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Previous Articles Archive - 2009

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December 2009

31 Dec 2009Commercial property investors will foot the bill of proposed land tax
30 Dec 2009Holiday message
30 Dec 2009SCF appoints new CEO
28 Dec 2009Six pull out of govt retail deposit scheme
24 Dec 2009Commission calls on QFEs to set high standards
23 Dec 2009Marac to offer non-guaranteed term deposit
23 Dec 2009AXA advisers prefer NAB
23 Dec 2009Property investors pay IRD extra $63m
22 Dec 2009Meridian looks to issue bonds as well as notes
22 Dec 2009The verdict on Fidelity Life’s new Platinum Plus
22 Dec 2009Don't ban commissions: IFA
22 Dec 2009Opinion: They’ve been misled, so they mislead you
22 Dec 2009Provincial and coastal markets picked to improve
22 Dec 2009ANZ property gauges point to decline in house prices
21 Dec 2009Cash PIEs get the official chop
21 Dec 2009Rates Round Up
21 Dec 2009News Round Up
21 Dec 2009Westpac records above average lending growth
21 Dec 2009Mortgagee sales to stay high for another 12-months
18 Dec 2009[Weekly Wrap] No relAXAtion just yet
18 Dec 2009Commissions must go: Inquiry told
17 Dec 2009PGG Wrightson sets up banking syndicate
17 Dec 2009Investment managers favour equities
17 Dec 2009Insurance groups opt for AFA standards
17 Dec 2009AXA accepts NAB's offer
17 Dec 2009Housing market plateauing
17 Dec 2009Mercer Investment Series 2009
16 Dec 2009BNZ, Rabo boost long-term deposit rates
16 Dec 2009Hanover is dead; Long live the House of Farmers
16 Dec 2009Hanover investors say yes to Allied
16 Dec 2009Hanover investors vote to accept Allied Farmers shares
16 Dec 2009Mercer Investment Series 2009
16 Dec 2009Financial advisers' independence needs regulation
16 Dec 2009Tower looks to double adviser numbers in next two years
16 Dec 2009Tax changes will affect house prices
15 Dec 2009ING reaches $1 billion mark with KiwiSaver
15 Dec 2009Lifetime to buy Swains
14 Dec 2009Investors to get power to put finance companies into receivership
14 Dec 2009Strategic Finance now unsure of first payment
14 Dec 2009House prices creep up a little more
14 Dec 2009REINZ residential highlights - November 2009
14 Dec 2009News round-up
14 Dec 2009Investing made easy: Finding alternatives
13 Dec 2009Rates Round Up
11 Dec 2009[Weekly Wrap] Pick n' mix
11 Dec 2009Having Super Choice
11 Dec 2009Market Review: December 2009 commentary
11 Dec 2009Sense of normality returning
11 Dec 2009The good and the bad
11 Dec 2009MMG alleges DNZ breached Companies Act, constitution
10 Dec 2009IFA CEO goes
10 Dec 2009Bollard turns more hawkish on next rate hike
10 Dec 2009FULL SPEECH: OCR remains unchanged at 2.5%
10 Dec 2009OCR update Dec 09
10 Dec 2009OCR unchanged, pick-up in economy may drive early rate hike
10 Dec 2009Crossan there to help the financial services sector
9 Dec 2009BNZ barely profitable in quarter
9 Dec 2009Questions over loan to former SCF boss McLeod
9 Dec 2009PIS seals deal with risk group
9 Dec 2009Shake up sees notes suspended
9 Dec 2009New president for Society of Actuaries
9 Dec 2009Practice management: Planning your way to success
9 Dec 2009Residential real estate balancing out
9 Dec 2009IFA continues name and shame regime; suspends member
8 Dec 2009Building consents drop
8 Dec 2009Market Review: December 2009 London commentary
8 Dec 2009Capital protection kicks in
8 Dec 2009Kiwbank's mortgage market share and profits keep growing
7 Dec 2009Hanover's Hotchin urges investors to ignore their dislike of him
7 Dec 2009Life insurance sales soar, as do lapses
7 Dec 2009News round-up
7 Dec 2009QV main urban areas commentary: November 2009
7 Dec 2009Property values stay positive as sellers stay put: QV
6 Dec 2009Views divided on when OCR will start rising
6 Dec 2009Rates Round Up
6 Dec 2009Regional review: Prospecting Rodney
4 Dec 2009Perpetual flags its concerns over Allied/Hanover deal
4 Dec 2009Lombard Finance makes first payment to debenture holders
4 Dec 2009[Weekly Wrap] The gloves are off
4 Dec 2009Women in Super 2009 Christmas Lunch
4 Dec 2009Investing made easy: Working backwards
4 Dec 2009Commissions: “Know me before you judge”
3 Dec 2009DNZ float scuppered
3 Dec 2009Allied confident investors will support Hanover deal
3 Dec 2009Auckland prices reach almost two-year high
3 Dec 2009Sell as much level term insurance as you can before tax changes
3 Dec 2009Southern Cross ups rates
3 Dec 2009MMG could scupper $140m DNZ float
2 Dec 2009OCR “virtually certain” to stay at 2.5%
2 Dec 2009Home loans help NZF grow its assets
2 Dec 2009IRD potentially misleading over off-the-plan property sales
2 Dec 2009Independent definition a problem for advisers
2 Dec 2009Opinion: Insurance needs variation
1 Dec 2009Strategic investors about to get first payment
1 Dec 2009SCF temporary chief
1 Dec 2009PLAN NZ sold
1 Dec 2009AMP refuses to front up on commissions in NZ

