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December 2021

30 Dec 2021NZ shares, kiwi push higher in light holiday trading
29 Dec 2021Michael Hill storms higher on positive earnings upgrade
24 Dec 2021ComCom has concerns over Ampol's Z bid
24 Dec 2021Aegis gets a new owner
23 Dec 2021Flat day for the NZX50 as negative year beckons
23 Dec 2021Pressure building over CCCFA
23 Dec 2021Industry wants minister's ear over CCCFA
23 Dec 2021[The Wrap] Big Year; Big Issues
22 Dec 2021Ebos drags NZX50 higher as healthcare stocks find favour
22 Dec 2021Cigna extends adviser-only campaign
22 Dec 2021Mass media praise the value of advice
22 Dec 2021AMP disappearing from NZ
21 Dec 2021Exporters rally as omicron tames kiwi
21 Dec 2021Moola pinged for cartel behaviour
20 Dec 2021NZ shares outperform as omicron looms over Asia
20 Dec 2021AIA grants - making a difference with advisers
20 Dec 2021Westpac issues its forecast for next year
20 Dec 2021Westpac issues its forecast for 2022
20 Dec 2021Thousands yet to apply for full FAP licences
17 Dec 2021Eroad shares surge as it joins NZX 50
17 Dec 2021Telehealth can help manage home isolation cases
17 Dec 2021POSTPONED: FSC advice summit set for February
17 Dec 2021Avanti becomes the second largest non-bank lender
17 Dec 2021Avanti becomes the second largest non-bank lender
17 Dec 2021AIA NZ's general counsel named an elite lawyer for 2021
17 Dec 2021FMA clarifies Wisdom House FAP cancellation decision
16 Dec 2021The top deck shuffle continues at RBNZ
16 Dec 2021Economy slows less than expected
16 Dec 2021NZ shares down as US Fed signals hikes
16 Dec 2021MBIE’s ‘myopic focus on fees' hurts default KiwiSaver members
16 Dec 20212021: A year so tough even the New Zealand share market fell
15 Dec 2021Shares dip ahead of US Fed meeting
15 Dec 2021Financial Advice NZ gets new chair
15 Dec 2021Petition launched against CCCFA
15 Dec 2021Foundation Advice - proving the naysayers wrong
14 Dec 2021NZ shares retreat from rally
14 Dec 2021New board chairperson at Accuro
14 Dec 2021Old school cold calls still make a difference
14 Dec 2021Basecorp secures more funding
14 Dec 2021Basecorp secures more funding to increase its lending
14 Dec 2021'It's a bond massacre' - change ahead for investment portfolios
14 Dec 2021Non-bank sector says CCCFA will harm lockdown recovery
13 Dec 2021NZ shares up with inflation 'not too hot'
13 Dec 2021Adviser loses transitional licence
13 Dec 2021Cold call changes insured's life
12 Dec 2021Russell pushes buttons for the adviser market
11 Dec 2021Cannabis growing operation leads to eviction
10 Dec 2021Big acquisitions lift NZX 50
10 Dec 2021Partners Life defends premium increases
10 Dec 2021Classic hits of 2021 revisited (plus all the new releases)
10 Dec 2021Buyers’ market expected to emerge next year
10 Dec 2021Aurora set to light up the market
10 Dec 2021KiwiSaver 2.0 - Financial advice for all
10 Dec 2021Mindful Money launches impact investment directory
9 Dec 2021Kiwibank faces court action after home loan customers overcharged
9 Dec 2021NZ shares settle down after rally, Fonterra units jump
9 Dec 2021Kiwibank apologises for wrongly charged fees – Still faces court
9 Dec 2021EXCLUSIVE: Regulation and workloads driving advisers to drink
8 Dec 2021Wealthpoint advisers benefit from commission changes
8 Dec 2021NZ shares come roaring back
8 Dec 2021Cigna employs five senior staffers
8 Dec 2021Cigna helps advisers meet regulation requirements
8 Dec 2021High end house prices push up averages
7 Dec 2021FNZ onboards new client servicing company
7 Dec 2021Sky TV leads NZX 50 higher
7 Dec 2021Partners Life set to increase premiums
7 Dec 2021Aurora establishes head of mortgages
7 Dec 2021Surprise move; A rates cut
7 Dec 2021RBNZ to pull back to neutral on the economy
7 Dec 2021Advisers' AML risks assessed
7 Dec 2021Buy/sell spreads will cost KiwiSaver members
6 Dec 2021New rules for non-deposit takers
6 Dec 2021Frothy markets simmer down
6 Dec 2021Robertson defends CCCFA changes
6 Dec 2021Robertson defends CCCFA changes
6 Dec 2021AMP increases focus on digital distribution
3 Dec 2021Shares close unchanged; Napier Port booted from NZX 50
3 Dec 2021FSC conference starts Monday
3 Dec 2021Fear of missing strides out the back door
3 Dec 2021Gang violence leads to eviction
3 Dec 2021Non-banks to be run off their feet
3 Dec 2021Non-banks to be run off their feet
3 Dec 2021The next big thing
2 Dec 2021Omicron in the US hits market
2 Dec 2021Cigna to rebrand as Chubb
2 Dec 2021Forsyth Barr launches funds management business
2 Dec 2021Salt adds senior analyst
1 Dec 2021Omicron and inflation risks flatten share market
1 Dec 2021Harbour launches its new Sustainable Impact Fund
1 Dec 2021Simplicity drops membership fees for all products
1 Dec 2021Premiums refunded after funeral cover exceeds sum insured
1 Dec 2021Milford makes significant board appointment
1 Dec 2021RBNZ outlines options for cash system reform
1 Dec 2021Reserve Bank appoints new Assistant Governor
1 Dec 2021Floating higher; What's keeping advisers awake at night
1 Dec 2021Southern Cross offers free wellbeing services
1 Dec 2021New Reserve Bank Assistant Governor appointed
1 Dec 2021Kiwi Wealth appoints familiar face as new CEO
1 Dec 2021Default-Day for KiwiSaver
1 Dec 2021RBNZ reviews banks' risks

November 2021

30 Nov 2021NZ shares bounce from omicron sell-off
30 Nov 2021KiwiSaver default funds - all you need to know
30 Nov 2021Longer term rates in vogue; Revamped non-bank lender
30 Nov 2021Vax chat hits a raw nerve - advisers can do better
30 Nov 2021How cities need to change to adapt to climate change
30 Nov 2021Borrowers looking to longer terms thanks to Covid
30 Nov 2021Omicron - one step forward, two steps back for economic recovery
29 Nov 2021Omicron ordeal knocks NZ index 200 points
29 Nov 2021Fidelity Life drops the jargon, boosts adviser support
29 Nov 2021Asteron adds specific injury cover to legacy products
29 Nov 2021Three new recruits for Fidelity Life
29 Nov 2021Vaccination status no issue for Southern Cross Healthcare
29 Nov 2021Guidelines for Covid-infected people living in apartments
29 Nov 2021Old company with a new name
27 Nov 2021[The Wrap] Death and disease - and the jab
26 Nov 2021Nu-covid sends shares tumbling
26 Nov 2021Earnings surprises support equity returns
26 Nov 2021Making drawdown a success
26 Nov 2021Squirrel bites into residential mortgage investments
25 Nov 2021F&P Healthcare props up NZX50
25 Nov 2021More changes at the top for the FMA
25 Nov 2021Covid vaccination status a watching brief for NZ insurers
25 Nov 2021Westpac's problems exposed; Orr says bank put best foot forward
25 Nov 2021Westpac's governance problems detailed
25 Nov 2021Easy Crypto expands with a new chief of staff
25 Nov 2021nib recognised as an inclusive workplace
25 Nov 2021CoFI adds more challenges to financial services
25 Nov 2021Adrian Orr: We put our best foot forward
24 Nov 2021Stock market rallies as RBNZ eases rates higher
24 Nov 2021RBNZ hikes OCR
24 Nov 2021Reaction to OCR hike
24 Nov 2021RBNZ hikes rates, and promises more
24 Nov 2021Smartshares gains new director - Lindsay Wright resigns
24 Nov 2021House prices materially falling chorus from banks
24 Nov 2021DTI consultation starts
24 Nov 2021RBNZ adds new option to DTI consultation
24 Nov 2021FMA releases FAP self-assessment tools
24 Nov 2021More people using financial advisers: ASB
23 Nov 2021Shares slump as rate hike looms
23 Nov 2021Accuro supports Wellington air ambulance
23 Nov 2021Low deposit loans getting harder
23 Nov 2021Business mix is critical to good coverage
23 Nov 2021ANZ too clamps down on low-deposit loans
23 Nov 2021ESG expert joins Forsyth Barr
23 Nov 2021Advisers can take on the climate change challenge
23 Nov 2021Banks need to make CCCFA easy for advisers: Gough
22 Nov 2021BNZ has further toughened its lending criteria
22 Nov 2021OCR to rise; Hear the latest from Tony Alexander
22 Nov 2021Will it be a 25 or 50 basis point rate increase this week?
20 Nov 2021Heartland increase HER LVR
20 Nov 2021What is really behind Responsible Investing and ESG ratings?
19 Nov 2021Ryman Healthcare leads market lower
19 Nov 2021Nuclear weapons and nicotine alternatives a no-go zone for responsible investors
18 Nov 2021NZ shares slide as inflation expectations jump
18 Nov 2021Asteron Life wins top award - AIA exec honoured
18 Nov 2021RBNZ chief economist goes
18 Nov 2021The cost of retirement increases - again
18 Nov 2021Tower's flood modelling to change premiums
17 Nov 2021NZ sharemarket lower as Plexure falls 13%
17 Nov 2021Super fund names new head of portfolio investments
17 Nov 2021Climate change disclosures - the FMA's regulatory response
17 Nov 2021Rising stars and old hands - awards wrap
17 Nov 2021Regulation will restore confidence in financial advice
17 Nov 2021Construction costs still streaking ahead
16 Nov 2021Market Close: Electricity stocks fall as interest rates rise
16 Nov 2021Wealthpoint appoints Independent Director
16 Nov 2021Auckland housing crisis nearly over
16 Nov 2021What went well at COP26 (and what wasn't so good)
15 Nov 2021NZ shares bounce back from bad week
15 Nov 2021Financial Advice NZ appoints two new directors
15 Nov 2021Unvaccinated may face higher premiums
15 Nov 2021Financial Advice NZ conference - online from tomorrow
15 Nov 2021Hot in Hawke's Bay
15 Nov 2021Regulation roadblock for retail investment
14 Nov 2021Calls for responsible lending qualifications for advisers
12 Nov 2021Pushpay pushes market down
12 Nov 2021AIA NZ chief executive takes leave
12 Nov 2021NZ Super invests US$100m in climate tech fund
12 Nov 2021Stubbs vows to reduce fees after Simplicity hits the $4 billion mark
11 Nov 2021Mainfreight holds the line as bond yields jump
11 Nov 2021Smartshares bulks up with ASB purchase
11 Nov 2021What landlords can tell tenants
11 Nov 2021FSC membership grows by 23% - new board appointed
11 Nov 2021Advisers key to closing the protection gap
11 Nov 2021BNZ and brokers; What's happening? Three year rates at 5%
11 Nov 2021Former Fidelity exec joins Cigna
11 Nov 2021Synergy creates portfolio supermarket
10 Nov 2021NZ shares fall as Pushpay touches 12-month low
10 Nov 2021Most bank customers earning nothing
10 Nov 2021BNZ gets more business from advisers, but that may change
9 Nov 2021NZ shares up as earnings results loom
9 Nov 2021House prices should fall next year - Westpac
9 Nov 2021BNZ's profit up 74%
9 Nov 2021Cigna campaign benefits customers and advisers
9 Nov 2021AIA offers Best Doctors to group scheme customers
9 Nov 2021No jab, no job - legal rights in the workplace
9 Nov 2021Codes must have consequences
8 Nov 2021NZX 50 falls as F&P Healthcare slips
8 Nov 2021nib set to expand into life insurance
8 Nov 2021The tide is turning on house prices
8 Nov 2021[RESEND] What keeps you awake at night? No jab, no job - legal rights in the workplace
8 Nov 2021Bridging the protection gap - insurers need to work harder
7 Nov 2021[GRTV] Rob Everett on value for money, the great KiwiSaver land grab and fees
6 Nov 2021Have yur say; SBS appoints new CEO
6 Nov 2021SBS appoints new CEO
5 Nov 2021Global central banks keep rates low
5 Nov 2021[The Wrap] Changes in the wind
5 Nov 2021JMI Wealth adds yet another adviser
5 Nov 2021Have your say; Everett fires back at bank boss
5 Nov 2021Everett fires back at Drylie
5 Nov 2021Self-reporting viewed as best practice by the FMA
5 Nov 2021AMP Life exits life insurance for good
5 Nov 2021SBS Bank buys advisory firm
5 Nov 2021How global supply chain disruptions have caught out central banks in 2021.
4 Nov 2021Property stocks pull NZX 50 lower
4 Nov 2021Investors in a race to zero
4 Nov 2021TMM roadshow coming: Mark Your Diary today
4 Nov 2021Two new executive appointments at Tower
4 Nov 2021Westpac forecasting an even higher OCR
3 Nov 2021Markets muted after ‘ridiculous’ employment data
3 Nov 2021FSC launches financial wellbeing hub
3 Nov 2021Britannia needs you - a solid opportunity for advisers
3 Nov 2021RBNZ expands on DTI plans; Grab your seat at the TMM Roadshow; Nearly half ANZ's business comes from advisers
3 Nov 2021Reserve Bank gives more details on DTIs
3 Nov 2021Established Mike Pero franchise for sale in Christchurch
3 Nov 2021Tower secures National Pacific Insurance
3 Nov 2021More advisers needed
3 Nov 2021Landlord evictions clarified under Covid restrictions
2 Nov 2021New Zealanders have one very large egg in their wealth basket
2 Nov 2021NZ shares lower as RBA scraps rate targets
2 Nov 2021nib offers two months free cover online
2 Nov 2021Covid puts pressure on premiums
2 Nov 2021AML firm raises $30 mill
2 Nov 2021Mint Asset Management eyes up the adviser market
2 Nov 2021Advisers write nearly half of all ANZ's loans
1 Nov 2021NZX 50 falls as Westpac's margin tanks
1 Nov 202110 regions hit record high sales prices
1 Nov 2021Aurora shines in Deloitte Fast 50
1 Nov 2021Southern Cross strengthens executive team
1 Nov 2021Westpac profits; Have your say
1 Nov 2021Westpac reports higher earnings
1 Nov 2021New accounting standards = more costs for insurers

