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December 2017

29 Dec 20172017: The year in review
28 Dec 2017Consilium reports super-charged growth
27 Dec 2017Listed property trusts uncovered
27 Dec 2017Financial Advice NZ acknowledges frustrations
22 Dec 2017NZX appoints new funds management boss
22 Dec 2017Changes to unsecured masonry repair initiative
22 Dec 2017Mortgage lending bounces back up
22 Dec 2017Partner Life appoints GM of brand and marketing
22 Dec 20172018 brings challenges for fund managers
21 Dec 2017Pre-Xmas housing policy rush
21 Dec 2017ANZ plan to sell UDC Finance stalled
21 Dec 2017Savers may be better off with govt fund: Treasury
21 Dec 2017ANZ adjusts deposit requirements
20 Dec 2017FSLAB submissions sought
20 Dec 2017Migration flow plateaus
20 Dec 2017Fast track for foreign buyers ban
19 Dec 2017Partners makes high-profile board appointment
19 Dec 20172017 and 2018: recap and outlook
19 Dec 2017Rents shoot up due to limited stock
19 Dec 2017Future of financial services
19 Dec 2017More consultation on Minister's to-do list
18 Dec 2017ANZ Investments' profit drop
18 Dec 2017NZ Super Fund excludes marijuana
18 Dec 2017Inescapable impact of credit cards
18 Dec 2017Brash joins advice group board
18 Dec 2017Boarding house business success
18 Dec 2017KiwiFund could have unfair advantage
15 Dec 2017New ASB boss appointed
15 Dec 2017Getting to Know: Paul Sewell
15 Dec 2017KiwiSaver should invest more in NZ: Gaynor
14 Dec 2017KiwiFund moves closer
14 Dec 2017Non-bank sector booming
14 Dec 2017Refund for TSB break fees miscalculation customers
14 Dec 2017Foreign buyers ban bill hits Parliament
14 Dec 2017Law changes look like Aussie model: Stewart
13 Dec 2017Spring sales lift comes through
13 Dec 2017Dealer groups prepare for legislation change
12 Dec 2017Hanover investors sought
12 Dec 2017nib gets tick
12 Dec 2017Post-election bounce back
12 Dec 2017Nearing an end to the NZ Goldilocks?
12 Dec 2017KiwiSaver tax breaks mooted
12 Dec 2017Focus on financial crime
12 Dec 2017Financial Advice NZ recruiting
11 Dec 2017New RBNZ Governor announced
11 Dec 2017Limited impact from foreign buyer ban - REINZ
11 Dec 2017Unlock wealth: ditch your day job
11 Dec 2017FMA preparing for advice changes
8 Dec 2017FMA loses newish senior manager to Pie Funds
8 Dec 2017Rental WoF schemes spread
8 Dec 2017SHARE adds marketing and technology focus
8 Dec 2017The Wrap: Bill gets yes, PAA gets no
8 Dec 2017Stars align for Constellation Capital
8 Dec 2017Ups and downs to end the week
7 Dec 2017It's real; Financial adviser reforms are go
7 Dec 2017Fisher and Barratt offer advisers The Answers
7 Dec 2017Return to market stability
7 Dec 2017FSC suffers financial blow but integration on cards
7 Dec 2017Few takers for advice - but retirees rue missed opportunity
6 Dec 2017Nikko plots KiwiSaver launch
5 Dec 2017Inflation problem for RBNZ
5 Dec 2017Debenture funding down at UDC
5 Dec 2017Hesitancy colours Auckland market
5 Dec 2017 HIV, AIDS and Insurance
5 Dec 2017No bite in bank ad complaint
5 Dec 2017Policymakers and asset prices: an even bigger moral hazard?
5 Dec 2017Mortgage Link appoints National Sales manager
5 Dec 2017Top 10 predictions for 2018 - Colliers
5 Dec 2017PAA gets 'no' vote
4 Dec 2017Upping the tenant screening ante
4 Dec 2017LVR changes won’t prompt market frenzy
4 Dec 2017Revealing stats from specialist lender
4 Dec 2017AMP Capital sees strong demand for passive funds
4 Dec 2017A capital investment
4 Dec 2017Westpac ups rental income allowance
4 Dec 2017FSLAB gets promotion
4 Dec 2017Gannon steps down from Newpark
1 Dec 2017RESIMAC turns five
1 Dec 2017Big jump in new listings
1 Dec 2017Westpac makes a little change
1 Dec 2017Working group outlines new code's principles

November 2017

30 Nov 2017Healthy Homes now law
30 Nov 2017Apartment consents slump
30 Nov 2017LVR loosening not enough
30 Nov 2017Advice bill faces year-long delay
29 Nov 2017DTI proposal on hold
29 Nov 2017LVR easing sooner than expected
29 Nov 2017RBNZ to ease LVR restrictions
29 Nov 2017Innovation 'not just digital'
29 Nov 2017DIMS advisers face uncertainty... again
28 Nov 2017LVR speculation rife ahead of FSR
28 Nov 2017Capital leaky home case clears last hurdle
28 Nov 2017FMA tool ignites fee debate
27 Nov 2017Bye bye Samoa: Hello Sharon
27 Nov 2017ANZ names new chief economist
27 Nov 2017Simplicity lists on platforms
27 Nov 2017Summer’s top sale methods
27 Nov 2017Super cheap Boom
27 Nov 2017Adviser explores what it will take to engage consumers
27 Nov 2017Under review: NZ housing
27 Nov 2017New minister gets into client first debate
27 Nov 2017Digital threat to mortgage advisers
24 Nov 2017Court of Appeal for price fixing charges
24 Nov 2017Super City rents up, supply down
24 Nov 2017[Obituary] Prominent insurance adviser remembered
24 Nov 2017Staunch opposition to DTI proposal
24 Nov 2017AML warning for broker firm
24 Nov 2017New people at the People Group
24 Nov 2017Westpac takes the cap off; Kiwibank cuts
24 Nov 2017NZX pushing on with scale in its ETFs
24 Nov 2017Bank credit rationing a myth: Healy
23 Nov 2017Large mortgage and insurance adviser group changes hands
23 Nov 2017Ethics matter in fintech era: CFA
23 Nov 2017Cullen to lead Tax Working Group
22 Nov 2017Stop filling out forms for clients: IFSO
22 Nov 2017PAA: Meeting failure could hold up Financial Advice NZ
21 Nov 2017Priorities and ideals
21 Nov 2017FMA pushes net returns over fees debate
21 Nov 2017A survival guide for financial adviser licensing
21 Nov 2017Consilium adds advice firms
20 Nov 2017ANZ sells sharetrading business to FNZC
20 Nov 2017Castle Point appoints head of operations
20 Nov 2017Five years of nib; award winning funds; and Fidelity's $100m injection
20 Nov 2017Active managers go passive
20 Nov 2017Rental case reversal good news for industry
19 Nov 2017South Island tribe looks to add KiwiSaver scheme
17 Nov 2017New board at FSC
17 Nov 2017Roboadvice green light 'better late than never'
16 Nov 2017ANZ KiwiSaver gets top awards...again
16 Nov 2017What to do with $100 million
16 Nov 2017Next stop: Innovation
16 Nov 2017Fiducian offers something a bit different
16 Nov 2017Why India and Tech funds count
16 Nov 2017Auckland adviser joins Plus4 Insurance Group
16 Nov 2017FMA focus on financial advice
16 Nov 2017Massive RV increase for Auckland
15 Nov 2017Report, not court action, for Goldman Sachs
15 Nov 2017ANZ cuts two rates
15 Nov 2017Economic outlook still positive: ASB
15 Nov 2017National median reaches record high
14 Nov 2017New look; BNZ rolls out electronic lodgement
14 Nov 2017What next for KiwiSaver
14 Nov 2017October results a mixed bag
13 Nov 2017BNZ first bank to market with online lodgement tool
13 Nov 2017Advisers could do better by women: AMP
10 Nov 2017The Wrap: Has FSC launched a pre-emptive strike on the new adviser association?
10 Nov 2017ANZ keeping OnePath
10 Nov 2017FMA: Financial services changing fast
9 Nov 2017Sunny MPS surprises some
9 Nov 2017LVR restrictions to be reviewed
9 Nov 2017RBNZ OCR announcement
9 Nov 2017What the Governor said today
9 Nov 2017Fear and the financial plan
9 Nov 2017Quality mark questions
9 Nov 2017Sunny MPS a surprise for some
9 Nov 2017Price expectations heading downward
8 Nov 2017Email address update for Vodafone users
8 Nov 2017Westpac says advisers important, but...
8 Nov 2017Partners Life appoints additional independent director
8 Nov 2017TSB's Kevin Murphy joins the bank CEO exodus
8 Nov 2017All eyes are on the Reserve Bank and interest rates
8 Nov 2017Look to Asia for yield
8 Nov 2017Reserve Bank changes 'not radical'
8 Nov 2017Warmer weather heats up housing market
7 Nov 2017When price and value diverge
7 Nov 2017Sovereign boost commissions; nib offers a new model
7 Nov 2017What next for KiwiSaver
7 Nov 2017Time to get rates back to normal
7 Nov 2017nib marks five years
7 Nov 2017Target on advisers outside associations
6 Nov 2017Time for Normalisation?
6 Nov 2017New government hasn’t panicked market
3 Nov 2017Avanti head of ops up for big award
3 Nov 2017The Wrap: Minister acknowledges small firms
3 Nov 2017Advisers save BNZ's market share
3 Nov 2017Getting to Know: Janet Natta
3 Nov 2017What's going to happen with the OCR next week?
3 Nov 2017OCR stable . . . for now
3 Nov 2017Market wobbles 'signify need for active management'
2 Nov 2017RESIMAC offering to refund first month of loan P&I
2 Nov 2017BNZ boss does a job swap
2 Nov 2017First month P&I free offer launched
2 Nov 2017Investors search for income
2 Nov 2017Auckland values start to slide
1 Nov 2017Mortgage advisers key players in credit union’s success
1 Nov 2017Responsible investing missing the mark: White paper
1 Nov 2017Fidelity Life looks to accelerate growth with new capital
1 Nov 2017Sargon Capital hiring
1 Nov 2017Pie Funds launches 'alternative' option

