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December 2016

30 Dec 2016Wrapping it up: The year in review
28 Dec 2016Rare rate change
28 Dec 2016Property in the blood
27 Dec 2016Obituary: John Body
23 Dec 2016Promoting warmer, drier rentals
23 Dec 2016Not so normal Christmas
23 Dec 2016Philip's Christmas message
22 Dec 2016Things we wish we could insure against over the holidays
22 Dec 2016Capital’s time to shine
22 Dec 2016Shake-up for apartment laws
22 Dec 2016More than one reason why rates rising
22 Dec 2016Non-bank lender experience good growth
21 Dec 2016Surprise spike in mortgage lending
21 Dec 2016OCR hikes on the horizon
21 Dec 2016Guide to good conduct
21 Dec 2016Dispute over $2 mill life policy heads back to court
21 Dec 2016No end in sight for record migration
21 Dec 2016Happy rental tidings for landlords
20 Dec 2016Milford Private Equity Fund II oversubscribed
20 Dec 2016TOP tax policy criticised
20 Dec 2016Co-Operative Bank CEO moves on
20 Dec 2016ANZ hikes
20 Dec 2016Couillault maps out Hobson's path
20 Dec 2016Sealing the deal
19 Dec 2016Rising rates, quieter market
19 Dec 2016Mortgage advisers get a new minister
19 Dec 2016Lifetime Group gets life business, sells general
19 Dec 2016FMA not happy with AML reporting (+ Special Guide)
19 Dec 2016Flat consents add to Akld supply woes
19 Dec 2016$1 million penalty for Hamilton price fixer
18 Dec 2016The personal finance design revolution
18 Dec 2016Financial Advisers get new minister
16 Dec 2016An adviser's guide to AML Compliance
16 Dec 2016TripleA Advisers Association appoints independent chair
16 Dec 2016Lifetime Group gears up for mortgages
16 Dec 2016Apartment solution stumbling
16 Dec 2016New fund out; Booster in
16 Dec 2016Sovereign's medical changes welcomed
16 Dec 2016A year of two halves for non-bank sector
16 Dec 2016Rising rates, quieter market
15 Dec 2016$320,000 fine for Youi insurance
15 Dec 2016US Fed hike: When a tiny move matters
15 Dec 2016Apartment solution stumbling
15 Dec 2016Sovereign makes changes to health cover
15 Dec 2016Another Ozzy fund turns up
15 Dec 2016NZ rates boost with Fed move
15 Dec 2016Fed move will boost NZ rates
15 Dec 2016It's official: Retirement Commissioner calls for change
14 Dec 2016Draft meth standard released
14 Dec 2016DTIs hit stumbling block
14 Dec 2016KiwiSaver fees must be disclosed in dollars - in the future
13 Dec 2016Auckland apartment market cools
13 Dec 2016Progress of DTIs stalls
13 Dec 2016Newpark adds tech manager
13 Dec 2016Second global investor join AMP Capital property portfolio
13 Dec 2016Adviser smashes speed golf record
13 Dec 2016Investor blame game unfair
13 Dec 2016Fidelity's new boss rings in the changes
13 Dec 2016Ken and Barbie used to sell retirement message
13 Dec 2016Rebuilding after disaster
12 Dec 2016Investor blame game unfair
12 Dec 2016AMP NZ gets a new managing director
12 Dec 2016The Co-operative Bank introduces new ratecard
12 Dec 2016Young developer starts off robo advice site
12 Dec 2016Rise in prices, sales as LVR effect dims
9 Dec 2016Ralph Stewart-associated super fund gets QROPs licence
9 Dec 2016NZ poised to top global house price list
9 Dec 2016One lender introduces DTIs
9 Dec 2016No OCR change on horizon
9 Dec 2016Plus4 Insurance Group appoints a new Chairman and director
8 Dec 2016Auckland's hot spot suburbs
8 Dec 2016UDC Finance posts record net profit
8 Dec 2016It's time to shine your light
8 Dec 2016CFFC calls for seven changes to KiwiSaver
8 Dec 2016NZCU Baywide gets awarded
8 Dec 2016Housing market NZ’s biggest domestic risk - RBNZ
8 Dec 2016Housing market NZ’s biggest domestic risk - RBNZ
8 Dec 2016Property predictions for 2017 – Colliers
8 Dec 2016Tax proposal targets property owners
7 Dec 2016Tax proposal targets property owners
7 Dec 2016Housing initiative unable to progress
7 Dec 2016Foreign buyers biggest market influence - poll
7 Dec 2016ASB appoints new senior executive to lead its retail business
7 Dec 2016Westpac takes long rates higher
7 Dec 2016TSB cops formal AML warning
7 Dec 2016Fisher appoints NZ equities manager
7 Dec 2016Traditional balanced fund models may not deliver
6 Dec 2016Check record before committing
6 Dec 2016Simon Fisher catches a CEO role
6 Dec 2016Pie Funds targets Europe and the UK from Hawkes Bay
6 Dec 2016Insurance group Preferred NZ looks to come out of the shadows
5 Dec 2016Will Key resignation pave way for NZ Super changes?
5 Dec 2016Kiwibank rises; Say no to DTIs broker group says
5 Dec 2016Fee debate welcomed
5 Dec 2016Price rises stop in Auckland
4 Dec 2016Trump: Uncertainty as well as hope
3 Dec 2016Mortgage group writes to Finance Minister about DTIs
2 Dec 2016New CEO at Southern Cross Healthcare
2 Dec 2016Back to the novel for holiday reading
2 Dec 2016DTI ratios not expected any time soon
2 Dec 2016Booster boosts board
1 Dec 2016Unintended consequences
1 Dec 2016Buying or selling property? Know your tax obligations
1 Dec 2016FAA review delayed
1 Dec 2016Slowing growth trend continues - QV
1 Dec 2016AMP takes out top award
1 Dec 2016Green’s rental bill fails
1 Dec 2016More options for buyers
1 Dec 2016Addressing housing market risks - RBNZ
1 Dec 2016Global infrastructure hit by two big risk factors

November 2016

30 Nov 2016Devon to get new MD
30 Nov 2016Fixed term tenancies most popular
30 Nov 2016Addressing housing market risks - RBNZ
30 Nov 2016DTIs not in the near future - economists
30 Nov 2016RBNZ readies to deploy DTI tools
30 Nov 2016RBNZ asks for DTI tools
29 Nov 2016Tufui wins top SBS award
29 Nov 2016Jack Regan gets a new role in AMP reshuffle
29 Nov 2016Wellington market moves on
29 Nov 2016SBS grows and adjusts commission levels
29 Nov 2016Heartland interested in UDC
29 Nov 2016Price fixing earns agency $1.25 million fine
29 Nov 2016Avanti gets good report card
29 Nov 2016Targeted rates proposed for housing developments
29 Nov 2016Westpac follows along
29 Nov 2016Investor success bubbling away
29 Nov 2016FAA licensing process will be bigger job thn FMCA: Mason
28 Nov 2016Castle Point appoints distributor
28 Nov 2016[Updated] Fund managers on home straight of licencing race
28 Nov 2016Investor success bubbling away
25 Nov 2016Heartland Bank to re-enter residential mortgages
25 Nov 2016Ringing in the rate changes
25 Nov 2016Performance fee update – lesson for NZ
24 Nov 2016Downbound trend for investor lending
24 Nov 2016Devil in property tax detail
24 Nov 2016Bentley adds new manager
24 Nov 2016Primed for future growth
24 Nov 2016ANZ sets new highs
24 Nov 2016Robo offer will soon become essential for advisers: Symons
24 Nov 2016Bill introduced to lift adviser requirements
24 Nov 2016KiwiSaver quake moves spark warning
23 Nov 2016Westpac makes substantial change
23 Nov 2016Give your ABS a check-up
23 Nov 2016Demand leads to new renovation cover
23 Nov 2016Rents on the rise
22 Nov 2016Asteron offers quake help
22 Nov 2016Non-bank lender moves into peer to peer lending
22 Nov 2016Financial Advice NZ offers online feedback option
22 Nov 2016Before you sign on the dotted line
21 Nov 2016Leaky building mega suit hits court
21 Nov 2016NZ commercial market global star
21 Nov 2016BNZ offers 4% term deposit rate
21 Nov 2016Another bank increases rates
21 Nov 2016Milford to establish private equity fund
21 Nov 2016Banks raise concern about 'fee-chasers'
21 Nov 2016New peer-to-peer mortgage provider licensed
21 Nov 2016'Lower forever' no longer safe interest rate view
19 Nov 2016Regional gap in estate planning reveals Aucklanders on thin ice
18 Nov 2016Post-earthquake OCR cut unlikely
18 Nov 2016Debate rages over foreign buyer data
18 Nov 2016Inflation returns to the global economy?
18 Nov 2016Argument rages over foreign buyer data
18 Nov 2016Growth fund that shrank prompts client complaint
18 Nov 2016Investors may expect more from NZ in wake of quake
18 Nov 2016FMA gets set for new regime
17 Nov 2016Deal thaws insurance freeze
17 Nov 2016Bright future for Asset in Auckland
17 Nov 2016Brokers unhappy with ASB's new refix process
17 Nov 2016New sales head for Partners
17 Nov 2016Property deals on hold due to insurance freeze
17 Nov 2016Kiwibank shifts its focus
17 Nov 2016Insuring houses tougher post quakes
17 Nov 2016Ditch benchmarks in client conversations, advisers told
16 Nov 2016Complectus IPO deferred
16 Nov 2016House sales drop nationwide
16 Nov 2016Kiwis seek RI information - but not from advisers
16 Nov 2016Unitary Plan moves forward
15 Nov 2016Fidelity offers earthquake assistance
15 Nov 2016ANZ first bank to offer earthquake package
15 Nov 2016Drop in mortgage-free properties
15 Nov 2016Orkibi’s rules to investing
15 Nov 2016Advisers told to warn clients off cold-callers
15 Nov 2016FMA warns code changes must be adopted within months
14 Nov 2016Start your Insuretech project now
14 Nov 2016Decline in sales nationwide
14 Nov 2016Co-Op Bank latest to increase rates
14 Nov 2016Fisher to leave Partners Life
14 Nov 2016Opportunities in post-Trump world
14 Nov 2016Advisers should see no impact from review: ANZ
14 Nov 2016More investors, fewer mortgage free properties
12 Nov 2016How FEI Investments reinvented itself
11 Nov 2016Fire levies unfair for investors
11 Nov 2016Sovereign appoints head of claims
11 Nov 2016Rates won't fall on back of OCR cut
11 Nov 2016Platform promises to drive productivity
10 Nov 2016RESIMAC answer broker questions over its new channel
10 Nov 2016The Trump Victory – How might investors react?
10 Nov 2016DTIs not on the cards yet - RBNZ
10 Nov 2016DTIs not on the cards yet - RBNZ
10 Nov 2016Don't expect rates to fall on back of OCR cut
10 Nov 2016Powerhouse regions continue to rise
10 Nov 2016US election casts shadow over OCR response
10 Nov 2016OCR cut no surprise
10 Nov 2016Good news for Liberty
10 Nov 2016RBNZ cuts rates - here's what they said
10 Nov 2016What the Reserve Bank said today
10 Nov 2016Advisers set for 'damage control'
9 Nov 2016Meth threat still no.1 fear for landlords
9 Nov 2016Sovereign appoints new distribution boss
9 Nov 201620 year low in buyer sentiment
9 Nov 2016Record low in buyer sentiment
9 Nov 2016Bean: Stop advisers going extinct
9 Nov 2016Robo not just for investment
9 Nov 2016Hedge funds may have a place in retail portfolios
8 Nov 2016Unrealistic price expectations prompt warning
8 Nov 2016FMA offers KiwiSaver advice guidance
8 Nov 2016Quality over quantity for Westpac
8 Nov 2016FMA: You shoudn't need a 'how to' client-first guide
8 Nov 2016The attractions of energy efficiency
7 Nov 2016ASB issues notes
7 Nov 2016Westpac says policy changes focused on quality lending
7 Nov 2016Historic low for OCR expected
7 Nov 2016AFAs dodge levy increase
7 Nov 2016Top 30 suburbs under $300k
6 Nov 2016nib adds board member
4 Nov 2016ASB raises fixed rates
4 Nov 2016The lure of the regions
4 Nov 2016Coaching key part of holding on to clients
4 Nov 2016OCR to hit lowest point this week
4 Nov 2016Influx of new rentals only just keeping up with demand: B&T
3 Nov 2016ANZ boss warns of inexperienced investors
3 Nov 2016Things we should stop doing
3 Nov 2016Super City sales plummet
3 Nov 2016Inflation pressure off - slightly
3 Nov 2016Alpha may become more dominant in low-return environment
3 Nov 2016Call for one AML supervisor
3 Nov 2016FSC members want to see advisers' value highlighted
2 Nov 2016Inflation pressure off - slightly
2 Nov 2016New urban development policy ready to go
2 Nov 2016Pace of growth slows as LVRs impact - QV
2 Nov 2016Advice may be missing as schemes wound up
2 Nov 2016Green light for post-FMCA ROPS, but demand down
1 Nov 2016RESIMAC gets it's first white-label boost
1 Nov 2016Pace of growth slows as LVRs impact - QV
1 Nov 2016Lustre coming off Auckland property
1 Nov 2016Market cooling might last - ANZ
1 Nov 2016Investor activity down
1 Nov 2016Clients complain about churn
1 Nov 2016Pension changes could hit migrants hard