October 2021

30 Oct 2021Milford adds to its intermediary team
30 Oct 2021ANZ adds global infrastructure fund to OneAnswer
30 Oct 2021[The Wrap] Reflections of Rob Everett's reign
30 Oct 2021[GRTV] The difficulties of regulating financial advisers
29 Oct 2021[GRTV] The difficulties of regulating financial advisers
29 Oct 2021NZX 50 finishes month on a high
29 Oct 2021Non-disclosure case highlights need for better records
29 Oct 2021Funds' net-zero committment must be credible
29 Oct 2021What do you think of BNZ's DTIs? News on TSB and ANZ
29 Oct 2021BNZ first bank to introduce DTIs
29 Oct 2021TSB looks to have avoided Kiwibank's rate promise problems
29 Oct 2021Competency standards - to move forward, start at the finish
28 Oct 2021Inflation pushes bond yields to new high
28 Oct 2021ANZ profit up 44%
28 Oct 2021AIA NZ offers more support to advisers
28 Oct 2021Small business lending market heats up
28 Oct 2021Verhaart ends five year stint at Kiwi Wealth
28 Oct 2021House price growth on the downward slide
28 Oct 2021Small business lending market heats up
28 Oct 2021Death by a thousand regulations
28 Oct 2021If done correctly replacement not a problem
28 Oct 2021Mixed forecast for mortgage advisers
27 Oct 2021NZX falls on A2's weak margins
27 Oct 2021Salt adds to its research team
27 Oct 2021Partners Life rebrands
27 Oct 2021FSC backs target dates for FAP licencing
27 Oct 2021The dangers of home loan holidays
27 Oct 2021KiwiSaver in colour: why it shouldn’t be the new black
26 Oct 2021Synlait shares slump on record milk price
26 Oct 2021Advisers face tough environment due to Covid
26 Oct 2021Embracing change - how regulation will improve financial advice
26 Oct 2021What do retired bank CEOs do? Find out here
25 Oct 2021Tribunal: Anti-social behaviour – tenancy terminated
22 Oct 2021NZX50 limps into Labour weekend
22 Oct 2021Climate change disclosure rules pass final hurdle
22 Oct 2021Investor juggernaut slowly grinding down
22 Oct 2021Wealthpoint adds experienced adviser in venture with Rothbury
22 Oct 2021Milford expands investment team
22 Oct 2021AMP Wealth management continues to bleed funds
22 Oct 2021The long, hard road to good conduct
21 Oct 2021Second class suit stops A2 in its tracks
21 Oct 2021Business as usual after Cigna sell-off
21 Oct 2021ASB predicting even higher inflation
21 Oct 2021Rival ups its Auckland expansion
21 Oct 2021FMA sets cut off date for FAP licencing
20 Oct 2021Frothy A2 Milk extends gain as investors find faith in daigou
20 Oct 2021Compelling new investment option
20 Oct 2021Cigna ups offers to advisers - enhances products
20 Oct 2021Today's FAP focus; ANZ changes its mind
20 Oct 2021Enforcement framework feedback opens
20 Oct 2021ANZ changes its call on OCR hikes
20 Oct 2021The lives we could save
20 Oct 2021FOMO haunts property buyers
20 Oct 2021100th full FAP licence issued
19 Oct 2021Investor nerves steadied at Fletcher, Ebos AGMs
19 Oct 2021New rules: 3 houses of 3 storeys – no resource consent
19 Oct 2021Mortgage adviser made to pay $3,000
19 Oct 2021Mortgage adviser pays more than $3,000 to end complaint
19 Oct 2021Mann on a mission to diversify financial advice
18 Oct 2021Kiwi flies on stonking inflation
18 Oct 2021Investment avoidance not good enough says Pathfinder
18 Oct 2021Red hot inflation = Higher mortgage rates; New franchise launched
18 Oct 2021Inflation genie out of the bottle
18 Oct 2021REINZ want healthy homes deadline extended
18 Oct 2021The fastest rate of inflation in a decade
18 Oct 2021Asteron launches promo to support local business
18 Oct 2021Returning Kiwi takes up CFO role at Tower
18 Oct 2021New Southern Cross CLT hospital finished by Christmas
18 Oct 2021nib offers free mental health cover
18 Oct 2021Simplicity cement long term relationship with MMC
18 Oct 2021Nest Home Loans moves to franchising model
18 Oct 2021Are significant rent rises on the way?
16 Oct 2021An investment fund where someone other than the investor gets the returns
16 Oct 2021Heater standard for rentals shows ‘serious deficiencies’
15 Oct 2021Passive funds sell millions of Contact and Meridian shares
15 Oct 2021FSCL sees spike in overall complaints
15 Oct 2021Reflation, renewables and the road ahead: three predictions for global listed infrastructure 
15 Oct 2021Holiday relief for advisers
15 Oct 2021Delta fails to dampen equity markets
15 Oct 2021Mortgage advisers in line for holiday relief
15 Oct 2021Blanket wraps up domestic insurance for IFAs
14 Oct 2021a2 climbs as short sellers scared off
14 Oct 2021No new Govt moves on housing market
14 Oct 2021Confidence remains high in property market
14 Oct 2021FMA keeps watch on advertising rulebreakers
14 Oct 2021REINZ: House prices nationwide continue cooling
14 Oct 2021Financial Advice NZ conference moves online
13 Oct 2021a2 shares spike as daigou returns
13 Oct 2021Kernel Wealth plants seeds for the future with new ESG funds
13 Oct 2021Fidelity Life forms new solutions and services team
13 Oct 2021Investing in Wellywood
13 Oct 2021AIA's 5590 report; reduce risks - live longer
12 Oct 20215th day of falls on the sharemarket
12 Oct 2021No new moves on housing market: Minister
12 Oct 2021Fidelity aims to take number two spot
12 Oct 2021Almost 600 advisers take wellbeing survey
12 Oct 2021Property vulnerability revealed in new CoreLogic data
12 Oct 2021CCCFA and adviser regs problem areas for banks; We need your feedback
12 Oct 2021CCCFA and financial adviser reforms not well implemented; Bankers Association
12 Oct 2021Pepper spices up its birthday
12 Oct 2021Partners brings in actuarial expert
12 Oct 2021TAP offers OATs to independent advisers
12 Oct 2021RBNZ restructures
11 Oct 2021Z Energy jumps but index suffers from ‘endemic covid’
11 Oct 2021Higher fee KiwiSaver managers delivering superior returns
11 Oct 2021Important Information
11 Oct 2021Rising prices show no sign of stopping
11 Oct 2021RBNZ changes leadership team structure
11 Oct 2021The Co-operative Bank appoints a new CEO
11 Oct 2021House prices rise again
11 Oct 2021NZ Super invests in offshore energy infrastructure
11 Oct 2021Tribunal: Baches and the RTA
11 Oct 2021Pathfinder unpacks its Easy Crypto investment
9 Oct 2021[The Wrap] It's time to consider the impact of regulatory change
8 Oct 2021First adviser-led KiwiSaver scheme
8 Oct 2021NZ shares slip as investors sell yield stocks
8 Oct 2021Kernel's seed swelling
8 Oct 2021Cigna business sold
8 Oct 2021Rob Everett's new role revealed
8 Oct 2021Commercial: Proposed legislation shoots tenants in foot
8 Oct 2021Auckland market crushed but not shut down
8 Oct 2021More changes to floating rates
8 Oct 2021FundSource gets new owner
8 Oct 2021New Deputy Governor at RBNZ
8 Oct 2021Last days for adviser wellbeing survey feedback
7 Oct 2021Devon creates head of retail role
7 Oct 2021Dairy stocks lead NZX 50 lower
7 Oct 2021Du Val Group advertising 'likely to mislead or deceive investors'
7 Oct 2021Average asking price rising
7 Oct 2021Mortgage interest rates: Big step up predicted
7 Oct 2021$5000 scholarship looks to attract new CFPs
6 Oct 2021Shares and dollar fall as RBNZ pulls the trigger
6 Oct 2021Top deck reshuffle at RBNZ
6 Oct 2021Mixed reactions to OCR increase
6 Oct 2021Easy Crypto nets $17 million in first capital raise
6 Oct 2021REACTION: OCR up; What people are saying; ANZ quick to hike
6 Oct 2021What the RBNZ said about increasing the OCR
6 Oct 2021Tower enlists AI partner to bust claims fraud
6 Oct 2021Bankers Association agrees rules can be difficult
6 Oct 2021Areas that are cheaper to buy than rent dwindling
6 Oct 2021Partners Life lifts the cost of level life cover
6 Oct 2021Bankers Association agrees rules can be difficult
6 Oct 2021Fisher Funds buys Aon’s Kiwisaver scheme
5 Oct 2021NZ shares fall in tech sell-off
5 Oct 2021Consilium appoints Chief Operating Officer
5 Oct 2021RBNZ holds back Solvency Standards
5 Oct 2021New tax rules: What investors need to know
5 Oct 2021Departing bank CEO fires a warning; Survey reminder
5 Oct 2021Retiring bank chief slams state regulation
4 Oct 2021Fidelity Life brings in three new partnership managers
4 Oct 2021Changes to tenancy terminations
4 Oct 2021House price rises waning amid tighter lending coming
4 Oct 2021RBNZ likely to lift base interest rate on Wednesday
4 Oct 2021FNZ feathers its nest buying Hatch from Kiwi Wealth
2 Oct 2021IIS brings high risk Bitcoin fund to market
2 Oct 2021Fund rollout season continues
2 Oct 2021Green bond market gets a boost
2 Oct 2021[The Wrap] Solving the KiwiSaver value for money equation
1 Oct 2021NZ shares end week on a flat note
1 Oct 2021Manager salts up its fund menu
1 Oct 2021New record for building consents
1 Oct 2021Bad backs dominate health cover claims
1 Oct 2021ANZ scales up, drops membership fees
1 Oct 2021Cigna beefs up tech team
1 Oct 2021Does reporting season really matter.
1 Oct 2021Mortgage rates expected to be at 4% plus within a year
1 Oct 2021KiwiSaver fees - Sam says the big players are ripping you off