November 2009

30 Nov 2009Dorchester to end its moratorium
30 Nov 2009HSBC profit jumps despite higher bad debt charges, shrinking mortgage
30 Nov 20097 reasons why Allied's deal will succeed
30 Nov 2009The choice for Hanover investors: Receivership or Allied Farmers?
30 Nov 2009Allied’s Hanover deal better than receivership
30 Nov 2009Allied’s Hanover deal better than receivership
30 Nov 2009Do property investors really have "tax benefits?"
30 Nov 2009Home-building approvals climb, adding weight to recovery
30 Nov 2009News Round Up
29 Nov 2009Rates Round Up
28 Nov 2009[Book] Don't miss the next property cycle
27 Nov 2009October reminder that all is not well
27 Nov 2009TSB's profits and mortgage book grow strongly
27 Nov 2009[Weekly Wrap] Sights targeted on commissions
27 Nov 2009Medical insurance requests speed up
27 Nov 2009SHARE: Regulation Success Roadshow
27 Nov 2009DNZ offer unfair to shareholders: van Schaardenburg
26 Nov 2009KiwiSaver fee disclosure needs to improve: Mercer
26 Nov 2009McLeod leaves South Canterbury, but sticks with Hubbard
26 Nov 2009Women in Super Christmas Drinks
26 Nov 2009SHARE: Regulation Success Roadshow
26 Nov 2009SHARE: Regulation Success Roadshow
26 Nov 2009China not the world's panacea: Magellan
26 Nov 2009Celebrating tenant-landlord relationships
25 Nov 2009Rumours of new Hanover bid greatly exaggerated
25 Nov 2009Hanover's winners, losers and whingers
25 Nov 20098th Annual International Financial Reporting Standards Masterclass
25 Nov 200912th Annual Local Government Finance Forum
25 Nov 2009ANZ's mortgage book shrinks, jumps or subsides - take your pick
25 Nov 2009Magellan Asset Management’s Investment Briefing
25 Nov 2009Practice management: The financial sailboat
25 Nov 2009SHARE: Regulation Success Roadshow
25 Nov 2009SHARE: Regulation Success Roadshow
25 Nov 2009Fidelity moves to renewal commission model
25 Nov 2009NZ to track Australia on commissions
24 Nov 2009Bouquet for St Laurence; Brickbat for Strategic
24 Nov 2009Magellan Asset Management’s Investment Briefing
24 Nov 2009SHARE: Regulation Success Roadshow
24 Nov 2009Mortgagee sales at record high
24 Nov 2009Commission ban deferred but Ripoll effect to hit NZ
24 Nov 2009Rates Round Up
24 Nov 2009Resurgent risk appetite breathes life back into debt market
23 Nov 2009Signing up children as KiwiSavers is about to get harder.
23 Nov 2009Magellan Asset Management’s Investment Briefing
23 Nov 2009Funding brought forward for insulation scheme
23 Nov 2009News round-up
20 Nov 2009[Weekly Wrap] How's your moral compass?
20 Nov 2009TNP: dealers must deliver
20 Nov 2009ISO to rule on advice disputes
19 Nov 2009Fisher Funds growth fund tops KiwiSaver survey
19 Nov 2009CBS Canterbury ‘very happy’ with BB+ credit rating
19 Nov 2009ASB posts $124m Sept qtr loss but underlying profitability rises
19 Nov 2009ComCom chasing bigger fish after dodgy Invercargill property scheme
19 Nov 2009Finsia: Delivery of KiwiSaver
19 Nov 2009Boston Finance placed in receivership
19 Nov 2009No advisers on Code Committee. No problem: Cotton
18 Nov 2009Deposit guarantee scheme gets tweaked
18 Nov 2009Fisher & Paykel and UDC hike rates
18 Nov 2009Property indicator continues to exude energy
18 Nov 2009Opinion: Advice counts - and you have to have a method
18 Nov 2009Finsia industry update: Lifting New Zealanders’ financial literacy
18 Nov 2009Allied Farmers offers hand of welcome to Hanover investors
18 Nov 2009Allied and Hanover confirm deal
18 Nov 2009TNP Annual Conference 2009
18 Nov 2009Asteron appoints new senior leadership team
18 Nov 2009Code Committee outlines ethics required
17 Nov 2009Former AMP Capital boss becomes a Guardian
17 Nov 2009Allied Kiwi says insurance sales up 50%
17 Nov 2009Code Committee sackings unwarranted
17 Nov 2009Finsia industry update: Lifting New Zealanders’ financial literacy
17 Nov 2009Hanover posts $102.9m loss, writes off $308.9m
17 Nov 2009Aussie researcher plants flag in NZ
17 Nov 2009Property finders likely to cause a few headaches for REAA
16 Nov 2009The Hawk set to swoop on Cynotech
16 Nov 2009Rates Round Up
16 Nov 2009Harcourts pushes auctions as favoured selling strategy
16 Nov 2009Confidence in housing remains high: ASB survey
15 Nov 2009SIFA 2009 conference
13 Nov 2009[Weekly Wrap] Believe it or not
13 Nov 2009House prices hit 10-year high amid declining sales numbers
13 Nov 2009REINZ residential highlights - October 2009
13 Nov 2009Q&A: TOWER Parallel Portfolios
13 Nov 2009Out on their own and looking to clean up the insurance broker industry
13 Nov 2009Cowboys targeting leaky home owners
13 Nov 2009Heading for Spicers
12 Nov 2009Deposit war keeps bank margins under pressure
12 Nov 2009Cotton explains why Code Committee members pushed
12 Nov 2009Two Code Committee members resign
12 Nov 2009Prices to continue upwards for some time yet
12 Nov 2009CFA 2009 Forecast Dinner
12 Nov 2009Five Star directors to be prosecuted
12 Nov 2009Grosvenor management reshuffle
11 Nov 2009SBS joins the PIE fight
11 Nov 2009Fidelity Life makes two key appointments
11 Nov 2009Insurers need to work together to build the pie: Carroll
11 Nov 2009RBNZ expects failures among guaranteed finance companies
11 Nov 2009Code Committee extends submission deadline
11 Nov 2009Inquiry claims banks didn't pass on OCR cuts
11 Nov 2009IFA Debate
11 Nov 2009Return to riskier mortgage lending a dangerous game
11 Nov 2009New head of Tower KiwiSaver
11 Nov 2009AMP/AXA would create NZ advisory giant
10 Nov 2009Hanover reneges on full repayment to investors
10 Nov 2009AXA Global Investor Adviser Briefing
10 Nov 2009Call for govt to step in with mortgagee sales
10 Nov 2009DecisionMakers adds Tauranga office
10 Nov 2009Market Review: November 2009 London Commentary
10 Nov 2009Gold not as safe as investors think
9 Nov 2009ASB hikes TD rates
9 Nov 2009TOWER appoints head of KiwiSaver
9 Nov 2009AXA Global Investor Adviser Briefing
9 Nov 2009News Round Up
9 Nov 2009Property values turn positive - finally
9 Nov 2009Residential highlights - October
8 Nov 2009Rates Round Up
8 Nov 2009ASB hike fixed rates again
6 Nov 2009AXA Global Investor Adviser Briefing
6 Nov 2009[Weekly Wrap] That very consuming survey
6 Nov 2009FundSource Conference 2009
6 Nov 2009Confidence in property returning
6 Nov 2009Consumer Survey: Ban Commissioned Advisers
6 Nov 2009Grosvenor End of Year Conference and Awards Dinner 2009
6 Nov 2009Whose interests are Consumer serving?
6 Nov 2009Rules tightening around mortgagee sales
6 Nov 2009Consumer survey another knock to confidence in advisers: IFA says
5 Nov 2009Consumer Survey: Investigate before you invest
5 Nov 2009Super portability included in November tax bill
5 Nov 2009Consumer Survey: EUFA says report vindication
5 Nov 2009St Laurence staves off threat of receivers
5 Nov 2009Consumer Survey: Cotton says reforms already underway
5 Nov 2009Government increases provisioning for deposit guarantee
5 Nov 2009The great commission shake-up
5 Nov 20092009 Finsia Annual Dinner
5 Nov 2009Camelot End of Year Conference
5 Nov 2009Consumer mystery shops advisers again
5 Nov 2009AXA Global Investor Adviser Briefing
4 Nov 2009Perpetual lures Westpac wealth chief
4 Nov 2009Practice management: Success during a financial crisis
4 Nov 2009Auckland house prices reach 22-month high, sales rise
4 Nov 2009Advisers need to hold fast to disciplined approach
3 Nov 2009Botherway joins DNZ board
3 Nov 2009The Investment Store Roadshows
3 Nov 2009IRD ramps up investigations yet again
3 Nov 2009Crossan reappointed
3 Nov 2009Morrison taps Craigs Investment for proposed retail fund
2 Nov 2009Mortgage fraud increases
2 Nov 2009Westpac increases by 10
2 Nov 2009News Round Up
2 Nov 2009Deposit takers play the long game
2 Nov 2009Rates Round Up

October 2009

30 Oct 2009[Weekly Wrap] Regulation central
30 Oct 2009Building consents climb for third straight month
30 Oct 2009Concerns for ageing home owners
30 Oct 2009EMERGE Series 2: New capital protected emerging markets fund
30 Oct 2009SCF appoints three new directors
30 Oct 2009SCF appoints three new directors
30 Oct 2009Code Committee competency consultation
30 Oct 2009Ombudsman wants change to disclosure rules
30 Oct 2009AMP Home Loan rate rises
30 Oct 2009Competency standards need practical element
29 Oct 2009ANZ and National Banks take the lead in deposit rate war
29 Oct 2009Finsia industry update: Insurance & Savings Ombudsman
29 Oct 2009SCF repays US$50m to investors
29 Oct 2009Cat amongst the pigeons
29 Oct 2009OCR unchanged, rates not to fall further
29 Oct 2009Bollard's low OCR likely to refire housing market
29 Oct 2009Ken Holmes Financial adds new team member
29 Oct 2009Code Committee competency consultation
29 Oct 2009Bollard's speech on the OCR
29 Oct 2009OCR Update
29 Oct 2009OCR unchanged, Bollard drops wording rates could fall further
29 Oct 2009Southern Cross looks to offer critical illness cover
29 Oct 2009Minimum competency standards are only the beginning
28 Oct 2009Credit Union Baywide gets BB rating; ponders Govt guarantee
28 Oct 2009Code Committee competency consultation
28 Oct 2009Opinion: Questions, questions
28 Oct 2009Costs mount up for regulation
28 Oct 2009New team at Viaduct Capital shake off past prospectus issues
28 Oct 2009Buy by negotiation, sell by auction
27 Oct 2009Deposit rate war moves to 12 month space
27 Oct 2009KiwiSaver members reach almost 1.2m
27 Oct 2009Rents stabilise, demand on the rise
27 Oct 2009National and ANZ raise six-month rates
27 Oct 2009Rates Round Up
26 Oct 2009Market listening for the unexpected
26 Oct 2009News round-up
23 Oct 2009[Weekly Wrap] The price of advice
23 Oct 2009Higher minimum standards possible for advisers
23 Oct 2009RB gears up to regulate insurance sector
23 Oct 2009ANZ's ING customers awaiting news on compensation
22 Oct 2009South Canterbury Finance will seek govt guarantee extension
22 Oct 2009TOWER adds roaming underwriter
22 Oct 2009Potential dousing for a warm market
22 Oct 2009 Property prices poised for challenging times: ANZ
22 Oct 2009Finsia: legal and compliance issues
22 Oct 2009TSB still nudging
22 Oct 2009Regulations not a quick fix for Non Banks
21 Oct 2009Fees have potential to discourage independence
21 Oct 2009AMP Capital takes a knock from direct property investment
21 Oct 2009Housing market holds steady
20 Oct 2009Asset Finance gives up Govt guarantee
20 Oct 2009SCF registers new prospectus
20 Oct 2009Life too risky for mortgage brokers
20 Oct 2009KiwiSaver rally strongest in riskier, long term plays
20 Oct 2009KiwiSaver rally strongest in riskier, long term plays
20 Oct 2009Mercer looks for dynamic returns
20 Oct 2009BNZ's turn to raise its rates
20 Oct 2009Oxford Finance gets investment grade rating
19 Oct 2009New role for Coote
19 Oct 2009Traditional spring market true to form
19 Oct 2009Rates Round Up
19 Oct 2009Westpac raises rates twice in one week
19 Oct 2009News round-up
16 Oct 2009[Weekly Wrap] Don't blink and miss out
16 Oct 2009Let's educate as well as regulate
16 Oct 2009ASB fixed rates hike
16 Oct 2009KiwiSaver fees top $36 million
16 Oct 2009Comply with me: new complaints body urges
15 Oct 2009South Canterbury agrees to repay US investors
15 Oct 2009Sovereign fronts up with 230% offer
15 Oct 2009High profile planners adopt fee-based model
15 Oct 2009GE Money prepares to enter deposit and credit card markets
14 Oct 2009PIS/Women in Finance Lunch
14 Oct 2009New chief for AMP association
14 Oct 2009Proposed ACC changed aimed at affordability
14 Oct 2009House prices extend gains in September
14 Oct 2009REINZ regional highlights - September 2009
14 Oct 2009PSIS rate hikes still below median.
14 Oct 2009More adviser consultation coming
14 Oct 2009Guardian Trust told to improve compliance
14 Oct 2009It can be tricky finding your ideal tenant - let Housing New Zealand move in instead.
13 Oct 2009Auckland Airport set to offer $125 million in bonds
13 Oct 2009National Bank removes wide range of fees
13 Oct 2009AXA names top adviser
13 Oct 2009ANZ National make major changes
13 Oct 2009SBS rules out finance company acquisitions
13 Oct 2009Minister changes QFE rules
13 Oct 2009Property managers to register as authorised financial advisers
12 Oct 2009Fisher Funds 2009 Roadshow
12 Oct 2009Rates round-up
12 Oct 2009QV stats
12 Oct 2009News round-up
12 Oct 2009Growth continues on all fronts
12 Oct 2009QV regional snapshot - September 2009
9 Oct 2009[Weekly Wrap] Rolling stones gather no moss
9 Oct 2009Investing made easy: State of play
9 Oct 2009Market Review: October 2009 Commentary
9 Oct 2009Kiwibank hike long term rates
9 Oct 2009Market Review: October 2009 London Commentary
9 Oct 2009Banks sing same tune on disclosure statements
9 Oct 2009Bond issue to halt the brain robbery
8 Oct 2009Mercer Investment Series 2009
8 Oct 2009Westpac loses massive tax case
8 Oct 2009KiwiSaver survey: the full numbers revealed
8 Oct 2009Fixed income investors need to go long for returns
7 Oct 2009AMP Capital loses a head
7 Oct 2009Fixed income investors need to go long for returns
7 Oct 2009RBA hikes rates
7 Oct 2009ANZ deal fantastic for ING: Fyfe
7 Oct 2009Opinion: Where's the insurance innovation?
6 Oct 2009RBA rate hike won’t damp deposit rate war
6 Oct 2009Resetting the insurance scene
6 Oct 2009Sinclair joins Baker on Dorchester board
6 Oct 2009Mercer Investment Series 2009
6 Oct 2009 Auction rather than fixed price the best strategy
6 Oct 2009Gold is the answer to financial crisis
6 Oct 2009Dorchester looks to do deal with debenture holders
5 Oct 2009HSBC's mortgage book shrinks but profits jump
5 Oct 2009Auckland home listings rise, prices dip in September
5 Oct 2009Property investors positive about the future
5 Oct 2009New relationship manager for Public Trust
5 Oct 2009News round-up
4 Oct 2009Rates Round Up
4 Oct 2009Tax Working Group says property investors pay no tax
2 Oct 2009[Weekly Wrap] Finding the path
2 Oct 2009The rational bubble
2 Oct 2009Housing rent likely to rise with capital gains tax
2 Oct 2009Simplifying redundancy with new product
2 Oct 2009Nelson BS increases rates
2 Oct 2009Auditors tag SCF accounts on funding worries
2 Oct 2009Pathfinder blazes way with fee cap
2 Oct 2009Land tax favoured by working group rather than CGT
1 Oct 2009SCF loss less than first announced
1 Oct 2009Sellers' confidence leads to surge in listings
1 Oct 2009Smith leaving NZF
1 Oct 2009SBS and NZF up
1 Oct 2009Couillault to establish new fund

