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Previous Articles Archive - 2011

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December 2011

23 Dec 2011[Weekly wrap] Huljich punishment decided
23 Dec 2011Slow, steady rent rises predicted for 2012
22 Dec 2011Hubbard's Southbury companies unlikely to repay more than $186m
22 Dec 2011Sovereign keeps its rating
22 Dec 2011Merry Christmas
21 Dec 2011Analysis doesn’t require analysts, says FMA
21 Dec 2011Dorchester Pacific pulls the plug on life insurance
21 Dec 2011Quietness at a busy time
21 Dec 2011Advisers at risk from tax avoidance trap
20 Dec 2011Huljich cops big fine for misleading investors
20 Dec 2011Huljich cops big fine for misleading investors
20 Dec 2011Kiwibank special goes
19 Dec 2011Costly KiwiSaver missing its target
19 Dec 2011Life insurance underwriting standards "relaxed"
19 Dec 2011Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles
19 Dec 2011News Round Up December 19
19 Dec 2011Depreciation may need looking at: Commission
18 Dec 2011Rates round-up: Dec 19
18 Dec 2011One association says yes to Partners
16 Dec 2011[Weekly Wrap] Cracks appear
16 Dec 2011Another quiet week ends
16 Dec 2011Finance companies profit as credit unions struggle
16 Dec 2011The changing face of advisers
16 Dec 2011Remuera rent rises trump nationwide levels
15 Dec 2011FMA lays charges against Hanover directors
15 Dec 2011Which banks grew their home loan books?
15 Dec 2011Westpac and BNZ grow mortgage books
15 Dec 2011AXA advisers baulk at AMP contracts
14 Dec 2011Changes at Partners Life
14 Dec 2011Hughes predicts fewer FMA/SFO tag teams
14 Dec 2011A new way of rate setting
14 Dec 2011Nationwide sales show double-digit growth
13 Dec 2011NZF deal done
13 Dec 2011Auckland Council to issue Euro bonds
13 Dec 2011New chief executive for REAA
12 Dec 2011Crackdown on UK-NZ pension transfers
12 Dec 2011Harbour Commentary: Stable Government and economic recovery
12 Dec 2011GFNZ (Geneva Finance) reduces first-half loss
12 Dec 2011Ludlow banned from consumer finance
12 Dec 2011A quiet start - for some
12 Dec 2011News Round Up
9 Dec 2011Weekly Wrap: Do we need RFAs?
9 Dec 2011Premium reductions a priority for Southern Cross
9 Dec 2011Interest rates on hold until at least the second half of 2012
9 Dec 2011Retail deposit surge cushions banks: Reserve Bank
8 Dec 2011Partners Life figures revealed
8 Dec 2011FMA completes strategic leadership appointments
8 Dec 2011Interest rates on hold until at least the second half of 2012
8 Dec 2011S&P delivers Heartland an early Christmas present
8 Dec 2011OCR remains the same
8 Dec 2011Commission ban would hurt consumers
8 Dec 2011Bank gives little away on rates
8 Dec 2011Auckland house prices above 2007 peak, investors back
8 Dec 2011QV December 2011 - the regions
7 Dec 2011SFO lays 21 charges against South Canterbury Finance five
7 Dec 2011AMP appoints new head of underwriting and claims strategy
7 Dec 2011IFA trains up bank staff
7 Dec 2011Get rid of RFAs: Tate
7 Dec 2011Investors active in North Shore, Christchurch sees slowdown
6 Dec 2011IFA boss says get rid of RFAs
6 Dec 2011Moodys is now saying keep the OCR down
5 Dec 2011Squeezed margins hit newest bank
5 Dec 2011Rates round up: Dec 5
5 Dec 2011Newpark appoints new BDM
5 Dec 2011News Round Up: December 5
5 Dec 2011OCR week previewed
5 Dec 2011Auckland house prices hit new November high
4 Dec 2011Next OCR increased pushed further into the future
4 Dec 2011Sorry, there ain't no property rort
2 Dec 2011[Weekly Wrap] Getting the chop
2 Dec 2011S&P downgrades big four Aussie banks
2 Dec 2011Repayments of OnePath mortgage fund delayed
2 Dec 2011FATCAT. Opps I mean FATCA
2 Dec 2011Looking at BNZ's new rates
2 Dec 2011Immigrants more active in market than departing Kiwis
1 Dec 2011ANZ's Sept Qtr profit jumps but mortgage book shrinks again
1 Dec 2011Blue Star's 1Q trading worse than expected
1 Dec 2011Trustees Executors appoints new private wealth advisers
1 Dec 2011AIA: Health, wealth and wellbeing – how’s yours?
1 Dec 2011Botherway explains OnePath clean-out
1 Dec 2011BNZ drops rates
1 Dec 2011‘Flood' of new listings in wake of RWC
1 Dec 2011Auckland leads 11% home consents rise

November 2011

30 Nov 2011Quakes hit SBS Bank's profit and mortgage book
30 Nov 2011It's a bit of an NZF week
30 Nov 2011Former Don Ha properties sold
29 Nov 2011AMP gives Mercer the boot
29 Nov 2011The cost of NZF's finance company failure
29 Nov 2011AIA New Zealand announces new relationship role
29 Nov 2011Advisers urged to question fund managers
29 Nov 2011Sale of NZF's home loan business details
29 Nov 2011Mum and Dads bearing brunt of mortgagee sales rise
28 Nov 2011The pros and cons of NZF's deal
28 Nov 2011Heartland does it tough, narrows profit forecast
28 Nov 2011Who should be made to comply?
28 Nov 2011News Round Up: November 28
28 Nov 2011Property guru goes bust
28 Nov 2011Average weekly rent up 7.4% in year to June
25 Nov 2011Fidelity Life appoints new director
25 Nov 2011Kiwibank's profit surged and mortgage book growth accelerated in Sept
25 Nov 2011Contact sets minimum interest on 30-year bonds at 8%
25 Nov 2011Star analyst shuns Aussie stocks
24 Nov 2011Quake death claims reach 100
24 Nov 2011TSB lifts Sept Qtr profit, grows mortgage book
24 Nov 2011Regulations benefit boutique managers
24 Nov 2011Housing market confidence slips over quarter
23 Nov 2011Understand and Relate
23 Nov 2011Globalising forces to impact on NZ advisers
23 Nov 2011What's your best rate?
22 Nov 2011Broadlands withdraw from 'dead' debenture market
22 Nov 2011OnePath's share of new business falls as lapses soar
22 Nov 2011ASB's mortgage book shrinks for a sixth successive quarter
22 Nov 2011Blue Star appoints replacement MD
22 Nov 2011Providers split over election promises
22 Nov 2011No need to jump to fixed: Westpac
21 Nov 2011Rates Round Up: Nov 19
21 Nov 2011News Round Up: Nov 21
21 Nov 2011Potential - and pitfalls - in mortgagee sales
20 Nov 2011Politicians and interest rates
20 Nov 2011New life insurance business grew in Sept quarter
18 Nov 2011Transpower launches $200m senior bond issue‏
18 Nov 2011Major clean out at OnePath
18 Nov 2011FMA warns against KiwiSaver fee double-dipping
18 Nov 2011Stocks attractive despite government debt woes
17 Nov 2011No certainty on recoveries for OPI debenture holders
17 Nov 2011Kiwibank's bold move
17 Nov 2011Kiwibank goes under 5%
17 Nov 2011Interest in local government bonds increasing
16 Nov 2011No salt with the Pepper loan
16 Nov 2011No fair price for gold, but use it
16 Nov 2011Ha portfolio sale includes rentals with ‘solid returns’
15 Nov 2011Fees only one part of default fund debate
15 Nov 2011Lifetime cuts ties with Mortgage Link
15 Nov 2011IAG lifts 25 year bond issue to $325m, sets minimum coupon at 7.5%
15 Nov 2011Share gets a new CEO
15 Nov 2011Trustees up in arms over auditor disclaimers
15 Nov 2011Lifetime to sever ties with Mortgage Link
15 Nov 2011CGT and planners get both barrels from Brash
14 Nov 2011S&P concerned about Auckland City Council's rising debt
14 Nov 2011S&P cuts Telecom's rating to "A-" with stable outlook
14 Nov 2011Risks and rewards (with the quiz)
14 Nov 2011News Round Up: Nov 14
14 Nov 2011Bollard warns of economic risks to NZ
14 Nov 2011Little good news in latest Strategic Finance report
14 Nov 2011Sorting the star from the slum landlords
11 Nov 2011Contact increases 30-year bond issue to a maximum $250 million
11 Nov 2011House prices up $9,000 in October
11 Nov 2011Is fixed the way to go?
11 Nov 2011The lure of attractive fixed home loan rates
11 Nov 2011Sued adviser tripped up by paperwork
11 Nov 2011REINZ Regional Commentaries – October 2011
10 Nov 2011Registered but unable to give insurance advice
10 Nov 2011Cookie-cutter ABS’s uncovered by first FMA monitoring
10 Nov 2011Investors still active in capital, Hutt Valley, muted elsewhere
10 Nov 2011Buy the Cashfow forecaster CD
9 Nov 2011Mark Brighouse role no more rumour
9 Nov 2011HSBC lowers its fixed rates
9 Nov 2011KiwiSaver fee focus a ‘red herring’
9 Nov 2011KiwiSaver increasingly retirement saving vehicle of choice
9 Nov 2011Property prices up nationwide, parts of Auckland above 2007 peak
9 Nov 2011QV October 2011 - the regions
9 Nov 2011Investor confidence in rental property at decade low
8 Nov 2011No implicit Govt guarantee with public KiwiSaver
8 Nov 2011Perpetual adds two to its Wellington team
8 Nov 2011Heartland holds excess cash ahead of government guarantee expiry
8 Nov 2011FPSB appoints new chair, directors
8 Nov 2011FMA begins offering advisers post-monitoring feedback
8 Nov 2011SBS pitches for two year business
7 Nov 2011New adviser and business owner at Mortgage Link
7 Nov 2011Infratil launches $50m five-year bonds with 8% coupon
7 Nov 2011Greens KiwiSaver policy nice idea but...
7 Nov 2011Now the home loan battle begins
6 Nov 2011Greens say they can lower KiwiSaver fees 40%
4 Nov 2011KiwiSaver not too big for sharemarket (yet)
4 Nov 2011Early appointments at AMP/AXA
4 Nov 2011Caught out and cut
4 Nov 2011Regulation poses relevancy challenges for professional bodies
4 Nov 2011Auckland sales down, listings and prices up
3 Nov 2011Loftus takes on risk management role
3 Nov 2011RWC finishes; rate war battle commences
3 Nov 2011Persistency the key in new OnePath remuneration model
3 Nov 2011FMA preparing guidance for share recommendations
3 Nov 2011BNZ arrives
3 Nov 2011October sales rise but enquiries hit by RWC, holidays and Greek tragedy
2 Nov 2011Harbour Commentary: Holes in the lifeboat
2 Nov 2011Contact considers $150m subordinated bond issue
2 Nov 2011Australian-invested funds underperform
2 Nov 2011[UPDATED] Changes galore; ANZ National move
2 Nov 2011Show me the (mentoring) money
1 Nov 2011New insurance products the business for advisers
1 Nov 2011Tyndall Monthly Commentary
1 Nov 2011BOS puts advisers’ in hot seat over frozen funds
1 Nov 2011AIA: Reconsidering remuneration
1 Nov 2011Bonds safe(ish) despite debt crises
1 Nov 2011Property Tutors defended in wake of FMA warning
1 Nov 2011Asking prices hit new high in October

