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Previous Articles Archive - 2007

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December 2007

28 Dec 2007Sovereign appoints from within ranks
28 Dec 2007Women into Wealth hits Wellington
27 Dec 2007Westpac head takes a break
27 Dec 2007Property owners make New Year’s resolution to move
24 Dec 2007Money Managers appoints national sales manager
24 Dec 2007News Round Up
24 Dec 2007Property gauges show market on a decline
21 Dec 2007PSIS latest to get S&P rating
21 Dec 2007Weekly Wrap: Festive final wrap
21 Dec 2007Weak investor confidence frustrates companies
21 Dec 2007Weak investor confidence frustrates companies
21 Dec 2007Trust's Chews Lane purchase questioned
20 Dec 2007Clegg investors get first payment
20 Dec 2007New series of Kauri Notes
20 Dec 2007No Xmas cheer for borrowers
20 Dec 2007Binu Paul joins Tyndall
19 Dec 2007Credit Agricole sets rate
19 Dec 2007ASSET - Festive Talkfest
19 Dec 2007Rents up $10 a week
19 Dec 2007Figures paint more positive picture than the hype
19 Dec 2007Financing options becoming more limited
19 Dec 2007Bridgecorp investors get bad news
18 Dec 2007Politicians raspberry Retirement Commissioner's idea
18 Dec 2007Bridgecorp investors get bad news
18 Dec 2007South Canterbury Finance offer closes fully subscribed
18 Dec 2007All insurers to come under new regulation rules
18 Dec 2007Developers decry Affordable Housing Bill
17 Dec 2007New boss for TOWER Investments
17 Dec 2007Numeria follows in footsteps of Capital + Merchant
17 Dec 2007News Round Up
14 Dec 2007Weekly Wrap: Regulation, tax and facts
14 Dec 2007HRC review highlights more issues
14 Dec 2007Absolute return funds expand with Kauri Notes Series II
14 Dec 2007Kauri Notes - Higher returns, regular income
14 Dec 2007Govt proposes fairer tax rules
14 Dec 2007Russell Investment Group appointments
14 Dec 2007ASFONZ / Women in Super Industry Breakfast
14 Dec 2007PIE are we waiting?
14 Dec 2007Provincial payout reaches 72.5%
14 Dec 2007Term life commissions undisclosed
14 Dec 2007Financing options becoming more limited
13 Dec 2007Real estate agents warned not to mislead
13 Dec 2007Is it a buyers' market for property at the moment or not? Opinion piece.
13 Dec 2007Asteron appoints National Manager Group Relationships
13 Dec 2007Rates higher for longer
13 Dec 2007Keeping temperature down on intl share investments
12 Dec 2007NZ Finance gets more funding
12 Dec 2007New online account from PSIS
12 Dec 2007Rates higher for longer
12 Dec 2007Some things don't make sense in adviser bill: PAA
11 Dec 2007Property market rebound in November?
11 Dec 2007Inland Revenue underlines LAQC concerns
11 Dec 2007Arrears on mortgage-basked securities down
11 Dec 2007Alternative investments looking more attractive
11 Dec 2007Warrington joins Chris Lee
10 Dec 2007Adviserlink - Mortgage Broking Essentials
10 Dec 2007News Round Up
10 Dec 2007House price inflation slows 10%
7 Dec 2007Weekly Wrap: Santa is coming to town
7 Dec 2007Big GM changes at Sovereign
7 Dec 2007APB cost estimates on high side: Weatherston
7 Dec 2007Buyers market in Auckland
6 Dec 2007Judgment reveals C+M's poor state
6 Dec 2007Adviserlink – Investment Planning
6 Dec 2007Market review: December 2007 commentary
6 Dec 2007KiwiSaver numbers surge past 300,000
6 Dec 2007OCR announcement
6 Dec 2007Bollard hawkish but holds rates steady
6 Dec 2007OCR unchanged at 8.25%
6 Dec 2007OCR unchanged at 8.25%
6 Dec 2007Disclosure and disclosure
6 Dec 2007Goldridge CEO becomes adviser
6 Dec 2007Cost of joining APB at least $1000 per adviser
6 Dec 2007Upward pressure on rents
5 Dec 2007IFA posts second successive loss
5 Dec 2007ANZ National Bank increase market share
5 Dec 2007Goodman Property Trust expands to become country’s biggest
4 Dec 2007Advisers in spotlight over fin coy collapses
4 Dec 2007Putting cash into PIEs
4 Dec 2007ING Xmas Golf Days 2007
4 Dec 2007Advisers have 3 months to prepare for new laws
4 Dec 2007Banks play cat and mouse over deposit rates
4 Dec 2007Auckland property sales defy spring expectations
3 Dec 2007Subscribe to NZ Property Magazine for the chance to win
3 Dec 2007News Round Up
2 Dec 2007Rate rise this week unlikely
2 Dec 2007Cymbis put on negative credit watch

November 2007

30 Nov 2007What can we learn from the C+M collapse?
30 Nov 2007Equitable scores S&P rating
30 Nov 2007Mortgage lending in soft patch
30 Nov 2007Investment the key, says Cullen
30 Nov 2007Offwood joins TOWER
29 Nov 2007Capital + Merchant unlucky 13th as liquidity freezes
29 Nov 2007Adviserlink – Financial Plan Construction and Review
29 Nov 2007NZX expands reach into funds management
29 Nov 2007Plan B's new CEO
28 Nov 2007Financial Planning Association of Australia conference
28 Nov 2007Adviserlink - Advice Process III: Presenting the Recommendation
28 Nov 2007Some relief on 2yr rates
28 Nov 2007PINs companies placed in voluntary liquidation
28 Nov 2007PINs companies placed in voluntary liquidation
28 Nov 2007Some relief on 2yr rates
27 Nov 2007Seven key themes to influence funds management
27 Nov 2007Salvus to become Australasian LIC
26 Nov 2007AIG moves into mortgage space
26 Nov 2007Bank rates matched by others
26 Nov 2007Money At Work: South Canterbury Finance bonds
26 Nov 2007News Round Up
25 Nov 2007Nathans debentures offered some hope
23 Nov 2007Weekly Wrap: Disclosure for winners
23 Nov 2007AIG appoints new Head of Distribution
23 Nov 2007The silent rate war
23 Nov 2007Finance company bill introduced to Parliament
22 Nov 2007Related party loans hurt Clegg and Co debentureholders
22 Nov 2007Investment slump eats into Fidelity profits
22 Nov 2007Private equity firm takes over VSL
22 Nov 2007Vestar adds another analyst
21 Nov 2007Office rents soar around the world
21 Nov 2007The only way is up
21 Nov 2007Good news from the finance company sector
21 Nov 2007Advisers swing KiwiSaver choices, survey finds
21 Nov 2007The only way is up
20 Nov 2007Adviserlink - Personal Risk Management
20 Nov 2007Finance company sector still sound: Report
19 Nov 2007South Canterbury increases bond offer
19 Nov 2007Adviserlink - Advice Process III: Presenting the Recommendation
19 Nov 2007Adviserlink - Advice Process II: The Fact Find Consultation
19 Nov 2007Banks continue slugfest
19 Nov 2007News Round Up
18 Nov 2007Women seeking financial security through property
17 Nov 2007Westpac forecasts strong rent rises
16 Nov 2007Weekly Wrap: Big noises, big words and a big litigation fund
16 Nov 2007Sec Comm looks to go after finance companies
16 Nov 2007Sec Comm looks to go after finance companies
16 Nov 2007ASSET - Big tick for KiwiSaver
16 Nov 2007New managers at St Laurence
16 Nov 2007F&P Finance future being considered
15 Nov 2007New CEO for Peros
15 Nov 2007Push to insurance to be included in KiwiSaver
15 Nov 2007Regions to be bit by stagnant property values and falling sales: Report
14 Nov 2007Buyback facility set up for bonds
14 Nov 2007Allied Nationwide going with S&P
14 Nov 2007Adviserlink - Fundamentals of Investment
14 Nov 2007More attention need on spending retirement funds
14 Nov 2007Accessing the Water H2Opportunity
14 Nov 2007Market review: November 2007 commentary
14 Nov 2007Adviserlink – Business Financial Solutions
14 Nov 2007More rate increases flow through
13 Nov 2007DorchesterLife joins SHERPA
13 Nov 2007South Canterbury on capital raising mission
13 Nov 2007House sales and prices stabilising
12 Nov 2007Adviserlink – Investment Planning
12 Nov 2007South Canterbury on capital raising mission
12 Nov 2007AIG boss outlines plans for NZ business
12 Nov 2007AIG's new CEO
12 Nov 2007News Round Up
12 Nov 2007QV statistics confirm slowing property market
10 Nov 2007Premiums up 6.2%
10 Nov 2007Weekly Wrap:
10 Nov 2007Sales recover while residential property median treads water
9 Nov 2007The role of financial advice in KiwiSaver
9 Nov 200712th FundSource Annual Conference
8 Nov 2007660 new houses for Invercargill
8 Nov 2007Hildyard quits Tower
7 Nov 2007Bank loan funding costs at 10 year peak
7 Nov 2007Western Bay debenture holders get 82c in dollar
7 Nov 2007Fidelity says interest payment maybe postponed
7 Nov 2007Officials ponder tax treatment of HER
7 Nov 2007Official ponder tax treatment of HER and annuities
7 Nov 2007Kids to be taught money skills
7 Nov 2007Regional Review: Christchurch
7 Nov 2007Toolbox: LawAccess
6 Nov 2007Westpac winning KiwiSavers
6 Nov 2007New property listings in October support buyers’ market
6 Nov 2007Brook's new client service man
6 Nov 2007Geneva survives meeting vote
6 Nov 2007November issue - available now
5 Nov 2007Geneva survives meeting vote
5 Nov 2007About
5 Nov 2007Welcome to the Landlords Blog
5 Nov 2007Adviserlink – Practice Management
5 Nov 2007Will there be a guy at Geneva's meeting?
5 Nov 2007News Round Up
5 Nov 2007Adviserlink – Business Financial Solutions
5 Nov 2007Investment rates continue to rise
4 Nov 2007Propertyfinance Securities revival proposed
4 Nov 2007Gang-house threat delivered
3 Nov 2007Would you like to become a super successful property investor?
3 Nov 2007Exclusive Ruby Bay offering
3 Nov 2007Welcome home loans used
2 Nov 2007Weekly Wrap: A spoon full of sugar to sweeten Bridgecorp pain
2 Nov 2007RB prepares to regulate non-bank sector
2 Nov 2007Fund flows take a hit
2 Nov 2007Arcus appoints new man
2 Nov 2007More commission changes for brokers
2 Nov 2007Memo to Dalziel: Give investors protection
1 Nov 2007Rents dip unexpectedly
1 Nov 2007Home loan rates being tweaked
1 Nov 2007Dunne says KiwiSaver should be compulsory
1 Nov 2007Vestar to put package to its Bridgecorp clients

