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Articles tagged with 'property investment'

Is commercial the answer?

23 October 2018 - Investors dreaming of financial freedom should look to commercial property, argues Jeff Brill who is the author of New Zealand’s first book on commercial property investment since the GFC.

Cooling migration pressure

19 October 2018 - Migration flows into New Zealand continue to ease and that should help to ease some housing market demand pressure.

Housing affordability improves

18 October 2018 - Falling house prices and historically low mortgage rates have led to an improvement in housing affordability around New Zealand.

COMMENT: Clear the red tape - get 100,000 houses

17 October 2018 - Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford must cut through the red tape if he wants to solve the housing shortage, argues Classic Developments’ Peter Cooney…

Capital price gains

17 October 2018 - Looking for capital gains? Best look to Wellington as the latest Trade Me Property data reveals ongoing strong price growth.

Unlawful tenancies back in Tribunal scope

16 October 2018 - Landlords worried about full rent refunds to tenants due to non-consented work can take hope from a new High Court ruling that challenges the precedent.

Small beginnings, big dreams

15 October 2018 - INVESTOR PROFILE: A Lower Hutt investor couple started small but they are well on the road to investment success – and now they are sharing how they got there.

Tribunal to adopt Gluckman's meth standard

13 October 2018 - The Tenancy Tribunal will, generally, accept 15 micrograms per 100cm2 as the minimum standard for meth contamination in rental properties.

COMMENT: Reform word games

12 October 2018 - Everyone is talking about residential rental reform at the moment - or are they? Here's what Auckland Property Investors Association vice president Peter Lewis has to say about it... 

September sales at 7 year low

11 October 2018 - Sales activity nationwide is down to new lows with new REINZ data showing that September saw the lowest number of properties sold since January.

Calls for property management regulation grow

10 October 2018 - The Government should regulate the property management sector as part of its current reform of the rental market, according to industry insiders.

Harbour homes in on real estate

4 October 2018 - Harbour Asset Management has rolled out a new real estate PIE fund to give investors a defensive investment home.

New venture to drive down construction costs

5 September 2018 - A new business in Christchurch plans to cut the cost of new build homes for developers and buyers, and make it easier for advisers to secure financing.

Property news for brokers

31 August 2018 - It's been another quiet week for rate changes.  As a bit of an FYI we now run more property investment related news on TMMOnline. It sits here in...

An update on meth standards

12 July 2018 - There continues to be confusion in the market on what appropriate standards are for meth contamination, following the bombshell report from the Government's...

Regional rents soar

21 May 2018 - Strong demand for rental properties in the regions means rents broke the seasonal trend and went up in April, new rental price data reveals.

LVR changes impact on lending

27 March 2018 - The slight easing of the LVRs appears to be encouraging investors into mortgages with new Reserve Bank data showing a pick-up in lending to investors.

Acting RBNZ Governor reignites DTI ratio debate

14 March 2018 - Outgoing Grant Spencer calls debt servicing ratios “natural complement” to existing system

Auckland property gains halved in two years

25 January 2018 - A growing number of investors are seeing the sale of their properties result in a loss rather than a profit as the property market slows.

Negative gearing to go...under Labour

15 March 2017 - It’s game over for negative gearing if the Labour Party wins power in this year’s election but an investor advocate says that it is tenants who will...

Auckland house prices down - again

13 March 2017 - Auckland’s market cooldown continued in February with another fall in median house prices but regional markets remained steady, new REINZ data shows...

Bringing clarity to meth drug haze

9 March 2017 - There are no rate changes today but this is an interesting piece on how one insurance group is dealing with meth claims. [Read On] ...

Slow down in investor lending quantified

1 March 2017 -   Reserve Bank's latest mortgage lending data and highlights the housing market's slowdown.

House prices hit new records

1 February 2017 - Asking prices hit new records in markets around the country but the formerly supercharged Auckland market was not among them, according to realestate.co...

No relief in demand pressures

1 February 2017 - Another month, another record: migration levels just keep going up, with new data showing December’s inflow smashing the previous record – which keeps...

Demand for planning change

27 January 2017 - Calls for changes to planning, land supply and infrastructure funding laws have been flowing as public concern over housing issues grows. Read more.  ...