September 2021

30 Sep 2021One NZ share surged 20% today
30 Sep 2021National digital currency/future of cash consultation opens
30 Sep 2021AIA and Iress intergrate Xplan quoting system
30 Sep 2021Methamphetamine: Landlords call for more clarity
30 Sep 2021Chang steps into acting general counsel role
30 Sep 2021'Hole in one' cover and the design of insurance products
30 Sep 2021Crypto out, but new funds in
30 Sep 2021FMA steps up enforcement of AML breaches
30 Sep 2021Health insurer offers free counselling sessions
30 Sep 2021Measuring adviser wellbeing in NZ
29 Sep 2021NZ shares fall with global rout
29 Sep 2021Investors target newly built homes
29 Sep 2021Property tax changes announced; Biggest banks big rate increases; NEW TMM Out now
29 Sep 2021FMA extends regulatory relief - focus on good conduct
28 Sep 2021Market Close: F&P Healthcare falls along with Aussie peers
28 Sep 2021New builds: 20-year exemption from tax changes
28 Sep 2021[UPDATED] Feedback prompts changes to Asteron's trauma cover
28 Sep 2021Why work when houses make more money?
28 Sep 2021KiwiSaver funds soar, non-contributors still a worry
28 Sep 2021Harbour buys global fixed interest fund
28 Sep 2021Can infrastructure investments provide protection from rising inflation?
27 Sep 2021Rising bond yields push shares down
27 Sep 2021nib foundation joins Clearhead partnership with former All Black
27 Sep 2021Growth in house prices to fall significantly next year
26 Sep 2021[The Wrap] It's time to check in on advisers' wellbeing
24 Sep 2021Pacific Edge up 6%; while index dips
24 Sep 2021[OBITUARY] Highly respected adviser passes on
24 Sep 2021Tax deductibility rules could be revealed next week
24 Sep 2021Advisers angered by BNZ pricing move; Westpac NZ appoints new chief executive
24 Sep 2021Westpac appoints new chief executive
24 Sep 2021AMLHUB integrates with RealMe to fight money laundering
24 Sep 2021Rent levels countrywide
24 Sep 2021Advisers angered by new BNZ pricing conditions
24 Sep 2021Pathfinder and Newton Ross in NASDAQ listing
23 Sep 2021Important Information
23 Sep 2021Fonterra fund leads NZX 50 higher
23 Sep 2021Life cover - the hard sell for Kiwi insurers
23 Sep 2021Investors continue to shy away from buying more property
23 Sep 2021Co-op rate increases; Smaller hikes to follow next month; Full licensing latest
23 Sep 2021JMI Wealth adds two new advisers
23 Sep 2021October rate increases to follow recent moves
23 Sep 2021[GRTV] What's driving adviser burnout?
22 Sep 2021NZ shares up with Evergrande lurking in background
22 Sep 2021Broker complaint dismissed
22 Sep 2021David McClatchy joins several boards
22 Sep 2021Experts ponder compulsory KiwiSaver
22 Sep 2021NZ Green employs investment analysts
22 Sep 2021Kiwibank lockdown rate hikes
22 Sep 2021Kiwibank lockdown rate hikes
21 Sep 2021NZ shares flat as global markets fear Evergrande crisis
21 Sep 2021How much more life insurance needs to be sold
21 Sep 2021Full licencing - what does it look like?
21 Sep 2021Life insurers up for awards
21 Sep 2021More changes at the top for Craigs IP
21 Sep 2021CCCFA an opportunity for advisers; Borrowers abandon one year terms
21 Sep 2021CCCFA an opportunity for advisers
21 Sep 2021Borrowers abandon one year rates
21 Sep 2021Traffic builds on the road to full licensing
20 Sep 2021NZ shares consolidate from Friday rally
20 Sep 2021FMG gets a new CEO for Christmas
20 Sep 2021NZX Wealth Tech signs up boutique advice firm
20 Sep 2021Westpac and BNZ follow with lockdown rate hikes
20 Sep 2021Westpac and BNZ follow with lockdown rate hikes
20 Sep 2021MMC picks up another default KiwiSaver provider
20 Sep 2021What we know about the new FMA CEO
17 Sep 2021Passive funds push NZX 50 higher
17 Sep 2021Craigs IP exec heads to NZX Wealth
17 Sep 2021Rents remain at all-time highs
17 Sep 2021What office staff expect in a workplace
17 Sep 2021Hardship clients face credit challenges
17 Sep 2021Hardship clients face credit issues
17 Sep 2021Jarden promotes new recruit
17 Sep 2021FMA licensing workshops popular with Fidelity Life advisers
17 Sep 2021How many Kiwis has KiwiSaver Saved?
16 Sep 2021NZ shares down on ‘staggering’ GDP number
16 Sep 2021BNZ cuts KiwiSaver and managed fund fees
16 Sep 2021Southern Cross boosts surplus profits; Claims paid tops $1 bill
16 Sep 2021FSC conference changes announced
16 Sep 2021Major rate hikes at big four banks; Prospa raises A$200m
16 Sep 2021Major rate hikes at big four banks
16 Sep 2021Scam complaints rise sharply
16 Sep 2021Prospa raises A$200 million for business lending
16 Sep 2021First Mortgage Trust appoints BDM
15 Sep 2021NZ shares slightly lower with US inflation data
15 Sep 2021Mortgage rates have hit low point; TSB hikes; Nest Home Loans hires
15 Sep 2021Mortgage rates have troughed: ASB
15 Sep 2021Tereora drives off from life insurance
15 Sep 2021New names at Nest Home Loans
15 Sep 2021New recruit to focus on AML compliance
15 Sep 2021Best ever returns for NZ Super Fund
14 Sep 2021F&P Healthcare drags NZX50 down
14 Sep 2021Big returns for NZ Super Fund
14 Sep 2021Bulletproof house prices continue to climb
14 Sep 2021OCR hike likely despite extended lockdown; New Auckland franchise owner for Mike Pero
14 Sep 2021Key consultations to protect policyholders
14 Sep 2021New Auckland franchise owner for Mike Pero
14 Sep 2021ANZ appoints new head of funds management
14 Sep 2021Cryptocurrencies: MPs hear the good, bad and ugly
13 Sep 2021Who would have thought: Shares rise despite lockdown extension
13 Sep 2021OCR hike likely despite lockdown: ANZ
13 Sep 2021Cigna NZ announces two new deals
13 Sep 2021CLSAP NZ fined for AML breaches
13 Sep 2021QuayStreet names new Head of Global Equity
13 Sep 2021New CEO for the FMA
13 Sep 2021Government torpedoes fail to sink housing market
13 Sep 2021Kiwibank and SBS rate hikes; CCCFA changes pushed back to December
13 Sep 2021Housing affordability a long way off
13 Sep 2021Riviera of the South shines
12 Sep 2021Saturn brings KiwiSaver business into its orbit
12 Sep 2021[The Wrap] Building a bigger moat around advice businesses
11 Sep 2021Robotics and superconductor wire make it into Booster's KiwiSaver portfolios
11 Sep 2021Select Wealth supports Women’s Refuge
10 Sep 2021Shares down & dollar up as market predicts rate hike
10 Sep 2021CCCFA changes delayed
10 Sep 2021Insurance industry complaints on the rise
10 Sep 2021Avanti raises $350m; New build buyer risks grow
10 Sep 2021Avanti closes out biggest ever NZ securitisation
10 Sep 2021Changes at Southern Cross Trust
10 Sep 2021New-build buyer risks grow
10 Sep 2021Loss leader or game-changer? - the first zero-fee KiwiSaver fund
9 Sep 2021Profit taking pulls NZ shares down
9 Sep 2021Asteron Life support businesses with premium relief options
9 Sep 2021Co-op hikes rates; Further house price boom unlikely
9 Sep 2021Building on a roll
9 Sep 2021More Kiwi fund managers make RIAA 'Responsible Leaders' list
8 Sep 2021NZ shares snap 7-day rally
8 Sep 2021Delta fails to dampen equity markets
8 Sep 2021AIA offers one month free on new policies
8 Sep 2021Kiwi investors leading the Responsible Investment charge
8 Sep 2021No market rebound expected post lockdown
8 Sep 2021Mortgage rate movement in August revealed; Bascand to leave RBNZ
8 Sep 2021Special mortgage rates flat in August
8 Sep 2021RBNZ deputy governor Bascand to step down
7 Sep 2021Partners Life adds to Banqer High literacy programme
7 Sep 2021NZ shares rise as nationwide lockdown ends
7 Sep 2021Reserve Bank deputy on the move
7 Sep 2021Fiducian expands NZ presence
7 Sep 2021House sales and prices hardly reduced by lockdown
7 Sep 2021Death by 10,000 paper cuts
7 Sep 2021ASB to honour pricing in level four; Westpac and Kainga Ora rate hikes
7 Sep 2021ASB to honour pricing during alert level four
7 Sep 2021Trusted Adviser status defended after FoxPlan censure
6 Sep 2021AIA NZ recruits internationally experienced CTO
6 Sep 2021NZX 50 makes seven day gain run
6 Sep 2021BNZ goes live with MMC’s registry services for KiwiSaver
6 Sep 2021Lockdown turmoil for ASB customers; Tighter LVR restrictions for owner-occupiers
6 Sep 2021Lockdown issues hit home loans
6 Sep 2021Advisers facing a perfect storm
5 Sep 2021[The Wrap] KiwiSaver for free who would have thought of that?
3 Sep 2021Sky TV leads NZX50 higher
3 Sep 2021Tighter LVR restrictions for owner-occupiers
3 Sep 2021Short house price surge possible post lockdown
3 Sep 2021Hey guys, find out which parts of the body break down by age
3 Sep 2021FSC ReGenerations Conference postponed
3 Sep 2021Lockdowns don’t stop market rumbling on
3 Sep 2021Prospa bounces back from first lockdown
3 Sep 2021Lifetime acquires significant Auckland advice group
3 Sep 2021Prospa bounces back from first lockdown
2 Sep 2021Warning to insurance advisers selling up
2 Sep 2021NZ shares settle after action packed earnings season
2 Sep 2021NZ shares settle after action packed earnings season
2 Sep 2021Asteron offers Best Doctors package to advisers
2 Sep 2021Mercer beefs up its not-for-profit sector
2 Sep 2021Listings cool: Expected to bounce back quickly
2 Sep 2021Resimac increases NZ adviser business; ASB hikes longer term loans
2 Sep 2021Resimac writing more prime loans and dealing with more advisers
2 Sep 2021Sharesies fronts up after AML Act breaches
1 Sep 2021Sanford shares surge as Ngāi Tahu fishes for value
1 Sep 2021Fears over prolonged lockdown; Record building consents
1 Sep 2021First zero fee KiwiSaver fund arrives

