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December 2023

29 Dec 20235th worst year for NZX50 in 15 years
29 Dec 2023NZ sharemarket looking to end the year up, despite soft retail data
23 Dec 2023Wishing you the best
22 Dec 2023Market closes on sour note from Synlait Milk
22 Dec 2023Paul Gregory to leave FMA
22 Dec 2023 Three risks we are thinking about for 2024
21 Dec 2023End-of-year rally for shares continues
21 Dec 2023Big shake up at NZFSG
21 Dec 2023Christmas cheer?
21 Dec 2023Will the 60/40 classic portfolio return to form in 2024?
20 Dec 2023NZ sharemarket dips in wake of govt announcements
20 Dec 2023Orr fronts up to new Govt: TMM Conference tickets available
20 Dec 2023FSC cancels major conference
20 Dec 2023RBNZ: record immigration may mean rates stay high for longer
20 Dec 2023Liberty sells real estate business
20 Dec 2023[GRTV] Three to four fund sweet spot with multi manager KiwiSaver
20 Dec 2023PGI switches unit holders to climate-indexed approach
19 Dec 2023NZ sharemarket firms ahead of mini-budget and economic update
19 Dec 2023Jarden views investment banking and wealth management as “a dis-synergy”
19 Dec 2023No waiting – OCR cuts expected next year
18 Dec 2023NZ sharemarket listless on light trade
18 Dec 2023Fisher Funds partners with NZX Wealth Technologies
18 Dec 2023Finsure plans an aggressive pitch for NZ mortgage advisers
18 Dec 2023Listings surge and prices up
18 Dec 2023New currency-hedged ethical fund from Betashares
18 Dec 2023Finsure plans an aggressive pitch for NZ mortgage advisers in 2024
15 Dec 2023NZ sharemarket flat but more than $300m changes hands
15 Dec 2023Ex-mortgage adviser pleads guilty to further dishonesty offences
15 Dec 2023Former mortgage adviser pleads guilty to further dishonesty offences
15 Dec 2023Big payday coming for Harbour on top of FirstCape merger
14 Dec 2023NZ sharemarket reaches 14 week high
14 Dec 2023New Zealand GDP in reverse, OCR cuts may dominate next year
14 Dec 2023OCR rates cuts should dominate next year
14 Dec 2023Christchurch FAP cops criticism from the FMA
14 Dec 2023Jarden, NAB form FirstCape including Harbour
14 Dec 2023Listed companies beef up retail investor relations with new portal
13 Dec 2023NZ sharemarket rises as Auckland airport shares lift off
13 Dec 2023Stress on mortgage advisers high
13 Dec 2023Mortgage advisers more stressed that others
13 Dec 2023Mounting migration means more demand and pressure
13 Dec 2023Partners names new CEO to replace Naomi Ballantyne
13 Dec 2023Asteron sees good growth in employee insurance segment
13 Dec 2023Housing market still at a low ebb despite lift in sales
13 Dec 2023BIG to govt: the FMA should redirect focus to high-risk areas
12 Dec 2023Shares dip as investors await US data
12 Dec 2023Debt-to-income still in the melting pot
12 Dec 2023Southern Cross fills sales role
12 Dec 2023Advisers' mental health improves but still concerning
12 Dec 2023DTIs still in the melting pot
12 Dec 2023Bond funds added to Kernel suite
11 Dec 2023NZ sharemarket slips as Rakon shares rocket
11 Dec 2023Animal spirits - global stock markets have closed out their best month in several years, but can the rally continue?
11 Dec 2023Platinum appoints new chief executive
11 Dec 2023Hugh Stevens buys the iSelect Uk pensions advice business
11 Dec 2023Permanent stop order made against financial adviser
11 Dec 2023Emotional harm award to tenant after power and water cut off
9 Dec 2023[OPINION] What I would like to see in 2024
8 Dec 2023NZ sharemarket closes the week flat
8 Dec 2023ChatGPT, the Magnificent Seven, Ozempic, and Higher-for-longer
8 Dec 2023Squeeze on all over the economy
8 Dec 2023Lindsay learns the benefits and pitfalls of the product he sold for 52 years the hard way
8 Dec 2023Shuttered FAP owes around $8 million
7 Dec 2023NZ sharemarket lifts into positive territory for the year
7 Dec 2023Haakie to move on
7 Dec 2023Apartment market takes a dive
6 Dec 2023NZ sharemarket close to wiping out its deficit for the year
6 Dec 2023Kelvin Davidson takes a deep dive into the mortgage market stats
6 Dec 2023Ten things to know about mortgage debt
6 Dec 2023[GRTV] Get the country’s under insurance back on the agenda
6 Dec 2023Auckland housing market rebounding
6 Dec 2023Most of the NZX 50 now links top exec pay to ESG
5 Dec 2023NZ shares drift as Aussie central bank holds rates while talking tough
5 Dec 2023ANZ names new CIO
5 Dec 2023Forsyth Barr buys Hobson Wealth to create $30b in funds under advice
5 Dec 2023Mostly passive AMP Wealth gets active with climate impact fund
5 Dec 2023More new high growth funds launched
5 Dec 2023RBNZ tough talk questioned: Give us a breather FANZ says
5 Dec 2023Financial Advice NZ wants new govt to give advisers a breather
5 Dec 2023Market doesn't believe RBNZ's tough talk
5 Dec 2023Tenant left with damages bill despite not being responsible
4 Dec 2023NZ sharemarket flat as index newcomers shine
4 Dec 2023NZ Super Fund appoints acting CEO
4 Dec 2023Interest-only loans spurned as mortgage arrears increase
4 Dec 2023Private landlords should be included in bill – Property Brokers
1 Dec 2023Asteron Life takes out top gong for 4th time
1 Dec 2023NZ sharemarket ends first day of summer on a positive note
1 Dec 2023Sustainable investment grows down under
1 Dec 2023Lessons Charlie Munger taught businesses
1 Dec 2023OCR assumptions don’t add up

November 2023

30 Nov 2023NZ sharemarket rallies with $670m turnover on index changes
30 Nov 2023RBNZ dashes hope of 2024 interest rate cut; Record immigration to blame
30 Nov 2023Too expensive and wrong – new property manager regulations needed
30 Nov 2023Record immigration to blame for rates staying higher for longer: RBNZ
29 Nov 2023Reserve Bank casts shadow over NZ sharemarket
29 Nov 2023RBNZ dashes hope of 2024 interest rate cut
29 Nov 2023BREAKING: OCR held, but comes with a warning
29 Nov 2023OCR held, but comes with a warning
29 Nov 2023Remove CCCFA red tape
29 Nov 2023Mortgage lending should be removed from CCCFA
29 Nov 2023Weaker than expected
29 Nov 2023[GRTV] Coolabah Capital: new funds and long-short strategies
29 Nov 2023Sharesies KiwiSaver, including self-select feature, goes to market
28 Nov 2023NZ sharemarket bounces as energy stocks lift
28 Nov 2023ASB's mortgage book shrinks
28 Nov 2023Auckland FAP has its licence cancelled
28 Nov 2023The ‘Magnificent Seven’ and the Rise of Self-Directed Investing
28 Nov 2023New Government – new property rules
28 Nov 2023Level 5 certificate draft up for feedback in new year
27 Nov 2023NZ sharemarket falls as investor await Reserve Bank news
27 Nov 2023Generate commits NZD55 million to private equity
27 Nov 2023ASB's mortgage book shrinks as ANZ, Kiwibank grow market share
27 Nov 2023Economists, markets debate timing of first OCR cut
27 Nov 2023NZXWT speeds things up with new API
26 Nov 2023ASB gets aggressive
25 Nov 2023Milford appoints new board member
25 Nov 2023Smoker or non-smoker? Are you sure?
25 Nov 2023RBNZ stays on hold as economists, markets debate timing of first OCR cut
24 Nov 2023NZ shares perk up as coalition details announced
24 Nov 2023NZ shares perk up as coalition details announced
24 Nov 2023RIAA becomes twin-headed organisation
24 Nov 2023The first bank rate cut
24 Nov 2023US-based TA Associates mulls sale of 34% Fisher Funds stake
24 Nov 2023Sustainable impact fund typically 10-15% of portfolio for ethical investors
23 Nov 2023NZ sharemarket adrift and directionless
23 Nov 2023Payments NZ wants changes; TMM annual survey
23 Nov 2023Payments NZ wants changes to open banking bill
22 Nov 2023NZ sharemarket holds steady as Ebos dips
22 Nov 2023Savvy cash offering to boost money management
22 Nov 2023[The Wrap] The danger in FMA focusing on “fair outcomes”
21 Nov 2023NZ sharemarket slips as Wall St rally continues
21 Nov 2023Accuro members vote overwhelmingly in favour of UniMed merger
21 Nov 2023Whyte steps down as Lifetime chairman
21 Nov 2023Solving the rental shortage – new legislation and a change of attitude
21 Nov 2023You can tell us about the mortgage market
21 Nov 2023When OCR cuts will start
21 Nov 2023OCR cuts and when they will start
21 Nov 2023[GRTV]Selecting the right fund manager
20 Nov 2023NZ sharemarket has late bounce
20 Nov 2023JAVLN signs up Aussie's BJS Insurance Group for three years
20 Nov 2023Auckland – globally expensive rents and not enough places to live
19 Nov 2023Financial advisers unimpressed by Boomer Dad video
19 Nov 2023Pie's new funds could start with significant tailwind
17 Nov 2023NZ shares dip as investors wait on Ebos
17 Nov 2023How is inflation impacting renewables?
17 Nov 2023AIA Vitality numbers
17 Nov 2023Robson gets new role at Milford
17 Nov 2023Four educators represented on Level 5 working group
17 Nov 2023Concerns over FMA's new approach to regulating
16 Nov 2023NZ sharemarket dips on profit taking
16 Nov 2023Dimensional has rolled out three Australian ETFs
16 Nov 2023ANZ will continue to sell home loans directly
16 Nov 2023Fire leaves landlord thousands of dollars out of pocket
15 Nov 2023NZ shares rise on further hopes inflation tamed
15 Nov 2023Mortgage lending slows to lower DTI rates
15 Nov 2023No rush to join Fidelity in publishing turnaround times
15 Nov 2023Asteron appoints national manager of adviser distribution
15 Nov 2023ANZ will continue to sell home loans directly
15 Nov 2023Passbacks - How do they work?
15 Nov 2023What might be coming in new version of level 5 certificate
14 Nov 2023NZ shares lift as investors contemplate inflation's peak
14 Nov 2023Real returns from investing in structural change
14 Nov 2023Harbour Outlook: Economic Crosscurrents
14 Nov 2023ANZ committed to investments and funds management
14 Nov 2023Many buyers, not enough properties again fuelling housing market
13 Nov 2023NZ sharemarket dips on very light volumes
13 Nov 2023Salt picks up top gong
13 Nov 2023Ex MP named as new Fisher Funds chief executive
13 Nov 2023Advisers dominate ANZ's new home lending; TAP is offering discount
13 Nov 2023Mortgage advisers dominate ANZ's new home lending
13 Nov 2023Where lenders want to put their money
13 Nov 2023Ralph Stewart's Lifetime pick up more AMP schemes
13 Nov 2023Health insurance premiums rose 8% in the June quarter: FSC
13 Nov 2023TAP hoping to pick up new business with big discount
13 Nov 2023David Boyle moves on from Mint
11 Nov 2023Find out what's inside your next issue of TMM
11 Nov 2023LIfetime buys advice firm
10 Nov 2023Energy stocks lead the NZ sharemarket down
10 Nov 2023FMA puts temporary ban on David McEwan and associates
10 Nov 2023Number of Kiwibank customers in hardship revealed; Prospa in lower NI next week
10 Nov 2023Kiwibank says few customers stresseed by higher mortgage rates
9 Nov 2023NZ sharemarket returns to gaining ways
9 Nov 2023Market share soars for first home buyers
9 Nov 2023Mortgage advisers approach half of BNZ's new lending
9 Nov 2023Fidelity opens up on turnaround times
9 Nov 2023Mortgage advisers approach half of BNZ's new lending; Join Prospa in Whanganui and Palmerston North
9 Nov 2023Do advisers need another association?
8 Nov 2023NZ sharemarket slips as Sky TV rejects takeover bid
8 Nov 2023Changes expected to bill regulating property managers
8 Nov 2023[GRTV] Cracking the mass affluent market
8 Nov 2023FBAA plans to boost advisers’ market share
7 Nov 2023NZ sharemarket snaps winning streak
7 Nov 2023What the FBAA reckons it can offer Kiwis; Join Prospa in Whakatane and Rotorua
7 Nov 2023Westpac lauds CoFI's approach; What rates customers are paying
7 Nov 2023Are equity markets due for a strong finish this year?
7 Nov 2023Westpac lauds Cofi's principles-based approach, says CCCFA incredibly prescriptive
7 Nov 2023Westpac says more mortgage customers face higher rates
6 Nov 2023NZ sharemarket extends gain as Westpac kicks off bank reporting
6 Nov 2023TSB names new CEO
6 Nov 2023Westpac's mortgage lending slowed in the second half
6 Nov 2023What's the future look like for Fin Advice NZ?
6 Nov 2023Mortgage advisers to be offered another association choice
6 Nov 2023New faces but not enough places
5 Nov 2023Former Smartshares boss joins competitor
5 Nov 2023[The Wrap] What's the future for Financial Advice NZ?
4 Nov 2023New app for borrowers
4 Nov 2023From drought to flood - climate risk and the RBNZ
4 Nov 2023NZXWT onboards another $200 million
3 Nov 2023NZ sharemarket marks four days of rises
3 Nov 2023Value manager PM Capital gets a new owner
3 Nov 2023Case Study: Comvita – Climate action leaders to watch
3 Nov 2023New responsible investment definitions aim for clarity and an end to confusion
2 Nov 2023Surge leads to biggest single-day rise in NZ sharemarket
2 Nov 2023Fin Advice NZ appoints caretaker CEO
2 Nov 2023 Former Napier-based mortgage adviser pleads guilty to dishonesty offences
2 Nov 2023Former mortgage adviser pleads guilty to dishonesty offences
2 Nov 2023RBNZ coy on DTIs but plans public consultation
2 Nov 2023Housing slump over
2 Nov 2023Forsyth Barr won't comment on Hobson Wealth speculation
1 Nov 2023NZ sharemarket rebounding strongly
1 Nov 2023Household financial stress likely to grow: RBNZ
1 Nov 2023Struggles with debt for most Kiwis
1 Nov 2023[OPINION] How to make 20% from commercial property
1 Nov 2023Supporting Advisers for Growth
1 Nov 2023[Opinion] Why did Southern Cross cancel an interview with its CEO?