Navigating shaky ground

27 January 2017 - Attention has been focused on the business risks seismic events can pose since last year’s Kaikoura earthquakes – and yet many people are still unclear about what they need to do.

Slow building consent trend concerning

20 January 2017 - Dwelling consents may have just hit a new high, but the trend is slowing – and that’s a worry, particularly for supply-strapped Auckland, economists...

Regional market in spotlight

13 January 2017 - Auckland’s housing market has had its star turn and regional markets are now moving into the spotlight, new Trade Me Property data reveals. Read more...

Further lending restrictions 'not needed'

12 January 2017 - The slower housing market means the latest LVRs are working and no more restrictions are needed, according to one real estate head. Read more.  ...

Rising rates, quieter market

19 December 2016 - Higher mortgage rates will have a more sustained impact on the housing market than the LVR restrictions have, according to Westpac. Read more.  ...

Rising rates, quieter market

16 December 2016 - Higher mortgage rates will have a more sustained impact on the housing market than the LVR restrictions have, according to Westpac.

Tax proposal targets property owners

8 December 2016 - Property investors are firmly in the sights of Gareth Morgan’s new political party’s freshly announced tax reform policy – but a tax specialist says...

Investor success bubbling away

29 November 2016 - Often described in the Bay of Plenty as Tauranga’s poorer cousin, Rotorua is now giving investors reasons to smile. Read more.  ...

Debate rages over foreign buyer data

18 November 2016 - Debate over the presence of foreign buyers in New Zealand’s housing market has flared up once again following the release of new tax residency data....

Insuring houses tougher post quakes

17 November 2016 - Getting house insurance at settlement time has just got harder for property buyers with many insurers placing an embargo on new policies in parts of New Zealand following Sunday night’s earthquakes.

House sales drop nationwide

16 November 2016 - Residential property sales have dropped nationwide and yet median prices have set new records in several regions. Read more.  ...

Drop in mortgage-free properties

15 November 2016 - New Zealand’s hot property market has led to a decline in the number of mortgage-free properties, according to new data from myvalocity.co.nz. Read more...

Pace of growth slows as LVRs impact - QV

2 November 2016 - Less established investors are looking to the regions as the Reserve Bank’s latest set of LVR rules start to impact on the market, QV’s latest data...

Investor activity down

1 November 2016 - The number of investors active in the housing market has declined significantly in recent months, new mortgage registration data shows. Read more.  ...

Green light for Crown land developments

27 October 2016 - It’s full steam ahead for the government’s Crown Land Housing programme in Auckland with two progress announcements from the Housing Minister. Read...

Migration spurs housing demand

25 October 2016 - Pressure on housing demand is set to continue as the latest Statistics New Zealand data shows migration has jumped back up to record highs. Read more. ...

Market in cruise mode

20 October 2016 - Moderate growth continues to mark house prices but the property market is now levelling off, according to the latest Trade Me Property data. Read more...

Watch housing market update

17 October 2016 - CoreLogic head of research Jonno Ingerson says the Reserve Bank's lending restrictions are having an impact on the market but property investors are looking...

The state of the housing market

14 October 2016 - CoreLogic head of research Jonno Ingerson says the Reserve Bank's lending restrictions are having an impact on the market but property investors are looking for ways around them.

Tough times for Kiwi investors

11 October 2016 - Mortgage brokers are warning of steeper funding costs for investors as banks charge higher margins and the lending environment tightens. Read more...

Govt ramps up building programme

10 October 2016 - Auckland’s private housing market looks likely to be the beneficiary of a ramped up government building programme – if signals from the Finance Minister...

MPs urged to heed calls of landlords

6 October 2016 - Political solution to unjust new rules relating to tenant damage of rental properties could be on the cards – if MPs heed the call of landlord advocates...

Fixed rates start rising - slowly

5 October 2016 - This week we have had a number of lenders increase fixed home loan rates including BNZ, The Co-operative Bank, Kiwibank and NZ Home Loans. The key market...

Investors face cancellation of pre-approvals

4 October 2016 - Banks have had to cancel some preapprovals for investors, which were issued before the recent change to loan-to-value restrictions. Read more.  ...