August 2021

31 Aug 2021Sky TV leads NZX50 for second day
31 Aug 2021QuayStreet adds new analyst
31 Aug 2021Taking care of your team in lockdown
31 Aug 2021TSB fined $3.5m for anti-money laundering act breaches
31 Aug 2021Fears over extended lockdown
31 Aug 2021New records in building industry consents
31 Aug 2021Housing shortage pumps prices
31 Aug 2021When borrowers feel the pinch; Record rent increases
31 Aug 2021Jarden hit with $40k penalty
30 Aug 2021Consumer stocks led NZX 50 higher
30 Aug 2021OCR hikes hit borrowers six months later
30 Aug 2021Health insurance claims top $400m in last quarter
30 Aug 2021Property finance specialist joins the Eightfold Group
30 Aug 2021Huge profit in house resales
30 Aug 2021Kiwi Adviser Network passes 100 adviser mark
30 Aug 2021Kiwi Adviser Network reaches 100 adviser mark
29 Aug 2021[The Wrap] Who's tougher? FMA or ASIC
28 Aug 2021Record rent increases
27 Aug 2021Vista helps NZX50 end week up 1.3%
27 Aug 2021CCCFA changes: what advisers need to know
27 Aug 2021CCCFA changes: What advisers need to know
27 Aug 2021NZX Wealth Technologies profitable and aiming at big targets
26 Aug 2021AML deadlines extended
26 Aug 2021NZ shares down as A2 Milk sheds $600m
26 Aug 2021RBNZ price fall prediction countered
26 Aug 2021Kiwibank mortgages up 11% as profit doubles
26 Aug 2021Cigna appoints experienced lawyer to its leadership team
26 Aug 2021Be warned: A big OCR increase in October likely
26 Aug 2021RBNZ eyed 50 basis point OCR hike
26 Aug 2021Climate fund makes first investment
26 Aug 2021Kiwibank profits double, mortgage book up 11%
26 Aug 2021Big banks offer business relief
25 Aug 2021Kiwi dollar up as RBNZ signals rate hikes
25 Aug 2021BNZ CEO departs
25 Aug 2021Fossil fuel investment drops 'but not fast enough'
25 Aug 2021Tribunal: Black mould leads to substantial compensation order
24 Aug 2021ANZ does a u-turn on rate increases
24 Aug 2021NZX50 holds at 13,000 after strong earnings results
24 Aug 2021[Watch] August property market update
24 Aug 2021Policy Servicing: What to do now and how is Covid changing things
24 Aug 2021Home loans for humans
24 Aug 2021Residential market confidence remains elevated
23 Aug 2021ANZ makes confidential deal with Ross victims
23 Aug 2021Z Energy pushes NZX 50 above 13,000 points
23 Aug 2021Craigs welcomes back former staffer
23 Aug 2021nib makes $27 million profit after 'challenging year'
23 Aug 2021Sharesies snapped for AML breaches
23 Aug 2021Regional Insights report: Auckland market cools most
23 Aug 2021Milford establishes a new foundation
23 Aug 2021Old Aegis platform gets a new look
21 Aug 2021Lockdown 'net positive' for NZ sharemarket
20 Aug 2021‘Bonkers’ housing market off the chart
20 Aug 2021Fall in real house prices expected by Reserve Bank
20 Aug 2021Advisers can run a FAP - but it's not easy
20 Aug 2021Why DIY investing and professional advice can see eye-to-eye
19 Aug 2021Experienced BDM moves to Cigna
19 Aug 2021Chorus shares lift as ComCom values its assets
19 Aug 2021Financial services lockdown update - FMA hopes to add to list
19 Aug 2021Reserve Bank predicts fall in house prices; Eyes on October rate hike
19 Aug 2021Reserve Bank predicts fall in house prices
19 Aug 2021People are punting on insurance – we have to stop them
19 Aug 2021Avanti adds to its property finance team
19 Aug 2021Economists react to rate hold decision
18 Aug 2021Shares up as RBNZ defers rate hike
18 Aug 2021OCR decision revealed
18 Aug 2021Delta outbreak set to halt rate hike
18 Aug 2021Delta outbreak set to halt rate hike
18 Aug 2021Booster invests into financial advice business
17 Aug 2021Markets tumble as covid case found
17 Aug 2021Rent shock for abandoning rental
17 Aug 2021ANZ hikes rates ahead of RBNZ decision
17 Aug 2021ANZ hikes rates ahead of RBNZ decision
17 Aug 2021Economic strength brings RBNZ into play
16 Aug 2021Short sellers send A2 shares up
16 Aug 2021a2 shares jump as Aussie media reheats Nestle rumours
16 Aug 2021OCR Preview Survey; Squirrel product receives 1000 applications
16 Aug 2021OCR Preview Survey: Economists predict first hike since 2014
16 Aug 2021Squirrel 95% mortgage passes 1000 applications
16 Aug 2021Top city - top prices
15 Aug 2021AMP's New Zealand renovation continues
14 Aug 2021[The Wrap] Time to focus on fund manager fees?
14 Aug 2021Real house price falls predicted from next year
13 Aug 2021NZ shares up as investors ignore uncertainty
13 Aug 2021AIA NZ improves mental health underwriting
13 Aug 2021Housing market: Still hot but cooling
13 Aug 2021Experienced advisers head to Kiwi Adviser Network
13 Aug 2021Kiwi Adviser Network lures experienced advisers
13 Aug 2021World first fund joins InvestNow
12 Aug 2021FMA accuses gold mine boss of market manipulation
12 Aug 2021NZ shares fall as nervy investors wait on RBNZ
12 Aug 2021Investor mortgage lending waning
12 Aug 2021Lifetime strengthens investment committee
12 Aug 2021ASB home lending jumps; Commercial real estate outlook
12 Aug 2021Prices cool over past three months
12 Aug 2021Cryptocurrency - a key part of a diversified portfolio
12 Aug 2021Booster's Tahi fund makes another investment
11 Aug 2021F&P Healthcare sucks life out of market
11 Aug 2021ASB profit up 40% as home lending soars
11 Aug 2021Kainga Ora rate changes; Mortgage strategy update
11 Aug 2021ESG an empty buzzword
11 Aug 2021Westpac warned for AML failures
11 Aug 2021Industrial buildings: Adapt or fail
11 Aug 2021Marathon court battle comes to an end
10 Aug 2021$100 billion mark cracked
10 Aug 2021Investors prepare for earnings next week
10 Aug 2021Long-term mortgages becoming more attractive
10 Aug 2021Beating up investors with yet more regulations
10 Aug 2021TSB rate changes; Growing talk of 50 basis point OCR hike
10 Aug 2021Adviser opportunities have never been better
10 Aug 2021Pathfinder joins the $100 million club
9 Aug 2021NZ shares fall as bond yields climb
9 Aug 2021House price madness probably slowing
9 Aug 2021Outside odds of 50 basis point rate hike
9 Aug 2021Kiwibank hikes 2 year rate
9 Aug 2021Check your cover and win a prize - ICNZ
6 Aug 2021NZ shares up as Refining NZ shareholders vote to end refining
6 Aug 2021Devon adds to board
6 Aug 2021Inspiring and energising - Financial Advice NZ
6 Aug 2021Inflation; transitory traveller or a more permanent fixture?
5 Aug 2021Trading session left unfinished as NZX halts market
5 Aug 2021Consilium appoints former MP to its board
5 Aug 2021KiwiSaver rides the waves
5 Aug 2021FSCL case highlights need for better record keeping
5 Aug 2021Landlords given latitude over family violence and assaults
5 Aug 2021Online investing platforms - breaking barriers, transforming attitudes
4 Aug 2021Sticky investment for Pathfinder
4 Aug 20212000 new investors flock to latest commercial property deal
4 Aug 2021NZ shares up as labour data shows economy running hot
4 Aug 2021Award-winning exec joins Aurora
4 Aug 2021Milford remains the gorilla of the funds management industry; others bleed
4 Aug 2021Vendor demands heighten risk for movers
4 Aug 2021Tenants refuse property viewing
3 Aug 2021Logistics stocks led NZ shares marginally lower
3 Aug 2021Tower hits the water with boat insurance offering
3 Aug 2021$10k scholarship for insurance professionals opens
3 Aug 2021Reserve Bank gets serious about 'risky lending'
3 Aug 2021Income protection: Why taxable losses are not the right advice
3 Aug 2021Companies office deregisters 458 FSPs
2 Aug 2021Big growth stocks lead NZ shares higher
2 Aug 2021nib campaign offers free cover for kids
2 Aug 2021Stock shortages, prices boom
2 Aug 2021Valuation issues worsen
1 Aug 2021Once in a lifetime business - Take two

July 2021

31 Jul 2021Changes at T Rowe Price
30 Jul 2021NZ shares surrender yesterday’s gain
30 Jul 2021House prices continue to ease
30 Jul 2021FSCL case highlights clawback danger
30 Jul 2021Fisher Funds donates $500k to mental health charities
30 Jul 2021Tribunal: Tenants’ bond ‘kept in a tin’
29 Jul 2021Mainfreight surges to $83
29 Jul 2021FSCL case highlights clawback danger
29 Jul 2021AIA admits to fair dealing breaches - could face $700k fine
29 Jul 2021FMA releases cyber-safety fact sheet
29 Jul 2021ICBC cuts 6 month rate, raises others
28 Jul 2021Regulation fears spill into currency markets
28 Jul 2021Canstar's top five Kiwi health insurers
28 Jul 2021Commercial property sales booming
28 Jul 2021Kiwis concerned about retirement savings
28 Jul 2021FMA pings adviser for unauthorised advice
28 Jul 2021SBS plans first home buyer product; Property market turning?
28 Jul 2021SBS plans new first home buyer product
28 Jul 2021PI scheme cover extended due to IT issues
27 Jul 2021a2 Milk drops another 4% on regulation risk
27 Jul 2021FMA issues scam warning
27 Jul 2021Consultation opens for rollout of Financial Market Infrastructure Act
27 Jul 2021Clients switching to three-year terms; Lending hits $8.5 bn in June
27 Jul 2021How overpaying claims leads to product innovation
27 Jul 2021Clients switching to three-year terms
27 Jul 2021CoFI debate back on agenda
26 Jul 2021a2 shares plunge as Chinese regulator flexes its muscles
26 Jul 2021Mortgage lending boom continues through June
26 Jul 2021Prospa NZ business soars
26 Jul 2021House prices close to turning
26 Jul 2021Auckland feels effect of LVR limits
26 Jul 2021Input from insurers on solvency standards
25 Jul 2021Eye-watering price growth in Wellington
24 Jul 2021[GRTV] Time for a new code for managers
23 Jul 2021NZ shares rise on 'covid-fear trade'
23 Jul 2021Prospa prospers with fourth-quarter growth
23 Jul 2021Underwriting delays for nib special offer
23 Jul 2021Valuation profession adapts
23 Jul 2021Valuation profession adapts
23 Jul 2021Consumer data right goes to Parliament
22 Jul 2021Shares drift sideways as RBNZ bond buying ends
22 Jul 2021Valuation profession adapts and changes
22 Jul 2021Accountants slam interest deductibility changes
22 Jul 2021Accountants slam interest deductibility changes
22 Jul 2021Murder House memories: why KiwiSaver investors need to brush-up on good financial habits
22 Jul 2021FMA report slams insurers
21 Jul 2021NZ shares climb while covid variant still looms large
21 Jul 2021Council of Financial Regulators website goes live
21 Jul 2021Flood claims cost almost $45 million
21 Jul 2021Client concern over rising interest rates
21 Jul 2021Cryptocurrency; Advisers wary but must evolve
20 Jul 2021NZ shares recover early losses
20 Jul 2021Client concern over rate rises
20 Jul 2021FMA focus - Money laundering, cybercrime, disclosure and more
20 Jul 2021The FSPR is moving in directions we haven’t discussed
20 Jul 2021Westpac drops KiwiSaver fees
20 Jul 2021Higher rates look inevitable
20 Jul 2021ASB joins AMP on the BlackRock bandwagon
19 Jul 2021More ships dock at Harbour
19 Jul 2021Shares slide as covid continues to wreak havoc
19 Jul 2021Economists lean towards OCR hike next month
19 Jul 2021FMA publishes annual corporate plan
19 Jul 2021AIA grant helps Tools Down with tradies' mental health
19 Jul 2021Challenger banks hike rates; Small investors pull back
19 Jul 2021Small investors pull back
18 Jul 2021A good year minted
16 Jul 2021Share market shuffles sideways as inflation soars
16 Jul 2021Compliance Refinery expands
16 Jul 2021Kiwibank cuts two-year rate, raises others
16 Jul 2021LVRs kicking in for Auckland house prices
16 Jul 2021Rate hikes: ANZ, BNZ and Westpac follow ASB
16 Jul 2021Banks keen on crypto conversation
15 Jul 2021Kiwi dollar hangs onto gains after RBNZ boost
15 Jul 2021Woman loses over $100k in Forex scam
15 Jul 2021OCR reaction: higher interest rates tipped for next month
15 Jul 2021New independent director for Craigs IP
15 Jul 2021InvestNow platform opening up to advisers
14 Jul 2021Swift market reaction as RBNZ calls time on money printing
14 Jul 2021OCR reaction: higher interest rates expected
14 Jul 2021OCR decision revealed
14 Jul 2021Dire shortage of properties for sale
14 Jul 2021Cigna scholarship boost for aspiring actuary
14 Jul 2021Equitise fined for financial statement fail
14 Jul 2021ASB rate hikes across the board; Pepper's Milburn steps down
14 Jul 2021ASB rate hikes across the board; Pepper's Milburn steps down
14 Jul 2021Pepper's Milburn steps down; replaced by Saoud
14 Jul 2021ASB hikes rates across the board
14 Jul 2021Confidence up but wealth gap grows
13 Jul 2021My Food Bag buoyed by Aussie takeover
13 Jul 2021Investors urged to bolt in long-term rates
13 Jul 2021Soaring house prices fuel OCR hike talk; Housing supply at risk
13 Jul 2021AIA Vitality partners with Countdown and New Balance
13 Jul 2021Soaring house prices fuel OCR hike talk
13 Jul 2021Financial stress – more common than you might think
13 Jul 2021Ending a 40-year career - the true cost of a FADC decision
12 Jul 2021Vista climbs on Black Widow debut
12 Jul 2021RBNZ issues Relationship Charter survey results
12 Jul 2021ICNZ launches te reo Maori title
12 Jul 2021Guardian Trust and Covenant sold to Asian entity
12 Jul 2021[Opinion] How investors could solve the housing crisis
12 Jul 2021Housing supply at risk
12 Jul 2021Interest rates key to fighting house price boom
12 Jul 2021Housing market ‘stronger than a month ago’
12 Jul 2021OCR preview survey: economists look ahead
12 Jul 2021OCR preview survey: economists look ahead
12 Jul 2021Tight times for Winterless North
11 Jul 2021[The Wrap] Hurrah! Big banks exit life insurance
9 Jul 2021Well-known names join ACC Investment committee
9 Jul 2021Investors sell risk assets as delta variant causes alarm
9 Jul 20218 Steps to a beautiful annual operating plan
9 Jul 2021Fidelity Life appoints new chief sales and service officer
9 Jul 2021Expansion accelerates taper talk
9 Jul 2021Mortgage strategy dilemma
9 Jul 2021Mortgage strategy dilemma
9 Jul 2021FMA passes 10-year milestone
8 Jul 2021Pacific Edge gains while market flatlines
8 Jul 2021Mercer NZ commits to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050
8 Jul 2021Reserve Bank to consult on the future of cash
8 Jul 2021Economists predict November interest rate hike
8 Jul 2021Sold sign goes up at AMP Capital
7 Jul 2021For the first time FMA strips a manager
7 Jul 2021Investor confidence up - but beware the bursting bubble
7 Jul 2021NZ shares shuffle sideways as investors rejig portfolios
7 Jul 2021November OCR hike: Predict Westpac and ANZ
7 Jul 2021Franklin Templeton joins Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative
7 Jul 2021OCR hike tipped for November; Westpac chair retires
7 Jul 2021Advisers should talk to advisers about professional indemnity
6 Jul 2021Auckland Airport took off yesterday, but landed today
6 Jul 2021Westpac New Zealand chair retires
6 Jul 2021OCR to rise in November: ASB
6 Jul 2021Fidelity buys Westpac Life
6 Jul 2021BNZ and Westpac stay out of new build battle; Kinzett successor at FMT named
5 Jul 2021Auckland Airport jumps on Sydney Airport takeover bid
5 Jul 2021BNZ and Westpac stay out of new build loan battle
5 Jul 2021Prices continue to rise unabated
5 Jul 2021Professional IQ farewells its chief executive
5 Jul 2021How SMEs can ease late payment pain to facilitate growth
5 Jul 2021First Mortgage Managers names Tony Kinzett successor
3 Jul 2021[GRTV] Looking after advisers' mental health
2 Jul 2021a2 Milk drives positive finish to the week
2 Jul 2021How SMEs can ease late payment pain to facilitate growth
2 Jul 2021ANZ relaxes apartment lending criteria; Nelson Building Society cuts rates
2 Jul 2021Macquarie rumoured to be looking at AMP Capital
2 Jul 2021ASB KiwiSaver comes out poorly in survey
1 Jul 2021Property stocks hit records
1 Jul 2021ANZ eases apartment lending rules
1 Jul 2021Housing streaks past $1.5 trillion but growth stalling
1 Jul 2021House price growth slows
1 Jul 2021Housing price growth slows: CoreLogic
1 Jul 2021Fisher Funds appoints new chief investment officer
1 Jul 2021Financial adviser deregistrations underway