October 2023

31 Oct 2023NZ sharemarket breaks seven days of declines
31 Oct 2023JMI Wealth expands into Waikato with buyout
31 Oct 2023NZ households more exposed to mortgage defaults
31 Oct 2023New Zealand households more exposed to mortgage defaults
31 Oct 2023Gap biggest ever between building new and buying an existing home
31 Oct 2023Accuro policyholders to retain non-Pharmac-funded drug benefit
31 Oct 2023KiwiSaver - is consolidation on the cards?
30 Oct 2023NZ sharemarket continues to slide
30 Oct 2023The Bond market gives investors a High Five
30 Oct 2023No loosening of OCR settings any time soon
30 Oct 2023Auckland’s average weekly rent tips over $650
30 Oct 2023No loosening of high OCR settings
30 Oct 2023Accuro policyholders to vote on merger with UniMed
29 Oct 2023Governance; bite by bite
27 Oct 2023NZ sharemarket hits 16-month low
27 Oct 2023Record high interest bills are hitting mortgage borrowers
27 Oct 2023Interest payments on mortgages soar
27 Oct 2023Residential and industrial property development tanking
27 Oct 2023How to handle clients during the cost of living crisis
27 Oct 2023Magellan CEO departs abruptly after FUM slide
26 Oct 2023NZ sharemarket continues to slide
26 Oct 2023Nominations open for industry awards
26 Oct 2023An agreed model is needed
26 Oct 2023Specious arguments from big banks need to be taken down - Habilis
26 Oct 2023Drug destruction proved despite no pre-tenancy test
26 Oct 2023What if the government had paid down debt instead of investing in the NZ Super Fund?
25 Oct 2023Interest rates, earnings guidance squeezes shares down
25 Oct 2023ANZ&BNZ increase interest rates again; Recovery in mortgage lending expected in next six months
25 Oct 2023Recovery in mortgage lending expected in next six months
25 Oct 2023KiwiWrap KiwiSaver has highest average balance
24 Oct 2023Eroad leads market lower as rising bond yields weigh
24 Oct 2023BTR on cusp of becoming a major housing sector
23 Oct 2023Shanks stays in industry but moves to Oz
20 Oct 2023NZX50 sinks to lowest point for 2023
20 Oct 2023Inflation drops, wealth falls but lower OCR still a way off
20 Oct 2023Subdued market recovery over past five months
20 Oct 2023 Akahu aspires to be the "plumbing" of open banking
20 Oct 2023Harbour Investment Outlook: Higher for longer, but how much longer?
19 Oct 2023International tension, high bond yields drives stocks lower
19 Oct 2023Refinancing becomes a hot option for borrowers
19 Oct 2023Refinancing becoming a hot option for borrowers
18 Oct 2023NZ market flattens as investors mull on data
18 Oct 2023Which is the riskier business? Advice or Product?
18 Oct 2023CCCFA changes can’t come fast enough
18 Oct 2023Investors show market return
18 Oct 2023Changes can’t come fast enough
18 Oct 2023Insync uncovers flaws in passive versus active debate
17 Oct 2023NZ market lifts after surprise CPI data
17 Oct 2023Partners Life unbundles trauma cover
17 Oct 2023Inflation rate falls to 5.6%
17 Oct 2023Inflation drops lower than predictions
16 Oct 2023Changes on horizon under new government
16 Oct 2023Fletcher Building pulls NZ market lower
16 Oct 2023Fiscal restraint may on the table
16 Oct 2023Fiscal restraint probably on the table
16 Oct 2023Aucklanders lead the way in seeing a bullish housing market
16 Oct 2023Unlocking Homeownership Options with Pepper Money
15 Oct 2023Insurance can help parents facing mental health concerns
13 Oct 2023NZ market dips as election looms
13 Oct 2023Yovich & Co Wealth goes live on NZX Wealth Technologies platform
13 Oct 2023Many people with home loans are managing relatively well
13 Oct 2023Number of borrowers ahead on repayments dips slightly
13 Oct 2023Avanti gets new driver of its auto business
13 Oct 2023Attestations, qualifications, and just general tick boxing
12 Oct 2023Fletcher and election uncertainty makes for a quiet sharemarket
12 Oct 2023Green shoots appearing in housing market
12 Oct 2023Higher rents for fewer rentals
11 Oct 2023NZ market edges up while Fletcher Building goes into trading halt
11 Oct 2023New code launched for debt collectors
11 Oct 2023More time on clients, less on investment
11 Oct 2023New code for debt collectors
11 Oct 2023Beyond wealth – financial planning works
11 Oct 2023Fidelity's three-headed prong back into adviserland
11 Oct 2023Consilium Wrap lowers international brokerage fees
10 Oct 2023NZ market enjoys positive bounce amidst volatile day
10 Oct 2023One mortgage adviser has turned his hand to helping small businesses
10 Oct 2023Book aimed at small businesses
10 Oct 2023Housing market turns but big bounce not expected
10 Oct 2023Privacy - Do we really understand it?
10 Oct 2023Sharesies investor mood up and down
10 Oct 2023Stewardship grows, exclusion normalising
9 Oct 2023NZ market in the red as election countdown begins
9 Oct 2023The question is repealing the CCCFA will be enough or not
9 Oct 2023Will repealing the CCCFA be enough?
9 Oct 2023Diversification - Markowitz’s greatest gift
7 Oct 2023Westpac streamlines process for switching banks
6 Oct 2023Weak energy companies drag NZ sharemarket lower
6 Oct 2023FMA reviews players in Kloogh Ponzi scheme
5 Oct 2023NZ sharemarket rises US Treasury yields drop
5 Oct 2023It’s just a matter of assessing the cost, or economic damage, of the war
5 Oct 2023A better quarter in store?
5 Oct 2023Dimensional launches NZ PIE to investing sustainable Australian equities
5 Oct 2023Inflation war will be won but at what cost?
4 Oct 2023NZ market flat as RBNZ keeps OCR at 5.5%
4 Oct 2023OCR remains at 5.50%
4 Oct 2023BREAKING: Official Cash Rate remains at 5.50%
4 Oct 2023Finance difficulties don’t stop house buying
4 Oct 2023Flood of new investors unlikely even if Government changes
4 Oct 2023FMA releases final record keeping guidance for climate reporting
4 Oct 2023Authority Documents - What’s too far?
4 Oct 2023AIA gets a new non-executive, independent board member
3 Oct 2023NZ market flat as RBA hits the handbrake
3 Oct 2023It is important for advisers within a firm to share information about client’s needs
3 Oct 2023The tax benefits of a new build
3 Oct 2023 Chubb Life scholarship winner
3 Oct 2023Adviser firm pays $133,000 for part of house deposit lost in growth fund
2 Oct 2023Pacific Edge falls as NZ market sinks into the red
2 Oct 2023Higher top-up tax looming if Government doesn't change