October 2017

31 Oct 2017Fidelity Life gets $100 million injection
31 Oct 2017KiwiSaver fees: Paying for performance
31 Oct 2017Fisher Funds: Industry should pull together
31 Oct 2017[WEBINAR] Intelligent underwriting tool for Advisers
31 Oct 2017Faafoi: I'll listen to concerns
31 Oct 2017New investors and property speculators likely to suffer under new rules
31 Oct 2017Healthy Homes Guarantee bill to be fast tracked
30 Oct 2017Have your say on Fintech
30 Oct 2017Leverage up your KiwiSaver fund
30 Oct 2017Equities versus Bonds?
30 Oct 2017Going for growth
30 Oct 2017Strong growth in Hawke’s Bay
30 Oct 2017Kiwibank cuts mid and long term rates
29 Oct 2017nib gets its latest rating report card on its performance
27 Oct 2017Getting to Know: Nigel Scott
27 Oct 2017The Wrap: Deadlines for changes clearer (maybe)
27 Oct 2017Smartshares hits $2b FUM
27 Oct 2017KiwiSaver fees and risk; Fisher Funds’ future
27 Oct 2017Introducing Good Returns TV
27 Oct 2017KiwiSaver: Next crunch could be tougher
26 Oct 2017Commerce Commission: No issues for Sovereign
26 Oct 2017Kepa, The Advisers Institute, reveals new partner
26 Oct 2017PAA AGM cancelled due to lack of interest
26 Oct 2017Financial Advice New Zealand launch date set
25 Oct 2017ANZ: No more repayment holidays
25 Oct 2017Twyford takes the reins
25 Oct 2017Mortgage Express boosts Wellington team
25 Oct 2017Your new boss revealed
25 Oct 2017Westpac meets the market with two-year rate
25 Oct 2017Russell rolls out low carbon fund
25 Oct 2017From NZ Super Fund to FNZC
25 Oct 2017Work on incomes, global pension report says
25 Oct 2017PAA AGM fails to hit quorum
24 Oct 2017Mortgage advisers: start thinking about your education now
24 Oct 2017Lessons from RBOHA
24 Oct 2017Rental prices could spike
24 Oct 2017Dealer groups as part of your plan
24 Oct 2017One low rate replaced with another - details here
24 Oct 20176 affordable buys for investors
24 Oct 2017FSLAB could be slower
23 Oct 2017Robo-advice: The democratisation of professional financial advice
20 Oct 2017Perpetual Guardian steps up in the Know Your Customer space
20 Oct 2017Looking ahead with new government
20 Oct 2017Partners Life hires sales boss
20 Oct 2017Changes in housing policy to come
20 Oct 2017Migration decline continues
20 Oct 2017Getting to Know: Jon-Paul Hale
20 Oct 2017Regulators collaborate on fintech
19 Oct 2017Insurers support robo options
19 Oct 2017No signs of panic
19 Oct 2017Should lawyers give financial advice?
19 Oct 2017New code's wider scope helps advisers: Chairman
18 Oct 2017Former PM to chair ANZ
18 Oct 2017Former PM to chair ANZ
18 Oct 2017No NZ fall-out from Australian sale
18 Oct 2017FMA fast-tracks roboadvice
18 Oct 2017BNZ signs on to AML tool
17 Oct 2017Don't choose KiwiSaver funds on fees only (+ GRAPH)
17 Oct 2017High risk rental success
16 Oct 2017Investors remain confident in property
16 Oct 2017Market healthy – despite election doubt
16 Oct 2017Advice firms merge
16 Oct 2017Leverage up your KiwiSaver fund
13 Oct 2017Jail for $5.4m Ponzi
13 Oct 2017Getting to Know: Lyn McMorran
13 Oct 2017Sharpening rates for Spring
13 Oct 2017AMP rings changes
13 Oct 2017KiwiSaver fees: Paying for performance
12 Oct 2017Where to park
12 Oct 2017Price rise could be market rebalancing
12 Oct 2017Kiwi investor experience improving: Morningstar
12 Oct 2017Advisers lack client files
11 Oct 2017Ponzi scheme guilty plea
11 Oct 2017Kickbacks to agents shouldn't happen, but do
11 Oct 2017FMT nabs ANZ BDM
11 Oct 2017What tenants really want
11 Oct 2017Prices fall, affordability improves
11 Oct 2017Note From A Big Country
11 Oct 2017Entity licensing 'boosts risk'
11 Oct 2017Adviser firm chairman retires
11 Oct 2017Asteron launches online application tool
10 Oct 2017Appeal of former hot spots dims
10 Oct 2017Sharemarket success no easy ride
10 Oct 2017New nib partnership to target visitors
9 Oct 2017Fisher Funds: Industry should pull together
9 Oct 2017Short stays big pays
7 Oct 2017'Adviser cull' could hit NZ
6 Oct 2017Speeding up the consents process
6 Oct 2017Getting to Know: Anand Srinivasan
6 Oct 2017Ralph Stewart's Lifetime picks up former Tower business
6 Oct 2017FMA: Advisers can help clients avoid scams
5 Oct 2017Landlords urged to get onto insulation
5 Oct 2017New class action on leaky homes
5 Oct 2017FMA to KiwiSaver providers: We are getting impatient
4 Oct 2017ANZ chief economist calls it a day
4 Oct 2017Auckland sales fall further
4 Oct 2017Quarterly value chill
4 Oct 2017Edmonds' fund supermarket takes out competitor
3 Oct 2017Making meth testing easier
3 Oct 2017ANZ chief economist calls it a day
3 Oct 2017ASB's turn; New (old) lender returns
3 Oct 2017Clients' sense of security 'most important'
2 Oct 2017TSB ditches bank name
2 Oct 2017SBS offers 10-year bond
2 Oct 2017ASB chief executive steps down
2 Oct 2017Are you part of someone else’s plan?
2 Oct 2017HSBC launches sub 4% home loan rate
2 Oct 2017Tauranga growth slow & steady
2 Oct 2017Pathfinder focuses on responsibility
2 Oct 2017Spicers brand disappears
1 Oct 2017Australian non-bank lender set to return to NZ