October 2016

31 Oct 2016Kiwibank sale confirmed
31 Oct 2016Decline in consents worrying for Auckland
31 Oct 2016Lower costs, better processes: Future bright for advisers
31 Oct 2016New Plymouth: On the map
31 Oct 2016Carmel Fisher to step down
31 Oct 2016Mortgage adviser market pays off for BNZ
31 Oct 2016Investor activity down - myvalocity
31 Oct 2016Roboadvice could divert clients: Naylor
31 Oct 2016Adapt or die, insurers told
28 Oct 2016Big fine for PGC
28 Oct 2016Releasing claims data not straightforward: Insurers
28 Oct 2016Brokers write 40% of BNZ loans
28 Oct 2016Meth assumptions shaken by new report
28 Oct 2016The lowest rate on the market goes
28 Oct 2016Undesirables to be removed from Vanguard fund
28 Oct 2016Advisers tackle client-first question
27 Oct 2016Fall in investor lending continues
27 Oct 2016Mortgage fraud absconder pleads guilty
27 Oct 2016Joining the dots to solve Auckland’s problems
27 Oct 2016Green light for Crown land developments
27 Oct 2016Southern Cross changes retirees' premiums
26 Oct 2016FundSource hands top gong to Fisher Funds
26 Oct 2016All go for Crown Land developments
26 Oct 2016KiwiSaver bounces back
26 Oct 2016Maxwell calls for super changes
26 Oct 2016Investors over-optimistic on price growth - ANZ
26 Oct 2016The last of the OCR cuts - ANZ
26 Oct 2016Next OCR cut to be the last - ANZ
26 Oct 2016Don't dismiss KiwiSaver, advisers told
25 Oct 2016Dowling takes on key FPSB role
25 Oct 2016UDC downgraded and flagged as possibly for sale
25 Oct 2016Prospect of DTIs looms larger
25 Oct 2016OCR projections replace 90-day bank bill rate
25 Oct 2016Migration spurs housing demand
25 Oct 2016Financial Advice NZ consultation begins
25 Oct 2016How to find a commercial property
22 Oct 2016Tenancy Services takes on enforcer role
21 Oct 2016Migrant flow hits new highs – for now
21 Oct 2016Rent flatline continues
21 Oct 2016Westpac stops some lending; ANZ loosens up
21 Oct 2016FSC wants to work with advisers
21 Oct 2016Littlewood itching to get started on robo launch
20 Oct 2016Forex Ponzi accused in court
20 Oct 2016Lending times they are a’ changing
20 Oct 2016Private sales part of HNZ build programme
20 Oct 2016Klipin takes helm of FSC
20 Oct 2016Market in cruise mode
20 Oct 2016KiwiSaver advice sparks complaints
20 Oct 2016KiwiSaver risk reward just 2.1%
19 Oct 2016Z issues bonds
19 Oct 2016Westpac tightens; ANZ loosens lending criteria
19 Oct 2016Super Fund's new climate strategy
19 Oct 2016OCR to be cut despite inflation
19 Oct 2016Wait continues for FAA detail
19 Oct 2016October launch for FundSource reports
18 Oct 2016Inflation result won’t stop OCR cut
18 Oct 2016Market settles into cruise mode
18 Oct 2016Royle joins Mortgage Link
18 Oct 2016As expected Kiwibank moves
18 Oct 2016TPD a higher hurdle to pass
18 Oct 2016Trump win could mean more work for advisers
18 Oct 2016Big providers prime targets for automated advice
18 Oct 2016Advisers welcome prospect of robo
18 Oct 2016Young investor’s secret to success
17 Oct 2016Leaky building class action court-bound
17 Oct 2016Jennings joins BAA board
17 Oct 2016Tereora in charge at Fidelity Life
17 Oct 2016Watch housing market update
17 Oct 2016Client interests first (or business interests first?)
14 Oct 2016General Finance raises rates
14 Oct 2016Meth is landlords' big worry
14 Oct 2016The state of the housing market
14 Oct 2016ASB's big mortgage writer acknowledged
14 Oct 2016Mortgage Link considers licenced entity model
14 Oct 2016Small win for landlords
14 Oct 2016Fidelity Life boosts profit
14 Oct 2016Crunch on advisers' time
13 Oct 2016Advised sales get more claims paid
13 Oct 2016Apartment failures mean investing care needed
13 Oct 2016Affordability levels causing buyer strain
13 Oct 2016Data, not intent, key to expert analysis
13 Oct 2016LVRs starting to bite - REINZ
13 Oct 2016Cooper retires from Planet
13 Oct 2016LVRs starting to bite - REINZ
12 Oct 2016NZ property data tools on the rise
12 Oct 2016RBNZ signals more cuts on way
12 Oct 2016Market manipulation unreasonable conclusion - expert
12 Oct 2016Lower OCR around corner
12 Oct 2016Obituary: Daryl McAlinden
12 Oct 2016Banks tackle KiwiSaver advice question
11 Oct 2016NZ must be nimble on p2p: Seymour
11 Oct 2016Sovereign tweaks top team
11 Oct 2016Tough times for Kiwi investors
11 Oct 2016Deal increases Lifetime's reach
11 Oct 2016Warminger mounts defence
11 Oct 2016Tough lending times for investors
10 Oct 2016Goff told: Help, not hinder development
10 Oct 2016Govt ramps up building programme
10 Oct 2016Govt to build more houses in Akld?
10 Oct 2016Industry adjusted to culture shock: FMA
10 Oct 2016Insurers tackle obesity problem
10 Oct 2016KiwiSaver furore gave advice boost
10 Oct 2016Navigating the new LVRs
7 Oct 2016KiwiSaver members almost triple their money
7 Oct 2016ASB raises most of its Specials
7 Oct 2016Assumptions, not evidence – Warminger defence
7 Oct 2016New Zealand could take roboadvice lead
6 Oct 201640pc may not be the end of the rules
6 Oct 2016Morningstar 'neutral' on Fisher
6 Oct 2016MPs urged to heed calls of landlords
6 Oct 2016Acceptable trading behaviour questioned
6 Oct 2016Nib increases Ultimate Health product price
6 Oct 2016Legislation change prompts big decisions
6 Oct 2016Auckland rent yields drop
5 Oct 2016MBIE releases proposed KiwiSaver changes
5 Oct 2016Providers bemoan KiwiSaver guidance
5 Oct 2016Tenant liability intervention sought
5 Oct 2016Fixed rates start rising - slowly
5 Oct 2016Advisers need advertising campaign
5 Oct 2016Pension transfers may get cheaper
5 Oct 2016Auckland market 'totally different'
4 Oct 2016ACC lauds investment team
4 Oct 2016Shifting investor activity
4 Oct 2016Investors face cancellation of pre-approvals
4 Oct 2016The danger of FOMO
4 Oct 2016New Zealand 'has conflict problem'
3 Oct 2016New LVR rules kick in
3 Oct 2016BNZ hikes Special rate
3 Oct 2016AA enters health insurance market with nib
3 Oct 2016Client best interests: Part Two
3 Oct 2016New LVR rules kick in
3 Oct 2016Opportunities in Christchurch North
1 Oct 2016No spring lift for property market:

September 2016

30 Sep 2016Home loan growth picks up pace
30 Sep 2016ANZ fee reduction praised
30 Sep 2016Building consents flat line
30 Sep 2016Harmoney launches automated service
30 Sep 2016How come people buy houses when they are so expensive?
30 Sep 2016The “Affordability” of Unaffordable Homes
30 Sep 2016Another banker joins FMA board
30 Sep 2016FPH trading under trial spotlight
30 Sep 2016KiwiSaver providers consider private investments
29 Sep 2016Hansa potentially another Ponzi
29 Sep 2016One and two year fixed rates preferred
29 Sep 2016OnePath downgraded
29 Sep 2016Partners reinstates up-front commission on health insurance
29 Sep 2016Zoning appeal to impact on development
29 Sep 2016Getting clarity on market manipulation
29 Sep 2016SHARE adds advisers
29 Sep 2016Booster KiwiSaver passable, Morningstar says
29 Sep 2016Investors carry loans for longer
28 Sep 2016New numbers on real estate activity
28 Sep 2016Advisers a small number of IFSO complaints
28 Sep 2016Fees in dollar terms? Easier said than done
28 Sep 2016Trades get all-clear from 'world leader'
28 Sep 2016Incomes key to stability of price rises: ANZ
28 Sep 2016Kiwis still planning to buy, expect to pay more
27 Sep 2016Carr steps down as RBNZ chair
27 Sep 2016New additions to Camelot team
27 Sep 2016Significant disclosure 'still lacking'
26 Sep 2016Fight won't go to court
26 Sep 2016Steep decline in investor lending
26 Sep 2016Warminger faces $1m penalty per trade
26 Sep 2016Central banks not ready to throw in the towel
26 Sep 2016All quiet on the rates front; Enjoy the low rates
26 Sep 2016Concern non-underwritten products not well explained
26 Sep 2016Commission ban 'errant nonsense'
26 Sep 2016Westpac keeping eye on Australian sales incentive change
25 Sep 2016Invitation to IML’s new Listed Investment Company (QV Income) pre IPO briefing
23 Sep 2016Are things you never use worth buying?
23 Sep 2016Investors look to commercial market
23 Sep 2016Why get into commercial?
23 Sep 2016All systems go for NZ economy
23 Sep 2016Dormant products drive replacement business: Adviser
22 Sep 2016Harmoney offers bigger loans
22 Sep 2016Slower consent process for Aucklanders
22 Sep 2016OCR call sticks to the script
22 Sep 2016What the Reserve Bank said today
22 Sep 2016OCR remains the same; Here's what Wheeler said today
22 Sep 2016FMCA a big blow for workplace super
22 Sep 2016Robo an opportunity
22 Sep 2016OCR call sticks to the script
21 Sep 2016Top five rental hot spots
21 Sep 2016Volatility hits NZ Super Fund
21 Sep 2016Craigs schemes get rebrand
21 Sep 2016Elevated migration the trend - for now
20 Sep 2016Squirrel looking for more opportunities
20 Sep 2016Ethics can't be left to rules: Report
20 Sep 2016NZ’s rental growth hotspots
20 Sep 2016Appeals could hold up Unitary Plan
20 Sep 2016Milford: Warminger's decision to fight FMA a personal one
20 Sep 2016Aussie property fund open to NZ
19 Sep 2016Appeals could delay Plan
19 Sep 2016Work to change fee disclosure
19 Sep 2016Hawes and Forsyth Barr launch 'Summer' KiwiSaver
19 Sep 2016Grosvenor goes: Booster arrives
19 Sep 2016OCR predictions: What the experts are tipping
19 Sep 2016Fidelity appoints directors
19 Sep 2016Fed increase 'would alarm'
19 Sep 2016Information returns due
19 Sep 2016ASB watching robotics development
16 Sep 2016Aucklander banned from financial services
16 Sep 2016OCR cut not on the cards - yet
16 Sep 2016In case you missed it
16 Sep 2016Dream team: 120 properties in 12 years
16 Sep 2016Advisers not sitting on gold mines
16 Sep 2016Strong retail demand for ETFs
15 Sep 2016Vanguard open to KiwiSaver request
15 Sep 2016Rental damage law change needed
15 Sep 2016Kiwibank terms agreed
15 Sep 2016Severe lack of supply pushing house prices
15 Sep 2016Southern Cross records $35m surplus
15 Sep 2016Plan for the worst
15 Sep 2016Infrastructure fund open to Kiwis
14 Sep 2016Themed ETFs launched
14 Sep 2016Simplicity open for business
14 Sep 2016Apartment appeal on the rise
14 Sep 2016Holm joins FSCL board
14 Sep 2016Lack of young advisers may leave businesses floundering
14 Sep 2016What's good advice from an RFA?
14 Sep 2016Limited supply biggest market driver
13 Sep 2016Accuro Health Insurance streamlines claiming process
13 Sep 2016Rising prices shift apartment perceptions
13 Sep 2016Impact of RBNZ's latest restrictions about to be revealed
13 Sep 2016Increased protection from AA Insurance change
13 Sep 2016Partners increases medical policy price
13 Sep 2016Advisers' big fee hurdle
12 Sep 2016Code changes signed off
12 Sep 2016Lessons from unconventional monetary policy for New Zealand
12 Sep 2016Restrict investors to new builds – Property Institute
12 Sep 2016Restrict investors to new builds?
12 Sep 2016Partners closes Blackstone deal
12 Sep 2016Insurance adviser joins Plus4
12 Sep 2016KiwiSaver puts squeeze on
12 Sep 2016Reporting season another boost for equities
12 Sep 2016REINZ names new CEO
10 Sep 2016How the west was(n't) won
10 Sep 2016Milford: Warminger's decision to fight FMA a personal one
9 Sep 2016New signing for Aegis
9 Sep 2016At last....some banks change rates
9 Sep 2016Low interest rates, political risk new normal for investors
9 Sep 2016Share appoints advisers
9 Sep 2016KiwiSaver members lack knowledge on fees
9 Sep 2016When to buy: Old versus new
8 Sep 2016ETF fee drops
8 Sep 2016Online real estate savings
8 Sep 2016NZX signs deal
8 Sep 2016Urgent housing debate derailed
8 Sep 2016Urgent housing debate derailed
8 Sep 2016Loan fee guidelines issued
8 Sep 2016RIG to launch into pension transfers
7 Sep 2016Into the meth testing void
7 Sep 2016The truth behind multiple property owners
7 Sep 2016First year loss not unexpected: LendMe
7 Sep 2016Financial Advice NZ's 100-day plan
6 Sep 2016One million dollar city
6 Sep 2016LVR rules clarified
6 Sep 2016Industry must embrace change: CFFC
6 Sep 2016Kiwi robo rules may be similar to Australia's
6 Sep 2016 New LVR rules clarified
6 Sep 2016Buyer classification not black and white
5 Sep 2016Things are looking up: HFANZ
5 Sep 2016New LVR rules clarified, confirmed
5 Sep 2016The cost of convenience
5 Sep 2016Latest Auckland house price data out
5 Sep 2016The West looks East
5 Sep 2016Price growth claims over-inflated - B&T
5 Sep 2016Managers introduce new tier to fees
5 Sep 2016Some advisers in for a shock: Trainer
4 Sep 2016Accuro releases new product enhancements
2 Sep 2016Fishers buy one of NZ's priciest houses
2 Sep 2016Drop in rates unlikely - ANZ
2 Sep 2016Best interest 'unworkable'
2 Sep 2016Sovereign loses distribution boss
1 Sep 2016Lower mortgage rates unlikely - ANZ
1 Sep 2016Auckland bucks listings trend
1 Sep 2016Land banking latest scapegoat
1 Sep 2016New insulation installation standard launched
1 Sep 2016Ara launches adviser degree - but is there demand?