September 2023

30 Sep 2023Southern Cross is “very supportive” of CoFi
29 Sep 2023Sharemarket rises on quarter-end buying
29 Sep 2023Loosened LVRs push up mortgage lending
29 Sep 2023Not enough understanding of non-bank lending
29 Sep 2023Financial Advice NZ CEO hangs up her boots
29 Sep 2023Not enough awareness and understanding of non-bank lending
29 Sep 2023Southern Cross posts $16.5m annual loss as it capped premium prices
28 Sep 2023NZX50 drops more than 1% as bond yields rise
28 Sep 2023One year old stewardship code covers $100 billion FUM
28 Sep 2023Fidelity admits it’s dropped the ball
27 Sep 2023NZ market edges down as employment confidence hits low point
27 Sep 2023Mortgage lending data shows property market heating up
27 Sep 2023New Zealand’s next top town
27 Sep 2023Mortgage lending on all properties thaws out
27 Sep 2023[GRTV] Highly aspirational – an adviser’s take on the Million Dollar Round Table
27 Sep 2023Industry should ignore Nat pledge to scrap CoFi: KPMG
27 Sep 2023 Acceleration of innovation now spells danger for investors
26 Sep 2023NZ market down as investors press pause
26 Sep 2023November hike or May cut
26 Sep 2023OCR – November hike or May cut
26 Sep 2023Southern Cross to review communications after debacle over withdrawn benefit
26 Sep 2023Why sales is more relevant than ever in an era of increased regulation
26 Sep 2023House price rises revised upwards
25 Sep 2023NZ market ticks up as school holidays kick off
25 Sep 2023Adviser feedback sees Fidelity Life unbox the goodies
25 Sep 2023It often means people have fewer choices on where they can obtain a mortgage
25 Sep 2023Affordability not always a level playing field
25 Sep 2023 Let's talk about trust
24 Sep 2023Another leading KiwiSaver provider calls for changes
23 Sep 2023Makao takes a step to boost analytics on sustainability
23 Sep 2023[The Wrap] FSC should take a position on CoFI
22 Sep 2023Here's what's being said about mortgage advisers
22 Sep 2023Late surge lifts NZ sharemarket into positive territory
22 Sep 2023Significant recovery underway
22 Sep 2023Fidelity Life announces 2023 adviser award winners
21 Sep 2023NZX50 slips as Fonterra result shines in the gloom
21 Sep 2023Banking study submissions highlight adviser issues
21 Sep 2023FNZ launches global accreditation programme
21 Sep 2023SMEs ‘playing it safe’ despite growing optimism
21 Sep 2023Global look at fund managers’ commitment to ESG
21 Sep 2023Asteron Life putting mental health at the forefront
21 Sep 2023Providers need to do the right thing when nobody is watching
20 Sep 2023Cost of living crunch an opportunity for advisers
20 Sep 2023NZ market flattens out as KMD Brands falls almost 5%
20 Sep 2023Kloogh investors told they will only get 2c in the $1 back
20 Sep 2023Howzat! Generate chair out
20 Sep 2023KiwiSaver fee revenue drops for the first time since 2007
20 Sep 2023AIA NZ launches new online adviser onboarding application
19 Sep 2023NZ market follows the US as investors wait for Fed’s decision
19 Sep 2023How to help customers in financial difficulty
19 Sep 2023Contrasting, but productive, times
19 Sep 2023Help to borrowers in financial difficulty outlined
19 Sep 2023Clear eyed focus needed on economy’s supply side
19 Sep 2023 FSC won't comment on Nat plan to scrap Cofi
19 Sep 2023Heartland says big banks use scale to block competition
19 Sep 2023[OPINION] How the next Government can help tenants
18 Sep 2023NZ market edges up while shares in Synlait Milk drop almost 10%
18 Sep 2023AIA moves closed unit-linked policies to passive manager
18 Sep 2023Properties selling faster and prices increase
18 Sep 2023Fake adviser pleads guilty
18 Sep 2023Bizcap is surprised at the level of New Zealand growth in a short time
18 Sep 2023Loans and defaults for ‘open minded’ lender
18 Sep 2023Who understands the new map of life?
18 Sep 2023Key challenges to overcome when selling an advice business today
15 Sep 2023NZ sharemarket ends week on brighter note with heavy trading
15 Sep 2023How Lend Capital works
15 Sep 2023Unsecured SME loans the future new player says
15 Sep 2023ESG ratings provider faces layoffs
14 Sep 2023NZ sharemarket suffers from ex-dividend blues
14 Sep 2023FMA aware of but won't comment on Southern Cross benefit removal
14 Sep 2023Chubb has new head underwriter
13 Sep 2023NZX50 breaks an eight day losing streak
13 Sep 2023Housing market perkier than expected as it turns around
13 Sep 2023A record high for New Zealand Super Fund
13 Sep 2023Industry researchers also in the dark on Southern Cross benefit
13 Sep 2023Harbour Investment Outlook: Past the winter solstice, but is it spring yet?
12 Sep 2023NZ sharemarket steadies after govt opens the books
12 Sep 2023Treasury warns of more pain if interest rates rise
12 Sep 2023New small business lending platform launches in New Zealand
12 Sep 2023A healthier market in sight
12 Sep 2023Generate impact investment builds new homes in Christchurch
12 Sep 2023Tech stack stuff
12 Sep 2023Prospa joins Lend Capital’s new lending marketplace launch
12 Sep 2023Nikko looks to be slightly defensive
11 Sep 2023NZ sharemarket slips ahead of economic and fiscal update
11 Sep 2023The AI revolution - what's next for the financial services industry?
11 Sep 2023Reining in the Reserve Bank
11 Sep 2023Past decade sees financial adviser role evolve
11 Sep 2023Reining in the RBNZ
11 Sep 2023Submissions open on new 'protection of KiwiSaver members' bill
9 Sep 2023Burning down the house
8 Sep 2023NZX50 slides to nine-month low
8 Sep 2023Other health insurers are much more generous than Southern Cross
8 Sep 2023[OPINION] New Zealand’s broken property market
8 Sep 2023National could expand bank market study
8 Sep 2023Raid on commercial investors depreciation of assets detrimental
8 Sep 2023Visit to US advisers yields growth tips aplenty
7 Sep 2023NZX50 flat as companies go ex-dividend
7 Sep 2023Freeing up foreign investment
7 Sep 2023Lack of PE investment in KiwiSaver means members miss out
6 Sep 2023NZX50 continues its slow slide
6 Sep 2023Dire economic outlook should be positive for bonds: Nikko
6 Sep 2023Confidence on interest rate cuts next year vanishes
6 Sep 2023Dunedin’s buy-up plan to mitigate climate change
5 Sep 2023NZX 50 hits new low for 2023
5 Sep 2023House sales rise more than 50% on a year ago
5 Sep 2023[GRTV] You never write off the Kiwis
4 Sep 2023SkyCity's share plunge dominates NZ sharemarket
4 Sep 2023Not a huge market for foreign buyers
4 Sep 2023Liberty makes three key appointments
4 Sep 2023NZ Super Fund buys into European infrastructure provider
4 Sep 2023We may be trusted advisers to our clients, but insurers don't trust us
4 Sep 2023[GRTV] Advisers can thrive
3 Sep 2023JMI Wealth appoints two senior advisers
2 Sep 2023COMMENT: What is Westpac's real profit number?
1 Sep 2023Auckland airport a bright note in a dull day on the NZ sharemarket
1 Sep 2023Southern Cross says it told advisers, policyholders of withdrawn benefit
1 Sep 2023Pepper buys HSBC's NZ home loans book
1 Sep 2023Non-bank lender buys HSBC's home loan book
1 Sep 2023BREAKING NEWS: HSBC loan book gets a surprisng new owner: one of the non-banks
1 Sep 2023Southern Cross drops $60k benefit by stealth: agents
1 Sep 2023[GRTV] KiwiSaver: a ticket to prosperity that politicians don’t get