October 2007

31 Oct 2007Mercer elevates Lewington
31 Oct 2007ASSET - Advisers bite into PIEs
31 Oct 2007Adviserlink - Advice Process II: The Fact Find Consultation
31 Oct 2007Structured Finance
31 Oct 2007Book explains tax changes
31 Oct 2007Market shift bring opportunities and threats for investors
30 Oct 2007Competition moves to six months rates
30 Oct 2007FDR returns better, but more volatile
29 Oct 2007Property indicator slips on sagging sales
29 Oct 2007Adviserlink - Personal Risk Management
29 Oct 2007Geneva Finance refunds customers
29 Oct 2007Waitakere frees up land for businesses
29 Oct 2007Liberty securitises NZ mortgages
29 Oct 2007News Round Up
26 Oct 2007Geneva closing branches but staying open
26 Oct 2007Weekly Wrap: Tower takes out top award
26 Oct 2007Class action against Bridgecorp advisers unlikely
26 Oct 2007Tower shines in awards
25 Oct 2007Mortgage rates newsletter. OBSOLETE, use own category
25 Oct 2007Bollard holds rates but warns about government spending
25 Oct 2007OCR unchanged at 8.25%
25 Oct 2007OCR unchanged at 8.25%
25 Oct 2007MPS announcement
25 Oct 2007MFS taking time on growth plans
25 Oct 2007People engaging with KiwiSaver
25 Oct 2007Call for compulsory tenant insurance
24 Oct 2007Health cover up
24 Oct 2007September quarter rocky: AMP
23 Oct 2007Adviserlink - Fundamentals of Investment
23 Oct 2007Tenant damage issue rears head again
23 Oct 2007News Round Up
22 Oct 2007No rate rise expected this week
22 Oct 2007Carroll appointed ISI chair
22 Oct 2007Property managers must lift their game to grow businesses
20 Oct 2007Affordable housing Bill could make development easier
19 Oct 2007Weekly Wrap: D for death row?
19 Oct 2007Hooker ties up with insurance company
19 Oct 2007Asset Finance told off for advertising debentures in Oz
19 Oct 2007Three managers dominate gongs
19 Oct 2007REINZ residential rental statistics launched
18 Oct 2007Vidler to take up role with Fidelity
18 Oct 2007Trustees to disclose client sector data
18 Oct 2007Tenancy Tribunal orders available online
17 Oct 2007Geneva given a tough assignment
17 Oct 2007Morningstar Investment Conference
17 Oct 2007Nowhere to hide
17 Oct 2007Landlords react to compulsory insulation
16 Oct 2007Geneva given D rating and proposes moratorium
16 Oct 2007Geneva given D rating and proposes moratorium
16 Oct 2007ANZ decides to keep Origin
16 Oct 2007More big increases in finance company rates
16 Oct 2007BT NZ misses the float boat
16 Oct 2007Deposit rate news briefs
16 Oct 2007Interest rate relief remains way off
15 Oct 2007OneSure appoints new BDM
15 Oct 2007Adviserlink – Practice Management
15 Oct 2007Adviserlink - Advice Process I: The sales approach
15 Oct 2007Investor confidence takes a hit
15 Oct 2007Kiwis still confident about rental property
14 Oct 2007First KiwiSaver cheques mainly govt money
12 Oct 2007Weekly Wrap: Blame game heats up
12 Oct 2007Some LDC investors likely to recoup investment in full - PWC
12 Oct 2007Legal birds swirling finance companies
12 Oct 2007Vultures or eagles circling? You decide
11 Oct 2007Geneva annoyed at S&P's rating action
11 Oct 2007Adviserlink - Advice Process I: The sales approach
10 Oct 2007Adviserlink – Financial Plan Construction and Review
10 Oct 2007Latest REINZ data confirms plummeting sales
10 Oct 2007PINs payment pulled
10 Oct 2007Home loan rates harden
10 Oct 2007Fisher appoints international managers
9 Oct 2007KiwiSaver enrolments exceed 200,000
9 Oct 2007Lawyer says Bridgecorp action no 'witch hunt'
9 Oct 2007Rates up, up, up
9 Oct 20073000 first home buyers take up Welcome Home Loans
8 Oct 2007News Round Up
8 Oct 2007Lawyer says Bridgecorp action no 'witch hunt'
8 Oct 2007More evidence of a housing market slowdown
5 Oct 2007Weekly Wrap: Some good and not-so-good news
5 Oct 2007What PIE means for New Zealand Investors
5 Oct 2007Cullen Fund again outperforms
5 Oct 2007First NZ takes on two as retail funds expand
5 Oct 2007Clegg and Co latest failure
4 Oct 2007Return prospects for Five Star investors poor
4 Oct 2007Auckland property market slow in September
4 Oct 2007PINs drop interest payment
4 Oct gives a toss about renters
4 Oct 2007Disclosure regs due next month, in force by April 08
3 Oct 2007Home Loan Report: Further cuts to fixed rates
3 Oct 2007AdviserLink
3 Oct 2007Market review: October 2007 commentary
3 Oct 2007ING appoints two new staff to wholesale investment
3 Oct 2007UK investment trusts fill new PIE
2 Oct 2007Adviserlink - Advice Process III: Presenting the Recommendation
2 Oct 2007St Laurence goes marching in to St John
2 Oct 2007Tranzact targets ownership in 10 NZ advice firms by mid 2008
2 Oct 2007TSB, HSBC profits jump but HSBC mortgage book shrinks
2 Oct 2007Toolbox: STRATA Master
2 Oct 2007Whakatane: Basking in the sun
1 Oct 2007Sellers digging in their heels?
1 Oct 2007News Round Up
1 Oct 2007IFA fills board vacancy
1 Oct 2007Life Settlements Wholesale Fund
1 Oct 2007Second round of cuts for mortgage brokers
1 Oct 2007WIN a $1000 paint voucher from Resene