October 2011

31 Oct 2011ANF receivers repaid less than half the govt guarantee
31 Oct 2011Westpac takes on Kiwibank with cuts
31 Oct 2011Comparing rate cuts
31 Oct 2011Gems from the Principles of Risk Management
31 Oct 2011Home consents see ‘large decrease’ in September but trend still rising
30 Oct 2011ISI welcomes Labour's savings policy
28 Oct 2011Two new brokers for Mortgage Express
28 Oct 2011New company for Government receivership assets
28 Oct 2011Hanover investors unlikely to get a say on share dilution
28 Oct 2011Two year old report underpins Labour's policy
28 Oct 2011Forget about personality; Labour's policy has balls
28 Oct 2011Kiwibank slashes all fixed rates; Westpac follows
28 Oct 2011Property Tutors no income property investment adverts criticised by FMA
27 Oct 2011Details of Kiwibank's new home loan rates
27 Oct 2011SCF's good asset realise a third of total book
27 Oct 2011Labour promises compulsory KiwiSaver
27 Oct 2011SFO charges four over Dominion Finance lending
27 Oct 2011Bollard spooks markets
27 Oct 2011Interest rates on hold for now
27 Oct 2011NZF promises new products for brokers
27 Oct 2011Advisers urged to avoid ‘mediocre’ managers
27 Oct 2011OCR held, but for how long?
27 Oct 2011Bollard spooks market
26 Oct 2011New name and bank status for PSIS
26 Oct 2011Inflation data adds to rate hold view
26 Oct 2011Christchurch City exodus a shot in arm for suburban landlords
25 Oct 2011PAA/NZMBA joint board creation in final stages
24 Oct 2011Deteriorating growth outlook likely to keep rates on hold
24 Oct 2011News Round Up: October 24
24 Oct 2011Interest rate cuts not happening: Survey
21 Oct 2011The $5 million dollar man
21 Oct 2011TSB offers 'lending special'
20 Oct 2011National Finance 2000 boss Ludlow jailed for six years
20 Oct 2011Allied Kiwi buys insurance broker Metro Broker Link
20 Oct 2011Advisers open to ISI super-group idea
20 Oct 2011ANZ National prepares rate hike
20 Oct 2011ANZ National prepares rate hike
19 Oct 2011SFO launches investigation into advisory firm
19 Oct 2011Just three adviser complaints at FSCL – so far
19 Oct 2011Global pressures vs inflation fears
19 Oct 2011Mid-price rental property in short supply
18 Oct 2011Planet appoint new GM
18 Oct 2011English announces KiwiSaver soft-compulsion plans
18 Oct 2011Macquarie to repay 45.02 cents in the dollar on Fortress notes
18 Oct 2011Redundancy for PIS founder Bennetts
18 Oct 2011Advisers offered flexible currency product
18 Oct 2011ASB picks March for OCR rise
18 Oct 2011Birkenhead rents continue to rise
17 Oct 2011Harbour commentary: Waves of pessimism and optimism
17 Oct 2011What is your IP and how do you protect it?
17 Oct 2011MED to look into overseas convictions loophole
17 Oct 2011More falling rates
17 Oct 2011Auctions increase in popularity - but have potential to hammer investors’
14 Oct 2011NZF home loan deal nearly settled
14 Oct 2011Fitch puts Rabobank on negative credit watch
14 Oct 2011Cowboys ad complaint shot down by ASA
13 Oct 2011It's specials time
13 Oct 2011Brook Asset Management appoints new MD
13 Oct 2011Life cover simplified – you’re either alive or dead
13 Oct 2011Advisers fear IFA’s help could haunt them
12 Oct 2011Investor activity strong in Hutt Valley, muted nationwide
12 Oct 2011Property values up with Auckland leading the charge
12 Oct 2011Two new BDMs for Tower
12 Oct 2011Adviser commission ban recommended by Commerce Committee
12 Oct 2011QV September 2011 - the regions
12 Oct 2011Sales volumes up, prices down in September
12 Oct 2011Sales up almost 20%, led by surge in auctions
11 Oct 2011Bubbles could attract KiwiSaver fly-by-nighters
11 Oct 2011Power takes Private Bank role at Westpac
11 Oct 2011Regulatory loopholes exposed
11 Oct 2011ISI looks to become super-lobbyist
11 Oct 2011Triple jump for EQC levy
10 Oct 2011Regulatory loophole lets rogue financial operators to stay in business
10 Oct 2011Managers looking to shares for yield
10 Oct 2011HSBC resumes its leading pricing
10 Oct 2011Heartland to repay Wrightson bond, contemplates another issue
10 Oct 2011News Round Up: October 10
7 Oct 2011Landmark adviser lawsuit case closed
6 Oct 2011Former Hanover investors' interest in Allied Farmers to be slashed
6 Oct 2011AMP launches insurance tele-interviewing
6 Oct 2011Bank competition heating up
6 Oct 2011New credit reporting rules to affect mortgage borrowers
6 Oct 2011New privacy rules for borrowers
5 Oct 2011Catching the next property wave
5 Oct 2011Coming Soon
5 Oct 2011NZ Home Loans increases rates
5 Oct 2011Charges mount against Nelson adviser
5 Oct 2011Auckland property prices hit six-month high
4 Oct 2011Treasury should have limited finance company deposits: AG
4 Oct 2011Savers missing out on bonus interest
4 Oct 2011Where oh where are the KiwiSaver accounts?
4 Oct 2011Tyndall Monthly Commentary
4 Oct 2011Canterbury advisers achieve AFA status
4 Oct 2011Mortgage market winners and losers
3 Oct 2011Allied Farmers delays annual report in hopes of positive event
3 Oct 2011September sees surge in listings and asking price
3 Oct 2011Blue Star seeks expressions of interest in A$11.7m shareholders' notes
3 Oct 2011ANZ, ASB banks major mortgage market losers through GFC
3 Oct 2011KiwiSaver providers miss the deadline
3 Oct 2011News Round Up: October 3
3 Oct 2011Auckland’s real estate valued at $354 billion
3 Oct 2011House prices just 5% below peak and set to rise
1 Oct 2011AIA: At the sharp end