August 2023

31 Aug 2023A bleak August for the sharemarket ends on a slight uplift
31 Aug 2023Room to improve compliance support in NZ
31 Aug 2023Finsure sees room to improve compliance support in NZ
31 Aug 2023Spending on nice to haves rapidly shutting down
31 Aug 2023Waiting for election day and possible relief
31 Aug 2023More KiwiSaver enters sin stocks through passive investing
30 Aug 2023Market flat as property stocks fall on National policy
30 Aug 2023Easier bank lending v mortgage test rates
30 Aug 2023Where the FMA is headed
29 Aug 2023NZ sharemarket lifts as results brighten investors' mood
29 Aug 2023NZHL makes appointment to drive growth
29 Aug 2023Heartland grows its reverse mortgage business
29 Aug 2023Debt consolidation helps drive Heartland reverse mortgage business
29 Aug 2023Restoring housing affordability
29 Aug 2023Heartland's reverse mortgages grow at more than 20%
28 Aug 2023NZ sharemarket lifts on budget cuts and US news
28 Aug 2023Sub-optimal contributions all round
28 Aug 2023Mortgage lending make-up revealed
28 Aug 2023Thoughts on underperformance by an active manager
26 Aug 2023COMMENT: RBNZ is still capable of producing worthwhile research
25 Aug 2023NZ sharemarket dips despite solid results
25 Aug 2023[The Wrap] NZers will be left exposed if CoFI is repealed
25 Aug 2023CEO Bessemer to leave Trustees Executors
25 Aug 2023NZX Smartshares lifts FUM 29% in six months ended June
25 Aug 2023Proposed new RTA clause not needed
25 Aug 2023The role of FAPs in building consumer confidence
24 Aug 2023High flying Air NZ does not lift the sharemarket
24 Aug 2023Nikko grows investment team with key appointment
24 Aug 2023Surge in migration a double edged sword
24 Aug 2023The fee-for-service model
23 Aug 2023Ebos leads NZX50 higher for a second day
23 Aug 2023TAP adds two
23 Aug 2023More pain; ANZ hikes; TAP hires
23 Aug 2023Further step to regulation of property managers
23 Aug 2023More mortgage pain on the horizon
23 Aug 2023nib NZ expects its insurance to be resilient in the face of rising cost of living
23 Aug 2023MyFiduciary links up with iwi
22 Aug 2023Solid results brought an end to days of decline for NZ sharemarket
22 Aug 2023No way CoFi can stay – National
21 Aug 2023NZX50 continues to slump despite some upbeat results
21 Aug 2023Migration helps housing find a floor
21 Aug 2023CCCFA rules are now sort of semi-embedded in banks
21 Aug 2023Loosening CCCFA rules might not be enough
21 Aug 2023Transitioning an advice business in the 21st century
19 Aug 2023A new source of business; Nat's KiwiSaver policy nuts
19 Aug 2023SMEs need more financing but don’t know how to access it
18 Aug 2023[The Wrap] National's KiwiSaver policy is nuts
18 Aug 2023Wary investors cast gloom over the NZ sharemarket
18 Aug 2023Why TAP wants mortgage advisers; Orr tones down behaviour
18 Aug 2023Asteron Life Claims team acknowledged
18 Aug 2023Harbour Navigator: Decarbonisation progress – more than hot air?
17 Aug 2023Skellerup a bright note as NZ sharemarket tumbles
17 Aug 2023National’s KiwiSaver splitting: innovation or complication?
17 Aug 2023Expect interest rate hikes
17 Aug 2023Fund manager diversification: unlocking better risk-adjusted returns in KiwiSaver
17 Aug 2023National plans to roll back CCCFA and can CoFI
17 Aug 2023National plans to stop banks’ intrusive questions to borrowers
17 Aug 2023National floats allowing KiwiSaver splitting
17 Aug 2023House prices stabilised earlier than RBNZ expected
17 Aug 2023Reaction to OCR; RBNZ happier than it was before
17 Aug 2023RBNZ says bank margins are falling on swith to term deposits
16 Aug 2023NZX 50 dips as Fletcher Building shares slumps
16 Aug 2023RBNZ expects lower growth and unemployment but higher CPI
16 Aug 2023OCR remains at 5.50%
16 Aug 2023BREAKING: Official Cash Rate remains at 5.50%
16 Aug 2023Holding on to investment property
16 Aug 2023Survey signals a more ‘dovish’ RBNZ monetary policy statement
16 Aug 2023ESG pushback nothing new to Super guardians
15 Aug 2023Life Direct goes into bat for NZ Cricket
15 Aug 2023NZ sharemarket flat as investors await news
15 Aug 2023New head to take over MFS in September
15 Aug 2023Lift in sales but prices still declining
15 Aug 2023Matching rhetoric to reality in values-based investment
15 Aug 2023Aussie watchdog’s third greenwashing case
14 Aug 2023NZ sharemarket dips despite bright start to earnings season
14 Aug 2023Mint appoints senior investment analyst
14 Aug 2023Predictions for OCR announcement
14 Aug 2023Predictions for this week's OCR announcement
14 Aug 2023AMP's NZ wealth management doubles KiwiSaver net cashflows
11 Aug 2023NZ sharemarket ends the week with a lift
11 Aug 2023Bank competition study; RBNZ 2023 Climate Stress Test
11 Aug 2023ANZ Investments links up with Mercer; CIO leaving
11 Aug 2023[OPINION] The country needs freedom from crazy council zoning laws
11 Aug 2023Bank competition study on services, prices and profits
11 Aug 2023KiwiSaver nudges $100b, Generate celebrates
10 Aug 2023NZ sharemarket drifts on US and China uncertainty
10 Aug 2023Mint trims costs but profits still fall; Simplicity, Pathfinder, Salt lift revenue
10 Aug 2023Not as bad as the GFC
10 Aug 2023Reserve Bank stress tests banks on climate risk
10 Aug 2023Times are tough for borrowers, but not as bad as the GFC
10 Aug 2023Advisers boost Asteron's results
9 Aug 2023Edgy sharemarket dips ahead of results season
9 Aug 2023Another CCCFA review; ASB increases profit
9 Aug 2023ASB annual profit up 6% in a year of two halves
9 Aug 2023Ex Auckland Airport boss lands at Craigs
9 Aug 2023Fatigued finance sector wondering about another CCCFA review
9 Aug 2023First graduates from Fidelity's new adviser programme
9 Aug 2023[GRTV] Can politicians be bipartisan on KiwiSaver?
8 Aug 2023NZ sharemarket slides as investors digest fast food results
8 Aug 2023Review of Loadings and Exclusions
8 Aug 2023Life insurers well placed if shocks hit their industry and economy
8 Aug 2023Wages rises and number of houses available biggest influences on rents
8 Aug 2023Downturn slowly running out
8 Aug 2023Buying the soft-landing scenario
8 Aug 2023TSB bank closes a third of its branches
8 Aug 2023TSB closes a third of its branches
8 Aug 2023Sharesies plans self-selecting KiwiSaver plan
7 Aug 2023NZ sharemarket flat as Restaurant Brands' shares plummet
7 Aug 2023The Power of Diversification: Expanding the Investor Toolkit
7 Aug 2023A step too far
7 Aug 2023Sales numbers lift from the doldrums but prices drop slightly
7 Aug 2023Bigger claims can be considered by IFSO scheme
7 Aug 2023Wage rises squeezed
7 Aug 2023Amplifi boosts advice business
6 Aug 2023How to drawdown money in retirement
5 Aug 2023Trustees Executors partners with AIA NZ
5 Aug 2023New fund week
5 Aug 2023Changes to UniMed Board
4 Aug 2023Wary investors keep the NZ sharemarket flat
4 Aug 2023[The Wrap] Cagey Milford lifts dividends despite profit decline
4 Aug 2023Annus horribilis for NZ Funds Management
3 Aug 2023US rating downgrade rattles fragile investors and NZX50 dips
3 Aug 2023Medtech key to new funds on InvestNow
3 Aug 2023Conduct and the design of policy documents and product brochures
3 Aug 2023OCR could remain high in 2025
3 Aug 2023OCR to remain high in 2025
3 Aug 2023Jarden to hive off profitable wealth business by March 2024
2 Aug 2023The NZX50 remained steady as overseas markets get spooked
2 Aug 2023Buyer confidence far from bullish
2 Aug 2023Startup experts asks govt to ease KiwiSaver private equity rules
2 Aug 2023Generate lifts profits as other managers report falling profits
2 Aug 2023Mortgage borrowing hits a high
1 Aug 2023NZ sharemarket dips on low volumes as Aust market moves up on inflation news
1 Aug 2023Kiwibank's capital boost means it's no longer last
1 Aug 2023Kiwibank gets more capital to grow mortgage business
1 Aug 2023Fidelity makes two appoints to support advisers
1 Aug 2023Govt tips in a further $225m of capital into Kiwibank
1 Aug 2023Betashares introduces local range of innovative investment solutions

July 2023

31 Jul 2023NZX50 jumps on index changes and higher confidence
31 Jul 2023Exploring emerging markets
31 Jul 2023ANZ Bank says interest rate rises end tailwind
31 Jul 2023Bravura names third CEO in three years
31 Jul 2023Interest rate rises end tailwind
28 Jul 2023NZ50 ends the week on a flat note
28 Jul 2023Finsure Group, is expanding into New Zealand with a well-known industry personality, Jenny Campbell
28 Jul 2023Jenny Campbell's return to the mortgage industry
28 Jul 2023Movers return to market could be slow
28 Jul 2023First home buyers’ mortgage market share hits a record
28 Jul 2023Australian mortgage aggregator comes to NZ
27 Jul 2023NZX flat as major companies issue warnings
27 Jul 2023Salt Carbon Fund - short term pain, potential long term gain
26 Jul 2023Hopes inflation tamed in Aust raises NZ sharemarket
26 Jul 2023Vanguard in more hot water with Aussie watchdog
26 Jul 2023[OPINION] Social stigma scaring off mom-and-pop investors
26 Jul 2023Operation moonshot
25 Jul 2023F&P Healthcare leads NZ market down after day of gains
25 Jul 2023FMA now accepting licensing applications under CoFi regime
25 Jul 2023Edmonds scales local Apex
24 Jul 2023NZ sharemarket starts the week on a positive note
24 Jul 2023NZ sharemarket trailed in Q2 but good longer term
24 Jul 2023Inflation could be normalising above 2%
21 Jul 2023NZ sharemarket ends quiet week with an upward tick
21 Jul 2023Housing price surges can be interest driven
21 Jul 2023Explaining rising interest rates
21 Jul 2023Fidelity appoints new chief executive
21 Jul 2023Listings fall as property sales rise
20 Jul 2023NZ sharemarket subdued as the bulls charge on Wall Street
20 Jul 2023Sharesies members looking bullish again
19 Jul 2023Mortgage rate cuts a way off yet
19 Jul 2023NZX50 rises on light volumes as inflation data is released
19 Jul 2023Serious threats lead to eviction
19 Jul 20237 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Advice Process
19 Jul 2023FMA on climate scenario analysis, sector reports
18 Jul 2023NZ sharemarket drifts as takeover bid rejected
18 Jul 2023Banks’ mortgage stress tests are a joke
18 Jul 2023Landlords keen on KiwiSaver for tenancy bonds
18 Jul 2023Bayly, fund managers on KiwiSaver for tenancy bonds
18 Jul 2023Bayly, fund managers on KiwiSaver for tenancy bonds
17 Jul 2023NZ sharemarket starts week with a dip on interest rate concerns
17 Jul 2023The traits of successful mortgage advisers
17 Jul 2023First property due diligence platform in New Zealand
15 Jul 2023Why we need more female advisers
14 Jul 2023Top 10 risks and opportunities for 2023 – A mid-year reflection
13 Jul 2023NZX50 lifts ahead of long weekend on low volumes
13 Jul 2023New ticker for NZX
13 Jul 2023House value rises predicted for early next year
13 Jul 2023What did we learn about future home loan rates yesterday?
13 Jul 2023New law - new rules
13 Jul 2023Former Westpac Life business officially merged into Fidelity Life
13 Jul 2023National MP Andrew Bayly’s to-do list of four
12 Jul 2023Sharemarket has a muted response to Reserve Bank move
12 Jul 2023OCR on hold: Where to for home loan rates?
12 Jul 2023BREAKING News: OCR held for a change
12 Jul 2023BREAKING: Official Cash Rate remains on hold
12 Jul 2023Not concerned about the rise in complaints about mortgage advisers
12 Jul 2023AIA NZ delivers on promised support to advisers
12 Jul 2023[OPINION] Kiwi property vs Kiwi shares
12 Jul 2023Rise in complaints about mortgage advisers ‘nothing to be concerned about’
12 Jul 2023Consilium buys stake in Cambridge Partners
11 Jul 2023NZ shares flat ahead of Reserve Bank rate decision
11 Jul 2023XRB on new international climate reporting standards
11 Jul 2023More pressure on mortgage holders
11 Jul 2023More pressure on mortgage holders
11 Jul 2023Expected rising interest rates to put more pressure on mortgage holders
11 Jul 2023KiwiSaver gender gap widens further, average balances drop
10 Jul 2023NZX 50 loses a week's gain in one day
10 Jul 2023JAVLN acquires OfficeTech document management solution
10 Jul 2023FMA to give confidentiality order recipients more support info
10 Jul 2023Insurance advisers' pet hates could be their greatest advantage
10 Jul 2023Sales slowly getting back to market driven cycle
10 Jul 2023A break in OCR increases forecast
10 Jul 2023The Big Squeeze
7 Jul 2023NZ sharemarket makes gains despite headwinds
7 Jul 2023Mortgage writing surges for NZ Mortgages
7 Jul 2023Annuitas Management Limited makes two key appointments
7 Jul 2023Mortgage writing surges for top adviser company
7 Jul 2023The Australian Superannuation Performance Test: Sensible but flawed?
7 Jul 2023Seeing the light
6 Jul 2023Pacific Edge rises as wider sharemarket stutters
6 Jul 2023Bluestone scales back New Zealand business
6 Jul 2023The Greens chaotic thinking over rent controls
6 Jul 2023LifeDirect and BizCover join forces to expand business
6 Jul 2023Bluestone scales back NZ business
5 Jul 2023NZX50 lifts to a seven week high
5 Jul 2023Whineray and White join sustainable finance board
5 Jul 2023One new aggregation platform; Take the Adviser Wellness survey
5 Jul 2023TAP launches new full-service mortgage aggregation platform
5 Jul 2023Generate gets thematic
4 Jul 2023Aussie interest rate move boosts two sharemarkets
4 Jul 2023Non-performing home loans are on the rise; Please take part in the Adviser Wellbeing survey
4 Jul 2023Property market listings stay at the bottom of the barrel
4 Jul 2023Mortgage delinquencies in May at highest since March 2020
3 Jul 2023Comvita a sweet spot in otherwise dull NZ sharemarket
3 Jul 2023Fix long or short? Here's what ANZ says
3 Jul 2023Don’t count on interest rates falling any time soon
3 Jul 2023Research needed into central banks’ pandemic response
3 Jul 2023[OPINION] When a Bill’s objective is vague, its provisions are rudderless
1 Jul 2023Pathfinder nabs top gongs (again)

