year profit
10 Feb 2005BNZ economist predicts recession in residential construction
10 Feb 2005Govt ponders tax changes
10 Feb 2005The fruits of Money Managers' latest labour
9 Feb 2005Malpas joins PRF in new role
9 Feb 2005Rotorua Property Investors Association Public Meeting
9 Feb 2005International Equities – managing the risks
9 Feb 2005Macquarie hooks into Global Titans for notes
9 Feb 2005Key features of Highpoint Notes
9 Feb 2005ING February Roadshow
9 Feb 2005Auckland property market takes a holiday
9 Feb 2005ASSET February
9 Feb 2005AMP looks at local bonds
8 Feb 2005ING February roadshow
8 Feb 2005Advisers Value
8 Feb 2005ING Feburary Roadshow
8 Feb 2005Walker Capital moves into retail
7 Feb 2005Adviserlink Business Financial Services
7 Feb 2005Adviserlink Fundamentals & Processes
7 Feb 2005Mortgage rate war fuels housing confidence
7 Feb 2005News Round Up
7 Feb 2005Confidence in housing as an investment rebounds
4 Feb 2005Debt Bondage - Could it happen In New Zealand?
4 Feb 2005Allison adviser at ABN Amro Craigs
4 Feb 2005Managed funds scams not common in NZ - Securities Commission
3 Feb 2005BNZ gains market share but ASB grabs even more
3 Feb 2005Welcoming a old friend back
3 Feb 2005Former Westpac person joins Mortgage Express
2 Feb 2005Scarfies pay top dollar for flats
2 Feb 2005Booming trade online
2 Feb 2005New Zealanders need to save more to improve wealth
2 Feb 2005AMP NZ Office Trust's earnings per unit continue to climb
2 Feb 2005Pumice house built to last
2 Feb 2005Unitholders bite back
2 Feb 2005Cut-price realtor welcomed
2 Feb 2005Leasholders rocked by massive rent hikes
2 Feb 2005Leasing agent defends container accommodation
2 Feb 2005Pay 'much better' abroad
2 Feb 2005Infinity subdivision consent overturned
2 Feb 2005Valley residents unhappy over accommodation plan
2 Feb 2005Tax cuts off agenda despite economy
2 Feb 2005Leaky home owners set up national group
2 Feb 2005Apartment residents risk death silencing fire alarms
2 Feb 2005Minto takes over reigns at Tower
2 Feb 2005NZ Super Fund appoints two more managers
2 Feb 2005Market Review: January - a continuation of the patterns of 2004
2 Feb 2005BT Roadshow: What lies ahead
2 Feb 2005Wizard pushes debt consolidation
2 Feb 2005Improving savings levels appears on Govt's agenda
2 Feb 2005What the PM said on Savings Initiatives
1 Feb 2005Large fund outflows confound experts

January 2005

