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December 2010

30 Dec 2010Finance coys cut costs, lifted interest margins: KPMG
30 Dec 2010News Round Up: December 29
30 Dec 2010Sec Comm adds staff
30 Dec 2010Landlord "screwed" by HNZ
29 Dec 2010Landlords face higher rates after valuation anomalies
24 Dec 2010Tis the season to be floating
24 Dec 2010Ratings downgrade for Oxford Finance
24 Dec 2010Christmas Greetings (and more)
23 Dec 2010Deloitte steps down as Equitable receiver
23 Dec 2010Goldman Henry makes changes
23 Dec 2010Sovereign's credit rating confirmed
23 Dec 2010New conditions for QFEs
22 Dec 2010TSB increases market share slightly
22 Dec 2010Broadlands terribly frustrated with S&P
22 Dec 2010Discrimination under attack
22 Dec 2010Goldridge links up with Ginger Group
22 Dec 2010OCR predictions for 2011
22 Dec 2010Business bought because baby born
22 Dec 2010SBS grows its mortgage book
22 Dec 2010Two newbies at FundSource
22 Dec 2010Despite a lift, housing market mood remains sombre
21 Dec 2010Prison for former Five Star directors
21 Dec 2010Investors warned not to publicly air grievances
21 Dec 2010LAQC changes show amazing arrogance and sloppiness: Labour
20 Dec 2010Rates Update: Banks tweak short term rates
20 Dec 2010News Round Up: December 19
20 Dec 2010Affordability can have dramatic impact: Dickens
20 Dec 2010Mortgagee sales down, focus of forced sales changes
17 Dec 2010Guardian Trust sold to Australians
17 Dec 2010Competition heats up in the one-year space
17 Dec 2010TOWER gets Asteron man into team
17 Dec 2010Set B exam no walk in the park
17 Dec 2010Heartland Bank one step closer
16 Dec 2010Broadlands expected to show dramatically improved result
16 Dec 2010Poore to Super Fund
16 Dec 2010Clarification around Standard Set B exams
16 Dec 2010Brown goes from FNZC to Harbour
15 Dec 2010ANZ confirms head of broker distribution
15 Dec 2010Ethical investment on the rise
15 Dec 2010Ginger group cosies up with mortgage brokers
15 Dec 2010Reserve Bank sees further house price falls
14 Dec 2010BNZ's mortgage book grew at twice its market share
14 Dec 2010Finally a bounce
14 Dec 2010Brent McGregor joins Allied Kiwi
14 Dec 2010Retirement Commission rules out compulsory KiwiSaver
14 Dec 2010Loan Market gets a bit of Ginger
14 Dec 2010What's happening across the regions
14 Dec 2010Rental looking good, residential moribund
14 Dec 2010House price values and sales boosted by late spring surge
13 Dec 2010Rates Update: TSB leads in one-year term
13 Dec 2010Rates Round Up: C+M directors to fight charges
13 Dec 2010News Round Up: December 13
13 Dec 2010Hassan joins international body
13 Dec 2010North v South: Which island offers the best investment locations
10 Dec 2010Macquarie removes the cash management edge
9 Dec 2010Forsyth Barr appoints new Investment Adviser to Dunedin Branch
9 Dec 2010Standard & Poor’s lowers Broadlands Finance credit rating
9 Dec 2010Former advisers charged over ponzi scheme
9 Dec 2010Capital + Merchant directors face SFO charges
9 Dec 2010No hurry to fix after OCR announcement
9 Dec 2010OCR steady at 3 pc
9 Dec 2010KiwiSaver enters ‘hard yards’ phase
9 Dec 2010Rates left unchanged over stimulus effect concerns
8 Dec 2010Powerco bucks trend in securing bank debt
8 Dec 2010Grosvenor announces QFE plans
7 Dec 2010Another finance company shuts up shop
7 Dec 2010Women in Finance
7 Dec 2010Future proof business from up front commission cuts
7 Dec 2010Boomert leaves Tower Health and Life
7 Dec 2010Sovereign Mk III in the making
7 Dec 2010LAQC changes confirmed
7 Dec 2010Property values begin to stabilise
6 Dec 2010Banks innovate in short-term rates
6 Dec 2010Rates Round Up: Dec 6
6 Dec 2010News Round Up: December 6
6 Dec 2010Diversified creates Advisory Board of Directors
6 Dec 2010RBNZ grants exemptions to finance companies
5 Dec 2010No interest rate rise for Christmas
5 Dec 2010Predicting research houses
3 Dec 2010Securities Commission shows its awake
3 Dec 2010The charges against: Nathans Finance
3 Dec 2010Fendal Finance
3 Dec 2010Dominion Finance Group and North South Finance
3 Dec 2010Lombard Finance & Investments
3 Dec 2010The charges against: Capital + Merchant Finance
3 Dec 2010The charges against: National Finance
3 Dec 2010The charges against: Bridgecorp
3 Dec 2010The charges against: Five Star Consumer Finance and Five Star Finance
3 Dec 2010Blue Chip ruling a relief for lenders
3 Dec 2010Westpac's mortgage growth slows
2 Dec 2010Two tiered AFA disclosure
2 Dec 2010Dorchester scores an own goal
2 Dec 2010Rate rises on the horizon
2 Dec 2010Liberty Group aligns with TNP
2 Dec 2010Study may reveal reason for lack of life insurance
2 Dec 2010Interpreting policy provisions – part 1
2 Dec 2010ANZ loses market share in home loans
2 Dec 2010Housing confidence down, investment property ‘less attractive’
1 Dec 2010Fisher & Paykel Finance sees securitisation revival
1 Dec 2010The first AFAs announced
1 Dec 2010Everything you need to know - the financial adviser regulatory regime
1 Dec 2010 Tower to combine units, reach out to adviser groups
1 Dec 2010Sole advisers already registered can get refunds
1 Dec 2010TSB shaved 3yr rate

November 2010

30 Nov 2010Disciplinary committee established for AFAs
30 Nov 2010HSBC's home loan pricing strategy grows book
30 Nov 2010Banking Ombudsman welcomes new members
30 Nov 2010Deputy banking ombudsman appointed
30 Nov 2010Tower appoints new investment managers
30 Nov 2010New Southern Cross board appointment
30 Nov 2010Kiwibank's growth momentum slows
30 Nov 2010AMP aims at banks once AXA deal done
30 Nov 2010Housing consents continue to fall
30 Nov 2010Removal of gift duty still unclear
29 Nov 2010Fisher nets FNZC KiwiSaver Fund
29 Nov 2010Paul Mersi leaving PwC
29 Nov 2010AXA Global Investors appoints head of Investment Strategy.
29 Nov 2010AXA, AMP sign 'binding terms' over sale of Australasian units
29 Nov 2010Allied Farmers ‘shocked’ at Hanover activity
29 Nov 2010SFO launches Hanover investigation
29 Nov 2010Rates Update: Equitable puts focus back on NBDTs
29 Nov 2010Equitable euthanised
29 Nov 2010News Round Up
27 Nov 2010Land investment product definition drafted
26 Nov 2010The A banks cut
26 Nov 2010Hanover calls in lawyers on Allied
26 Nov 2010Fifth Hubbard report released
26 Nov 2010Finance stars in Fisher & Paykel results
26 Nov 2010Heartland bank a big tick closer
26 Nov 2010For former accountant, crime adds up to 18 months
26 Nov 2010A new suitor for AXA
26 Nov 2010New rules for fund management fee disclosure revealed
25 Nov 2010Kiwibank made little difference to mortgage market growth: Tripe
25 Nov 2010NZF loses a BDM
25 Nov 2010Newpark in strategic partnership with Macquarie
25 Nov 2010Heartland bank to be a niche player
24 Nov 2010Heartland bank proposal highlights NBDT challenges
24 Nov 2010Harbour appoints head of fixed income team
24 Nov 2010Take a breath – registration deadline is months away
23 Nov 2010Has regulation halved the value of your business?
23 Nov 2010TJ Singh leaves FundSource
23 Nov 2010OnePath on track with awards
23 Nov 2010SBS cut two-year rates as well
23 Nov 2010Challenges for Heartland bank down track
23 Nov 2010Property gauges not positive
22 Nov 2010OPI Pacific debenture holders no clearer about payment
22 Nov 20105 reasons why the real estate market can't stay down
22 Nov 2010Rates Round Up:
22 Nov 2010RaboDirect outs ASB’s 90-day leadership
22 Nov 2010Wanted: 100,000 additional rental properties for Auckland
22 Nov 2010Harcourts picks up a pulse in market
21 Nov 2010ETITO offers financial incentive to advisers
21 Nov 2010Huljich not the only one in the gun
19 Nov 2010ASB's mortgage book shrinks for a second successive quarter
19 Nov 2010FundSource Conference 2010 update
19 Nov 2010Flurry of cuts to two-year rates
19 Nov 2010PIS/BIG/Minerva roadshow
19 Nov 2010FundSource Conference
19 Nov 2010Kiwibank cuts two-year rate
19 Nov 2010Commercial property returns move into upswing
18 Nov 2010Fidelity life appoints CFO
18 Nov 2010Huljich faces criminal charges
18 Nov 2010PIS/BIG/Minerva roadshow
18 Nov 2010AXA advisers may struggle in wake of takeover
17 Nov 2010Proposed legislation to restrict Australian bank interest rates
17 Nov 2010Proposed legislation to restrict bank interest rates in Aussie
17 Nov 2010PIS/BIG/Minerva roadshow
17 Nov 2010OnePath to the bank door
17 Nov 2010Ginger group bursts onto the scene
17 Nov 2010Early Marac voting running about 90% in favour of merger
17 Nov 2010TOWER sales quadruple
17 Nov 2010PIS/BIG/Minerva roadshow
17 Nov 2010Tyndall sale out of left field: Morningstar
16 Nov 2010Banking Ombudsman reports 18% rise in mortgage finance complaints
16 Nov 2010Tyndall Investment Management sold
16 Nov 2010Controlled demolition topples South Canterbury
16 Nov 2010Controlled demolition topples South Canterbury
16 Nov 2010PIS/BIG/Minerva roadshow
15 Nov 2010AMP makes renewed offer for AXA Asia Pacific
15 Nov 2010Rates Round Up: Banks nudge each other in short-term deposit rates
15 Nov 2010PIS/BIG/Minerva roadshow
15 Nov 2010News Round Up
12 Nov 2010Guardian Trust appoints managing director
12 Nov 2010BNZ out alone
12 Nov 2010Bank disclosure down, non-bank disclosure up
12 Nov 2010From regulation spotlight to floodlight
11 Nov 2010Newpark Conference - Staying ahead of the game
11 Nov 2010Newpark Conference – Staying ahead of the game
11 Nov 2010Finally a change
11 Nov 2010Consideration for sole traders to register once
11 Nov 2010No spring in property markets step
10 Nov 2010 ‘Bumpy’ ride for KiwiSavers may not be over
10 Nov 2010Debenture funding for property sector ‘dead’
10 Nov 2010Sovereign applying to be a QFE
10 Nov 2010Triangulation – the income protection deal changes
10 Nov 2010Another quiet day
10 Nov 2010Business as usual Body tells IFAs
10 Nov 2010Troup takes Body blow
10 Nov 2010Further house price falls possible, says Reserve Bank
10 Nov 2010Homestar launch prompts cost concerns
9 Nov 2010Health insurance numbers ease considerably
9 Nov 2010Investors flock to term deposits
9 Nov 2010AFAs have to disclose remuneration, but not RFAs
9 Nov 2010Property loses top place to term deposits
8 Nov 2010Sovereign makes 21 enhancements for life customers
8 Nov 2010Rates Update: BNZ maintains short term rate leadership
8 Nov 2010News Round Up
8 Nov 2010Property values continue slide
5 Nov 2010Adviser paying back commissions after dodgy policies issued
4 Nov 2010Institute of Financial Advisers cans Cant
4 Nov 2010Receivers tighten noose around Hubbard's Southbury Group
4 Nov 2010TNP Academy helps advisers grow
4 Nov 2010The Investment Store briefing
4 Nov 2010Value of loans on floating skyrocketing
4 Nov 2010Gift duty going
4 Nov 2010NZMBA warns brokers to be careful
4 Nov 2010Milford appoints head of Australasian Equities research
3 Nov 2010RPRC breakfast briefing on KiwiSaver
3 Nov 2010The Investment Store briefing
3 Nov 2010Morningstar goes for defensive asset allocation
3 Nov 2010AIA appoints distribution development manager
3 Nov 2010Auckland house sales fall to 20-month low
2 Nov 2010Rates Update: ASB getting competitive on 6mnth rates
2 Nov 2010The Investment Store briefing
2 Nov 2010RBA unexpectedly hikes rates
2 Nov 2010It's not the banks with the housing stockpile
2 Nov 2010Blair Bennett joins Chris Mackay Financial Planning
2 Nov 2010Equitable aiming for more non-guaranteed money
2 Nov 2010TNP reaches into wealth management
2 Nov 2010Survey reveals property investor caution
1 Nov 2010Accuro appoints Bruce Morrison as chief executive
1 Nov 2010AIA's IPO sets new records
1 Nov 2010KiwiSaver keeps managed funds afloat
1 Nov 2010Heartland Bank licence may take up to two years
1 Nov 2010Wanted: Four bedroom properties
1 Nov 2010Housing market remains weak