June 2023

30 Jun 2023NZ sharemarket ends the week on a bright note
30 Jun 2023Unqualified chartered engineer flouts rules and signs off hundreds of homes
30 Jun 2023Two start-ups already positioned for open banking
29 Jun 2023NZ sharemarket lifts on brighter economic news
29 Jun 2023Responsible investing CEO resigns
29 Jun 2023Banks prepare for rising bad debts; mortgage lending still in doldrums
29 Jun 2023House prices and rents on the cusp of lifting
29 Jun 2023Banks prepare for rising bad debts
29 Jun 2023Kiwi funds fattened by fossil fuels
29 Jun 2023Mortgage lending still in doldrums – no lift in sight
28 Jun 2023NZ sharemarket follows international leads
28 Jun 2023Sir John Key: NZ economy in recession but not dire
28 Jun 2023Company tax miss, rising bank provisions point to recession biting
28 Jun 2023Giselle Baker is new Fidelity head of data and analytics
28 Jun 2023NZ economy in recession but not dire: John Key
27 Jun 2023Investors slumber as stocks move with no apparent rhyme nor reason
27 Jun 2023If the FMA comes knocking can you supply docs in time?
27 Jun 2023Financial advisers pose lesser distribution risk says FMA
27 Jun 2023Gordon Davidson to take the helm when CEO Donna Cooper departs
27 Jun 2023TSB CEO Donna Cooper departs
27 Jun 2023Rents lift for suburban retail property
27 Jun 2023Chubb launches new SME insurance product
27 Jun 2023Migration scramble not boosting demand
26 Jun 2023NZ sharemarket dips as global uncertainty intensifies
26 Jun 2023Devon offers short term global green bond fund
26 Jun 2023ANZ thinks the hurdle for OCR hikes in the next few months is high
26 Jun 2023Interest rates drop might be further away
26 Jun 2023Household finances in a vice
26 Jun 2023[OPINION]Housing crisis makes growth all about ‘up-and-out’ not ‘up-or-out’
26 Jun 2023Are investors missing out on once in a generation opportunities?
24 Jun 2023Culture and conduct not part of bank competition study
24 Jun 2023FMA outlines how it will monitor climate reporting in draft guidance on record keeping
24 Jun 2023NZX appoints Smartshares chief executive
23 Jun 2023NZX50 drifts as investors chew over week’s highs and lows
23 Jun 2023Advices for potential home buyers
23 Jun 2023National Capital hits $100m for KiwiSaver advice
23 Jun 2023Property sales finally stop falling
23 Jun 2023Potential home buyers urged to consult mortgage advisers
22 Jun 2023Eroad shares jump almost 60%, Pacific Edge sinks further
22 Jun 2023Commerce Commission banking study is not about bank conduct and culture
22 Jun 2023Fresh highs for rents
21 Jun 2023NZ market edges down as companies issue bad news
21 Jun 2023It would be great if one day mortgage advising became a profession
21 Jun 2023Mortgage advising should become a profession
21 Jun 2023How's everyone doing?
20 Jun 2023NZX50 rises as consumer confidence remains poor
20 Jun 2023Partners Life cuts some policy pricing, promises more
20 Jun 2023Banks come under regulator's spotlight
20 Jun 2023Competitiveness of banks under the spotlight
20 Jun 2023West Coast joins the property price decline for the first time
19 Jun 2023NZ sharemarket edges down as investors mull over last week’s data
19 Jun 2023Hunt on for new Reserve Bank MPC members
19 Jun 2023Climate reporting a scramble but collaboration will help
19 Jun 2023Strategi CEO moving on, COO in charge of day-to-day
19 Jun 2023FMA says monitoring isn't an audit or investigation
19 Jun 2023Tony Alexander predicts
16 Jun 2023NZ market turns over almost $400m as indices rebalance
16 Jun 2023'As we have said, tailwinds are coming'
16 Jun 2023Tailwinds are coming
16 Jun 2023Generate puts $20m into new Icehouse Ventures fund
16 Jun 2023AI: the fourth industrial revolution?
15 Jun 2023Data-heavy day flattens NZ market
15 Jun 2023Evaluating the effectiveness of climate reporting
15 Jun 2023Confidence returning to the housing market slowly
15 Jun 2023Challenger bank to leave NZ
15 Jun 2023Marketing tips for mortgage advisers
14 Jun 2023Auckland International Airport shares stumble, all eyes on Fed
14 Jun 2023InvestNow to expand term deposits, KiwiSaver ETFs
14 Jun 2023HSBC to withdraw from wealth and retail banking in NZ
14 Jun 2023Where to buy property
14 Jun 2023Open banking could change lending; How advisers can diversify their businesses
14 Jun 2023[OPINION] How brokers can diversify to support small business
14 Jun 2023House values hold where first home buyers active
14 Jun 2023Some banks will be ready for open banking before May 2024
13 Jun 2023NZ tech stocks miss out on Nasdaq highs
13 Jun 2023Nearly $300,000 wiped off Auckland house values
13 Jun 2023More competition in online home loans coming; ANZ increases rates
13 Jun 2023New PI insurer bundles in retroactive cover
13 Jun 2023Competition is coming for Heartland's online mortgages
12 Jun 2023NZX50 dips as investors wait on data
12 Jun 2023Are Kiwis recession-ready?
12 Jun 2023Three scenes for how climate change will impact portfolios
10 Jun 2023Drop the money jargon urges Retirement Commission
10 Jun 2023[GRTV] AI and investment, is active management delivering?
9 Jun 2023NZX 50 slips as Auckland airport shares rise
9 Jun 2023Another major player sees uptick in first-home buyer activity
9 Jun 2023Illegal car park storage could mean end of tenancy
9 Jun 2023Weighing up objectives when it comes to investing
9 Jun 2023Another major player sees uptick in first-home buyer activity
9 Jun 2023Stewart Group welcomes advisers to mid-market ACI Funds
9 Jun 2023Medium density housing keeps rents lower
8 Jun 2023NZX50 dips for third day in a row
8 Jun 2023Heading in the right direction
8 Jun 2023FHB enquiries picking up
8 Jun 2023Scrutinise borrowing in light of trust tax rise
8 Jun 2023[GRTV] No escaping responsible investment
8 Jun 2023Easing of LVR restrictions lifts first-home buyer enquiries
7 Jun 2023Pacific Edge's plunge helps NZX50 to lowest level in 10 weeks
7 Jun 2023What impact will the election have on mortgage advisers?
7 Jun 2023Huge amount of income to service investment property
7 Jun 2023‘Greenhushing’ another form of greenwashing says Aussie watchdog
7 Jun 2023Aussie private equity fund added to Apex
7 Jun 2023[OPINION] Property investors just as guilty of short-termism as stock market investors
7 Jun 2023Pie Funds adds director and adviser
7 Jun 2023Tax hikes make PIEs shine
6 Jun 2023Big news drive big moves on sharemarket
6 Jun 2023New data shows steep declines in lending; Former non-bank BDM takes on new role
6 Jun 2023New data shows steep declines in new mortgage lending
6 Jun 2023Insync formalises partnership with VC firm
6 Jun 2023Policy polarisation impact on mortgage adviser and property investor vote
6 Jun 2023Tenant who never resided at rental still liable for damages
5 Jun 2023Other lawyers note uptick in FMA information orders
2 Jun 2023Investors take an early long weekend as the NZX drifts
2 Jun 2023FANZ's newest board member has a rich background
2 Jun 2023Acton-Adams returns to Astute
2 Jun 2023[GRTV] Ballantyne on lows, highs and switching exits
2 Jun 2023FMA denies step-up in information, confidentiality orders
1 Jun 2023NZ sharemarket rises as US debt issues sorted
1 Jun 2023FMA pings another insurer for overcharging
1 Jun 2023No good fixing long term at the peak
1 Jun 2023Kiwis getting used to high interest rates but warned not to fix for long
1 Jun 2023 Chubb Life increases rates to underlying premiums
1 Jun 2023Property prices fall at slower rate as trough is close