September 2007

28 Sep 2007Weekly Wrap: Things can only get better (or bitter)
28 Sep 2007Macquarie Private Wealth has three additions
28 Sep 2007Nats nix tax incentives for health insurance
28 Sep 2007Nats nix tax incentives for health insurance
27 Sep 2007Renters’ rage on the rise
27 Sep 2007Rates continuing to move in the right direction
27 Sep 2007ASSET - Inflated Upfronts
27 Sep 2007FundSource loses head, shifts south
26 Sep 2007New urban limits to influence housing affordability
26 Sep 2007GSF returns up but tax bites harder
26 Sep 2007Adviserlink - Personal Risk Management
26 Sep 2007Sovereign looks to kick-start self-employed cover
26 Sep 2007PFG trades on but doubts remain
26 Sep 2007ASB appoints head of distribution
26 Sep 2007Dalziel unmoved by anti-disclosure petition
25 Sep 2007Arcus picks global fixed interest as FDR winner
24 Sep 2007Marac's first ranking secured debenture stock
24 Sep 2007Adviserlink – NZ Financial Services Industry Essentials
24 Sep 2007Adviserlink – NZ Financial Services Industry Essentials
24 Sep 2007The Investment Store appoints sales support executive
24 Sep 2007QV launches property investor website
24 Sep 2007News Round Up
22 Sep 2007Immigration still dropping
21 Sep 2007INFINZ Finance Companies Conference 2007
21 Sep 2007Weekly Wrap: What advisers think of finance companies
21 Sep 2007New town soon to be set in concrete
21 Sep 2007Tower Health does away with level ratings
21 Sep 2007Good tyre kicking research required
21 Sep 2007Advisers shaken but not stirred
20 Sep 2007New ownership concept in commercial property
20 Sep 2007Armstrong leaves Salvus board
20 Sep 2007Fund manager musical chairs
19 Sep 2007Adviserlink - Advice Process II: The Fact Find Consultation
19 Sep 2007The eMOCA International Conference 2007
19 Sep 2007Tentative signs of rate competition
19 Sep 2007Tower Health does away with level ratings
19 Sep 2007Work begins on Nelson lakeside development
18 Sep 2007Fisher closing one fund, opening another
18 Sep 2007Aussie software firms puts man in NZ
18 Sep 2007Registered valuers' reports being used fraudulently
17 Sep 2007Trustees get new power this week
17 Sep 2007Millbrook West development underway
17 Sep 2007New competitor for finance company money
17 Sep 2007Tell the public about complaints service
17 Sep 2007Challenger buys Plan
17 Sep 2007News Round Up
16 Sep 2007Fund manager musical chairs
16 Sep 2007Rabo seeks money for new securities
15 Sep 2007ING Annual Adviser Conference 2007
14 Sep 2007Weekly Wrap: Finance company news dominates headlines
14 Sep 2007Fund Distributors Conference 2007
14 Sep 2007St Laurence Roadshow
14 Sep 2007Morningstar gives AXA and ING funds ticks
13 Sep 2007Saffron Development - an investment opportunity you can't miss
13 Sep 2007Hanover Roadshow
13 Sep 2007Bollard leave rates unchanged citing uncertainty
13 Sep 2007St Laurence Roadshow
13 Sep 2007The Official Cash Rate remains unchanged at 8.25%
13 Sep 2007OCR announcement
13 Sep 2007The Official Cash Rate remains unchanged at 8.25%
13 Sep 2007Deposit takers face new rules
13 Sep 2007McClatchy to head up ING Investment Management business
12 Sep 2007Deposit takers face new rules
12 Sep 2007KiwiSaver default funds should be balanced: ANZ
12 Sep 2007Adviserlink – Kiwisaver Superannuation Programme
12 Sep 2007Hanover Roadshow
12 Sep 2007St Laurence Roadshow
12 Sep 2007Finance company recommendations accepted by Govt
11 Sep 2007Jon Lloyd joins Mercers
11 Sep 2007Hanover Roadshow
11 Sep 2007Finance company sector woes impact Geneva's S&P rating
11 Sep 2007St Laurence Roadshow
11 Sep 2007We're still getting richer
11 Sep 2007Demand for health insurance continues: Southern Cross
11 Sep 2007Top broker named
11 Sep 2007Demand driving house prices: REINZ
10 Sep 2007Banks offering sharp one-year rates
10 Sep 2007Deposit rate news briefs
10 Sep 2007Hanover Roadshow
10 Sep 2007AXA Advisor's Association Conference 2007
10 Sep 2007St Laurence Roadshow
10 Sep 2007Central bank unlikely to raise rates this week
10 Sep 2007News Round Up
10 Sep 2007Two KiwiSaver appointments for Tower
10 Sep 2007QV: House prices holding up
8 Sep 2007Government to close PIE tax loopholes
7 Sep 2007Hanover Roadshow
7 Sep 2007Weekly Wrap: Advisers brace for more bad news
7 Sep 2007Lee outlines examples of poor advice
7 Sep 2007St Laurence Roadshow
7 Sep 2007Regulation won't save companies (or investors)
7 Sep 2007NZX queries listed structured debt offers
7 Sep 2007Tougher teeth for trustees
7 Sep 2007New PAA President
7 Sep 2007New subdivision in pipeline for Frankton East
6 Sep 2007LDC related business fails
6 Sep 2007Hanover Roadshow
6 Sep 2007Christchurch industrial park filling
6 Sep 2007St Laurence Roadshow
6 Sep 2007Book: Property Law - A NZ Investor's Guide
6 Sep 2007Kiwibank profit growth slows but mortgage market share rises
6 Sep 2007Sovereign's new head of home loans
6 Sep 2007Buy in gloom: ING
5 Sep 2007Responsible investments for KiwiSaver schemes
5 Sep 2007Yellow Pages pulls offer - for now
5 Sep 2007ING Roadshow 2007
5 Sep 2007Fewer sales but good prices in September
5 Sep 2007St Laurence Roadshow
4 Sep 2007Hanover Roadshow
4 Sep 2007Adviserlink – Practice Management
4 Sep 2007ING Roadshow 2007
4 Sep 2007Another finance company down
4 Sep 2007S&P confirms two ratings
4 Sep 2007St Laurence Roadshow
4 Sep 2007How risky is 11%?
4 Sep 2007Money at Work: Yellow Pages Bonds
4 Sep 2007Jones quits Vestar after selling business
4 Sep 2007ISI looks at setting up an APB
3 Sep 2007Banks benefit from finance company problems
3 Sep 2007House prices stand still while sales numbers fall
3 Sep 2007ING Roadshow 2007
3 Sep 2007Adviserlink - Fundamentals of Investment
3 Sep 2007September issue - available now
3 Sep 2007St Laurence Roadshow
3 Sep 2007St Laurence Roadshow
3 Sep 2007Three banks increase mortgage stakes
3 Sep 2007News Round Up
3 Sep 2007Taranaki: Under the mountain
3 Sep 2007Website:

August 2007

31 Aug 2007Weekly Wrap: Your views on finance companies
31 Aug 2007KiwiSaver Expo
31 Aug 2007KiwiSaver enrolments hit 130K
31 Aug 2007Online broker adds health insurance
31 Aug 2007How to avoid fin coy chaos
31 Aug 2007Market braces for further finance company reports
30 Aug 2007Market braces for further finance company reports
30 Aug 2007Five Star latest failure
30 Aug 2007Good and bad news on fin coys
30 Aug 2007South Canterbury reports strong position
29 Aug 2007Hanover confirms record profit
29 Aug 2007Councils stumped by affordable housing issues
29 Aug 2007Liontamer WATER Roadshow
29 Aug 2007KiwiSaver ad labelled misleading
29 Aug 2007BNZ mortgage market share slips
29 Aug 2007Adviserlink - Advice Process I: The sales approach
28 Aug 2007Liontamer WATER Roadshow
28 Aug 2007Breakfast with the Economists
27 Aug 2007Yellow Pages offer halved
27 Aug 2007Banks push up call rates
27 Aug 2007Lenders pitch for borrowers' business
27 Aug 2007Online auctions hit home loan market
27 Aug 2007Adviserlink - Personal Risk Management
27 Aug 2007OUR VISION YOUR DREAM – The Pacific at Mount Maunganui
27 Aug 2007News Round Up
24 Aug 2007Supporting advisers
24 Aug 2007Strategic books $30 mill profit
24 Aug 2007Liontamer WATER Roadshow
24 Aug 2007Govt to tidy up finance company scene
23 Aug 2007ABN AMRO Craigs launches new superannuation initiative
23 Aug 2007Liontamer WATER Roadshow
23 Aug 2007Understanding Ratings
23 Aug 2007Personalised KiwiSaver accounts added
23 Aug 2007Conflicting rate messages
23 Aug 2007HFANZ announces new president & executive director
22 Aug 2007Five point plan for investing in finance companies
22 Aug 2007Liontamer WATER Roadshow
22 Aug 2007Yellow Pages bonds at 11%
22 Aug 2007End to long standing planner partnership
22 Aug 2007PIEs a tasty treat for investors
21 Aug 2007Adviserlink – Kiwisaver Superannuation Programme
21 Aug 2007Nathans receivership confirmed
21 Aug 2007Property market swings in buyers’ favour
21 Aug 2007Liontamer WATER Roadshow
21 Aug 2007Insurance commission disclosure must go, industry tells Dalziel
20 Aug 2007Similiarities between Nathans and Bridgecorp
20 Aug 2007Nathans Finance falls over
20 Aug 2007Adviserlink – NZ Financial Services Industry Essentials
20 Aug 2007Nathans Finance falls over
20 Aug 2007Adviserlink – NZ Financial Services Industry Essentials
20 Aug 2007Asset Allocation Summit NZ 2007
20 Aug 2007PFS abandons bid for CBS
20 Aug 2007Researcher strikes back
20 Aug 2007News Round Up
20 Aug 2007Well-known manager joins MFS
20 Aug 2007Westpac increases rates
18 Aug 2007Foreign investment on the rise
17 Aug 2007Weekly Wrap: Commissions back on agenda
17 Aug 2007Commission disclosure back on the agenda
17 Aug 2007Nothing likely for Bridgecorp noteholders
17 Aug 2007Credit crisis presents opportunities
17 Aug 2007Office tenants embrace green initiatives
16 Aug 2007Fidelity shares higher but hard to find
16 Aug 2007ASSET - Beyond Bridgecorp
16 Aug 2007Better saved than sorry: Treasury
16 Aug 2007Hopcroft made associate
16 Aug 2007Lack of business zoned land in the Auckland region
15 Aug 2007Census 2006 confirms declining home ownership
15 Aug 2007Capital Guaranteed Investments Seminar
15 Aug 2007Loan Market looks to life for growth
15 Aug 2007Changes to super fund rules announced
15 Aug 2007Loan Market looks to life for growth
15 Aug 2007Planner takes on Life Settlements Fund role
14 Aug 2007Adviserlink – Financial Plan Construction and Review
14 Aug 2007ASFONZ Forum 2007
14 Aug 2007Capital Guaranteed Investments Seminar
14 Aug 2007Australian hedge fund operator opens NZ shop
14 Aug 2007Landlords need to properly lodge bonds
13 Aug 2007Deposit rate news briefs
13 Aug 2007News Round Up
13 Aug 2007Adviserlink – Business Financial Solutions
13 Aug 2007Property market continues to slow: QV
13 Aug 2007Website: SuburbWatch adds new features
12 Aug 2007Calls to blacklist “tenants from hell”
10 Aug 2007Major medical cover proving popular
10 Aug 2007Weekly Wrap: Credit crunch continues
10 Aug 2007National campaigning on housing supply
10 Aug 2007Lending gets harder for fin coys
10 Aug 2007AIA appoints group business manager
9 Aug 2007Sales volumes plummet to 2001 level – REINZ
9 Aug 2007BT NZ likely to join new listing
9 Aug 2007Adviserlink – Investment Planning
9 Aug 2007Yellow Pages considers $300 mill bond offer
9 Aug 2007Asteron National Roadshow
9 Aug 2007Asteron National Roadshow
9 Aug 2007Calls to speed up regulation
9 Aug 2007“Tenants from hell” take advantage of Tribunal delays
9 Aug 2007Toolbox:
8 Aug 2007Capital Guaranteed Investments Seminar
8 Aug 2007Asteron National Roadshow
8 Aug 2007Interest in Provincial assets, but not for investors
8 Aug 2007New chief investment officer for Arcus
8 Aug 2007CDO crisis spooks ING funds but no panic
7 Aug 2007More housing doom and gloom from BNZ survey
7 Aug 2007Capital Guaranteed Investments Seminar
7 Aug 2007Asteron National Roadshow
7 Aug 2007Asteron National Roadshow
7 Aug 2007BNZ denies it's re-entering broker market
7 Aug 2007Fortress sells assets to reduce debt
7 Aug 2007Strategic calls for industry tidy up
6 Aug 2007Auckland property prices steady in July
6 Aug 2007Spicers appoints new ceo
6 Aug 2007Banks battle over one-year rates
6 Aug 2007Adviserlink – Kiwisaver Superannuation Programme
6 Aug 2007Adviserlink - Advice Process III: Presenting the Recommendation
6 Aug 2007Capital Guaranteed Investments Seminar
6 Aug 2007Asteron National Roadshow
6 Aug 2007Asteron National Roadshow
6 Aug 2007News Round Up
6 Aug 2007Who says Auckland is short of land?
6 Aug 2007Nelson: Getting it right
3 Aug 2007Tower alters premiums
3 Aug 2007Weekly Wrap:
3 Aug 2007Tenants playing the system for free rent
3 Aug 2007Not many 'responsible' KiwiSaver investment options: Greens
3 Aug 2007AGRI Fund appoints Stuart Nattrass as ceo
3 Aug 2007Melview planning more property development in Central Otago
2 Aug 2007BNZ talks down housing market crash
2 Aug 2007Manakau property tax doomed to fail – REINZ
2 Aug 2007Details of Bridgecorp gloom
2 Aug 2007Survey finds advisers ignore true value
2 Aug 2007Gauges give mixed view of property market
1 Aug 2007Auckland house prices ease but rents rising
1 Aug 2007Bridgecorp report amazing reading
1 Aug 2007A Tower MD moves to GE
1 Aug 2007Country lifestyle popularity gaining on city life: survey

July 2007

31 Jul 2007Bridgecorp receivers have bad news for investors
31 Jul 2007Capital Guaranteed Investments Seminar
31 Jul 2007Key touts investment tax cuts as Kiwi saviour
31 Jul 2007Further OCR hikes predicted
31 Jul 2007Building consent numbers still high
30 Jul 2007Trust has big profit turnaround
30 Jul 2007Capital Guaranteed Investments Seminar
30 Jul 2007Rates updates and more
30 Jul 2007News Round Up
30 Jul 2007John Palmer appointed to AMP Board
30 Jul 2007Chinks showing in housing market
29 Jul 2007Bridgecorp and advisers
27 Jul 2007Mates rates from Instant Finance
27 Jul 2007Housing market still growing despite rate hikes
27 Jul 2007Introducing Adviser Pulse
27 Jul 2007Introducing Adviser Pulse
27 Jul 2007Key touts investment tax cuts as Kiwi saviour
27 Jul 2007Commission remains evergreen issue
27 Jul 2007Adviser commissions dominate discussion
27 Jul 2007BT appoints new manager
26 Jul 2007Goodman Property Trust’s record year
26 Jul 2007Bollard raises rates but suggests he may be done
26 Jul 2007FPA boss urges IFA to take lead on regulation
26 Jul 2007MPS announcement
26 Jul 2007Reserve Bank raises official cash rate (OCR) to 8.25%
26 Jul 2007OCR up to 8.25%
25 Jul 2007IFA 2007 Success Forum
25 Jul 2007Hedge funds not for retail investors: Association
25 Jul 2007Tower appoints NZ equity analyst
25 Jul 2007Omnimax has new risk package
25 Jul 2007Growing shortage of top end city apartments
24 Jul 2007ANZ slams ring fencing proposal
24 Jul 2007Alternative Investment Summit 2007
24 Jul 2007Roll up, roll up: Grosvenor on the growth trail
24 Jul 2007Businesses should consider paying rent
23 Jul 2007Migration drop will slow housing market
23 Jul 2007Working party make-up
23 Jul 2007News Round Up
23 Jul 2007Rates updates and more
22 Jul 2007Bollard likely to raise rates despite political pressure
22 Jul 2007Rotorua Weather
20 Jul 2007Weekly Wrap: Concerns all week
20 Jul 2007Hedge funds urge calm as Basis crisis deepens
20 Jul 2007Three big banks to cut commissions
20 Jul 2007WRF appoints new MD
19 Jul 2007First KiwiSaver provider performance rankings
19 Jul 2007Small business duped over KiwiSaver
19 Jul 2007ASFONZ / Women in Super Industry Breakfast
19 Jul 2007Independent property managers hit back
19 Jul 2007Soaring dollar hurting investors
19 Jul 2007Tax treatment of income protect being debated
19 Jul 2007Rate falls an illusion
19 Jul 2007Property sector still strong in Manawatu
18 Jul 2007Time to come clean on KiwiSaver fees
18 Jul 2007KiwiSaver still lacks widespread engagement
18 Jul 2007Rate falls an illusion
18 Jul 2007Belgrave aims for more conservative investors
18 Jul 2007Property managers slam reform proposals
17 Jul 2007New capital protected player
17 Jul 2007Lots of changes at Sovereign
17 Jul 2007Rising rates kill market: Bank
16 Jul 2007Investors buy into new community at The Lakes
16 Jul 2007Deposit rates news briefs
16 Jul 2007News Round Up
14 Jul 2007Weekly Wrap:
13 Jul 2007ING Life Conference 2007
13 Jul 2007Sec Comm suspended Bridgecorp's prospectus days before collapse
13 Jul 2007First NZ Capital announce 2 appointments
12 Jul 2007Continuous disclosure required
12 Jul 2007Sec Comm suspended Bridgecorp's prospectus days before collapse
12 Jul 2007Guardian Trust taking over Compass Capital
12 Jul 2007Cricketer owes, Petricevic gone
12 Jul 2007Industry reforms should cover property managers, says REINZ
12 Jul 2007Property market at top of cycle: Martin Hawes
12 Jul 2007Plan B looks for FAME in NZ
12 Jul 2007Aussie mutual into KiwiSaver
11 Jul 2007Property market slip or blip?
11 Jul 2007KiwiSaver can affect property loans
11 Jul 2007KiwiSaver to set West Coast kids up for life
11 Jul 2007Adviserlink – Financial Plan Construction and Review
11 Jul 2007Strong sales prices for most main centres
10 Jul 2007Kauri Notes - High targeted returns
10 Jul 2007Managers bearish on NZ
10 Jul 2007KiwiSaver could make refinancing harder
10 Jul 2007Adviserlink – Practice Management
10 Jul 2007Strategi expands its team
9 Jul 2007New chief operating officer at Southern Cross
9 Jul 2007WATER - Blue Gold
9 Jul 2007KPMG says banks acting responsibly
9 Jul 2007News Round Up
9 Jul 2007Deposit Rates Briefs
9 Jul 2007Rental property tops with investors
9 Jul 2007Prices hold but fewer buyers and listings
9 Jul 2007More Bridgecorp Briefs
8 Jul 2007Investors confident, but some concerns emerging
6 Jul 2007Wakatipu home affordability study points to more renters
6 Jul 2007Weekly Wrap: Bridgecorp collapse dominates news
6 Jul 2007Keep KiwiSaver transparent and treat it with respect
6 Jul 2007KiwiSaver safe for investors
6 Jul 2007Absolute return funds will have a place in KiwiSaver portfolios.
6 Jul 2007Plans to commercialise Bondwatch
6 Jul 2007AIA appoints market retention manager
5 Jul 2007Employers' KiwiSaver obligations clarified
5 Jul 2007Minister withholds affordable housing policy information
5 Jul 2007Rifleman Group posts strong first-year profits
5 Jul 2007Auckland property market stable in June
5 Jul 2007Rates fall, but its not the turning point
5 Jul 2007Confidence could be hit by collapse
4 Jul 2007HNZ to blame for botched eviction bid
4 Jul 2007KiwiSaver a 3-4.5 billion dollar tax cut by any other name
4 Jul 2007Finance coys cross fingers on fallout
4 Jul 2007Reaction to Bridgecorp collapse
4 Jul 2007Liontamer appoints new finance head
3 Jul 2007Hanover calls for international credit ratings
2 Jul 2007Bridgecorp's demise
2 Jul 2007Investors cashing up as market flattens?
2 Jul 2007Auckland rents climb at last
2 Jul 2007KiwiSaver technical change to be made
2 Jul 2007KiwiSaver in breach of human rights, employment law
2 Jul 2007News Round Up
2 Jul 2007Goldridge Mintz a new chairman
2 Jul 2007Deposit rates news briefs
2 Jul 2007Website: Monitoring growth hotspots
2 Jul 2007Dunedin: Great Southern land