October 2010

30 Oct 2010Top landlord named
29 Oct 2010Bluestone fails to stop ComCom legal action
29 Oct 2010Housing consents weakness intensifies
28 Oct 2010SFO adds Dominion Finance to its growing list of investigations
28 Oct 2010Tower ices Fidelity bid
28 Oct 2010Commissioner takes final step, and issues stern warning
28 Oct 2010Disclosure regulations approved
28 Oct 2010ANZ, BNZ deposits grow strongly in September quarter
28 Oct 2010OCR kept steady, but tightening still likely
28 Oct 2010Floating mortgage rates unlikely to rise for several months
28 Oct 2010Bollard keeps OCR at 3%, but tightening expected
28 Oct 2010ISO defends its fee structure
28 Oct 2010Timing of OCR increases under discussion
27 Oct 2010Perpetual nabs BNZ boss
27 Oct 2010Investors warned to ignore bogus Hubbard poll
27 Oct 2010Finsia Annual Financial Services Conference 2010
27 Oct 2010Former Five Star director pleads guilty to SFO charges
26 Oct 2010Advisers not listening to regulation messages: Frampton
26 Oct 2010Kiwibank trumping with flexible, high rate deposits
26 Oct 2010One-year rates movements
26 Oct 2010Bayleys Canterbury expands services
25 Oct 2010News Round Up
25 Oct 2010Stuttering economy likely to stay Bollard's hand
22 Oct 2010NZ Funds launches “intelligent” KiwiSaver scheme
22 Oct 2010Strategic Finance loan book sale stalls
22 Oct 2010Building a loyal, passionate, engaged Staff
22 Oct 2010ANF investors won't get their money back
22 Oct 2010FNZC sells funds to Fisher
22 Oct 2010Immigration increase good for house prices
21 Oct 2010Break fee refunds of $165,000 for borrowers
21 Oct 2010Banks loosen lending criteria
21 Oct 2010Banks loosen lending criteria for spring
21 Oct 2010PGG Wrightson taps banks for new funding
21 Oct 2010The price for financial plans revealed
21 Oct 2010Rent increases will keep us in the game: King
20 Oct 2010Corporates chase South Canterbury money
20 Oct 2010Smartpay looks to issue preference shares
20 Oct 2010SCF receiver says sale of Helicopters and Scales close
20 Oct 2010A bob each way on commissions
20 Oct 2010BIG, Minerva and PIS become a merged entity
20 Oct 2010Super regulator chief executive appointed
20 Oct 2010Happy Life Insurance
20 Oct 2010TNP Conference - Prospecting for gold
20 Oct 2010Sec Com gives clarity on registration and deadlines
20 Oct 2010Property investors got off lightly: Heatley
19 Oct 2010AXA launches a blended YRT and level premium structure
19 Oct 2010Spicers grows adviser team
19 Oct 2010ComCom to tackle dodgy bids in construction sector
19 Oct 2010[BREAKING NEWS] SFO to investigate SCF transactions
19 Oct 2010SFO to investigate South Canterbury Finance transactions
19 Oct 2010AIA announces global offering
19 Oct 2010PGG Wrightson eyes 90-day deposits
18 Oct 2010Media company looks to raise $200m
18 Oct 2010KiwiSaver gets people saving
18 Oct 2010Three BDM appointments at TOWER Health & Life
17 Oct 2010News Round Up
17 Oct 2010Property investors learn new LAQC rules
15 Oct 2010Pick-up in residential property market expected next year
15 Oct 2010IFA lobbys for longer licencing periods
15 Oct 2010Avanti Finance converts sister firm Galatos into subsidiary
15 Oct 2010FDR compliant fees lower than suggested
14 Oct 2010Business Finance's rating revised to stable from negative
14 Oct 2010HSBC appoints chief economist for NZ and Australia
14 Oct 2010SCF debenture and deposit holders to get repayment date
14 Oct 2010How attractive would rates have to be to fix?
14 Oct 2010House sales ease up slightly
14 Oct 2010REINZ residential highlights - September 2010
14 Oct 2010Financial misconduct should be civil not criminal matters
14 Oct 2010Economists give their views on house prices
14 Oct 2010Avoid tenant issues by knowing the law: DBH
13 Oct 2010John Banks becomes chairman of Huljich
13 Oct 2010Huljich appoints chief investment officer
13 Oct 2010Big boost in level sales recorded before tax changes
13 Oct 2010Clarifying changes to qualifying company rules
13 Oct 2010Quality Advice Network launched
12 Oct 2010Fidelity appoints Grant Samuel as independent adviser for takeover bid
12 Oct 2010Investors need to review company structures
12 Oct 2010Retail Deposit Guarantee audit welcomed
12 Oct 2010Housing affordability improves
11 Oct 2010Real Property KiwiSaver Scheme pulls the pin
11 Oct 2010RBNZ’s approval proposed for significant ownership transfer of NBDT
11 Oct 2010AMP opts for a fee for service model
11 Oct 2010LAQC changes to be announced
11 Oct 2010Death claim payment of interest
11 Oct 2010Perpetual launches Auckland adviser service
11 Oct 2010New investment manager at AXA Global Investors
11 Oct 2010Govt improving housing affordability
11 Oct 2010News Round Up
11 Oct 2010Chris Lee taps ex-Hubbard exec for Timaru branch
10 Oct 2010Growth in mortgage lending slows
10 Oct 2010Rates Update: HSBC gets aggressive
10 Oct 2010Geneva Finance continues to repay investors
10 Oct 2010Mortgagee sales up again
8 Oct 2010Your chance to tell us about fixed interest investing
8 Oct 2010The ABC of authorisation
7 Oct 2010Morningstar appoints chief executive
7 Oct 2010Compulsory KiwiSaver not necessarily silver bullet
7 Oct 2010Lack of quality listings on the market
7 Oct 2010Wellington looking for more listings
7 Oct 2010Auckland values remain stable
7 Oct 2010Interest rate impact on borrowers' wallets
7 Oct 2010Canterbury market returning to normal: QV
7 Oct 2010IFA Code Cracker Roadshow
7 Oct 2010NZ Funds warns of subprime sovereign debt
6 Oct 2010Odd happenings with SFF Bonds
6 Oct 2010FMG sides with Fidelity Life in opposition to Tower offer
6 Oct 2010IFA Code Cracker Roadshow
6 Oct 2010Uncanny prediction for house prices
6 Oct 2010ETITO looking to set more dates for exams
5 Oct 2010Heartland bank announces its line up
5 Oct 2010Fidelity Life says major shareholders to reject Tower offer
5 Oct 2010Knowing when to quit
5 Oct 2010Spring no saviour for Auckland house sales: Barfoot
5 Oct 2010IFA Code Cracker Roadshow
5 Oct 2010QFEs like sales point for retail products
5 Oct 2010NZF’s liquidity risk on mend with RMBS issues
5 Oct 2010TOWER's bid anything but friendly
4 Oct 2010Taking the hassle out of switching banks
4 Oct 2010Brook boosts research capabilities
4 Oct 2010Rate Update: UDC trumps big banks
4 Oct 2010News Round Up
4 Oct 2010Home building passes low point
1 Oct 2010Fidelity – “a nice size and fit for TOWER”
1 Oct 2010Hubbard investors to get 3c in dollar payment
1 Oct 2010TOWER makes surprise bid for Fidelity
1 Oct 2010TOWER offers $118m to takeover Fidelity Life
1 Oct 2010Rents rising but landlords need to be careful
1 Oct 2010Asteron takes different approach to GST increase
1 Oct 2010Tyndall commentary: Quantitative easing Round 2?
1 Oct 2010Probability of a global double dip high: Hunt
1 Oct 2010Wanganui: Returns in the river city