May 2023

31 May 2023Nearly $1b changes hands on NZX as indices rebalance
31 May 2023First home buyers back in action
31 May 2023Second court appearance for fund manager accused of assault
31 May 2023SBS's profit down, but FHB lending up
31 May 2023 Fidelity waives fees on eligible policies
31 May 2023SBS home loans, redeemable share dividends, jump as profits fall
31 May 2023Running backwards into a housing deficit again
31 May 2023Don Stewart retires after a half century of financial advice
30 May 2023NZ market tumbles as latest reporting season ends
30 May 2023 How much you need in today's market to avoid mortgage stress?
30 May 2023Huge chunk of income needed for average house
30 May 2023Ashley Bloomfield joins up with Southern Cross
30 May 2023Interest rate changes top priority for investors
30 May 2023The single biggest challenge with existing policies
30 May 2023Life industry grapples with Level 5 stragglers
29 May 2023US debt deal boosts NZ sharemarket
29 May 2023Milford appoints new head for bond funds
29 May 2023OCR forecasts - Not over yet
29 May 2023Not over yet
29 May 2023Financial advice career pulling a younger crowd
26 May 2023Market heavyweight drags NZX 50 down
26 May 2023AIA awarded Accessibility Tick
26 May 2023Ballantyne announces her future plans
26 May 2023No division in RBNZ, Orr says; LVR easing confirmed
26 May 2023RBNZ details eased LVR restrictions
26 May 2023Financial advisers face greater expectations around ethical investing
25 May 2023Sharemarket flat as Mainfreight slips
25 May 2023RBNZ's Orr says committee isn't divided
25 May 2023Merx Wholesale 1 PIE Fund: Investing alongside our investors
25 May 2023OCR won’t impact the general election
25 May 2023Investors coming off the fence
24 May 2023Investors lift shares after a less hawkish Reserve Bank outlook
24 May 2023nib launches into life
24 May 2023OCR could be on hold from now on
24 May 2023BREAKING: RBNZ raises OCR by just 25 bps
24 May 2023OCR Announcement: What the Reserve Bank said
24 May 2023World of pain coming and landlords give up
24 May 2023Open letter to Reserve Bank not to raise the OCR
24 May 2023Retail on the tipping point
23 May 2023Stock investors wait on monetary policy decisions
23 May 2023 RBNZ survey shows households continue to feel glum
23 May 2023FMA files criminal charges over alleged fake FAP licence
23 May 2023[OPINION] No-cause terminations not the answer
23 May 2023Households outlook glum but slightly less so
23 May 2023New course to improve complaint resolution
23 May 2023Public Trust adds new portfolio manager
23 May 2023ASIC touts greenwashing tally, FMA responds
23 May 2023Fish hooks in Insurance contract law review
22 May 2023Investors worry about interest rates – NZX50 droops
22 May 2023Navigating the tough housing market: Opportunities and responsibilities for financial advisers
22 May 2023AIA appoints new head of ASB Partnership
22 May 2023The questions landlords rarely ask
22 May 2023Wealth, the OCR and migration
22 May 2023Aussie giant comes to shake up ETF market
19 May 2023Ryman helps market to highest close in three months
19 May 2023Avanti Finance gets chief risk officer
19 May 2023Borrowers shying away from too much debt
19 May 2023Hitting the Ceiling
19 May 2023Partners Life in renewed push of Evince online advice tool
18 May 2023Sharemarket droops after budget revealed
18 May 2023OCR to stay higher for longer and falling house price deepen - Treasury
18 May 2023Budget boost addresses gender imbalance on KiwiSaver
18 May 2023No lolly scramble for landlords
18 May 2023Voting, engagement get breakdown in Harbour sustainability report
18 May 2023Another bank joins OCR fray
18 May 2023Real demand out there for non-bank business lending
18 May 2023Growing demand for non-bank business lending
18 May 2023Reminder to check property tax status
18 May 2023Catch 22 – Inflation vs. Earnings
17 May 2023Retirement village stocks show signs of life
17 May 2023Investors buying power plunges
16 May 2023NZ sharemarket worried by inflation and rising interest rates
16 May 2023Westpac economists forecasting peak official cash rate hit 6%
16 May 2023Two face Serious Fraud Office charges over alleged Ponzi scheme
16 May 2023Eye of the storm
16 May 2023New Regime, New Thinking
16 May 2023National Capital serves first KiwiSaver rating report
15 May 2023Cautious start to NZ sharemarket week, Synlait and A2 tumble again
15 May 2023Talk to a mortgage adviser : advice for stressed homeowners
15 May 2023Canstar tells stressed homeowners to talk to a mortgage adviser
15 May 2023The end of the housing cycle
15 May 2023T Rowe Price impact fund favours engagement over exclusion
13 May 2023Your digital copy of TMM: How useful is ChatGPT for advisers?
12 May 2023NZ sharemarket closes week with near 0.5% gain
12 May 2023ComCom study mulled as trust in banks wanes
12 May 2023First home buyer sales slump but market share high
12 May 2023Morningstar MD heading off
11 May 2023NZ sharemarket see-saws with near 1% fall
11 May 2023What mortgage advisers need to do in a changed mortgage world
11 May 2023Advising clients in a changed mortgage world
11 May 2023DWTS winner becomes AIA Vitality Coach
11 May 2023Market keeps getting worse as sales collapse
10 May 2023NZ sharemarket gains nearly 1%, Pushpay bids farewell to NZX
10 May 2023InvestNow adds another manager to its KiwiSaver scheme
10 May 2023FMA censures advice firm; Tony Alexander's latest housing market update
10 May 2023House buyers slow on reading market changes
10 May 2023Aurora pinged for misleading clients
10 May 2023A good quarter for KiwiSaver
10 May 2023Kiwi investment in companies destroying tropical rainforests increases
9 May 2023Stormy weather dampens uncertain NZ sharemarket
9 May 2023Westpac in catch-up mode
9 May 2023More than half Westpac's business is from advisers
9 May 2023Financial advice with a side of solar
9 May 2023Working out how long you will live
8 May 2023Tower earnings downgrade causes sharemarket stir
8 May 2023Westpac fattens margins as mortgage book grows
8 May 2023DTIs will make life harder for advisers
8 May 2023How DTIs will affect mortgage advisers
5 May 2023NZ sharemarket finishes week down more than 0.5%
5 May 2023[GRTV] AIA discusses the evolution of change in the industry
5 May 2023Valuation methods are in the eye of the beholder
5 May 2023ANZ admits latest profit is big, but defends it
5 May 2023ANZ posts $1 billion plus profit
5 May 2023When it comes to equities, there is no hiding from the voting machine
4 May 2023NZ market bounces back from morning low
4 May 2023BNZ slowly lifts mortgage broker business
4 May 2023Where in the Code is this?
4 May 2023RBNZ gives its take on house prices
4 May 2023Don’t expect any Government handout for mortgage repayment stress
4 May 2023How DTIs will affect investors
4 May 2023Sharesies KiwiSaver to include stocks in a self-select option
3 May 2023US banking and NZ inflation worries causes sharemarket slump
3 May 2023Have banks reintroduced sales targets?
3 May 2023Reports of sales targets prompt FMA letter to banks
3 May 2023NZ Super Fund CEO announces retirement
3 May 2023Auckland sales at 22 years low
3 May 2023NZX wrap platform looking to add four more firms
3 May 2023Home loan arrears rising
3 May 2023Insurance advisers should expect above trends claims increases
2 May 2023NZ's sharemarket up while Australia's takes a dive
2 May 2023Snail’s pace for new listings
2 May 2023Simplicity expands with new funds and allocation changes
2 May 2023How much money paid to banks in interest revealed; ANZ cuts
2 May 2023Mortgage interest payments rising rapidly
1 May 2023Quiet start to NZ sharemarket's week, optimism for strong US earnings season
1 May 2023InvestNow KiwiSaver Scheme: A Simple Solution for Advisers
1 May 2023LVR tweaks substantive for owner-occupier
1 May 2023Work from home lifts rents in outer suburbs
1 May 2023LVR tweaks substantive for owner-occupiers
1 May 2023Paul Bevin joins board of boutique fund
1 May 2023Adviser roadshow for nib new life and living product

April 2023

30 Apr 2023New and cheaper PI insurance hits the market
28 Apr 2023NZ sharemarket lifts after positive news from the US
28 Apr 2023House price falls predictions drop
28 Apr 2023Next OCR hike not needed, economist says
28 Apr 2023Droves of landlords want to raise rents
28 Apr 2023[GRTV] Adviser’s obligations in ethical investing
27 Apr 2023Auckland airport shares return to previous highs
27 Apr 2023OCR cuts by November prediction
27 Apr 2023From worm farms to loans
27 Apr 2023Adviser returns from 15-year absence to much tougher finance market
27 Apr 2023Simplicity switches out Vanguard for tax gain
26 Apr 2023NZ market down following Synlait profit downgrade
26 Apr 2023Finally....LVR rules to be loosened
26 Apr 2023Unpopular LVR rules to be loosened
26 Apr 2023Employers including KiwiSaver as part of pay packets instead of on top
26 Apr 2023How many advisers have left the industry?
25 Apr 2023[GRTV] InvestNow past, present and future
24 Apr 2023Sharemarket starts week on a buoyant note
24 Apr 2023nib kicks off kids' relay comp
24 Apr 2023Demand for mortgages continues to decline; good and bad news on the inflation war
24 Apr 2023Lawyer petitions for probate tweak on KiwiSaver funds
24 Apr 2023Mental suffering underlined in failed eviction bid
24 Apr 2023Some good and bad news on the inflation war
24 Apr 2023The Ides of March
24 Apr 2023Demand for mortgages continues to decline: RBNZ
24 Apr 2023How to set rents when inflation is rampant
23 Apr 2023Passive managers piggy backing off active manager
22 Apr 2023Gotta get comfortable using capital in retirement
21 Apr 2023Sharemarket ends week with an upwards tick
21 Apr 2023Tony Alexander says buy now
21 Apr 2023Buy now Alexander tells advisers
20 Apr 2023Interest rate fears dampen NZ sharemarket
20 Apr 2023Impact fund startup gets shot at ‘Nobel Prize’ of environmentalism
20 Apr 2023Inflation surprise; but rate cuts unlikely.
20 Apr 2023Worst of house price drops could be at an end
20 Apr 2023Bank profits level out – mortgage arrears rise
19 Apr 2023Sharemarket has another late surge into positive territory
19 Apr 2023Sharesies savings on the way
19 Apr 2023Measuring returns – our industry has it wrong
19 Apr 2023Mortgage payments rearranged as living costs spiral
19 Apr 2023Mainstreaming impact investment project underway
18 Apr 2023ASB is predicting the country’s economy will tip deeper into recession
18 Apr 2023NZ sharemarket tumbles half a percent
18 Apr 2023Paying for the economic hangover
18 Apr 2023Nelson financial adviser sentenced after losing High Court action
18 Apr 2023March better but housing still in the doldrums
18 Apr 2023Financial Services Council data reveal financial resilience slipping
18 Apr 2023Asteron announced enhancements to its employee insurance cover
18 Apr 2023New financial advice diploma
17 Apr 2023AIA makes two internal appointments
17 Apr 2023Late surge lifts sharemarket into positive territory
17 Apr 2023Migration gain continues to rise
17 Apr 2023Fund manager charged with assault
17 Apr 2023Migrant tap back on
17 Apr 2023Building costs growth slows
17 Apr 2023Bentham Asset Management announces global income PIE fund in NZ
14 Apr 2023Sharemarket closes down on very low volumes
14 Apr 2023Cracking the Responsible Investing Code
14 Apr 2023FSF looks to grow with new role filled
14 Apr 2023Rent drops bad news for landlords
14 Apr 2023Prediction interest rates will remain higher longer
14 Apr 2023Westpac takes a different approach to ANZ; CCCFA changes again
13 Apr 2023Investors focused on inflation as shares meander
13 Apr 2023Fisher Funds to jettison fees
13 Apr 2023Australian real estate giant hopes to shake up NZ market
13 Apr 2023Government has another go at tweaking CCCFA
13 Apr 2023ANZ blinks first
12 Apr 2023NZ investors quiet as investors await US inflation data
12 Apr 2023Kiwis willing to trade to keep pension age down
12 Apr 2023Building trust paramount with climate reporting
12 Apr 2023Proposed legislation making it harder for non-bank deposit takers
12 Apr 2023Proposed legislation hindering non-bank deposit takers capital raising
12 Apr 2023House values drop by $250,000 in Wellington and Auckland
11 Apr 2023Sharemarket ends flat after rocky start
11 Apr 2023DTI restrictions to bed in next year
11 Apr 20235 ways Prospa helps advisers succeed
11 Apr 2023Are advisers using bank calculators correctly?
11 Apr 2023A $1.5 trillion wall of debt looming for US commercial properties
10 Apr 2023Relying on banks’ calculators not enough for advisers
6 Apr 2023All quiet on the sharemarket front
6 Apr 2023Plans to buy shares swing upwards
6 Apr 2023Mortgage rates not likely to move
6 Apr 2023House price falls in hundreds of thousands
6 Apr 2023What the RBNZ's surprise OCR hike means for home loan rates
6 Apr 2023What economists are now predicting for interest rates
5 Apr 2023Market absorbs Reserve Bank shock
5 Apr 2023Kiwis risk missing out with limited benchmarks
5 Apr 2023OCR Announcement: What the Reserve Bank said
5 Apr 2023BREAKING: RBNZ raises OCR by 50 bps
5 Apr 2023House sales up slightly but still way off peak
5 Apr 2023Law named interim CEO at SmartShare
5 Apr 2023Southern Cross trials school holiday programme initiative to help employees manage childcare juggle
4 Apr 2023NZ market perks up as Australia's central bank holds rates
4 Apr 2023Guardians appoint highly experienced board member
4 Apr 2023Fidelity acting CEO announces temporary appointments to executive team
4 Apr 2023Banks given a year to get DTIs sorted
4 Apr 2023Finding new members a sign of the times
4 Apr 2023End to RBNZ tightening cycle creeps closer
4 Apr 2023Rebrand journey a long term investment
3 Apr 2023NZX50 slips as traders await cental banks' decisions
3 Apr 2023Debt-to-income tool finalised by Reserve Bank
3 Apr 2023Soft landing hopes rise;Pepper teams up with CoreLogic; An opportunity for mobile mortgage managers
3 Apr 2023What a wobbly global financial market could do to NZ housing
3 Apr 2023Business confidence stagnant but hopes rise for soft landing
1 Apr 2023Pepper teams up with CoreLogic in NZ