September 2011

30 Sep 2011Telecom's retail bondholders overwhelmingly approve split
30 Sep 2011Rating downgrades could keep OCR on hold for longer
30 Sep 2011Good Returns adds to team
30 Sep 2011Call for IRD to vet KiwiSaver hardship claims
30 Sep 2011Kiwibank jiggles its fixed rates
30 Sep 2011 Every silver lining has a cloud
30 Sep 2011Home approval numbers show ‘strong increases’
29 Sep 2011FMA promises to park at top of cliff
29 Sep 2011Alternative Monetary Policy Statement
29 Sep 2011OCR should remain at 2.5%: Dickens
29 Sep 2011iPhone rental app proves popular home and away
28 Sep 2011When the adviser is the insurance
28 Sep 2011New consultant appointment at Russell Investments
28 Sep 2011Dividend flavour to new Pie fund
28 Sep 2011Financial Services Federation appoints new chair, deputy chair
28 Sep 2011ISO Case Studies - ASSET Sep 2011
28 Sep 2011KiwiSaver and the c-word
28 Sep 2011NZF's new backer named
27 Sep 2011Carroll departs Asteron
27 Sep 2011Resimac to take majority stake in NZF's securitisation operations
27 Sep 2011New specials
26 Sep 2011An Auckland epiphany
26 Sep 2011Outage ousts FSPR from web
26 Sep 2011News Round Up: September 26
26 Sep 2011DIY attitude and cost concerns prompt landlords’ to reject property managers
23 Sep 2011Financial complaints system has fundamental flaw: FDR
23 Sep 2011Central Otago Lakes and Auckland most expensive for property
23 Sep 2011Quake repair work prompts surge in demand for short term tenancies
22 Sep 2011Forget rates hikes this year
22 Sep 2011NZF writes off its $5.1m investment in NZF Money, takes $10.7m loss
22 Sep 2011Weak data, global turmoil put paid to floating rates rising this year
22 Sep 2011Telecom sweetens offer to retail bondholders
22 Sep 2011NZF Money's receivership expect significant loan book impairment
22 Sep 2011FMA's targets identified
22 Sep 2011Turning complainants to customers
22 Sep 2011Pero has high praise for low commission model
21 Sep 2011Measuring the success of regulations
21 Sep 2011A capital gains tax will drive up rents: Minister
20 Sep 2011FMA wants overseas crime loophole fixed
20 Sep 2011It’s not what goes into that counts; it’s what comes out
20 Sep 2011..and then it all happened
20 Sep 2011Within Auckland Franklin is flourishing, Waitakeres woeful
20 Sep 2011Manch to quit as REAA chief
19 Sep 2011Interest rates remain flat, although choppy water all around
19 Sep 2011Joint chairmen appointed at Planet Financial Group
19 Sep 2011Filling in time
18 Sep 2011News Round Up: September 19
16 Sep 2011Birkenhead bucks rent trends
16 Sep 2011Providers back FMA KiwiSaver focus
16 Sep 2011Floating rates unlikely to rise this year
16 Sep 2011Calls for earthquake strengthening costs to be depreciable
15 Sep 2011Magellan puts a man on the ground in NZ
15 Sep 2011Bill opens up investor access to local Government bonds
15 Sep 2011MDRT offers sales tools to advisers
15 Sep 2011Blue Star MD resigns
15 Sep 2011Floating rates unlikely to rise this year
15 Sep 2011[Comment] Telecom offers retail bond investors an inferior deal
15 Sep 2011RBNZ gives its latest thoughts on OCR
15 Sep 2011RBNZ leaves cash rate on hold
15 Sep 2011Adviser feedback prompts TNP pilot
15 Sep 2011Floating mortgage rates unlikely to rise this year as OCR remains on hold
14 Sep 2011FMA says 16 finance companies under investigation, six off the hook
14 Sep 2011SFO, FMA lay a swag of criminal charges against Belgrave directors
14 Sep 2011Top brokers still see a prominent place for fixed-rate mortgages
14 Sep 2011There's still a place for fixed rates
14 Sep 2011FMA outlines Enforcement priorities
13 Sep 2011Telecom bondholders offered fee to approve de-merger
13 Sep 2011Parts of Auckland see property values above 2007 peak
13 Sep 2011Will the Unbeatable campaign return?
13 Sep 2011MED throws out FMA funding fee proposal
13 Sep 2011QV August 2011 – the regions
12 Sep 2011Waiting for the Spring money sale
12 Sep 2011Interest rates likely to stay on hold
12 Sep 2011News Round Up: September 12
12 Sep 2011Sir Bob Jones expands Auckland office portfolio
12 Sep 2011Bollard likely to keep interest rates on hold this week
11 Sep 2011Harbour Commentary: Bond markets pricing in a lost decade
11 Sep 2011It's not ethical for managers to keep getting fees on frozen funds
11 Sep 2011Bollard likely to keep interest rates on hold this week
9 Sep 2011Tyndall Monthly Commentary
9 Sep 2011QFEs get report card from FMA
9 Sep 2011NZF back in business
8 Sep 2011North South investors may recover up to another 8.5c in the dollar
8 Sep 2011Further payouts to North South debenture holders unlikely
8 Sep 2011What is normal for home loan rates?
8 Sep 2011Residential building activity near to 20-year low
8 Sep 2011Investor activity muted nationwide, large variations across regions
7 Sep 2011Will fixing become normal again?
7 Sep 2011Blog: Where are the regulators when you need them?
7 Sep 2011Australian cash rate remains unmoved
7 Sep 2011Some valuers are scaremongering about panel system: PropertyIQ
6 Sep 2011Where are the regulators when you need them?
6 Sep 2011Perpetual adds a new adviser
6 Sep 2011Advisers with convictions registered
6 Sep 2011Floating along
5 Sep 2011News Round Up: September 5
5 Sep 2011Misadventures in Insurance
5 Sep 2011Kiwibank increases one-year rate
3 Sep 2011Property investors losing out on rent
2 Sep 2011Nathans directors sentenced
2 Sep 20118 reasons why state asset sales will struggle
2 Sep 2011Sovereign announces new business development manager
2 Sep 2011Life insurance payouts hit new $1 billion high
2 Sep 2011New listings rise may herald a strong Spring housing market
1 Sep 2011St Laurence investors to get 3c in the dollar
1 Sep 2011Geneva Finance to repay principal early
1 Sep 2011Partners Life takes out Us Advice
1 Sep 2011ASSET Magazine - for smart advisers
1 Sep 2011Later OCR hike called for
1 Sep 2011Bank looks to eliminate fraudulent valuations

August 2011

31 Aug 2011Hold the hikes NZIER says
31 Aug 2011When success doesn’t equal satisfaction
31 Aug 2011Trustees now under supervision
31 Aug 2011Small banks going different ways
30 Aug 2011Allied Farmers' equity $6.4m in the red after $43m annual loss
30 Aug 2011The future of KiwiSaver
30 Aug 2011EQC earthquake liability increased by $4 billion
30 Aug 2011Tower gets a new chairman
29 Aug 2011TSB and SBS banks show divergent trends
29 Aug 2011New MDRT NZ chair
29 Aug 2011BNZ sees growth in mortgage book
29 Aug 2011Blue Star slightly betters prospectus sales and loss forecasts
29 Aug 2011News Round Up: August 29
29 Aug 2011BNZ sees home loan growth
26 Aug 2011ASB's mortgage book shrinks for a fifth successive quarter
26 Aug 2011The sheriff is coming
26 Aug 2011News on two kiwi lenders
25 Aug 2011Bad loans depress Kiwibank profits
25 Aug 2011Adviser groups answer CPD credit concerns
25 Aug 2011Fortress noteholders to get 45c in the dollar
25 Aug 2011TNP questions who can offer structured credits
25 Aug 2011Is fixing the right way to go?
25 Aug 2011Putting rental property on the app
24 Aug 2011Is fixing your mortgage outdated thinking?
24 Aug 2011Insurers’ consider adviser cull over persistency fears
24 Aug 2011Capital gains tax would distort market further, says Reserve Bank
24 Aug 2011Goldie: You're better off ignoring volatility
24 Aug 2011Risk is the likelihood of losing your hard earned wealth; Volatility is the wobbles
24 Aug 2011Another cut to home loan rates
24 Aug 2011Limited house price growth the new normal
23 Aug 2011Inflation expectations improve but still too high
23 Aug 2011ANZ's time to reveal
23 Aug 2011Chris MacKay adds another adviser
23 Aug 2011Stewart takes over reins at ACC
23 Aug 2011King counters taxing solution to misdiagnosed problem
22 Aug 2011Dorchester to raise up to $12m in convertible note sale
22 Aug 2011From AXA to ACC
22 Aug 2011ANZ's profit growth slowed, mortgage book shrank in June Qtr
22 Aug 2011News Round Up: August 22
22 Aug 201110,000 New Zealanders abandon health cover over last quarter
22 Aug 2011To move or not to move?
19 Aug 2011Heartland delivers on profit promise
19 Aug 2011Former Hanover debenture holders face massive dilution
19 Aug 2011BNP Paribas appoints new NZ head
19 Aug 2011Former Hanover debenture holders face massive dilution
19 Aug 2011Price expectations up, confidence down
18 Aug 2011The holiday’s over for holiday home tax treatment
18 Aug 2011Heartland's 2012 profit to be boosted by tax law change
18 Aug 2011More Christchurch properties red zoned
18 Aug 2011ISO Case Studies - ASSET Aug 2011
18 Aug 2011Equitable investors facing a shortfall: receivers
18 Aug 2011What's the news out there?
18 Aug 2011Advisers’ limited role in KiwiSaver revealed
18 Aug 2011City Bay a riser while Devonport sinks
17 Aug 2011New two-year special
17 Aug 2011Staying clean of dirty money
16 Aug 2011Westpac's mortgage book grew strongly in June Qtr
16 Aug 2011SCF's good bank sold to Japanese investment bank
16 Aug 2011Budget changes hit KiwiSaver’s appeal
16 Aug 2011Sentiment towards property and KiwiSaver changing
16 Aug 2011Tate calls for KiwiSaver advice funding
16 Aug 2011Rental property seen as second-best investment type
15 Aug 2011Tax changes prompt some investment property sales, report claims
15 Aug 2011What advice can you offer your old whole of life clients?
15 Aug 2011Chris MacKay Financial Planning joins Plus4
15 Aug 2011Views changing on interest rate moves
15 Aug 2011Even economists are finding it hard
15 Aug 2011Advisers rate Sovereign and AXA tops
15 Aug 2011Fidelity KiwiSaver fund hurt by market volatility
15 Aug 2011Heartland's banking aspirations knocked
15 Aug 2011Rent and the regions
12 Aug 2011Top brokers awarded
12 Aug 2011$30,000 fine for property finder “sets a clear precedent”
12 Aug 2011Harbour commentary: NZ powers on while Australia splutters
12 Aug 2011OnePath appoints new BDM
12 Aug 2011How to make money in Christchurch
12 Aug 2011New group founder works with another group
12 Aug 2011Little for advisers to fear in new Financial Markets Bill
12 Aug 2011Calling all property investors
11 Aug 2011Darren Pratley talks about tie up with PAA
11 Aug 2011Advisers want stability around regulation: Butler
11 Aug 2011REINZ July 2011 Report - the regions
11 Aug 2011Property sales and prices down in July
11 Aug 2011What do you think is happening with prices and rents?
11 Aug 2011NZMBA on PAA tie up
10 Aug 2011Fidelity bondholders to receive no further interest payments
10 Aug 2011Blue Star bondholders approve revised restructuring proposal
10 Aug 2011FMA announces further leadership appointments; Auckland location
10 Aug 2011Allied Farmers to write Matarangi loan down to zero
10 Aug 2011Butler reappointed to Code Committee
10 Aug 2011All quiet on the complaints front
10 Aug 2011What a difference a week makes
10 Aug 2011Auckland July rents down on June, still above year earlier
9 Aug 2011Changes at research house
9 Aug 2011Kiwibank joins in the cuts
9 Aug 2011Fidelity bonds face interest suspension and possible liquidation
9 Aug 2011Combating mental health claims
9 Aug 2011No one following ASB - yet
9 Aug 2011RaboDirect moves into planner space
9 Aug 2011Playing ball with the IRD during RWC
8 Aug 2011ASB reverses last week's increases
8 Aug 2011S&P Downgrade: True to their word
8 Aug 2011Heartland considers corporate bond issue
8 Aug 2011Economist argues against early OCR increase
8 Aug 2011Nationwide property values steady, slide continues in Wellington
8 Aug 2011QV July 2011 Report – the regions
7 Aug 2011News Round Up: August 8
7 Aug 2011The truth about managing retirement income
5 Aug 2011Anticipating more changes
5 Aug 2011Mel's Farewell Blog
5 Aug 2011Closer PAA/NZMBA ties welcomed
5 Aug 2011Frankly my dear, property investors don’t give a damn
5 Aug 2011July’s new listings down 15% on year
4 Aug 2011Government considers KiwiSaver auto-enrolment
4 Aug 2011It's not a rates story today
4 Aug 2011A Blue Star no vote likely to result in receivership: CEO
4 Aug 2011PAA and NZMBA get together
4 Aug 2011Barfoot & Thompson Auckland listings at decade low
3 Aug 2011Home loan rates start rising
3 Aug 2011ASB family increase rates
3 Aug 2011Sovereign offers advisers’ cross-selling bonus
3 Aug 2011Home loan rates start to rise
2 Aug 2011Blue Star bosses bow to bond holder anger
2 Aug 2011Calls for more responsible investment practices
2 Aug 2011Heartland provides profit forecast
2 Aug 2011Westpac moves rates up
1 Aug 2011Rating agency runs ruler over TOWER
1 Aug 2011Total bank loans fall in March Qtr but household lending rises: KPMG
1 Aug 2011South Canterbury Finance receivers sell FSL stake
1 Aug 2011Where to go when the banks say no
1 Aug 2011AIA:”The Ratings Game”
1 Aug 2011AIA sees growth across the board
1 Aug 2011Reaffirmation, not re-launch, for Sovereign
1 Aug 2011News Round Up: August 1
1 Aug 2011The NZ Mortgage Mag
1 Aug 2011Devonport sees two-bedroom rents up 26% on year