September 2010

30 Sep 2010Aston takes up sales position at ING Life
30 Sep 2010Building consents tumble, ensures rates stay low
30 Sep 2010IFA Code Cracker Roadshow
29 Sep 2010SCF debenture holders payment delayed
29 Sep 2010Celsius fund being wound up early
29 Sep 2010F&P Finance offering big incentive for 1yr rates
29 Sep 2010GDP surprise to hold back OCR increase
29 Sep 2010Sovereign given five-star rating by advisers
29 Sep 2010TOWER tackles workplace woes
29 Sep 2010IFA Code Cracker Roadshow
29 Sep 2010Morningstar gives two Tyndall funds a look
28 Sep 2010TD rates can't go higher: Westpac
28 Sep 2010AIA launches two products in online road show
28 Sep 2010Newpark provides leads for members
28 Sep 2010IFA Code Cracker Roadshow
28 Sep 2010Thinking behind voluntary authorisation explained
28 Sep 2010Quake helps property managers and vacancy levels
28 Sep 2010ANZ paints sombre picture of house prices
27 Sep 2010[New offer] TrustPower bonds
27 Sep 2010News Round Up
26 Sep 2010What's best? Renting or buying
26 Sep 2010Marac cuts rates after boost from rating watch positive
25 Sep 2010Bond repayments sped up in Canterbury
24 Sep 2010[Weekly Wrap] Time running out for AFAs
24 Sep 2010SCF woes sparked Hubbard complaint
24 Sep 2010Are you relevant?
24 Sep 2010IFA Code Cracker Roadshow
24 Sep 2010MMG advisers glad to be moving away from the brand
24 Sep 2010Rates Round Up for Sept 22
23 Sep 2010ING Life announces premium increase
23 Sep 2010SCF trustee pays out $350m to bondholders
23 Sep 2010Two years fixed the "sweet spot"
23 Sep 2010Breakeven analysis - how it works
23 Sep 2010Are independent financial advisers doomed?
23 Sep 2010IFA Code Cracker Roadshow
22 Sep 2010Industry delighted with voluntary authorisation
22 Sep 2010TOWER Health & Life makes two appointments
22 Sep 2010ISI seeks feedback on improved Replacement Policy Advice
22 Sep 2010Advisers have 38 days to make assessment reservations
22 Sep 2010Voluntary authorisation allowed
22 Sep 2010IFA Code Cracker Roadshow
22 Sep 2010Minister approves the Code
21 Sep 2010Near-status quo on RBNZ’s liquidity norms for NBDTs
21 Sep 2010The question of opt-in authorisation still burns
21 Sep 2010Will investors still buy Chch property?
21 Sep 2010Brokers beware - what the courts will tolerate
21 Sep 2010Roll Up. Roll Up. Get educated before it's too late
21 Sep 2010IFA Code Cracker Roadshow
21 Sep 2010ComCom's payment to ING investors unfair advisers say
21 Sep 2010Ignore speculation about Chch property prices
20 Sep 2010Two further Hubbard companies in statutory management
20 Sep 2010News Round Up
20 Sep 2010BNZ catches up with banks in 18mo term
20 Sep 2010Ayres appointed as FDR manager
17 Sep 2010Start thinking about product regulation: Mayhew
16 Sep 2010New Kiwi bank due by February
16 Sep 2010Floating rates unlikely to rise anytime soon
16 Sep 2010Floating mortgages on hold
16 Sep 2010Market share stats show Fidelity Life does well
16 Sep 2010TOWER moves all asset managers to Auckland
16 Sep 2010OCR on hold
16 Sep 2010OCR held as Canterbury quake takes toll
16 Sep 2010PRESS RELEASE: OCR unchanged at 3%
16 Sep 2010FINSIA annual dinner
16 Sep 2010Commissioner’s role to be disestablished
16 Sep 2010Canterbury landlords warned about excessive rent rises
15 Sep 2010NAB exit leaves door open for AXA suitors
15 Sep 2010Southern Cross surge in claims unsustainable
15 Sep 2010Improvements to KiwiSaver regulation
15 Sep 2010Tighter insurance stalling real estate market
14 Sep 2010Super-regulator and securities law reforms go to Parliament
14 Sep 2010How to earn up to 125bps more on call deposits?
14 Sep 2010Ashburton: Offering a Kiwi slice of life
14 Sep 2010August house sales slump to near 2008 trough
14 Sep 2010REINZ residential highlights - August 2010
14 Sep 2010Waikato Uni takes new path after course cancelled
14 Sep 2010F&P Finance relying more on cheaper bank loans
14 Sep 2010NZ Asset Management appoints principal and chairman
13 Sep 2010ASB's home loan book shrinks
13 Sep 2010ANZ names new chief
13 Sep 2010Federated Farmers pushes for OCR to be kept on hold
13 Sep 2010ANZ cuts longer-term deposit rates, Will Kiwibank follow?
12 Sep 2010No OCR increase expected this week
12 Sep 2010News Round Up
11 Sep 2010Chch tenants still sweating the small stuff
10 Sep 2010RTA changes will challenge landlords
10 Sep 2010PAA National PI Roadshow
10 Sep 2010[Weekly Wrap] A tad of industry realignment
10 Sep 2010Commission consults on conditions for advisers
10 Sep 2010FINSIA leadership series: Tax reform and wealth management
10 Sep 2010Home handyman bargains selling in Wellington
10 Sep 2010Auckland prices starting to stabilise
9 Sep 2010NAB's bid for AXA shot down
9 Sep 2010Earthquake eliminates September OCR hike
9 Sep 2010Loathed quotation software
9 Sep 2010What to do with your South Canterbury money
9 Sep 2010Spicers appoints two financial advisers
9 Sep 2010AMP Capital rearranges investment team
9 Sep 2010NZ Property Investor - September issue out now
9 Sep 2010Market buoyed by rate cuts
8 Sep 2010Dorchester appoints general manager, insurance and lending
8 Sep 2010PAA National PI Roadshow
8 Sep 2010PAA National PI Roadshow
8 Sep 2010Interest in corporate debt reigniting
8 Sep 2010Strategic wins $2.4m ruling against Henderson
8 Sep 2010Women in Finance affair with Jenny Shipley
8 Sep 2010Mercer floats new retirement product idea
8 Sep 2010Buyers cautious as activity remains subdued
7 Sep 2010KiwiSaver yet to prove its worth
7 Sep 2010ISI says AON letter is not a problem
7 Sep 2010Rental market squeezed after quake
7 Sep 2010PAA National PI Roadshow
7 Sep 2010PAA National PI Roadshow
7 Sep 2010TrustPower mulls $100m retail bond offer
7 Sep 2010English defends SCF bailout
7 Sep 2010QFEs need regulatory assurance
6 Sep 2010Govt wants SCF sold as going-concern
6 Sep 2010PAA National PI Roadshow
6 Sep 2010PAA National PI Roadshow
6 Sep 2010ANZ shaving
6 Sep 2010Fidelity Life appoints business development manager
6 Sep 2010Money Managers closes to make way for new firms
3 Sep 2010Banking Ombudsman Scheme obtains Ministerial approval
3 Sep 2010Perpetual’s adviser force is expanding
3 Sep 2010Choice declining for buyers
3 Sep 2010Pyne Gould's Perpetual unit in talks to buy Aegis WRAP platform
3 Sep 2010Head of Perpetual Trust steps down
3 Sep 2010ASB lenders drop rates
2 Sep 2010 Liquidiator mum on Five Star funding commitments
2 Sep 2010SBS takes margin hit to keep mortgage rates down
2 Sep 2010Draft Code sent to Simon Power for approval
2 Sep 2010SCF’s long history blurred in an instant
2 Sep 2010Strategic book value deficit at $195.5m
2 Sep 2010Pause in the OCR expected till March 2011
2 Sep 2010Shifting to level premium policies not always right
2 Sep 2010Insider Paul Brock to replace Knowles at Kiwibank
2 Sep 2010Fund managers should be accountable to a regulator: Mayhew
1 Sep 2010HBS members give SBS merger thumbs up
1 Sep 2010Showcase Auckland hotel Westin Lighter Quay in chaos

August 2010

31 Aug 2010SCF not as big a favourite among advisers as it used to be
31 Aug 2010SCF's long history blurred in an instant
31 Aug 2010Keep South Canterbury in perspective: NZIER chief economist
31 Aug 2010Rates Round Up
31 Aug 2010Scales unaffected by SCF receivership
31 Aug 2010SCF process will take up to five years: English
31 Aug 2010South Canterbury needed up to $300 mill to survive: Maier
31 Aug 2010South Canterbury bond speculators reap fat reward as finance firm fail
31 Aug 2010Govt moves swiftly to repay all South Canterbury depositors
31 Aug 2010South Canterbury receivership, triggers $1.6 bill Crown payment
31 Aug 2010Sandy Maier's comments on South Canterbury receivership
31 Aug 2010South Canterbury calls in receivers
31 Aug 2010NZ dollar falls as deadline arrives for South Canterbury Finance
31 Aug 2010FNZC Bond Fund adds experienced resource
31 Aug 2010South Canterbury calls in receivers
31 Aug 2010Labour wants to create more savings products
31 Aug 2010Update from Banking Ombudsman Deborah Battell
31 Aug 2010Housing consents fall
30 Aug 2010Key rejects claim govt to blame for SCF’s woes
30 Aug 2010ASB Securities appoints managing principal
30 Aug 2010Insurance law promotes efficiency
30 Aug 2010News Round Up
30 Aug 2010Three bidders now vying for South Canterbury Finance
29 Aug 2010ANZ mortgage market share dips
29 Aug 2010Economist pushes out dates for next OCR hikes
28 Aug 2010Govt won't help SC Finance Hubbard says
27 Aug 2010Signs property market is warming
27 Aug 2010What is the Savings Work Group really for?
27 Aug 2010Hubbard funds over valued by 25%: Report
27 Aug 2010Adviser services need to be defined
27 Aug 2010Property investors need be careful with family trusts
26 Aug 2010Marac will pounce when rivals collapse
26 Aug 2010Former Goldman Sachs boys take over chairs at Foundry Asset Management
26 Aug 2010Workplace Savings NZ 2010 Conference
26 Aug 2010Fourteen percent of Marac's deposits not guaranteed
26 Aug 2010Former Five Star Finance directors could face 7 years in SFO charges
26 Aug 2010Many advisers postponing study
26 Aug 2010Review may give investors some depreciation relief
25 Aug 2010ASB enters home equity release market
25 Aug 2010Mortgage Link appoints replacement for Butler
25 Aug 2010Kiwis want to see own backyard before kicking the bucket
25 Aug 2010SCF doubts it will meet NBDT requirements
25 Aug 2010Inflation-indexed tax on savings should work in theory: English
24 Aug 2010Dorchester raises $10.3m for growth
24 Aug 2010Heartland bank to pitch to shareholders in November
24 Aug 2010Savings Working Group members announced
24 Aug 2010S&P finally delivers some good news
24 Aug 2010Spread it around
24 Aug 2010Equitable says downgrade has no impact
24 Aug 2010Tower launches cover for non-Pharmac funded cancer drugs
24 Aug 2010TSB lifts mortgage market share but profit drops
24 Aug 2010Adviser regulation blows the budget
23 Aug 2010Loughlin relinquishes Allied Farmers chair
23 Aug 2010Macquarie appoints three investment advisers
23 Aug 2010Wrightson spurns long-term guaranteed deposits
23 Aug 2010Another NZ fund manager joins the billion dollar club
22 Aug 2010BNZ stepped up mortgage lending in June quarter
20 Aug 2010South Canterbury rating cut to CC
20 Aug 2010Allied Nationwide crumbles into receivers' arms
20 Aug 2010Revised Code back in the Commissioner's hands
20 Aug 2010Rates are rising - but it's not that bad
20 Aug 2010AIA: The business of risk
20 Aug 2010Q&A: Sam Stubbs on the 'New Normal'
20 Aug 2010Time is of the essence
20 Aug 2010Westpac grabs 44% of all new home loans
20 Aug 2010Diversified adds to team
20 Aug 2010More two year rate cuts
20 Aug 2010Associations tell Govt to hurry up on fix ups
20 Aug 2010Latest immigration numbers good for housing market
19 Aug 2010Investors continue to shun Allied over trust deed breach
19 Aug 2010Pre-tax change push to sell life policies helps AMP
19 Aug 2010FSCL free information seminars
19 Aug 2010Kiwibank still growing mortgage book but momentum wanes
19 Aug 2010FINSIA leadership lunch: Identity crime in NZ
19 Aug 2010IFA rails against regulatory levies
18 Aug 2010TOWER chief actuary resigns
18 Aug 2010BNZ trumps Kiwibank in deposit rate war during June quarter
18 Aug 2010Kiwibank profit falls 13%
18 Aug 2010NZMBA pushes for clarity on authorisation
18 Aug 2010FSCL free information seminars
18 Aug 2010HSBC keeps six month rate unchanged
18 Aug 2010Code revision shouldn't slow process: Butler
18 Aug 2010Govt will only get back 28-33 cents on Viaduct failure
18 Aug 2010Property investors targeting private sellers
17 Aug 2010Sovereign cuts life premiums to be competitive
17 Aug 2010Is there a universal framework for success?
17 Aug 2010[Breaking News] Commissioner asks for Code to be revised
17 Aug 2010FSCL free information seminars
17 Aug 2010Old star returns with new fund
17 Aug 2010Dr Don's gloomy outlook for house prices
16 Aug 2010Allied Nationwide rating cut deeper due to covenant breach: S&P
16 Aug 2010Dorchester rolls out timetable for new securities
16 Aug 2010Long wait over for broker
16 Aug 2010Westpac leads tussle for six month deposits
16 Aug 2010Rates Round Up
16 Aug 2010News Round Up
13 Aug 2010Financial advisers register to open on Monday
13 Aug 2010House sales fall to decade low
13 Aug 2010REINZ residential highlights - July 2010
13 Aug 2010Commission unsure how long adviser licences will last
13 Aug 2010FINSIA leadership series: Tax reform and wealth management
13 Aug 2010Orange Finance pushes out moratorium timeline
12 Aug 2010Lynch leaving Dorchester
12 Aug 2010Provincial property posed to prosper
12 Aug 2010Allied Nationwide rating cut
12 Aug 2010NZPIF conference packed with benefits
12 Aug 2010FINSIA briefing series: Financial Advisers Regulation
12 Aug 2010Investment products for retirees need to be developed
11 Aug 2010Marac gets a bit of a lift from S&P
11 Aug 2010HotHouse: The new and improved financial adviser regime
11 Aug 2010South Canterbury Finance warns investors
11 Aug 2010Kiwibank and National raise floating rates
11 Aug 2010More money owed by collapsed planner under SFO scrutiny
11 Aug 2010IRD favours depreciation for commercial building fit-outs
10 Aug 2010General Finance earnings bounce back as it prepares for guaranteed mat
10 Aug 2010Floating rates rise while fixed rates tumble
10 Aug 2010Tower makes enhancements to Trauma and Income Protection cover
10 Aug 2010Elective surgery boosts health insurance claims by 10%
10 Aug 2010Lack of savings products contributed to finance sector collapse
9 Aug 2010Making sense of current house prices
9 Aug 2010ANZ and Westpac change rates
9 Aug 2010Allied Farmers puts capital raising on hold amid trustee concerns
9 Aug 2010NAB tries to get ACCC onside with divestiture of Axa platform
9 Aug 2010ISI actively looking for a new CEO
9 Aug 2010Confidence in property market remains stable
9 Aug 2010Fidelity Life appoints corporate marketing manager
9 Aug 2010Second cut to long-term bank TD’s
9 Aug 2010Rates Round Up
9 Aug 2010TSB raises floating rates
9 Aug 2010TSB raises floating rates
9 Aug 2010Performance regulation could be based on ISI standard: Power
9 Aug 2010Market back to the future of 2008
9 Aug 2010QV main urban areas commentary: July 2010
8 Aug 2010Mortgagee sales continue to stay high
6 Aug 2010What’s in a name?
6 Aug 2010Govt shoots down member’s bill for ethical investment
5 Aug 2010Supreme Court will hear GE appeal over Blue Chip ruling
5 Aug 2010SCF blames adviser for share price plunge
5 Aug 2010NAB still hopeful over AXA bid
5 Aug 2010ASB first off the mark again
5 Aug 2010ING's new name revealed
5 Aug 2010ASB hikes rates
5 Aug 2010ISI rejects intl standard and goes it alone
4 Aug 2010Capital + Merchant investors’ only avenue for recovery through claims
4 Aug 2010Auckland house sales still in doldrums
4 Aug 2010Govt capping forces closure of Finanicial Planning Diploma
4 Aug 2010Vendor-agent relationships strengthening
3 Aug 2010Receivers unsure how much govt will claw back from Rockforte Finance
3 Aug 2010AON accused of churning insurance customers
3 Aug 2010Associations want mortgage, insurance adviser situation sorted
2 Aug 2010Receiver flags Strategic Finance property deals for this week
2 Aug 2010Asking prices fall $22k in four months
2 Aug 2010News Round Up
2 Aug 2010Rates round up
2 Aug 2010Tower wants blokes to 'man up'
1 Aug 2010Who buys gold bullion?