September 2017

29 Sep 2017Consents spike not enough
29 Sep 2017The start of Fidelity's digital transformation
29 Sep 2017Algorithm handles rebalancing
29 Sep 2017Nest Home Loans appoints two new advisers
29 Sep 2017Getting to Know: Murray Harris
29 Sep 2017Chief executive tipped to lead
29 Sep 2017Financial Advice NZ: Much ado about nothing?
28 Sep 2017Don’t assume prices will keep rising - ANZ
28 Sep 2017Growth outlook overshadows OCR call
28 Sep 2017Super Fund buoyed by global equities
28 Sep 2017Growth outlook overshadows OCR call
28 Sep 2017RBNZ announces OCR decision
28 Sep 2017RBNZ announces OCR decision
28 Sep 2017Acting governor Grant Spencer announces OCR decision
28 Sep 201714pc of inquiries about advisers, FMA says
28 Sep 2017Transparency, simplicity 'key for insurance growth'
28 Sep 2017Deadline looms for information returns
28 Sep 2017No Spring lift in investor lending
27 Sep 2017Predicting election impact
27 Sep 2017Insurer creates new role
27 Sep 2017Aussie robo provider wants to partner with Kiwi advisers
26 Sep 2017Fintech accelerator to run again
26 Sep 2017Whistle-blowers more exposed under new rules
25 Sep 2017OCR preview: What economists are thinking now
25 Sep 2017Syndicating options
25 Sep 2017ASB keeps ownership of Sovereign Home Loans
25 Sep 2017Saturn appoints AFA
25 Sep 2017Kiwi Wealth latest to get responsible tick
25 Sep 2017Peters as Kingmaker: What next for investors?
25 Sep 2017Caution to dictate OCR call this week
22 Sep 2017RBNZ ditches bank disclosure statements
22 Sep 2017Getting to Know: Andrew Kelleher
22 Sep 2017Newpark paying for members to do Level 5 papers
22 Sep 2017Advisers welcome Sovereign sale news
22 Sep 2017NZAM makes changes
22 Sep 2017Simplicity offers income option
21 Sep 2017Radical reform for Wellington housing
21 Sep 2017Clients complain about advisers
21 Sep 2017Migration may have peaked
21 Sep 2017Sovereign sold
21 Sep 2017Labour would change Reserve Bank - so what?
20 Sep 2017Election 2017: the housing round up
20 Sep 2017Three terms lowered at The Co-operative Bank
20 Sep 2017Rents surge for urban living options
20 Sep 2017Biggest ever non-Govt bond offer reaches the end
20 Sep 2017Advisers should speak up for investor unfairness
19 Sep 2017Hobson Wealth announces new hires
19 Sep 2017The Auckland housing crisis - not even half the numbers
19 Sep 2017ANZ changes
19 Sep 2017FANZ versus Financial Advice NZ
18 Sep 2017Election 2017: the housing round up
18 Sep 2017Zurich, AIA make play for Sovereign
18 Sep 2017SBS down; BNZ up
18 Sep 2017Synergy announces resignation
18 Sep 2017Don’t bank on those dividends
15 Sep 2017Southern Cross reports healthy result
15 Sep 2017Getting to Know: Toni Dodds
15 Sep 2017Sales down but life in market
15 Sep 2017New director for FDRS
15 Sep 2017Smartshares reduces ETF fees
15 Sep 2017Local managers could miss out on passport benefits
15 Sep 2017No need to open KiwiSaver to finance companies: AMP
14 Sep 2017Triplejump could get boost from new qualification rules
14 Sep 2017Rents set to rise if Labour wins
14 Sep 2017Online offer 'more than quote and compare'
14 Sep 2017Consilium named finalist in awards
14 Sep 2017No case to end LVRs – S&P
14 Sep 2017Bonds failure costs landlord nearly $40k
14 Sep 2017Are KiwiSaver members being ripped off?
13 Sep 2017No post Unitary Plan subdivision boom
13 Sep 2017Bill's quality and quantity aims 'a possible conflict'
12 Sep 2017Gareth Morgan disappears
12 Sep 2017New disclosure requirement could backfire
12 Sep 2017NZ slips in global price rankings
11 Sep 2017Mercer appoints CIO
11 Sep 2017nib launches AI solution
11 Sep 2017Newest adviser to join Mortgage Express
11 Sep 2017Top fund managers recognised
11 Sep 2017Why responsible investing counts
11 Sep 2017To CGT or not to CGT?
11 Sep 2017Top fund managers recognised
11 Sep 2017Tipping point for responsible investing
11 Sep 2017Insurance cover and suicide rates
11 Sep 2017HomeStart boost could drive prices up
11 Sep 2017A rise against the falls
11 Sep 201723 year old duo turn over $30m
11 Sep 2017New Zealand's advice problem
11 Sep 2017Good Returns' columnist takes out top award
9 Sep 2017GRTV Ep4: How top fund managers are picked; the growing importance of Responsible Investing
8 Sep 2017Apartment under supply looming
8 Sep 2017Bath sues over failed Perpetual Guardian sale
8 Sep 2017No winners from tenancy law tinkering
8 Sep 2017Getting to Know: Liz Koh
8 Sep 2017Responsible investing: Is there a cost?
7 Sep 2017Pie Funds reveals manager change
7 Sep 2017Dramatic change in price expectations
7 Sep 2017Accuro: Early days but happy with online response
7 Sep 2017Funds not 'true to label': Researcher
7 Sep 2017New tool means better property valuations
6 Sep 2017Landlords key to solving crisis
6 Sep 2017$5.4m Ponzi admitted
6 Sep 2017Ex BNZ worker admits mortgage fraud
6 Sep 2017Caution leads to fall in listings
6 Sep 2017Warning for would-be providers
6 Sep 2017Sovereign launches ACC add-on
5 Sep 2017Public Trust axes term deposits
5 Sep 2017Cameron Marcroft talks about becoming a top adviser
5 Sep 2017Subdued signs of life
5 Sep 2017Goals-based investing: a different way of thinking
5 Sep 2017Advice key part of KiwiSaver success: ANZ
4 Sep 2017RMA by-pass to encourage development
4 Sep 2017Tribunal refund decision anti-landlord
4 Sep 2017MPM takes former franchisee to court
4 Sep 2017New norm for two-year Specials
4 Sep 2017Labour plans could force out landlords
4 Sep 2017Meth cover demystified
3 Sep 2017Big cake for small market share
3 Sep 2017Asteron starts review after fraud
3 Sep 2017Consilium offers philanthropic solution
1 Sep 2017Court win in Auckland leaky home suit
1 Sep 2017Resignation at Heathcote
1 Sep 2017Kiwibank's IT work-in-progress proves costly
1 Sep 2017Getting to Know: Dean Anderson
1 Sep 2017ASB narrows gap between carded and Special rates
1 Sep 2017Values fall as investors leave market
1 Sep 2017Trustee company turns to private equity
1 Sep 2017Hobson Wealth expands
1 Sep 2017FMA: No regrets about $1.7m bill

August 2017

31 Aug 2017New chance to join leaky building lawsuit
31 Aug 2017Be careful what you ask for
31 Aug 2017Roll out renters’ education course - NZPIF
30 Aug 2017Fund Source surprises with awards
30 Aug 2017Slowdown in value growth spreading
30 Aug 2017Avanti's new business reaches out to SMEs
30 Aug 2017LVRs still needed - RBNZ
30 Aug 2017Falling consents mean shortage not addressed
30 Aug 2017Boost for fixed interest fund
30 Aug 2017Insurance pain for landlords ahead
30 Aug 2017KiwiSaver members don't understand MTC
30 Aug 2017FMA outlines plans - has eyes on advisers
29 Aug 2017Council urged to pause on making WOF compulsory
29 Aug 2017FMA wins settlement for finance company investors
29 Aug 2017Rents rise in Wellington - & Christchurch
29 Aug 2017Under-active RFAs may drop out
28 Aug 2017Quantitative investment styles, and when they perform
28 Aug 2017Nagging and the definition of ‘financial advice’
28 Aug 2017Two-year cut labelled pre-Election Special
28 Aug 2017Affordability growing in West Auckland
28 Aug 2017Sharesies ponders advice offer
28 Aug 2017AIA expands cancer benefit reach
27 Aug 2017Trade Me: We still back LifeDirect
25 Aug 2017Commission files Harmoney proceedings
25 Aug 2017Softer market better time to buy
25 Aug 2017Getting to Know: Reagan Bax
25 Aug 2017Adviser wants 'gold standard' for industry
25 Aug 2017Newpark considers being a licensed dealer group
25 Aug 2017Investor lending exodus
25 Aug 2017House price expectations plummet
24 Aug 2017NZX's Apertyx yet to take full flight
24 Aug 2017Newpark stacks its board with well-known people
24 Aug 2017Human rights body slams tenant damage changes
23 Aug 2017No fine for QROPS adviser who breached code
23 Aug 2017Expect negative impact from regulation overload
23 Aug 2017Remarkable adds and subtracts managers
23 Aug 2017Industry demands details
23 Aug 2017OnePath sale may be getting close
22 Aug 2017Bank boss resigns
22 Aug 2017Bank boss resigns
22 Aug 2017Where to for LVRs?
22 Aug 2017Year-on-year price growth still strong
22 Aug 2017nib grows market share and distribution
22 Aug 2017Chaotic election not necessarily bad news for investors
22 Aug 2017Documents shorter but still dense
21 Aug 2017Perpetual Guardian appoints from Sovereign
21 Aug 2017Barramundi skinned in market
21 Aug 2017LVRs are not going anywhere
21 Aug 2017The housing market driver that’s not going away
21 Aug 2017One four year fall
21 Aug 2017The global economy: weak household incomes constrain outlook
21 Aug 2017Taking care of business
21 Aug 2017Devon grabs high profile CIO from bank
21 Aug 2017Managers issue risk warning
20 Aug 2017Strategi launches KiwiSaver course
20 Aug 2017Mercer makes board appointment
18 Aug 2017Politicians due to speak at conference
18 Aug 2017No end in sight for LVRs
18 Aug 2017Getting to Know: Peter Neilson
18 Aug 2017One little change
18 Aug 2017Solid result from AMP
18 Aug 2017Good start with KiwiSaver, but growth yet to come
18 Aug 2017Pro-bono work recognised
17 Aug 2017Former Navy captain to steer Newpark into the future
17 Aug 2017NZPIF opposes Wellington rental WOF
17 Aug 2017Court sides with i-Select
17 Aug 2017Suddenly two-year rates get interesting
17 Aug 2017Clients might need a bonds brush-up
16 Aug 2017Health insurance claims double in a decade
16 Aug 2017Affordability better for renters
16 Aug 2017DTIs dead in the water; Co-op Bank lowers rates
16 Aug 2017DTI cull good news for property investors
16 Aug 2017New legislation may give advice industry new life
16 Aug 2017PM rules out DTI ratio idea
15 Aug 2017New executive director for Harbour
15 Aug 2017Stalling market no reason to panic
15 Aug 2017Super Fund: Carbon risk under-priced
15 Aug 2017QFEs get licensing head-start
14 Aug 2017ANZ appoints debt market director
14 Aug 2017DTIs “perversely restrictive” for investors – report
14 Aug 2017Political risk – New Zealand next?
14 Aug 2017Working group lays out plans
14 Aug 2017FNZC launches private investment channel
14 Aug 2017Regional rentals yield lifestyle dream
12 Aug 2017GRTV Ep3: Code working group; the value of opening up to your clients; and risk advice upheaval
11 Aug 2017Westpac appoints acting head of third party banking
11 Aug 2017Call for LVR review as sales plunge
11 Aug 2017Getting to Know: Binu Paul
11 Aug 2017ASB, Bank Direct and Sovereign move down
11 Aug 2017Some active managers delivering little for fee: Report
10 Aug 2017NZCU Baywide clicks over a milestone mark
10 Aug 2017Mortgage Express and Q Advisor groups join together
10 Aug 2017Sovereign for sale but who will buy?
10 Aug 2017No dovish nod to future for RBNZ
10 Aug 2017Magellan plans list global trust
10 Aug 2017OCR unchanged: Details here
10 Aug 2017OCR and MPS: What the Governor said
10 Aug 2017Financial Advice NZ? Wait and see
10 Aug 2017Thursday news in brief
9 Aug 2017ASB lauds fixed rate rollovers
9 Aug 2017Dale-Jones happy with Code Working Group
9 Aug 2017Get basics right: Ballantyne
9 Aug 2017Start dating your clients
9 Aug 2017Dale-Jones: Judge us on our transparency
9 Aug 2017Start dating your clients
9 Aug 2017Get basics right: Ballantyne (+ VIDEO)
9 Aug 2017CBA eyes Sovereign, CommInsure divestment
9 Aug 2017ASB's first $1 billion profit
9 Aug 2017ASB's billion dollar profit
9 Aug 2017Dark clouds on landlords’ horizon?
9 Aug 2017Goal-based insurance planning
9 Aug 2017Managers struggle to find index to report against
9 Aug 2017Hamilton price fixer gets $1 million fine
8 Aug 2017Investing responsibly: passing the tipping point
8 Aug 2017Law changes an imperfect improvement
8 Aug 2017Upswing in Auckland rental yields
7 Aug 2017TOP tenancy policy ignores rental realities
7 Aug 2017OCR preview: Growing talk of future cuts
7 Aug 201710 future boom towns
7 Aug 2017KiwiSaver knowledge too low: Survey
7 Aug 2017Bill won't get through this term - so what?
6 Aug 2017Future could hold OCR cuts
4 Aug 2017Supply shortage will counter cooler market
4 Aug 2017PAA hands out gongs, but not to lenders
4 Aug 2017The big reveal (VIDEO)
4 Aug 2017Bawden's business rebrand
4 Aug 2017Getting to Know: Sue Brown
4 Aug 2017Insurers worry about change: Report
4 Aug 2017Awards to industry's finest
3 Aug 2017PAA talks through concerns with ASB
3 Aug 2017Kiwi Wealth mints responsible KiwiSaver solution
3 Aug 2017New boss for Morningstar
3 Aug 2017Financial Advice NZ set for take-off
3 Aug 2017Milestone day for financial advice in New Zealand
3 Aug 2017Milestone day for financial advice in New Zealand
3 Aug 2017Return to traditional market – B&T
3 Aug 2017TSB Trust to take over Fisher Funds
3 Aug 2017The start of a new era in financial planning
3 Aug 2017Thursday news in brief
3 Aug 2017Trust laws get shake-up, and advice carve-out
2 Aug 2017Growth funds shine again: Morningstar
2 Aug 2017Insulation, heating improvement needed
2 Aug 2017Mint gets A+ rating
2 Aug 2017Co-Op bank goes long while others short
2 Aug 2017Big city values plateau
2 Aug 2017Advisers risk missing out on responsible investing surge
2 Aug 2017Performance fees boost managers' earnings
1 Aug 2017Partners Life profit flat on back of continued growth
1 Aug 2017SBS eyes partnership with mortgage advisers
1 Aug 2017Finally, mortgage rate moves
1 Aug 2017Fewer houses coming on to market
1 Aug 2017Many advisers 'won't pass licensing hurdle'