September 2009

30 Sep 2009Strategic Finance investors told to hope for the best
30 Sep 2009Ballantyne boards another board
30 Sep 2009Finsia industry update: Reserve Bank of New Zealand
30 Sep 2009ISI reappoints two on board
30 Sep 2009ISI scores some wins for industry over anti-money laundering laws
30 Sep 2009Meridian’s bond issue won’t dent demand for high-grade corporate debt
30 Sep 2009Opinion: Quick need not be dirty
30 Sep 2009Property managers to charge letting fees
29 Sep 2009Insurers need to improve consumer confidence
29 Sep 2009Building approvals climb for second month
29 Sep 2009RTA changes reach next phase
29 Sep 2009New commissioner leaving jackboots behind
29 Sep 2009Credit Union Auckland seeks credit rating to protect reputation
28 Sep 2009BNZ follows suit
28 Sep 2009Mortgagee sales at all-time high
28 Sep 2009Listed property stocks set to soar
28 Sep 2009Quiet start to week
28 Sep 2009News round-up
27 Sep 2009Rates Round Up
25 Sep 2009Avanti Finance gets rating from S&P
25 Sep 2009ANZ's domination of ING no surprise
25 Sep 2009ANZ to buy ING for A$1.76b
25 Sep 2009ANZ to mop up the rest of ING
25 Sep 2009[Weekly Wrap] ANZ about to buy ING
25 Sep 2009Bluechip case no benchmark: Chapman Tripp
25 Sep 2009Numbers up, but don't get too excited just yet
25 Sep 2009Housing affordability 'fair', borrowers locking in longer mortgages
25 Sep 2009Moratoria slow-death for finance companies rather than quick: Diplock
25 Sep 2009The yield curve creeps up
24 Sep 2009Long term fixed rates look unattractive
24 Sep 2009Moratoria slow-death for finance companies rather than quick: Diplock
24 Sep 2009Weekly: The changing face of rates
24 Sep 2009Listed property trust sector set to soar
24 Sep 2009Bye bye AXA
24 Sep 2009Theme chaser fund debuts
24 Sep 2009Banks deposits and managed funds win over fin coys
24 Sep 2009New website listing not-for-sale properties, for sale
23 Sep 2009Marac admits errors, and says not again
23 Sep 2009Housing market continues positive growth
23 Sep 2009Westpac steepens curve
23 Sep 2009KiwiSaver survey: the full numbers revealed
23 Sep 2009Commission disclosure a furphy, PAA says
23 Sep 2009Practice management: Lighten up
22 Sep 2009RBNZ will decide results of TD war
22 Sep 2009Long term interest rates rise at Westpac
22 Sep 2009Jenny Shipley joins ISI board
22 Sep 2009Rate rise warning
22 Sep 2009Dead KiwiSaver members get direct payment
22 Sep 2009Blue Chip verdict highlights age-old problem
21 Sep 2009Fidelity dumps ING as fixed interest manager
21 Sep 2009SCF placed on CreditWatch negative
21 Sep 2009New Commissioner of Financial Advisers appointed
21 Sep 2009Macquarie adds two more to advice team
21 Sep 2009Newpark launches new aggregation service
21 Sep 2009News round-up
20 Sep 2009Rates Round Up
18 Sep 2009Time to sell good quality corporate bonds
18 Sep 2009Some advisers amaze me
18 Sep 2009[Weekly Wrap] Stirring the pot: tax and taskforces
18 Sep 2009Stop the misleading talk around property
18 Sep 2009Declaring war
18 Sep 2009Chote chooses AMP
18 Sep 2009Weekly round up
18 Sep 2009Capital gains tax to focus on equity
18 Sep 2009Taskforce not so negative on managed funds
18 Sep 2009Tower loses investment veteran to Todd
17 Sep 2009BNZ claims the lowest floating home loan rate
17 Sep 2009BNZ sets new low for floating rates
17 Sep 2009Opinion: Can you shortlist? Can you choose?
17 Sep 2009ASFONZ & Women in Super Auckland Industry Breakfast
17 Sep 2009Ballantyne jumps on board with Accuro
17 Sep 2009Cross- party consensus that regulation won’t stifle risk
17 Sep 2009Online info most popular with property buyers
16 Sep 2009OPI (aka MFS) finally succumbs to receiver
16 Sep 2009South Canterbury ceases debenture allotments
16 Sep 2009ASFONZ & Women in Super Wellington Industry Breakfast
16 Sep 2009The National Partnership Spring Summer Series
16 Sep 2009Adviser pays to clear charges
16 Sep 2009'Dressed up' property deals to be caught under new regulation
15 Sep 2009S&P checks Equitable's ratings
15 Sep 2009New Sovereign MD announced
15 Sep 2009PSIS launches new PIE fund
15 Sep 2009COMBI Series6 Unlocking the potential of the world’s commodity market
15 Sep 2009Key all but rules out property capital gains tax
15 Sep 2009 Key all but rules out property capital gains tax
15 Sep 2009TSB's June quarter profit jumps 25.6%
14 Sep 2009Rates Round Up
14 Sep 2009Business Bakery’s Baker boards board
14 Sep 2009Westpac chops home loan interest rates
14 Sep 2009House prices edging higher: REINZ
14 Sep 2009REINZ residential highlights - August 2009
14 Sep 2009Insulation the next leaky fiasco?
14 Sep 2009News Round Up
14 Sep 2009ASB's profit and mortgage book grow
11 Sep 2009Pyne Gould prepares to be a bank
11 Sep 2009Go pick on someone your own size
11 Sep 2009In support of advisers
11 Sep 2009Advisers can't hide in QFEs
10 Sep 2009Bank deposit costs soar above wholesale funding, RBNZ says
10 Sep 2009Sweet comfort for now
10 Sep 2009Bollard keeps rates unchanged and softens easing bias
10 Sep 2009Interest rates forecast to stay low
10 Sep 2009OCR unchanged at 2.5%
10 Sep 2009Ditch disclosure: Crossan
10 Sep 2009Gold still a safe bet
10 Sep 2009Reserve Bank talks down prospect of another housing boom
9 Sep 2009TSB has lowest six month rate
9 Sep 2009Ballantyne considers joining dealer group
9 Sep 2009Extended deposit guarantee scheme law passed
9 Sep 2009Another credit union gets S&P rating
9 Sep 2009Huljich sacks KiwiSaver advisers
9 Sep 2009Diplock defends commission over fin coy failures
9 Sep 2009Investing made easy: Building solid foundations
8 Sep 2009Sovereign claims top place in survey
8 Sep 2009Finance company enquiry not about redress: Dalziel
8 Sep 2009Home-building lags to eight-year low
8 Sep 2009Market Review: September 2009 Commentary
8 Sep 2009Market Review: September 2009 London Commentary
8 Sep 2009Life insurance caught up in anti-money laundering cycle
8 Sep 2009Migration continues to be big plus for housing market
7 Sep 2009Dorchester's four steps to survival
7 Sep 2009Rates Round Up
7 Sep 2009New chair for ISO
7 Sep 2009QV residential highlights – August 2009
7 Sep 2009News round-up
7 Sep 2009Property values returning to 2008 levels
6 Sep 2009Differing views on what Bollard say about the OCR this week
4 Sep 2009Beware the Kiwisaver Bon Brush man
4 Sep 2009ASB takes floating rate to historical low
4 Sep 2009More house price rises predicted
4 Sep 2009KiwiSaver selling practices investigated
3 Sep 2009SBS Bank profits, mortgage book grows
3 Sep 2009Who should you listen to?
3 Sep 2009Regulation - Panacea of protection?
3 Sep 2009Spring adds bounce to Auckland housing market
3 Sep 2009Practice management: The elevator conversation
3 Sep 2009QFEs to get super powers
2 Sep 2009Huljich does another KiwiSaver deal
2 Sep 2009Bank account ‘for life' suggested
2 Sep 2009QFE rules will tie up insurance advisers
2 Sep 2009St Laurence exits Dorchester
1 Sep 2009Frozen ING funds cost ANZ National more than expected
1 Sep 2009Frozen ING funds cost ANZ National more than expected
1 Sep 2009Marac still has bank aspirations
1 Sep 2009BNZ makes loss on tax case; mortgage book grows strongly
1 Sep 2009Craig Ansley back at Russell
1 Sep 2009ANZ bad loan charges soar; underlying profit rises