July 2010

30 Jul 2010[Weekly Wrap] And so the Code was handed down
30 Jul 2010Code formally recommended to the commissioner
30 Jul 2010Final changes to the Draft Code
30 Jul 2010Building consents edge up slightly after slump
30 Jul 2010Tauranga: Investing in sunshine
30 Jul 2010Kieran Jones joins Planet Financial Services
30 Jul 2010Crown guarantee may not cover investments in wraps
29 Jul 2010OCR increases but more moderate pace to come
29 Jul 2010Code Committee members reappointed
29 Jul 2010Floating rates to rise but not as fast or far as expected
29 Jul 2010Bollard lifts OCR, predicts more moderate pace of increases
29 Jul 2010PRESS RELEASE: RBNZ raises OCR to 3%
29 Jul 2010OCR up 25 basis points
29 Jul 2010Deputy Banking Ombudsman appointed as FSCL CEO
28 Jul 2010Mayhew to get Code for approval Friday
28 Jul 2010Top broker shares his business
28 Jul 2010Wrightson Finance fails to get quorum to extend bonds
28 Jul 2010Ballantyne running Accuro
28 Jul 2010Dorchester debenture holders get a warning
28 Jul 2010ISI: We have not flip flopped on policy
28 Jul 2010Women in Super breakfast
28 Jul 2010Lonsec research bound for New Zealand
28 Jul 2010House prices to fall, rents to rise
27 Jul 2010Strategic Finance liquidation not a fishing expedition, trustee says
27 Jul 2010Butler stays on for another year
27 Jul 2010KiwiSaver funds in the red
27 Jul 2010KiwiSaver Performance Survey - June 2010
27 Jul 2010Ban on commissions no longer imminent
27 Jul 2010House prices likely to stay flat
26 Jul 2010First cut to long term bank TDs for months
26 Jul 2010Hawkins' Budget Loans pleads guilty to misleading investors
26 Jul 2010News Round Up
25 Jul 2010Economists and markets say interest rates up this week
24 Jul 2010Greens want new standards for rental properties
23 Jul 2010It's time for Gareth to shut up
23 Jul 2010IRD's property focus getting sharper
23 Jul 2010UPDATED: ISI changes anti-churning policy after meeting advisers
23 Jul 2010IFA plans its future
22 Jul 2010ISI policy a gas
22 Jul 2010RTA amendments finally passed
22 Jul 2010SFO starts new Blue Chip probe
22 Jul 2010PAA welcomes ISI move
22 Jul 2010Advisers need to learn how to price their services
21 Jul 2010Institute of Financial Advisers Conference 2010
21 Jul 2010Regulator aims for 95% repayment for investors in frozen ANZ/ING funds
21 Jul 2010Treasury pans Power’s bid to fast-track super-regulator
20 Jul 2010Fierce competition to educate advisers
19 Jul 2010Government pays out $79 mill to guaranteed deposits
19 Jul 2010NAB gains more time to meet regulator concerns on AXA offer
19 Jul 2010AIG nabs Pru man to lead float of AIA business
19 Jul 2010News Round Up
19 Jul 2010Canterbury investment properties hard to move
18 Jul 2010Rates Round Up
16 Jul 2010Making property a long distance love affair
16 Jul 2010Little evidence for aggressive interest rate hikes
16 Jul 2010No fairy tale ending
16 Jul 2010ING waiting to see how LM Investment refinancing works out
15 Jul 2010PSIS knocking on door of investment-grade credit rating
15 Jul 2010Asset Finance turns profitable ahead of govt guarantee expiry
15 Jul 2010ISI boss resigns
15 Jul 2010Better boundaries sought on the draft Code
15 Jul 2010 Soft housing activity predicted for the rest of the year amid weak REINZ data
14 Jul 2010Bublitz lashes out over Mutual Finance receivership
14 Jul 2010Home sales sink further to second-worst June in 10 years
14 Jul 2010Residential highlights - June 2010
14 Jul 2010Govt came close to changing capital gains tax rules on property
14 Jul 2010Tax rebate pared back ANZ/ING settlement target
13 Jul 2010Two non-bank lenders exit market
13 Jul 2010Statutory manager freezes another Hubbard investment vehicle
13 Jul 2010Fraud attempts at AXA
13 Jul 2010ING's KiwiSaver status being questioned
13 Jul 2010Property investors staying put in this buyers' market
12 Jul 2010Code Committee wants to align review with 5-yearly MED update
12 Jul 2010Banks adjust short TD rates
12 Jul 2010Rates Round Up
12 Jul 2010CFA founder appointed as GIPS Council chair
12 Jul 2010Sovereign marcoms manager moves on
12 Jul 2010Morningstar rerates Brook fund
12 Jul 2010Property investors still sitting on their hands
12 Jul 2010QV Main urban areas commentary: June 2010
9 Jul 2010NZDMO looks for trans-Tasman harmony in inflation-indexed bonds
9 Jul 2010Workplace Savings NZ Breakfast
9 Jul 2010[Weekly Wrap] Not a vintage week for ISI
9 Jul 2010Platforms no barrier for independence
8 Jul 2010SCF claws back $50m, appoints managers
8 Jul 2010Workplace Savings NZ Breakfast
8 Jul 2010Long term fixed rates slashed
8 Jul 2010Be wary of raising rents
7 Jul 2010ISI ceo and others charged by Securities Commission
7 Jul 2010Dominion and North South directors accused of misleading investors
7 Jul 2010Macquarie targets one Devon departee
7 Jul 2010Sellers still keen to meet the market
6 Jul 2010RBA leaves rates unchanged
6 Jul 2010Instant Finance triples profit on debenture exit, swipes at guarantee
6 Jul 2010ISI says it will now consult on its new anti-churning policy
6 Jul 2010The case for KiwiSaver insurance
6 Jul 2010NZMBA adds Lender of the Year award
6 Jul 2010Rate rises wrong as economy stalls: NZIER
6 Jul 2010Three public meetings on new Code planned
5 Jul 2010Receivers hope to get a further 5c for Lombard Finance investors
5 Jul 2010Winter malaise sets in as Auckland house sales slump
5 Jul 2010More major cuts
5 Jul 2010News Round Up
5 Jul 2010Mortgagee sales increase in Auckland and Northland
4 Jul 2010Scrabble for six- to 12-month deposits this week
4 Jul 2010Rates Round Up
2 Jul 2010Interest rate decisions not so easy now
2 Jul 2010New Code of Conduct out
2 Jul 2010Commercial investment opportunity
2 Jul 2010Rents will rise as house prices fall: Westpac
2 Jul 2010Major cuts
2 Jul 2010Govt expect to take two months to consult over regulation changes
2 Jul 2010Marac merger with building societies could go ahead this year
2 Jul 2010Now's the time for maintenance
1 Jul 2010No prior ranking creditors ahead of St Laurence investors
1 Jul 2010Equitable changes its approach
1 Jul 2010Banks punch below their weight
1 Jul 2010Kiwibank slashes two-year rate to provide certainty
1 Jul 2010Kiwibank cuts home loan rates