New LVR rules kick in

3 October 2016 - Banks have had to cancel some preapprovals for investors, which were issued before the recent change to loan-to-value restrictions.

The “Affordability” of Unaffordable Homes

30 September 2016 - We all seem to agree. New Zealand home prices look extremely high. But if they are so grossly unaffordable then how come so many people are willing and able to buy them? 

New numbers on real estate activity

28 September 2016 - A report out this morning says that nearly half a million New Zealanders (484,000) are planning to purchase, sell the property they live in, or sell another...

Investors look to commercial market

23 September 2016 - Restrictions and pressure on residential property investors keeps growing and many investors are looking for possible solutions: commercial property is...

Top five rental hot spots

21 September 2016 - Landlords with a focus on cash flow might want to look out of Auckland and towards one of the five regional markets experiencing stellar rental growth...

Aussie property fund open to NZ

20 September 2016 - Australian commercial property fund manager Charter Hall Group has offered its unlisted Direct Office Fund (DOF) to New Zealand investors for the first time.

Severe lack of supply pushing house prices

15 September 2016 - Decline in investor activity has had a limited impact on the booming housing market – yet in Auckland prices are at a record high, new REINZ data shows...

Apartment appeal on the rise

14 September 2016 - Auckland apartments are gaining in popularity as Trade Me Property’s latest data records a spring surge in average asking prices around New Zealand....

Impact of RBNZ's latest restrictions about to be revealed

13 September 2016 - There is still little happening with home loan rate changes at the moment. A lot of focus is on the next set of REINZ data, which should be out tomorrow...

Restrict investors to new builds?

12 September 2016 - Investors could face further lending restrictions if a new plan being touted by the Property Institute gains traction. Read more.  ...

Urgent housing debate derailed

8 September 2016 - The government’s efforts to extend Special Housing Area (SHA) legislation under urgency this week have been disrupted by the Opposition. Read more.  ...

The truth behind multiple property owners

7 September 2016 - Investors’ share of Auckland property sales may have gone up recently, but the truth behind new data on multiple property owners is more complex than...

Latest Auckland house price data out

5 September 2016 - This week expect to hear lots about the housing market with monthly data being released. Out this morning ins Barfoot and Thompson's latest Auckland update...

Speculators, land banking - election hot topics

30 August 2016 - Property speculators and land-banking will be targeted if former Labour Party leader Phil Goff becomes Auckland’s mayor in October. Read more.  ...

Developers flocking to non-bank finance

26 August 2016 - Housing supply shortage and tighter bank lending requirements mean small-scale property developers are flocking to non-bank alternatives to secure finance...

LVRs to impact on mortgage lending

25 August 2016 - New LVR restrictions seem to be affecting mortgage demand already, with the Reserve Bank’s latest residential lending data showing a big dip in mortgage...

Finding solutions to investor LVR

18 August 2016 - The Reserve Bank’s new investor-targeted LVR rules come into effect on 1 October, but there are solutions to the restrictions for investors willing to...

QV: Prices still running hot

3 August 2016 - Reports of waning interest in the Auckland market – due to sky-high prices and increased investor restrictions – may be premature with the latest QV...

BNZ moves rates; Foreign buyer report called misleading

2 August 2016 - BNZ has tweaked its one and two year Special Rates, increasing them. Meanwhile, the second report on the tax residency of people buying property in New...

No looming price crash

27 July 2016 - House prices may start to taper off in the coming years as supply finally starts to meet demand - but no one should be holding out for a huge price correction...

New lending rules shuts young people out

20 July 2016 - New Reserve Bank rules to limit lending to property investors will stop young people becoming landlords, but won’t do anything to stop those who have...

Crackdown on investor lending

19 July 2016 - The Reserve Bank has today released a consultation paper proposing changes to loan-to-value restrictions (LVRs) in the midst of the current property boom...

Reserve Bank targets investor lending

19 July 2016 - The Reserve Bank has today released a consultation paper proposing changes to loan-to-value restrictions (LVRs) to further reduce risks to financial stability arising from the current boom in house prices.