March 2023

31 Mar 2023NZ sharemarket takes a breather despite strong performance from Hallenstein Glasson
31 Mar 2023Fidelity Life and FMG look for new rural adviser talent
31 Mar 2023Dealer group changes; New association welcoming advisers
31 Mar 2023Veteran mortgage adviser Geoff Bawden sells his dealer group
31 Mar 2023Association now welcoming advisers
30 Mar 2023NZX's second big rise in three days
30 Mar 2023On the cusp of a big downturn for residential builders
30 Mar 2023Data shows home buyers still shying away from market
30 Mar 2023Asteron Life upgrades telehealth for customers and advisers
30 Mar 2023Home buyers still shying away from market
30 Mar 2023Financial sector feedback wanted on climate related guidance
30 Mar 2023Lagging advisers who rush assignments sacrifice quality
29 Mar 2023Buyers shun market and shares dip
29 Mar 2023It's time to contact a mortgage broker
29 Mar 2023Rents reach all-time weekly highs
29 Mar 2023Now is the time to contact a mortgage adviser
29 Mar 2023FMA warning to Vanguard Australia
29 Mar 2023What commercial real estate investors want
28 Mar 2023AIA extends its 360 programme
28 Mar 2023Positive day offshore leads strong revival of NZ sharemarket
28 Mar 2023The good, bad and ugly of the refinancing wave
28 Mar 2023Mortgage director launches book for first-home buyers
28 Mar 2023Easing emotion in client investment
28 Mar 2023[OPINION] Property always goes up or does it?
28 Mar 2023ANZIIF CEO moves on
28 Mar 2023Things advisers should be doing at claim time
28 Mar 2023Call for transparency to ensure investor confidence
28 Mar 2023The refinancing wave – the good, bad and ugly
27 Mar 2023NZ market makes small gain despite Synlait taking hit
27 Mar 2023Banks upgrade OCR peak forecast
27 Mar 2023JMI Wealth gets a new investment strategist
27 Mar 2023Wealth drops for the rich but opportunities ahead
27 Mar 2023OCR peaks forecasts lowered
27 Mar 2023Wealthpoint delivers strong life insurance activity growth
26 Mar 2023Results galore – so how exactly did the earnings season play out?
24 Mar 2023NZ investors remain wary, sharemarket ends week flat
24 Mar 2023More landlords than ever thinking of selling
24 Mar 2023Industry Expert Joins NZHL; Reality check on recession-talk needed
24 Mar 2023NZ Home Loans gets new GM from AIA
24 Mar 2023Reality check on recession-talk needed
23 Mar 2023NZ sharemarket holds up despite Warehouse result
23 Mar 2023Milford embraces technological advice and transparency as part of third party Kiwisaver growth
23 Mar 2023Official FAP numbers revealed; New Westpac boss
23 Mar 2023Final numbers out
23 Mar 2023Biggest property sales slump in nearly 40 years
23 Mar 2023Westpac gets new head of third party
23 Mar 2023[GRTV] 98% of active funds fail to outperform
22 Mar 2023NZ market gains on back of KMD's 'impressive result'
22 Mar 2023Wealthpoint Nelson Grows Their Revenue and Improves Their Client Experience with a New KiwiSaver Tool
22 Mar 2023Government legislation drives rents and higher house sales
22 Mar 2023Hear what John Bolton (JB) has to say on DTIs
22 Mar 2023Kiwi pensions growing fast but still catching up
22 Mar 2023[WATCH] Bolton changes views on DTIs, thinks LVRs need to be wound back
21 Mar 2023NZ market dragged down
21 Mar 2023FMA warning not relevant to public – Du Val Group
21 Mar 2023Mortgage pressures put squeeze on repayments; Interest rates may close to peak
21 Mar 2023Mortgage pressures put squeeze on repayments
21 Mar 2023Harsh land and investment laws will prevent new supermarket entrants
20 Mar 2023NZ stocks slump in line with global markets
20 Mar 2023New seat in the chair at TAHITO
20 Mar 2023 Fidelity Life excellence rating 27th consecutive year
20 Mar 2023Interest rates closest to peak
20 Mar 2023National MP questions avalanche of change; but promises more
19 Mar 2023Nikko appoints senior relationships manager
17 Mar 2023Market lifts slightly despite rattled investors
17 Mar 2023Your regulator of financial advice
17 Mar 2023Tick box adviser declaration coming
17 Mar 2023When really does a life insurance policy start?
17 Mar 2023OCR forecasts - Slow growth equals low interest rates
17 Mar 2023NZCFS study upswing as deadline loomed
16 Mar 2023NZX rebounds after rough start to day on bank fears
16 Mar 2023Slow growth equals low interest rates
16 Mar 2023Ryman shareholders pay a hefty penalty
16 Mar 2023Positive treatment signs for type 2 diabetes sufferers
16 Mar 2023[The Wrap] Welcome to the new world
16 Mar 2023FMA keeping an eye on transitional licence holders
15 Mar 2023NZ market bouncing around as investors remain wary
15 Mar 2023Fishers's Marlin caught in US bank collapse
15 Mar 2023Fidelity gets acting CEO for six months
15 Mar 2023Specificity and Policy Wordings
15 Mar 2023KPMG report shows banks make still more money
15 Mar 2023Mindful Money endorses 10 more funds
15 Mar 2023Devon stewardship takes stance on ESG
15 Mar 2023Mindful Money endorses ten more funds
14 Mar 2023NZ market still in dour state post SVB fail
14 Mar 2023Doing repairs and renovations the right way
14 Mar 2023KiwiSaver managers making excessive profits: Stubbs
14 Mar 2023Banks make still more money and that's official
13 Mar 2023NZ market rallies on US banking assurances
13 Mar 2023Buyers walking away from deals over flood risk
13 Mar 2023Crypto exchange executive joins the FMA
13 Mar 2023Woman gets home detention for $8.7 mill mortgage fraud
12 Mar 20232nd person sentenced in $8.7 million mortgage fraud case
12 Mar 2023Cigna locks in new name
11 Mar 2023Kiwi Wealth personnel don't feature in Fisher Funds new investment management team
10 Mar 2023Unsettled NZ market sheds 1%
10 Mar 2023FMA warns Du Val Capital Partners Limited over misleading investors
10 Mar 2023Warning to Du Val over misleading investors
10 Mar 2023Home values still nowhere near pre-pandemic levels
10 Mar 2023Paris alignment a drawcard for investors
9 Mar 2023‘Listless and almost asleep’: NZ’s market waits for US jobs data
9 Mar 2023Are banks making too much money?
9 Mar 2023National calls for banking enquiry; Banks think it's a good idea
8 Mar 2023Offshore sentiment drives local market
8 Mar 2023Advisers help in the aftermath of the floods
8 Mar 2023 TAP’s evolved compliance services set to meet FAP returns
8 Mar 2023Partners makes changes to its distribution staff
8 Mar 2023Questions to consider before becoming a landlord
8 Mar 2023Checking funds for gender equity near impossible
7 Mar 2023Former Kiwi Wealth execs take over FANZ
7 Mar 2023Turners goes up a gear as NZ market remains flat
7 Mar 2023Compensation bid fails for landlord falsely accused of using drugs
7 Mar 2023Fidelity appoints new regulatory head
7 Mar 2023Advisers help in the storm aftermath
7 Mar 2023Fund managers, Mindful Money look for ways forward
6 Mar 2023NZ market starts the week with no real direction
6 Mar 2023One of Loan Market's top writers goes alone
6 Mar 2023Housing market likely to reach GFC lows
6 Mar 2023Milford adds more gongs to its growing collection
6 Mar 2023Greenwashing case a massive warning
6 Mar 2023Big Loan Market writer goes alone
3 Mar 2023Investors switch focus from earnings to macro environment
3 Mar 2023Advisers question two banks not-so secret home loan rates
3 Mar 2023[OPINION] Ever increasing risk for property investors
3 Mar 2023Invest like a woman
3 Mar 2023No sense of reality in bank's low rate offers
3 Mar 2023Severe sales slump as market hobbled by February’s extreme weather
2 Mar 2023Centrix says more debt problems
2 Mar 2023NZ market noticeably quieter as earnings season ends
2 Mar 2023Wellington’s affordability lifts out of the doldrums
2 Mar 2023Australian watchdog sues Mercer in first greenwashing case
1 Mar 2023NZ market flat as last earnings results come in
1 Mar 2023The effects of flooding and cyclone on housing
1 Mar 2023More debt problems – Centrix
1 Mar 2023Homeowners are holding back from putting their property on the market
1 Mar 2023Call for simple KiwiSaver benchmarks to replace ‘Frankenstein constructs’