August 2009

31 Aug 2009Bank discovers investment advice fraud
31 Aug 2009The Blog is back: So too fin coys
31 Aug 2009Commercial property plummeting
31 Aug 2009News round-up
30 Aug 2009Rates Round Up
30 Aug 2009Westpac's profit plummets
28 Aug 2009Pyne Gould, South Canterbury, 'proud southerners,' post losses
28 Aug 2009NZ building consents rebound in July
28 Aug 2009New shareholders at Liontamer
28 Aug 2009Investment statements need to be ‘relevant’, Power says
27 Aug 2009S&P gives first building society rating
27 Aug 2009Women in Super 'After Five' Function
27 Aug 2009Financial and Investment Advisers Summit
27 Aug 2009ASFONZ & Women in Super Auckland Industry Breakfast
27 Aug 2009Opinion: The power of free
27 Aug 2009Companies slapped with fine over property scheme
26 Aug 2009Asteron appoints new National Manager, Group Relations
26 Aug 20095th Annual Securities Law Update
26 Aug 2009ASFONZ Education – Introduction to Workplace Savings
26 Aug 2009ASFONZ & Women in Super Wellington Industry Breakfast
26 Aug 2009Power to tweak financial advisers and service providers acts
26 Aug 2009Financial crisis will be different for emerging markets this time
25 Aug 2009NZF looks to insurance to diversify business
25 Aug 2009West joins FNZ
25 Aug 2009Deposit guarantee scheme extended
25 Aug 2009ASFONZ Education – Introduction to Workplace Savings
25 Aug 2009Recession no deterrent to KiwiSaver
25 Aug 2009General Finance improves quality of its loan book
24 Aug 2009Recession no deterrent to KiwiSaver
24 Aug 2009St Laurence woes shouldn't spill over to Property and Finance
24 Aug 2009More positive property news
24 Aug 2009ASFONZ Education – Introduction to Workplace Savings
24 Aug 2009BNZ coy on whether it will return to brokers
23 Aug 2009Rates Round Up
22 Aug 2009News Round Up
21 Aug 2009[Weekly Wrap] ING coughs up $400 million
21 Aug 2009Out of the woods
21 Aug 2009Select committee enquiry into finance companies launched
20 Aug 2009Kiwibank continues break neck growth
20 Aug 2009First home buyers' scheme expanded
20 Aug 2009Surrenders hit AMP's life book
20 Aug 2009First home buyers' scheme expanded
20 Aug 2009ING makes $398m payment to frozen fund investors
20 Aug 2009Marac faces long road to bank status
20 Aug 2009Marac faces long road to bank status
20 Aug 2009Westpac warns of waning rates
19 Aug 2009Bank continues unusual behaviour
19 Aug 2009Prevent fraud through pre-tenancy checks
19 Aug 2009PLAN NZ up for sale
19 Aug 2009Women in Super 'After Five' Function
19 Aug 2009Help clients prepare with critical illness insurance
19 Aug 2009Capital gains tax back on the menu?
19 Aug 2009 AXA GI swaps Brook for global infrastructure fund
19 Aug 2009First residential real estate trust on its way
18 Aug 2009F&P Finance doing better than expected
18 Aug 2009New philanthropy manager at Guardian
18 Aug 2009BNZ scraps mobile mortgage managers
18 Aug 2009SPI Capital: Syndication domination
18 Aug 2009 AMP's new local SRI paves the way for better analysis
17 Aug 2009BNZ and Kiwibank increase long term TD rates
17 Aug 2009Mark Childs wins Broker of the Year
17 Aug 2009Landlord of the Year announced
16 Aug 2009Rates Round Up
16 Aug 2009Standards for some advisers could be higher than first thought
16 Aug 2009Australian economic downturn 'shallower', rates will rise, Stevens say
16 Aug 2009ShareTrader
14 Aug 2009NZMBA Conference 2009
14 Aug 2009[Weekly Wrap] Slings, arrows and a bit of outrageous fortune
14 Aug 2009Big growth in trauma sales
14 Aug 2009Two top finance companies junked
14 Aug 2009House prices and sales volumes steady
13 Aug 2009Two top finance companies junked
13 Aug 2009Johnson joins Russell
13 Aug 2009Message in a bottle
13 Aug 2009Kiwibank laying down the gauntlet
13 Aug 2009Brutally competitive deposit rates as banks woo savers
13 Aug 2009Fyfe on board as new advisory group tees off
13 Aug 2009Tower expands KiwiSaver development team
13 Aug 2009PINs protection weakened
13 Aug 2009Capital gains tax on property still alive
12 Aug 2009Keeping P out of your property
12 Aug 2009Opinion: Could commission disappear?
12 Aug 2009Kiwibank set to dump Mercer as its KiwiSaver manager
11 Aug 2009NZF moves from LMI to LEM
11 Aug 2009Banks up stakes in the term deposit battle
11 Aug 2009PIS National Conference 2009
11 Aug 2009Market Review: August 2009 Commentary
11 Aug 2009Market Review: August 2009 London Commentary
11 Aug 2009House prices set to soar
11 Aug 2009Head announced for Perpetual Asset Management
11 Aug 2009Ombudsman looks to open service to advisers
10 Aug 2009Rates round-up
10 Aug 2009Fee-based firm looks to grow
10 Aug 2009Vidler changes tack at Fidelity Life
10 Aug 2009Property values rise for third straight month
10 Aug 2009Regional snapshot: QV
7 Aug 2009[Weekly Wrap] Pierce to leave AIG; ING Life appoints new MD
7 Aug 2009Data re-vamp good news for investors
7 Aug 2009Pierce to leave AIG
7 Aug 2009ING Life appoints new MD
7 Aug 2009REINZ house price index gets makeover
7 Aug 2009Kiwi commodities missing out on inflation-hedging opportunities
7 Aug 2009Now a good time to buy a house: survey
6 Aug 2009RB mum on who it has given exemptions too
6 Aug 2009SBS raises rates: Will others follow?
6 Aug 2009ASFONZ 2009 Forum
6 Aug 2009Camelot Mid-Year Conference
6 Aug 2009Where's Boris?
6 Aug 2009IRG looks for $500,000 in capital
5 Aug 2009Recovery of collapsed finance company books starts
5 Aug 2009Women in Finance Lunch
5 Aug 2009Auckland home sales fall as listings rise
5 Aug 2009Everyone's an adviser, but not necessarily a financial planner
5 Aug 2009[Book] The Housing Bubble by Kieran Trass
4 Aug 2009Officials still deciding whether insurance products Category 1or 2
4 Aug 2009PAA August Roadshow
4 Aug 2009More signs banks easing lending rules
4 Aug 2009Brown steps down from ombudsman
4 Aug 2009Taskforce calls for even tougher regulation on financial advisers
4 Aug 2009Banks driving apartment buyers to the suburbs
3 Aug 2009Investing made easy: Knowledge is power
3 Aug 2009Rates Round Up
3 Aug 2009Advisers to become personally liable for advice