June 2007

29 Jun 2007KiwiSaver information readily available from Inland Revenue
29 Jun 2007Weekly Wrap: Next week looking big
29 Jun 2007High public interest in KiwiSaver
29 Jun 2007Fin coys to join
29 Jun 2007Tower KiwiPlan website launch today at 10am
29 Jun 2007Bigger, brighter better for Equitable
28 Jun 2007Pinnacle questions PAA stance
28 Jun 2007Building consents on a rise
28 Jun 2007Real estate agents bemoan industry changes
28 Jun 2007HNZ eviction has lessons for landlords
28 Jun 2007Greater security and opportunity through KiwiSaver
28 Jun 2007Pricing risk or buying market share?
28 Jun 2007MFS achieves listing goal
28 Jun 2007Morningstar boss returns to US
27 Jun 2007ING Roadshow 2007
27 Jun 2007Stechman leaving Tower
27 Jun 2007Commission seeks court help
26 Jun 2007ING Roadshow 2007
26 Jun 2007Adviserlink - Continuing Education Series: Business Risk Management
26 Jun 2007Businesses still in the dark on KiwiSaver
26 Jun 2007Threats and opportunities for investors
26 Jun 2007BNZ increases market share
26 Jun 2007Deposit rates news briefs
25 Jun 2007ING Roadshow 2007
25 Jun 2007Developer wins court battle against council
25 Jun 2007News Round Up
25 Jun 2007AMP MD moves on
22 Jun 2007Weekly Wrap: Questions about adviser regulation
22 Jun 2007Home affordability produces mixed results nationally
22 Jun 2007Department of Labour to target Tauranga building sites
22 Jun 2007Broadbase not for sale: Valentine
21 Jun 2007New fin coy rules require education
21 Jun 2007PAA wants to talk to the Commerce Minister
21 Jun 2007Listen to the minister
21 Jun 2007What happens to errant advisers under new rules?
21 Jun 2007Craigs join up with InvestmentLink
21 Jun 2007Rental property tax rules: good for the goose but not for the gander?
21 Jun 2007Migrant inflows soft again in May
20 Jun 2007ABN AMRO Craigs adopts Gatekeeper for KiwiSaver fund providers
20 Jun 2007Twice the gain - Limit the pain
20 Jun 2007Website to clarify hidden KiwiSaver fund fees
19 Jun 2007IFA welcomes changes
19 Jun 2007Government working on “ring fencing” rental property losses
19 Jun 2007New rules for advisers unveiled
19 Jun 2007Reserve Bank welcomes decision on prudential regulation
19 Jun 2007Non-bank deposit takers to come under new rules
19 Jun 2007Rules for registering finance sector to net loan sharks
19 Jun 2007Commerce Minister announces financial sector changes
19 Jun 2007KiwiSaver: nest egg or hot potato?
19 Jun 2007Co-Heads of Goldman Sachs JBWere (NZ) appointed
19 Jun 2007Loan arrears increase
19 Jun 2007Super Fund's investing guidelines under review
19 Jun 2007Brook reaches out to middle market
19 Jun 2007conveyIT partners with Trade Me
18 Jun 2007Reserve Bank revives capital gains tax threat
18 Jun 2007Industry ho-hum about property plateau
18 Jun 2007News Round Up
18 Jun 2007Strategic gets strong support for shares
15 Jun 2007Moves a foot at Broadbase
15 Jun 2007Weekly Wrap: People on the move
15 Jun 2007Brighouse joins Brook
15 Jun 2007New milestone may be the last for a while in property prices
15 Jun 2007Residential highlights – May 2007
15 Jun 2007Advanced OMNIMax User Certification
15 Jun 2007Budget drives advisers to KiwiSaver, survey finds
14 Jun 2007New look at listed property trust sector required
14 Jun 2007Tower smoothes out application process
14 Jun 2007Drive by shootings in the industry
14 Jun 2007Adviserlink - Advice Process I: The sales approach
14 Jun 2007IRD confirms property investors don’t get tax breaks
13 Jun 2007Take Kiwisaver pay reviews in two steps
13 Jun 2007Council hiding development contributions information
13 Jun 2007Instant Finance dodges a bullet
13 Jun 2007Instant Finance dodges a bullet
12 Jun 2007Property owners could be forced to sell
12 Jun 2007Survey gives first picture of Pegasus town
12 Jun 2007Rises, rises all around
12 Jun 2007Joining KiwiSaver close to a no-brainer: Wozniak
12 Jun 2007GSJBWere expands its investment management team
11 Jun 2007Residential property market up 11.1%: QV
11 Jun 2007KiwiSaver fee subsidy, mortgage diversion rules enacted
11 Jun 2007News Round Up
11 Jun 2007Adviserlink – Business Financial Solutions
11 Jun 2007UDC looks to grow its loan book
11 Jun 2007Auckland's house prices pick up again: QV
9 Jun 2007Weekly Wrap: More people changes
8 Jun 2007Auckland property steady despite interest rate rises
8 Jun 2007More KiwiSaver incentives required: Poll
7 Jun 2007OCR hits 8%
7 Jun 2007Property boom looms for 2010
7 Jun 2007Bollard raises rates and hints at further hikes
7 Jun 2007Bollard raises rates and hints at further hikes
7 Jun 2007The official cash rate (OCR) increases to 8.00%.
7 Jun 2007OCR announcement
7 Jun 2007Tranzact dilutes Rutherford Rede holding with merger
7 Jun 2007Fidelity Life makes changes to management team roles
6 Jun 2007NZX joins KiwiSaver race
6 Jun 2007Finsia to host a Post Budget Analysis
6 Jun 2007Underwriters in demand
6 Jun 2007Vacancies on new IFA board
5 Jun 2007Auckland Mortgage Trust gets new BDM
5 Jun 2007IFA 2007 Success Forum
5 Jun 2007News Round Up
4 Jun 2007Economists predicts rates to be held
4 Jun 2007Website: Reserve Bank of New Zealand
4 Jun 2007Gore vs Tokoroa: Gold in towns of timber and trout
1 Jun 2007[Weekly Wrap] Capital protected success
1 Jun 2007Results wrap
1 Jun 2007Guarantees and Morgan
1 Jun 2007Fisher looking to close NZ growth fund
1 Jun 2007Tasman mortgage group sold
1 Jun 2007McEwan leaves ASB Sydney-bound