July 2017

31 Jul 2017Auckland consents falling short
31 Jul 2017Best investment returns from rental properties
31 Jul 2017Global Equities: Why it's time to rethink
31 Jul 2017Warminger, FMA withdraw appeals
31 Jul 2017Demand high in Whangarei
31 Jul 2017International equities: Approach with caution
31 Jul 2017Make sure clients are correctly invested
31 Jul 2017Robo exemption a win for big providers
28 Jul 2017How to stay safe
28 Jul 2017Getting to Know: Richard Klipin
28 Jul 2017Associations give nod to Financial Advice NZ
27 Jul 2017EDRs: Here's how to protect yourself from churn claims
27 Jul 2017Minimum standards for insulation and heating a step closer
27 Jul 2017Advisers should be whistle-blowers
27 Jul 2017Thursday news in brief
26 Jul 2017Booster buys into wine
26 Jul 2017Bumpy lending ride continues
26 Jul 2017Adviser complaints up 70pc
26 Jul 2017New data shows property investor lending way down
26 Jul 2017Healthy homes debate fires up
25 Jul 2017More than insurance advice
25 Jul 2017Rents a mixed bag across New Zealand
25 Jul 2017Bigger questions to ask of retirement policy: Report
24 Jul 2017Fisher joins Rich List
24 Jul 2017BAA adds identity verification feature
24 Jul 2017Warehouse offloads Money
24 Jul 2017Slater to return to dispute resolutions
24 Jul 2017Financial Advice NZ funding a work in progress
24 Jul 20176 ways to add commercial value
21 Jul 2017New record heats up migration debate
21 Jul 2017Kiwi company attracts $200 million global investment
21 Jul 2017FMA finds room for improvement
21 Jul 2017Robo exemption would clarify murkiness: FSF
20 Jul 201756% of Akld house costs due to land regulation
20 Jul 2017Partners restarts shadow share scheme
20 Jul 2017FMA overstepping bounds: Weatherston
20 Jul 2017Peters wants spotlight on banks
20 Jul 2017Thursday news in brief
20 Jul 2017Decline in affordability round NZ
19 Jul 2017Luck might run out for passive managers
19 Jul 2017Performance fees still need work: Morningstar
19 Jul 2017The rising cost of financial advice
19 Jul 2017Lack of adviser voice 'scary'
19 Jul 2017Europe recovery creating opportunities for investors
19 Jul 2017Review a resounding win for the 'big end of town'
19 Jul 2017Why now is the time for active management
19 Jul 2017Will bonds bail you out next time?
19 Jul 2017New builds: what investors should know
18 Jul 2017Preparing for future investing trends
18 Jul 2017Request useful investor information, advisers told
17 Jul 2017Money Week approaches
17 Jul 2017Get real!
17 Jul 2017More than 75% of advisers using ETFs
17 Jul 201724 properties & a 4-hour work week
14 Jul 2017Housing: National vs Labour
14 Jul 2017SBS eyes 'partnership' with mortgage advisers
14 Jul 2017Ross liquidators want $21m
14 Jul 2017Getting to Know: Michael Naylor
14 Jul 2017GRTV: Code working group, active v passive and the rising cost of financial advice
14 Jul 2017ANZ launches scheme to help retain KiwiSaver clients
13 Jul 2017Adviser gets community work, fine
13 Jul 2017National sales volumes plummet
13 Jul 2017Lyndal Cruickshank Brunt joins Plus4 Insurance Group
13 Jul 2017Thursday news in brief
13 Jul 2017Can experts predict market turning points?
13 Jul 2017$2b tilting programme 'good example' for advisers
13 Jul 2017Downward trend spreads
12 Jul 2017Decline in banking sector profits - KPMG
12 Jul 2017Committee argues for level playing field for advisers
12 Jul 2017Political support for longer term leases
11 Jul 2017Handing out the Infrastructure Fund
11 Jul 2017Harbour appoints new COO to replace Kaye
11 Jul 2017Opportunities in childcare sector
11 Jul 2017MBIE: Advisers will be consulted
10 Jul 2017Warminger appeal date set
10 Jul 2017Change at top of Harbour
10 Jul 2017Enabling better growth planning
10 Jul 2017Debt capital markets change
10 Jul 2017Concerns aired over Code Working Group
10 Jul 2017Pattern Matching versus Doing Maths
10 Jul 2017Top 10 dynamite growth areas
10 Jul 2017Little medical cover for mental health
10 Jul 2017Qualitative reports 'class advice'
9 Jul 2017Bank battle costs sponsorship
8 Jul 2017Active managers time is coming: Moore
7 Jul 2017Advice becoming more expensive
7 Jul 2017Day of reckoning to come
7 Jul 2017Getting to Know: Simon Hassan
7 Jul 2017ASB follows suit and raises rates
7 Jul 2017Call for consistent retirement savings target guidelines
6 Jul 2017Financial Advice NZ seeking mortgage voice
6 Jul 2017LendMe rebrands, takes on Australia with bank boss at helm
6 Jul 2017Mortgage fraud charges for group
6 Jul 2017Making off-the-plan buying easier
6 Jul 2017nib tackles costs to keep premiums down
6 Jul 2017Get real on disclosure
6 Jul 2017FMA rules could stop KiwiSaver robo before it starts
6 Jul 2017Thursday news in brief
5 Jul 2017Hawkish talk foreshadows rate rises
5 Jul 2017Fidelity appoints distribution officer
5 Jul 2017Low sales dragging prices down
5 Jul 2017Auckland sales down by 30% - QV
5 Jul 2017New AML classification for financial advisers - what changes?
5 Jul 2017RTA amendments over first hurdle
4 Jul 2017Return of Cup would benefit investors
4 Jul 2017Last orders at the liquidity bar?
4 Jul 2017Harbour re-launches income fund
4 Jul 2017Advisers told: Your voice will be heard
3 Jul 2017Finance boost for UDC buyer
3 Jul 2017Upping the earthquake ante
3 Jul 2017Complectus boss leaves firm after sale fails
3 Jul 2017One up, one down
3 Jul 2017West side story
3 Jul 2017KiwiSaver: Advisers' saviour, or a lot of work for little gain?
3 Jul 2017Insurers could do better: FSC
2 Jul 2017Banks refuse comment on PAA letter
1 Jul 2017Rise in apartments boosts choice