Interest rates key to affordability

15 July 2016 - Housing affordability remains at the forefront of public consciousness, but Massey University’s new affordability data shows there has been a year-on-year...

Investors boost small home prices

14 July 2016 - Investors are snapping up units and smaller houses around the country, new data from Trade Me Property shows. Read more. ...

Investors a target in tax proposals

12 July 2016 - Labour’s new property tax proposals target rental property owners not traders and speculators, the NZ Property Investors Federation says. Read more. ...

Warnings fly following RBNZ proposal

8 July 2016 - Frantic investor buying and increased squeeze on the rental market could be the end-result of further LVRs, investor advocates are warning.

Frozen funds raise concern

8 July 2016 - British open-ended property funds are the latest to feel the impact of Brexit and there are fears that Kiwi investors could be exposed to some of the fallout.

Brush up on your 2008 playbook

7 July 2016 - ANZ economists provided a saluatory reminder to investors in property funds. They said, in a recent email, "investors are starting to learn the hard way...

Key tells RBNZ to target property investors

6 July 2016 - The one little rate change today is overshadowed by Prime Minister John Key's comments that the Reserve Bank should target property investors. Here is...

Rents spike in regions

23 June 2016 - Auckland’s average weekly rents might be the highest, but new data reveals rental growth in other parts of the country is far stronger. Read more.  ...

Extra rates for investors?

21 June 2016 - Auckland landlords with empty houses, land and commercial properties may face extra rates if one mayoral candidate wins in October. Read more.  ...

Westpac revises house price forecasts

20 June 2016 - Westpac says it has revised upwards its forecast for house price growth. It is now predicting a 14% increase in house prices nationwide this year. That...

What's the home for direct-owned and listed property in a portfolio?

20 June 2016 - Investors seeking exposure to property should consider listed as well as direct property given the returns, diversification and volatility of the asset classes are very similar over the long term, AMP Capital says.

Regions hot, Auckland cooling

16 June 2016 - Auckland’s housing market slowed for the second consecutive month in May – in stark contrast to many regional markets, new REINZ data reveals. Read...

LVR restrictions stopped $20 bill of lending

9 June 2016 - The Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler says the LVR restrictions introduced by the bank have been "very successful".

'Drastic' lending changes to challenge investors

8 June 2016 - ANZ surprised mortgage advisers recently when it announced a raft of changes to its lending policy which will make it even harder for property investors...

ANZ's lending changes surprise mortgage advisers

7 June 2016 - ANZ surprised mortgage advisers on Friday when it announced a raft of changes to its lending policy which will make it even harder for property investors.

Don't believe all the hype about property flipping

2 June 2016 - You will, no doubt, heard stories about properties being flipped multiple times for big profits. Apparently it doesn't actually happen that often.  Here's...

Investors dominating housing market

27 May 2016 - New Reserve Bank lending data leaves little doubt that investors are busy in the current market. Read more. ...

Investors brace for higher interest rates

24 May 2016 - Property investors need to be prepared to pay higher interest rates on their loans in response to changes made by the Reserve Bank. Read more.  ...

Investors under fire

10 May 2016 - All eyes are on the Reserve Bank’s upcoming Financial Stability Review (FSR) as rising house prices and the minimum rental standards debate have left...

OCR guessing game - what economists think

26 April 2016 - An OCR cut this week is a live call, but most economists think the Reserve Bank will wait a bit longer before cutting again. Read more.  ...

New technology to streamline property deals

22 April 2016 - Cutting edge technology is set to make property transactions easier, according to Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). Read here.  ...

Capitalising on the capital

21 April 2016 - It is Wellington, not Auckland, which is set to offer some of the best house price prospects in New Zealand, an economist has suggested. Read here.  ...

More restrictions on the way?

20 April 2016 - Auckland’s reinvigorated housing market, along with the ongoing strength of regional markets, has left economists suggesting further Reserve Bank restrictions...

Sellers' confidence soaring high

13 April 2016 - Property sellers’ confidence returned in March and the average asking price for a property in New Zealand increased to a new record of $573,000, according...

Property market reignites

13 April 2016 - Property sellers’ confidence returned in March and the average asking price for a property in New Zealand increased to a new record of $573,000, according to the latest Trade Me Property Price Index.