May 2007

31 May 2007KiwiSaver: employers to consider redundancies?
31 May 2007P lab highlights trustee property risk
31 May 2007EPIC closes oversubscribed
31 May 2007Research centre pans KiwiSaver changes
30 May 2007Aust finance company operating in NZ collapses
30 May 2007Kinloch Funds Management appoints property director
30 May 2007Kiwibank campaign ends
30 May 2007Adviserlink - Continuing Education Series: Business Risk Management
30 May 2007Staples Rodway launches Kiwisaver scheme
30 May 200710,000 energy-saving light bulbs installed in six weeks
30 May 2007Alan Bollard keeps Reserve Bank reins
30 May 2007Kiwibank campaign ends
30 May 2007Industry groups gear up for new talks
29 May 2007Independent regulation for “land sharks”
29 May 2007NZX opts for immediate maximum KiwiSaver employer contribution
29 May 2007Capital protected KiwiSaver option launched
28 May 2007Westpac market share gains continue
28 May 2007KiwiSaver campaign takes off
28 May 2007KiwiSaver readies for take-off
28 May 2007Tyndall appoints new md
28 May 2007ANZ withdrawn commission deadline
27 May 2007Bank takes major stake in Liontamer
27 May 2007PAA/LBA merger fails to get the numbers
25 May 2007[Weekly Wrap] KiwiSaver to replace APBs
25 May 2007Two new appointments at FDL
25 May 2007No rush for regulation, SIFA members told
24 May 2007Changes in finance sector accelerating
24 May 2007One bank war
24 May 2007National votes against KiwiSaver
24 May 2007New Zealand Fixed Income Forum 2007
24 May 2007One bank war
24 May 2007No trail fees in KiwiSaver
23 May 2007LBA 2007 Conference & AGM
23 May 2007More relief for leaky home claimants
23 May 2007Westpac NZ takes the hassle out of Kiwisaver
23 May 2007Business tax cut: the golden goose tarnishes
22 May 2007Pinnacle launches online underwriting
22 May 2007SBS becomes KiwiSaver provider
22 May 2007Aussie education merger spells change for NZ
21 May 2007Housing demand softening in provinces
21 May 2007More disability-friendly houses needed
21 May 2007NBNZ latest to address broker commissions
21 May 2007New, but old, MD for AMP Capital
21 May 2007News Round Up
20 May 2007SIFA Conference
18 May 2007Weekly Wrap: Budget bonanza
18 May 2007Budget moves against traders boon for property industry
18 May 2007Budget 07: Mercer welcomes budget boost to Kiwisaver
18 May 2007Budget 07: The voice of workplace super
18 May 2007Key wrong on KiwiSaver
18 May 2007KiwiSaver now an easier choice says Retirement Commissioner
18 May 2007Government’s bold step will ensure Kiwsaver success
18 May 2007Budget 07: PricewaterhouseCoopers press release
18 May 2007Budget 07: Tax bills to transform saving and investing
18 May 2007REINZ says Budget should have delivered tax cuts
18 May 2007Budget bad news for property speculators
18 May 2007Are you ready for the KiwiSaver challenge?
18 May 2007We do take responsibility for our KiwiSavers - Tower
18 May 2007Party Time for the Life Insurers – at the public’s expense
18 May 2007New GM at St Laurence Property and Finance
18 May 2007Savings industry pleased with Budget
17 May 2007First steps towards shared equity scheme
17 May 2007Large investment in warmer, healthier homes
17 May 2007Budget gives $40 a week to support saving
17 May 2007$1.3 billion budget bonanza for savings industry
17 May 2007Budget in brief
17 May 2007Budget date announced
17 May 2007Residential property prices: still they climb
17 May 2007Housing market accelerates in March quarter
17 May 2007Smedley gets new role at Guardian Trust
17 May 2007MFS launches platform business for advisers
16 May 2007KiwiSaver still a mystery for many Kiwis
16 May 2007BNZ says TotalMoney and Term Saver can be online savings accounts
16 May 2007Kiwibank chases refinance business
16 May 2007Kiwibank chases refinance business
16 May 2007One group worried about the Budget
16 May 2007New Zealanders keen on KiwiSaver: AMP
15 May 2007Adviserlink - Practice Management Course
15 May 2007Soaring land values and lower returns for Queenstown
15 May 2007Advisers unimpressed with APB failure
15 May 2007Two Securities Commission members reappointed
14 May 2007Advisers respond to APB collapse
14 May 2007Adviserlink - Mortgage broking Essentials
14 May 2007News Round Up
14 May 2007Property growth returns to double digits
13 May 2007Section prices rising in Christchurch
11 May 2007Weekly Wrap: Joint APB collapses
11 May 2007Broker survey results
11 May 2007BT rolls out farm fund
11 May 2007Bollard wants more regulation of bank lending
11 May 2007What becomes of the broken-hearted?
11 May 2007There can be only one: IFA
10 May 2007Fidelity counter-bid offers a few dollars more
10 May 2007Adviserlink - Investment Planning
10 May 2007INFINZ Securitisation Training & Conference 2007
10 May 2007Adviser associations split on APB structure
9 May 2007Deposit Rates Briefs
9 May 2007Vestar appoints new Marketing Manager
9 May 2007International banker appointed Hanover ceo
9 May 2007FMG tempts Fidelity shareholders
9 May 2007Short term rates up, long term rates stable
8 May 2007Interest rates to burst house price bubble
8 May 2007Taps turned on for new investment
8 May 2007Fortnightly payments not necessarily cheaper
7 May 2007Green credentials add value to property
7 May 2007Adviserlink - Business Financial Solutions
7 May 2007Adviserlink - Fundamentals of Investments
7 May 2007News Round Up
7 May 2007Vestar appoints key relationship manager
7 May 2007People confident house prices will rise
4 May 2007Banks pressure finance coys
4 May 2007Auckland property market took a breather in April
4 May 2007Biggest energy efficiency steps in 30 years
4 May 2007MFS rolls on
4 May 2007Sovereign encourages dual cover
3 May 2007Tax changes hurt life insurance
3 May 2007Deposit rates news briefs
3 May 2007Hewitson moves on
2 May 2007Higher bond rates worry shares
2 May 2007Floating rates crack 10%
1 May 2007Hamilton shopping centre for sale
1 May 2007Adviserlink - Financial Plan Construction & Review
1 May 2007M&As good for fin coy sector
1 May 2007Auld hand joins Tower
1 May 2007Smith leaves Sovereign
1 May 2007PAA negotiates lower PI rates
1 May 2007West Auckland: Investing in the wild West
1 May 2007Website: Statistics New Zealand

April 2007

30 Apr 2007Asset Allocation Summit NZ 2007
30 Apr 2007Finware appoints Ops Manager
30 Apr 2007AMP buys Roost
30 Apr 2007News Round Up
27 Apr 2007Hamilton Farmers Centre sells
27 Apr 2007Five Mile project managers sought
27 Apr 2007Weekly Wrap: Happy investment news
27 Apr 2007Adviserlink - Continuing Education Series: Business Risk Management
27 Apr 2007More commission cuts likely
27 Apr 2007Funds have strong quarter
27 Apr 2007Money Managers appoints investment analyst
26 Apr 2007Implementing Kiwisaver Mastercourse
26 Apr 2007Bollard hikes rates but gives no future guidance
26 Apr 2007Bollard hikes rates but gives no future guidance
26 Apr 2007Reserve Bank raises OCR to 7.75%
26 Apr 2007Reserve Bank raises OCR to 7.75%
26 Apr 2007Monetary Policy statement
26 Apr 2007Affordable housing requires cutting development costs
26 Apr 2007Investor confidence hits new highs
26 Apr 2007Term deposits still seen as a safe haven
24 Apr 2007Term deposits still seen as a safe haven
24 Apr 2007National threatens NZ Superannuation again
24 Apr 2007Housing market not alone in driving inflationary pressure
24 Apr 2007Hysteria over commission cuts
24 Apr 2007NZ Finance secures funding line
24 Apr 2007Salvus likes cash
24 Apr 2007Interest rates set to spiral further upwards
23 Apr 2007Guardians get a bargain
23 Apr 2007Advisers told to meet changes or become extinct
23 Apr 2007House prices not ridiculous: BNZ economist
23 Apr 2007Investment optimism remains high
23 Apr 2007More Aucklanders to rent
22 Apr 2007Economists divided on rate rise this week
22 Apr 2007Vestar welcomes advisory manager
20 Apr 2007[Weekly Wrap] Ownership changes in the spotlight
20 Apr 2007Adviser regs back on the fast track
19 Apr 2007ANZ first to cut broker commissions
19 Apr 2007Advisers given reality check
19 Apr 2007NZ March median house price hits new record high
18 Apr 2007Quirk joins Milford
18 Apr 2007Adviserlink - Fundamentals of Investments
18 Apr 2007Adviserlink - Kiwisaver Accreditation Programme
18 Apr 2007Competitive pressure amongst banks eases
18 Apr 2007AMP chops passive international shares
17 Apr 2007Economic outlook and the savings challenge
17 Apr 2007Grosvenor on the buy
17 Apr 2007Financial planning firm appoints KiwiSaver specialist
16 Apr 2007David Russell joins Sentinel board
16 Apr 2007Advisers and shoemakers
16 Apr 2007More growth for property market: QV
16 Apr 2007Deposit rates news briefs
16 Apr 2007News Round Up
16 Apr 2007New mortgage joint venture created
13 Apr 20079th APLIC Congress
13 Apr 2007Weekly Wrap: Another firm gobbled up
13 Apr 2007The Joneses continue national expansion
13 Apr 2007MFS buys another advisory firm
12 Apr 2007Interest rates keep on rising
12 Apr 2007Aussie fund manager launches IPO
12 Apr 2007Rate rise no put-off:Survey
11 Apr 2007Guardian Funds in award-winning shape
11 Apr 2007Adviserlink - Kiwisaver Accreditation Programme
11 Apr 2007Adviserlink - Kiwisaver Accreditation Programme
11 Apr 2007PAA members upbeat on LBA merger
11 Apr 2007McMillan leads PAA for another year
11 Apr 2007Instant Finance on expansion trail
10 Apr 2007New regulatory threat looms from IRD
10 Apr 2007Market Review: The Return Of Volatility
10 Apr 2007News Round Up
9 Apr 2007ASB loses home loan market share
5 Apr 2007Auckland adviser establishes insurance group
5 Apr 2007ING buys stake in Bennetts
4 Apr 2007Levelling The Tax Playing Field
4 Apr 2007Auckland property prices increase 12%
4 Apr 2007Mortgage rate rises slow
4 Apr 2007Mortgage rate rises slow
4 Apr 2007Govt backs down on finance company changes
3 Apr 2007NZ Finance buys 51% of Finance Direct
3 Apr 2007Wrap split from First NZ
3 Apr 2007Banks consider cutting commissions
2 Apr 2007AXA confirmed as default KiwiSaver provider
2 Apr 2007TOWER selected as default KiwiSaver provider
2 Apr 2007Easier saving one step closer – KiwiSaver default providers signed up
2 Apr 2007Mercer-Kiwibank confirmed as Kiwisaver default provider
2 Apr 2007ASB confirmed as KiwiSaver default provider
2 Apr 2007News Round Up
2 Apr 2007Website: Tenants strike back with landlord checking website
2 Apr 2007Invercargill: Last of the affordable real estate