July 2011

29 Jul 2011Z Energy calls off further bond issue
29 Jul 2011AMP Capital appoints Verhaart for new NZ role
29 Jul 2011One tiny increase signs of more to come
29 Jul 2011Two adviser bodies, two funding proposals for FAA
29 Jul 2011 Southern Cross appoints new National Sales Manager for Advisers
29 Jul 2011Cyclical recovery underway in housing market
29 Jul 2011Leaky homes assistance available
28 Jul 2011Not coming up Trumps
28 Jul 2011Shoe Shop Compliance
28 Jul 2011Bollard takes a bob-each-way to OCR review
28 Jul 2011Peterson elected to PAA board
28 Jul 2011OnePath closing troubled mortgage fund
28 Jul 2011Blue Star bondholders hopping mad at raw deal
28 Jul 2011RBNZ signals rates hikes coming
28 Jul 2011OCR on hold but...
28 Jul 2011OnePath closes $179m superannuation fund
28 Jul 2011The economists view on the OCR decision
28 Jul 2011Bollard takes a bob-each-way to OCR review
27 Jul 2011Former National Finance director convicted after SFO investigation
27 Jul 2011More on NZF
27 Jul 2011NZ emerging from economic winter: Russell
27 Jul 2011Fisher & Paykel Finance may issue bonds
27 Jul 2011OnePath Life gets new GM
26 Jul 2011Allied Farmers collects $2.45m from Bridgecorp's receiver
26 Jul 2011NZF home loan deal still on: Thornton
26 Jul 2011Morningstar appoints head of Asia-Pacific fund research
26 Jul 2011Hewitson leaves FMA
26 Jul 2011Stubbs sees adviser shortfall, hails KiwiSaver success
26 Jul 2011Life insurance simple wealth management product: HSBC
25 Jul 2011NBDTs face new Government legislation
25 Jul 2011Rents at two-and-a-half year high, but OCR set to rise
24 Jul 2011[Updated] What will happen to interest rates?
24 Jul 2011News Round Up: July 25
24 Jul 2011Debate over timing of the next OCR hike hots up
23 Jul 2011FMA announces key appointments
22 Jul 2011Tyndall Commentary: What Europe needs to do
22 Jul 2011NZF Money heads into receivership owing about $18m
22 Jul 2011NZF Money heads into receivership owing about $18m
22 Jul 2011Lessons from the Armitage Church case
22 Jul 2011OnePath and ASB lead the KiwiSaver pack
22 Jul 2011Russell appoints NZ MD
22 Jul 2011NZF facing the prospect of default
21 Jul 2011NZF withdraws prospectus after loan problem, FMA concerns
21 Jul 2011Perimeter enforcement underway
21 Jul 2011Thinking about next week
21 Jul 2011Cheaper FMA/FAA fee option most popular
21 Jul 2011Investors treading water in housing market
20 Jul 2011Heartland increases capital raising to $58 million
20 Jul 2011NZ Funds Management ownership changes
19 Jul 2011Z Energy mulls another bond issue
19 Jul 2011Pressure on rate rise building
19 Jul 2011Berry outlines how to squeeze the juice out of the fee model
18 Jul 2011Bridgecorp investors to receive first meagre payout next month
18 Jul 2011KiwiSaver membership tops 1.75m
18 Jul 2011Blue Star's bondholders face a nasty choice
18 Jul 2011Financial summit needs to cover life risks too
18 Jul 2011News Round Up: July 18
18 Jul 2011Capital gains tax won't move money from housing, claims BNZ economist
14 Jul 2011Is CGT Labour's V-Day?
14 Jul 2011IFA appoints new professional development director
14 Jul 2011Speech: Hughes opens IFA Conference
14 Jul 2011Sheriff almost run out of town
14 Jul 2011Tax plans hit property investors
14 Jul 2011Auckland great place to be a landlord: Skipper
13 Jul 2011Fraud charges laid against Capital + Merchant directors
13 Jul 2011Tower makes two new appointments
13 Jul 2011Credit Union North gets downgrade from S&P
13 Jul 2011First monitoring feedback complete
13 Jul 2011 Tower brings equity management in-house
13 Jul 2011NZF took a hit on Finance Direct sale
12 Jul 2011A TSB tweak
12 Jul 2011ISI worms out of churning policy review
12 Jul 2011PGG Wrightson Finance's debt holders better with Heartland
12 Jul 2011Harbour Commentary: The soft patch is behind us
12 Jul 2011Morningstar Australasia appoints new head of sales
12 Jul 2011Auckland sales up 30% in June
11 Jul 2011Moses resigns from IFA
11 Jul 2011The need for medical insurance
11 Jul 2011SCF's Helicopters NZ sale settled for $154m
11 Jul 2011Rodney Responds: Economists need to understand how things work
11 Jul 2011Mortgage activity acclerates; Rodney responds
11 Jul 2011AMP creates new role of AMP NZ chief economist
11 Jul 2011News Round Up: July 11
11 Jul 2011Auckland leads nationwide property values higher
11 Jul 2011QV June 2011 Report - the regions
10 Jul 2011Gary Stevens "lurking in the background" of Nathans debacle: judge
8 Jul 2011Heartland's deposit reinvestment rate climbs
8 Jul 2011Guilty verdict for former Nathans directors
8 Jul 2011Rounding up the facts on FMA ad
8 Jul 2011Cowboy wrangle continues
8 Jul 2011SFO warns property investors of inflated valuations
7 Jul 2011Your advice (on FMA ads) please
7 Jul 2011Serial fund issuer rolls out another one
7 Jul 2011AM Best gives report on Unimed
6 Jul 2011Hubbard's Southbury debts include nearly $190m owed SCF
6 Jul 2011Capital gains tax idea floated
6 Jul 2011Changes to KiwiSaver not helpful: Treasury
6 Jul 2011Landlords and tenants set to lose with capital gains
5 Jul 2011A good fight brewing on capital gains tax
5 Jul 2011The sheriff winds up brokers and advisers
5 Jul 2011Available Auckland property near to four-year low
5 Jul 2011Investors and first time buyers in ‘quiet battle' for property
4 Jul 2011Cowboy ad leaves advisers' saddle sore
4 Jul 2011Adding a bit of Pepper to the market
4 Jul 2011Pepper eyes NZ market after GE purchase
4 Jul 2011Number of KiwiSaver default schemes ‘worth examining'
4 Jul 2011News Round Up: July 4
4 Jul 2011PGC to rescue EPIC as NAB applies pressure for debt repayment
1 Jul 2011Rabo's first MD moves on
1 Jul 2011Chch provisions hit SBS
1 Jul 2011Christchurch provisions hit SBS Bank's March Qtr profit
1 Jul 2011AIA: The customer business
1 Jul 2011Hughes sees new dawn as ‘win-win’ for all