The rise of renters

12 April 2016 - Growing numbers of renters nationwide only add to the demand for rental properties, but there are questions about what it all means. Read more.  ...

Perils of dodging due diligence

8 April 2016 - Mortgage brokers are among a large body of professionals who regularly see the fallout from poor or non-existent due diligence. Read here. ...

End of Super City's downward trend?

7 April 2016 - While Super City values went against the national grain of rising values in March, that trend is unlikely to last, Quotable Value (QV) suggests. Read more...

Fund manager to lose PIE status

24 March 2016 - Property investor Augusta Capital may lose its PIE tax status due to an increase in the market value of its funds management business. This loss of PIE...

Big falls in days to sell in regions

25 February 2016 - Markets around New Zealand are experiencing big drops in number of days to sell and property for sale, new data reveals. Read here. ...

Rent loss set to drop

22 February 2016 - Landlords lose five weeks of rent per year on average - but those losses are set to decline, a tenancy debt specialist has said. Read more.  ...

Tax could stifle housing development

10 February 2016 - Warnings about the negative impact a new property tax could have on housing supply come as the submission period on the Bill ends. Read here.  ...

Record high prices in regions

3 February 2016 - Ongoing house price strength in regions sees Central Otago overtaking Auckland in the latest realestate.co.nz data. Read here.    ...

Halo effect caution

29 January 2016 - Investors looking out of Auckland, due to the 'halo effect', should tread carefully. Read here.  ...

Record highs for regions

20 January 2016 - Slowing Auckland market contrasts with strength in regional markets, reveals new Real Estate Institute of New Zealand data. Read here.    Also,...

Red tape hurdles

19 January 2016 - Claims that residential construction regulations are to blame for Auckland’s housing crisis are making waves again. Read here.  ...

Bay of Plenty picking up heat

14 January 2016 - Auckland’s property market might be cooling, but the Bay of Plenty’s is booming, reveals the latest Trade Me Property data. Read here.  ...

Return to reality for market

12 January 2016 - Property market growth is set to return to more normal levels in 2016, predicts one major agency. Read here.  Also read how building consents are...

Forums to discuss 'contentious' FAA overhaul

9 January 2016 - Forums on the Financial Advisers Act being held next month are likely to be dominated by questions about potential licensing of entities, rather than individual...

Listings fall, prices hold firm

7 January 2016 - Auckland's biggest real estate agency says prices are holding firm but there is a shortage of listings going into 2016. Read here.  ...

Rezoning windfall?

23 December 2015 - Auckland property investors may find the value of their portfolios increases sharply due to the city’s proposed zoning changes. Read here. Also keep...

Times are changing

21 December 2015 - There's still time to catch up on the New Zealand Property Investor magazine's annual lending survey results. Read how here. ...

Rents on the rise

17 December 2015 - Good news for landlords as new data shows rents in a number of markets – including Auckland - are on the rise again. Full story.  Also, the Block...

What tenants want

16 December 2015 - “Periodic tenancies” are the most popular rental arrangement, new Barfoot & Thompson data shows. Read here.  ...

Momentum shifting

11 December 2015 - Prices are flattening as some of the heat evaporates from the Auckland property market, Real Estate Institute figures show.  But around the country,...

End of an era for Fidelity Life chief

7 December 2015 - Fidelity Life chief executive Milton Jennings is stepping down from the role next year, after being with the company almost three decades. Read here, Also,...

Market softening in the Super City

2 December 2015 - Values are still increasing in Auckland but the rate is noticeably slower, QV data reveals. See full story. Also, read how the FMA wants more clarity for...

'Clear mistakes' in MJW report

24 November 2015 -    

KiwiSaver advisers 'pushing products'

18 November 2015 - KiwiSaver providers are focusing more on pushing products than providing advice to ensure their members are in the right funds, the Financial Markets Authority...

Rental WOF still on the cards

16 November 2015 - The Green Party has not let Labour's failed attempt to pass rental WOF legislation deter them with their Residential Tenancies (Warm, Safe and Secure Rentals)...