June 2021

30 Jun 2021Fonterra Fund leads NZ shares higher
30 Jun 2021FMA review of NZX shows room for improvement
30 Jun 2021ASB new build offer surpasses $2bn mark; Borrowers can handle higher rates
30 Jun 2021ASB 1.79% offer surpasses $2 billion mark
30 Jun 2021With its shares down over 50% year to date has The a2 Milk Company become of interest for value investors
30 Jun 2021 Pathfinder finds its mojo
29 Jun 2021NZ shares rise as tourism stocks recover
29 Jun 2021Borrowers can handle higher interest rates: ASB
29 Jun 2021West Coast best bet for investors
29 Jun 2021Hyde to lead asset allocation team
29 Jun 2021EQC offloads disaster claim management to Kiwi insurers
29 Jun 2021Westpac the latest bank to tip earlier rate hike
29 Jun 2021'Finfluencers' now on regulator's radar
28 Jun 2021Travel stocks drop as trans-Tasman bubble deflates
28 Jun 2021Westpac tips earlier rate hike, house price decline in late 2022
28 Jun 2021Cigna extends multi-benefit discount
28 Jun 2021Ethical Investing NZ recruits financial planner
28 Jun 2021Multi-unit insurance cover: The lowdown
28 Jun 2021Death rates and the impact of the End of Life Choice Act
28 Jun 2021Claim against Bond Centre thrown out
28 Jun 2021ANZ's 1.68% rate; Lending strong in May; New non-bank funds
28 Jun 2021ANZ 1.68% new build rate shakes up market
28 Jun 2021Women win financial stakes
28 Jun 2021Mortgage lending holds up in May
27 Jun 2021Trade-ups out of reach for many
27 Jun 2021Alpha First Lending- Non Bank Funds Available Now
25 Jun 2021Kiwi, stocks bounce back from Fed scare
25 Jun 2021Risk of higher OCR this year
25 Jun 2021Record commercial property returns; Mike Pero hire
25 Jun 2021Lockdown opens up tickets for Ethical Investment awards
25 Jun 2021Mike Pero Timaru hire
25 Jun 2021New advice rules more flexible than advisers think
24 Jun 2021NZ shares flat but THL bounces on profit upgrade
24 Jun 2021Commercial property returns all-time high
24 Jun 2021Tech and the real estate trajectory
24 Jun 2021Westpac abandons NZ sale plan
24 Jun 2021Westpac abandons NZ sale plan
23 Jun 2021NZ shares up as investors look for data signals
23 Jun 2021Carter makes way for St John on ANZ NZ board
23 Jun 2021Fix rates now bank urges
23 Jun 2021Home lending drives record bank profits
23 Jun 2021Mortgage growth drives record bank profits
23 Jun 2021Another milestone reached - the road to full licensing lies ahead
22 Jun 2021‘Sanity’ returns to market
22 Jun 2021nib offers cover for non-PHARMAC medicines
22 Jun 2021Complaints and the problem with professional indemnity insurance
22 Jun 2021Investor activity falls; Astute helps newcomers; ICBC rate changes
22 Jun 2021Investor activity falls
22 Jun 2021Astute launches mentorship scheme
21 Jun 2021NZ shares decline as A2 Milk pulls back
21 Jun 2021Interest rate hike expectations grow
21 Jun 2021SBS rate cuts; People moves latest
20 Jun 2021PMG to buy two substantial properties
18 Jun 2021a2 Milk jumps; Kiwi dips below 70 US cents
18 Jun 2021Five new funds for ethical investors
18 Jun 2021Simplicity cuts floating rate to 1.9%
18 Jun 2021ANZ predicts OCR hike in February; ASB to repay $9m over break-fee blunder; Westpac rate cuts
18 Jun 2021Cigna signals changes to its growing distribution team
18 Jun 2021Digital investment 'no longer on the fringe'
17 Jun 2021Sharemarket and Kiwi dollar tumbles as US Fed pencils in rate hikes
17 Jun 2021ANZ predicts February OCR hike following GDP growth
17 Jun 2021ASB repays $9m over break-fee blunder
17 Jun 2021House prices ramping up nationwide
17 Jun 2021Concern over DTI implementation; Co-operative Bank goes sub 2%
17 Jun 2021Adviser concern over DTI threat
17 Jun 2021Covid-related KiwiSaver switches less likely with an adviser
16 Jun 2021Markets waits on US Fed...
16 Jun 2021What DTI limits might look like
16 Jun 2021Win a day with an AIA NZ Vitality ambassador
16 Jun 2021First Mortgage Managers appoint its first female director
16 Jun 2021DTIs move closer to reality; Prosper-MySolutions tie-up; BNZ rate changes
16 Jun 2021Debt-to-income limits move closer
16 Jun 2021Reserve Bank cools on interest-only limits
16 Jun 2021Propser and mySolutions team up
16 Jun 2021How office space will transform
16 Jun 2021Micro-investing platforms - the future is now
15 Jun 2021F&P Healthcare shares surge as competitor recalls dangerous products
15 Jun 2021Recruitment drive nets AIA NZ four new BDMs and a 'vitality coach'
15 Jun 2021New Partners Life products - hoping to find the middle ground
15 Jun 2021Housing sales drop, prices race ahead
15 Jun 2021Craigs snares ASB exec as new CEO
15 Jun 2021The tale of two claims - The media's perception of insurance
15 Jun 2021Investors urged to lock in long term rates; TSB hikes long term rates
15 Jun 2021Investors urged to bolt in long-term rates
15 Jun 2021Britannia Financial Services rebrands - expands investment offering
14 Jun 2021Heartland Bank dominates market
14 Jun 2021Rival Wealth gains more experience in its Auckland office
14 Jun 2021Turnaround times slow to improve; ASB rate changes
14 Jun 2021Tower appoints former rugby pro to sales and service team
14 Jun 2021Vero asks customers to use mental health support benefit
14 Jun 2021Turnaround times slow to improve
14 Jun 2021Tale of two lakes
14 Jun 2021Saving KiwiSaver: why contributions matter more than fees
13 Jun 2021[The Wrap] A big picture view of financial planning
11 Jun 2021Shares rise as markets ignore ‘shocking’ inflation
11 Jun 2021Healthy Homes deadline fast approaching
11 Jun 2021TSB cuts short term rates, raises 2 year: Reardon switches at Loan Market; Government reform latest
11 Jun 2021National criticises new conduct bill
11 Jun 2021Details emerge of property investor tax exemptions
11 Jun 2021Financial Advice NZ launches new liability cover offering
10 Jun 2021a2 and Mainfreight fall as investors eye inflation
10 Jun 2021FSC launches competition for school students
10 Jun 2021Suncorp NZ invests in a technology-enabled workforce
10 Jun 2021Experienced exec joins Loan Market Central
10 Jun 2021Experienced exec joins Loan Market Central
10 Jun 2021AIA NZ helps raise $30k for India's Covid-19 relief fund
10 Jun 2021Financial Advice New Zealand PI insurance details; Short term rates drop, longer terms rise
10 Jun 2021Financial Advice NZ reveals PI renewal costs
9 Jun 2021NZ shares edge higher as interest rates ease
9 Jun 2021Market starting to cool
9 Jun 2021FSCL surprised by insurance hikes
9 Jun 2021FSCL surprised by PI insurance hikes
9 Jun 2021[GRTV] Getting good returns from fixed interest
9 Jun 2021Looking forward to full licensing - but don't wait too long
8 Jun 2021NZ shares rise despite SkyCity falling 5%
8 Jun 2021Educating the educated - Code Standards 6, 7, 8 and 9
8 Jun 2021AIA offers Canterbury flood victims premium relief
8 Jun 2021Short term rates continue to drop
8 Jun 2021Short term rates continue to drop
8 Jun 2021Treasury’s house price claims debunked
7 Jun 2021Partners Life reveals its secret sauce
6 Jun 2021[GRTV] CoFI presents new challenges for advisers: Manning
4 Jun 2021Synlait leads NZ shares higher
4 Jun 2021Sentro delivers for mid-range group insurers
4 Jun 2021Another Wellington adviser joins Mortgage Express
4 Jun 2021SBS operating surplus jumps, targets reverse mortgage growth
4 Jun 2021Mindful Money awards reach capacity
4 Jun 2021Fidelity Life steps up for Canterbury farmers
4 Jun 2021Lockton to open Auckland office
4 Jun 2021PI insurance costs soar
4 Jun 2021PI insurance costs soar
4 Jun 2021How to finance the climate change transition
3 Jun 2021NZ shares tread water ahead of US jobs report
3 Jun 2021Investor demand sees Kernel launch range of sustainable funds
3 Jun 2021Fresh new look for RBNZ
3 Jun 2021AIA NZ supports Relief Run for India
3 Jun 2021Market finally shows signs of cooling
3 Jun 2021Market moves; new hire at Mortgage Express
3 Jun 2021Wellington hire for Mortgage Express
2 Jun 2021Kiwi dollar unwinds RBNZ rally
2 Jun 2021Guardians of NZ Super add to leadership team
2 Jun 2021RBNZ balance sheet almost triples in size
2 Jun 2021Co-Op Bank CEO hits the road
2 Jun 2021House price growth slows; Co-operative Bank boss to depart
2 Jun 2021CoreLogic report shows slowing house price inflation
2 Jun 2021Advisers ‘critical gatekeepers’ for responsible investment: RIAA
1 Jun 2021NZ shares climb as dairy stocks float amid flooding
1 Jun 2021Small businesses seek advice
1 Jun 2021Co-Op Bank CEO hits the road
1 Jun 2021Support for adviser wellbeing is essential - Tremethick
1 Jun 2021nib Foundation launches new charity grant scheme
1 Jun 2021Robo-advice KiwiSaver platform links up with NZFSG
1 Jun 2021Robo-advice KiwiSaver links up with advisers
1 Jun 2021Caveat on house building: Supplies and labour shortage
1 Jun 2021Almost half of NZ's advisers face deregistration