August 2016

31 Aug 2016Supply standoff in Hamilton
31 Aug 2016Furore over land banking exaggerated
31 Aug 2016Quiet days of spring
31 Aug 2016Look under the bonnet of bond benchmarks
31 Aug 2016Associations swerve Money Week
31 Aug 2016Resigned FSC members rejoin
31 Aug 2016Property investors sidelined by RBNZ – For now
30 Aug 2016Consents dip adds to supply worries
30 Aug 2016Auckland’s new top 20 hotspots
30 Aug 2016Speculators, land banking - election hot topics
30 Aug 2016Stewart nails third capital raising
29 Aug 2016Speculators, land banking - election hot topics
29 Aug 2016Strength in the Manawatu shadows
29 Aug 2016Weaver leaves MJW
29 Aug 2016ComCom wants legal clarity
29 Aug 2016RESIMAC takes the lead
29 Aug 2016FMA 'suggested' Diversified sell to Fisher
29 Aug 2016Criminal charges for on-selling agent
26 Aug 2016Rising pressures impact on Kiwibank
26 Aug 2016LVRs won’t halt house price growth – S&P
26 Aug 2016Developers flocking to non-bank finance
26 Aug 2016Formal Financial Advice NZ conversations start next month
26 Aug 2016Sovereign leadership shake-up
25 Aug 2016Non-bank finance makes for small development boom
25 Aug 2016Dodgy Auckland agent loses licence
25 Aug 2016Milford appoints new CEO
25 Aug 2016LVRs to impact on mortgage lending
25 Aug 2016Generate rakes in new FUM
25 Aug 2016Reserve Bank tells insurers data not good enough
24 Aug 2016Kingfish manager steps down
24 Aug 2016Looming LVRs impact on mortgage lending
24 Aug 2016Watch out with regional bargains
24 Aug 2016OCR cuts forecast for November
24 Aug 2016Call for KiwiSaver to follow Super Fund on ethical investing
24 Aug 2016Expect OCR cut in November - economists
23 Aug 2016House prices growing risk for banks – S&P
23 Aug 2016QROPS scheme reopens
23 Aug 2016RBNZ defends OCR cuts
23 Aug 2016Reserve Bank defends interest rate stance
23 Aug 2016KiwiSaver transfers from Australia still a drag
23 Aug 2016Grosvenor dumps Vanguard over cluster bombs
23 Aug 2016Regions lead rental growth
22 Aug 2016NZSF appoints manager
22 Aug 2016nib doubles profit after OnePath acquisition
22 Aug 2016Who is the lowest of them all?
22 Aug 2016Finding solutions to 60% LVRs
22 Aug 2016AMP Capital's two latest appointments
22 Aug 2016Client interests: first, best or last?
22 Aug 2016Stacey loses Diversified fight
22 Aug 2016Welcome mat for pets
21 Aug 2016Stewart 70% of way towards capital raising target
19 Aug 2016Sue Brown moves on to new business
19 Aug 2016NZFAA backs new association
19 Aug 2016AIA launches Healthy Kids Challenge
19 Aug 2016Life insurance adviser's warning 'a message'
18 Aug 2016Finding solutions to investor LVR
18 Aug 2016Finding solutions to 60% LVRs
18 Aug 2016Reduce tax bill by giving PIEs a miss
18 Aug 2016Term deposits offered via Consilium platform
17 Aug 2016Yields sink to record low
17 Aug 2016What are your big questions about insurance?
17 Aug 2016Mortgage fraudster heading to prison
17 Aug 2016HSBC offers lowest ever home loan rate
17 Aug 2016HSBC breaks record with with new low home loan rate
17 Aug 2016More needed to meet Unitary Plan goals
17 Aug 2016SuperLife shines for NZX
17 Aug 2016Performance fees' days may be numbered
17 Aug 2016'Client's best interests' doesn't have to mean cheapest
16 Aug 2016Survey - Bad time to buy a house
16 Aug 2016Steep decline in buyer sentiment - ASB
16 Aug 2016AMP launches QROPS product
16 Aug 2016Forsyth Barr drops performance fees
15 Aug 2016Auckland Council votes for Unitary Plan
15 Aug 2016Rules for bankrupt KiwiSaver members cause concern
15 Aug 2016How to achieve top dollar: lessons from The Block
15 Aug 2016Property managers must keep rent separate
15 Aug 2016Study to assess ways to help KiwiSaver members get better results
15 Aug 2016New levies final nail for independent DIMS providers
15 Aug 2016Pre-approvals hold RBNZ up
15 Aug 2016Call for more scrutiny of regulators
14 Aug 2016China recreates the Mississippi Bubble
13 Aug 2016NZSF gets tick
12 Aug 2016New LVR start date delayed
12 Aug 2016Age-friendly housing pays off
12 Aug 2016RBNZ defers start date for new LVR restriction
12 Aug 2016Lending Crowd wants to raise $5m
12 Aug 2016Income drop sign of move to slow, steady growth for Partners
12 Aug 2016From loans to mortgages
12 Aug 2016AMP Capital appoints new investment strategy boss
12 Aug 2016Greens rental Bill could put off landlords - NZPIF
12 Aug 2016Only three move so far
12 Aug 2016Banks secure hold on KiwiSaver
11 Aug 2016Tenants’ rights take centre stage
11 Aug 2016Borrowers unlikely to see full cut
11 Aug 2016More cuts on the horizon
11 Aug 2016Commission files charges against Youi insurance
11 Aug 2016More cuts on the horizon
11 Aug 2016Early signs of easing price pressure
11 Aug 2016What the Reserve Bank said about interest rates
11 Aug 2016OCR cut to 2%; Here's what they said
11 Aug 2016FMA launches next stage of churn probe
11 Aug 2016RESIMAC partners with financial advisory firm
11 Aug 2016Grosvenor takes aim at banks with new KiwiSaver product
11 Aug 2016Asteron keeps focus on sustainability
11 Aug 2016Boosting supply crucial to final Unitary Plan decision
10 Aug 2016Auckland house prices not a concern: ASB boss
10 Aug 2016Low interest rates driving customers to wealth products: ASB
10 Aug 2016Milford manager jumps ship
10 Aug 2016ASB profits up; Not worried about Auckland house prices
10 Aug 2016PM tells banks what to do
10 Aug 2016Insurance site set for launch
10 Aug 2016Advisers 'must shake off product ties'
10 Aug 2016Limited supply drives prices up further
9 Aug 2016Camelot adds advisers
9 Aug 2016Mortgage Express appoint new regional manager
9 Aug 2016Housing market simmering down?
9 Aug 2016Govt should bear more of FMA funding cost: IFA
9 Aug 2016Tool helps analyse portfolios
9 Aug 2016Bridging finance not an LVR issue
9 Aug 2016Smooth passage of Unitary Plan in doubt
8 Aug 2016Quieter times ahead for housing market - ASB
8 Aug 2016Odds of rate cut about the same as Hurricanes winning final
8 Aug 2016Stewart seeks more capital to fund growth
8 Aug 2016Balancing act: how to handle the housing market
5 Aug 2016RESIMAC makes important changes to rates and fees (+ VIDEO)
5 Aug 2016Little doubt OCR cut coming
5 Aug 2016RESIMAC has lowered rates
5 Aug 2016Fisher dividend up
5 Aug 2016No tenant liability under new rules
5 Aug 2016Craigs joins NZX platform
5 Aug 2016Financial services provider 'should be allowed to follow law'
5 Aug 2016AML still tough for some AFAs
4 Aug 2016Morningstar's Chris Douglas returns
4 Aug 2016 Apartment size key to future lending
4 Aug 2016LVR to target bank risk, not prices
4 Aug 2016Adviser numbers drop
4 Aug 2016Banks too dominant in KiwiSaver: Survey
4 Aug 2016Bank risk real LVR target
4 Aug 2016Apartment size key to future lending
3 Aug 2016BNP appoints advice boss
3 Aug 2016Will insurance become redundant as things get safer?
3 Aug 2016QV: Prices still running hot
3 Aug 2016Squirrel launches secondary market
3 Aug 2016Financial Advice NZ could play regulatory role
3 Aug 2016Slowdown in Auckland market – B&T
2 Aug 2016Perpetual Guardian plans $150m IPO
2 Aug 2016No stopping value rises: QV
2 Aug 2016BNZ moves rates; Foreign buyer report called misleading
2 Aug 2016Correction on the cards?
2 Aug 2016Ballantyne hopeful of OIO nod 'soon'
2 Aug 2016Jennings gets top IFA award
2 Aug 2016Harmoney's first full-year results show loss
1 Aug 2016Foreign buyer stats 'misleading'
1 Aug 2016Newton Ross welcomes new advisers
1 Aug 2016Harmoney faces charges
1 Aug 2016Southern beauty
1 Aug 2016HomeStart changes meant to open up market
1 Aug 2016Surprise rate cut
1 Aug 2016A good question from ANZ
1 Aug 2016Stubbs launches not-for-profit KiwiSaver scheme

July 2016

31 Jul 2016Heartland Seniors Finance gets a tick
29 Jul 2016Young mortgage adviser of the year named (+ VIDEO)
29 Jul 2016Relief as consents bounce back up
29 Jul 2016Country's top lenders named
29 Jul 2016Solvency key for self-employed borrowers
28 Jul 2016Financial Advice NZ gets green light
28 Jul 2016Top lenders of the year named
28 Jul 2016More state house sales on the agenda
28 Jul 2016'Client first' right standard for the industry: Everett
28 Jul 2016Mortgage lending drops
28 Jul 2016Big DIMS bill looming
28 Jul 2016Investors must battle fear
27 Jul 2016Auckland’s future is up and out
27 Jul 2016Auld takes on new KiwiSaver role
27 Jul 2016KiwiSaver approach to health insurance needed
27 Jul 2016Fall in mortgage lending
27 Jul 2016No looming price crash
27 Jul 2016'Work to do' to get advisers on to responsible investment
27 Jul 2016Defensive funds regain ground
26 Jul 2016Selling privately - a good idea?
26 Jul 2016FMA wants more money
26 Jul 2016IFA mum on FANZ vote
26 Jul 2016No property price crash looming
25 Jul 2016Suncorp appoints investment boss
25 Jul 2016What's more important: Equity or income?
25 Jul 2016Private versus agent sales
25 Jul 2016IFA checks in on RFA members
25 Jul 2016Future Penny has eye on Kiwi market
24 Jul 2016Banks care more about income than equity
22 Jul 2016LVR rules an opportunity for P2P
22 Jul 2016Unusual week
22 Jul 2016D-Day for Unitary Plan looming
22 Jul 2016FAA review means advisers spend less time advising clients
21 Jul 2016No let-up in migration pressure on housing
21 Jul 2016Reserve Bank signals more OCR cuts
21 Jul 2016Reserve Bank signals more OCR cuts
21 Jul 2016Warning: Rents will rise
21 Jul 2016Banks already introducing tougher rules for property investors
21 Jul 2016IDS restructures to guide advisers through change
21 Jul 2016Fisher Funds defends 'super-salary'
21 Jul 2016Westpac cuts off investor lending
20 Jul 2016Banks already introducing tougher rules for property investors
20 Jul 2016Boom, boom, boom; Three banks move
20 Jul 2016Westpac cuts off investor lending
20 Jul 2016RESIMAC in merger talks with fellow non-bank lender
20 Jul 2016New lending rules shuts young people out
20 Jul 2016'Unintended consequences' of landlord crackdown
20 Jul 2016Stewart Group boosts investment committee
20 Jul 2016Adviser products shine
20 Jul 2016Rising prices make for rising rents
19 Jul 2016[OPINION] Proposed two-tier system has major flaws
19 Jul 2016Property Institute slams RBNZ 'u-turn'
19 Jul 2016Reserve Bank calls for changes to investor LVRs
19 Jul 2016Crackdown on investor lending
19 Jul 2016Reserve Bank targets investor lending
19 Jul 2016Auckland’s rental hot spots
19 Jul 2016Managers struggle in volatile environment
18 Jul 2016More Ross settlements
18 Jul 2016Time for KiwiSaver reality check
18 Jul 2016Odds on for an August cut
18 Jul 2016'Super salary' on offer, court told
18 Jul 2016How OCR decisions are made
18 Jul 2016How the Reserve Bank makes OCR decisions
18 Jul 2016From DPB to dream home
18 Jul 2016Code Committee to get more power
15 Jul 2016Industry must face up to trend for commission regulation
15 Jul 2016Interest rates key to affordability
15 Jul 2016Diversified battle continues
15 Jul 2016Managers on borrowed time
15 Jul 2016Buyers struggle to find properties
14 Jul 2016Fidelity names new CEO
14 Jul 2016Investors boost small home prices
14 Jul 2016Liberty appoints BDM
14 Jul 2016Concerns raised over 'agent' classifcation
14 Jul 2016Insurers welcome FAA changes
13 Jul 2016Could AFA compliance costs fall?
13 Jul 2016Westpac cuts interest-only term
13 Jul 2016Financial Advisers Act changes revealed
13 Jul 2016FSPR changes mooted
13 Jul 2016Investors boost small home prices
12 Jul 2016Interest rates key to affordability
12 Jul 2016Westpac cuts interest-only term
12 Jul 2016Harmoney adds payment protect feature
12 Jul 2016Investors a target in tax proposals
12 Jul 2016Diversified dispute hits court
11 Jul 2016The value of insurance
11 Jul 2016Tynan steps down
11 Jul 2016Tax proposals target landlords - NZPIF
11 Jul 2016Infrastructure investing: What, why and how?
11 Jul 2016QROPS market 'an opportunity'
11 Jul 2016Support for simple products
11 Jul 2016FMA tight-lipped on Hansa investigation
11 Jul 2016Indications interest rates may not fall further
8 Jul 2016Top 10 hotspots set to boom
8 Jul 2016Warnings fly following RBNZ proposal
8 Jul 2016RBNZ signals tougher rules for investors (+Speech)
8 Jul 2016Warnings fly following RBNZ proposal
8 Jul 2016Frozen funds raise concern
8 Jul 2016KiwiSaver increasingly seen as retirement income option
7 Jul 2016Brush up on your 2008 playbook
7 Jul 2016Tide may turn on OCR cuts
7 Jul 2016Future OCR cuts dependent on inflation
7 Jul 2016Expert urges 'crashing' the market
7 Jul 2016Stewart group branches out to Wellington
7 Jul 2016Women left behind
7 Jul 2016RBNZ signals tougher rules for investors
6 Jul 2016Improve fire safety – Fire Service
6 Jul 2016NZHL appoints distribution boss
6 Jul 2016Brexit - Near term and longer term views
6 Jul 2016Advisers missing KiwiSaver opportunity
6 Jul 2016Key tells RBNZ to target property investors
6 Jul 2016Investors in the line of fire
6 Jul 2016Support for $100k FMA conference
5 Jul 2016Hamilton values skyrocketing
5 Jul 2016Akld prices up again - as expert urges “crash”
5 Jul 2016Code Committee members reappointed
5 Jul 2016RBNZ quandary
5 Jul 2016OCR quandary for RBNZ
5 Jul 2016FMA fraudster appeals
5 Jul 2016AMP plans new funds
5 Jul 2016NZPIF added to meth committee
4 Jul 2016Let's deal with rogue advisers
4 Jul 2016Credit growth reaches new levels
4 Jul 2016Speeding up housing development
4 Jul 2016Hard to find right advice fit
4 Jul 2016Associations: Act on dodgy advice
1 Jul 2016A little competition to end the week
1 Jul 2016Bayleys to pay $2.2m over price-fixing
1 Jul 2016Accuro commemorates 45th birthday by strengthening ties with the public health system
1 Jul 2016Tony Ryall to head nib's board
1 Jul 2016Interest in SuperCity falls
1 Jul 2016Housing debt risk growing - ANZ
1 Jul 2016ASB seesaw
1 Jul 2016Proposed FAA changes not a great shock: Goldsmith