July 2009

31 Jul 2009Rates one big game of poker
31 Jul 2009IFA awards members
31 Jul 2009Letting services under the spotlight
30 Jul 2009Rates one big game of poker
30 Jul 2009Building law being streamlined
30 Jul 2009Bollard holds OCR at 2.5%
30 Jul 2009Bollard keeps OCR steady but flags further cuts
30 Jul 2009OCR unchanged at 2.50%
30 Jul 2009Cotton talks up adviser business statement
30 Jul 2009Aussie banks eyeing up wealth management opportunities
29 Jul 2009Geared KiwiSaver fund offers bigger returns - and risks
29 Jul 2009Permanent term ends for AIG
29 Jul 2009Building consents drop in June, due to apartments
29 Jul 2009IFA Conference 2009
29 Jul 2009Advisers interested in infrastructure fund
28 Jul 2009It's time to counter bad press
28 Jul 2009Rates Round Up
28 Jul 2009Equities the asset class to watch
28 Jul 2009Home loan rates falling, even with rises
28 Jul 2009Surge in demand for serviced apartments
27 Jul 2009Property indicators on the way up
27 Jul 2009News round-up
26 Jul 2009Bollard to leave rates unchanged this week
24 Jul 2009[Weekly Wrap] Industry architects revealed
24 Jul 2009A guide to UK pension transfers
24 Jul 2009Financial advisers to blame for over-subscription to frozen ING funds
23 Jul 2009Eriksens Superannuation and Investment Conference 2009
23 Jul 2009Opinion: Asking the right questions
23 Jul 2009IFA confident adviser regulation won’t be hindered by under-funding
23 Jul 2009[NEW Product] The NZ Investment Game
22 Jul 2009Kiwibank cash PIEs top a billion dollars
22 Jul 2009Consumers have choices over home loans: English
22 Jul 2009First Step investment trusts wind-down stall as buyers dry up
22 Jul 2009The 10 people who will decide advisers' future
22 Jul 2009Marac and Perpetual Trust get a makeover
22 Jul 2009Rents hit by oversupply of property
21 Jul 2009Bank bashing the hot new game
21 Jul 2009Bankers considering enquiry attendence
21 Jul 2009Code Committee named
21 Jul 2009Banks look to target ING's 14,000 frozen funds clients
21 Jul 2009Super fund dumps ING and Smartshares
20 Jul 2009Asset Allocation Summit 2009
20 Jul 2009Rates Round Up
20 Jul 2009News round-up
20 Jul 2009New COO for Southern Cross
20 Jul 2009Veda’s new credit rating product receives mixed response from property investors
17 Jul 2009In the line of fire
17 Jul 2009Chinese recovery could be 'biggest disappointment yet'
17 Jul 2009PAA picks new CEO
17 Jul 2009Three new players for Perpetual
16 Jul 2009ING July Roadshow
16 Jul 2009Trans-Tasman superannuation portability all but signed off
16 Jul 2009PAA picks new CEO
16 Jul 2009ASB makes changes to its wealth management strategy
15 Jul 2009ING July Roadshow
15 Jul 2009Where to for interest rates?
15 Jul 2009Strategic Finance loss widens
15 Jul 2009Regs look too heavy for sole practitioners, SIFA chief says
15 Jul 2009Asteron product enhancements well-received
15 Jul 2009Credit crunch hits NZ brokers harder than Aust
15 Jul 2009Property Investors see light at the end of the tunnel
15 Jul 2009Migration keeps property market chugging along
14 Jul 2009ING July Roadshow
14 Jul 2009White-labelled KiwiSaver schemes under IRD spotlight
14 Jul 2009Lift in market activity continuing
14 Jul 2009New sale and purchase agreement on its way
14 Jul 2009PLAN NZ restructures
13 Jul 2009Investors make politicians look silly
13 Jul 2009Nearly all investors accept ING offer
13 Jul 2009RBNZ releases tougher rules for non-bank sector
13 Jul 2009SCF related-party lending faces severe prune under draft rules
13 Jul 2009Rural property reaches realistic levels after 'euphoric' high
13 Jul 2009The National Partnership Roadshow
13 Jul 2009Political pressure placed on ING
13 Jul 2009News round-up
13 Jul 2009Economists unanimous on next OCR move
13 Jul 2009Rates Round Up
10 Jul 2009[Weekly Wrap] The changing face of adviserland
10 Jul 2009Predicting the unpredictable
10 Jul 2009PSIS eyes return to brokers
10 Jul 2009ING ends exclusive deal with Strategi
9 Jul 2009Viaduct wants Govt guarantee back
9 Jul 2009Median house sale prices edges up, volumes dip
9 Jul 2009REINZ residential highlights - June 2009
9 Jul 2009ASFONZ & Women in Super Industry Breakfast
9 Jul 2009Spicers bumps advisers but keeps Gould ones
9 Jul 2009BondWatch still has a future in new world
8 Jul 2009Banks likely to 'tough it out'
8 Jul 2009Opinion: Where risk comes from
8 Jul 2009Changes to PIE tax regime
7 Jul 2009South Canterbury Finance gets S&P warning
7 Jul 2009Finance ministers to look at super portability
7 Jul 2009Market Review: July 2009 Commentary
7 Jul 2009Market Review: July 2009 London Commentary
7 Jul 2009ASFONZ & Women in Super Industry Breakfast
7 Jul 2009FundSource produces first research report
7 Jul 2009Council rates scheme pays for insulation
7 Jul 2009Property managers avoid more regulation
6 Jul 2009Farmers prepare to square off against banks
6 Jul 2009Lombard auditor questions value of debentures
6 Jul 2009Bank fixed-lending rates 'reasonable', floating rates could fall
6 Jul 2009Lombard to become kiwi shell for Aussie insurer
6 Jul 2009Rates Round Up
6 Jul 2009Communication key to financial literacy
6 Jul 2009Urban area commentary - June 2009
5 Jul 2009Property values increase as sales decline
3 Jul 2009[Weekly Wrap] A week of submissions, discussions and disclosures
3 Jul 2009Public Trust reorganising mortgage business
3 Jul 2009Hubbard injects $40m into SCF
3 Jul 2009Auckland home sales rise in June as prices dip
3 Jul 2009Losing lustre
3 Jul 2009F&P Finance ups long rates
3 Jul 2009Glut of documents could hinder due diligence, IFA says
2 Jul 2009S&P happy with Hubbard
2 Jul 2009Leading Canterbury mortgage broker moves to Viva
2 Jul 2009Mortgage Link recognises its champions
2 Jul 2009Record numbers of auctions
2 Jul 2009Spheres of influence revealed
2 Jul 2009MED puts out paper on financial adviser disclosure
2 Jul 2009Associated persons
1 Jul 2009Equities find favour with managers
1 Jul 2009Conservative approach the way for Geneva and St Laurence
1 Jul 2009MPs decides against interest rate inquiry
1 Jul 2009Practice management: From success to significance
1 Jul 2009Former Richmastery company in liquidation
1 Jul 2009Suncorp: Life doesn't mean life

June 2009

30 Jun 2009Privacy Commissioner warns insurers over medical records
30 Jun 2009KiwiSaver turns two
30 Jun 2009SBS's March quarter profit jumps despite ballooning bad loan charges
30 Jun 2009Awarding advisers of the future
30 Jun 2009Unit Titles Bill makes management easier
30 Jun 2009Providers need to win back public trust: English
29 Jun 2009Westpac's profit plunges as charges for bad loans soar
29 Jun 2009Building approvals climb again, helped by rates
29 Jun 2009News round-up
28 Jun 2009Bill to force disclosure of break fees
28 Jun 2009Positive endorsement for property market
28 Jun 2009Rates Round up
26 Jun 2009[Weekly Wrap] So, what do you think?
26 Jun 2009Mortgagees back in vogue?
26 Jun 2009AIG separation moves closer
26 Jun 2009Health insurers boost premium income amid rising claims
26 Jun 2009Hedging not such a big issue for NZ managers
25 Jun 2009Immigrants not all good news for market
25 Jun 2009Time to revolt?
25 Jun 2009Long queue forms for complaints schemes
25 Jun 2009Cash Flow Forecaster CD Software
24 Jun 2009ANZ's bottom line drops, but interest income up
24 Jun 2009Kingfish introduces quarterly dividends
24 Jun 2009Com Com gives message to ING investors
24 Jun 2009Com Com gives message to ING investors
24 Jun 2009Opinion: What is trauma for?
24 Jun 2009IRD cuts through AMP, PIMCO currency hedge
23 Jun 2009Bank defends its pricing of mortgages
23 Jun 2009No govt guarantee spells end for trust
23 Jun 2009Housing set to prosper on strong migration
22 Jun 2009Advice a one-in-five event, study finds
22 Jun 2009News round-up
22 Jun 2009Economic times provide great opportunities: Free Webcast
21 Jun 2009Rates Round Up
20 Jun 2009Other banks unlikely to follow TSB
19 Jun 2009Where to for home loan rates?
19 Jun 2009[Weekly Wrap] DominatING headlines again
19 Jun 2009Solving the ING Rubik’s cube
19 Jun 2009Days of earning commission numbered: Arkinstall
19 Jun 2009BNZ mortgage book grows, profit falls
18 Jun 2009Complaints prompt Securities Commission to warn ING investors
18 Jun 2009New paper on regulating advisers out
18 Jun 2009Banks back insulation scheme
18 Jun 2009Two up for Triplejump
18 Jun 2009KiwiSaver funds back in black
18 Jun 2009Deposit rates delaying property price recovery
18 Jun 2009ASFONZ & Women in Super Industry Breakfast
18 Jun 2009TSB drops two-year fixed rate
18 Jun 2009AMP Capital sales chief goes in restructure
17 Jun 2009PSIS says margin on deposits more than halved
17 Jun 2009No magic bullet for sunset dates
17 Jun 2009ASFONZ & Women in Super Industry Breakfast
17 Jun 2009ANZ profit falls; mortgages sold to new branch
17 Jun 2009ING faces fury as offer divides investors
16 Jun 2009ING faces fury as offer divides investors
16 Jun 2009Where to for home loan rates?
16 Jun 2009RaboPlus slashes entry fee on managed funds
16 Jun 2009Be careful before investing in cash PIEs
16 Jun 2009Migration underpins lift in property, outlook still unclear
15 Jun 2009Farewell Naomi
15 Jun 2009Ballantyne to leave ING Life
15 Jun 2009Ballantyne to leave ING LIfe
14 Jun 2009Bond Focus: NZ yield curve stretched by bond sales, low rates
14 Jun 2009Rates Round Up
12 Jun 2009Geneva pares loss on cost cutting, restructure
12 Jun 2009Water those green shoots
12 Jun 2009Macquarie grows Kiwi advice team
12 Jun 2009LBA commits to independent future
12 Jun 2009AUSTRALIA Series 1 - Accessing an Australian equity recovery
12 Jun 2009Staying short the best strategy
12 Jun 2009Fisher Funds KiwiSaver bucks the trend
12 Jun 2009Brook closing fund
11 Jun 2009New CFO for ING NZ
11 Jun 2009Prices slip, volumes hold in May: REINZ
11 Jun 2009SHARE Conference 2009
11 Jun 2009REINZ residential highlights - May 2009
11 Jun 2009RBNZ keeps key rate at 2.5% amid signs of stabilisation
11 Jun 2009Dollar, rates jump after Bollard leaves rates unchanged
11 Jun 2009OCR unchanged at 2.5%
11 Jun 2009Fund managers pick China
10 Jun 2009Trappy joins BIG
10 Jun 2009Banks should disclose profit margins: Bawden
10 Jun 2009Banks are bastards…
10 Jun 2009SuperLife hits out at default providers after eosaver exit
10 Jun 2009MPs slam banks over interest rates
9 Jun 2009MPs slam banks over interest rates
9 Jun 2009Building work falls less than expected
9 Jun 2009Criminalising not helpful, says tenancy group
9 Jun 2009Market Review: June 2009 Commentary
9 Jun 2009Market Review: June 2009 London Commentary
9 Jun 2009AXA favours returns in emerging equity markets
9 Jun 2009Allan Hawkins defends prospectus
8 Jun 2009Rates Round Up
8 Jun 2009News Round Up
8 Jun 2009Property prices stabilise with cheaper lending rates: QV
8 Jun 2009TSB grows profits and mortgage book; HSBC's profit more than doubles
8 Jun 2009QV regional highlights - May 2009
7 Jun 2009Economists divided on next move for interest rates
5 Jun 2009Property market picks up after
5 Jun 2009Budget delivers warm blast
5 Jun 2009Tower: Commodity Investing in 2009
5 Jun 2009National says no to capital gains tax
5 Jun 2009Loopholes removed from NAP law
5 Jun 2009First KiwiSaver fund to close
5 Jun 2009Merger heralds mega ambitions for online financial firm
4 Jun 2009First KiwiSaver fund to close
4 Jun 2009Bridgecorp directors banned
4 Jun 2009Buist climbs Guardian ranks
4 Jun 2009Auckland housing demand picks up
4 Jun 2009Rates seesaw continues
4 Jun 2009Members clear way for IFA’s new disciplinary bylaw
4 Jun 2009Attention turns to risk products as demand for investment wanes
3 Jun 2009Share makes new appointment
3 Jun 2009Recession fails to dent demand for risk products
3 Jun 2009Mortgage rate commentary: Little action
3 Jun 2009St Laurence reports $87.2m loss
3 Jun 2009Kiwibank continues explosive growth; ASB profit drops
2 Jun 2009Labour heads to Select Committee over RTA bill
2 Jun 2009ASFONZ Education Module: Trustee Investment Decisions
2 Jun 2009Sue directors, not advisers: Lawyer
2 Jun 2009News Round Up
2 Jun 2009Is it worth breaking your mortgage?
1 Jun 2009Rates Round Up
1 Jun 2009IFA appoints new Independent Director