June 2017

30 Jun 2017Warminger slapped with hefty penalty (+ JUDGMENT)
30 Jun 2017Consents trend recovering
30 Jun 2017Echoes of past cycle - ANZ
29 Jun 2017Adviser returns to MortgageLink
29 Jun 2017PAA slams banks for undermining advisers
29 Jun 2017New meth decontamination levels revealed
29 Jun 2017Thursday news in brief
29 Jun 2017Funding lack puts apartments at risk
29 Jun 2017Hundreds of would-be advisers sign up
29 Jun 2017Working group 'completely irresponsible'
29 Jun 2017New robo service 'NZ's smartest financial adviser'
29 Jun 2017Getting to Know: Wayne Smith
28 Jun 2017Insulation wake-up call
28 Jun 2017KiwiSaver could better serve low-income earners: AMP
28 Jun 2017Investor lending decline continues (+GRAPH)
27 Jun 2017Younger investors rate responsible investment: Fisher Funds
27 Jun 2017Code working group ignores sector: FSF
27 Jun 2017Six great ways to maximise property value
26 Jun 2017Reforming the EQC
26 Jun 2017Unhappy Customers
26 Jun 2017Churn work takes next step
26 Jun 2017Levy change could mean more cost for clients
26 Jun 2017Selecting a sector
23 Jun 2017Public Trust to lose guarantee
23 Jun 2017Getting to Know: Bruce Cortesi
23 Jun 2017Rising build costs bad news
23 Jun 2017Robo: Get behind, or get left behind
23 Jun 2017Time to rebrand trauma: IFSO
23 Jun 2017Legislation date confused: MBIE
22 Jun 2017Review of insurance contracts law coming - but what will it cover?
22 Jun 2017OCR held, but for how long?
22 Jun 2017Thursday news in brief
22 Jun 2017QROPS adviser breached code: FADC
22 Jun 2017Avanti creates new role and fills from a competitor
22 Jun 2017Game of watch and wait for OCR
22 Jun 2017Sale of trustee business Complectus falls
22 Jun 2017OCR held again - here's what RBNZ had to say
22 Jun 2017OCR held again - here's what RBNZ had to say
22 Jun 2017No change to OCR - again
22 Jun 2017Advisers told: Speak now if you want your voice heard
22 Jun 2017Migration boom continues
21 Jun 2017UDC vote approves trust deed change
21 Jun 2017New code working group: your future's in their hands
21 Jun 2017Roboadvice is coming
21 Jun 2017It's payday for The Co-operative Bank customers
21 Jun 2017Next phase of AML might mean more work for advisers
21 Jun 2017Northern rents booming - but not for all
20 Jun 2017Investment advice for high-net-worth clients - or a Ponzi scheme?
20 Jun 2017SBS produces the goods
20 Jun 2017SBS produces record result
20 Jun 2017FMA appoints board member
20 Jun 2017Financial Advice NZ: What's really new?
20 Jun 2017Affordability measure proves more houses needed
19 Jun 2017FSC launches new awards
19 Jun 2017TSB's close to market leading rate; OCR preview
19 Jun 2017Traditional balanced funds - return free risk?
19 Jun 2017Focus on bank sales may be good news for advisers
19 Jun 2017Hard road to success
16 Jun 2017Stubbs on attack with fee calculator
16 Jun 2017Verdict in on this week's OCR call
16 Jun 2017Getting to Know: Claire Matthews
16 Jun 201711 is the magic number for Westpac
15 Jun 2017'Crushing' penalty sought in Warminger case
15 Jun 2017Building for the future
15 Jun 2017Is the writing on the wall for handwritten loan apps?
15 Jun 2017FMA proposal criticised by fund managers
15 Jun 2017Thursday news in brief
14 Jun 2017Stand-down period sparks complaint
14 Jun 2017Mortgage Express adds another adviser
14 Jun 2017Full steam ahead for Three Kings development
14 Jun 2017Units buck slowing trend
14 Jun 2017Subdued market more balanced
14 Jun 2017KiwiSaver contribution decision a missed opportunity
13 Jun 2017Harris moves to Pie
13 Jun 2017Reigning in Wellington landlords
13 Jun 2017Stretched valuations make allocation decisions harder: Researcher
13 Jun 2017Match racing: NZ PIE funds vs US ETFs
12 Jun 2017Taskforce reveals way forward for Auckland
12 Jun 2017Mark Weaver has died
12 Jun 2017TSB's profit falls and some rates rise
12 Jun 2017Give advisers something to be proud of: Dodds
12 Jun 2017It’s CRUNCH TIME on the property clock
11 Jun 2017TSB lends through Harmoney
11 Jun 2017TSB sees big profit fall
9 Jun 2017Getting to Know: Russell Hutchinson
9 Jun 2017Westpac scraps online app process
9 Jun 2017Advisers told to take more care with PI cover
9 Jun 2017Accuro launches online application tool
9 Jun 2017Stand out global performer
8 Jun 2017FMA outlines fee methodology
8 Jun 2017AIA rejoins FSC
8 Jun 2017DTIs would cut thousands out of market
8 Jun 2017Innovative Securities loses appeal
8 Jun 2017Behavioural insights change KiwiSaver behaviour
8 Jun 2017Thursday news in brief
8 Jun 2017Government signals more KiwiSaver changes possible
7 Jun 2017Saturn appoints director
7 Jun 2017New Zealand not affected by AIA launch
7 Jun 2017Inner city apartment initiative for Capital
7 Jun 2017Fund infrastructure differently - ASB
7 Jun 2017$2m ANZ KiwiSaver processing error to be fixed
7 Jun 2017Aon rolls out SuiteBox across adviser network
7 Jun 2017'Inappropriate' incentives contentious
7 Jun 2017Housing to be election battleground
6 Jun 2017UDC: On track for sale
6 Jun 2017Buying insurance cover for adult children
6 Jun 2017Appeal loss for mortgage fraudster
6 Jun 2017Market slow but steady – B&T
6 Jun 2017The Co-Operative Bank cracks the $2 bill mark
6 Jun 2017Campaign to get more AEDs
6 Jun 2017Jenkins leaves NZX
6 Jun 2017Future shocks could rattle Capital
2 Jun 2017Eaqub, Halper join Simplicity
2 Jun 2017Millions being paid for meth claims
2 Jun 2017Co-Op Bank flat, but still with some fizz (+ STATS)
2 Jun 2017Foreign buyer song remains the same
2 Jun 2017Berry back on FADC
2 Jun 2017Getting to Know: Trisha Edmonds
2 Jun 2017GRTV: All eyes on Europe
2 Jun 2017Investment gems in Lower Hutt
2 Jun 2017Totara Wealth Management takes shape
1 Jun 2017Market returning to normal
1 Jun 2017Slower Auckland sets trend
1 Jun 2017Give FMA insurance expertise: IMF
1 Jun 2017Advisers told: Make sure tech is worth it
1 Jun 2017Thursday news in brief