June 2010

30 Jun 2010No obstacle to NAB bid for AXA in New Zealand
30 Jun 2010Dorchester ‘humbled’ by debenture holders’ support for plan
30 Jun 2010Goldman Sachs JBWere loses its RBNZ exemption
30 Jun 2010Evitt re-joins AIA
30 Jun 2010Legislation: freedom of choice
30 Jun 2010Allied accuses Hanover of breaching agreement
30 Jun 2010Non-bank sector gets new representative
30 Jun 2010MED officials pushed for extension of QFE rules
30 Jun 2010Solid response sees South Canterbury extend deposit rate special
30 Jun 2010 Forecasts for housing market off with the fairies
29 Jun 2010New anti-churning rules introduced
29 Jun 2010Westpac and Kiwibank race ahead in home loan lending
29 Jun 2010Commercial building permits in doldrums
29 Jun 2010NZF securitisation programme good news for NBDTs
29 Jun 2010Financial advisers told despite the changes don't delay
28 Jun 2010Banks battle it out for nine month deposit rates
28 Jun 2010Four adviser redundancies at ASB Securities
27 Jun 2010Rates Round Up
27 Jun 2010Adviserlink appoints new GM
25 Jun 2010Tower wins right to insure ANZ wealth division customers
25 Jun 2010Tower has a decrease of in-force premiums
25 Jun 2010Category Two advisers can be authorised - now
25 Jun 2010House building starting to rise again
25 Jun 2010ANZ moves away from managed funds
24 Jun 2010SCF news bad, but rates good
24 Jun 2010Broker warns regulators had better be right over Hubbard
24 Jun 2010NZF competes with banks for home loans
24 Jun 2010ASB leads the charge
24 Jun 2010MED proposes exempting independent advice from securities law
23 Jun 2010Dorchester investors being offered liquidity
23 Jun 2010Bridgecorp’s Petricivic and Roest face new fraud charges
23 Jun 2010Continuing pressure on house prices
23 Jun 2010All the banks have now hiked short-term rates
23 Jun 2010Moral victory for investors; financial victory for ANZ
23 Jun 2010Who is going to get ANZ's $45 million?
22 Jun 2010Court action against ANZ, ING not worth the extra fine, regulator says
22 Jun 2010ANZ settlement implications for financial advisers
22 Jun 2010All the banks have now hiked short-term rates
22 Jun 2010CDO Settlement: Securities Commission statement
22 Jun 2010CDO Settlement: ANZ and ING's statement
22 Jun 2010South Canterbury gets big ratings cut
22 Jun 2010ANZ reaches record settlement over ING funds
22 Jun 2010The Seven Choices
22 Jun 2010Kiwibank and Westpac rise time
22 Jun 2010Reserve dispute resolution scheme revealed
21 Jun 2010Hubbard flags offshore investor for South Canterbury Finance
21 Jun 2010Auld is new at Morningstar
21 Jun 2010Sovereign teams up with the world’s Best Doctors
21 Jun 2010Kiwibank launches capped floating rate and hikes short-term rates
21 Jun 2010Dunne backs call for health insurance tax deductibility
21 Jun 2010Officials didn't ask for regulatory changes
21 Jun 2010ANZ National quick to follow
21 Jun 2010News round-up
20 Jun 2010Some TDs rise with home loan rate increases
20 Jun 2010Rates Round Up
18 Jun 2010More banks increase short term home loan rates
18 Jun 2010Auckland momentum follows rest of country
18 Jun 2010Weekly wrap: What a regulatory mess we have
18 Jun 2010RBNZ finally gets a response
18 Jun 2010New Plymouth: Investing in the ‘Naki
18 Jun 2010Don't blame us: Consumer
18 Jun 2010ASB first to hike rates
17 Jun 2010Dorchester says Securities Commission being unhelpful
17 Jun 2010Where to for house prices?
17 Jun 2010How not to do it
17 Jun 2010ASB opens the rate hike floodgates
17 Jun 2010Banks in mortgage rate stand-off
17 Jun 2010Van Eyk's NZ man defects to Mercer
17 Jun 2010Simon Power pledges solution for category 2 advisers
16 Jun 2010South Canterbury has no plans to be a bank
16 Jun 2010More than 90% of SCF debentures will covered by extended guarantee
16 Jun 2010Higher deposit rates here to stay, PSIS says
16 Jun 2010Banks in stand off over home loan increases
16 Jun 2010Sovereign founder joins TNP board
16 Jun 2010Who’s afraid of the big bad banks?
15 Jun 2010Securities Commission calls Dorchester recapitalisation plan biased
15 Jun 2010ANZ's head of broker distribution departs
15 Jun 2010RBA stays unmoved
15 Jun 2010Over 3,300 mortgage & insurance brokers can’t voluntarily become AFA’s
15 Jun 2010Buyers have edge over sellers for now
15 Jun 2010It's good that some investors are selling
14 Jun 2010IFA will expel banned Timaru adviser
14 Jun 2010Rates Round Up
14 Jun 2010Kiwibank kickstarts KiwiSaver
14 Jun 2010News round-up
14 Jun 2010Traps for the unwary in qualifying company changes
14 Jun 2010Some Canterbury investors get cold feet
11 Jun 2010Code flashes amber, consultation ahead
11 Jun 2010South returns to Brook
11 Jun 2010Budget not driving property investors away
11 Jun 2010Last minute rewrite of adviser regulation rules [UPDATED]
11 Jun 2010Insurance groups welcome changes to regulation
11 Jun 2010Sovereign warns its advisers against complacency
11 Jun 2010Commerce Committee adopts QFE extension despite misgivings
11 Jun 2010Mortgage brokers avoid regulation
11 Jun 2010Mortgage brokers avoid regulation
11 Jun 2010Plenty left over for Allied Farmers if 5 Mile deal proceeds
11 Jun 2010Private equity firm takes stake in Bayleys
10 Jun 2010Plenty left over for Allied Farmers if Five Mile sale goes through
10 Jun 2010Finance Committee report recommends some relief for small insurers
10 Jun 2010OCR increase good for property market
10 Jun 2010Milford appoints biz development boss
10 Jun 2010Borrowers - don't panic
10 Jun 2010Don’t panic about the OCR increase
10 Jun 2010SHARE Conference 2010
10 Jun 2010OCR rises, more hikes expected
10 Jun 2010RBNZ predicts steady rise in interest rates
10 Jun 2010OCR up, floating rates to follow
10 Jun 2010OCR up, floating rates to follow
10 Jun 2010Consumer financial adviser study ‘seriously flawed’
10 Jun 2010Market set to potter along: QV
10 Jun 2010QV main urban areas commentary: May 2010
9 Jun 2010South Canterbury Finance gets new chairman
9 Jun 2010Brook calls lawyers into scrap with Devon moves
9 Jun 2010Experts' views
9 Jun 2010BNZ to launch country’s first covered bond programme
9 Jun 2010Newpark Top Adviser Forum
8 Jun 2010Residential building and consents increase
8 Jun 2010TOWER Health adds new sales manager
8 Jun 2010OCR Week
7 Jun 2010MMG loses CEO; Brook gets back a manager
7 Jun 2010Allied Nationwide ramps up longer-dated deposit rates
7 Jun 2010News Round Up
7 Jun 2010Prudential pulls out of AIA purchase
7 Jun 2010Borrowers likely to see home loan rates rise this week
7 Jun 2010News round-up
6 Jun 2010Huge residential property investment portfolio up for sale
4 Jun 2010[Weekly Wrap] Prepare yourself for next bout of regulations
4 Jun 2010Lifetime buys David Tillman Mortgages
4 Jun 2010Recent movement in rates
4 Jun 2010The story of a typical property investor
4 Jun 2010AXA removing policy fee commission
4 Jun 2010Liquidity pressures and regulation will cause more fin coy failures
4 Jun 2010South Canterbury's cash drive pushing up all rates
4 Jun 2010GST to impact substantial investors
3 Jun 2010ING delays premium increases till Oct
3 Jun 2010Has the time come to invest responsibly?
3 Jun 201020% of Kiwi’s prepared to skip mortgage repayments
3 Jun 2010Auckland house sales gain in May
3 Jun 2010Adviser Business Statements guide gets first airing
2 Jun 2010F&P Finance roll over rates rise as big debenture maturity looms
2 Jun 201020% of Kiwi’s prepared to skip mortgage repayments
2 Jun 2010Responsible Investing
2 Jun 2010IFA reveals its new chief executive
2 Jun 2010PAA-AIA Roadshow
2 Jun 2010NAB given more time for its AXA bid
2 Jun 2010South Canterbury Finance deposit maturity roll-overs accelerating
2 Jun 2010Property prices under pressure
1 Jun 2010Allied Nationwide taps parent for another $5 million
1 Jun 2010Statement by Glenn Stevens, RBA Governor: Monetary Policy Decision
1 Jun 2010Sellers forced to get realistic
1 Jun 2010Pru tries to renegotiate AIA price
1 Jun 2010AIA increases premiums by 13%
1 Jun 2010Fidelity Life splits sales and marketing
1 Jun 2010RBNZ should leave interest rate hikes till September: NZIER
1 Jun 2010Broker retires
1 Jun 2010Award winning mortgage broker retires