June 2011

30 Jun 2011GFNZ gains banking covenant breach waiver; writes off $2.4m more
30 Jun 2011New director appointment at Tower
30 Jun 2011Some advisers prepared to operate unregistered: Stevens
30 Jun 2011Lack of funding brings the CHRANZ house down
29 Jun 2011Z Energy to sell up to $150m in seven-year bonds
29 Jun 2011No support for Dickens' theory the OCR should be held steady
29 Jun 2011The answer to monetary policy setting
29 Jun 2011Adviser investment statement text amended
29 Jun 2011King sees potential pitfalls in state housing shake-up
28 Jun 2011More changes
28 Jun 2011Investment commission a flawed model: Hawes
28 Jun 2011F & P Finance departs govt guarantee scheme early
28 Jun 2011Willems questions 2007 valuations
27 Jun 2011A Monday with a change
27 Jun 2011Another St Laurence fund faces liquidation
27 Jun 2011News Round Up: June 27
25 Jun 2011Weather man feels chill after Jericho Residential closure
24 Jun 2011Cheap money for Christchurch - and lots of it
24 Jun 2011Banks offer special low rates to red zone borrowers
24 Jun 2011Number of AFAs nearly doubles
23 Jun 2011AIA expands marketing team
23 Jun 2011The Bay bags a broker
23 Jun 2011Hot air bubbles
23 Jun 2011Why so much time on Hubbard?
23 Jun 2011RFAs to be allowed to sell investment-linked insurance
23 Jun 2011Government offers to buy 5,100 Christchurch homes
22 Jun 2011Issues Paper on housing affordability released today
22 Jun 2011Why the RBNZ's approach to interest rates is flawed
22 Jun 2011Funding and liquidity key issues for Heartland
22 Jun 2011RBNZ reliance on economic forecasts fundamentally flawed: Dickens
22 Jun 2011Sales practices get SuperLife a slap on wrist
22 Jun 2011Government to update on Christchurch tomorrow
21 Jun 2011Window of opportunity closing quickly
21 Jun 2011Heartland hopes to leave guarantee scheme early
21 Jun 2011MED dismisses risk-based fee model
20 Jun 2011Comment: Why so much time on Hubbard?
20 Jun 2011SFO lays 50 fraud charges against Allan Hubbard
20 Jun 2011Short term loans with massive interest rates
20 Jun 2011If you think your interest rate is bad look at this
20 Jun 2011News Round Up: June 19
17 Jun 2011Client focus best medicine for adviser ailments: Dr Dave
17 Jun 2011FMA withdraws civil proceedings against Insured Group
17 Jun 2011More regulatory madness
17 Jun 2011Providers’ responsibility for their KiwiSaver distribution
17 Jun 2011Wholesale rates shaken by Chch and Greece
17 Jun 2011Advisers need to brace for litigation
17 Jun 2011Auckland house prices up over quarter, but ‘bumps ahead' says BNZ
16 Jun 2011KiwiSaver changes “chip away at certainty around retirement planning"
16 Jun 2011Tower adds key account manager
16 Jun 2011Hooker puts advisers in red alert district
16 Jun 2011Wellington landlords out of pocket after company closure
15 Jun 2011FMA orders Geneva to stop issuing debentures
15 Jun 2011Something for interest rate junkies
15 Jun 2011Tate slams FAA levy
15 Jun 2011Strong demand boosts Auckland rents, says Barfoot & Thompson
15 Jun 2011Auckland leading real estate recovery, says Harcourts
15 Jun 2011Auckland City Centre rents down 31% over year to May, Crockers
14 Jun 2011Heartland to buy PGG Wrightson Finance
14 Jun 2011Geneva chalks up another $6.2 mill in losses
14 Jun 2011Cash impact of finance co sale to cost PGG Wrightson $2.5m
14 Jun 2011Auckland leads national sales volumes up, but prices down
14 Jun 2011REINZ regional commentaries - May 2011
14 Jun 2011Advisers give levies lukewarm reception
13 Jun 2011Life companies forget about customers
13 Jun 2011Size of adviser levies revealed
13 Jun 2011News Round Up: June 13
10 Jun 2011Bridgecorp's Petricevic fails in latest bid for legal aid
10 Jun 2011Paying the piper – how much you could have to pay for the FMA
10 Jun 2011NZF home loans about to be liberated from company
10 Jun 2011Allied Farmers staves off receivership
10 Jun 2011The week in a word. Frozen
10 Jun 2011Ginger gets former Sovnet boss
10 Jun 2011How not to sell KiwiSaver
10 Jun 2011Agents spy slight rise in property investor interest in June
9 Jun 2011Bollard likely to raise interest rates sooner
9 Jun 2011OCR kept at record low
9 Jun 2011RBNZ keeps OCR at record low
8 Jun 2011Specific allocation to NZ assets idiotic: Cleary
8 Jun 2011Be warned. Opportunity narrowing
8 Jun 2011The perpetuity problem pertaining to property
8 Jun 2011Auckland and Wellington values a tale of two cities, QV
8 Jun 2011QV May 2011 Report - the regions
8 Jun 2011The perpetuity problem pertaining to property
7 Jun 2011AFA applicants moving – but slowly
7 Jun 2011Tyndall Commentary: Why Markets Are Not Reflecting The Economy
7 Jun 2011All eyes on Bollard
7 Jun 2011News Round Up: June 7
7 Jun 2011Economic confidence up but property sector optimism mixed, BNZ
6 Jun 2011Geneva Finance to write down more loans
6 Jun 2011Bollard's views on inflation keenly sought; OCR on hold
6 Jun 2011NZF to resume mortgage lending
6 Jun 2011FNZ gets its first COO
3 Jun 2011High Court judgment to shake advice world
3 Jun 2011Changing channels
3 Jun 2011Even more news on NZF
3 Jun 2011Prison and large fines proposed for false disclosure statements
3 Jun 2011NZF limiting new loans to $750,000
3 Jun 2011Time for health insurance industry to speak up
3 Jun 20112011 on course for least number of houses built
3 Jun 2011After three months of rises, average Auckland house price slips in May
2 Jun 2011ISI rejects Partners Life membership
2 Jun 2011Mercer opts for equities and growth assets
2 Jun 2011ANZ's mortgage book -- the mystery continues
2 Jun 2011Getting REAL about property management education
1 Jun 2011Auckland property market shifts in favour of sellers
1 Jun 2011Perpetual boosts executive team with three promotions
1 Jun 2011AIA: Insider information
1 Jun 2011Stop complaints becoming disputes
1 Jun 2011More on NZF's home loan performance
1 Jun 2011Otago oil boom ahead