May 2017

31 May 2017Consilium hires adviser support rep
31 May 2017APIA issues sub-let warning
31 May 2017One little change
31 May 2017RBNZ renews push for DTIs
30 May 2017Changing focus for Augusta
30 May 2017Consents slump bad news
30 May 2017GRTV: Welcome to Good Returns TV
30 May 2017GRTV: A voice for the little guys
30 May 2017Canterbury economic activity still robust
30 May 2017Massey resumes work on advice degree
29 May 2017AIA appoints new boss
29 May 2017Capital gain time over?
29 May 2017SBS makes a couple of changes
29 May 2017Investor confidence at record high
29 May 2017Rents will rise - Greens
26 May 2017Weighing up apartments
26 May 2017Getting to Know: Aaron Bowkett
26 May 2017Supreme Court orders McIntosh to repay RAM 'profits'
26 May 2017Chance to learn from licensing mistakes
25 May 2017RESIMAC increases loan size limits
25 May 2017Budget boost for tenants
25 May 2017Southern Cross updates policies
25 May 2017Thursday news in brief
25 May 2017BNZ scoops People’s Choice award
25 May 2017Big bold strategy
25 May 2017Insurers want tweaks to client-first duty
25 May 2017InvestNow mix-up disappointing: Stubbs
25 May 2017Budget could boost advice promotion: Dodds
24 May 2017Investor lending remains in check
24 May 2017Tax changes ripple across the Tasman
24 May 2017Tenant damage law change
24 May 2017Have you got a question on the mortgage market?
24 May 2017Time for sinking cap on KiwiSaver fees: Glass
23 May 2017How do we change what ‘most people know’?
23 May 2017More time needed for new rules
22 May 2017No changes, so what's the best rate?
22 May 2017Lifetime lowers investment bar
22 May 2017Socially responsible investing (Part 4): Growing pineapples in Alaska
22 May 2017HSBC hasn't ruled out working with brokers
22 May 2017Life-Info founders want industry to take it over
21 May 2017Broker sentenced to jail
19 May 2017Non-banks winners as mainstream lenders tighten rules
19 May 2017Getting to Know: Brian Coker
19 May 2017FMA acknowledges regulatory 'burden'
19 May 2017Migration dips but housing pressure remains
18 May 2017Impact Investing for good
18 May 2017Free Investment Property Showcase Events: Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch
18 May 2017Trustee business sold to Australian firm
18 May 2017Challenges ahead for Govt build project
18 May 2017Look twice at insurance applications
18 May 2017Thursday news in brief
18 May 2017Former adviser forged clients' initials
18 May 2017Up-and-coming v proven performer
18 May 2017Wholesale rules a missed opportunity
17 May 2017New face at Southern Cross
17 May 2017Saturn appoints GM
17 May 2017Kiwis leaving retirement planning too late
17 May 2017House price bust talk exaggerated
17 May 2017One little change today
17 May 2017Inflation new drain on returns
16 May 2017ANZ appoints new insurance distribution boss
16 May 2017FSCL to appeal court ruling
16 May 2017SuperCity to get 34,000 new houses
15 May 2017Labour's negative gearing policy 'regressive'
15 May 2017Tourism Holdings – Motoring Through the Capital Cycle?
15 May 2017Pessimism clouds house price expectations
15 May 2017Roboadvice could come sooner than law reform
15 May 2017Pathfinder Asset Management launches RI option
15 May 2017Investors: Labour policy would increase rents
12 May 2017Getting to Know: Stephen O'Connor
12 May 2017Kerr joins Chow board
12 May 2017Past the peak?
12 May 2017FMT expands with two new appointments
12 May 2017Financial Advice NZ enters next phase
11 May 2017No end to house price growth - Trade Me
11 May 2017Monthly payment option on reverse mortgages
11 May 2017Surprise at RBNZ’s OCR outlook
11 May 2017Surprise at RBNZ’s OCR outlook
11 May 2017Nimble versus Big
11 May 2017OCR decision announced by RBNZ
11 May 2017OCR held again, here's why
11 May 2017No change to OCR: What RB said today
11 May 2017Ditch the dud: streamline your portfolio
11 May 2017Thursday news in brief
11 May 2017EDR costs fall for advisers
10 May 2017Renting more affordable - HAM
10 May 2017Cost inflation impacting on development
10 May 2017Regional price expectations high
10 May 2017Westpac follows ANZ
10 May 2017IMF points to issues with insurance advisers
10 May 2017ASB: Confidence up, but advice needed
9 May 2017Southern Cross offers cancer add-on
9 May 2017Is your property underinsured?
9 May 2017Investment advisory boss joins NZX Board
9 May 2017ANZ and Kiwibank increase rates
9 May 2017Young people like shares, but it's not all good news for advisers
9 May 2017Auckland rental market under pressure
8 May 2017Even tougher lending rules on the cards
8 May 2017APIA loses major sponsor
8 May 2017Focus on tone, not content, of OCR call this week
8 May 2017Banks snap up new AFAs
8 May 2017ANZ, FMA work on changing behaviour
5 May 2017Financial Advice New Zealand hits day 100
5 May 2017Getting to Know: Mark Weaver
5 May 2017One lender goes and another removes super low rates
5 May 2017Review could tighten loan market
5 May 2017Retirees told 6% drawdown rule an option
5 May 2017ANZ launches new international equities fund
5 May 2017Seven top tips to get a property sale ready
4 May 2017FSC and WSNZ launch joint conference
4 May 2017BNZ says brokers generated $900m growth
4 May 2017How ANZ sees the housing market and advisers
4 May 2017Auckland sales numbers hit 2008 levels
4 May 2017FMT ticks over $500m in investments
4 May 2017Combating Auckland's housing crisis
4 May 2017Still opportunities in 'old' bull market
3 May 2017Mortgage advisers write a third of ANZ's loans
3 May 2017PIE Funds reopens another fund
3 May 2017China's Dominant Deficits
3 May 2017FSC gets strategy 'reset'
3 May 2017Jennings working on churn solution
3 May 2017House price growth slows, led by super city
3 May 2017Warning all landlords - compliance non-negotiable
2 May 2017New head of ASB Securities
2 May 2017ANZ half-year profit jumps
2 May 2017Adviser diversity important: Stanhope
2 May 2017Here's how to get set for robo
2 May 2017Auckland in 'wait and see' mode
1 May 2017Equities boost KiwiSaver returns in March quarter
1 May 2017Super Fund gets top rating
1 May 2017Cooperative Bank appoints new CEO
1 May 2017The Co-operative Bank appoints new CEO
1 May 2017Bank staff: Target pressure not in customer best interests
1 May 2017Hamilton on the move

April 2017

28 Apr 2017Moving into new builds
28 Apr 2017Getting to Know: Norman Stacey
28 Apr 2017ASB lenders reduce rates
28 Apr 2017Advisers 'must be represented in working group'
28 Apr 2017Trend now positive for consents
27 Apr 2017Landlords, get talking to your tenants
27 Apr 2017FMT grows investment book strongly to fund loans
27 Apr 2017Start-up drops out of fintech accelerator programme
27 Apr 2017Thursday news in brief
27 Apr 2017Regional rents heading up
26 Apr 2017Bascand takes financial stability
26 Apr 2017Clients can't stomach risk: Ndege
26 Apr 2017Migration hits another record as Kiwis stay put
24 Apr 2017Adams to take the lead on housing
24 Apr 2017How to raise the rent by 10%
24 Apr 2017Affordability measure problems
24 Apr 2017The view from the other side of the world
24 Apr 2017Local flavour makes for bank winners
24 Apr 2017First cull of working group applicants
23 Apr 2017Aussie banks told to scrap commission payments
23 Apr 2017Warminger, FMA appeal
21 Apr 2017Super Fund writes off turbine investment
21 Apr 2017Getting to Know: David Boyle
21 Apr 2017Smartshares says low-cost offer makes sense for 'client first' advisers
20 Apr 2017Making a difference for housing supply
20 Apr 2017Ballantyne: Advice businesses should be more businesslike
20 Apr 2017Socially responsible investing (Part 3): returns, fees and investment options
20 Apr 2017Biggest fund managers struggle to deliver returns: Researcher
20 Apr 2017Thursday news in brief
19 Apr 2017More than half of Kiwis saving for retirement
19 Apr 2017Lack of data hinders good debate on disclosure rules
19 Apr 2017Sovereign exec takes over running F&P Finance
19 Apr 2017Adviser numbers might halve
19 Apr 2017Auckland’s fastest rising suburbs
18 Apr 2017High density zones promising for investors
18 Apr 2017RESIMAC cuts rates
18 Apr 2017NZX joins United Nations Sustainable Stock Exchange
18 Apr 2017The key ingredient for success
18 Apr 2017Last attempt to change exemptions
17 Apr 2017Studies in succession planning
17 Apr 2017Obituary - Greg Jones
17 Apr 2017Getting started on investment property
14 Apr 2017Top five tips to protect against meth contamination
13 Apr 2017Prices, sales up – driven by high end sales
13 Apr 2017FMA appoints enforcement head
13 Apr 2017Lower prices mean budget squeeze
13 Apr 2017Reigns handed over at Westpac – again
13 Apr 2017Getting to Know: Rod Severn
13 Apr 2017Thursday news in brief
13 Apr 2017Platforms vie for adviser FUM
12 Apr 2017Build more bloody houses - Little
12 Apr 2017Broker concerns referred to FMA
12 Apr 2017Interest-only loans under the spotlight
12 Apr 2017Call for crackdown on tax disclosure requirements
11 Apr 2017FMA asks: How should KiwiSaver fees be calculated?
11 Apr 2017Interest-only loans come under the spotlight
11 Apr 2017Changing times for interest rate setting
11 Apr 2017Don't look to new grads to boost industry
10 Apr 2017Hunter Hall Global Value fund trading again
10 Apr 2017Kiwibank chairman stands down
10 Apr 2017New CEO for NZX
10 Apr 2017Final price fixing defendants get $1.5m fine
10 Apr 2017Rate rises not prompting action
10 Apr 2017Stop tarring investors with speculator brush
10 Apr 2017Unlocking the gold in your client base…
10 Apr 2017Major changes for Reserve Bank?
10 Apr 2017Landlords on notice - MBIE
10 Apr 2017Beware a 2019 recession
10 Apr 2017NZ’s hottest suburbs: highest yield locations exposed
10 Apr 2017Financial Advice plan to be revealed next month
10 Apr 2017Shareholders chip in
9 Apr 2017Accuro launches kids policy
9 Apr 2017FSC makes appointments
7 Apr 2017Shortfall to get worse before it gets better
7 Apr 2017Are Kiwi firms blinded by fintech start-ups?
7 Apr 2017Surprise, surprise. Rates fall
7 Apr 2017Getting to Know: David Whyte
6 Apr 2017Auckland no longer least affordable
6 Apr 2017New chair and deputy for Accuro
6 Apr 2017Lending growth will slow – S&P
6 Apr 2017The mortgage rate creep continues
6 Apr 2017Ready for Bretirement?
6 Apr 2017Spotlight on emerging tech and financial markets
6 Apr 2017Apartment attraction on the rise
6 Apr 2017Thursday news in brief
6 Apr 2017Reserve Bank reviews insurance rules
6 Apr 2017Advisers can work with many entities: MBIE
5 Apr 2017Auckland market different now – B&T
5 Apr 2017Shallow LVR effect likely - QV
5 Apr 2017Advice firms give up on pursuing restraint of trade cases through court
5 Apr 2017Research shows benefit of advice
5 Apr 2017Milford Asset Management gets new advice head
4 Apr 2017AMP Capital launches fund with focus on absolute return
4 Apr 2017Challenging times for credit unions
4 Apr 2017Bubble risk for halo regions
4 Apr 2017Rate hikes continue to trickle through
4 Apr 2017Mortgage Express, Q Advisor Group signal closer ties
4 Apr 2017New role for Fidelity man
4 Apr 2017PAA: Draft bill essentially 'demoting the AFAs'
4 Apr 2017New Simplicity Investment Funds could save Kiwis $1/2 billion annually in fees
3 Apr 2017Warminger appeals High Court ruling
3 Apr 2017Tackle restrictions on development - report
3 Apr 2017Investors' learned behaviour in need of revision?
3 Apr 2017The Co-Op Bank now pricing loans on risk
3 Apr 2017Dunedin experiencing growth
3 Apr 2017Industry rallies to make its voice heard
3 Apr 2017ANZ to refuse handwritten applications
1 Apr 2017Auckland property listings jump up