February 2023

28 Feb 2023NZ market in good spirits as earnings season wraps up
28 Feb 2023Profitability grows at Heartland
27 Feb 2023NZ market drags lower as Michael Hill sparkles
27 Feb 2023Retail bouncing back in all main centres
27 Feb 2023Partners Life new Medical Claims systems update
27 Feb 2023Advisers pleased with shape of CoFI law
24 Feb 2023NZ market focused on aged-care stocks
24 Feb 2023CoFI guidelines: What is fair conduct; adviser training and more
24 Feb 2023[OPINION] What to do when you are not buying property
24 Feb 2023NZX completes QuayStreet acquisition
24 Feb 2023Property prices doubled since 2013
24 Feb 2023Liberty makes two new appointments
24 Feb 2023Latest movers and shakers; More on new conduct guidelines
23 Feb 2023Milford CEO to depart
23 Feb 2023NZ shares edge up as deluge of results hit market
23 Feb 2023Kiwibank reaches more advisers; OCR rise response; Time is running out
23 Feb 2023Kiwibank boosts earnings
23 Feb 2023Mum and dad investors selling
22 Feb 2023Bluestone gets a new NZ head
22 Feb 2023NZ's market flat as Ebos impresses market and Spark disappoints
22 Feb 2023What economists think of the latest OCR hike
22 Feb 2023[BREAKING NEWS] The RBNZ makes big OCR call
22 Feb 2023OCR Announcement: What the Reserve Bank said
22 Feb 2023AIA's new parental leave policy
22 Feb 2023Record highs for rents and record drops for house prices
22 Feb 2023Pathfinder gets into bonds - green and orange
22 Feb 2023Many advisers tied into strict contracts
22 Feb 2023What’s the choice?
21 Feb 2023Market responds to 'reporting season show and tell'
21 Feb 2023First look at new conduct rules for advisers
21 Feb 2023First clue on how new conduct rules will impact advisers
21 Feb 2023The benefits of regular home inspections
20 Feb 2023The axe falls at Kiwi Wealth
20 Feb 2023NZ shares fall as Ryman completes capital raise bookbuild
20 Feb 2023 nib puts out half- year results
20 Feb 2023House resale profits slump markedly
19 Feb 2023AMP profit falls on declining markets
17 Feb 2023NZ market flat as My Food Bag shares get slammed
17 Feb 2023Curveball thrown
17 Feb 2023Holding back OCR wrong response to cyclone - economists
17 Feb 2023Q4 triage for last year’s KiwiSaver carnage
16 Feb 2023Skellerup shares dive while delivering record first-half
16 Feb 2023Calls to pause OCR hikes; New BDM at FMT
16 Feb 2023Kiwibank says RBNZ should pause OCR hikes
16 Feb 2023Thrive and survive in year of challenges
16 Feb 2023First Mortgage Trust appoints new BDM as they continue to grow in the South Island
16 Feb 2023FMA finalises document for regulatory returns
15 Feb 2023ASB's numbers are in; What's happening on Feb 28?
15 Feb 2023Ryman capital raising surprises market amidst earnings season
15 Feb 2023ASB pushes up its earnings
15 Feb 2023AIA adds new Vitality Coach
15 Feb 2023Consensus reached on slight falls in inflation
15 Feb 2023InvestNow takes aim at Mindful Money
14 Feb 2023New player says its gaining ground
14 Feb 2023Vulcan Steel result drives share price plummet
14 Feb 2023Did you know about CCCFA relief?
14 Feb 2023Invoice finance firm adds sales manager
14 Feb 2023House sales plummet to lowest ever
14 Feb 2023Small CCCFA relief to relief to storm victims
14 Feb 2023Private market PIE funds coming
14 Feb 2023MDRT’s two year focus on growth
14 Feb 2023Rents higher under property managers
14 Feb 2023Australian rules an “impediment” to giving financial advice – report
13 Feb 202310 top tips to survive 2023 (and prosper)
13 Feb 2023NZ market falls as earnings season kicks off
13 Feb 2023How landlords can survive the cost of living crisis
12 Feb 2023New head of Oz equities at Pie
12 Feb 2023The global inflation bogeyman slips away
10 Feb 2023NZ King Salmon shares bounce up almost 10%
10 Feb 2023Property investor comeback not likely for a while
10 Feb 2023Tenancy Tribunal slices rent increase
10 Feb 2023Recommending products without expert research - new Code guidance
9 Feb 2023Take the cash
9 Feb 2023NZ market doesn't like Mainfreight's update
9 Feb 2023 Selling more insurance in a economic slowdown
9 Feb 2023Advisers told to make disclosure easy
9 Feb 2023Not the time for rent freeze calls
9 Feb 2023Helping to scale the coming interest rate rate cliff
8 Feb 2023Freightways edges up on ASX-listing plans
8 Feb 2023Advisers not smothered in red tape: Minister; Resimac's new fixed rates
8 Feb 2023Financial services not smothered in red tape: new Minister
8 Feb 2023Construction costs rise expected in wake of floods
8 Feb 2023Asteron Life delivers "great result'
8 Feb 2023Will Election 2023 have an impact on property market activity?
8 Feb 2023Nikko boss to return to the UK
8 Feb 2023The sad reality of the local benchmarking scene
7 Feb 2023Earnings season countdown begins as RBA hikes 25 basis points
7 Feb 2023Resimac says its new fixed rates offer relief for specialist borrowers
7 Feb 2023Mint appoints head of distribution
7 Feb 2023Financial advisers told not to rush on CPD credits
3 Feb 2023Industry must share the blame for CCCFA failures: Minister
3 Feb 2023New commerce minister blames industry for CCCFA
3 Feb 2023NZ shares edge up as market positivity continues
3 Feb 2023Sharesies restructure announced
3 Feb 2023From the courtroom to the trading floor
3 Feb 2023Crystal ball gazing into 2023
2 Feb 2023Home loan rate pricing gets interesting
2 Feb 2023Slow 2023 start to residential market
2 Feb 2023NZ dollar jumps almost one US cent following Fed hike
2 Feb 2023 Insurer offers support for customers
2 Feb 2023Investors are aware of crucial role in climate change but need help
2 Feb 2023InvestNow pick ‘n mix a value-add opp for advisers
1 Feb 2023NZ market jumps up ahead of Fed decision tomorrow
1 Feb 2023Interest rate peak maybe closer than previously expected
1 Feb 2023Some interest rate relief forecast
1 Feb 2023Hamilton adviser aims to get more people covered for health issues
1 Feb 2023Five tips for new property investors’ success
1 Feb 2023Botica to depart FMA

January 2023

31 Jan 2023Duncan Webb gets key commerce portfolio
31 Jan 2023NZ market in waiting mode as investors wait for central banks' decisions
31 Jan 2023One change could help renters’ cost of living crisis
31 Jan 2023Fund manager of the year shortlist
30 Jan 2023Impact of Friday's flooding felt on share market
30 Jan 2023Home loans rates not kept up with OCR increases; Go figure this latest home loan rate change
30 Jan 2023Home loans rates not keep up with OCR increases
30 Jan 2023Tips for landlords to get through the Auckland flooding
28 Jan 2023Salt strategises the year ahead
27 Jan 2023Ryman Healthcare ends week up 18%
27 Jan 2023[The Wrap] FMA bares its teeth
27 Jan 2023The fallout at QuayStreet starts
27 Jan 2023Bigger nuts for squirreling your money away
27 Jan 2023Yield curve: Jan 27
27 Jan 2023The FMA's plans for this year; See our cool graph
27 Jan 2023Here's what you can expect from the FMA this year
27 Jan 2023Mortgage industry given reassuring words on coming recession
26 Jan 2023NZ tech stocks have a mixed day
26 Jan 2023Rent increases slow
26 Jan 2023Smartshares CEO steps down
26 Jan 2023FSC urges Hipkins to take another look
25 Jan 2023NZ market edges up as CPI data remains stable
25 Jan 2023Inflation stays high worries economists
25 Jan 2023Inflation worries economists
25 Jan 2023Why is it so hard to know how many people have life insurance?
25 Jan 2023Southern Cross confirms funding for medicinal cannabis consultations for most policyholders
25 Jan 2023Inflation stays high - Stats NZ
24 Jan 2023NZX leads market lower as inflation figures loom
24 Jan 2023FMA stakeholders often critical – survey
24 Jan 2023NZ Super Fund hunts fourth partner for sustainable finance
24 Jan 2023What active Investors are planning this year
24 Jan 2023Kiwibank makes appointment
24 Jan 2023A closer look into the dark art of technical trading
23 Jan 2023Serko jumps up as NZ market edges down
23 Jan 2023One bank lowers interest rates; House price outlook and comments from new PM
23 Jan 2023Housing policy curve balls and election inertia
23 Jan 2023How are you treating your 18-21-year-olds?
23 Jan 2023FMA releases risk analysis for managed investment funds sector
22 Jan 2023Partners Life gets upgraded
20 Jan 2023F&P Healthcare boosts share market with stable revenue
20 Jan 2023Old-timer steps back from mortgage advice
20 Jan 2023Lifetime adds global expert to board
20 Jan 2023Veteran adviser Geoff Bawden steps back
20 Jan 2023Mediation or arbitration can stop if court action looms - advice
20 Jan 2023Fidelity Life CEO departs
19 Jan 2023NZ market doesn’t budge after PM announces shock resignation
19 Jan 2023Lifetime buys another super scheme
19 Jan 2023Fidelity gives temporary relief for customers affected by Cyclone Hale
19 Jan 2023Specialising in responsible investment
18 Jan 2023Large growth stocks pull NZ market higher
18 Jan 2023FMA appoints its first chief economist
18 Jan 2023Disappointing year end to tough housing market
18 Jan 2023From squeeze to crush
17 Jan 2023NZ market upbeat as China's economy opens back up
17 Jan 2023ANZ forecasting higher OCR than Reserve Bank predictions
17 Jan 2023Census will have important information for the lending industry
17 Jan 2023FMA lands its biggest ever penalty
17 Jan 2023Five big questions commercial real estate is asking
17 Jan 2023ANZ forecasting higher OCR than Reserve Bank predictions
17 Jan 2023Making ethical money work
16 Jan 2023NZ shares rise as US earnings season prepares to kick off
16 Jan 2023[OPINION] New Zealand LVRs not likely to be loosened this year
13 Jan 2023Pacific Edge jumps almost 6%; US CPI data says inflation is slowing
13 Jan 2023Massey hangs up his own shingle
13 Jan 2023Stephen Massey hangs up his own shingle
13 Jan 2023A musical countdown to the number 1 financial impact of 2022
13 Jan 2023Big changes at NZX's platform business
12 Jan 2023Elevated consenting numbers a nice surprise for market
12 Jan 2023Tribunal decisions interfering with landlords rents
12 Jan 2023 AIA NZ kicks off 2023 with one month’s premium free to customers
12 Jan 2023Adviser licensing programme makes further progress
12 Jan 2023Adviser licensing programme makes further progress
11 Jan 2023NZ shares dip in tandem with ANZ world commodity price index
11 Jan 2023Partners Life new advisers training course
11 Jan 2023Will Artificial Intelligence replace financial advisers?
10 Jan 2023NZ market still in out-of-office territory
10 Jan 2023Cost of building a new house skyrockets
10 Jan 2023Investor tax burden already affecting rental property
9 Jan 2023Falling bond yields suggest inflation is peaking
9 Jan 2023Tough year for Barfoot & Thompson
9 Jan 2023NZ Super invests in US climate fund
9 Jan 2023Banks launch new campaign against scams
9 Jan 2023House prices drop in nearly every suburb across the country
6 Jan 2023Annuitas gets new CEO
6 Jan 2023 A change in focus for SIFA
5 Jan 2023Market continues to be full of New Year cheer
4 Jan 2023NZ stocks rally into 2023, Ebos hits an all time high
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