May 2010

31 May 2010NZF writes down value of Mike Pero joint venture
31 May 2010Devon Asset Management poaches three of Brook's best
31 May 2010LAQC proposals questionable: NZICA
31 May 2010Rates Round Up
31 May 2010News round up
31 May 2010Number of mortgagee sales rises
30 May 2010Bublitz's Mutual Finance ramps up rates
28 May 2010Budget hasn't put off property investors
28 May 2010Home building consents rise to two-year high
28 May 2010Pinnacle says no justification for some premium increases
28 May 2010Commission predicts 200 QFEs under regulation
27 May 2010Banks likely to keep pushing floating rates
27 May 2010A week of big news
27 May 2010Broker takes out award for third year in a row
27 May 2010Time running out for life companies to announce premium increases
27 May 2010Tyndall hopes to entice fee based advisers
27 May 2010NZF announces securitisation
27 May 2010Property values set to rise as knockers talk up budget’s impact
27 May 2010Leaky homes not eligible for depreciation deductions under new rules
26 May 2010Fidelity Life taking a different approach to tax increases
26 May 2010NZF securitises $100 mill loan book
26 May 2010Sam Knowles quits as head of Kiwibank
26 May 2010Sam Knowles quits as head of Kiwibank
26 May 2010INFINZ Capital Markets Forum
26 May 2010Another month, another delay on ComCom’s ING decision
25 May 2010Two of three Compass loans total duds
25 May 2010Asteron premiums to increase 7.5%
25 May 2010F&P Finance goes for money beyond extended guarantee
25 May 2010IFA half-price sale now on
24 May 2010Sovereign explains its cuts to adviser commissions
24 May 2010Half of landlords will put up rents
24 May 2010Mercer appoints new head of Investment Consulting
24 May 2010Quiet start to week
24 May 2010Rates round up
23 May 2010News Round Up
21 May 2010Women In Super Breakfast
21 May 2010Budget adds to June 10 OCR hike expectation
21 May 2010TOWER premiums to rise 7%
21 May 2010Property investors got off lightly
21 May 2010LAQC’s will be a “dead man walking”
21 May 2010Govt's tax changes means tenants will pay more rent
21 May 2010Residential property investors to get another bite at fit-out cherry
20 May 2010Property industry to pay for Budget
20 May 2010Budget adds pressure to rates
20 May 2010Government cuts tax on savings vehicles to 28%
20 May 2010Government closes loopholes for LAQCs
20 May 2010Depreciation: Here today, gone tomorrow
20 May 2010BUDGET RELEASE: Property tax changes increase fairness
20 May 2010Strong demand for bonds, but little on offer
20 May 2010Budget Day
20 May 2010Financial Advisers Act — Are you prepared?
19 May 2010SFO lines up more charges for Bridgecorp's Petricevic and Roest
19 May 2010South Canterbury Finance recovers $200 mill
19 May 2010End of retail deposit guarantee threatens fin coy liquidity: RBNZ
19 May 2010Reserve Bank assesses state of insurance sector
19 May 2010Pursing investment themes
19 May 2010Sovereign reducing adviser commissions
19 May 2010LBA National Conference
19 May 2010PAA-AIA Roadshow
19 May 2010Independent advisers in for a rough time: Weatherston
18 May 2010Fisher & Paykel Finance gains acceptance to extended guarantee scheme
18 May 2010Compliants scheme gets GM
18 May 2010Budget preview: Property in line of fire
18 May 2010Financial Advisers Act — Are you prepared?
18 May 2010PAA-AIA Roadshow
18 May 2010PAA-AIA Roadshow
18 May 2010Regulatory risks the biggest threat to Australasian investors
18 May 2010NZ investors' love affair with rental properties appears to be fading
17 May 2010Macquarie Wealth appoints investment adviser
17 May 201014 lenders increase short-term rates
17 May 2010One step closer to leaky home resolution?
17 May 2010Marac charges up non-secured deposits
17 May 2010Otago investors reluctant to use new rating scheme
17 May 2010Rates Round Up
17 May 2010AXA deal not a strategic necessity: AMP
14 May 2010Viaduct Capital calls in the receivers
14 May 2010IFA gets new president
14 May 2010Key on property investors' menu too?
14 May 2010Home sales decline in April: REINZ
14 May 2010REINZ residential highlights - April 2010
14 May 2010ASB's mortgage broking man goes
14 May 2010ASB's mortgage broking man goes
14 May 2010IFA whittles down CEO hunt
13 May 2010The Hunt Report: Moving of the deck chairs
13 May 2010Business Update 2010: Free FSPR seminars from Companies Office
13 May 2010Morningstar NZ sales chief crosses the ditch
13 May 2010Fidelity ownership unchanged
13 May 2010Triple whammy for some advisers
13 May 2010Student accommodation drives Dunedin market
12 May 2010Propertyfinance Group recommends voluntary liquidation
12 May 2010Regulation not strangulation for KiwiSaver please
12 May 2010Labour pushes for changes to rules around residential tenants
12 May 2010Opinion: Newpark, Naomi and Us
12 May 2010Banks repay $0.8m in overcharged break fees
12 May 2010Banks repay $0.8m in overcharged break fees
12 May 2010 EITITO poaches another Adviserlink chief
12 May 2010Financial Advisers Act — Are you prepared?
12 May 2010Pathfinder prepares to launch second fund with a focus on water
11 May 2010Receivers coy on future payments to Five Star investors
11 May 2010Business Update 2010: Free FSPR seminars from Companies Office
11 May 2010KiwiSaver returns plateau after four quarters of gains
11 May 2010Financial Advisers Act — Are you prepared?
10 May 2010Taxpayers bail out another finance company
10 May 2010Advisers forced to tell on each other
10 May 2010Receiver still untangling OPI Pacific's position
10 May 2010KiwiSaver Performance Survey
10 May 2010Term Deposits
10 May 2010Asteron makes three appointments to help tackle regulation
10 May 2010Competition tight for 12-month terms
10 May 2010Q&A: Sam Stubbs talks KiwiSaver Trends
10 May 2010Commerce Committee Chair has misgivings about QFE extension
10 May 2010Property investors procrastinate ahead of Budget: QV
10 May 2010QV main urban areas commentary: April 2010
10 May 2010Property round-up
9 May 2010The news gets worse for Nathans Finance debenture holders
7 May 2010Waiting for the appointment
7 May 2010Weekly wrap: Pioneer farwelled
7 May 2010Business Update 2010: Free FSPR seminars from Companies Office
7 May 2010[PAA] Education Roadshow
7 May 2010Role changes at Sovereign
7 May 2010Sovereign appoints adviser distribution manager
7 May 2010Mike Pero Mortgages joins FSCL
7 May 2010Optimism and house prices on the wane
6 May 2010Prospects of June rate rise increase
6 May 2010S&P tells South Canterbury how it can improve its rating
6 May 2010Power plugs holes in financial adviser legislation
6 May 2010Procrastinate while one has the chance
6 May 2010Procrastinate while you have the chance
6 May 2010Bollard: taking the foot off the accelerator
6 May 2010Open Polytech puts off assessing ‘Standard C’ for now
6 May 2010[PAA] Education Roadshow
6 May 2010[PAA] Education Roadshow
6 May 2010Haak takes up new Sovereign position
6 May 2010Big shift to floating mortgages as rate hikes draw near
5 May 2010AMP says conventional life policies being phased out
5 May 2010Funds flow into boutiques picks up
5 May 2010Some do and shouldn’t, some should but don’t
5 May 2010Australia's central bank raises key rate to 4.5%, widening gap with NZ
5 May 2010ISI fills new communications role
5 May 2010Auckland house sales dip
5 May 2010[PAA] Education Roadshow
5 May 2010IFA fights for CFP rights
4 May 2010Commerce Commission assesses First Step trusts
4 May 2010RBA makes sixth rate hike
4 May 2010Fidelity Life founder Gordon Watson passes away
4 May 2010Business Update 2010: Free FSPR seminars from Companies Office
4 May 2010Conditions ripe for rent rises
3 May 2010 No silver lining for Bridgecorp investors
3 May 2010First dispute resolution scheme approved
3 May 2010Rates Round Up
3 May 2010Investors not out of the woods yet
3 May 2010SCF sweetens rate for current investors
3 May 2010News round-up
1 May 2010Does price matter?

April 2010

30 Apr 2010Sovereign to shield customers from tax increases
30 Apr 2010The Investment Store loses a BDM and appoints sales support.
30 Apr 2010Dorchester creates a new role
30 Apr 2010A sad tale of positive cash flow property
30 Apr 2010Building consents fall in March
30 Apr 2010ISI members: the devil is in the detail
29 Apr 2010Perpetual sends St Laurence to the receivers, slaps down Podmore
29 Apr 2010Asteron KiwiSaver shuts, recommends Grosvenor
29 Apr 2010Bollard gives himself "wiggle room" on first rate hike
29 Apr 2010OCR held plus first mortagage rate change in two weeks
29 Apr 2010Interest rate hike now in sight
29 Apr 2010OCR April 2010
29 Apr 2010Commissions are viable and fair: PAA
29 Apr 2010Market continues trucking down
28 Apr 2010Advisers given more time to comply with new regs
28 Apr 2010St Laurence gives investors ultimatum
28 Apr 2010Newpark appoints a new BDM familiar with regulation
28 Apr 2010Guardian Trust appoints new head of product management
28 Apr 2010Ban on commissions flawed
28 Apr 2010Agent found guilty over misleading commission costs
27 Apr 2010AIA appoints Head of Distribution and Marketing
27 Apr 2010Deposit war shows no sign of abating: KPMG
27 Apr 2010Power: NZ will not ban commissions
26 Apr 2010It’s official – commissions to be banned
26 Apr 2010Mutual Finance changes hands as Bublitz pops up again
26 Apr 2010Overhaul of Financial Advice
26 Apr 2010Bollard to hold OCR amid faltering retail spending and housing market
26 Apr 2010Wrightson tinkers with rates across the board, ASB targets short money
26 Apr 2010Business Update 2010: Free FSPR seminars from Companies Office
26 Apr 2010News round-up
26 Apr 2010Property round-up
25 Apr 2010Rates round-up
23 Apr 2010Weekly wrap
23 Apr 2010IRD shifts approach on GST applied to land
23 Apr 2010ISI releases policy replacement guidelines
23 Apr 2010NAB won't take no for an answer
23 Apr 2010Newton Ross branches out to Tauranga
23 Apr 2010Term deposits steep yield curve
23 Apr 2010Russell announces new head of investor services in New Zealand
23 Apr 2010Time to fix approaching
23 Apr 2010Bollard to hold OCR unchanged
23 Apr 2010Pros and cons of moratoria espoused to select committee
23 Apr 2010Proof is in the pudding for Liontamer capital-protected funds
22 Apr 2010South Canterbury reaping '$1 million a week' from distressed assets
22 Apr 2010Allied Farmers successfully concludes property sales
22 Apr 2010Glass plans to have NZ’s biggest investment team at Devon Funds
22 Apr 2010The Investment Store Roadshow
22 Apr 2010Rents set to rise as demand increases
21 Apr 2010Sovereign takes regulation bull by the horns
21 Apr 2010Sovereign paying for advisers to study
21 Apr 2010Reserve dispute resolution scheme wants to be "independent"
21 Apr 20102010 SovNet Conference
21 Apr 2010The Investment Store Roadshow
20 Apr 2010Inflation pressure starts sapping strength of emerging equity markets
20 Apr 2010Markets start betting against low short-term interest rates
20 Apr 2010ETITO registration and booking system launched
20 Apr 2010GMI wholesale chief defects back to Trade Me
20 Apr 2010NZ 1st-qtr inflation accelerated less than expected
20 Apr 2010Business Update 2010: Free FSPR seminars from Companies Office
20 Apr 2010The Investment Store Roadshow
20 Apr 2010ACCC shoots down NAB bid for AXA
20 Apr 20102010 worse for NZ defaults than 2009: S&P
20 Apr 2010Brash says transparency is on the way for Huljich
19 Apr 2010Do Brokers Cost More?
19 Apr 2010Huljich scheme stung by new conditions
19 Apr 2010NZF ramps up long-term deposit rates
19 Apr 201011th Annual One-Stop Update for Accountants in th Public Sector
19 Apr 2010Rates round-up
19 Apr 2010Property round-up
19 Apr 2010News round-up
16 Apr 2010Code Committee consultation of the Draft Code of Professional Conduct
16 Apr 2010Think about fixing at a two-year rate soon
16 Apr 2010Nuplex director resigns as Securities Commissioner
16 Apr 2010House sales still in soft patch
16 Apr 2010REINZ residential highlights – March 2010
16 Apr 2010Code Committee consultation of the Draft Code of Professional Conduct
16 Apr 2010Advisers need to put aside a day a week NOW
16 Apr 2010Reset rate market discounts, corporate bonds probably past peak
16 Apr 2010Commerce Commission to sit on ING decision for another month
15 Apr 2010Confidence in regulation helping businesses to grow
15 Apr 2010Asteron puts KiwiSaver scheme on notice
15 Apr 2010Super fund loses top strategist
15 Apr 2010SBS makes cuts twice
15 Apr 2010Code Committee consultation of the Draft Code of Professional Conduct
15 Apr 2010Code Committee consultation of the Draft Code of Professional Conduct
15 Apr 2010South Canterbury Finance guarantee comes in nick of time
15 Apr 2010ETITO confident training demands can be met
14 Apr 2010Complaints to REAA pouring in
14 Apr 2010TNP signs up with X-Plan
14 Apr 2010Code Committee consultation of the Draft Code of Professional Conduct
14 Apr 2010Former Justice Ministers prosecuted over Lombard offer documents
14 Apr 2010Dorchester launches SimpleLife
14 Apr 2010Draft Code consultation meetings in full swing
13 Apr 2010Huljich re-launches non-KiwiSaver funds
13 Apr 2010Code Committee consultation of the Draft Code of Professional Conduct
13 Apr 2010New additions to the Macquarie Private Wealth team
13 Apr 2010NZ dollar follows Australian dollar lower on weaker home loans
13 Apr 2010Code Committee consultation of the Draft Code of Professional Conduct
13 Apr 2010SCF first-half loss nudges $200 million
13 Apr 2010Adviser registration pushed out to July
12 Apr 2010North Shore suburbs booming
12 Apr 2010South Canterbury's fluid statements show greater impairments
12 Apr 2010Depsosit takers in hibernation
12 Apr 2010Rates round-up
12 Apr 2010News round-up
12 Apr 2010 Property market to stay flat while uncertainties remain
12 Apr 2010QV regional snapshot - March 2010
12 Apr 2010Property round-up
10 Apr 2010ING Life Major Medical Cover: Why you should recommend it to your clie
9 Apr 2010Code Committee consultation of the Draft Code of Professional Conduct
9 Apr 2010New board appointments at Planet
9 Apr 2010AXA Global Investors boost wholesale team
9 Apr 2010Code Committee consultation of the Draft Code of Professional Conduct
9 Apr 2010SBS nudge rates down
9 Apr 2010S&P expects more finance companies will collapse
9 Apr 2010Mystery bidder makes low-ball offer for Strategic investors
8 Apr 2010Something Old, Something New
8 Apr 2010HSBC slashes rates
8 Apr 2010Auckland central: Money in metropolis
8 Apr 2010ETITO releases assessment pricing for advisers
8 Apr 2010AIA launches new business products
8 Apr 201012-months of PIE's
8 Apr 2010Financial adviser legislation threatens NZ’s reputation: Chapman Tripp
8 Apr 2010HSBC lowers 6-month rate below 5%
8 Apr 2010Regulation of advisers already increasing confidence
8 Apr 2010Hawk coy on Cynotech’s future
7 Apr 2010HSBC slashes rates and launches campaign
7 Apr 2010Auckland house sales pick up in March
7 Apr 2010Code Committee meeting
7 Apr 2010KiwiSaver fees too high: Actuary
7 Apr 2010Long-serving adviser thumbs nose at authorisation
7 Apr 2010Dorchester recapitalisation runs behind schedule
6 Apr 2010Guardian Trust appoints new Head of Distribution
6 Apr 2010Treasury says tax system out of kilter
6 Apr 2010Director resigns from Smartshares
6 Apr 2010Banks shying away
6 Apr 2010News Round Up
6 Apr 2010Rates round up
6 Apr 2010Property round-up
5 Apr 2010Prudential says it plans to retain AIA Australia
1 Apr 2010Lifestyle outperforms residential
1 Apr 2010NZF re-adjusts high LVR loan structure
1 Apr 2010Vision Securities, sunk by failed loan settlement
1 Apr 2010Court of Appeal reserves decision on Tower ANZ battle
1 Apr 2010Sovereign takes advantage of medical advancements
1 Apr 2010Kerr boosts support for ailing South Canterbury Finance