June 2016

30 Jun 2016Nikko's latest quarterly investment forecast
30 Jun 2016Bad news on Auckland consents
30 Jun 2016One little change
30 Jun 2016'High-volume' advisers earn 50% more
30 Jun 2016New suitability rules get industry backing
30 Jun 2016Alternative lending options
29 Jun 2016Supply boost could fuel prices
29 Jun 2016What the FMA will do next
29 Jun 2016Minister says no commission ban
29 Jun 2016Churn report should include banks: Insurers
29 Jun 2016FMA says commission drives churn
29 Jun 2016FSC welcomes FMA report on life insurance sales practices
29 Jun 2016Why financial advice matters
29 Jun 2016Record high mortgage lending
29 Jun 2016ASB hikes its floating rate
29 Jun 2016The Co-op Bank ups a rate
29 Jun 2016Pinnacle gets into income protection
29 Jun 2016Industry groups seek more information
29 Jun 2016Regional auction watch: Strong demand for family home
28 Jun 2016Building a new advice process – Start With A Question
28 Jun 2016Special rate rise; OCR cut now more likely; New RB data on loans
28 Jun 2016Associations expecting 'yes' vote
28 Jun 2016Transfer firms untroubled by Brexit
27 Jun 2016What Brexit means for NZ investors
27 Jun 2016Mortgage lending hits record high
27 Jun 2016David Whyte takes chair of planning group
27 Jun 2016Smartshares and SuperLife to amalgamate
27 Jun 2016Brexit means August OCR cut likely
27 Jun 2016Brexit: Don't panic
27 Jun 2016Insurer reactions 'too slow'
27 Jun 2016Finally some rate changes to report
27 Jun 2016Southern (Auckland) charm
24 Jun 2016Value houses on performance
24 Jun 2016SBS reports growth in a difficult year
24 Jun 2016SBS records growth in a "difficult" year
24 Jun 2016'No commission' structure doesn't translate
24 Jun 2016Boutiques take hold in NZ
24 Jun 2016Meth bill on the cards
23 Jun 2016Rents spike in regions
23 Jun 2016Otago leads rental growth pack
23 Jun 2016Turbo-charged returns can't last: Super Fund
23 Jun 2016Roboadvice could complement adviser businesses
22 Jun 2016Second SPGI director sentenced
22 Jun 2016Mortgage lending raises red flag
22 Jun 2016Migration past its peak - economists
22 Jun 2016Borrowing frenzy risks
21 Jun 2016[Comment] Advice matters
21 Jun 2016Extra rates for investors?
21 Jun 2016Accuro ventures deeper into SME market
21 Jun 2016Forget returns and fees, investors told
21 Jun 2016Regulation fears for advice businesses' value
21 Jun 2016Check building guarantees - ComCom
20 Jun 2016Local govt to target investors?
20 Jun 2016Former finance firm completes full circle
20 Jun 2016Institutional backing gets blame for high rates
20 Jun 2016Westpac revises house price forecasts
20 Jun 2016Banks boost adviser job ads
20 Jun 2016FNZ signs up with service to improve efficiencies
20 Jun 2016What's the home for direct-owned and listed property in a portfolio?
20 Jun 2016Health & safety: what you need to know
18 Jun 2016NZ equity management: Will the tight-five continue to dominate play?
17 Jun 2016New adviser body not on NAC menu
17 Jun 2016Woman guilty of mortgage fraud
17 Jun 2016New adviser association - yes, no, maybe?
17 Jun 2016Platform aims for 'Xero of investment admin'
16 Jun 2016Shot on goal for AIA
16 Jun 2016Your views on the (proposed) new adviser association
16 Jun 2016Kepa's fees changes for mortgage advisers worrying move
16 Jun 2016Trans-Tasman appointment for Milford
16 Jun 2016SuperCity apartments winners for investors
16 Jun 2016Regions hot, Auckland cooling
16 Jun 2016Low interest rates likely to be a problem for some time
16 Jun 2016Hot and cold in regional auction
15 Jun 2016Regions outpacing Auckland - REINZ
15 Jun 2016Commissions not driving adviser behaviour
15 Jun 2016Ageing workforce an issue for advice
15 Jun 2016It's swings and round abouts today
15 Jun 2016Kepa to bump up adviser fees
14 Jun 2016Scam email targets finance sector
14 Jun 2016SBS appoints former ASB exec as its new CEO
14 Jun 2016More KiwiSaver options wanted
14 Jun 2016Blaming landlords not the answer
14 Jun 2016AMP appoints co-head of New Zealand fixed income
14 Jun 2016Banks tighten belt on foreign borrowing
14 Jun 2016Clarification offered on Financial Advice NZ questions
14 Jun 2016Ross liquidators contact more investors
13 Jun 2016ASB joins other main banks in limiting foreign borrowing
13 Jun 2016ASB joins banks restricting foreign buyers
13 Jun 2016Property hunter
13 Jun 2016BNZ just pips Westpac with new Special
13 Jun 2016FMA must reveal more of Warminger case
13 Jun 2016A focus on sustainable growth and quality
13 Jun 2016NZX sees ETF popularity grow
10 Jun 2016Former Southern Cross boss dies
10 Jun 2016Bay of Plenty new growth star
10 Jun 2016RBNZ says LVR restrictions worked; but not how people expected
10 Jun 2016Details of Financial Advice NZ yet to be worked out
10 Jun 2016Rotorua property auction delivers varying results
10 Jun 2016BNZ, Westpac, ANZ restrict foreign lending
9 Jun 2016More investor lending restrictions looming
9 Jun 2016PAA and IFA reveal plans to launch new, unified organisation
9 Jun 2016LVR restrictions stopped $20 bill of lending
9 Jun 2016More on OCR announcement plus Live Webcast
9 Jun 2016Financial stability reason for unchanged OCR
9 Jun 2016Risk poor policy analysis could affect commission decisions
9 Jun 2016OCR stays at 2.25% - What the bank said today
9 Jun 2016Official Cash Rate left unchanged
9 Jun 2016PAA and IFA reveal plans to launch new, unified organisation
9 Jun 2016New option offered to pension transferers
9 Jun 2016Without a voice
8 Jun 2016Investor opportunities exist in Chch
8 Jun 2016'Drastic' lending changes to challenge investors
8 Jun 2016Trades concentrated with top five brokers
7 Jun 2016ANZ's lending changes surprise mortgage advisers
7 Jun 2016Boosting Auckland returns with AirBnB
7 Jun 2016Cashing in on interest rates
7 Jun 2016Mortgage Supply lassos brokers out West
7 Jun 2016Investors want more engagement
7 Jun 2016A view of Brexit, from London
6 Jun 2016Financial services people recognised in Queens Birthday awards
3 Jun 2016Brokers real success story for The Co-operative Bank
3 Jun 2016OCR holding - Economists
3 Jun 2016[EXCLUSIVE] Banks capture most new AFAs
3 Jun 2016OCR calls favour hold
3 Jun 2016Auckland prices static
2 Jun 2016Councils must open up land to match growth
2 Jun 2016Don't believe all the hype about property flipping
2 Jun 2016Frequent flipping a myth
2 Jun 2016Adviser helps train up new AFAs
2 Jun 2016Rental insulation requirements are now law
1 Jun 2016Credit Union Baywide receives good news
1 Jun 2016Investors driving value growth - QV
1 Jun 2016Waikato market surprises
1 Jun 2016No rush to cut OCR
1 Jun 2016Changes at Westpac
1 Jun 2016$1.9 mill start for PAA Legacy Trust