May 2021

31 May 2021NZ shares break losing streak
31 May 2021Reserve Bank releases reports into illegal data breach
31 May 2021Adviser business values hold steady
31 May 2021Get ready for housing upheaval
31 May 2021Half of advisers face de-registration; Geoff Allen joins FMT
31 May 2021Half of advisers face deregistration
31 May 2021Geoff Allen joins First Mortgage Trust
31 May 2021Roboadvice scheme calls for financial advisers
28 May 2021NZX 50 has fallen 8.5% this year
28 May 2021Pathfinder and ACC invest in All Black's mental health initiative
28 May 2021Tower Insurance partnership push hits full pace
28 May 2021Fixing short terms the cheapest option for borrowers
28 May 2021Fixing short terms the cheapest option for borrowers
28 May 2021Finalists announced for the first Mindful Money Awards
27 May 2021Investors knock $1b off F&P Healthcare valuation
27 May 2021ASA asks for industry input as it reviews financial advertising rules
27 May 2021Reserve Bank takes High Court action against TSB
27 May 2021Keeping up - but not with the Kardashians
27 May 2021OCR projected to rise next year; mortgage lending falls in April
27 May 2021Mortgage lending falls in April
27 May 2021Adviser burnout – what to do if it hits you
26 May 2021Markets react to RBNZ OCR announcement
26 May 2021OCR reaction: Rates set to rise from 2022
26 May 2021Latest OCR decision revealed
26 May 2021Long-term rates an attractive strategy
26 May 2021Long-term rates an attractive strategy
26 May 2021Tenancy jurisdiction spat: No comfort from tribunal
26 May 2021John Kirwan's mental health app gets heavyweight support
25 May 2021NZ shares fall with F&P Healthcare
25 May 2021KiwiSaver: Young Kiwis in the wrong fund
25 May 2021Making money the easy way
25 May 2021How CoFi bill will affect commission
25 May 2021CoFI Bill: How will it affect commission?
24 May 2021Ryman Healthcare drags NZ shares lower
24 May 2021Auckland rents keep lurching up
24 May 2021Health and wellness top of mind at AIA adviser summit
24 May 2021More policing of landlords ‘total waste of money’
24 May 2021OCR decision: all eyes on inflation comments; SBS rate increases
24 May 2021OCR Preview Survey: all eyes on inflation comments
22 May 2021Former van Eyk boss faces four dishonesty charges
21 May 2021a2 Milk Company comes roaring back
21 May 2021Melissa Cantell - more than meets the eye
21 May 2021What the Budget means for housing
21 May 2021FSPR deadline causes panic
21 May 2021New venture capital fund bets big on climate recovery
20 May 2021Labour's big budget boosts sharemarket
20 May 2021Govt reckons it's tamed the housing market
20 May 2021FMA appoints general counsel
20 May 2021Govt reckons it's tamed house price growth
20 May 2021More money to police property rental laws
20 May 2021FSPR deadline causes panic
20 May 2021Roaring industrial market heats up
20 May 2021MBIE defends KiwiSaver shakeup
19 May 2021Earnings fail to excite the market
19 May 2021Dealer group to pay commissions direct to members
19 May 2021DTIs rise sharply
19 May 2021DTIs rising sharply
19 May 2021Let's give TPD a second look
19 May 2021TAP into everything you need for your FAP
19 May 2021KiwiSaver: Concern over fee-focused default funds
18 May 2021NZ shares rise as investors bet on earnings results
18 May 2021Not-for-profit insurer Accuro celebrates 50 years in business
18 May 2021APN Property Group asks for approval for buy-out by Dexus
18 May 2021Australian sustainable fund arrives in NZ
18 May 2021Top tips for riding out the tax change storm
18 May 2021SFO fraud charges could be the largest in NZ history
18 May 2021Twists and turns in housing market
18 May 2021Prospa loan book soars; Astute hires BDM
18 May 2021Strong growth in lending continues as Prospa supports SME recovery
18 May 2021Investors and traders both want good returns but are polar opposites
18 May 2021Climate crisis solution is finance: Shaw
17 May 2021NZ shares edge up from two-month low
17 May 2021Southern Cross rebrands hospital network
17 May 2021Astute hires new BDM
17 May 2021Slow to adapt and fixed in our ways - the problems with life cover
17 May 2021ASB launches 1.79% variable rate
17 May 2021ASB launches 1.79% variable rate for new builds
16 May 2021[The Wrap] What we learnt from the great KiwiSaver shakeout
15 May 2021How three sacked KiwiSaver default providers reacted
15 May 2021Axed KiwiSaver funds haven't done a good job
14 May 2021NZX50 falls 2.8% this week as inflation rears its head
14 May 2021Mercer sharpens RI focus
14 May 2021Bye bye big banks - New KiwiSaver default fund providers celebrate
14 May 2021KiwiSaver shake up not just about fees
14 May 2021Fisher Funds - 'not a cut-price fund manager'
14 May 2021Concerns about new tax ‘dismissed out of hand’
14 May 2021Property market activity slows, prices up
14 May 2021Five KiwiSaver providers lose default status; Two new ones added
13 May 2021Rearing US inflation drives global stock markets lower
13 May 2021Southern Cross industry update - senior staff movements and product opportunities
13 May 2021House prices haven’t dropped yet – new records set
13 May 2021Mindful Money awards entries delight organisers
13 May 2021First signs of a cooling housing market
13 May 2021Heartland launches 1.85% mortgage; Home loan hardships rise
13 May 2021Estate planning course launches
13 May 2021Single-adviser FAPs need to ‘reinvent the way they give advice’
12 May 2021Blue-chip stocks knocked by growing inflation concerns
12 May 2021Milford Disclaimer
12 May 2021Heartland launches 1.85% mortgage
12 May 2021Inflation about to hit Main Street
12 May 2021Mortgage hardships rise
12 May 2021Accuro invests in new digital tech
12 May 2021Construction sector overstretched
12 May 2021Methamphetamine use doesn’t mean eviction
12 May 2021New homes under threat from overstretched construction sector
11 May 2021a2 leads market lower for a second day
11 May 2021Rent controls not the answer
11 May 2021Efforts to dampen housing market not working yet
11 May 2021Covid could come back to bite Kiwi insurers
11 May 2021Top of the South Island pops
11 May 2021Gold fraudster loses sentence appeal
11 May 2021ANZ tightens investor servicing
11 May 2021ANZ tightens servicing for investors; New estate planning course
10 May 2021[The Wrap] You can feel the change. But is it good?
10 May 2021Dairy stocks whacked on a2 Milk downgrade
10 May 2021Kiwi Wealth invests more into private equity
10 May 2021SBS rate cuts
10 May 2021 Investors pull back
10 May 2021Fidelity Life creates new role for chief operating officer
10 May 2021SBS one-year rate down to near market lows
10 May 2021Advisers advancing towards larger FAPs
10 May 2021Partners Life introduce nominated representatives
9 May 2021Shadow commercial space emerges
7 May 2021NZX50 dips slightly as investors react to Fonterra
7 May 2021TCFD sounds dreary, but it's important. Here's why
7 May 2021Reserve Bank's housing market fears
7 May 2021Firm pinged for AML breaches
7 May 2021BetaShares jumps the ditch with expansion into New Zealand
6 May 2021FP Healthcare and a2 Milk weigh NZ shares down
6 May 2021Reforms to financial market infrastructures (FMIs)
6 May 2021New CEO councils at the FSC
6 May 2021Reserve Bank's housing market fears
6 May 2021Generate bolsters its management team
6 May 2021Mortgage adviser share grows at ANZ; Co-op and TSB rate changes
6 May 2021Tower builds partnerships with CSC and Sentro
6 May 2021The death of the single adviser FAP
6 May 2021ANZ sees manic lending in first half of year
5 May 2021F&P Healthcare drags index lower
5 May 2021No sign of house prices dipping yet
5 May 2021Rival Wealth takes on the Auckland market
5 May 2021Landlords taking time to think
5 May 2021Alvarium buys into Newton Ross and NZ DIMS
5 May 2021Reserve Bank fires warning over risky mortgage lending
5 May 2021Home lending drives ANZ profit
5 May 2021Westpac, BNZ, TSB rate changes; Reserve Bank fires lending warning
5 May 2021Why PI insurance premiums are rising
5 May 2021NZ banks in strong shape
4 May 2021NZX 50 jumps 1% as dairy stocks rally
4 May 2021Head of Russell Investments NZ calls it a day
4 May 2021NZX launches carbon-efficient indices
4 May 2021It's time to get serious about advice
4 May 2021Wait on interest-only lending and DTIs
4 May 2021Wait on DTIs and interest-only restrictions
4 May 2021AMP equities sale on the horizon
3 May 2021Westpac Bank jumps 5%; NZ shares rise
3 May 2021Orr and Shaw headline Mindful Money awards and conference
3 May 2021nib Little Legends $10k Relay gives junior players a healthy funding boost
3 May 2021Investors – up and down
3 May 2021Westpac NZ profits up, CEO to retire; Kiwibank and TSB rate cuts
3 May 2021Westpac NZ profit rebounds; CEO to retire
3 May 2021Further evidence of booming market
3 May 2021[GRTV] Ballantyne on how new regs are changing advice and the fall in replacement business
3 May 2021What the CoFI review means for advisers