May 2011

31 May 2011NZF Group posts $4.8m annual loss
31 May 2011Kiwibank's not so good report
31 May 2011Regulation helps advisers battle banks
31 May 2011TSB's mortgage book grows but profitability flat
30 May 2011Allied Farmers won't be replacing Rob Alloway
30 May 2011Kiwibank's profit plunges as bad loan charges soar
30 May 2011Credit rating upgrade for PSIS
30 May 2011Moodys downgrades NZ banks
30 May 2011Moody thoughts and Kiwibank's new product
30 May 2011Newpark adds two BDMs
30 May 2011News Round Up: May 30
30 May 2011It’s time to engage investors about the new regime
30 May 2011Housing market improves, but from low base, says ANZ
30 May 2011Low rates increasing appeal of investment property, ASB
29 May 2011Fisher & Paykel Finance's results shine
27 May 2011Commission ban “one private members Bill away”
27 May 2011ASB's mortgage book shrinks again
27 May 2011Kiwibank to launch an offset product
27 May 2011FMA kicks-off monitoring reviews
26 May 2011Christchurch Earthquake: Over $12.5m paid out in life claims
26 May 2011HSBC offers exceptional term deposit rate
26 May 2011BNZ grows mortgage book strongly in March Qtr but profitability falls
26 May 2011Spotlight on BNZ
26 May 2011The importance of being compliant
25 May 2011Ssshh, but it is still about selling
25 May 2011Up to 700 advisers could miss AFA deadline
25 May 2011ASB says KiwiSaver changes won't put investors off
25 May 2011Home loan rates could rise sooner than predicted
24 May 2011Odds on earlier interest rate hike shorten
24 May 2011Partners Life New Board Appointment
24 May 2011RBNZ to give a steer on rates today
24 May 2011Rates Round Up: May 24
24 May 2011FMA role wider than preventing finance company collapses
23 May 2011KiwiSaver remains best saving option for most, says ISI
23 May 2011South Canterbury Finance receivers sell $100m in loans
23 May 2011JBWere appoints new chairman
23 May 2011ANZ sees some growth
23 May 2011ANZ grows mortgage book after sluggish quarters
23 May 2011New harbour for fixed interest investment
23 May 2011New system aims for fewer estate agent complaints
19 May 2011KiwiSaver MkV
19 May 2011KiwiSaver changes make saving tougher
19 May 2011Hard work ahead to sell the Budget
19 May 2011Heartland faces obstacles to achieve bank status
19 May 2011Mercer gives Budget pass mark for improving NZ's super future
19 May 2011Fund mangers disappointed with KiwiSaver changes
19 May 2011Z Energy mulls another retail bond issue
19 May 2011KiwiSaver tinkering adds compliance costs to business
19 May 2011Budget 2011: Key KiwiSaver changes
19 May 2011Budget 2011: More for regulation; more bonds; KiwiSaver cuts
19 May 2011Irregular times
19 May 2011Big Aussie banks get a downgrade
19 May 2011Budget day and bank downgrades
19 May 2011Russell comes up with new PIE funds
18 May 2011Tenant skipping – a new approach
18 May 2011Harbour Commentary: Tricky Turning Point
18 May 2011More than a third of MPs in KiwiSaver
18 May 2011Partners Life says sales better than expected
18 May 2011Figuring out Westpac's growth
18 May 2011How much did Westpac grow its home loan business?
18 May 2011SiFA election results
18 May 2011Absolutely fundamental offering
18 May 2011Canterbury university may need govt help on earthquake remediation
17 May 2011Key defends KiwiSaver changes against S&P criticism
17 May 2011Warning for RFAs
17 May 2011Why are some RFAs still advertising AFA services?
17 May 2011KiwiSaver Growth funds walk tall in March quarter
17 May 2011S&P reports on merged AMP group
16 May 2011New advisers at Mortgage Link
16 May 2011Ups and downs, Auckland year-on-year rents revealed by Crockers
16 May 2011Ahead of changes, KiwiSaver popularity rises
16 May 2011Another quiet start to the week
16 May 2011Rental property top investment choice for Aucklanders
15 May 2011News Round Up: May 16
13 May 2011OnePath, two milestones
13 May 2011The Trust Company has confirmed key appointments at Guardian Trust
13 May 2011Floating rate predictions
13 May 2011Last quarter's winners and losers
13 May 2011National just doesn't get saving
13 May 2011What we learnt this week
13 May 2011New fund manager leverages wealthy connections
12 May 2011Fisher Funds strikes KiwiSaver deal with Mike Pero
12 May 2011Time to make KiwiSaver predictable and sustainable - ISI
12 May 2011KiwiSaver should be used to pay down student debt - Fidelity Life
12 May 2011New life sales down in March quarter
12 May 2011FMA's power to investigate unclear
12 May 2011First time buyers, investors an increased presence in market
11 May 2011Cuts to KiwiSaver tax credit but no 'slash and burn' Budget, says Key
11 May 2011Prices down, sales up and a new all-time median high for Auckland
11 May 2011TSB's one-year rate a clear leader
11 May 2011Nest-egg laying KiwiSaver to have its wings clipped
11 May 2011Savings and insurance – the same as home loans and insurance
11 May 2011REINZ regional commentaries - April 2011
10 May 2011Amadeus appoints new CEO
10 May 2011HSBC appoints new NZ CEO
10 May 2011QV sees value stability spread
10 May 2011NZF in the balance
10 May 2011NZF's position delicately placed: S&P
10 May 2011NZ house prices over valued, says IMF
10 May 2011QV April - the regions
9 May 2011OnePath boosts life sales team
9 May 2011Budget to include KiwiSaver changes
9 May 2011News Round Up: May 10
9 May 2011AFA Monitoring & Registration Spot Checks Kick Off
9 May 2011Kiwibank ends special
9 May 2011Opportunities for investors in Auckland expansion proposals
9 May 2011King's Counsel
6 May 2011SBS Bank makes risk appointment
6 May 2011Budget to include KiwiSaver changes
6 May 2011Unlucky 13 - Auckland weekly rent down on March
6 May 2011Don't tinker with KiwiSaver in Budget: WSNZ
6 May 2011Where there’s compliance, there’s cash
6 May 2011Sovereign takes more aggressive position
6 May 2011Floating rates growing in popularity
6 May 2011Sovereign gets more competitive
6 May 2011House prices ‘will rise' says BNZ
6 May 2011Floating rates growing in popularity
5 May 2011Still quiet, on the surface
5 May 2011Aussie commission ban unlikely to cross Tasman
5 May 2011Housing consent numbers back to 1982 levels
4 May 2011Australia to ban superannuation-linked insurance commissions
4 May 2011Experienced expat returns to Fisher Funds
4 May 2011Doors close at Irongate
4 May 2011Talent pool inadequate to support funds servicing - survey
4 May 2011No one followed
4 May 2011April sales price a record for month - Barfoot & Thompson
3 May 2011South Canterbury Finance's Scales stake sold for $44m
3 May 2011Quake cools deposit war: KPMG
3 May 2011Mystery still surrounds NZF's new equity partner
3 May 2011The days of generalist advice gone: Holland
2 May 2011Sovereign leads off changes
2 May 2011In these uncertain times
2 May 2011Morarji moves on from BT
2 May 2011Mortgage Link’s up with Strategi
2 May 2011Property market soothsayers and silver linings
2 May 2011Auckland leads the rent charge
2 May 2011Asking prices hit four-year high
1 May 2011News Round Up: May 2
1 May 2011Geneva gets a little ratings upgrade
1 May 2011AIA: Good behaviour, bad attitude?

April 2011

29 Apr 2011Heartland gets the nod
29 Apr 2011Borrowing could boost fund's impressive returns
29 Apr 2011Kiwibank ends special
29 Apr 2011Equities picked as place to be
29 Apr 2011Alloway resigns as Allied Farmers director
29 Apr 2011Switch decision could put floaters in a fix
28 Apr 2011Share performance boosts KiwiSaver returns over March quarter
28 Apr 2011Rental property tax treatment helped inflate property values - OECD
28 Apr 2011OCR likely to stay low for some time: RBNZ
28 Apr 2011Subsidies hampering KiwiSaver - OECD
28 Apr 2011Floating rates won't be rising anytime soon
28 Apr 2011Floating mortgage rates won't be rising any time soon
28 Apr 2011Floating mortgage rates won't be rising any time soon
28 Apr 2011NZ Funds KiwiSaver gets thumbs up from Lonsec
28 Apr 2011OCR likely to stay put for some time
28 Apr 2011OCR unchanged and likely to stay that way for some time
28 Apr 2011Mayhew and the malcontented Seven
28 Apr 2011The economists view on the OCR
27 Apr 2011Perpetual adds to its adviser team
27 Apr 2011House prices to rise 4%
27 Apr 2011Financial advisers – the public perception
27 Apr 2011House prices to rise 4% - Westpac
27 Apr 2011Momentum building in house market, according to ANZ
25 Apr 2011Focus on rate rises
25 Apr 2011Interest rate focus moves to when next increases start
21 Apr 2011NZ Funds sets up wealth management business
21 Apr 2011Vidler heads off down a new track
21 Apr 2011The Ordinary is Death to the Insurance Broker
21 Apr 2011Lull continues
21 Apr 2011Death of an (insurance) salesman
21 Apr 2011Survey points to property investment market pick-up
20 Apr 2011Stewart joins AMP boards
20 Apr 2011A new era of opportunity for professional bodies
20 Apr 2011Pre Easter lull
20 Apr 2011Sec Com seeks consultation on revised ABS guide
20 Apr 2011Plus4 adds two
20 Apr 2011New Unit Title Act guidelines
19 Apr 2011Easier access to KiwiSaver cash for quake-affected Cantabrians
19 Apr 2011Looking ahead to OCR
19 Apr 2011KiwiSaver numbers up ahead of Budget
19 Apr 2011Elevation offers to lift returns
19 Apr 2011Christchurch exodus soaks up rental capacity - First National
18 Apr 2011News Round Up: April 18
18 Apr 2011Trass trashes REINZ
15 Apr 2011Andy Morris joins senior ranks of NZAM
15 Apr 2011NZ Funds boosts investment team
15 Apr 2011Treasury predicted SCF's failure early on
15 Apr 2011Kiwibank's lowest ever rate
15 Apr 2011SCF's "good bank" on the market
15 Apr 2011March housing market strength no flash in the pan - BNZ
14 Apr 2011NZMBA gets a GM and 8th board member
14 Apr 2011No changes today
14 Apr 2011Disclosure disclosed
14 Apr 2011ISO plans overhaul after membership explosion
14 Apr 2011For landlords a feast in Auckland, famine elsewhere
13 Apr 2011Overcoming underinsurance
13 Apr 2011Opinion: Are Genesis Energy's capital bonds worth buying?
13 Apr 2011Hewes rejoins Sovereign
13 Apr 2011SCF receivers sell major asset
13 Apr 2011Auckland house sales up 53.2% on month - REINZ
13 Apr 2011IFA calls for (common) credit where its due
13 Apr 2011NZF sets a date
13 Apr 2011The REINZ reaction
13 Apr 2011REINZ regional commentaries - March 2011
12 Apr 2011AIA New Zealand announces new appointments
12 Apr 2011NZMBA relocates its conference
12 Apr 2011Fix or float?
12 Apr 2011To fix or float? That is the question
12 Apr 2011Tower positions for inflation
12 Apr 2011The full Nelson - only one location keeps grip on property values - QV
11 Apr 2011Outlook bleak for Allied Farmers
11 Apr 2011NZMBA recruits new team members
11 Apr 2011We talk to Finance Direct
11 Apr 2011News Round Up: April 11
11 Apr 2011Finance Direct concentrates on brokerage
11 Apr 2011Fix mortgage rates now - Tower
8 Apr 2011Call centre company answers the QFE call
8 Apr 2011S&P's view on Genesis's new bonds
7 Apr 2011The property investment ‘loophole’
7 Apr 2011Outrageous to ban property investment
7 Apr 2011Support Chch Brokers
7 Apr 2011The mysterious case of the Allied Farmers' $7m guarantee which wasn't
7 Apr 2011Adviser regulation offers ‘fantastic’ opportunities: OnePath
7 Apr 2011$200,000 fine for ‘Why rent' promoter
7 Apr 2011Government prepared to bail out AMI
6 Apr 2011Geneva gets an SD rating
6 Apr 2011Fundraising for Christchurch Mortgage Advisers
6 Apr 2011PTO backs brokers
6 Apr 2011Market leading products, market rate commission
6 Apr 2011Public Trust returns to lending market
6 Apr 2011TOWER Health has new BDM
6 Apr 2011Record rents for Auckland
5 Apr 2011Newpark to providers – follow my lead
5 Apr 2011ANZ National go for a six
5 Apr 2011After April Fools Day, the smart numbers
4 Apr 2011WOOF! Unaffordablie housing alert
4 Apr 2011SCF likely to cost an extra $331 mill
4 Apr 20114 April: New deadlines for Christchurch advisers
4 Apr 2011PROPERTY out
4 Apr 2011Cold water poured on overheating market claims
3 Apr 2011News Round Up: April 4
2 Apr 2011Perpetual Adviser Tribute
1 Apr 2011Fisher & Paykel Finance gets ratings news from S&P
1 Apr 2011Dorchester Property Trust trading above budget
1 Apr 2011AIA: What’s in a brand?
1 Apr 2011Advisers needed to sell KiwiSaver
1 Apr 2011Fisher Funds lands Huljich KiwiSaver
1 Apr 2011New life company looking for adviser partners
1 Apr 2011Ex Mortgage Express boss on God's work
1 Apr 2011New listings up in March, though still down on year earlier