May 2009

29 May 2009NZ building approvals climb 11% in April, suggesting life seeping back into market
29 May 2009Managed futures seminar
29 May 2009Budget 2009: AXA Budget Commentary 2009
28 May 2009Budget blow for capital markets
28 May 2009Productivity, vision take back seat as English delivers debt-control budget
28 May 2009Suspending NZ Super Fund contributions increases burden: Mercer
28 May 2009Budget 2009: Almost $12 million extra for financial adviser watchdog
28 May 2009New Zealand's property market is forecast to slump further
28 May 2009Budget 2009: NZ ends tax cuts, pension contributions as deficits soar
28 May 2009Budget 2009: Primary Growth Partnership replaces Fast Forward Fund
28 May 2009Budget 2009: NZ Govt bond sales to soar 55% as deficits balloon
28 May 2009Managed futures seminar
28 May 2009ING/ANZ make $400m final assault on CDO funds
28 May 2009ING/ANZ make $400m final assault on CDO funds
28 May 2009ING Life offers support people who lose jobs
28 May 2009Budget Preview: Watching for surprises
28 May 2009Budget delivers home insulation
27 May 2009ANZ National increase long rates
27 May 2009ASFONZ Education – Introduction to Workplace Savings
27 May 2009ASFONZ Education Module: Introduction to Trusteeship
27 May 2009Tower does distribution deal with Aon
27 May 200927 May 2009
27 May 2009Auto IFA authorisation premature, Commission says
26 May 2009Managed futures seminar
26 May 2009ASFONZ Education – Introduction to Workplace Savings
26 May 2009Complaints rules edge closer
26 May 2009Rental yields better bet than capital gains: ASB
26 May 2009ANZ gauges find demand is making property a sellers’ market
26 May 2009Unique property up for lease
25 May 2009Kiwibank keeps mum on four-day deposit rate bonanza
25 May 2009Tower Insurance eyes up small business
25 May 2009Managed futures seminar
25 May 2009ASFONZ Education – Introduction to Workplace Savings
25 May 2009Rates Round Up
25 May 2009News round-up
22 May 2009SIFA Conference 2009
22 May 2009No points for coming last
22 May 2009Macquarie adds to advice team
22 May 2009V for victory for landlords
22 May 2009Equities still a risk but don't rule them out
22 May 2009Indicator shows worst maybe over for housing market
22 May 2009Immigration pick up a plus for housing market
21 May 2009RI option for Mercer KiwiSaver customers
21 May 2009First major KiwiSaver consolidation announced
21 May 2009Sovereign to get new MD
21 May 2009Gut feel ends PIS/Newpark deal
21 May 2009Opinion: Life Brokers have a bob each way in professional associations
21 May 2009Capital rules about to hit
21 May 2009PAA puts publicity in perspective
20 May 2009Life Brokers Association 2009 Conference & AGM
20 May 2009NZ fund managers no dunces
20 May 2009BNZ to raise $150m through share offer
20 May 2009An update from the Securities Commission
20 May 2009ETITO sessions on regulation and education
20 May 2009Mortgage watch: Banks still not budging
20 May 2009Funds management comes last in survey
19 May 200919 May 2009
19 May 2009Institute defends naming
18 May 2009Clear and formal roadmap for AIG
18 May 2009Rates Round Up
18 May 2009News Round Up
15 May 2009Tough and tougher
15 May 2009RTA hitting Parliament with key changes
15 May 2009Double digit house price rises not the norm
15 May 2009 IFA welcomes Cotton appointment, deadline back on track
15 May 2009Affordable new homes stack up for investors
14 May 2009Practice management: Transforming wealthy friends into clients
14 May 2009Minister appoints commissioner - for now
14 May 2009Water rates fire stoked again
14 May 2009Tougher rules for non-bank sector
13 May 2009RBNZ defends OCR, disappointed with banks' response
13 May 2009Residential housing may have hit bottom, as sales improve
13 May 2009ASFONZ Education Module: Best Practice Governance
13 May 2009IFA applies shame factor
12 May 2009BIG gets bigger
12 May 2009Residential market shows signs of stabilising: REINZ
12 May 2009Regional highlights: REINZ
12 May 2009Read joins Newpark
12 May 2009Commission recommends compliance by the book
12 May 2009Confidence returning to residental housing market: Survey
11 May 2009Super-sized commercial syndicate hits Auckland
11 May 2009First NZ Capital taps demand for yield with new PIE fund
11 May 2009Property values show hint of stabilisation: QV
11 May 2009News round-up
10 May 2009Regional snapshot: QV
8 May 2009Property market health check
8 May 2009The most contentious regulation issue
8 May 2009Banks avoid training costs under new rules, says PAA
7 May 2009ASFONZ / Women In Super Industry Breakfast
7 May 2009PAA, LBA dismiss PI concerns
6 May 2009ASFONZ / Women In Super Industry Breakfast
6 May 2009Market Review: May 2009 Commentary
6 May 2009Market Review: May 2009 London Commentary
6 May 2009Significant changes at Salvus
6 May 2009Mortgagee sales well below market value
5 May 2009Small lenders take on big banks
5 May 2009No signs of surge in activity slowing
5 May 2009Opinion: Folly, money and pain
5 May 2009Strategic Finance struggles to refinance on property slump
5 May 2009Diplock heralds single Australasian advisory market
4 May 2009PIS Professional Development Days
4 May 2009News round-up
1 May 2009[Weekly Wrap] I’m covered by PI insurance – Yeah right
1 May 2009 Is the buyers’ market about to end?
1 May 2009IFA slates Lumley over PI
1 May 2009IFA slates Lumley over PI