May 2016

31 May 2016Auckland under pressure
31 May 2016Consents drop amid supply furor
31 May 2016Less urgency to cut OCR but bias remains
31 May 2016The problem with the ideal
31 May 2016HSBC: OCR holding till August
31 May 2016Nice 5th birthday present for Partners Life
31 May 2016The Partner's story rolls on with a new multi-million investment
30 May 2016New Watercare option for Auckland landlords
30 May 2016OCR on hold till August - HSBC
30 May 2016Kiwibank's 3.99% gone
30 May 2016Brexit, stage left
30 May 2016Fee guidance doesn't answer all questions
30 May 2016Rich pickings in NZ's fruit bowl
27 May 2016Budget unlikely to change Reserve Bank views
27 May 2016Investors dominating housing market
27 May 2016Code changes likely by year's end
27 May 2016Too cool for comfort?
26 May 2016More needed to address supply issues
26 May 2016Budget 2016: what it has to say on property
26 May 2016TSB tweaks
26 May 2016FMA: Changing regulatory landscape hard for some
26 May 2016Investors’ mortgage lending share up
26 May 2016Investors dominating market
26 May 2016SHA fast-tracking to be protected
25 May 2016First NZ buys wealth firm
25 May 2016Optioning commercial alternatives
25 May 2016The Co-Op Bank makes changes
25 May 2016Tax changes suggested to hit richer pensioners
24 May 2016Tactical guessing game
24 May 2016Demand pushes Auckland rents up
24 May 2016Investors brace for higher interest rates
24 May 2016Property investment loans to cost more
24 May 2016Crown land supply plan moves forward
24 May 2016Managing investment risk
24 May 2016FMA: Advice at retirement 'crucial'
23 May 2016June cut speculation
23 May 2016Inflation concerns could mean June cut
23 May 2016What do you cut when something has to give?
23 May 2016Maximising development returns
23 May 2016Lack of advisers a '10- to 30-year problem'
22 May 2016Fraudulent former adviser fails in court bid
20 May 2016Hefty penalty for real estate price fixing
20 May 2016Stubbs looking to launch new KiwiSaver offer
20 May 2016Migration steady, but slowing
20 May 2016Nikko reports strong retail growth
20 May 2016Making the letting process easier
20 May 2016ASB plays the long game
20 May 2016China more tempting but time not yet right
19 May 2016FMA: No emails please
19 May 2016Auckland’s pain is shared - ASB
19 May 2016AMP makes advice appointments
19 May 2016ASB appoints new boss for wealth and insurance
19 May 2016FSC launches income protection information
19 May 2016Density real key to growth
19 May 2016Warning: No room for complacency on digital disruption
18 May 2016Get rid of Auckland’s urban boundary - Labour
18 May 2016Meth testing standard in the works
18 May 2016Investor confidence drops
18 May 2016SBS betters its big bank peers
18 May 2016Reserve Bank calls for lower commissions
18 May 2016SuiteBox woos Kiwi advisers
17 May 2016New CEO for Mortgage Express
17 May 2016Big lift in KiwiSaver withdrawals
17 May 2016Expect more lending restrictions soon
17 May 2016Property Council: Debt to income ratio won't solve shortage
17 May 2016Autopilot mode helps KiwiSaver members to better returns
17 May 2016Anti-commission argument not winning: Ballantyne
16 May 2016Harmoney appoints chair
16 May 2016Pressure on Council ramps up
16 May 2016Former bank board member joins GFS
16 May 2016Turning up the heat
16 May 2016New norm for two-year specials
16 May 2016Roboadvice may be a solution to fee pressure
13 May 2016FMA wins deregistration fight
13 May 2016Market pressures could prompt commission change: Report
13 May 2016High rise boom times
13 May 2016Rates are back below 4%
13 May 2016Tax changes may hit trans-Tasman transfers
13 May 2016Some advisers earning more than $750k per year
12 May 2016Final call in MTF case
12 May 2016SFO tells clients to question advisers
12 May 2016Harmoney increases fees for investors
12 May 2016Defying the winter chill
12 May 2016LVR measures looming
12 May 2016Risks in new RBNZ proposal
12 May 2016Accountants, lawyers to join advisers in AML
11 May 2016RBNZ having second thoughts
11 May 2016Halo effect growing - REINZ
11 May 2016LVR measures on the horizon
11 May 2016Housing market still RBNZ's headache
11 May 2016RBNZ still thinking about ways to slow the housing market
11 May 2016Halo of confidence
11 May 2016Nick Tuffley's interest rate update
11 May 2016Support for wholesale change, except from banks
10 May 2016Super Fund sells down
10 May 2016Foreign buyer numbers revealed
10 May 2016Comparing OCR and floating rates no longer relevant
10 May 2016Calmer waters for Coromandel holiday rentals
10 May 2016Investors under fire
10 May 2016Stewart Group joins Plus4
10 May 2016Terminal illness cover launched
10 May 2016Pressure goes on adviser fees
9 May 2016Wellington Airport issues bonds
9 May 2016Investors under fire
9 May 2016TSB's new rate; BNZ's broker business revealed
9 May 2016FSCL members split on court bid
9 May 2016ANZ committed to wealth
9 May 2016Triplejump drops staff
7 May 2016Competition Takes Many Forms
6 May 2016BNZ reveals how much broker business it has banked
6 May 2016ASB encourages borrowers to go long
6 May 2016FSCL mum on court bid funding
6 May 2016Strategising for a changing population
5 May 2016Ensure full disclosure - ComCom
5 May 2016BNZ's profits down
5 May 2016Healthy Homes Bill progresses
5 May 2016ANZ holds its rating despite profit fall
5 May 2016Industry told: Make Kiwis care
4 May 2016Kepa seeks new members
4 May 2016Values rising around NZ
4 May 2016April sees SuperCity at slower pace
4 May 2016The 'how' and 'why' of negative interest rates
4 May 2016ANZ talks results; CU Baywide plays three of a kind
4 May 2016Advisers' pre-emptive strike
4 May 2016Sovereign changes underwriting process
3 May 2016ANZ happy with broker remuneration model
3 May 2016Forget demand – address supply
3 May 2016ANZ profits drop in half year results
3 May 2016Obituary - Paul Murphy
3 May 2016FMA slaps Craigs over AML failures
3 May 2016ASB: The only way is up
3 May 2016How much should advisers have known about tax on transfers?
3 May 2016Onwards and upwards
2 May 2016Minimum rental standards push reignites
2 May 2016Westpac hits record result in NZ
2 May 2016Consumers might favour algorithms over fallible humans
2 May 2016Top of the South: Sunny side up
1 May 2016Only sub 4% home loan due to end

April 2016

29 Apr 2016New building trend easing
29 Apr 2016OCR cuts imminent
29 Apr 2016Chief operating officer appointed for NZHL
29 Apr 2016Plan for Uber of financial advice
29 Apr 2016Unfounded fears put people off KiwiSaver
28 Apr 2016Agreement clears way for managers' international expansion
28 Apr 2016PAA outlines plans to authorise all advisers
28 Apr 2016PledgeMe approved for lending
28 Apr 2016Outer Auckland leads rent growth
28 Apr 2016PAA sorry for launch invitation
28 Apr 2016OCR hold right call – for now
28 Apr 2016OCR Held - Here's what was said
28 Apr 2016OCR held: What the Reserve Bank said
28 Apr 2016Soft commission under scrutiny
28 Apr 2016Workplace Savings board members step down
28 Apr 2016Healthy job market for advisers, recruiter says
28 Apr 2016Rise in investor lending reflects strong market
28 Apr 2016OCR hold right call – for now
27 Apr 2016Devil in land tax detail
27 Apr 2016IMF to assess New Zealand
27 Apr 2016Flipping tax talk misleading
27 Apr 2016Westpac commission review - what does that mean for brokers here?
27 Apr 2016Better disclosure needed - but how?
27 Apr 2016Westpac launches commission review
27 Apr 2016Thumbs up for roboadvice rules
26 Apr 2016Battle lines clearly drawn
26 Apr 2016Land tax not the way to go
26 Apr 2016KiwiSaver withdrawals suggested to pay for advice
26 Apr 2016Insurance shake up
26 Apr 2016OCR guessing game - what economists think
26 Apr 2016Banks keen to hold on to QFE model
25 Apr 2016Spicers, AdviceFirst to merge
25 Apr 2016Building blocks
22 Apr 2016Sovereign launches rewards for healthy living
22 Apr 2016Odds against OCR cut
22 Apr 2016Mortgage Express expands team
22 Apr 2016Testing makes sense
22 Apr 2016New technology to streamline property deals
22 Apr 2016Are you confronting clients' biases?
21 Apr 2016Bright moves on from Global Pacific
21 Apr 2016Is the migration flow turning?
21 Apr 2016NZ Super fund and Milford cut ties
21 Apr 2016Streamlining property transactions
21 Apr 2016Static rents tough for landlords
21 Apr 2016Capitalising on the capital
21 Apr 2016Fewer than 1000 complete level 5
21 Apr 2016Law Society backs greater powers for professional associations
20 Apr 2016Conservative funds take lead
20 Apr 2016New insulation standards finalised
20 Apr 2016More restrictions on the way?
20 Apr 2016Associations' stance questioned
19 Apr 2016Southern Cross targets younger market
19 Apr 2016Capital price prospects
19 Apr 2016Are more housing market curbs on the agenda?
19 Apr 2016NZSF sells investments
19 Apr 2016FPSB seeks directors
19 Apr 2016Are more housing market curbs on the agenda?
19 Apr 2016Later rather than sooner for OCR cut
19 Apr 2016Transition RFAs to higher standard: PAA
19 Apr 2016UDC purchase will require big capital base
19 Apr 2016CPI shows signs of levelling out
18 Apr 2016CPI shows signs of levelling out
18 Apr 2016SuperCity offerings for investors
18 Apr 2016Seven deadly sins of the policy document
18 Apr 2016More changes at AMP Capital
18 Apr 2016Giving inflation a chance
18 Apr 2016TSB takes lead in two-year space
18 Apr 2016MPs skip KiwiSaver
15 Apr 2016Stephens: Reserve Bank probably considering other tools
15 Apr 2016Share appoints growth manager
15 Apr 2016Jumping into the deep end
15 Apr 2016RBNZ lock-ups scrapped following leak
15 Apr 2016AIA introduces new commission option
14 Apr 2016Standard definitions might not be silver bullet
14 Apr 2016Former RFA pledges to stop advising
14 Apr 2016New structure brings finance grunt to Taurus
14 Apr 2016RBNZ confirms OCR leak
14 Apr 2016Battleground Auckland
14 Apr 2016Two thirds of MPs are investors
14 Apr 2016OCR - will it stay or will it go?
14 Apr 2016Morningstar researcher departs
14 Apr 2016Time for new way to value equities?
13 Apr 2016Out of the doldrums, into the fire
13 Apr 2016Insurance rules get review
13 Apr 2016Predicting the RBNZ's next OCR announcement a head scratcher
13 Apr 2016Sellers' confidence soaring high
13 Apr 2016Property market reignites
13 Apr 2016Companies dodging regulation a headache for FMA
13 Apr 2016IDS to offer complaint service
12 Apr 2016Synergy BDM to pick up international lessons
12 Apr 2016SuperCity tracking up - again
12 Apr 2016The rise of renters
12 Apr 2016Advisers must save clients from themselves
12 Apr 2016KiwiSaver key to insurance future
12 Apr 2016Squirrel raises $3.5 million to help with expansion
12 Apr 2016Planet considers organisations' future
11 Apr 2016Chorus offers bonds with minimum 4.1% rate
11 Apr 2016KiwiSaver treated like a bank account, not investment
11 Apr 2016New shareholders may help Kiwibank
11 Apr 2016Advisers misusing wholesale definition
11 Apr 2016Heartland gives Harmoney extra backing
11 Apr 2016A fund manager fee conundrum
11 Apr 2016Rental market on the rise
9 Apr 2016Share sale may help Kiwibank get back market share
9 Apr 2016[VIDEO] Paul Fuller tells mortgage advisers what life's like as an AFA
8 Apr 2016Harbour expands investment operations team
8 Apr 2016Perils of dodging due diligence
8 Apr 2016Verhaart joins GMI
8 Apr 2016Due diligence: how to avoid disaster
8 Apr 2016Kiwi accountants not planning to follow Australian lead into financial advice
8 Apr 2016IFSO on membership drive
7 Apr 2016Supply boost to have limited market impact
7 Apr 2016FSC and Workplace Savings get together (sort of)
7 Apr 2016IFA recognises Jennings' achievements
7 Apr 2016New adviser group launched
7 Apr 2016Brighter future for property owners
7 Apr 2016End of Super City's downward trend?
7 Apr 2016China's next export: Inflation?
7 Apr 2016Triplejump franchises set up independent firm
6 Apr 2016National values up, Auckland values down
6 Apr 2016NZ Post sells Kiwibank stake
6 Apr 2016Kepa to offer more focused support, faces new competition in market
6 Apr 2016When to worry about meth
6 Apr 2016Milford appoints director
6 Apr 2016Another building society moves
5 Apr 2016SIL and MFL stop taking new members
5 Apr 2016Life after Jennings 'business as usual'
5 Apr 2016Affordability improvement will be short-lived
5 Apr 2016Greens' Kiwibank stance criticised
5 Apr 2016Kepa home loans boss steps down
5 Apr 2016Limited supply pushes prices up
5 Apr 2016Squirrel offer open to public
5 Apr 2016Wu: Don't expect Chinese improvement for some months
4 Apr 2016Squirrel offer open
4 Apr 2016Safe as houses
4 Apr 2016Demand driving regional prices
4 Apr 2016We have a new one-year rate leader
4 Apr 2016Cut to boost or hike to slow?
4 Apr 2016Stretched equities make absolute funds appeal: Managers
4 Apr 2016China's global importance
1 Apr 2016Rob Tucker takes on new role
1 Apr 2016Rob Tucker takes on new role
1 Apr 2016Advisers help change behaviour, not just sell a product
1 Apr 2016Reserve Bank's 'fine balance'
1 Apr 2016Look to the regions
1 Apr 2016Get smart
1 Apr 2016Where is the line for 'disrepute', IFA asks