April 2021

30 Apr 2021US economic recovery boosts NZ shares
30 Apr 2021Sales to drop keeping values rising
30 Apr 2021RBNZ joins indigenous banking network
30 Apr 2021Sharing is caring - consumer data rights for the advice sector
30 Apr 2021First fully licensed adviser: Process ‘easier than I thought’
29 Apr 2021Z Energy leads NZ shares higher
29 Apr 2021Reserve Bank publishes cyber resilience guidance
29 Apr 2021Industry ‘report card’ far from straight As says FMA
29 Apr 2021Could fear of overpaying shift housing market?
28 Apr 2021[GRTV] Coates and ethical investing on the latest episode of GRTV
28 Apr 2021Small stocks lead NZ shares higher
28 Apr 2021Reserve Bank publishes cyber resilience guidance
28 Apr 2021New board member for Accuro
28 Apr 2021Tower launches partnership with NZ Defence Force
28 Apr 2021UK trialling ‘sidecar savings’: Expert says NZ could do it better
28 Apr 2021Interest rate rises scary for property investors
27 Apr 2021A2 Milk hits four year low
27 Apr 2021Short-term interest rates drop - long-term loans on the up
27 Apr 2021AMP Capital appoints new head of investments
27 Apr 2021The rising cost of PI for advisers; More home loan rate increases
27 Apr 2021Next generation of industrial property
27 Apr 2021CoFI under consultation
25 Apr 2021Rents skyrocket again
23 Apr 2021NZ shares rise; A2 Milk slumps
23 Apr 2021[The Wrap] Getting politically correct with fund managers
23 Apr 2021NZ Funds defends advertising campaign
23 Apr 2021AMP Ares deal formally axed
23 Apr 2021First interest rate rise; Advisers grumbling at the G
23 Apr 2021Eviction notice oversteps tenants’ rights – results in damages
23 Apr 2021Dispute resolution schemes up for review
22 Apr 2021FP Healthcare props up share market
22 Apr 2021Bancassurance – an opportunity for advisers?
22 Apr 2021FMA warning – Don't overstate your 2020 returns
22 Apr 2021Teething problems for NZFSG
21 Apr 2021Covid hits sharemarket - again
21 Apr 2021Carmel Fisher swims off to retirement
21 Apr 2021nib helps protect future rugby stars
21 Apr 2021Returning Kiwi bolsters ranks at Generate KiwiSaver
21 Apr 2021Squirrel launches 95% mortgage; Heartland launches low rate revolving credit
21 Apr 2021Squirrel launches 95% mortgage
21 Apr 2021Partners Life focuses on advisers with new appointment
21 Apr 2021Winners from new housing policies
21 Apr 2021A KiwiSaver's pandemic panic
20 Apr 2021NZ shares sink as investors watch for inflation
20 Apr 2021Speedy uptake of property fund offer
20 Apr 2021Guardians of NZ Super makes new appointment to NZ Equities team
20 Apr 2021Heartland launches cut-price revolving credit product
20 Apr 2021Housing market's unlikely Covid boost
20 Apr 2021Effective vaccine, better earnings spur on markets
20 Apr 2021Housing market's unlikely Covid boost
20 Apr 2021Aussie advisers: Not keen on digital advice
20 Apr 2021PAA Legacy Trust announces new chair
19 Apr 2021NZ shares rise on trans-Tasman bubble
19 Apr 2021If in doubt - disclose
19 Apr 2021Latest ASSET Magazine out now
19 Apr 2021Private funders seek deals; Avanti hires
19 Apr 2021Enormous leap in housing stock value
19 Apr 2021Private fund activity grows
19 Apr 2021Advisers’ role in the National Strategy for Financial Capability
19 Apr 2021MMC further expands its executive team
17 Apr 2021The billion-dollar man - Duff ends 63-year insurance career
16 Apr 2021BlackRock dumps $1 billion stake in Meridian and Contact
16 Apr 2021Cigna applies new commissions for advisers
16 Apr 2021Avanti aims for experience in top roles
16 Apr 2021Banks given clean bill of health — but will Aussie lenders sell NZ operations?
16 Apr 2021Compass Life heads in a new direction after buy-out
15 Apr 2021North Shore’s a sure thing
15 Apr 2021Investors cash up $100m for renewable energy sell-off
15 Apr 2021Banks and non-banks given clean bill of health
15 Apr 2021House prices hit new highs
15 Apr 2021Lower for longer rate environment ahead
15 Apr 2021US fraudster dies in prison
15 Apr 2021Advisers should lead from the front on climate disclosure
14 Apr 2021Market ‘perfectly priced’ for placeholder monetary review
14 Apr 2021MMC deliver high client service levels despite disruptive times
14 Apr 2021Role changes for Fidelity Life executives
14 Apr 2021Economists react as OCR kept on hold
14 Apr 2021Salt adds new global funds manager to the mix
14 Apr 2021OCR decision revealed
14 Apr 2021Mortgaged investors still buying, but the game has changed
14 Apr 2021Active+ appoints new chief executive
14 Apr 2021One year of nib Covid-19 support for members and community
14 Apr 2021Booster hops on the craft beer bus
14 Apr 2021Advisers’ part to play: FMA KiwiSaver fee guidance
13 Apr 2021Aussie investors spot value in A2 Milk
13 Apr 2021Asteron adds to North Island management team
13 Apr 2021OCR could be on hold for four years
13 Apr 2021FMA breaks down the data
13 Apr 2021Rates could be on hold for four years
13 Apr 2021Pandemic shifting the dial on residential design
12 Apr 2021Shares sink on shock CEO resignations
12 Apr 2021Partners Life back big-screen documentary
12 Apr 2021OCR predictions revealed; SBS rate hikes
12 Apr 2021Top ANZ executive to leave in June
12 Apr 2021OCR Preview Survey: Rate to hold
12 Apr 2021The best in ethical investing to be awarded
12 Apr 2021nib brings back popular offer
10 Apr 2021From army life to life insurance - a big gun leaves the industry
9 Apr 2021Pacific Edge surges; NZX 50 falls
9 Apr 2021Landlord polls: Rents will lift, sales will be low
9 Apr 2021QuoteMonster appoints new general manager
9 Apr 2021Valocity aims to cut valuation turnaround times
9 Apr 2021Valocity aims to cut valuation turnaround times
9 Apr 2021NZ Super Fund: Links to Myanmar military
8 Apr 2021A2 helps NZ shares play catch up
8 Apr 2021Cigna unveils significant changes
8 Apr 2021Reverse mortgage enquiries soar
8 Apr 2021Biggest month in agency’s history
8 Apr 2021Are interest-only lending limits less likely?; Heretaunga Building Society rate cut
8 Apr 2021Keeping compliance costs down
7 Apr 2021AMP Capital loses two senior members
7 Apr 2021NZ shares climb as global economy tipped for recover
7 Apr 2021Are interest-only lending limits now less likely?
7 Apr 2021HSBC fixed rates creep up; Landlords feel the heat
7 Apr 2021Two new Guardians appointed
7 Apr 2021HSBC fixed rates creep up
6 Apr 2021Interest in interest rates is rising
6 Apr 2021Renewable energy stocks begin final descent
6 Apr 2021Landlords feeling the heat – Government won’t care
6 Apr 2021Recognising an outstanding career
6 Apr 2021Have you been thinking enough about qualifications?
6 Apr 2021Cash will be king for property investors
6 Apr 2021Registered valuation chaos; Specialist property lender role
6 Apr 2021Registered valuation chaos
6 Apr 2021Are robots the future of advice?
2 Apr 2021[The Wrap] FSLAA isn't the only big change advisers need to be aware of
1 Apr 2021Thrills and spills for small cap stocks
1 Apr 2021Pheasant spreads his wings
1 Apr 2021AMP chief to exit, ANZ deputy to replace
1 Apr 2021FMT's Kinzett to retire; Prospa added to government business loan scheme
1 Apr 2021FMT's Tony Kinzett to retire
1 Apr 2021Prospa included in Business Finance Guarantee scheme
1 Apr 2021Responsible goes retail: why Mint has opened the SRI tin

March 2021

31 Mar 2021Shares rise as tough quarter ends
31 Mar 2021Concerns over valuation turnarounds; Bluestone bolsters Auckland presence
31 Mar 2021Bluestone bolsters Auckland presence
31 Mar 2021Concern over valuation turnarounds
31 Mar 2021Cybercrime rise: Advisers need to be on guard
30 Mar 2021Auckland Airport takes off; NZ shares gain
30 Mar 2021Persistent failure to lodge bonds: First ever court case
30 Mar 2021Insurance professionals get time to shine
30 Mar 2021Sharp drop in building consents
30 Mar 2021Cigna retains strong AM Best financial rating
30 Mar 2021BNZ keeps lending tight amid turnaround struggle
30 Mar 2021New FSPR reporting: What you need to know
29 Mar 2021Serko cracks $7 as NZ shares rise
29 Mar 2021BNZ keeps lending tight amid turnaround struggle
29 Mar 2021Cigna retains high Financial Strength Rating
29 Mar 2021Housing market on war footing
29 Mar 2021How housing reforms could impact interest rates
29 Mar 2021Hot in the Hutt
29 Mar 2021How housing reforms could impact interest rates
29 Mar 2021Manager takes a bet on cryptocurrency
26 Mar 2021NZ shares finish week 1% lower
26 Mar 2021Craigs Investment Partners’ CEO calling it a day
26 Mar 2021AIA adds more benefits to Vitality; Changes Airpoints
26 Mar 2021Wealthpoints adds expanded general insurance offering
26 Mar 2021Mint NZ SRI fund now accessible to retail clients
26 Mar 2021Big banks weigh affordability changes
26 Mar 2021Big banks weigh affordability changes
26 Mar 2021War of words over nukes
25 Mar 2021Property stocks attract attention
25 Mar 2021The year for property politicking
25 Mar 2021ANZ reviews investor lending; Westpac NZ sale process
25 Mar 2021ANZ reviews investor lending amid reforms
25 Mar 2021Westpac confirms NZ sale process
24 Mar 2021COMMENT: The good, the bad and the ugly
24 Mar 2021Retirement stocks fall on housing policy
24 Mar 2021Pathfinder first carbon-neutral KiwiSaver
24 Mar 2021Mortgage Express Wairarapa appointment
24 Mar 2021Advisers slam housing reforms; Westpac censured by Reserve Bank
24 Mar 2021Advisers slam housing market reforms
24 Mar 2021Trust tax disclosure changes: What advisers need to know
24 Mar 2021Westpac censured by Reserve Bank over governance
23 Mar 2021Pushpay shares surge as new investor buys cornerstone
23 Mar 2021Scrapping tax deductibility not the way to go
23 Mar 2021Policy ‘not rooted in reality’
23 Mar 2021Challenging times ahead for investors: Westpac
23 Mar 2021Years before changes make any difference
23 Mar 2021Govt whacks property investors
23 Mar 2021Government announces investor clampdown
23 Mar 2021Government unveils investor clampdown
23 Mar 2021Interest-only lending changes loom
23 Mar 2021Wealthpoint adds general insurance to help advisers grow their businesses
22 Mar 2021Client servicing is a big issue under the new rules
22 Mar 2021Electricity stocks shed $42m of value
22 Mar 2021Getting cross over Cancer cover
22 Mar 2021Shuffling the top deck at Fidelity Life
22 Mar 2021Fixing still in borrowers best interests
22 Mar 2021Former NZ Super Fund employee to review fund
22 Mar 2021Focus on commission disclosure, Mike Pero Mortgages changes
22 Mar 2021Focus on commission disclosure
22 Mar 2021Mike Pero recruits new advisers
20 Mar 2021Investors could be bitten hard this year
19 Mar 2021NZ shares rise as index funds rebalance
19 Mar 2021James Greig to lead FMA monitoring of new regime
19 Mar 2021Fidelity aims for sustainable commission structure
19 Mar 2021Hunter Investment Management positioned for growth with new hire
19 Mar 2021Long term rate time?; New mortgage lender; Loan Market hires
19 Mar 2021Are long-term rates the best bet?
19 Mar 2021New mortgage lender for developers
19 Mar 2021Tenant’s hardship brings up legal issues
19 Mar 2021New path forged: Alvarium and Pathfinder merge
18 Mar 2021Investors ignore weak GDP data
18 Mar 2021Alvarium bring two directors on board
18 Mar 2021Fund opens housing development options
18 Mar 2021Tenancy terminated after house empty for a year
18 Mar 2021Disclosure warning as new regulations come into effect
18 Mar 2021New hires at Loan Market
18 Mar 2021The Kiwi Adviser Network launches; January lending boom
18 Mar 2021The Kiwi Adviser Network launches
18 Mar 2021Boom: 88 KiwiSaver funds invested in nukes
17 Mar 2021SNAP: Five day rally ends
17 Mar 2021Record lending in January: Reserve Bank data shows
17 Mar 2021Hawkes Bay Financial Adviser Brad MacDonald joins Plus4
17 Mar 2021Will LVRs have a significant impact?
17 Mar 2021New adviser laws create opportunities
17 Mar 2021FMA chief executive resigns
16 Mar 2021NZ shares rise for fifth day straight
16 Mar 2021Meteoric market to continue until mid-year
16 Mar 2021Better research wanted for privacy probe into landlords
16 Mar 2021Harassment ends with substantial damages award
16 Mar 2021Thoughts on the new regime
16 Mar 2021Swings and roundabouts of new regime
15 Mar 2021Shares surge on Infratil's $3b Tilt sale
15 Mar 2021Advisers welcome new regime
15 Mar 2021March 15 — the new regime is here
15 Mar 2021Regulation change to broaden and strengthen industry: Dale-Jones
13 Mar 2021House prices and numbers sold soar
12 Mar 2021US stimulus sign off sees NZ shares surge
12 Mar 2021Select Wealth' parent company scores gold
12 Mar 2021Banking on digital transformation – how Teams is reshaping financial services.
12 Mar 2021Housing confidence falling, rate hike expectations
12 Mar 2021Is property market confidence falling?
12 Mar 2021Title fight: FSCL vs Ombudsman drags on
11 Mar 2021Travel stocks rally on Aussie reopening
11 Mar 2021‘Spring cleaning on steroids’ for March 15
11 Mar 2021Basecorp raises $250m and cuts rates
11 Mar 2021AMP Capital sells global shares fund to Canadian firm
10 Mar 2021Housing crisis needs building surge
10 Mar 2021Is demand for investment property dwindling?
10 Mar 2021NZ shares rise as bond yields ease
10 Mar 2021Housing crisis needs building surge
10 Mar 2021Basecorp eyes expansion with $250 million funding
10 Mar 2021NZFSG excited by adviser channel growth
10 Mar 2021NZFSG excited by adviser channel growth
10 Mar 2021KiwiSaver funds bankroll community housing
9 Mar 2021Shares climb on US fiscal stimulus
9 Mar 2021Investor activity waning?
9 Mar 2021Investor activity waning?
9 Mar 2021More women needed in industry: NZ Super Fund boss
9 Mar 2021Unlicensed advisers need a contingency plan: FMA
8 Mar 2021Fidelity names its top advisers
8 Mar 2021F&P Healthcare pulls NZX 50 lower
8 Mar 2021Time to lock in long term rates?; Kainga Ora rate cuts
8 Mar 2021Time to lock in long-term rates?
8 Mar 2021Adviser learns her fate from FADC
5 Mar 2021Shares fall as My Food Bag debut disappoints
5 Mar 2021Industry feedback refines Insurance Solvency Standards
5 Mar 2021Investor demand expected to diminish as LVRs kick in
5 Mar 2021FMA warns adviser for KiwiSaver advice
5 Mar 2021New lending rules likely
5 Mar 2021New lending rules likely
5 Mar 2021Earning credits by learning money
5 Mar 2021Harbour reanchors its index funds
5 Mar 2021Alternative capital pathways on the up: FMA reports
4 Mar 2021Shares tumble as Synlait pulls guidance
4 Mar 2021New aggregator gets cybersecurity boost; Westpac economist off to Treasury
4 Mar 2021New aggregator gets cybersecurity boost
4 Mar 2021RIAA calls on industry to think beyond carbon
3 Mar 2021Shares flat and dollar higher as dairy prices boom
3 Mar 2021‘Director for hire’ sentenced for FSPR abuse
3 Mar 2021Westpac chief economist off to the Treasury
3 Mar 2021Housing market shows possible first shoots of downward slide
3 Mar 2021Rising rates to end housing boom; Pepper picks new BDMs
3 Mar 2021Pepper picks new BDMs
3 Mar 2021Rising rates to end housing boom
3 Mar 2021How can the industry engage with retail investor craze?
2 Mar 2021A2 drives share market recovery
2 Mar 2021New build loan boost
2 Mar 2021New build loan boost
2 Mar 2021Provincial towns worst hit by housing affordability issues
2 Mar 2021How share splits and consolidation affect the value of a business
2 Mar 2021Strategi offers ‘Covid assistance pack’ to advisers
1 Mar 2021NZ shares bounce after dire February
1 Mar 2021One bank steps back from advisers — another comes forward
1 Mar 2021One bank steps back from advisers – another comes forward
1 Mar 2021Are interest rates rising?; Back to lockdown
1 Mar 2021Are interest rates on the rise?