April 2009

30 Apr 2009Rate cut good news
30 Apr 2009Rabo caps PIE offer
30 Apr 2009Home-building approvals dip to 17-year low
30 Apr 2009National Bank, ASB, SBS, BNZ break fees cleared by regulator
30 Apr 2009National Bank, ASB, SBS, BNZ break fees cleared by regulator
30 Apr 2009Bollard slashes rates and says they will stay low
30 Apr 2009RBNZ cuts OCR to record low 2.5%
30 Apr 2009RBNZ cuts OCR to record low 2.5%
30 Apr 2009Magellan bullish on developing markets
29 Apr 2009Health insurance market is weathering the storm
29 Apr 2009NAB says BNZ home loans book grew $500m in first half
29 Apr 2009ASFONZ Annual General Meeting
29 Apr 2009KiwiSaver still as popular as ever
29 Apr 2009Equities more attractive as global economy troughs
29 Apr 2009Conroy joins Asteron in senior leadership role
28 Apr 2009Viaduct Capital returns to market sans guarantee
28 Apr 2009Southern Cross has rating affirmed
28 Apr 2009One strike and you're out - policy unfair
28 Apr 2009McMillan develops new career at TNP
27 Apr 2009McMillan set to leave PAA
27 Apr 2009Rates round-up
27 Apr 2009News Round Up
26 Apr 200950 pt rate cut predicted
24 Apr 2009[Weekly Wrap] Did I hear you say progress?
24 Apr 2009Fronting up on asset allocation
24 Apr 2009Three changes at Guardian
24 Apr 2009Adviser case ruling controversial
24 Apr 2009GRA wins top trustee award
23 Apr 2009Flat fee companies being discriminated against?
23 Apr 2009Turning rate thinking on its head
23 Apr 2009UK transfers boost AXA NZ kitty
23 Apr 2009Turning rate thinking on its head
22 Apr 2009Women in Super industry breakfast
22 Apr 2009Most KiwiSaver funds positive
22 Apr 2009Sales activity returning
21 Apr 2009Local incorporation out of insurance bill
21 Apr 2009ING's three headed distribution team
21 Apr 2009New rules for advisers outlined by Sec Com
21 Apr 2009Sec Comm thoughts on setting adviser competence standards
21 Apr 2009Rabo's new PIE
21 Apr 2009Commission says company must tell both sides of story
21 Apr 2009Viaduct Capital loses Crown guarantee
21 Apr 2009IFA appoints investment group committee
20 Apr 2009News Round Up
17 Apr 2009[Weekly Wrap] Is this a turning point in the markets?
17 Apr 2009Kiwis recognise need to save for retirement
17 Apr 2009Product recall argument daft
17 Apr 2009Be careful who you listen to
17 Apr 2009Infrastructure - Having you cake and eating it too
17 Apr 2009Practice management: From customer to client
17 Apr 2009Liontamer looks to Australia
17 Apr 2009Improving market encourages more sales at Pegasus
16 Apr 2009Professionals split over KiwiSaver
16 Apr 2009Drug case outcome sets the bar
15 Apr 2009Smedley leaves Guardian Trust
15 Apr 2009Pathfinder looks for beta times
14 Apr 2009Tower software aims for new standard
14 Apr 2009Rates round-up
14 Apr 2009News round-up
9 Apr 2009Price data can confuse
9 Apr 2009[Weekly Wrap] The return of an old friend
9 Apr 2009Residential Real Estate market spikes: REINZ
9 Apr 2009Residential Highlights – March 2009
9 Apr 2009Eco-My-Flat competition encourages better tenants
9 Apr 2009Economists agree OCR cut coming
9 Apr 2009Govt weighs up foreign fund free-for-all
9 Apr 2009NZ property values drop 9.3%
9 Apr 2009QV residential highlights - March 2009
8 Apr 2009Five Star directors banned
8 Apr 2009Market Review: April 2009 Commentary
8 Apr 2009Market Review: London April 2009 Commentary
8 Apr 2009[Book] The Complete KiwiSaver
8 Apr 2009Figures show baby boomers after property bargains
8 Apr 2009ASFONZ / Women In Super Wellington Breakfast
8 Apr 2009Plan B to see Fowler in court
7 Apr 2009ANZO signs up new portfolio manager
7 Apr 2009Syndicated property back
7 Apr 2009Public Trust gets govt guarantee on interest
7 Apr 2009Figures show baby boomers after property bargains
6 Apr 2009Rates round-up
6 Apr 2009News round-up
3 Apr 2009[Weekly Wrap] Reinventing the wheel
3 Apr 2009Change of leadership for AMP
3 Apr 2009A new worry for the market
3 Apr 2009Auckland house sales hit 20-month high
3 Apr 2009Falling interest rates making property more attractive
3 Apr 2009PIS International Conference 2009
3 Apr 2009Kiwibank grabs market share as Aussie banks shut shop
3 Apr 2009A bouquet for associations
3 Apr 2009G5 takes off with NZMBA on board
3 Apr 2009Money@Work
2 Apr 2009Marac appoints new CEO
2 Apr 2009Fidelity snaps up Whyte for directorship
2 Apr 2009AXA plus four in new advisory JV
2 Apr 2009Women in Super industry breakfast
1 Apr 2009 ISI calls for 2011 date for life tax changes
1 Apr 2009New non-bank rules due this year

March 2009

31 Mar 2009HSBC's profit jumps despite bad loans ballooning
31 Mar 2009Gatward joins Public Trust
31 Mar 2009Practice management: Leading your team to the top
31 Mar 2009Bluestone actively managing loans
31 Mar 2009Predicted growth surge positive for housing
31 Mar 2009Landlords warned over drug rings
31 Mar 2009ING and LM Investments battle over fund redemption
30 Mar 2009AXA to wind up mortgage funds
30 Mar 2009Home-building approvals rise
30 Mar 200910th Annual Superfunds Conference
30 Mar 2009One plan to cut resource management inertia
30 Mar 2009SBS profit jumps in Dec Qtr despite rising mortgage arrears
30 Mar 2009News round-up
27 Mar 2009Weekly Wrap: Let's get the ball rolling
27 Mar 2009Let's get the ball rolling
27 Mar 2009Regs wait for Commissioner
26 Mar 2009Tasman Mortgages placed in liquidation
26 Mar 2009Fonterra may sell more NZ bonds amid strong investor demand
26 Mar 2009Cull continues at ING
26 Mar 2009Opinion: Screwing up the recession
26 Mar 2009Camelot Conference
26 Mar 2009Trustees under spotlight over their role
25 Mar 2009A slow gradual climb
25 Mar 2009KiwiSaver & Employment Law Seminar
25 Mar 2009ASFONZ / Women In Super Industry Breakfast
25 Mar 2009Becker bows out of ING
24 Mar 2009Tower just gets minimum for bond offer
24 Mar 2009KiwiSaver & Employment Law Seminar
24 Mar 2009Vector may sell $150m of five-year bonds
24 Mar 2009Cash now, cash later: ING converts deal
23 Mar 2009UDC Roadshows
23 Mar 2009Finance companies acted like ‘Ponzi schemes,’ registrar says
23 Mar 2009News Round Up
23 Mar 2009Thomas steps down from PAA
22 Mar 2009MortgageWatch: More increases to longer term rates
22 Mar 2009Rates Round Up
20 Mar 2009Weekly Wrap: A one trillion dollar week
20 Mar 2009* Comparing current Bond Offers *
20 Mar 2009 Big three agencies win RB approval
19 Mar 2009Insolvency changes don’t go far enough
19 Mar 2009Gould takes Spicers board spot
18 Mar 2009ASB's profit and mortgage book stall in Dec Qtr
18 Mar 2009Hanover says market continues to deteriorate
18 Mar 2009Health insurance policies on the increase
18 Mar 2009An Update From The Banking Ombudsman
18 Mar 2009New chair for Hanover group
18 Mar 2009Online fraudsters targeting landlords
18 Mar 2009Morningstar rates AMP Capital's fixed interest strategy
17 Mar 2009Diversified expands by two
17 Mar 2009First KiwiSaver scheme to go
16 Mar 2009Economic outlook for 2009 and an update from the Securities Commission
16 Mar 2009News round-up
16 Mar 2009Rates round-up
14 Mar 2009Real mortgagee sale numbers
13 Mar 2009MortgageWatch: Shorts down, longs up
13 Mar 2009Weekly Wrap: Not a bad week!
13 Mar 2009Getting a handle on mortgagee sales
13 Mar 2009Market Review: March 2009 Commentary
13 Mar 2009Market Review: London March 2009 Commentary
13 Mar 2009Sovereign allows term life policies to be suspended
13 Mar 2009Money follows people
13 Mar 2009Advisers urged to continue education
12 Mar 2009Curtin steps down as Com Com deputy
12 Mar 2009CFA Ethics Workshop
12 Mar 2009Bollard signals end to steep easing cycle as economy troughs
12 Mar 2009OCR reduced to 3%
12 Mar 2009Bollard disappoints some with 50 point OCR cut
12 Mar 2009OCR reduced to 3%
12 Mar 2009Ombudsman criticises ANZ advice over ING funds
11 Mar 2009Tax changes will worsen NZ under-insurance
11 Mar 2009Home sales, prices revive in February
11 Mar 2009CFA Ethics Workshop
11 Mar 2009Residential highlights - February 2009
11 Mar 2009ANZ's new mortgage lending all but dried up in Dec qtr
11 Mar 2009Growth still distant dream for AXA Global Investors
11 Mar 2009Real estate market showing positive signs: Survey
10 Mar 2009Kiwibank appoints five
10 Mar 2009Evicted state tenants a concern for landlords
10 Mar 2009ING/ANZ marriage sound, Bedbrook says
9 Mar 2009Rates round-up
9 Mar 2009News round-up
9 Mar 2009Property values fall 8.9%: QV
9 Mar 2009Auckland the most positive big city
6 Mar 2009A real life experience
6 Mar 2009Weekly Wrap: Winners and the others
6 Mar 2009Bollard to cut rates again
6 Mar 2009Opinion: NZ Superannuation Fund
6 Mar 2009TakING two: How's Plan B stack up?
6 Mar 2009Adviser award winners announced
6 Mar 2009IFA turns around deficit
5 Mar 2009PAA Conference 2009
5 Mar 2009Auckland house prices rise, confidence edges up
5 Mar 2009Bollard may not cut as deep as RBA holds interest rates
5 Mar 2009Super Fund takes from Goldman Sachs
5 Mar 2009AXA buys Goulds - finally
4 Mar 2009PIS Professional Lending Services Summit
4 Mar 2009Regulatory update: How will FSP impact financial service professionals
4 Mar 2009Opinion: Cheaper in bulk? Not usually
4 Mar 2009Falls and rises in home loan rates
4 Mar 2009Brook fired by NZ Super
4 Mar 2009Falls and rises in home loan rates
4 Mar 2009Orewa showhome for sale - 7.81% return for 15 months
3 Mar 2009Marac not facing funding cliff
3 Mar 2009AMP latest corporate bond offer
3 Mar 2009Who has got a guarantee?
3 Mar 2009Morningstar Announces Fund Manager of the Year Winners
3 Mar 2009AIA to be seperated from AIG
3 Mar 2009Guardian Trust to make first repayment
3 Mar 2009Westpac's profit, mortgage market share shrink
3 Mar 2009Loan Market expands
2 Mar 2009AMP Capital named number one manager
2 Mar 2009Deposit guarantee put to the test
2 Mar 2009Morningstar 2008 Fund Manager of the Year Awards
2 Mar 2009Companies called to lend a hand
2 Mar 2009Mint job for Deacon
2 Mar 2009News round-up
2 Mar 2009Bawden's aggregation group to re-brand
2 Mar 2009Rates round-up
2 Mar 2009Women’s workshop highlights NZ potential