March 2011

31 Mar 2011Geneva staves off recievership
31 Mar 2011HSBC's mortgage book growth stalls
31 Mar 2011NZF rate change
31 Mar 2011Farewell to Angus Dale-Jones
31 Mar 2011A perfect circle
31 Mar 2011Financial advice sector ‘medium to high risk’ for money laundering
31 Mar 2011Government launches inquiry into housing affordability
30 Mar 2011Sovereign appoints new Adviser Distribution general manager
30 Mar 2011Advisers get extension, but some don't want one
30 Mar 2011RBNZ considers LVR restrictions
30 Mar 2011Housing consents hit two-year low
29 Mar 2011Quiet quiet quiet
29 Mar 2011Employers sees benefits in health plans
29 Mar 2011Final countdown - Tips and reminders
29 Mar 2011Latest AFA numbers
29 Mar 2011Christchurch offers potential for property investment boom - maybe
28 Mar 2011Wesfarmers expands NZ insurance operations
28 Mar 2011George Gould steps down from BSH board
28 Mar 2011News Round Up: March 28
28 Mar 2011Allied Farmers may write down $23m loan; wants McKenna bankrupted
28 Mar 2011New advisers at Mortgage Link
25 Mar 2011ASB does the 18month drop
25 Mar 2011Cabinet approves adviser regulations, mulls Canterbury extension
25 Mar 2011Tidy up from the top down
24 Mar 2011Possible class action against collapsed finance companies
24 Mar 2011See who is the slowest
24 Mar 2011UDC Finance draws record inflows in Dec quarter
24 Mar 2011Avoid feeling foolish on April 1
24 Mar 2011Looking for the best insurance coy online
23 Mar 2011A cup of sweet tea and a blanket
23 Mar 2011Mortgage holders question banks on rate cuts
23 Mar 2011Mortgage holders question banks on rate cuts
23 Mar 2011BNZ warns OCR may kick up quickly
23 Mar 2011Compliance minus the complication
23 Mar 2011The Morningstar view on KiwiSaver reporting
23 Mar 2011Newpark appoints a LDM
23 Mar 2011Tax changes to ‘rebalance' economy away from housing
23 Mar 2011Signs of improvement squashed by disasters home and away
22 Mar 2011ISI appoints new chief executive
22 Mar 2011Nearly all floating rates are down
22 Mar 2011Will Ha have the last laugh?
21 Mar 2011Once in a generation Securities Law changes proposed
21 Mar 2011Butler joins another board
21 Mar 2011AMP life sales sluggish in Q4
21 Mar 2011Why are banks so slow?
21 Mar 2011S&P cuts Geneva's rating
21 Mar 2011Aon takes over Herbert Insurance
21 Mar 2011News Round Up: March 21
18 Mar 2011Visits, FMA and the AML
18 Mar 2011AMP and Kiwibank make changes
18 Mar 2011December life insurance sales flatline
17 Mar 2011QFE will help write business: Sovereign
17 Mar 2011IFA conference relocates to Wellington
17 Mar 2011Kiwibank ends special, lowers 1yr rate
17 Mar 2011Botherway's bank job
17 Mar 2011Westpac's plays different game
17 Mar 2011ANZ Wealth sets targets for FUM
16 Mar 2011Botherway back on funds management path
16 Mar 2011People dominate news
16 Mar 2011NZF director resigns
16 Mar 2011New tricks for the watchdog too
15 Mar 2011Chapman returns to run ASB
15 Mar 2011Westpac takes lead
15 Mar 2011Morningstar survey a nightmare for managed funds
15 Mar 2011Home detention for former ACC property manager after SFO corruption charges
14 Mar 2011Oxford Finance announces new funding arrangements
14 Mar 2011ASB's mortage book shrinks for a third successive quarter
14 Mar 2011Rates Update: ANZ lowers rates for second time in two weeks
14 Mar 2011Slow start
14 Mar 2011Financial triage
14 Mar 2011News Round Up: March 14
14 Mar 2011REINZ regional commentaries - February 2011
14 Mar 2011House prices, sales volumes and time to sell all up in February
11 Mar 2011Geneva seeks debt-for-equity swap to stave off receivership
11 Mar 2011Allied Kiwi helps out Christchurch advisers
11 Mar 2011What happens when the Sec Com comes knocking
11 Mar 2011Allied Nationwide book for sale
11 Mar 2011The world after licensing
10 Mar 2011Median for short-term bank rates below 6%
10 Mar 2011Bollard boosts confidence; floating rates slashed
10 Mar 2011Major banks cut floating rates by 50 basis points
10 Mar 2011OCR cut by 50 basis points to 2.50%
10 Mar 2011OCR cut by 50 basis points
10 Mar 2011No IOUs thanks to IFA fund
10 Mar 2011Floating home loan rates tumble
9 Mar 2011Insurance companies help Chch advisers
9 Mar 2011Hubbard likely to get nothing back from Aorangi
9 Mar 2011Another good deed for Chch from an adviser
9 Mar 2011Senor Buyer versus El Vendore
9 Mar 2011A smaller slice of Pie
9 Mar 2011Rent rise hopes boosted by consents figures
8 Mar 2011AMP financial services roles change with AXA merger
8 Mar 2011Mortgage Express CEO will not be replaced
8 Mar 2011Hubbard investors will suffer considerable losses: Managers
8 Mar 2011Stay floating and wait for RBNZ decision
8 Mar 2011RaboDirect still leading in rates comparison
8 Mar 2011Banks lower TD rates ahead of OCR announcement
8 Mar 2011The advisers' CEO moves on
8 Mar 2011Equitable payout complicated and slow
8 Mar 2011Getting ready for the new disclosure regime
8 Mar 2011Latest house price updates
8 Mar 2011Only Auckland City values up on year earlier - QV
7 Mar 2011AXA’s Ralph Stewart announces departure
7 Mar 2011News Round Up: March 7
7 Mar 2011Reports of high demand not translating to higher Auckland rents
6 Mar 2011Economists divided on OCR announcement
6 Mar 2011South Canterbury Finance repays government’s $175m loan
4 Mar 2011Court dishes out sentence to Hotchin
4 Mar 2011Guilty plea but no prison for former Nathans Finance director
4 Mar 2011No more interest for Downer bondholders
4 Mar 2011NZF sees its rating cut
3 Mar 2011Fixed rates cut by 16 lenders
3 Mar 2011Fyfe appointed as Quality Advice Network chairman
3 Mar 2011More lenders cut short-term rates
3 Mar 2011OnePath walks away with KiwiSaver award
3 Mar 2011Fidelity Life reports $9.3m profit
3 Mar 2011AIA has a strong year
3 Mar 2011Morningstar announces Fund Manager of the Year winners
3 Mar 2011AXA APH minority shareholders approve AMP merger
3 Mar 2011Top managers awarded
3 Mar 2011Regulator on the road: Competency requirements
3 Mar 2011Working out Westpac's home loan book
3 Mar 2011Rents down, sales up in Auckland
2 Mar 2011Financial Markets Authority legislation on track
2 Mar 2011Claims – quantifying an approach
2 Mar 2011John Key expects OCR cut
2 Mar 201110 lenders cut short-term rates
2 Mar 2011Power to quit politics at next election
2 Mar 2011Partners Life show and tell about to start
2 Mar 2011SBS mortgage book swells
2 Mar 2011Earthquake adds to housing market woes - ANZ
1 Mar 2011Allied Farmers writes off more of Hanover assets
1 Mar 2011Regulator on the road: Reflecting on professionalism
1 Mar 2011ANZ/National cuts one-year rate below floating
1 Mar 2011AIA: The leadership vacuum
1 Mar 2011Advisers leaving Standard Set C too late
1 Mar 2011Support the relief army in Christchurch
1 Mar 2011 Harbour appoints new investment analyst