March 2017

31 Mar 2017Top 10 value adding renovation tips
31 Mar 2017HSBC's turn today
31 Mar 2017Risk based pricing for Co-op Bank personal loans
31 Mar 2017ASIC review calls for commission overhaul
31 Mar 2017Getting to Know: Michael Dowling
31 Mar 2017Flat line in consents continues
30 Mar 2017Eagerly awaited meth standard delayed
30 Mar 2017New fire levy rates announced
30 Mar 2017Thursday news in brief
30 Mar 2017Synergy launches SRI portfolios
30 Mar 2017Young women take up advice posts
29 Mar 2017Market slowdown different this time
29 Mar 2017Revamp planning system, end crisis
29 Mar 2017SBS raises floating rate
29 Mar 2017FARs - where's the accountability?
28 Mar 2017AIA offers bolt-on cancer drug cover
28 Mar 2017Investor confidence remains high across most of NZ
28 Mar 2017Older people priced out of insurance
28 Mar 2017No submission but Financial Advice NZ 'active' on new rules
27 Mar 2017NZ Funds drops Wellington investment
27 Mar 2017OCR predictions; Mortgage adviser survey
27 Mar 2017Responsible Investing Part Two: implications for everyone in financial markets
27 Mar 2017More AFAs and Govt eyeing ways to keep them
27 Mar 2017New cash rules 'no big deal for advisers'
27 Mar 2017McEwan gets top Massey honour
24 Mar 2017Want to develop the new code?
24 Mar 2017AMP offers zero fees
24 Mar 2017Address Auckland infrastructure issues
24 Mar 2017AIA appoints Golden Boots as global ambassador
24 Mar 2017Tenant magnetism: top 10 tips
24 Mar 2017What keeps mortgage advisers awake at night?
24 Mar 2017Friday news in brief
24 Mar 2017PIE Funds reopens soft-closed fund
24 Mar 2017Getting to Know: Rosemary Hassan
23 Mar 2017Law change won't redraw boundaries
23 Mar 2017Deadline needed for clean default schemes: Greens
23 Mar 2017Partners gets an upgrade from AM Best
23 Mar 2017BNZ adopts ethical screen on investments
23 Mar 2017Reaction: OCR - 'Nothing to see here'
23 Mar 2017OCR decision: 'Nothing to see here'
23 Mar 2017OCR left on hold: Here's why
23 Mar 2017OCR left on hold: Here's why
23 Mar 2017What the RB governor said
23 Mar 2017Government 'suffocating' peer-to-peer
23 Mar 2017Dodds: All Blacks must be better than club rugby
23 Mar 2017JBWere appoints adviser
23 Mar 2017Ethical fund set for ASX wants Kiwi money
22 Mar 2017All quiet in lead up to tomorrow's OCR announcement
22 Mar 2017Generate adds senior portfolio manager
22 Mar 2017MBIE: Tell us what's better than FAR
22 Mar 2017Bright line test dents flipping
21 Mar 2017Migration driver powers on
21 Mar 2017Improve urban development in NZ - OECD
21 Mar 2017AIA New Zealand appoints new CEO
21 Mar 2017HFANZ: Health costs need attention, too
21 Mar 2017KiwiSaver transfer lags a concern
21 Mar 2017AMP Capital drops tobacco
20 Mar 2017Newpark appoints national sales manager
20 Mar 2017Fidelity adds sales boss
20 Mar 2017Three rises from SBS
20 Mar 2017Getting to grips with body corporates
19 Mar 2017Future returns may be half what investors used to: Singh
19 Mar 2017First landlord conviction under new tenancy law
17 Mar 2017Next to no chance of OCR cut
17 Mar 2017Bold move equals big success
17 Mar 2017Friday news in brief
17 Mar 2017FMA files charges over insurance policies
17 Mar 2017ANZ makes just one change
17 Mar 2017No monitoring team, no plan for AFAs: FMA
17 Mar 2017Rent for “typical” NZ house hits all-time high
16 Mar 2017New fire regs costly, complex for investors
16 Mar 2017Fed lifts interest rate
16 Mar 2017Code Committee voices objections
16 Mar 2017Timing key for contrarian investing
15 Mar 2017Give tenants greater security - TOP
15 Mar 2017Agents to 'bid' for new property listings
15 Mar 2017Negative gearing to go...under Labour
15 Mar 2017Labour: Support for regulation change
15 Mar 2017Decline in price growth optimism
14 Mar 2017Negative gearing to go under Labour
14 Mar 2017Let's get these adviser rules right
14 Mar 2017TSB raises rates
14 Mar 2017Clients' retirement can be ruined by one bad year
14 Mar 2017White takes top AMP prize again
13 Mar 2017Hunter Hall to tell shareholders to back merger
13 Mar 2017Are you being double-taxed?
13 Mar 2017Auckland house prices down - again
13 Mar 2017Nikko appointments new Head of Product and Operations
13 Mar 2017They don’t start out caring, making them care is our job
13 Mar 2017Warminger's trial shows traders' purpose important
13 Mar 2017Market flat line continues
10 Mar 2017What have we learnt this week?
10 Mar 2017Bridging the finance gap
10 Mar 2017QROPS providers surprised by tax change
10 Mar 2017Consumers 'deserve clarity'
10 Mar 2017REAA gets tough on flipping
9 Mar 2017Smaller options drive February rebound
9 Mar 2017Apartments lead the way for Christchurch
9 Mar 2017Bringing clarity to meth drug haze
9 Mar 2017Managers pay up for licenses
8 Mar 2017Share adds advisers
8 Mar 2017FSC welcomes super move
8 Mar 2017Auckland affordability a credit negative - Moodys
8 Mar 2017More changes
8 Mar 2017FMA: No hard lines on KiwiSaver incentives
8 Mar 2017Pension age change a minor hiccup for advice clients
8 Mar 2017Fringe areas approved for urban growth
8 Mar 2017Illegal renting charge for Molesworth landlord
8 Mar 2017Insurer tackles meth contamination confusion
7 Mar 2017KiwiSaver feels hit of rising interest rates
7 Mar 2017New chairman for Fidelity
7 Mar 2017DTIs should be in RBNZ toolkit - IMF
7 Mar 2017Partners to write business without underwriting
7 Mar 2017Election 2017: what investors need to know
7 Mar 2017Kiwibank follows suit but still competitive
7 Mar 2017Risky masonry streets identified
7 Mar 2017Robo development under way
7 Mar 2017Advisers must add value in digital future
7 Mar 2017Advice stalwart farewelled
6 Mar 2017Super age to rise
6 Mar 2017Airbnb sub-letting breaches RTA – Tribunal
6 Mar 2017Consents trending down
6 Mar 2017ANZ takes floating rates higher
6 Mar 2017US rate rise likely this month
6 Mar 2017Low-cost model better for advisers: Simplicity
6 Mar 2017Elevation signs Australian deal
3 Mar 2017Court says Warminger manipulated the market
3 Mar 2017Limited action at lower end of market
3 Mar 2017Time to invest in Auckland Central
3 Mar 2017Study options 'discriminatory'
3 Mar 2017MBIE missed the mark
2 Mar 2017Renfrew's firm joins Consilium platform
2 Mar 2017Auction rates reflect quieter market
2 Mar 2017OCR could go either way, RBNZ says
2 Mar 2017Interest rate risk equally balanced: RBNZ
2 Mar 2017FSCL: New rules could help non-disclosure problems
2 Mar 2017Harbour named top manager - again
1 Mar 2017S&P, Moodys downgrade Kiwibank’s rating
1 Mar 2017NZ 'played part in AIA result'
1 Mar 2017Sub 4% home loan for owner occupiers
1 Mar 2017Slow down in investor lending quantified
1 Mar 2017Demand for big city property falls
1 Mar 2017Fisher Funds appoints new CEO
1 Mar 2017Westpac hikes floating rates
1 Mar 2017Values drop in former hotspots
1 Mar 2017Work starts on Financial Advice NZ plan
1 Mar 2017Consumers told to expect clarity on commissions