February 2009

28 Feb 2009Weekly Wrap: ING the currency of the week
27 Feb 2009Suddenly now is the time to buy property
27 Feb 2009Three stars for Southern Cross
27 Feb 2009MARAC profit falls 48%
27 Feb 2009Housing confidence rises as prices slip
27 Feb 2009The National Partnership
27 Feb 2009Market’s not bottomed out yet – Tower
26 Feb 2009Rates strategy delivers for Kiwibank
26 Feb 2009AIG looking to sell all of AIA in Asia Pacific
26 Feb 2009Life insurance sales strong
26 Feb 2009The National Partnership
26 Feb 2009ING unveils new rescue plan for CDO funds
26 Feb 2009NZF to renegotiate Westpac funding after Genworth downgrade
26 Feb 2009Advisers and loyalty
25 Feb 2009Strategic posts first-half loss
25 Feb 20099th Annual Competition Law & Regulation Review Conference
25 Feb 2009 Using thinking preferences to connect with clients
25 Feb 2009Manukau City: Face of the future
25 Feb 2009The National Partnership
25 Feb 2009High-end dealer group gathers steam
25 Feb 2009TSB holds mortgage market share as profit drops
24 Feb 2009Readers respond: Changes to RTA
24 Feb 2009RTA changes swing favour towards landlords
24 Feb 2009ING surgically removed as Medical's manager
24 Feb 2009Rates round-up
23 Feb 2009Avoid unexpected GST bills on apartment sales
23 Feb 2009Bollard to cut rates again: economists debate the magnitude
23 Feb 2009F&P Finance flourishing
23 Feb 2009Curtin steps down from Mint
23 Feb 2009News Round Up
20 Feb 2009Rate Watch: Next round of cuts starting
20 Feb 2009Weekly Wrap: Reveal week
20 Feb 2009Goldridge expands it's adviser network
20 Feb 2009AMP reinvigorating its adviser proposition
20 Feb 2009IRD sets tight schedule for GST registration
19 Feb 2009Tyndall's Andrew Hunt will be visiting New Zealand in March
19 Feb 2009Mary Mary, quite contrary...
19 Feb 2009AXA reports tough times
19 Feb 2009Govt looks at regulating property managers
19 Feb 2009RTA review under way by National
18 Feb 2009BNZ share of mortgage market shrinks
18 Feb 2009SHARE – Planning for Growth 2009
18 Feb 2009Women in Super Breakfast.
18 Feb 2009Opinion: Life by numbers
18 Feb 2009Kiwibank hires 5 advisers while AMP tipped as fund provider
18 Feb 2009English reassures property investors
17 Feb 2009Fund manager of the year nominees announced
17 Feb 2009Union members trickle through to Huljich
17 Feb 2009United Home Loans unable to write new business
17 Feb 2009Frightening rise in mortgagee sales: Yeah Right
17 Feb 2009Asteron shuts retail super scheme as KiwiSaver kicks in
16 Feb 2009Viento closes NZ office
16 Feb 2009Market Review: February 2009 Commentary
16 Feb 2009Market Review: London February 2009 Commentary
16 Feb 2009TOWER: International Fixed Interest: A 2009 Recovery Story?
16 Feb 2009AXA's rating improves
16 Feb 2009News Round Up
16 Feb 2009[Book] I Buy Houses: The Property Investor's Handbook
13 Feb 2009Weekly Wrap: Who’s partnering with whom?
13 Feb 2009Auckland City may raise $150m selling bonds
13 Feb 2009House sales tumbled in January
13 Feb 2009REINZ residential highlights - January 2009
13 Feb 2009Where's the research?
12 Feb 2009Home loan report: Cheap not always the easy option
12 Feb 2009Cheap not always the easy option
12 Feb 2009Paying pocket money makes a difference
12 Feb 2009[Toolbox] The Tax Files
11 Feb 2009Info about KiwiSaver changes availible
10 Feb 2009ING closes another fund and delays CDO fund meeting
10 Feb 2009BNZ's asset quality under pressure
10 Feb 2009SBS adds five-year bond
10 Feb 2009AXA makes play for Gould but game still on
10 Feb 2009Health cover up as markets go down
10 Feb 2009Sovereign scores Best mark
9 Feb 2009PIS Strategic Planning Feedback Days
9 Feb 2009Call for action over break fees
9 Feb 2009News Round Up
9 Feb 2009Moody’s downgrades Packaged Income Notes
9 Feb 2009Tax bill delayed
9 Feb 2009Residential highlights - January 2009
9 Feb 2009House prices down 8.3%, affordability up
6 Feb 2009Money at Work: Meridian Energy's Renewable Energy Notes
6 Feb 2009Money at Work: Meridian Energy's Renewable Energy Notes
6 Feb 2009Weekly Wrap: No retirement yet
5 Feb 2009Mr Good News here again
5 Feb 2009South Canterbury Finance bonds snapped up
5 Feb 2009It's a great time to borrow
5 Feb 2009Time for the association mega-merger?
5 Feb 2009No retirement for old men and women, survey says
4 Feb 2009It's a great time to borrow
4 Feb 2009Auckland house sales, prices fell in January
4 Feb 2009Opinion: Too good at selling life insurance?
4 Feb 2009Kiwibank extends hand to brokers
4 Feb 2009Newpark deal sunk by shareholder vote
4 Feb 2009RMA changes help property investors
3 Feb 2009Tower joins corporates seeking to tap demand for bonds
3 Feb 2009Fonterra sets minimum rate for six-year bonds
3 Feb 2009Dorchester to proceed with doomed liquidation vote
3 Feb 2009Stability key for KiwiSaver providers
3 Feb 2009KiwiSaver bright spot in funds flow
3 Feb 2009Nothing left for Capital + Merchant investors
3 Feb 2009New director of financial planning at Massey
2 Feb 2009Nothing left for Capital + Merchant investors
2 Feb 2009 Meridian offers fixed-rate notes
2 Feb 2009AIG Life changes commission structure
2 Feb 2009Shifting of responsibilities at AXA
2 Feb 2009News Round Up

January 2009

30 Jan 2009Home-building approvals fall to record low
30 Jan 2009Cheap money, cheap houses
30 Jan 2009Investors to apply collective pressure to ING
29 Jan 2009Bollard slashes rates citing global recession
29 Jan 2009OCR reduced to 3.5%
29 Jan 2009ING defends CDO funds
29 Jan 2009Book: Living off the Smell of an Oily Rag in NZ
29 Jan 2009OCR reduced to 3.5%
28 Jan 2009CBS Canterbury enters wars
28 Jan 2009Who should be the commissioner of advisers?
28 Jan 2009Worst of downturn over: AMP
27 Jan 2009 FNZ goes for $34 million
26 Jan 2009Wizard brokers stick together
26 Jan 2009News Round Up
26 Jan 2009NZ’s rising unemployment will sap housing demand, ANZ says
25 Jan 2009Another humungous rate cut expected
23 Jan 2009ASB PIEs all its TD rates
23 Jan 2009MED prepares ground for commissioner
23 Jan 2009Investors opt for safety of bricks and mortar
22 Jan 2009NZMBA sacks its ceo
22 Jan 2009Positive predictions for property
22 Jan 2009Harris goes Spicers
22 Jan 2009Liontamer back in NZ hands
22 Jan 2009Up-market subdivision selling at mortgagee
21 Jan 2009Home loan report: Keeping eyes open
21 Jan 2009The money constitution
21 Jan 2009Three new members for BT team
21 Jan 2009Domestic bonds tops in Oz: Morningstar
21 Jan 2009Tower has new CFO
21 Jan 2009Home loan report: Keeping eyes open
19 Jan 2009What does 2009 hold?
19 Jan 2009News Round Up
16 Jan 2009New key account manager for Tower
16 Jan 2009ING fences off funds as CFO takes charge
15 Jan 2009Market Review: January 2009 Commentary
15 Jan 2009Market Review: London January 2009 Commentary
15 Jan 2009Home sales edge higher in December, prices slip
15 Jan 2009REINZ residential highlights - December 2008
15 Jan 2009House prices fall 7.4% in 2008; December sales tumble
15 Jan 2009QV value growth for December 2008
15 Jan 2009Bought or buying investment property?
15 Jan 2009Global speculative-grade default rate picked to soar
15 Jan 2009Dorchester makes two GM appointments
14 Jan 2009Home-building approvals rise in November
14 Jan 2009More bad news for credit funds
14 Jan 2009Opinion: Yes we can...
14 Jan 2009Decisions looming for borrowers
13 Jan 2009Decisions looming for borrowers
13 Jan 2009Last Bastion for Equitable
13 Jan 2009NZ credit rating outlook lowered by S&P
13 Jan 2009Insurance tax bill may be delayed
13 Jan 2009AIA bonds offer 7.25%
13 Jan 2009Get real, get ready – ING consultant warns advisers
12 Jan 2009Auckland house sales, prices fell in December
12 Jan 2009Chris Smith back to UK
11 Jan 2009Weekly Wrap: Some good news to start with
9 Jan 2009FDR intl bond funds a better option: Tower
8 Jan 2009Geneva posts $7.7m loss
8 Jan 2009Mercer appoints new NZ head
8 Jan 2009Huge growth in bank deposits comes with warning
7 Jan 2009Power promises bipartisan approach to adviser regs
6 Jan 2009IRD planning crackdown on insurance advisers
6 Jan 2009Changes needed in 2009 for unhealthy homes
5 Jan 2009TSB Bank lifts profits, mortgage book little changed in September Qtr
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