February 2011

28 Feb 2011ETITO appoints new chief executive
28 Feb 2011ANZ's market share looks to have fallen
28 Feb 2011Rates Update: Rabo’s leadership remains unchallenged
28 Feb 2011News Round Up: February 28
25 Feb 2011Loan Market awards top brokers
25 Feb 2011Kiwibank book and bad debts grow
25 Feb 2011The KiwiSaver contenders
25 Feb 2011Mexted Bragg joins another fin company
25 Feb 2011How things change in an instant
25 Feb 2011Regulator on the road: From Balclutha
25 Feb 2011AMP Capital Investors top the nominations at Morningstar Awards
24 Feb 2011Earthquake could result in OCR cut
24 Feb 2011Downer may have to pay higher interest on Works Finance bonds
24 Feb 2011Economists expect 50 basis point OCR cut
24 Feb 2011LBA offers accommodation for Christchurch brokers
24 Feb 2011TSB grows home loan market share
24 Feb 2011Goal based advice increases in popularity
24 Feb 2011Banks offer loan relief for quake victims
23 Feb 2011Sec Com earthquake update for advisers
23 Feb 2011Banks offer loan relief for quake victims
23 Feb 2011ETITO postpones Christchurch exams and assessments
23 Feb 2011Reserve Bank working to help in wake of earthquake
22 Feb 2011Haircut leads to close shave in quake
22 Feb 2011BNZ's mortgage book, profitability grew strongly in Dec qtr
22 Feb 2011Finance coys join banks in short-term deposit war
22 Feb 2011Earthquake means OCR to hold till 2012
22 Feb 2011IFA: Push out the regulation deadline for Chch advisers
22 Feb 2011Christchurch advisers - put your hands up for help
22 Feb 2011Mayhew resigns, disappointed to miss FMA chair role
22 Feb 2011House market to remain weak - ASB
21 Feb 2011DBR continues to grow
21 Feb 2011News Round Up: February 21
21 Feb 2011Advisers joining up - slowly
21 Feb 2011Westpac figures suggest bank disclosure regime is broken
21 Feb 2011Hotchin denies his campaign linked to $5m dispute
18 Feb 2011New non-executive appointment at Dorchester
18 Feb 2011HSBC takes six-month rate below 5%
18 Feb 2011AMP's adviser numbers decrease
17 Feb 2011Survey finds consumer support for life advice commissions
17 Feb 2011Tucker joins FDR
17 Feb 2011Regulator on the road
17 Feb 2011Litmus test for South Canterbury as key business up for sale
17 Feb 2011AXA culls advisers
16 Feb 2011Insurance protects AXA's finances
16 Feb 2011Fidelity Life Options Kiwi named top performing KiwiSaver fund
16 Feb 2011A little inconvenience for Tower
16 Feb 2011OnePath says its committed to advisers
16 Feb 2011What happens to GPG's capital notes?
15 Feb 2011Rabobank leaves competition behind in terms up to a year
15 Feb 2011Former ACC property manager pleads guilty to corruption charges
14 Feb 2011Allied Kiwi Adviser of the Year Awards
14 Feb 2011Devon Funds Management appoints analyst
14 Feb 2011Allied Farmers won't comment on Hanover accusations
14 Feb 2011Fidelity keenly interested in GPG's 35% Tower stake
14 Feb 2011Insurance treated as a commodity
14 Feb 2011Mike Pero launches real estate company
14 Feb 2011Tower out of the loop on GPG's sale plans
11 Feb 2011Non-bank deposit taking tussle
11 Feb 2011How coincidental
11 Feb 2011Hanover takes aim at Allied
11 Feb 2011Quick guide to the licensing process
11 Feb 2011House sales hit a new low in January; prices slide
11 Feb 2011What's happening with house prices in your region
10 Feb 2011Hanover takes aim at Allied
10 Feb 2011 ASB loses market share in deposits, loans; asset quality worsens
10 Feb 2011NZMBA to help members grow business in 2011
10 Feb 2011More new appointments at Partners Life
10 Feb 2011Mike Pero Mortgages welcomes new broker
10 Feb 2011Mike Pero Mortgages welcomes new broker
10 Feb 2011Global shares the place to be: AMP Capital
10 Feb 2011Is the heart attack serious enough?
9 Feb 2011TNP Home Loans growing membership
9 Feb 2011TNP Home Loans to grow membership
9 Feb 2011Newpark spots the gaps with leads
9 Feb 2011Simon Allen to chair Financial Markets Authority
9 Feb 2011L’Almont resigns from Mortgage Express after 12 years
9 Feb 2011Disclosure like choosing a builder
9 Feb 2011AMP and Fidelity increase premiums
8 Feb 2011Strong end to 2010 for KiwiSaver
8 Feb 2011L’Almont resigns from Mortgage Express after 12 years
8 Feb 2011IFA looks to Asia for inspiration
8 Feb 2011Property values still down but stabilising - QV
8 Feb 2011Auckland rents rise above the doom and gloom
7 Feb 2011Rates Update: F&P responds to PGG with sharp rate hikes
7 Feb 2011Term deposits retain top spot as most popular investment class
7 Feb 2011KiwiSaver overtakes managed funds and shares
7 Feb 2011News Round Up: February 6
7 Feb 2011Morningstar KiwiSaver Performance Survey
7 Feb 2011Deposit news briefs: February 7
7 Feb 2011Rental property rated second best investment for returns
4 Feb 2011NZF may have new partner in weeks
4 Feb 2011BNZ's new head of wealth
4 Feb 2011More experts back Sept rate rise
4 Feb 2011Should PGG Wrightson sell its finance company?
4 Feb 2011The fund that came in from the cold
4 Feb 2011Housing pressures change the face of rental market
3 Feb 2011Southern Cross Finance to refund borrowers up to $700,000
3 Feb 2011Kiwibank one-year rate special "extremely successful"
3 Feb 2011Mike Pero gives Huljich the heave-ho
3 Feb 2011Brent McGregor joins Allied Kiwi
3 Feb 2011What’s Not Covered?
3 Feb 2011Six into one doesn’t add up
3 Feb 2011Property shortage hurts sales, helps landlords - Barfoot & Thompson
2 Feb 2011Six steps to get a girl will also get you insurance sales
2 Feb 2011Fidelity Life gets rated
2 Feb 2011KiwiSaver compulsion not recommended ‘at this time’ - SWG
2 Feb 2011RaboDirect lone active bank in quiet term market
1 Feb 2011One down (almost), two to go at ISI
1 Feb 2011Westpac has new head of wealth management
1 Feb 2011Tax changes ‘essential' to remove investment property bias - SWG

January 2011

31 Jan 2011Caution remains the watchword for property - ANZ
28 Jan 2011A bit of reality about perceptions
28 Jan 2011Advisers risk going out of business
27 Jan 2011OCR on hold till growth and inflation increase
27 Jan 2011Housing market unlikely to be able to withstand rate rises
27 Jan 2011Bollard keeps interest rates on hold
27 Jan 2011OCR unchanged at 3%
27 Jan 2011Increase in retirement age inevitable: ISI
27 Jan 2011Bollard keeps interest rates on hold
27 Jan 2011OCR unchanged at 3%
26 Jan 2011Newpark gets a new GM
26 Jan 2011Finance companies adopt new rules
26 Jan 2011Fidelity Life reduces KiwiSaver adviser force by 90%
26 Jan 2011Partners Life applauds Klap appointment
25 Jan 2011Milton's recipe to stop foreign takeovers
25 Jan 2011Wellington's rental pain is Auckland's gain
24 Jan 2011OCR preview
24 Jan 2011News Round Up: January 23
24 Jan 2011Rates Update: FE offers special 1yr rate
24 Jan 2011Auckland and Tauranga top New York for unaffordable houses
23 Jan 2011Borrowers can relax as rate rise unlikely
21 Jan 2011Financial advisory sector expected to shrink 20%
21 Jan 2011Now's a good time to buy a house
20 Jan 2011RBNZ confirms 10% limit on covered bond issuance
20 Jan 2011Perpetual Trust appoints receivers to Finance and Leasing
20 Jan 2011Kiwibank tests the market
20 Jan 2011IFA in partnership with NZ Funds
20 Jan 2011QFE applications need more work
20 Jan 2011Report reveals stark differences in rents across Auckland
19 Jan 2011NZ Home Loans appoints new CEO
19 Jan 2011Adviser alleges agency axed over advocacy
19 Jan 2011Industry great passes away
18 Jan 2011AMP proposal for AXA “fair and reasonable”
18 Jan 2011Shaking up the Canterbury property market
18 Jan 2011Little optimism in wake of REINZ report
18 Jan 2011What's happening with house prices across the regions
18 Jan 2011Sales and median price fall in December
17 Jan 2011Kiwibank cuts one-year rate to match floating
17 Jan 2011News Round Up: January 17
17 Jan 2011Heartland Bank brands align deposit rates
15 Jan 2011New appointments continue at Tower
14 Jan 2011Hubbard’s letter in the post - maybe
13 Jan 2011Hubbard’s letter in the post - maybe
13 Jan 2011Newpark replaces Ballantyne
13 Jan 2011Bank switching easier this year
13 Jan 2011KPMG ponders future of finance companies
13 Jan 2011Back to business for associations
13 Jan 2011 Low sales volumes the theme for 2010 - QV
12 Jan 2011ASB abandons Aegis sale
12 Jan 2011TNP latest to launch mortgage broker group
12 Jan 2011Former AA Life management start from scratch
10 Jan 2011New life co set to go in April
10 Jan 2011Bank switching easier with new rules
7 Jan 2011NBDTs will need 50% more capital than banks: KPMG
6 Jan 2011IFA revamps specialist interest groups
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