New law may sting landlords dodging capital gains tax

13 November 2015 - The 'bright-line test' was passed into law yesterday sending a strong message to landlords to no longer expect to avoid capital gains tax just by holding...

Labour cuts CGT from party policies

9 November 2015 - The Labour Party will not be campaigning on a Capital Gains Tax in the 2017 election.  Its elimination from the party's policies was decided at Labour's...

Confidence in rising house prices dwindling

6 November 2015 - Fewer people expect house prices to rise, ASB's latest survey shows.

More OCR cuts likely – despite housing concerns

14 October 2015 - Global economic concerns mean more “easing” of the OCR is likely, even though this could further fuel the already-hot housing market, the Reserve Bank Governor has said.

Lending up but profits flat

7 September 2015 - New Zealand’s five major banks* profits flattened in the second quarter of 2015, although lending growth continued, according to a new analysis by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC).

Investors increasing Auckland price pressure – RBNZ

24 August 2015 - Growing investor demand for Auckland property has exacerbated the price pressures arising from the underlying supply shortage, the Reserve Bank says.

Banks net interest income falls - PwC

24 June 2015 - A decrease in the net interest income of New Zealand’s major banks reflects the current highly competitive lending environment.

Auckland landlords face new lending restrictions

13 May 2015 - Auckland property investors now have to have a 30% deposit to buy a rental under new rules proposed by the Reserve Bank. Here is what the bank said.

Property borrowing to get easier with arrival of LendMe

12 May 2015 - New Zealand’s residential property borrowing environment is set to blow wide open with the news that LendMe has received New Zealand’s second peer to peer (P2P) lending license.

SPI directors fined for breaching financial reporting rules

30 April 2015 - The two directors of SPI Property Fund Limited have today been fined $25,312 each for breaches of the Financial Reporting Act in the Auckland District...

CGT for property investors would create interesting possibilities

16 April 2015 - Fund manager Harbour Asset Management has waded into the debate on a capital gains tax for property investors. 

Property prices impact on S&P’s assessment of NZ banking sector

27 March 2015 - A plunge in property prices is a key risk factor for banks in New Zealand, according to a new report from Standard & Poor’s.

Reserve Bank comes up with new definition for property investors

5 March 2015 - Property investors are the target of a new Reserve Bank lending restriction, but the bank says it’s not a macro-prudential tool.

Simple and better: RESIMAC's new loan offerings

2 March 2015 - Greater flexibility for investors is contained in a raft of new offerings from non-bank lender RESIMAC Home Loans.

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HSBC Premier 5.89 3.99 4.19 4.69
HSBC Premier LVR > 80% - 3.85 - -
HSBC Special - - - -
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ICBC 5.80 4.59 4.69 5.09
Kiwibank 5.80 4.69 4.69 4.99
Kiwibank - Capped - - - -
Kiwibank - Offset 5.80 - - -
Kiwibank Special - 4.19 4.19 4.49
Liberty 5.69 - - -
Napier Building Society - - - -
Nelson Building Society 6.10 5.10 5.45 -
Resimac 5.30 4.86 4.94 5.30
RESIMAC Special - - - -
SBS Bank 5.89 4.85 5.05 4.49
Lender Flt 1yr 2yr 3yr
SBS Bank Special - 4.19 ▼3.95 4.49
Sovereign 5.90 4.59 4.69 4.79
Sovereign Special - 4.19 4.29 4.39
The Co-operative Bank - Owner Occ 5.75 4.19 ▼4.35 4.49
The Co-operative Bank - Standard 5.75 4.69 ▼4.85 4.99
TSB Bank 5.80 4.69 4.69 4.99
TSB Special - 4.19 4.19 4.49
Wairarapa Building Society 5.70 4.85 4.99 -
Westpac 5.95 4.69 4.79 5.19
Westpac - Offset 5.95 - - -
Westpac Special - 4.19 4.29 4.49
Median 5.89 4.62 4.69 4.79

Last updated: 19 October 2018 6:18pm

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The maximum remuneration model for Australian life insurance advisers is to be set at what?

Upfront 40% + trail 20%

Upfront 50% + trail 10%

Upfront 50% + trail 20%

Upfront 60% + trail 10%

Upfront 60% + trail 20%


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