March 2016

31 Mar 2016New kid on the block
31 Mar 2016New business to offer online compliance help
31 Mar 2016Investment planner pleads guilty
31 Mar 2016Focus on affordability grows
30 Mar 2016Mistake to overlook due diligence
30 Mar 2016Construction on the rise
30 Mar 2016BNZ moves one-year Special lower
30 Mar 2016Southern Cross launches life insurance
30 Mar 2016Pie funds' KiwiSaver plans on hold
30 Mar 2016Wellington South: Positively diverse
29 Mar 2016New kid on the block
29 Mar 2016Verhaart leaving AMP Capital
29 Mar 2016Kiwibank takes aim at two-year term
29 Mar 2016'Disappointed' PAA boss says advisers support missive
29 Mar 2016Australasia one single housing market
26 Mar 2016Squirrel offer may go public
25 Mar 2016Getting better building information
24 Mar 2016GFS plans to expand
24 Mar 2016RBNZ to investigate alleged OCR leak
24 Mar 2016Reverse mortgage growth moving forward
24 Mar 2016Fund manager to lose PIE status
24 Mar 2016Investor lending picks up
24 Mar 2016Apartment takeover
24 Mar 2016Advisers criticised for no-show
24 Mar 2016Quirk leaving Milford role
24 Mar 2016Young people holding back from buying
24 Mar 2016Sovereign adviser re-engagement gets off to good start
24 Mar 2016AMP offers insurance deal to stem flow of customers to bank KiwiSaver schemes
24 Mar 2016Lifetime boss hopes momentum will grow
24 Mar 2016Housing supply tax fears eased
23 Mar 2016New dawn for Springpark
23 Mar 2016Westpac and Co-Op banks move rates
23 Mar 2016Advisers slow to file renewals
23 Mar 2016Cutting through the red tape
22 Mar 2016Unit rents lead the way
22 Mar 2016New boss for Aegis
22 Mar 2016ASB forecasts 1.75% OCR
22 Mar 2016Harmoney puts brakes on secondary market
22 Mar 2016Court battle costs broker everything
22 Mar 2016Property dreams on ice
21 Mar 2016MBIE to reveal submissions
21 Mar 2016More OCR cuts to come - ASB
21 Mar 2016ANZ inches up the league table with fixed rate pricing cuts
21 Mar 2016BNZ signs up second dealer group
21 Mar 2016Higher standards for RFAs a must for financial advice 'profession'
21 Mar 2016Migration defies forecasts
18 Mar 2016Comparing selected banks
18 Mar 2016Comparing lenders
18 Mar 2016PI cover: More cost - any benefit?
17 Mar 2016Shortlist for state house sales
17 Mar 2016BNZ finally move
17 Mar 2016[Updated] JMIS gets most of the Sovereign money
17 Mar 2016Kepa not keeping regional roles
17 Mar 2016Registering property to get easier
16 Mar 2016Mortgage fraudster gets jail time
16 Mar 2016Playing the man not the ball
16 Mar 2016No role for politicians in OCR uproar - experts
16 Mar 2016Which banks are the most generous?
16 Mar 2016AMP Capital to offer direct investment
16 Mar 2016Churn report due in mid-2016
16 Mar 2016Auckland’s summer holiday over
16 Mar 2016Remove barriers to earthquake proofing
16 Mar 2016Dropout to young success
15 Mar 2016ANZ under scrutiny
15 Mar 2016Hotchin gets leave to appeal
15 Mar 2016Playing the ball not the man
15 Mar 2016Looming impact of global funding costs
15 Mar 2016Roboadvice is coming
15 Mar 2016Where are the RFAs?
15 Mar 2016Observing health & safety on site
14 Mar 2016Developer under SFO investigation
14 Mar 2016Inflation key for interest rates
14 Mar 2016Property sound investment for retirement - APIA
14 Mar 2016OCR cut fuel for housing fire
14 Mar 2016Senior Trust latest licenced manager
14 Mar 2016ASB cuts fixed rates
14 Mar 2016Squirrel exceeds target
14 Mar 2016Thomas to step down from FMA
13 Mar 2016ANZ issues bonds
11 Mar 2016Squirrel secondary market approved
11 Mar 2016AIA makes appointments
11 Mar 2016McGuffie charges dismissed
11 Mar 2016Full OCR cut should be passed on: McLachlan
11 Mar 2016Regions hot for house sales
11 Mar 2016NZ & Australia Company Results Review
11 Mar 2016MJW fallout unexpected
11 Mar 2016ANZ keeping cuts mainly to itself
11 Mar 2016Banks slow to pass on OCR cut
11 Mar 2016'Simple' product for online sales
11 Mar 2016Stonewood saga for investors
10 Mar 2016Genesis bonds
10 Mar 2016Timing of OCR cut surprises
10 Mar 2016Surprise OCR cut
10 Mar 2016Reserve Bank surprises with OCR cut
10 Mar 2016What the Reserve Bank said today
10 Mar 2016Do balanced funds need to change?
10 Mar 2016NZ 2nd in global house price index
9 Mar 2016Interest grows in ethical options
9 Mar 2016TSB tweaks special
9 Mar 2016Sovereign reassurance amid CBA claims
9 Mar 2016Index submission criticised
9 Mar 2016BNZ working out its wider roll out strategy to advisers
9 Mar 2016Top 10 tax deduction blunders
8 Mar 2016$4m may be coming from Squirrel investors
8 Mar 2016AMP advisers get awards
8 Mar 2016When is a heart attack not a heart attack?
8 Mar 2016No affordability problem
8 Mar 2016Affordability not the problem
8 Mar 2016Shake-up won't disrupt adviser business: Suncorp
8 Mar 2016Industry could do better by women
7 Mar 2016New head of currency for RBNZ
7 Mar 2016On the cusp of change
7 Mar 2016Cuts to OCR unlikely
7 Mar 2016OCR cut this week unlikely
7 Mar 2016MBIE asked: What harm are RFAs doing?
4 Mar 2016Squirrel investors to receive offer docs
4 Mar 2016Squirrel investors get offer docs today
4 Mar 2016People should be angrier about tax changes: Baucher
3 Mar 2016Shaking off the summer lull
3 Mar 2016Global funding costs impact on mortgage rates
3 Mar 2016Good time for financial planning: Maye
3 Mar 2016Industry can't fix itself: MJW
2 Mar 2016Sustainability rating launched
2 Mar 2016Asteron now under Vero leadership
2 Mar 2016Milford takes leading position with new system
2 Mar 2016ANZ wealth shake-up
2 Mar 2016Softening market may be short-lived
2 Mar 2016Beware catches in regional housing strength
2 Mar 2016Sovereign's new boss revealed
2 Mar 2016Peer-to-peer lending growing in popularity
2 Mar 2016Banks offer value: Morningstar
2 Mar 2016Portfolio-building has limited appeal
2 Mar 2016Peer-to-peer a growing option, broker says
1 Mar 2016Sovereign urges action
1 Mar 2016Looming impact of global funding costs
1 Mar 2016Investing in 'alternatives'
1 Mar 2016BNZ makes interesting rate changes
1 Mar 2016Auckland soars to new record
1 Mar 2016Super fund invests in a new strategy
1 Mar 2016[VIDEO] John Bolton talks to TMM Online
1 Mar 2016FMA tackles performance fees
1 Mar 2016Campbell takes new role
1 Mar 2016Newpark double dates mortgage groups
1 Mar 2016Tax hit for gold bugs
1 Mar 2016Conference registrations open
1 Mar 2016Not a Shore thing