February 2017

28 Feb 2017'Old-school brokers' an opportunity for LifeDirect: Trade Me
28 Feb 2017Don’t take no for an answer
28 Feb 2017BNZ increases floating rates
28 Feb 2017Big changes for some RFAs
27 Feb 2017Asteron rating affirmed
27 Feb 2017Decline in investor lending continues
27 Feb 2017Buffett: Only handful of managers can really outperform
27 Feb 2017Migration smashes through records
27 Feb 2017SBS rings in rate changes
27 Feb 2017Advisers told: Avoid conflicts with any other person
27 Feb 2017Capital suffering office space shortage
24 Feb 2017Pinning down finance
24 Feb 2017Decline in foreign buyers - LINZ
24 Feb 2017Time for fundamental allocation rethink
23 Feb 2017Correction on the cards?
23 Feb 2017Moving forward on meth contamination
23 Feb 2017Sales versus advice distinction 'lost'
22 Feb 2017FMA asks for client files
22 Feb 2017Wild ride over for Auckland
22 Feb 2017Private Wealth Advisers adds to team
22 Feb 2017Pie Funds relaunches global fund
21 Feb 2017Fears over building industry capacity
21 Feb 2017One case in 10 related to advisers: FMA
21 Feb 2017Gaynor: Role change part of succession plan
21 Feb 2017KiwiSaver popularity brings attention to 'second-order' problems
20 Feb 2017nib boosts profit
20 Feb 2017Outlook for house prices
20 Feb 2017Price growth expectations slump
20 Feb 2017No more agents but not everyone impressed
20 Feb 2017Profits down for Kiwibank
19 Feb 2017Three property trading rules you must know
18 Feb 2017Top 20 Super City hotspots
17 Feb 2017MJW makes statements available
17 Feb 2017Financial Advisers Act changes released
17 Feb 2017Partners rejoins FSC
17 Feb 2017Deals for investors and owner occupiers
17 Feb 2017Ultra-conservative advice approach may harm junior boards
17 Feb 2017The Gen Y approach to investing
16 Feb 2017Changes at top of ASB
16 Feb 2017Gaynor steps aside at Milford
16 Feb 2017Sovereign: Don't wait for law to change
16 Feb 2017IFA/PAA conference registrations open
16 Feb 2017Looking beyond the Airbnb glitter
16 Feb 2017Synergy takes pension transfers
16 Feb 2017RESIMAC offers investors discounted rates
16 Feb 2017Insurers ponder cover for retirees
16 Feb 2017Banks split on demand for personalised advice
16 Feb 2017Volatility leads to tighter lending environment
16 Feb 2017Fraud charges for development project
15 Feb 2017ASB pulls pricing lever on home loans
15 Feb 2017ASB happy with Aegis
15 Feb 2017Regional stars' sales plummet: TSB raises rates
15 Feb 2017Regional stars' sales plummet
15 Feb 2017'Sales and advice' one of FMA's risk priorities
14 Feb 2017Urban Development Authorities on the way
14 Feb 2017First thoughts on a new adviser association
14 Feb 2017Slow growth for Auckland rents – B&T
14 Feb 2017NZX platform gains momentum
14 Feb 2017A few little changes today: House prices fall further
14 Feb 2017Lack of awareness on AML
14 Feb 2017Fund manager finalists revealed
14 Feb 2017More Kiwis take out health insurance
14 Feb 2017Super City's prices drop further
13 Feb 2017Is that really advice?
13 Feb 2017Court rules against Unitary Plan zoning appeals
13 Feb 2017Supply just one market driver
13 Feb 2017ANZ reverses trend
13 Feb 2017Retirement Income Group gets former finance minister on its board
13 Feb 2017Financial Advice feedback 'vast'
13 Feb 2017Australian fund manager opens doors to NZ
11 Feb 2017More clarification needed on tenant damage
10 Feb 2017Banks to clamp down on cashbacks
10 Feb 2017Tenant damage ruling overturned
10 Feb 2017Debt-to-income ratios on hold...for now
10 Feb 2017Top 30 suburbs with undervalued houses
10 Feb 2017IRD signals GST-free fees
10 Feb 2017Sovereign launches loyalty programme
10 Feb 2017Banks of the future may offer customers less choice
9 Feb 2017Suncorp hails life brands' growth
9 Feb 2017Quotemonster moves to the cloud
9 Feb 2017DTIs not needed right now - RBNZ
9 Feb 2017Falling consent woes
9 Feb 2017Sovereign appoints distribution boss
9 Feb 2017AMP boosts profit, promises evolution
9 Feb 2017OCR hike expectations premature
9 Feb 2017Reserve Bank makes its first big OCR announcement of the year
9 Feb 2017What the RB governor said
9 Feb 2017Consider pre- and post-retirement advice
9 Feb 2017OCR hike expectations premature
9 Feb 2017What the RB governor said
8 Feb 2017Adviser in court
8 Feb 2017DTIs cost benefit analysis ordered
8 Feb 2017Socially responsible investing (SRI) - Part One: the thinking behind SRI
8 Feb 2017FMA warns on AML, won't name and shame
8 Feb 2017Ponzi scheme alleged
8 Feb 2017Uncertainty over future RBNZ policy
8 Feb 2017Questions over future RBNZ policy
8 Feb 2017Britannia launches new scheme
8 Feb 2017Rising rent trend nationwide
7 Feb 2017Reserve Bank Governor not seeking another term
7 Feb 2017Reserve Bank Governor not seeking another term
7 Feb 2017Quiet start to 2017
7 Feb 2017FMA faced conduct criticism
6 Feb 2017Consilium Platform grows
3 Feb 2017Quiet start to 2017 for Super City
3 Feb 2017China's High Stakes Tennis Match
3 Feb 2017OCR cut not expected
3 Feb 2017Westpac's turn
3 Feb 2017Simplicity's growth fund posts early success
3 Feb 2017Industry stalwart quits
3 Feb 2017Investing in holiday hot spots
2 Feb 2017Flipping not what it used to be
2 Feb 2017Conduct guide not 'one rule for all'
2 Feb 2017Holiday investments
2 Feb 2017Floating higher
2 Feb 2017What will 'Trumpflation' do for you?
2 Feb 2017NZ needs clearer fintech strategy
1 Feb 2017Law firm turns peer-to-peer lender
1 Feb 2017Plus4 welcomes new adviser
1 Feb 2017Changing of the hot market guard
1 Feb 2017House prices hit new records
1 Feb 2017No relief in demand pressures
1 Feb 2017Super City bucks trend
1 Feb 2017Hunter Hall International says it's 'business as usual'

January 2017

31 Jan 2017No relief in demand pressures
31 Jan 2017Quiet on the investor lending front
31 Jan 2017Changes today
30 Jan 2017Financial Advice NZ forums to tackle details
27 Jan 2017Demand for planning change
27 Jan 2017FAA review number two on new Minister's list
27 Jan 2017Navigating shaky ground
27 Jan 2017Navigating shaky ground
26 Jan 2017Partners gets a new chairman
26 Jan 2017Demand for planning change
26 Jan 2017Govt deadline for earthquake risk masonry repair
26 Jan 2017No quick solution to housing boom
26 Jan 2017Client-first may be too big an ask for biggest players
25 Jan 2017Lawyer converts lending business
25 Jan 2017Setting trauma sums insured
25 Jan 2017Subsidy boosts don’t mean rent hikes
25 Jan 2017More hikes on the heel of recent ones
24 Jan 2017OCR hike to come - later
24 Jan 2017Supply is key to boom end
24 Jan 2017$50 million fills new PIE Fund
24 Jan 2017New addition to the Partners team
23 Jan 2017Fidelity appoints chief customer officer
23 Jan 2017Fixed income losses painful
23 Jan 2017A pleasant surprise
23 Jan 2017Super City affordability slides further
20 Jan 2017Slow building consent trend concerning
20 Jan 2017Before you renovate
19 Jan 2017Slowing consent trend a concern
19 Jan 2017AMP's Jack Regan reflects on 10 years at the helm
19 Jan 2017The big one goes
18 Jan 2017More Auckland apartments needed
18 Jan 2017The Co-operative Bank ups floating and fixed
18 Jan 2017The top five professions this year
17 Jan 2017ANZ rings in new leadership changes
17 Jan 2017Declining sales, subdued market
17 Jan 2017Declining sales, subdued market
16 Jan 2017New general manager for Aegis
16 Jan 2017Capital rental market booming
16 Jan 2017Aegis boss moves to Sovereign role
16 Jan 2017Aegis loses $375 mill to new platform
16 Jan 2017One little change
16 Jan 2017Pathfinder to screen its Water Fund for nasties
13 Jan 2017Westpac increases fixed rates. See changes
13 Jan 2017Regional market in spotlight
13 Jan 2017The great Central Bank unwind
13 Jan 2017What to expect from the housing market in 2017
13 Jan 2017Taking control of the budget
12 Jan 2017Regions fire up as Auckland cools
12 Jan 2017UDC gets downgraded on sale news
12 Jan 2017Further lending restrictions 'not needed'
12 Jan 2017UDC gets downgraded on sale news
11 Jan 2017No more lending restrictions needed
11 Jan 2017ANZ sells UDC Finance
11 Jan 2017ANZ sells UDC Finance
11 Jan 2017..and today it is BNZ's turn to increase rates
11 Jan 2017LVRs continue to bite – QV
11 Jan 2017NZ QROPS offered in Australia
10 Jan 2017Tread carefully with building products
10 Jan 2017Kiwibank next to move rates
10 Jan 2017ASIC loses case against LM Investment managers
9 Jan 2017ASB moves all fixed rates higher
9 Jan 2017International planning firm to open Auckland office
9 Jan 2017Super City prices plateau
6 Jan 2017ASB and Bank Direct hike all fixed rates
6 Jan 2017Food for thought
5 Jan 2017Ballantyne honoured for her work
4 Jan 2017Looking towards 2017
3 Jan 2017Former CFO takes over ANZ Retail and Business Banking role
3 Jan 2017Rating company gives its view on Sovereign
3 Jan 2017Cortesi courts current members
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