March 2010

31 Mar 2010Milford to launch own KiwiSaver fund
31 Mar 2010[The Code] Draft Code adds momentum to financial adviser regulation
31 Mar 2010Code changes rules around education
31 Mar 2010Draft code of conduct finally out
31 Mar 2010Asset Allocation & Portfolio Management
31 Mar 2010NAB negotiates 'binding terms' with AXA SA for AXA AP purchase
30 Mar 2010[Weekly Wrap] And so the Code was handed down
30 Mar 2010S&P downgrades, then upgrades Geneva
30 Mar 2010Clear as dishwater
30 Mar 2010AIA NZ dismisses Prudential sale rumours
30 Mar 201011th Annual Superfunds Summit
30 Mar 2010Confidence in housing market slipping
30 Mar 2010Building consents rise, while apartment approvals drop to 1995 lows
29 Mar 2010Power refers Strategic Finance to Securities Commission
29 Mar 2010Securities Commission tries to clear up definition of advice
29 Mar 2010Equitable cuts long rates with new guarantee
29 Mar 2010Rates Round Up
29 Mar 2010NZF changes its high LVR loans
29 Mar 2010KiwiSaver measurement standards put out to tender
29 Mar 2010NZ Treasury pours cold water on leaky home GST relief
29 Mar 2010Too soon to declare easing of mortgagee sales
26 Mar 2010RBNZ expects to catch more borrowers when it hikes OCR
26 Mar 2010Strategic receivers say no money available for pref shareholders
26 Mar 2010PAA/ING Life roadshow
26 Mar 2010PAA/ING Life roadshow
26 Mar 2010Managers must sort KiwiSaver reporting standards
26 Mar 2010Decision on frozen ING funds delayed a fortnight
26 Mar 2010Westpac two down 10
25 Mar 2010Industry update: Insurance & Savings Ombudsman
25 Mar 2010Fixed rates keep falling
25 Mar 2010Marac sells half its insurance business to AA
25 Mar 2010NZMBA implements national training co-ordinator
25 Mar 2010FAANZ appoints Pratley as media spokesperson
25 Mar 2010A peek inside your client's mind
25 Mar 2010PAA/ING Life roadshow
25 Mar 2010PAA/ING Life roadshow
25 Mar 2010All quiet
25 Mar 2010ING's future look taking shape
24 Mar 2010Strategic’s Finnigan freelancing after receivership, oversees FAI repa
24 Mar 2010Securities Commission takes a swipe at Huljich in KiwiSaver guidelines
24 Mar 2010PAA/ING Life roadshow
24 Mar 2010SPI Capital survives vote
23 Mar 2010House prices face downwards pressure
23 Mar 2010AIA New Zealand 2010 Roadshow
23 Mar 2010AIA New Zealand 2010 Roadshow
23 Mar 2010South Canterbury may have to raise more capital
23 Mar 2010PAA/ING Life roadshow
23 Mar 2010PAA/ING Life roadshow
23 Mar 2010Concerns growing over regulation start date
23 Mar 2010Perpetual appoints head of advice
23 Mar 2010Geneva Finance's fate to be decided Friday
23 Mar 2010Tax rate on some high income earners less than 10%: English
22 Mar 2010AIA New Zealand 2010 Roadshow
22 Mar 2010Westpac last to drop rates in busy week
22 Mar 2010New guide to adviser education launched
19 Mar 2010South Canterbury bonds hit 40%
19 Mar 201012 lenders cut fixed rates
19 Mar 2010Not as much tax in residential property as TWG says
19 Mar 2010Loan Market Group appoints two directors
19 Mar 2010TOWER Health & Life adds BDM
19 Mar 2010Criminal charges laid against Capital+Merchant directors
19 Mar 2010No name advisers make the big time
19 Mar 2010Kiwibank lowers one year rates
19 Mar 2010For sale: Aegis
18 Mar 2010SFO probes possible related-party breaches at Capital+Merchant
18 Mar 2010TWG got it wrong
18 Mar 2010Growth stalling, says property indicator
18 Mar 2010Fixed rates fall like dominoes
18 Mar 2010AIA New Zealand 2010 Roadshow
18 Mar 2010AIA New Zealand 2010 Roadshow
18 Mar 2010ASB's profit, mortgage market share dips
18 Mar 2010HBS makes big cuts
18 Mar 2010SPI allegedly breaches deed with $1.2m loan
17 Mar 2010KiwiSaver provider wants better disclosure
17 Mar 2010Game of two halves
17 Mar 2010Opinion: 200 years old
17 Mar 2010ACCC delays decision on AXA bids
17 Mar 2010AIA New Zealand 2010 Roadshow
17 Mar 2010AIA New Zealand 2010 Roadshow
17 Mar 2010Code committee puts back release date
16 Mar 2010Fidelity Life appoints investment operations manager
16 Mar 20102010 CFO Summit
16 Mar 2010AIA New Zealand 2010 Roadshow
16 Mar 2010AIA New Zealand 2010 Roadshow
16 Mar 2010New investment class arrives
15 Mar 2010IRD KiwiSaver leader takes charge of Gareth Morgan
15 Mar 2010Referral and Advocates Workshop for PAA Members
15 Mar 2010AIA New Zealand 2010 Roadshow
15 Mar 2010AIA New Zealand 2010 Roadshow
15 Mar 2010PAA/ING Life roadshow
15 Mar 2010PAA/ING Life roadshow
15 Mar 2010News round-up
12 Mar 2010No doubt rents will rise if rebate goes
12 Mar 2010AIA New Zealand 2010 Roadshow
12 Mar 2010Same regime needed for all KiwiSaver trustees
12 Mar 2010Minerva to take over running PIS
12 Mar 2010Steam still coming out of house sales
12 Mar 2010What really needs to be done about KiwiSaver funds
12 Mar 2010REINZ residential highlights - February 2010
12 Mar 2010Property syndication coming back to life
12 Mar 2010OCR review
11 Mar 2010MARAC accepted into extended guarantee scheme
11 Mar 2010OCR left at 2.5%, hikes to be mid-year
11 Mar 2010Lombard shareholders approve plan for reverse takeover
11 Mar 2010Bollard sticking to the script
11 Mar 2010OCR March 11, 2010
11 Mar 2010OCR unchanged, mid-year hike reiterated
11 Mar 2010FULL SPEECH: OCR unchanged
11 Mar 2010Money laundering risk to be assessed
11 Mar 2010Bollard's predictions on interest rates welcome
10 Mar 2010Kiwibank looking to raise $150 million
10 Mar 2010AIG makes another big asset sale
10 Mar 2010Redundancy insurance sales soar
10 Mar 2010Milford creates new managing director role
10 Mar 2010The 11th Annual Company Valuations Masterclass
10 Mar 2010Wholesale funding guarantee no longer needed
10 Mar 2010Curtin faces more legal action
10 Mar 2010ISI looks to continuous disclosure for funds
9 Mar 2010Prudential’s return to NZ may be short-lived
9 Mar 2010Allied's $220 million write-down may understate recoverable loans
9 Mar 2010KiwiSaver regulations fast tracked
9 Mar 2010Whangarei: City of 100 opportunities
9 Mar 2010Savings industry let Kiwis down: Stewart
8 Mar 2010Perpetual Portfolio Management adds to its team
8 Mar 2010Auckland rental shortage under debate
8 Mar 2010All eyes on OCR
8 Mar 2010News round-up
8 Mar 2010Values growing at slower pace
8 Mar 2010QV regional snapshot - February 2010
7 Mar 2010Market looks to Bollard for guidance on interest rates
5 Mar 2010Big week for housing market looming
5 Mar 2010South Canterbury sweating on liquidity
5 Mar 2010Can Brash still make cash?
5 Mar 2010Quiet first week
5 Mar 2010Float no more?
5 Mar 2010Emerging markets still the best option for medium-term growth
4 Mar 2010Morningstar announces Fund Manager of the Year winners
4 Mar 2010Bargains galore but not much action
4 Mar 2010Allied looks for ways to back into guarantee scheme
4 Mar 2010Huljich falls on his sword and resigns
4 Mar 2010Top managers get their rewards
4 Mar 2010Treasury questions beefed up trustee powers for Securities Commission
3 Mar 2010Prudential returning to NZ insurance scene
3 Mar 2010Increasing health insurance premiums to hit hard
3 Mar 2010Listings hit 11-month high in Auckland
3 Mar 2010Chamberlain to revamp Kiwibank insurance
3 Mar 2010Annuities market a must with KiwiSaver
3 Mar 2010Opinion: Overinsured and unhappy
3 Mar 2010NZMBA first association to join up to disputes resolution scheme
2 Mar 2010Perpetual Trust weighing up Strategic Finance’s future
2 Mar 2010RBA ups its cash rate
2 Mar 2010Swaps market offering opportunity for investors
2 Mar 2010Float no more?
2 Mar 2010TSB's profit surges, mortgage book grows
2 Mar 2010Economists ponder next OCR move
1 Mar 2010Six finance coys miss the cut for guarantee scheme
1 Mar 2010Allied Nationwide unable to accept money at the moment
1 Mar 2010News round-up