March 2007

31 Mar 2007Leaky homes reforms come into force
30 Mar 2007Weekly Wrap: A week of deals
30 Mar 2007Hanover sells Nationwide Finance
30 Mar 2007MFS appoints new bdm
30 Mar 2007AIA Roadshow 2007
30 Mar 2007Dwelling consent numbers rise again
30 Mar 2007Brokers get close to magical 40% mark
30 Mar 2007MFS buys Swains advisory business
29 Mar 2007Karma between Dorchester and St Laurence
29 Mar 2007PAA Conference 2007
29 Mar 2007Harcourts used misleading ads for a year
29 Mar 2007AIA Roadshow 2007
29 Mar 2007St Laurence and Dorchester get together
29 Mar 2007Key and English on same super songsheet
28 Mar 2007Vestar's latest adviser
28 Mar 2007Self Employed Excluded in Kiwisaver Tax Incentive
28 Mar 2007Education seminars help new landlords get it right
28 Mar 2007AIA Roadshow 2007
28 Mar 2007PIE recipe improved
28 Mar 2007Fixed rates rising quickly
28 Mar 2007AIA gets flexible on income protection
28 Mar 2007Court ruling against shore council’s development contributions policy
27 Mar 2007AIA Roadshow 2007
27 Mar 2007Property returns power on
27 Mar 2007No interest rate drops this side of 2010
27 Mar 2007Cash and international shares appeal
27 Mar 2007Deposit rate news briefs
27 Mar 2007Money Managers makes new appointment
26 Mar 2007Strategic all go with Allco
26 Mar 2007AIA Roadshow 2007
26 Mar 2007AIA Roadshow 2007
26 Mar 2007News Round Up
26 Mar 2007Renters’ confidence at an all-time low
25 Mar 2007The red bank goes green
23 Mar 2007IFA Roadshow
23 Mar 2007AIA Roadshow 2007
23 Mar 2007IFA Roadshow - BOP
23 Mar 2007Weekly Wrap: Regulatory changes to impact advisers
23 Mar 2007Homeowners shrug off rate rise
23 Mar 2007New challenges for advisers
23 Mar 2007New BDM for Hanover
22 Mar 2007AIA Roadshow 2007
22 Mar 2007AXA changes commission structures on life products
22 Mar 2007Tax changes prompt trust wind up
22 Mar 2007Aggressive OCR cuts not till 2009
21 Mar 2007Do the Nat agree on Super?
21 Mar 2007AIA Roadshow 2007
21 Mar 2007The burning Super issues
21 Mar 2007Be careful with new tax rules
20 Mar 2007BNZ starts new campaign for mortgage business
20 Mar 2007FAB's Canton logs off
20 Mar 2007Optimism running high with property investors
20 Mar 2007AIA Roadshow 2007
20 Mar 2007AIA Roadshow 2007
20 Mar 2007Arcus starts to get bearish
19 Mar 2007Deposit rate news briefs
19 Mar 2007Commission bans finance company
19 Mar 2007House prices pushed up by tax and interest rates
19 Mar 2007Adviserlink - Personal Risk Management Course
19 Mar 2007AIA Roadshow 2007
19 Mar 2007Warning over loose lending rules
19 Mar 2007Property market breaks record for February
19 Mar 2007Fund Managers Otago appoints senior lending manager
19 Mar 2007News Round Up
16 Mar 2007Weekly Wrap: Super Duper
16 Mar 2007Compulsory Super? Forget it
16 Mar 2007Sovereign makes insurance applications easier
16 Mar 2007Second Muslim mortgage offering
15 Mar 20072007 ASFONZ PIE Warmer
15 Mar 2007Financial assets finally gaining faster than housing
15 Mar 2007New analysis shows falling housing affordability
15 Mar 20078th Annual SuperFunds Conference
15 Mar 2007Old campaigner returning home
15 Mar 2007Ben Elliott moves back to Australia
14 Mar 2007Nats give some thoughts on savings
14 Mar 2007KiwiSaver: The journey begins
14 Mar 20072007 ASFONZ PIE Warmer
14 Mar 2007Debate continues over long-term fixing
14 Mar 2007Kiwis putting money into banks and shares
14 Mar 2007Debate continues over long-term fixing
13 Mar 2007Result shows confidence in finance companies
13 Mar 2007Moves against housing market will need support
13 Mar 20072007 ASFONZ PIE Warmer
13 Mar 2007Result shows confidence in finance companies
13 Mar 2007New loan for property investors
13 Mar 2007AIA appoints new senior regional manager.
12 Mar 2007UDC appoints experienced BDM
12 Mar 2007News Round Up
12 Mar 2007House prices on the up again
10 Mar 2007Banks increase term rates
9 Mar 2007Another payment to National Finance 2000 investors
9 Mar 2007Weekly Wrap: Gongs, goings and joinings
9 Mar 2007Tenants to tender for rental properties
9 Mar 2007PAA and LBA talk of a merger
9 Mar 2007Bollard not expecting big KiwiSaver uptake
9 Mar 2007Tightening tax rules threaten housing investment
8 Mar 2007Official cash rate increases to 7.5%
8 Mar 2007Bollard raises rates but tones down the rhetoric
8 Mar 2007Bollard raises rates but tones down the rhetoric
8 Mar 2007The official cash rate (OCR) increases to 7.5%
8 Mar 2007OCR announcement
8 Mar 2007Tax changes help birth of Aust shares portfolio
8 Mar 2007Auckland prices up, rents flat
7 Mar 2007Women across the globe put their faith in property
7 Mar 2007Mortgage Express no longer strategic to Perpetual Trust
7 Mar 2007Rate hike will dent housing market
7 Mar 2007Landlords’ rental properties insulated for less than half price
7 Mar 2007ING wins top awards
7 Mar 2007Quirk leaves Tyndall
7 Mar 2007Rents fail to keep up with house price rises
6 Mar 2007Copeland: All employees in KiwiSaver from 1 July?
6 Mar 2007Low rental yields do not indicate house price bubble
6 Mar 2007Adviserlink - NZ Financial Services Industry Essentials
6 Mar 2007An economist's view of the Chinese selldown
5 Mar 2007New adviser joins Diversified
5 Mar 2007Perpetual's three musketeers
5 Mar 2007Rate hike won’t derail housing market
5 Mar 2007Investors can now find right school zone to buy in
5 Mar 2007Calculate NPV (Net Present Value)
5 Mar 2007Reserve Bank should rethink anti-housing market policy
5 Mar 2007Pip Dunphy joins Mint
5 Mar 2007News Round Up
4 Mar 2007Expect interest rates to rise this week
2 Mar 2007Market Review: The past 7 years - A roller coaster ride
2 Mar 2007BRICs: the next big things?
2 Mar 2007Hands off CFP!
2 Mar 2007NZPIF slams limit on tenant liability for property damage
2 Mar 2007Fidelity Life acquires FMG
2 Mar 2007TSB & ANZ lift profits but lose mortgage market share
2 Mar 2007ISI proposes fix to latest tax hurdle
1 Mar 2007South Canterbury grows debentures by $220m
1 Mar 2007Agreeing with policians - yuk!
1 Mar 2007LBA - How to make your business more saleable
1 Mar 2007IFA Tax update - BOP
1 Mar 2007Building activity will not crash
1 Mar 2007Cullen pours cold water on compulsory savings idea
1 Mar 2007Tauranga – caught on a wave
1 Mar 2007Website: The best of the Internet for investors