February 2021

26 Feb 2021NZ shares snap six-day decline
26 Feb 2021AMP Capital: Ares and AMP pursue 60/40 partnership
26 Feb 2021TSB cuts adviser accreditations
26 Feb 2021Auckland has the worst unaffordable housing market globally
26 Feb 2021TSB cuts broker accreditations
26 Feb 2021Concern adviser outreach may be shackled by FMA ad guidance
26 Feb 2021Prospa NZ loans pass $100 million mark
25 Feb 2021a2 sends NZX 50 to 4-month low
25 Feb 2021House prices added to Reserve Bank remit
25 Feb 2021House prices added to Reserve Bank remit
25 Feb 2021Down to work within a week of forming partnership
24 Feb 2021Shares fall as investors call RBNZ's bluff
24 Feb 2021RBNZ governor wants lower loan rates
24 Feb 2021RBNZ plots steady course: economists react
24 Feb 2021OCR decision revealed
24 Feb 2021Bank profits plummet ... to $4.4 billion
24 Feb 2021Bank profits plummet ... to $4.4 billion
24 Feb 2021Many advisers not ready for D-Day
23 Feb 2021NZX 50 dips towards technical correction
23 Feb 2021Q & A: Should I shift to a digital advice process?
23 Feb 2021[Opinion] A solution for NZ's housing crisis
23 Feb 2021Is Value back, or do Growth managers still reign?
23 Feb 2021Are investors backing off?; Record December; Heartland digital loan continues
23 Feb 2021Are investors backing off?; Record December; Heartland digital loan continues
23 Feb 2021Are investors backing off?; Record December; Heartland digital loan continues
23 Feb 2021Are investors backing off?
23 Feb 2021Jumping lessons: what all investors can learn from GameStop loss
23 Feb 2021Heartland digital home loan set to stay
23 Feb 2021Guaranteed medical cover policy wordings
22 Feb 2021High bond yields rout equity market
22 Feb 2021Six-month results show nib NZ earnings holding up
22 Feb 2021Pāua team newbie
22 Feb 2021[OBITUARY] Marie Quinn: Friend and colleague to many
22 Feb 2021Record December lending
22 Feb 2021Will the OCR change?; ANZ halts online mortgage applications
22 Feb 2021IRD to fork out $6.6 million for KiwiSaver pay delay
22 Feb 2021OCR Preview: official cash rate set to hold
22 Feb 2021ANZ halts online mortgage applications
22 Feb 2021Scams under-reported by Chinese New Zealanders: FMA
20 Feb 2021[Get in Shape] Minister's first words; Botica busts myths; Get to know climate change; new report
19 Feb 2021Rising bond yields pull shares lower
19 Feb 2021Aussie manager buys into PMG
19 Feb 2021NZ housing market set to cool
19 Feb 2021What's the best mortgage strategy?
19 Feb 2021What's the best mortgage strategy?
19 Feb 2021Work needed in retirement income space
18 Feb 2021[Opinion] King hit on Hickey
18 Feb 2021Record profits and losses on show in earnings results
18 Feb 2021ASB U-turn on investor new builds
18 Feb 2021ASB U-turn on investor new builds
18 Feb 2021 FSPR updates: What advisers need to know
17 Feb 2021Earnings season brings long-expected good news
17 Feb 2021Investors pile in before LVR changes
17 Feb 2021Tech a priority for NZX in 2021
17 Feb 2021New build investor loan shutdown; Booming housing market continues
17 Feb 2021ASB shut down new build investor loans
17 Feb 2021Investors rush to beat LVRs
17 Feb 2021Effective vaccine, better earnings spur on markets
16 Feb 2021Shares bounce after five-day rout
16 Feb 2021Biggest housing boom in 17 years
16 Feb 2021Safety a priority for advisers: Financial Advice NZ
16 Feb 2021NZFSG compliance hire ahead of March 15
16 Feb 2021Data versus human
16 Feb 2021Responsible talk not enough in 2021
16 Feb 2021AMP plans 'investment renovation' and big changes to AdviceFirst
15 Feb 2021Energy stocks fall as Contact raises capital
15 Feb 2021AIA new cancer health product introduced
15 Feb 2021MMC: full acquisition of IFAA Group
15 Feb 2021Advisers ready for lockdown part three; SBS rate cuts
15 Feb 2021Advisers ready for lockdown
15 Feb 2021What levels 2 and 3 mean for the market
15 Feb 2021NZFSG creates compliance role
15 Feb 2021Industry strong and ready for change
12 Feb 2021Botica busts industry myths
12 Feb 2021Floating rate options for advisers
12 Feb 2021Non-bank floating rates fall
12 Feb 2021Ares U-turn on AMP buyout
11 Feb 2021NZ shares fall for third straight session
11 Feb 2021From FMA to Generate
11 Feb 2021Have home loan rates troughed?; ASB makes mortgagee promise
11 Feb 2021Have mortgage rates troughed?
11 Feb 2021ASB promises no forced mortgagee sales
11 Feb 2021Three lessons for advisers from FADC case
10 Feb 2021Sanford leads NZ shares lowers
10 Feb 2021Mercer NZ promotes acting CIO
10 Feb 2021Advisers react to LVR changes; HSBC sub 2% rate
10 Feb 2021Sub 2% for HSBC
10 Feb 2021Advisers react to LVR changes
10 Feb 2021PAA Legacy Trust calling for 'innovation' from advisers
9 Feb 2021Equities fall as inflation expectations rise
9 Feb 2021Reserve Bank tightens LVR rules for investors
9 Feb 2021Small business struggle; ASB enforces changes for investors
9 Feb 2021Small businesses struggle
9 Feb 2021Bank questions why investor confidence not higher
8 Feb 2021Apostle arrives bearing new gift
8 Feb 2021Smug or juggling?
5 Feb 2021NZ shares bounce from week's losses
5 Feb 2021ASB the latest to clamp down on investors
5 Feb 2021Out of retirement villages and into the FSC
5 Feb 2021Reverse mortgage market set to triple; TSB rate cuts
5 Feb 2021FMA defends KiwiSaver fee guidance
5 Feb 2021Reverse mortgage market set to triple
5 Feb 2021Default KiwiSaver: Which providers are fighting to keep their status?
4 Feb 2021Higher bond yields push equity prices lower
4 Feb 2021Avanti slashes near-prime mortgage rate
4 Feb 2021New business banking boss at ANZ
4 Feb 2021BNZ halts high LVR investor loans; OCR trough called
4 Feb 2021Rob Everett: The year ahead
3 Feb 2021Economy at risk of overheating
3 Feb 2021BNZ halts high LVR investor loans
3 Feb 2021OCR predictions change amid strong data
3 Feb 2021Senior Jarden hires join the party
3 Feb 2021ICBC and Kainga Ora sharpen rates; Housing market intervention expected
3 Feb 2021What Elon Musk’s new title might mean for markets Or … Tesla’s share price, intrinsic value or market madness
3 Feb 2021Intervention expected for housing market
3 Feb 2021Trust law reform: the lowdown
2 Feb 2021Equities dip as interest rates creep higher
2 Feb 2021New chief economist starts at BNZ
2 Feb 2021SBS cuts one year rate; non-bank SME lending grows
2 Feb 2021Non-bank SME lending soars
2 Feb 2021Kernel plugs into EVs and gets disruptive
2 Feb 2021Mike Pero Mortgages hires
1 Feb 2021GameStop chaos weighing on equity market

January 2021

31 Jan 2021Review shows Super Fund on right track
29 Jan 2021NZ shares bounce back from sell-off
29 Jan 2021The latest industry hires
29 Jan 2021New names at Nest Home Loans
29 Jan 2021Sustainable funds future for new distribution business
28 Jan 2021NZ joins global equity rout
28 Jan 2021The Co-operative pushes for first home buyers
28 Jan 2021FMA releases damning review on NZX technology issues
28 Jan 2021The Co-operative Bank lures first home buyers with 2.09% rate
28 Jan 2021Massey University adviser training open for business
27 Jan 2021A2 Milk lifts NZ shares
27 Jan 2021Saturn Advice adds two stars to their constellation
27 Jan 2021Newly Minted analyst joins the ranks
27 Jan 2021New Mortgage Express adviser in Hawke's Bay
27 Jan 2021Turnaround time improvement?
27 Jan 2021Turnaround time improvement?
27 Jan 2021ARK Fund brings in new KiwiSaver clients through disruptive innovation
26 Jan 2021Shares fall as covid case causes concern
26 Jan 2021(Nearly) top marks for Fidelity Life
26 Jan 2021Calls to risk weight investor loans
26 Jan 2021MJW KiwiSaver survey reveals balanced and growth fund overlaps
25 Jan 2021Turbulent skies for travel stocks
25 Jan 2021Call to risk-weight investor loans
25 Jan 2021Warning over fee for service disputes; TSB, Kiwibank rate cuts
25 Jan 2021Warning on fee for service charges
24 Jan 2021 On the industry play-list: four chart-topping regulations for 2021
22 Jan 2021F&P Healthcare propels share market higher
22 Jan 2021Rate cuts continue at ASB, BNZ, Kiwibank
22 Jan 2021ASB, BNZ, Kiwibank slash rates
22 Jan 2021NZX Wealth Technologies adds another client and expects more
21 Jan 2021NZ stocks, dollar rally as Democrats prepare stimulus
21 Jan 2021Westpac drops negative OCR call; Changes to ASB broker team
21 Jan 2021Westpac drops negative OCR call
21 Jan 2021New ASB broker team
20 Jan 2021FADC finds against AFA in Code of Conduct case
20 Jan 2021F&P Healthcare pushes share market higher
20 Jan 2021Exemption given for Australian advisers allowed to work in NZ
20 Jan 2021Mortgage price wars heat up
20 Jan 2021ANZ rate cut; Market momentum continues; Mortgage Express hire
20 Jan 2021Market momentum tipped to continue
20 Jan 2021Mortgage Express adds ex-Westpac man
20 Jan 2021FMA seeks consultation on investor exclusion exemption notice
19 Jan 2021Shares snap six-day slide
19 Jan 2021Why we won't get negative rates
19 Jan 2021Why we won't get negative rates
19 Jan 2021Five reasons why responsible investment will keep growing
18 Jan 2021NZ shares fall for sixth session
18 Jan 2021Be clear on clawbacks
18 Jan 2021Be clear on clawbacks
18 Jan 2021Effective vaccine, better earnings spur on markets
15 Jan 2021NZX 50 finishes the week down 3 percent
15 Jan 2021Lending predictions for 2021; Nelson Building Society cuts rates
15 Jan 2021Lending predictions for 2021
15 Jan 2021Adviser only KiwiSaver scheme launches
14 Jan 2021Shares flat as smelter deal emerges
14 Jan 2021ANZ predicts fewer OCR cuts
14 Jan 2021ANZ drops negative OCR forecast
14 Jan 2021ANZ predicts fewer OCR cuts
14 Jan 2021Complaint levels show health of industry and market
13 Jan 2021Shares slip with investors cautious
13 Jan 2021Chatswood Consulting unveils new adviser web review service
13 Jan 2021Advisers sceptical of turnaround time improvement
13 Jan 2021Little hope on turnaround times
13 Jan 2021FSCL warns investors to beware of cryptocurrency scams
12 Jan 2021Equities and dollar retreat as bond yields climb
12 Jan 2021November mortgage lending jumps to $9.2 billion
12 Jan 2021Record mortgage lending in November
12 Jan 2021Ponzi perpetrator Barry Kloogh not forced to pay reparations
11 Jan 2021Shares tumble as investors return to work
11 Jan 2021Westpac launches lowest-ever big bank rate
11 Jan 2021Lowest-ever big bank rate from Westpac
9 Jan 2021FNZ challenges regulator's decision
8 Jan 2021NZX 50 finishes first week of 2021 up 3%
8 Jan 2021[Opinion] Embracing change key to supporting advice
7 Jan 2021Meridian Energy shares keep on defying gravity
7 Jan 2021Warning over retirement spending issued
2 Jan 2021Pros and cons with life policy structures
2 Jan 2021Predictions for 2021 – from the Laird’s Desk
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