February 2016

29 Feb 2016ANZ changes position on OCR cuts
29 Feb 2016FSC collapse spectacularly bad timing
29 Feb 2016ANZ changes its view on OCR cuts
29 Feb 2016Fund managers a growth opportunity for financial advice, FMA says
29 Feb 2016Accountants submit in favour of exemption
29 Feb 2016Decline in building consents
26 Feb 2016Amanah amasses members
26 Feb 2016ASIC outlines commission review scope
26 Feb 2016Room for OCR cuts - English
26 Feb 2016Website wants to entice young recruits
26 Feb 2016Code Commitee changes criticised: 'Creating, not fixing problems'
25 Feb 2016Downward trend for investor lending
25 Feb 2016Scope for OCR cut - English
25 Feb 2016Supply problem needs solution faster - English
25 Feb 2016A test of inflation targeting credibility?
25 Feb 2016Big falls in days to sell in regions
25 Feb 2016Withdrawals increase
25 Feb 2016More changes for overseas pension transfers
25 Feb 2016No let-up in migration flow
25 Feb 2016Intensification plans in disarray
24 Feb 2016Harbour takes top award
24 Feb 2016Homes selling faster in regions
24 Feb 2016Record profits despite volatility
24 Feb 2016NZX says 2015 focus on funds services paid off
24 Feb 2016Lawyers argue exemptions should stay
24 Feb 2016Volatility, regulation don’t hold back banks
23 Feb 2016Insulation benefits might be exaggerated
23 Feb 2016Adviser in court
23 Feb 2016Threats linger for banks – S&P
23 Feb 2016Good returns for BoP landlords
23 Feb 2016Flat half-year for Kiwibank
23 Feb 2016Submissions due today on code changes
23 Feb 2016Sharemarket likely to be more resilient than global counterparts
23 Feb 2016Property crackdown boosted by more IRD numbers
22 Feb 2016Harmoney arrears increase
22 Feb 2016Flat six months for Kiwibank
22 Feb 2016Managers move away from alternatives
22 Feb 2016nib to focus on growing group business
22 Feb 2016Rent loss set to drop
22 Feb 2016FMA: Conflict not a problem
22 Feb 2016FSC and WSNZ told to grab opportunity
22 Feb 2016Stepping into development
21 Feb 2016AMP plans no premium increases this year
19 Feb 2016Rate increase
19 Feb 2016All clear for state house sales
19 Feb 2016Partners quits HFANZ
19 Feb 2016Entity licensing could be detrimental to insurance advice
19 Feb 2016Lack of disciplinary action shows advisers performing
18 Feb 2016Tenancy debt level to improve
18 Feb 2016Zoning debate forces Council meeting
18 Feb 2016Call to beef up proposed rental standards
18 Feb 2016AMP lifts profit as cashflows soar more than 60%
18 Feb 2016Lifestyle matters for banks
18 Feb 2016More than just ability to pay matters
18 Feb 2016Proposed code changes welcomed
18 Feb 2016FMA offers advisers tools
18 Feb 2016How low can interest rates go?
17 Feb 2016HSBC offers lowest home loan rate in over 50 years
17 Feb 2016Inflation expectations fall sharply
17 Feb 2016Property Council slams SuperCity councillors
17 Feb 2016AML compliance improves, despite three warnings
17 Feb 2016Single association would have more clout: Dodds
17 Feb 2016Returns reality different to perception
16 Feb 2016Politicking bad for supply shortage
16 Feb 2016ASB drops low-equity fee
16 Feb 2016The advice gap
16 Feb 2016Slow growth expected
16 Feb 2016Dropping rates should boost slow growth
16 Feb 2016Industry ponders role of FSC
15 Feb 2016AML obligations missed
15 Feb 2016FSC boss quits
15 Feb 2016Auckland market hotspots
15 Feb 2016Lower mortgage rates expected
15 Feb 2016Struggle street to property baron
15 Feb 2016Don't give professional bodies regulatory role: Committee
15 Feb 2016Expect lower mortgage rates in six months: Stephens
12 Feb 2016Battle lines drawn over Unitary Plan
12 Feb 2016Squirrel looks for lots of nuts
12 Feb 2016Harmoney signals need to change fees
12 Feb 2016Peer cover a hard sell but new product planned
12 Feb 2016Time to tackle issue of advice for less wealthy
11 Feb 2016Tight listings compound slowdown
11 Feb 2016Bolton looks to squirrel away investors' money
11 Feb 2016Apartment market hits a plateau
11 Feb 2016Record profit for ASB
11 Feb 2016Forum attendees agree changes needed
10 Feb 2016Payouts top $1.1 billion again
10 Feb 2016ASB regains market share and sticks with commission model
10 Feb 2016Intensification debate heats up
10 Feb 2016ASB reports record half
10 Feb 2016Tax could stifle housing development
10 Feb 2016MBIE rates financial advice as a career
9 Feb 2016Mint adds analyst to its team
9 Feb 2016P2P investors told to get tax advice
9 Feb 2016Milford passes $500m mark in KiwiSaver
9 Feb 2016Decrease in Auckland values
9 Feb 2016SBS cuts to remain competitive
9 Feb 2016Should fund managers invest in their own funds?
9 Feb 2016Banks cut cash PIEs to half OCR
9 Feb 2016Banks cut cash PIEs to half OCR
9 Feb 2016Sovereign holds on to market top spot
8 Feb 2016ANZ changes platform
8 Feb 2016ETFs phone home: a stellar year for Smartshares
5 Feb 2016RAM investors return profits
5 Feb 2016Evaluating active managers and Active Share
5 Feb 2016China: Accepting the landing
5 Feb 2016Forecasts not commitment - RBNZ
5 Feb 2016Worry code changes slipping under radar
5 Feb 2016 New tax bad for housing development
5 Feb 2016Finding the one
4 Feb 2016Forecasts not commitment - RBNZ
4 Feb 2016OCR cut outlook shifts
4 Feb 2016RBNZ governor: Immediate cuts not the way to go
4 Feb 2016Investors offered new way into equities
4 Feb 2016Big drop in Auckland prices
3 Feb 2016Flexibility key to RBNZ policy
3 Feb 2016Record high prices in regions
3 Feb 2016Auckland loses ground
3 Feb 2016Retirement Income policy a month-by-month approach
3 Feb 2016Harmoney switches to real-return reporting
3 Feb 2016Sorted site redesigned
3 Feb 2016Finding new ideas to refresh your marketing
2 Feb 2016ASB launches KiwiSaver calculator
2 Feb 2016FAA forums booked out
2 Feb 2016Retirement income policy review terms tabled
2 Feb 2016Finding new ideas help refresh your marketing
2 Feb 2016Mike Pero gets new boss
2 Feb 2016More apply for CFA status
2 Feb 2016Compliance skills in demand
2 Feb 2016No end in sight for shortage
1 Feb 2016AML360 recognised
1 Feb 2016Mike Pero and Liberty get a new boss
1 Feb 2016Kiwibank makes changes
1 Feb 2016Advisers told: Don't gamble on forex
1 Feb 2016New industry body proposed
1 Feb 2016Tauranga: The lure of the golden hue

January 2016

29 Jan 2016SBW returns to Australia
29 Jan 2016Investor lending recovers
29 Jan 2016Halo effect caution
29 Jan 2016Lifetime Income launches
28 Jan 2016Following the halo
28 Jan 2016RBNZ signals OCR cuts looming
28 Jan 2016What the Reserve Bank said to start the year
28 Jan 2016No change to OCR. Here's what was said
28 Jan 2016Decisions still pending on FADC referrals
27 Jan 2016Govt committed to Auckland supply issue
27 Jan 2016ANZ gets new head of Wealth
27 Jan 2016[Carey Church] Time to widen debate on FAA Options paper
27 Jan 2016NZ economic outlook downgraded
27 Jan 2016Investors ask: Where are the loans?
27 Jan 2016Confidence in Auckland housing market drops
27 Jan 2016Don't expect Super Fund returns to continue
27 Jan 2016More volatility to come
26 Jan 2016Southern Cross to fund preventative treatment
26 Jan 2016First-home withdrawal function not purist but valuable, providers say
26 Jan 2016Workplaces may become battlegrounds for advisers
26 Jan 2016Profiles revisited
25 Jan 2016Make your voice heard
25 Jan 2016No quick fix for affordability issue
25 Jan 2016No cuts predicted for OCR this week
25 Jan 2016OCR cuts to come – but not now
25 Jan 2016Mixed fortunes in pension transfer market
22 Jan 2016Draft new code revealed
21 Jan 2016Rental market favours tenants
21 Jan 2016Stress testing better option than risk indicators: James
20 Jan 2016Risk-taking pays off
20 Jan 2016Regions setting market pace
20 Jan 2016Auto-enrolment would only add 5% to KiwiSaver: Report
20 Jan 2016Profits take flight with Airbnb
20 Jan 2016Record highs for regions
19 Jan 2016Investing in holiday dreams
19 Jan 2016Red tape hurdles
19 Jan 2016Concern adviser numbers will fall
18 Jan 2016Battling red tape
18 Jan 2016Outlook for the Year of the Monkey
18 Jan 2016New special rates
18 Jan 2016Risks indicators an education tool
15 Jan 2016Moderation on the cards - Fitch
15 Jan 2016Kiwis don't want to pay for advice
15 Jan 2016SBS interim boss named
15 Jan 2016Lifetime income rates a drawcard
14 Jan 2016Bay of Plenty hits new high
14 Jan 2016Bay of Plenty picking up heat
14 Jan 2016Clients want advice, don't want to pay for it
14 Jan 2016Five-year KiwiSaver break too long
13 Jan 2016Auckland market taking a breather – QV
13 Jan 2016Risky business
13 Jan 2016Blue skies ahead
13 Jan 2016Roboadvice an opportunity for advisers
12 Jan 2016Harmoney chair steps down
12 Jan 2016Cheaper interest rates don't mean more affordable housing
12 Jan 2016Return to reality for market
12 Jan 2016Dick Smith a lesson in risk
12 Jan 2016Life insurance code 'could work'
11 Jan 2016Return to a “realistic” market
11 Jan 2016Lending Crowd soft launches
11 Jan 2016Building consents up nationwide
11 Jan 2016New rules coming for Aussie advisers
9 Jan 2016Forums to discuss 'contentious' FAA overhaul
8 Jan 2016Concern expected at entity licensing proposal
7 Jan 2016Crowdfunding site moves into P2P
7 Jan 2016A few worrying things
7 Jan 2016Tailor your mortgage news
7 Jan 2016SBS chief exec dies
7 Jan 2016Listings fall, prices hold firm
7 Jan 2016KiwiSaver well-positioned for 2016
7 Jan 2016Harmoney increases borrowers' interest rates
6 Jan 2016Market turmoil creates knock-on effect
6 Jan 2016Advisers can step up in market volatility
6 Jan 2016Prices on hold as listings fall
5 Jan 2016Interest rates predicted to drop further in 2016
5 Jan 2016Active management tipped as key in 2016
5 Jan 2016Insurance site set to launch
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