February 2010

26 Feb 2010AIA gets new chief
26 Feb 2010ANZ's profit rises but mortgage book stalls
26 Feb 2010[Weekly Wrap] Responding to the changes
26 Feb 2010Wespac's mortgage book gallops but profit falls
26 Feb 2010Vision put into the high risk category
26 Feb 2010Building consents fall for second month
26 Feb 2010AMP tackles premium price hikes differently
26 Feb 2010McDouall Stuart pans Cynotech takeover bid amid full-year loss
26 Feb 2010Flurry of finance company ratings continues
26 Feb 2010Westpac and Kiwibank cut in different places
26 Feb 2010Wrightson Finance profit down, impaired assets up
25 Feb 2010Investing in your future by selling to young professionals
25 Feb 2010Tax credit boosts BNZ profits despite underlying profit drop
25 Feb 2010Housing minister resigns
25 Feb 2010SIFA considers its future in new environment
25 Feb 2010Sue T resigns
24 Feb 2010Geneva faces more trouble while NZF looks to recapitalise
24 Feb 2010Tierney quits NZMBA board
24 Feb 2010Embattled broker resigns from NZMBA board
24 Feb 2010PSIS cuts floating rate
24 Feb 2010Morningstar questions Huljich in latest survey
23 Feb 2010Numbers on the up, says Harcourts
23 Feb 2010Mercer appoints new MD from within ranks
23 Feb 2010Housing confidence still upbeat
23 Feb 2010Taskforce recommendations for industry as well as Govt
23 Feb 2010Geneva considers its future - again
22 Feb 2010Housing market hits wobbles
22 Feb 2010CU Baywide starts the week off
22 Feb 2010Adviserlink appoints general manager
22 Feb 2010News round-up
20 Feb 2010Two tax changes property investors could live with
19 Feb 2010[Weekly Wrap] How does Huljich's pricing strategy work?
19 Feb 2010Trade Me sees record property browsers
19 Feb 2010House prices set to fall in cooling market: ANZ
19 Feb 2010Kiwibank's profit dives 40% but mortgage book surges in Dec Qtr
19 Feb 2010Southern Cross launches Critical Illness Plan
19 Feb 2010In bricks and mortar we (will still) trust
19 Feb 2010Huljich corrects KiwiSaver performance numbers
19 Feb 2010Govt may widen range of debt securities
18 Feb 2010Marac gets two new directors
18 Feb 2010AXA NZ insurance earnings fall by a fifth
18 Feb 2010TNP opens school for advisers
18 Feb 2010IFA seeks exemption from training requirements
18 Feb 2010SBS lowers floating rate
18 Feb 2010Small finance companies likely to be forced out: KPMG
17 Feb 2010S&P dishes out another three ratings
17 Feb 2010Actively managed fixed interest way to go: PIMCO
16 Feb 2010RBNZ’s liquidity measures no problem for SCF: Maier
16 Feb 2010Direct debit story
16 Feb 2010Help provided to change banks
16 Feb 201012th Annual Contract Performance Management Summit
16 Feb 20102010 Recovery?
16 Feb 2010Pitch to tie advisers to QFEs inevitable say IFA, SIFA
16 Feb 2010Low number of bad loans make it to mortgagee sale
15 Feb 2010Bridgecorp directors front up in court
15 Feb 2010ASB's surprise move
15 Feb 2010News round-up
14 Feb 2010Rates Round Up
12 Feb 2010Sharon Kent approved as Licensed Operator
12 Feb 2010Brugh appointed as Macquarie investment adviser
12 Feb 2010ING Roadshow February 2010
12 Feb 2010[Weekly Wrap] More movers and shakers
12 Feb 2010House sales lowest in two decades
12 Feb 2010Market Review: February 2010 London Commentary
12 Feb 2010REINZ residential highlights - January 2010
12 Feb 2010Botherway quits DNZ board
12 Feb 2010TSB follows Kiwibank
12 Feb 2010Failed finance companies net PwC more than $10mill
11 Feb 2010Strategic Finance mulling the Hanover route as receivership threat loo
11 Feb 2010Falling house sales may indicate faltering economy
11 Feb 2010ING Roadshow February 2010
11 Feb 2010No change today
11 Feb 2010Industry engagement helping the regulatory process: Mayhew
10 Feb 2010AMP dominates KiwiSaver performance
10 Feb 2010South Canterbury Finance faces billion dollar liquidity risk
10 Feb 2010ING Roadshow February 2010
10 Feb 2010Practice management: Know, manage and choose your emotions
10 Feb 2010Where to from here?
10 Feb 2010Deutsche Bank looks set to take stake in Craigs
10 Feb 2010HSBC slashes five year rate
9 Feb 2010New manager snares mandates worth $225m
9 Feb 2010Key’s silence on depreciation indicates it’s a focus
9 Feb 2010KiwiSaver Performance Survey
9 Feb 2010AXA encourages advisers to sell insurance before prices rise
9 Feb 2010Key kicks for touch on property tax
9 Feb 2010NZMBA develops new process for brokers
9 Feb 2010New AXA owners have no reason to shake it up: Stewart
9 Feb 2010Why Kiwibank cut
8 Feb 2010Kiwibank blazing the trail for floating rates
8 Feb 2010Kiwibank cut floating
8 Feb 2010The sooner the guarantee goes the better
8 Feb 2010News Round Up
8 Feb 2010Rates Round Up
8 Feb 2010House values rise last month in 'patchy' market: QV
8 Feb 2010Residential highlights - January 2010
5 Feb 2010Tax changes robust enough?
5 Feb 2010Tyndall looking to add more retail funds
5 Feb 2010SBS latest to increase rates
4 Feb 2010Equitable investors shift into debentures
4 Feb 2010Auckland house prices fall, amidst still declining sales
4 Feb 2010Proposed tax changes will hurt listed commercial investors
4 Feb 2010Open Polytechnic offers financial services training from afar
3 Feb 2010Reserve Bank fuels deposit war: PwC
3 Feb 2010Westpac ups one-year rates
3 Feb 2010SCF says impairments lead to first-half loss
3 Feb 2010Opinion: Have you ever wondered?
3 Feb 2010KiwiBank to fill out insurance offering
3 Feb 2010Super fund invests in catastrophe bonds
3 Feb 2010RBA leaves cash rate at 3.75%
2 Feb 2010Bank adviser pleads guilty to $18m fraud charges
2 Feb 2010Reserve Bank considers liquidity controls for non-bank deposit takers
2 Feb 2010 First Step investors will likely get more repayments this year
2 Feb 2010Butler leaves
2 Feb 2010Wellington house market holds up
1 Feb 2010Auckland Anniversay Day
1 Feb 2010Ross Butler resigns from Mortgage Link to protect integrity
1 Feb 2010News round-up

January 2010

31 Jan 2010Rates Round Up
31 Jan 2010Finance Direct takes big steps in deposit rate competition
29 Jan 2010Bank liquidity requirements could keep rate hikes to a minimum
29 Jan 2010Morningstar looking for new CEO
29 Jan 2010Building consents stall in December amid falling home sales
29 Jan 2010Property investment rules to change - forever
29 Jan 2010Commission to clarify definition of financial planning service
29 Jan 2010Double Bolly
28 Jan 2010Geneva Finance to lose its wholesale funding
28 Jan 2010UPDATE: Bollard holds OCR; expects to hike about mid-year
28 Jan 2010OCR Update Jan2010
28 Jan 2010OCR holds, mid-year rate hike still likely
28 Jan 2010FULL RBNZ SPEECH: OCR unchanged at 2.5%
28 Jan 2010NZ's two favourites: Rental property and the All Blacks
28 Jan 2010Young ones think KiwiSaver enough for retirement
27 Jan 2010OCR holder
27 Jan 2010Marchmont keeps mum on identity; Stalls on Strategic queries
27 Jan 2010Housing market stalling?
27 Jan 2010Former ASB adviser to plead guilty to $18m fraud
27 Jan 2010First NZ Capital chief joins Auckland University council
27 Jan 2010Silver Fern moves
26 Jan 2010SFO finance company investigations – too late?
26 Jan 2010Good buy: Auckland leasehold apartments
26 Jan 2010Restrictions removed from ANZ Simple Variable rate
26 Jan 2010NZ Funds mildly optimistic about this year
25 Jan 2010New independent director for SHARE
25 Jan 2010[Weeky Wrap] Back to school for advisers
25 Jan 2010News round up
24 Jan 2010OCR preview
24 Jan 2010Marac unveils non-guaranteed deposit rates
24 Jan 2010Banks tussle in 6 month deposit space; Allied Farmers looks long
24 Jan 2010Economists expect RBNZ to leave OCR unchanged
22 Jan 2010Mercer's top 10 investment trends for 2010
22 Jan 2010Westpac ups 6 and 18month rates
22 Jan 2010Share funds have a bumper 2009
22 Jan 2010ASB's view on the OCR
21 Jan 2010New MD for Tyndall
21 Jan 2010Southern Cross gets approval for critical illness
21 Jan 2010CPI good news
21 Jan 2010Huljich to relaunch non-KiwiSaver funds
20 Jan 2010Top broker morphs firm
20 Jan 2010Would the Nats really whack property investors?
20 Jan 2010PGG Wrightson optimistic about fortunes in 2010
20 Jan 2010Investors face double-whammy in tax proposals
20 Jan 2010Misleading talk will lead to bad tax decisions
20 Jan 2010Expert Views
19 Jan 2010CPD rules get industry thumbs-up
19 Jan 2010Milford grabs Westpac's head of wealth operations
19 Jan 2010IRD's views on depreciation challenged
18 Jan 2010Mascot failure likely to cost taxpayers $33 million
18 Jan 2010House prices up but sales levels concerning
18 Jan 2010REINZ residential highlights - December 2009
18 Jan 2010ASB first to hike
18 Jan 2010News round-up
17 Jan 2010Wallwork switches camps
17 Jan 2010Rates Round Up
16 Jan 2010Strategi Institute established
16 Jan 2010Deposit rate war kicks off 2010 in longer-dated space
15 Jan 2010KiwiSaver OK for UK transfers
15 Jan 2010Sovereign gets big tick from AM Best
15 Jan 2010Housing Corp third to move
15 Jan 2010Caution restrains bargain hunting
14 Jan 2010Health Funds calls for Nats to revisit rebate for over-65s
14 Jan 2010Home-building and hospitals push up November building consents
14 Jan 2010Investing made easy: Taking heed of the past
14 Jan 2010No changes
14 Jan 2010Fund managers move to broker firm
13 Jan 2010Fidelity pays investors after 18-month wait
13 Jan 2010FundSource gets new head
13 Jan 2010Matthew Wood opens executive search firm
13 Jan 2010CU North second to move
13 Jan 2010Opinion: Spare a thought...
12 Jan 2010Rates Round Up
12 Jan 2010Self-evaluation tool for advisers launched
12 Jan 2010IRD quietly raises changes to depreciation
11 Jan 2010S&P take a wait and see approach to South Canterbury
11 Jan 2010Strategic’s Finnigan winds back hours to help cut costs
11 Jan 2010House values gain in 09
7 Jan 2010AMP fund hiccup finally cured
7 Jan 2010Auckland house prices stabilising at boom-time levels
7 Jan 2010Fin Coy offers new, higher rates
7 Jan 2010Receivers update investors on failed fin coys over holiday period
6 Jan 2010Bridgecorp receivers all but give up on Momi
6 Jan 2010Strategic's future in the balance
6 Jan 2010Bridgecorp receivers all but give up on Momi
5 Jan 2010Strategic Finance bank debt knocks down first repayment to investors
5 Jan 2010SBS holds its home loan market share
5 Jan 2010Market Review: January 2010 London Commentary
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