February 2007

28 Feb 2007Stop the fighting
28 Feb 2007Tax changes to push premiums up
28 Feb 2007Kiwis investing in overseas property shouldn’t panic about the dollar
28 Feb 2007Jenny Shipley joins Sentinel
28 Feb 2007Tenant liability for property damage limited
28 Feb 2007Billboard bylaw breakthrough
28 Feb 2007Lower-value leaky home claims to be fast-tracked
28 Feb 2007Tax changes to push premiums up
28 Feb 2007Lyons steps down from OneSure
28 Feb 2007Spotting the right home loan rate
27 Feb 2007Fund Distibutors Ltd Roadshow 2007
27 Feb 2007Spotting the right home loan rate
27 Feb 2007Will Kiwisaver offer a sustainable choice?
27 Feb 2007Dorchester grows its market share
27 Feb 2007AXA promising new products
26 Feb 2007VeryGC Global Business Insights 2007
26 Feb 2007Adviserlink Distance Learning Calender
26 Feb 2007Ed Smith leaps the ditch
26 Feb 2007Westpac up, BNZ down
26 Feb 2007News Round Up
23 Feb 2007Weekly Wrap: Are the gloves off?
23 Feb 2007The long term economic and social challenge
23 Feb 2007Fidelity Capital Guaranteed Bond
23 Feb 2007Not all Australian shares treated equally
23 Feb 2007New regime for building consents processing
23 Feb 2007Billion-dollar mortgage manager’s advice
22 Feb 2007Savings, KiwiSaver, Tax Changes and Superannuation
22 Feb 2007Tax changes push money to active management
21 Feb 2007Harris leaves BT for GSJBW
21 Feb 2007Borrowers advised to shop around
21 Feb 2007Feedback sought on building sector licensing rules
21 Feb 2007Adviser associations happily co-operating. Yeah right
21 Feb 2007Association stoush warms up
21 Feb 2007Borrowers advised to shop around
21 Feb 2007Asteron rolls out new key person policy
20 Feb 2007Mint Asset Management Roadshow
20 Feb 2007A new option for fixed interest
20 Feb 2007Don’t knock rising house prices: REINZ
20 Feb 2007Southland property market begins year with strongest sales
20 Feb 2007January 07 bucks trend with record sales
20 Feb 2007KiwiSaver, tax revamp attract listed property giant to NZ
19 Feb 2007Kiwibank grows mortgage market share
19 Feb 2007Mint Asset Management Roadshow
19 Feb 2007Mint Asset Management Roadshow
19 Feb 2007Big hurdles for compulsory superannuation
19 Feb 2007News Round Up
17 Feb 2007Underwoord resurfaces
16 Feb 2007New funds raining down
16 Feb 2007TCA appoints Clynton Hardy as chairman
16 Feb 2007RBNZ appoints Grant Spencer as deputy governor
16 Feb 2007ING Roadshow 2007
16 Feb 20072007 ASFONZ KiwiSaver Roadshow
16 Feb 2007Asteron Life National Roadshow
16 Feb 2007AMP to re-enter the mortgage market
16 Feb 2007Now is the time for equities
15 Feb 2007Did the PAA challenge other associations?
15 Feb 2007Mint appoints equity analyst
15 Feb 2007ING Roadshow 2007
15 Feb 20072007 ASFONZ KiwiSaver Roadshow
15 Feb 2007Asteron Life National Roadshow
15 Feb 2007Asteron Life National Roadshow
15 Feb 2007Mint Asset Management: Media Product Launch
15 Feb 2007The natural home for life advisers
15 Feb 2007Professional Investments Services appoints new BDM
14 Feb 2007ING Roadshow 2007
14 Feb 2007Fund Distibutors Ltd Roadshow 2007
14 Feb 20072007 ASFONZ KiwiSaver Roadshow
14 Feb 2007Asteron Life National Roadshow
14 Feb 2007Seven year fixed rate attracts attention
14 Feb 2007Elevation lifts off with long/short fund
14 Feb 2007Seven year fixed rate attracts attention
14 Feb 2007Asteron Life National Roadshow
13 Feb 2007Industry Workshop - Implementation of PIE Tax Regime
13 Feb 2007Building Code submissions out
13 Feb 2007Fund Distibutors Ltd Roadshow 2007
13 Feb 20072007 ASFONZ KiwiSaver Roadshow
13 Feb 2007Asteron Life National Roadshow
13 Feb 2007Asteron Life National Roadshow
13 Feb 2007Three scenarios being looked at for Provincial
13 Feb 2007Cullen raises idea of mandatory savings
13 Feb 2007St Laurence signals ownership change
13 Feb 2007Real estate agents cry for more listings
12 Feb 2007Strong property value showing for the provinces
12 Feb 2007Spectre of mortgage levy looms
12 Feb 2007Watchdog body provides practical property information
12 Feb 2007News Round Up
11 Feb 2007PFG merger plans disrupted
11 Feb 2007ING gets another credit manager
9 Feb 2007John McDermott appointed Head of Economics
9 Feb 2007Attention all property investors
9 Feb 2007Deposit rate news briefs
9 Feb 2007Managers cautions on NZ shares
9 Feb 2007When advisers go bad
8 Feb 2007Mortgage funds overcharging, study finds
7 Feb 2007Market Review: Crisis – what crisis?
7 Feb 2007No easy money this year
7 Feb 2007Action with longer-term rates
6 Feb 2007AIA appoints new regional manager
5 Feb 2007News Round Up
2 Feb 2007Third wind of strength in the housing market
2 Feb 2007Auckland’s burgeoning rental demand parallels Aussie scene
2 Feb 2007House valuation model developed
2 Feb 2007More good news for funds
2 Feb 2007Loan arrears fall
1 Feb 2007Vriens joins Asteron
1 Feb 2007Insurers too wary over stress claims: Klee
1 Feb 2007Fund Distibutors Ltd Roadshow 2007
1 Feb 2007Good support for KiwiSaver
1 Feb 2007Nostrils twitching over super
1 Feb 2007House price confidence peaking
1 Feb 2007Manawatu, a bright economic star reports Vicky Holder
1 Feb 2007Software: Comparison analysis

January 2007

31 Jan 2007Finally a cut against the rising tide
31 Jan 2007Fund Distibutors Ltd Roadshow 2007
31 Jan 2007St Laurance appoints new director
31 Jan 2007Finally a cut against the rising tide
31 Jan 2007First infrastructure bonds to be issued tomorrow
30 Jan 2007December Statistics Reflect a Steady Year for Building
30 Jan 2007Making super portable
30 Jan 2007Advisers first to win trans-Tasman recognition
29 Jan 2007News Round Up
26 Jan 2007Key Macro Themes for 2007
26 Jan 2007Liontamer adds marketing manager
26 Jan 2007Savage steps down from AMP Capital
25 Jan 2007Bollard holds rates steady but a March hike looks certain
25 Jan 2007Bollard holds rates steady but a March hike looks certain
25 Jan 2007OCR announcement
25 Jan 2007OCR stays at 7.25%
24 Jan 2007OCR review due
24 Jan 2007Investor confidence rises to record level
24 Jan 2007Investor confidence at record highs
24 Jan 2007Warning to homeowners on mortgage payments
23 Jan 2007UK listed trusts have good year
23 Jan 2007Two more BDMs at Bridgecorp
23 Jan 2007Tax breaks for health insurance pushed
22 Jan 2007Unaffordable housing a Government failure: survey
22 Jan 2007Residential property market continues to exceed expectations
22 Jan 2007News Round Up
21 Jan 2007Delays in regulation OK
21 Jan 2007Close call on rates this week
19 Jan 2007Billboard bylaw changes diminish property values
19 Jan 2007The Investment Store grows
19 Jan 2007Investors attracted to ETFs
18 Jan 2007Bond Bonds get S&P rating
18 Jan 2007Problems found in KiwiSaver law
18 Jan 2007Problems found in KiwiSaver law
17 Jan 2007International forces driving rate increases
17 Jan 2007International forces driving rate increases
17 Jan 2007Adviser regs get bumped to 2009
16 Jan 2007MFS appoints new BDM
16 Jan 2007KiwiSaver take up rates expected to be higher than forecast
15 Jan 2007Steady growth in residential property values
15 Jan 2007Census reveals falling homeownership rate
15 Jan 2007A not so Ho-Hum announcement
15 Jan 2007News Round Up
12 Jan 2007ASB and Kiwibank winners of mortgage market war
12 Jan 2007Emerging markets have good December
10 Jan 2007Dykes joins Grosvenor
10 Jan 2007Tenancy Tribunal to launch database naming bad tenants
10 Jan 20072006 good year for Auckland property market
10 Jan 2007New Zeal Mortgage Investment Gulid (NZMIG) Limited
10 Jan 2007Quotable Value
10 Jan 2007Rates rise over Christmas
10 Jan 2007Northplan moves into Rotorua
10 Jan 2007Rates rise over Christmas
10 Jan 2007Insurance regulations conterproductive
9 Jan 2007Orr to head up NZ Super Fund
8 Jan 2007Evidence uncovers trustee weaknesses
8 Jan 2007NZIT wins GPG-style tax holiday
5 Jan 2007DP Rates - Latest News
4 Jan 2007New rules for platforms duplication
3 Jan 2007Absolute Capital strengthens sales team
1 Jan 2007Gisborne comes out of the dark
1 Jan 2007Website: Department of Building & Housing
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