31 Jan 2005New survey reveals interesting facts about superannuation
31 Jan 2005News Round Up
28 Jan 2005TOWER QuickStart 2005
28 Jan 2005AIA January speaker series
28 Jan 2005Interesting and uncertain year ahead: Caton
27 Jan 2005Home loan wars keep houses affordable
27 Jan 2005Mortgage rate wars keep home loans affordable
27 Jan 2005Mortgage rate wars keep home loans affordable
27 Jan 2005Manukau property developers face new levy
27 Jan 2005Dream of own home becoming nightmare
27 Jan 2005Reserve Bank leaves interest rates unchanged
27 Jan 2005Property tax cheats in IRD sights
27 Jan 2005Institute to fight rent rule at resorts
27 Jan 2005Trusts on surge for five years
27 Jan 2005Rate rise not expected this week: Economists
27 Jan 2005House prices on the rise on the North Shore
27 Jan 2005TOWER QuickStart 2005
27 Jan 2005AIA January speaker series
27 Jan 2005Advancing Enterprise Ltd (AEL)
27 Jan 2005Allen Realty
27 Jan 2005Premier Mortgages
27 Jan 2005The Document Factory
27 Jan 2005Rotherhams
27 Jan 2005Placefinders
27 Jan 2005Sovereign
27 Jan 2005Accounts Online
27 Jan 2005Dulux
27 Jan 2005Guthrie Bowron
27 Jan 2005Rolston Group of Companies
27 Jan 2005Reserve Bank leaves interest rates unchanged
27 Jan 2005Company Solutions Ltd
27 Jan 2005Hybrid Group
27 Jan 2005Bluestone Mortgages
27 Jan 2005Deposit Power
27 Jan 2005OCR unchanged at 6.5%
27 Jan 2005ISI to advocate major changes to advisers: Arkinstall
26 Jan 2005TOWER QuickStart 2005
26 Jan 2005AIA January speaker series
26 Jan 2005Where will the new minister take the taskforce?
26 Jan 2005What NZ First and George W Bush have in common
25 Jan 2005Tower hints at further growth
25 Jan 2005TOWER QuickStart 2005
25 Jan 2005AIA January speaker series
25 Jan 2005UPDATED: Australian hedge fund appears in NZ
25 Jan 2005TOWER Health & Life appoints new BDM
24 Jan 2005TOWER QuickStart 2005
24 Jan 2005AIA January speaker series
24 Jan 2005AIA January speaker series
24 Jan 2005News Round Up
24 Jan 2005Labour of love pays off - Mary Holm
24 Jan 2005Kiwi Income to review its fees
24 Jan 2005Hawke's Bay, Auckland home prices fall
24 Jan 2005IRD cracks down on property investment schemes
24 Jan 2005Steady she goes
24 Jan 2005Building Act puts brakes on consents
24 Jan 2005Paying for a million-dollar view
24 Jan 2005Cheaper house sale fee pledged
24 Jan 2005Rate rise not expected this week: Economists
24 Jan 2005Stay of execution for deco block
24 Jan 2005Warning on investor's land splurge
24 Jan 2005House sales in 2004 just shy of record
24 Jan 2005Inflation hits two-year high
24 Jan 2005Macquarie Goodman adds to South Sydney estate
24 Jan 2005Two-year rates still a good deal: economist
23 Jan 2005Spicers to start using finance companies
21 Jan 2005Newland joins St Laurence and takes a stake
21 Jan 2005Managed funds produce good returns in 2004
20 Jan 2005House prices stable, but fewer selling
20 Jan 2005House prices see some consolidation
20 Jan 2005Allocating money to NZ assets in 2005
20 Jan 2005What I like about our industry
20 Jan 2005Asteron buys Stone & Associates
19 Jan 2005Why I like financial services
19 Jan 2005United pushes for tax deductibility of super payments
19 Jan 2005United pushes for tax deductibility of super payments
18 Jan 2005Trass reckons no property crash on cards
18 Jan 2005Macquarie appoints new director
18 Jan 2005News Round Up
17 Jan 2005Two-year rates still a good deal: economist
17 Jan 2005Firm offers probes to test house damp risk
17 Jan 2005Confidence brings rise in Australian home loans
17 Jan 2005Many turn a deaf ear to house alarms
17 Jan 2005Council still out on Urupukapuka redevelopment
17 Jan 2005 Bankrupt man living in luxury
17 Jan 2005 Rent dispute has publicans kept out of their own bar
17 Jan 2005TDC eyes expansion
17 Jan 2005Investors still optimisic despite good year
14 Jan 2005Australian banks likely to takeover mortgage brokers: Deloitte
14 Jan 2005Too hard, says News as it hands over super
14 Jan 2005Too hard, says News as it hands over super
12 Jan 2005Alternative investments picked for 2005
12 Jan 2005Julie Chambers: Back to front policy for old buildings
12 Jan 2005Fletchers in $425m buy-up
12 Jan 2005More data hints at slowing property market
12 Jan 2005Five-star tourist apartments planned
12 Jan 2005Fixing our image
12 Jan 2005Call for investigation
12 Jan 2005Boucher back to Oz
12 Jan 2005Alternative investments picked for 2005
12 Jan 2005Donald keeps up GSF criticism
11 Jan 2005Asteron buys Stone
10 Jan 2005Construction boom goes on - and on
10 Jan 2005Bach fetches more than $2m
10 Jan 2005Squeezed first-home buyers to get help
10 Jan 2005National party backs property rental rights
10 Jan 2005No way onto housing ladder for young couples
10 Jan 2005News Round Up
6 Jan 2005Kingfish lands a big December quarter
6 Jan 2005A slice of sense for 2005 property market?
6 Jan 2005Get Your Finances Sorted In 2005
6 Jan 2005Landlords looking good for 2005
6 Jan 2005NZ ranked in top 10 'economically free' countries
6 Jan 2005 Rush is on to grab sections in the city
6 Jan 2005 'We need more shopping malls'
5 Jan 2005FPIA branches take the lead in educating investors
5 Jan 2005Raising pension rate to be election issue
5 Jan 2005New BNZ share fund manager
2 Jan 2005House rents static in most areas
2 Jan 2005Returns should remain solid in 2005
2 Jan 2005City lobby group ups ante
2 Jan 2005 Million-dollar price tag - no big deal
2 Jan 2005Building boom in resort town
2 Jan 2005Mortgage rates creeping up
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